Bohemian Rhapsody | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


  1. Unrealistic Freddie

    Unrealistic Freddie11 hours ago

    The dislikes are from people who angry that this trailer ends.

  2. RainyBlox

    RainyBlox15 hours ago

    “What If I Don’t Have Time” 💔

  3. Ana Briseyda

    Ana BriseydaDay ago

    La mejor pelicula 😣😍

  4. Rohan Sharma

    Rohan SharmaDay ago

    3 days later it will be exactly one year for the trailer

  5. Arisha Senpai UwU

    Arisha Senpai UwUDay ago

    This trailer always gives me

  6. VENATUS [R6]

    VENATUS [R6]2 days ago

    I need a legit answer, is this on Netflix?

  7. VENATUS [R6]

    VENATUS [R6]Day ago

    Poppy Dawson :‘(

  8. Poppy Dawson

    Poppy DawsonDay ago

    VENATUS [R6] No, however it is available on Amazon.

  9. aesthxtxcs

    aesthxtxcs2 days ago

    Song: **stomp stomp clap** Audience: **clap clap and wait**

  10. D31R aaidan

    D31R aaidan3 days ago

    Fact: the band never broke up, it just was on a break

  11. Isaura Martins

    Isaura Martins4 days ago


  12. Samantha Reyes

    Samantha Reyes4 days ago

    Best trailers i have ever seen I wish the was an award for that i would have voted

  13. non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

    non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere4 days ago

    great, now i want a movie about The Beatles and another one about Pink Floyd thank you

  14. Sophia Sanders

    Sophia Sanders4 days ago

    the dirt > bohemian 100%

  15. MiXIn

    MiXIn5 days ago

    I Gotta Thank 20th Century Fox Because of this film I got to know Queen.You've had no idea how queen and this film Changed my life....

  16. Vance Biondo

    Vance Biondo5 days ago

    Oh bohemian. IM GONNA BE A SHOCK TO YOU

  17. Nyah Marquez Dean

    Nyah Marquez Dean5 days ago

    this trailer > everything

  18. OsaVida Films

    OsaVida Films6 days ago

    Give me a break! One of the best bands in the world and this is the best they can do documenting it??? Crap actors,was almost like an after school special movie What a load of shite!

  19. Tereza Minaříková

    Tereza Minaříková6 days ago

    The best film ever

  20. MJ Love

    MJ Love6 days ago

    I m still watching this trailer today..can I get likes for Queen❤️❤️??

  21. Dria Woods

    Dria Woods6 days ago

    This movie made me a Queen fan.

  22. kalograj

    kalograj7 days ago

    This is most probably the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Neek

    Neek8 days ago

    The music mash up 🤘😍👌


    PRINCE SAPKOTA8 days ago

    Who was listening to the music rather than the trailer ?

  25. Jose Maldonado

    Jose Maldonado8 days ago

    Queen forever

  26. Christian Da Silva

    Christian Da Silva9 days ago

    Thumbs up if 50 shades of Grey brought you here.

  27. Ronald Sanchez

    Ronald Sanchez9 days ago

    a movie that had the best songs and soundtracks in history

  28. Ding Dong

    Ding Dong9 days ago

    It’s so great. Freddie is forever. This film made me cry so much. Love Queen

  29. scienz chic

    scienz chic9 days ago

    Great acting from Rami Malek, but the make-up was atrocious! Fake mustache and fake teeth where terrible!!!!

  30. Isabel Cruz

    Isabel Cruz10 days ago

    Sin duda, una de las mejores películas del 2018 :3

  31. Shadow Ghost

    Shadow Ghost10 days ago

    Todavia no puedo olvidar la emocion que tuve al ver el trailer

  32. bits bsr

    bits bsr11 days ago

    Trailer watching 1000times

  33. Karen Priest

    Karen Priest11 days ago

    I watched this movie recently on a plane trip. As much as I knew Queen were amazing it wasn't my music genre, however, after seeing the movie and story, I cannot stop thinking about Freddie, the band and how amazing they are!!!!!!!!!!!! So talented!! Just amazing !! And I am now playing the music all the time!

  34. Evi Otten

    Evi Otten11 days ago

    this is sooooo great!!!

  35. billy jack

    billy jack11 days ago

    When I first saw this trailer it was like The Ancient One kung-fu'd my soul out of my body.

  36. CallitHowISeeIt

    CallitHowISeeIt12 days ago

    I thought this was going to be awful and was GUTTED SBC wasn't going to play Freddie but this movie was brilliantly handled, Malek did an awesome job of capturing the spirit of a VERY distinctive individual and Martels gift made this a very special tribute

  37. Psalm Jasper sean

    Psalm Jasper sean12 days ago

    "We're all Legends"

  38. Master Matz

    Master Matz13 days ago

    I love queen

  39. ruby jones

    ruby jones13 days ago

    this movie changed my life. i watched it in march when it came out on dvd and i am officially obsessed with queen. okay. bye.

  40. Tomáš Maňas

    Tomáš Maňas13 days ago

    Great film

  41. Relaxing Videos

    Relaxing Videos13 days ago

    Did this movie ever come out. We haven’t seen it at our local movie theater

  42. Safeman4202

    Safeman420213 days ago

    This has to be one of the best trailers I have ever seen!!

  43. rogah taylah

    rogah taylah13 days ago

    i keep watching this even though i've seen the movie 62 times. it just gives me goosebumps

  44. Red Boy

    Red Boy14 days ago

    I saw this trailer on my television and i heard bohemian rhapsody on playing on the tele and i was like 'hol up'


    OG TRIPLE OG14 days ago

    Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike played We Will Rock You (Instrumental) vs Bohemian Rhapsody vs We Are The Champions vs House of House @ Tomorrowland’18 like the First 25 seconds of first trailer full remake of the mashup here

  46. Ani sha

    Ani sha15 days ago

    Now I need a movie on CHESTER

  47. Rahul Meshram

    Rahul Meshram15 days ago

    The best trailer of all time...

  48. Kelsey Bates

    Kelsey Bates16 days ago

    Rami Malek is a beautiful beautiful man

  49. Lancelot Link

    Lancelot Link17 days ago

    Saw them in concert around '83 or '84 I think. I had seen many concerts before that one but Queen put on the best performance bar none. Everyone knew the words to every song and just about everyone was singing with him. Every song was a hit and he did at least 4 encores. It was the only concert I have ever been to where the band wore out the audience. We were all spent from singing along with Freddie. It probably cost around 12 bucks back then and talk about getting your moneys worth. OMG

  50. Lily Gage

    Lily Gage17 days ago

    This movie got me addicted to queen i am obsessed k bye

  51. Mircea Irina

    Mircea Irina17 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 I am so happy!

  52. Jozlyn Baumann

    Jozlyn Baumann18 days ago

    THE best movie ever produced

  53. 4Nick3

    4Nick311 days ago

    SRC EC not even close. This movie was not great.

  54. SRC EC

    SRC EC11 days ago

    @4Nick3 it's not the best it's one of them tho

  55. 4Nick3

    4Nick316 days ago