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Braun Strowman teaches Alexa Bliss how to flip cars for WWE Mixed Match Challenge


  1. PZ101

    PZ101Day ago

    My god.

  2. James Thong

    James ThongDay ago

    Alexa is sexy as hell.


    SMEGMOV19 days ago

    "...and flip the car over", lol.

  4. JohnWick IsGay

    JohnWick IsGay22 days ago

    Brown straman makes aleks smal

  5. JohnWick IsGay

    JohnWick IsGay22 days ago


  6. Brandon Yamamoto

    Brandon Yamamoto24 days ago

    It’s so cute how Alexa tries to lift a car

  7. Jagannath kori

    Jagannath koriMonth ago

    Hi romon


    DANIEL RAINMonth ago

    The best girl on the roster.

  9. Genesys Wyatt

    Genesys WyattMonth ago

    Maybe Braun should have taught her some courage instead since all she ever seems to do is run away from her opponents after running her mouth

  10. Phone UnBoxing

    Phone UnBoxingMonth ago

    You Can Flip Cars And Trucks Pewdiepie:But Can You Do This Only 399$

  11. Fessiah Williams

    Fessiah WilliamsMonth ago

    "30% Stronger" xd. That was hilarious

  12. Braydon Schoolcraft

    Braydon Schoolcraft2 months ago

    Should have used a smart car since it’s half the size as that car

  13. Mike Gamer

    Mike Gamer2 months ago

    No not alexa plz lol

  14. //Haxard Slayer// Slayer术

    //Haxard Slayer// Slayer术3 months ago

    I thought Alexa bliss was short for a second when she was wearing the shirt

  15. regretful

    regretful3 months ago

    Who knew Braun's sweaty shirt makes people 30% stronger.

  16. Evil Broccoli

    Evil Broccoli3 months ago

    0:38-0:44 Watch while your eyes closed.

  17. Dinesh Kumar

    Dinesh Kumar3 months ago


  18. Apna kaam kar madarchod

    Apna kaam kar madarchod3 months ago


  19. Ace Esquivel

    Ace Esquivel3 months ago

    Why not have Alexa Bliss flip a golf cart? Brawn Strowman can do that easily.

  20. Ojashwa Sharma

    Ojashwa Sharma3 months ago

    I was waiting for Brown to show her how

  21. Ahmed Ndary

    Ahmed Ndary3 months ago

    Take fork left

  22. Aliona Kosmidou

    Aliona Kosmidou4 months ago

    What is the name of the music in the end?

  23. MightiestArm

    MightiestArm4 months ago

    Anybody else thought he was gonna flip the car after her lol

  24. Aaron Velez

    Aaron Velez4 months ago

    I love you Pink Ranger 2 & Kendall Jenner White Ranger Justin Bieber

  25. Elite Nerf Ops

    Elite Nerf Ops4 months ago

    Nice stockings Alexa and nice boots

  26. perkins8000

    perkins80004 months ago

    @0:36 - @0:44 just close your eyes and listen.... it's 🙃

  27. Sao Sylvester

    Sao Sylvester4 months ago

    I think Alexa Bliss pooped a little.

  28. ZiziTheWolf

    ZiziTheWolf4 months ago

    Alexa: I Have a better idea Picks Up A Stick :P

  29. Viviana Rodriguez

    Viviana Rodriguez5 months ago

    Alexa. Is coool

  30. travis /

    travis /5 months ago

    I would love to flip alexa :)

  31. ElitePlayer-Brayler Strays

    ElitePlayer-Brayler Strays5 months ago

    Please teach me

  32. Sir Nik

    Sir Nik5 months ago

    Braun was so kind not to choose the truck in the back like he does for normal twice.

  33. Luka Juric

    Luka Juric5 months ago

    Alexa looks like a kid that wears an adualt shirt

  34. L Edgar GD

    L Edgar GD5 months ago


  35. 이ᄏ ᄏ봉규

    이ᄏ ᄏ봉규5 months ago

    두리 살림 차려, 사겨 잘 어울리

  36. Sarmila Biswal

    Sarmila Biswal5 months ago

    Braun strowman flip the car

  37. M 1

    M 15 months ago

    0:47 She's Farted

  38. Vish Wah

    Vish Wah5 months ago

    "gonna make you atleast 30% stronger" watching some steiner promos braun?

  39. Fernand Herrera

    Fernand Herrera5 months ago

    How did she lift the car? With a crane? Bobcat vehicle?

  40. Unknown One

    Unknown One5 months ago

    Bliss needs a fiat that Nissan is too big for her.

  41. Lucas Jorgensen

    Lucas Jorgensen5 months ago

    alexa can never flip a car she is too blissy

  42. stryker9816

    stryker98165 months ago

    This week on Lifting Things With Strowman!

  43. Eyad Almughrabi

    Eyad Almughrabi6 months ago


  44. Chris

    Chris6 months ago

    "I've sweated in this, that means it's gonna make you at least 30% stronger"... Dear WWE, NEVER so up that math! Thank you.

  45. kostas nikolopoulos

    kostas nikolopoulos6 months ago

    Use your knees....brazzers

  46. Chris Weber

    Chris Weber6 months ago

    Lol she can't flip nothing she can flip her mouth xD

  47. Асет Амантаев

    Асет Амантаев6 months ago


  48. kjaggaisop qrsvyry

    kjaggaisop qrsvyry6 months ago

    maderchodon tumhari ladkiya chodun sale bahen k laudo angreji my pelo

  49. samantha walker

    samantha walker6 months ago


  50. Shaik Fayaz

    Shaik Fayaz6 months ago


  51. Robert Allen

    Robert Allen6 months ago

    Dam, I just wasted 1:12 of my life watching this and nothing happened!!!!

