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  1. Allesio Inzaghi

    Allesio Inzaghi10 minutes ago

    Chicken can do galileo well

  2. Jatin Chauhan

    Jatin Chauhan24 minutes ago

    1:41 song name?

  3. Jatin Chauhan

    Jatin Chauhan25 minutes ago

    0:41 song name?

  4. Jatin Chauhan

    Jatin Chauhan26 minutes ago

    0:00-0:23 Song list anyone?

  5. palm tree

    palm tree41 minute ago

    They should make a movie about the beatles, ya know, while Paul's still alive.. Andrew Scott as McCartney


    X SUPPORTER55 minutes ago

    Now I can’t be Freddie Mercury but I can be like him anyone can just believe it

  7. hungrr08

    hungrr0858 minutes ago

    Without doubt the best biography film iv ever seen. I expected this to be good, but it was genuinely amazing.

  8. Tokivi Achumi

    Tokivi AchumiHour ago

    Always wished someone made a Queen's movie... & guess what,wishes do come true.... Loving it!

  9. Jasmine Wallis

    Jasmine Wallis2 hours ago

    Should have named it “ I’m in love with my car “

  10. Gaurav Neogi

    Gaurav Neogi2 hours ago

    Tak tak taak. Tak tak taak.. Tak tak taak

  11. Tea Ritoša

    Tea Ritoša2 hours ago

    This movie is an emotional rollercoaster... there are moments to laugh, to be mad, to cry, to be happy...I left the theater with so much respect for Freddie almost like I knew him. Great movie, great cast and half of it you feel like you are attending a concert. Just beautiful ❤

  12. Halwa Lucinda

    Halwa Lucinda3 hours ago

    ^^ Cinema Filme ^^ *Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)* PLAY NOW : [ ] Another The Best Movie : [ ]


    SKYDORMER3 hours ago

    I didn't know this film even existed until my dad suddenly dragged me to the cinema without telling me what I was about to watch. The only thing he said was "We're gonna watch a film you might like."

  14. Halwa Lucinda

    Halwa Lucinda3 hours ago

    ^^ Cinema Filme ^^ *Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)* PLAY NOW : [ ] Another The Best Movie : [ ]

  15. Thorpe 4901

    Thorpe 49013 hours ago

    Treasure what we had back then. Today it seems anyone can get famous without having actual talent. Talent is an overly used world. Queen were a talent.

  16. Joe Oviedo

    Joe Oviedo3 hours ago

    What a great movie! Go see it now!

  17. The Backbencher

    The Backbencher4 hours ago

    Rami Malek is an Oscar worthy actor....

  18. Ehab Hassan

    Ehab Hassan4 hours ago

    The movie of the century

  19. Nightcore Lover

    Nightcore Lover4 hours ago

    OMG! I'm so late! Is this movie released yet? Can someone tell me please?

  20. MTF: Nine Tailed fox

    MTF: Nine Tailed fox5 hours ago

    I wonder why this song have haters?

  21. Altea Lee

    Altea Lee5 hours ago

    if Rami doesn't get oscar for this, im gonna kill myself. kidding . ofc i wont kill myself


    LoLyAUS YOUTUBE5 hours ago

    So many people coming from the movie, disgusting, but meh bigger fanbase whatsup yall

  23. mri

    mri5 hours ago

    So, it was a dream of mine to go back in time to witness queen's live aid performance since I've known about them! Wierd how this movie fulfilled it quite.

  24. John Lasay

    John Lasay8 hours ago

    First I heard this song last movie suicide squad

  25. Edward Granger

    Edward Granger8 hours ago

    i smell grammies about to be cooked

  26. Bella the dog

    Bella the dog9 hours ago

    Best movie n d real legends 😍

  27. Edmund Dijean

    Edmund Dijean9 hours ago

    i smell orcars..

  28. Ashley king

    Ashley king11 hours ago

    This movie is going to win an oscar

  29. BraxtonZen

    BraxtonZen11 hours ago

    Before Bohemian Rhapsody (Movie): Queen is a pretty cool band! After Bohemian Rhapsody (Movie) QUEEN IS THE BEST BAND EVER!

  30. Karen Carlos

    Karen Carlos11 hours ago

    the best movie i’ve ever seen.

  31. Josuhe Josuhe

    Josuhe Josuhe12 hours ago

    Una excelente película, me gustó mucho, valió la pena la espera, la actuación del actor, fue genial.

  32. Jay Bee

    Jay Bee12 hours ago

    I really don’t know how to put this into words but I’ll try ... I was born in 1998, therefore I grew up knowing “this band called queen” and I would hear my parents listening to their music, yet I never knew who they genuinely were or looked like. I think this movie was astonishing, in fact, I can proudly name it my favourite movie. The movie was released at a perfect time, when Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are popular, but this movie makes us young people realize nobody will ever compare to queen and Freddie Mercury. The movie made me fall in love with Queen, it makes you fall in love with the characters in the movie it’s so raw and real. Big thumbs up, I am so happy I got to see this.

