Bohemian Rhapsody | Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


  1. ItS a MeTaPhOr

    ItS a MeTaPhOr12 hours ago

    Remember watching this trailer for the first time and thinking it’s a fanfic

  2. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump15 hours ago

    I really wish that Rami Malek would be my daddy... I can be a gud boy

  3. SMEGIK Nintendo

    SMEGIK Nintendo2 days ago

    Love the mixed songs

  4. Alexandre Benard

    Alexandre Benard2 days ago

    From 0:00 to 0:16 Mark Martel voice.

  5. Toot Judy

    Toot Judy2 days ago

    Freddie's fever! 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  6. Kelly McCormack

    Kelly McCormack3 days ago


  7. Mrs Briones

    Mrs Briones4 days ago

    I can’t stop repeating this! My kids love it!

  8. Anthony Valdez

    Anthony Valdez7 days ago

    the beginning of the trailer of Freddie eeeooo is not him. It’s Marc

  9. Yberc Dictda04

    Yberc Dictda044 days ago


  10. Anthony Valdez

    Anthony Valdez4 days ago

    Yberc Dictda04 EEEEHHHHHHH. No one can do it better like Freddie

  11. Yberc Dictda04

    Yberc Dictda044 days ago

    Yep I can tell, even Marc can do the Ayyyy ohhhhh that's impressive

  12. Andrei 0456

    Andrei 04567 days ago

    0:00 why it’s so awesome

  13. Tamaguki Microwave

    Tamaguki Microwave8 days ago

    Let’s go Marc

  14. Ei Bouss?

    Ei Bouss?10 days ago


  15. xXCanal NixolasXx

    xXCanal NixolasXx10 days ago


  16. Leslie Fillyaw

    Leslie Fillyaw10 days ago

    I found the real Freddie Mercury!!

  17. ItzChelly

    ItzChelly11 days ago

    Mornin ladies. Let’s get these clogs

  18. Backstreet_ Boiii

    Backstreet_ Boiii12 days ago


  19. Backstreet_ Boiii

    Backstreet_ Boiii12 days ago

    *"Ayye Oh!"*

  20. Chloe Michelle

    Chloe Michelle12 days ago

    I want to buy this song of remix greatness😌

  21. jennifer naranjo

    jennifer naranjo15 days ago

    Why do I still watch this? I right THE EPIC MUSIC MIX

  22. Full Games

    Full Games15 days ago

    Jder miren ese remix :v

  23. dylan Sprouse bae

    dylan Sprouse bae15 days ago

    Rami blown my mind away , totally...

  24. Edgarrr -_-

    Edgarrr -_-15 days ago

    Who's here after Rami Malek won the Oscar for best actor?

  25. Alyssa Brijlal

    Alyssa Brijlal16 days ago

    Gives me goosebumps everytiiimmee

  26. Unbridled Tuna

    Unbridled Tuna17 days ago

    Who is here after the Óscars?

  27. Nate Stern

    Nate Stern17 days ago

    I love the beginning of this trailer

  28. Romer Castillo

    Romer Castillo17 days ago

    Ayuwoki: Heee Heeee

  29. jazzyluvswaka

    jazzyluvswaka18 days ago

    I’m just loving the combining of the songs 😍😍😍😍

  30. UndeadHaiena

    UndeadHaiena19 days ago

    "It goes on forever 6 bloody minutes!"

  31. UndeadHaiena

    UndeadHaiena16 days ago

    +Cris Cabrera They'll never play that on the radio!

  32. Cris Cabrera

    Cris Cabrera16 days ago

    UndeadHaiena I pity your wife if you think 6 minutes is forever

  33. Betito - kun

    Betito - kun19 days ago


  34. Chuck Alexander

    Chuck Alexander19 days ago

    The most inviting teaser trailer. Wow this movie is awesome!

  35. Jaiden Ryan Padilla

    Jaiden Ryan Padilla19 days ago

    Do you guys here Marc Martels voice in 0:01

  36. Henry Icke

    Henry Icke20 days ago


  37. Kumar Paswan AriJitu

    Kumar Paswan AriJitu21 day ago


  38. XXXFelps

    XXXFelps21 day ago

    Queen is better than Beatles

  39. gabyy556

    gabyy55610 days ago

    For me also.

