Braun Strowman teaches Alexa Bliss how to flip cars for WWE Mixed Match Challenge


  1. Aurora Aurora

    Aurora Aurora17 days ago

    Cute cd

  2. Diganta Mondal

    Diganta Mondal22 days ago

    Elephant and rat.

  3. Arman Amir

    Arman Amir22 days ago

    No don't flip the Toyota camry.

  4. Lubbylove89

    Lubbylove8925 days ago

    "Find an axis point." lmao these two were great together. So much fun to watch.

  5. Jesse/ Bron Bron

    Jesse/ Bron BronMonth ago

    0:47 hahahahaha 😂😂😂 Alexa’s strength 💪🏻

  6. tom cool

    tom coolMonth ago

    Alexa look like a barbie with that clothes

  7. safayat ibrahim

    safayat ibrahimMonth ago

    i just wonder how would it be if strowman banged alexa bliss.

  8. Demonetrey Mathenia

    Demonetrey MatheniaMonth ago

    Why the hell will you say that tf😒😒

  9. I'M A CARROT!!!

    I'M A CARROT!!!2 months ago

    Anyone else see andre the giant in the back

  10. captain abhinav

    captain abhinav3 months ago

    I love this wild cat

  11. Erjon Ilazi

    Erjon Ilazi3 months ago

    Super idea

  12. Anhtulga Aty

    Anhtulga Aty4 months ago


  13. SuperNovaThomas

    SuperNovaThomas4 months ago

    lol That was so adorable.

  14. Hazel Sogimaletavai

    Hazel Sogimaletavai4 months ago


  15. PZ101

    PZ1015 months ago

    My god.

  16. James Thong

    James Thong5 months ago

    Alexa is sexy as hell.

  17. Trazan Apansson

    Trazan Apansson5 months ago

    "...and flip the car over", lol.

  18. JohnWick IsGay

    JohnWick IsGay5 months ago

    Brown straman makes aleks smal

  19. JohnWick IsGay

    JohnWick IsGay5 months ago


  20. Brandon Yamamoto

    Brandon Yamamoto5 months ago

    It’s so cute how Alexa tries to lift a car

  21. Jagannath kori

    Jagannath kori6 months ago

    Hi romon


    DANIEL RAIN6 months ago

    The best girl on the roster.

  23. Ion Knight

    Ion Knight6 months ago

    Maybe Braun should have taught her some courage instead since all she ever seems to do is run away from her opponents after running her mouth

  24. TellMeImANoobK2 Oof

    TellMeImANoobK2 Oof6 months ago

    You Can Flip Cars And Trucks Pewdiepie:But Can You Do This Only 399$

  25. Fessiah Williams

    Fessiah Williams6 months ago

    "30% Stronger" xd. That was hilarious

  26. Braydon Schoolcraft

    Braydon Schoolcraft7 months ago

    Should have used a smart car since it’s half the size as that car

  27. Mike Gamer

    Mike Gamer7 months ago

    No not alexa plz lol

  28. //Haxard SlayDudE//

    //Haxard SlayDudE//8 months ago

    I thought Alexa bliss was short for a second when she was wearing the shirt

  29. regretful

    regretful8 months ago

    Who knew Braun's sweaty shirt makes people 30% stronger.

  30. Evil Broccoli

    Evil Broccoli8 months ago

    0:38-0:44 Watch while your eyes closed.

  31. Dinesh Kumar

    Dinesh Kumar8 months ago


  32. Apna kaam kar madarchod

    Apna kaam kar madarchod8 months ago


  33. Ace Entertainment

    Ace Entertainment8 months ago

    Why not have Alexa Bliss flip a golf cart? Brawn Strowman can do that easily.

  34. Ojashwa Sharma

    Ojashwa Sharma9 months ago

    I was waiting for Brown to show her how

  35. Ahmed Ndary

    Ahmed Ndary9 months ago

    Take fork left

  36. Aliona Kosmidou

    Aliona Kosmidou9 months ago

    What is the name of the music in the end?

  37. MightiestArm

    MightiestArm9 months ago

    Anybody else thought he was gonna flip the car after her lol

  38. Aaron Velez

    Aaron Velez9 months ago

    I love you Pink Ranger 2 & Kendall Jenner White Ranger Justin Bieber

  39. Elite Nerf Ops

    Elite Nerf Ops9 months ago

    Nice stockings Alexa and nice boots

  40. perkins8000

    perkins80009 months ago

    @0:36 - @0:44 just close your eyes and listen.... it's 🙃

  41. Sao Le pon!

    Sao Le pon!9 months ago

    I think Alexa Bliss pooped a little.

  42. ZiziTheWolf

    ZiziTheWolf10 months ago

    Alexa: I Have a better idea Picks Up A Stick :P

  43. Viviana Rodriguez

    Viviana Rodriguez10 months ago

    Alexa. Is coool

  44. A /

    A /10 months ago

    I would love to flip alexa :)

  45. ElitePlayer-Brayler Strays

    ElitePlayer-Brayler Strays10 months ago

    Please teach me

  46. Sir Nik

    Sir Nik10 months ago

    Braun was so kind not to choose the truck in the back like he does for normal twice.

  47. Luka Juric

    Luka Juric10 months ago

    Alexa looks like a kid that wears an adualt shirt

  48. L Zapduh GD

    L Zapduh GD10 months ago


  49. 이ᄏ ᄏ봉규

    이ᄏ ᄏ봉규10 months ago

    두리 살림 차려, 사겨 잘 어울리

  50. Sarmila Biswal

    Sarmila Biswal10 months ago

    Braun strowman flip the car

  51. M 1

    M 110 months ago

    0:47 She's Farted