  52. Giovan Agazzi

    Giovan Agazzi6 months ago

    Brown ans Alexa look so cute together

  53. Andres Garcia

    Andres Garcia6 months ago

    I hate braun strowman and Alexa bliss

  54. Stacy kotsenburg

    Stacy kotsenburg6 months ago

    he makes it sound so easy XD

  55. Stacy kotsenburg

    Stacy kotsenburg6 months ago

    OMG that's so cute wish I had a boyfriend like Braun strowman that lifts cars instead of weight's X'D

  56. time dozer

    time dozer6 months ago

    My car *);*

  57. Brian Kessler

    Brian Kessler6 months ago

    Well damn, what was Alexa's better idea? WWE, don't leave me hanging like that!

  58. Jake Rocks

    Jake Rocks6 months ago

    Alexa bliss is too weak to flip a car and she’s fake

  59. Michael Lee Cundiff

    Michael Lee Cundiff6 months ago

    The guy on the trailer could flip that with ease....RIP Andre!

  60. Zeljko Kostic

    Zeljko Kostic6 months ago

    use knews from Kurt fake superstar like Brock or Batista

  61. Paul Grant

    Paul Grant7 months ago

    Too bad this didn't carry over to Raw full time

  62. Abdullah Idrees

    Abdullah Idrees7 months ago

    .if you want to know wwe fakeness then just think about this that the strongest man in the world has made the record of just pulling the trucks while this guy has flipped a truck? Why is not he the most powerful one?

  63. Moguera

    Moguera7 months ago

    Next week how to flip a mountain.

  64. Fatima.azenon Azenon

    Fatima.azenon Azenon7 months ago

    Hvccccgjj y eje y en dañándolo o

  65. Jake Kellogg

    Jake Kellogg7 months ago

    Uh Braun no offense but Alexa isn't 6 ft 8 and nearly 400 lbs of muscle like you! Lift the car yes she may be able to do that but flip it, that poor girl would break herself in half if she tried!

  66. Paul Stanley

    Paul Stanley7 months ago

    The ONLY person that can rock shiny blue and purple eyeshadow is Alexa

  67. Dallas Thomas

    Dallas Thomas7 months ago



    IICONIC BBYZEBRA7 months ago

    Alexa looks funny in that shirt XD

  69. Jodi Clapper

    Jodi Clapper7 months ago

    What was her idea

  70. Sports World

    Sports World7 months ago

    ten duży ma dużego chuja

  71. Michael Yandell

    Michael Yandell7 months ago

    wanna see braun do the twisted bliss now

  72. Xlmx Veronel

    Xlmx Veronel7 months ago

    Braun's one of his arms are the size of alexa's lol

  73. the real cyborg

    the real cyborg7 months ago

    Alexa bliss nearly crosses 5 feet😅

  74. Michael Bruecklmayer

    Michael Bruecklmayer7 months ago

    What the Name of this Song?

  75. AMV for the players

    AMV for the players7 months ago

    Thats all 🤔 millions r watching the clip and the car still is still in one piece it should have been millions of pieces where is the rock to said millions and millions when u need him😅

  76. SaadI HaMzA

    SaadI HaMzA7 months ago

    I know it's not an ambulance or truck but we will start with something easy WTF BRAUN

  77. Samara Villegas

    Samara Villegas7 months ago

    You are the best Alexa just want to roll them live with you is he your friend or you go or he goes to her house

  78. Jose Hidalgo

    Jose Hidalgo7 months ago

    She needs more steroid

  79. Thunder core

    Thunder core7 months ago

    lol that huge shirt on her😂

  80. Buzz199X Nine9T

    Buzz199X Nine9T8 months ago

    What’s the name of the song in the end ?

  81. MrRiddler6

    MrRiddler68 months ago

    trust the fulcrum ,Braun knows math

  82. Gloria Roberts

    Gloria Roberts8 months ago

    Braun knows dam well that she can't lift dat dam car lmao I don't know what the hell was going through his mind

  83. Hassan Washington

    Hassan Washington8 months ago

    😂😂😂😂 golden yo

  84. shahinur khanam

    shahinur khanam8 months ago

    braun love alexa..😆😆

  85. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude8 months ago

    Funny team they are

  86. Gazala Khan

    Gazala Khan8 months ago

    very nice video my name is Arshad Warsi very nice video

  87. Rizwan Hamad

    Rizwan Hamad8 months ago


  88. MStreppelhoff

    MStreppelhoff8 months ago

    "I sweat in this !" ...and that reaction from Alexa :D I love them both !

  89. Spoja Tshepiso

    Spoja Tshepiso8 months ago


  90. Spoja Tshepiso

    Spoja Tshepiso8 months ago


  91. Doge 1

    Doge 18 months ago

    Alexa bliss looks like a dwarf with that shirt XD

  92. Jeffrey Chavez

    Jeffrey Chavez8 months ago

    What was the idea she had?

  93. Gay Rat

    Gay Rat8 months ago

    3 4


    SHIV KUMAR KHATIK8 months ago


  95. Hamna Abdeljalil

    Hamna Abdeljalil8 months ago

    Ooo magaad

  96. Bala Bala

    Bala Bala8 months ago

    lift lift

  97. Paisley Faulkner

    Paisley Faulkner8 months ago

    I hate you Alexa Bliss

  98. yajaira noriega

    yajaira noriega8 months ago

    😂😂Alexa Bliss looks so funny with that T-Shirt

  99. Jacobs Lizama

    Jacobs Lizama8 months ago


  100. Ramkumar Yadav

    Ramkumar Yadav8 months ago


  101. puppy girl

    puppy girl9 months ago

    Alexa is nice it's a act she does wen she's in wwe