  40. fried chicken

    fried chicken21 day ago

    that first part was marc and thatsbrlly cool

  41. Daɪry Juɪce

    Daɪry Juɪce22 days ago

    Anybody watching again after the movie

  42. Juan Escobar

    Juan Escobar22 days ago


  43. Jazzmery Illidari

    Jazzmery Illidari19 days ago


  44. Fashion Frida

    Fashion Frida22 days ago

    *Name a better teaser trailer...........ill wait*


    THE GUARDIAN23 days ago


  46. Kratos The Ghost Of War

    Kratos The Ghost Of War23 days ago

    Marc martel with eeeeeeeEEEEEEEEooooooo is so satisfying

  47. Carlos Huicochea

    Carlos Huicochea24 days ago

    The Ay-oh in the beginning of the trailer sounds like Rami malek

  48. Yberc Dictda04

    Yberc Dictda042 days ago

    Nah more like Marc Martel

  49. gaiter sports

    gaiter sports24 days ago

    Ohhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhh. She's a killaaaaaa, QUEEENNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

  50. De Baron

    De Baron24 days ago

    The very first time I saw this trailer I knew it was going to be a great movie. And know I'm back here to watch it again after all the success the movie has received.

  51. CyberAlienX10

    CyberAlienX1025 days ago

    Y gano 4 oscars!!!!!

  52. Tsuname

    Tsuname25 days ago

    Those first few seconds of the trailer is chilling

  53. hyun ahn

    hyun ahn25 days ago

    When I first saw this trailer last year, months before the film came out, I was blown away. 😲💥😖💫 Greatest movie I've ever seen in my entire life. 😎

  54. Noice

    Noice25 days ago

    So glad Rami won the Oscar for best actor.

  55. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul25 days ago

    Who’s here after this film won an award?

  56. You Tuber

    You Tuber25 days ago

    Won Oscars👍


    THE JURASSIC KING25 days ago

    This movie is the real best picture. Not Green Book

  58. viva Mercury

    viva Mercury25 days ago

    No se cuantas veces e visto este trailer pero me encanta

  59. Jarno Hes

    Jarno Hes26 days ago

    Havent seen the mooie jet because i promised my grandpa i would wat h iT with HIM but then he got sick and he is almost fully restort so this week is gonna be very special for me

  60. einsjam

    einsjam26 days ago

    From the moment I saw the trailer I knew that it had Oscars written all over it.

  61. Faleh Abdullah

    Faleh Abdullah26 days ago

    Best actor RAMI MALEK he deserve it 😍😍😍😍


    MOVIES on DEMAND OO726 days ago

    Who is here after Rami won oscar

  63. elinmortal76

    elinmortal7626 days ago

    🏅🔥Rami 🔥👑👈👍❎🅾❎🅾from 🔵⚪🔴🔴⚪🔵🤗

  64. Rajesh Karan

    Rajesh Karan26 days ago


  65. Sandy Andrews

    Sandy Andrews26 days ago

    I could listen to that oh baby part all day

  66. Vlogging With Mitul

    Vlogging With Mitul26 days ago

    And the man just won his oscar ! ! ! Kudos to Rami Malek and Yeah Million Kudos to QUEEN for creating such masterpieces.

  67. Larasaty deriasmei

    Larasaty deriasmei26 days ago


  68. Ben

    Ben26 days ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody winning tonight in Oscars! Best sound mixing, sound editing, film editing. So happy for everyone!

  69. modernwarfare

    modernwarfare26 days ago

    Don’t forget Best Actor!

  70. Adam Aziz

    Adam Aziz26 days ago

    Oscars is today bois, ginger crosses rami wins!

  71. Dawn Conroy

    Dawn Conroy27 days ago

    Wish the played Old friends by Roger at the end of the film. Beautiful song dedicated to Freddie

  72. moira aguilar torrez

    moira aguilar torrez27 days ago

    2019 :-)

  73. McNuggerYT

    McNuggerYT28 days ago

    Who’s here after the movie?

  74. Nelson Pixeliado

    Nelson Pixeliado28 days ago

    La mejor pelicula de la reyna 7u7

  75. AfedoCamate PoFavo

    AfedoCamate PoFavo28 days ago

    Cual es la cancion del inicio?