  33. pjm -

    pjm -12 hours ago

    i want to watch this so bad but AINT NO ONE I KNOW WANTS TO WATCH IT

  34. ak 122

    ak 12213 hours ago


  35. Mr Swagalicous

    Mr Swagalicous13 hours ago

    This was the greatest movie I’ve ever seen! By the how how did this video get dislikes, it’s a bloody great video

  36. Mr Swagalicous

    Mr Swagalicous13 hours ago

    He better start preparing a speech for the Oscars

  37. Abinash Pal

    Abinash Pal14 hours ago

    Henry Cavil may be also a good candidate......

  38. Gaurav Tewari

    Gaurav Tewari14 hours ago

    This Roger Taylor looks like a young, sober and blonde Pete Doherty

  39. RAZ0R M0VIES

    RAZ0R M0VIES14 hours ago

    🛑 *Bohemian Rhapsody* 𝐹𝑢𝑙𝑙-𝑀𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑒➡

  40. EMPJade

    EMPJade15 hours ago

    this movie is so good! I can't stop myself from watching queen videos on youtube now

  41. Danica Kaye

    Danica Kaye15 hours ago

    Freddie you died when I was born but you are my favorite

  42. Sxt vkook

    Sxt vkook15 hours ago

    O S C A R S

  43. Izzah Nazli

    Izzah Nazli16 hours ago

    What song is at 1:16 please 🤧

  44. Molly Kishego

    Molly Kishego16 hours ago

    Hehehhehehe it's rated r, and I watched it (I'm not supposed to) and now I love queen and my sisters friends always sing we are the champions at school

  45. menopauls

    menopauls16 hours ago

    just realized that the guy who plays roger looks like alyssa from teofw

  46. Black Jing

    Black Jing16 hours ago

    I keep singing since I was young "We were, we were rock you." But I just knew who sang it. Just today, like what the heck 🙄😁

  47. Joss Ruten

    Joss Ruten17 hours ago

    Did you know that the original queen members watched and loves it?? Also love u Freddie. Also movie is killer . # KillerQueen✌❤

  48. Joss Ruten

    Joss Ruten17 hours ago

    Mark these words no one will play queen.... 10 years later

  49. Phoebe Hanauer

    Phoebe Hanauer17 hours ago

    I definitely escaped from reality while watching this movie!

  50. mooseven

    mooseven20 hours ago

    The guy playing Brian May sounds exactly like him. It's really uncanny.

  51. Kelly Preston

    Kelly Preston20 hours ago

    I am pretty sure this film will get Oscars including Rami Malek. He absolutely deserves it.

  52. Theresa Keizer

    Theresa Keizer21 hour ago

    Loved this movie!

  53. Makó Anna Mária

    Makó Anna Mária22 hours ago

    i must be honest...i cried a lot when Freddie revealed that he has aids Who else cried?

  54. gabyy556

    gabyy55621 hour ago


  55. Sophie Buckley

    Sophie Buckley22 hours ago

    Saw this film on Saturday and omg I loved it 😭❤️

  56. Merykuty 8

    Merykuty 822 hours ago


  57. Arjun Singh Omkar

    Arjun Singh Omkar23 hours ago

    Bring em Oscars, such amazing acting. Live aid Africa scene was absolutely spot on ♥

  58. Štěpán Říčan

    Štěpán Říčan23 hours ago

    OMG i must watch this film

  59. Neva Tataj

    Neva Tataj23 hours ago

    This masterpiece will live forever. Remi, congratulations on your masterful performance, you truly amazed us all.

  60. Mario Chandra

    Mario Chandra23 hours ago

    I literally cried at the moment we are the champion played

  61. Bảo Anh Vũ

    Bảo Anh VũDay ago

    should we have a movie about abba?

  62. AnnTie TT & C Dessert

    AnnTie TT & C DessertDay ago

    "I think, I don't have time"

  63. Emil V

    Emil VDay ago

    Who else almost clapped when they were singing the songs?

  64. Emil V

    Emil V10 hours ago

    I gave my self a like. Just so you know.

  65. Fiona Oakley

    Fiona OakleyDay ago

    Such an incredible film, Oscar winning

  66. dislusional

    dislusionalDay ago

    This gave me goosebumps 🤩

  67. Ratic Boy

    Ratic BoyDay ago


  68. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie MercuryDay ago

    Reminds me of the good old days. I approve.