  76. Delfina Haines

    Delfina Haines28 days ago


  77. Therealpaul

    Therealpaul29 days ago

    Can’t believe i Watched this trailer 9 months ago and it’s still good

  78. Talia Dorr

    Talia DorrMonth ago


  79. Avakin Variedades

    Avakin VariedadesMonth ago

    Ansiosa 💖💖💖 #QUEENFOREVER

  80. Gunsandroses 123

    Gunsandroses 123Month ago

    A legend movie

  81. FBI

    FBIMonth ago

    I've watched this so many times, i can't count it anymore

  82. Necro 650

    Necro 650Month ago


  83. spiritgirl41192

    spiritgirl41192Month ago

    "I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever." No joke, every woman, including myself, my mom, and my sister, burst out laughing at that part in the theater when it appeared in the movie.

  84. Dreyvon Taylor

    Dreyvon TaylorMonth ago

    I can’t believe they named a song after this movie

  85. fizzpeakgamer 13

    fizzpeakgamer 13Month ago

    It's because it's queens greatest hit

  86. Adam Pacyno

    Adam PacynoMonth ago

    Fantastic Medley in Fantastic Trailer of Fantastic Movie about Fantastic Band.

  87. Rodrigomg654

    Rodrigomg654Month ago

    00:00 - 0:16 Is Marc Not Freddie

  88. Irisss

    IrisssMonth ago

    I have seen the film already but this trailer will be forever the best thing to ever happen to me

  89. Eric Bonewicz

    Eric BonewiczMonth ago

    I like this trailer the best. I love how they tied in their songs into one it’s really cool.

  90. cérè

    cérèMonth ago

    this teaser is literally a fuckin great mash up

  91. vince kristoff amaro

    vince kristoff amaroMonth ago

    When this trailer comes out last year there is a familiar voice that vocalizes AAAYYY-OH!!! and I already guess that the voice is none other than Freddie Mercury but it turns out its Marc Martel imitating Mercury's vocal range

  92. Isaiah Beynon

    Isaiah BeynonMonth ago

    The beginning sounds like what would’ve happened if Steven Tyler sang that bit from live aid

  93. starchild

    starchildMonth ago

    hearing the AYO's gives me chills every time

  94. Apsáalooke

    ApsáalookeMonth ago

    0:20 Nothing really matters,to me ❤️🇯🇵❤️

  95. DragonPride699

    DragonPride699Month ago

    Can’t believe Marc is the one doing the vocalization at the start. Swore it was Freddie

  96. Rowdee Munkee

    Rowdee MunkeeMonth ago

    Movie was fine, but these trailers are fantastic. Trailer production companies are the unsung heros (or villians) of the film industry

  97. Mía AYLIN Zúñiga Sánchez

    Mía AYLIN Zúñiga SánchezMonth ago


  98. DOCTOPS Fan

    DOCTOPS FanMonth ago


  99. Dahniar Herdiani

    Dahniar HerdianiMonth ago

    Still looking this one ..

  100. Herika O.M

    Herika O.MMonth ago

    This movie impact me in a away that ,I can't stop to Watch this!!!!Rami what a pleasure to see his performance this role ! I'm sure that Freddie is so proud !!!!!!!

  101. Gian Guerra

    Gian GuerraMonth ago

    Dio schifo che schifo vado in diarrea per un Mesa

  102. Goziaa

    GoziaaMonth ago

    Scene with Ben being attacked by rooster made my day so far XD

  103. Kyle Northrup

    Kyle NorthrupMonth ago

    The movie comes out this mouth the 15 of February

  104. Fatma eda Bereket

    Fatma eda BereketMonth ago

    My replay button is broken

  105. Dagoberto Lopez

    Dagoberto LopezMonth ago

    Like Si creen que deberían sacar una película así de michael jackson

  106. Les Salazar

    Les SalazarMonth ago

    Marc Martel singing in the opening..

  107. The Animated Red Fern

    The Animated Red FernMonth ago

    Chicken: GALLILEO!!!

  108. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.Month ago

    In Loving Memory Of Freddie “Fred” Mercury (9/5/1946-11/24/1991)

  109. metimelati

    metimelatiMonth ago

    BoRap still on big screen in my country :”) SUPERB MOVIE . DONT YOU DARE NOT GIVING OSCAR TO THIS EPIC MOV!

  110. Spacemonkeymojo

    SpacemonkeymojoMonth ago

    Going into this I had no idea what to expect. Obviously I know of Queen but I've never been a massive fan. Was blown away by this movie!