  69. Galaxis 127

    Galaxis 127Day ago

    I’ve seen this movie 3 times... _and I’m gonna watch it again!_

  70. yash bharatdwaj

    yash bharatdwajDay ago

    We are... We are champions. Queen Is more than lengends

  71. Chirag Dodiya

    Chirag DodiyaDay ago

    This is what LEGENDS are made of. Best movie ever.

  72. Ari

    AriDay ago

    money well spent! i cant believe movie critics gave bad ratings on this movie. a total killer queen

  73. VCY TPGT

    VCY TPGTDay ago

    How is noone talking about that amazing mashup

  74. VCY TPGT

    VCY TPGTDay ago


  75. riley regis

    riley regisDay ago

    I've already watched this trailer a bunch of times but came back after watching Freddie Mercury's documentary. And boy must I say I haven't been this emotional while having chills (at the same time) my entire life. p.s. still haven't watch the movie yet. But will surely do

  76. Lagnajita Mohanty

    Lagnajita MohantyDay ago

    This is such a good movie. Loved it.

  77. Eva Heyer

    Eva HeyerDay ago

    Who's downvoted and why?

  78. Vít Holeček

    Vít HolečekDay ago

    I feel Oscar.

  79. Gejmer Sa Balkana

    Gejmer Sa BalkanaDay ago

    If you love music please watch this


    DUCKS VERSEDay ago

    This cinnamon rolls are good

  81. Danilo Jimenez

    Danilo JimenezDay ago

    I went to go see this great film on Wednesday Nov 7th at a late show in IMAX...I was the only soul in the room but they could probably hear me outside the room lol. The only disappointment I felt was wanting to see more.

  82. Hagop Zarmenian

    Hagop ZarmenianDay ago

    Watched it yesterday . Just phenominal . Emotional Rollercoaster 💙 thank you Freddie and Queen for the great songs and music 🎵🎤

  83. Chaterine Annabel

    Chaterine AnnabelDay ago

    🛑 *Bohemian Rhapsody 2018* 𝐹𝑢𝑙𝑙'𝑀𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑒➡ Trending film! Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

  84. Shristi Kumar

    Shristi KumarDay ago

    This movie was just amazing!!!!❤❤❤👌✌

  85. LEE SOO MAN who will debut next

    LEE SOO MAN who will debut nextDay ago

    oh god. this is an ART! ps/ NCT brought me here 🌱💚

  86. O P Sharma

    O P SharmaDay ago

    Oscar sure best musical film

  87. Tofiq Veliyev

    Tofiq VeliyevDay ago

    This film was awesome!

  88. I am Groot

    I am GrootDay ago

    I lost count of how many times I play this trailer! I already watched the movie btw

  89. halimatyl zahraa

    halimatyl zahraaDay ago

    i really really wanna watch this movie since i read a lot of good reviews about it. but i know nothing about queen. i only know a few songs from them, and i know freddie mercury died from aids so should i read about queen first or should i just watch the movie?

  90. John Vandelay

    John Vandelay15 hours ago

    Just watch it. After watching you will want to find out more.

  91. MG

    MGDay ago

    Oscar material for sure.

  92. Mamadz Malig

    Mamadz MaligDay ago

  93. Mamadz Malig

    Mamadz MaligDay ago Watch this too 💗❤😍

  94. Megan Dagnall

    Megan DagnallDay ago

    Lets be honest this should of been made ages ago 👏

  95. anshul bhatia

    anshul bhatiaDay ago

    RIP those who has plugged earphones

  96. Gembong Baskoro

    Gembong BaskoroDay ago

    Nobody can take his place...

  97. Everything Under The Sun

    Everything Under The SunDay ago

    My husband is not a music person..but he surely became a huge Queen fanatic after watching this 😁

  98. CSX2665

    CSX2665Day ago

    I went to watch this may not be 100% accurate but goddamn was it a very good movie! however the cinema I went to there were only 3 people inside the entire room (me included) that watched the movie! at times I didn't think it was Rami on-screen and thought Mercury was still alive, the energy in the music made it very irresistible not to sing along lol

  99. Viktória Szász

    Viktória SzászDay ago

    Watched 2x so far, coming out of the movies, crying like... Like never... So emotional!!!! Waooo

  100. pws stickerworks

    pws stickerworksDay ago

    wrong face staring but over all its OK

  101. Sylvia Budiman

    Sylvia BudimanDay ago

    Movie of the millenia?

  102. Tewi The BunBun

    Tewi The BunBunDay ago

    This was so good, I just came out of the theaters an hour ago

  103. Doom Slayer

    Doom SlayerDay ago

    I got goosebumps while seeing this trailer

  104. xShino

    xShinoDay ago

    Hey I didn’t know josh from until dawn was in this movie