Bohemian Rhapsody | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


  1. Klaus Mikaelson

    Klaus Mikaelson9 minutes ago

    Just finished watching this movie it was amazing!!! God I love Queen

  2. Leandro Guedes

    Leandro Guedes2 hours ago

    We will rock yoou

  3. Sogida Karaj

    Sogida Karaj5 hours ago

    Attention Queen+Adam are at the OPENING OSCAR'S CEREMONY and it will be there that Freddie will receive all the respect he deserves. and excuse me not only freddie but for the queen it will really be a spectacular moment. FREDDIE we miss you.❤🤘🍺

  4. Elnino Sport

    Elnino Sport6 hours ago

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  5. KE LE

    KE LE6 hours ago


  6. miSstrixielicious

    miSstrixielicious9 hours ago

    I just wanna watch itover and over again! Thank you, Queen and Freddie for the music. Thank you, Rami Malek for bringing Freddie back to Life! I just feel a little bit sad, it came 7 years a little too late. My dad won’t see it anymore. This was our jam! Long live Queen! 😭❤️

  7. idiotic lies

    idiotic lies10 hours ago

    So my gym teacher shaved off his mullet and left his mustache and now he lookes like Allen Leech

  8. DK

    DK13 hours ago

    This movie 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  9. Sauce X

    Sauce X14 hours ago

    I made an animated version of Bohemian Rhapsody song. Would mean a lot if someone checks it out :)

  10. Aku The Mask

    Aku The Mask15 hours ago

    The movie nobody asked for But everyone needed

  11. ch ajith

    ch ajith17 hours ago

    0:33 Turning point of his life which made him an inspiration for many..

  12. EPIX !

    EPIX !19 hours ago

    ive just watch this movie today. SUPERB!!

  13. Martin Rivadelo

    Martin Rivadelo19 hours ago

    Came back from The Rocketman Trailer. I like this trailer more:D

  14. Will D2

    Will D219 hours ago

    Bands will never see crowds like that.. stadium jammed packed!! Imagine the energy that released. EDM concerts don’t count I’m talking about a real live band performing! If this movie doesn’t win Oscars something wrong

  15. Ann Craft

    Ann Craft22 hours ago

    queen was one of the worst so called rock band ever name me one rock and role tune they did.they didn't have the image at all Brian may is the lamest to ever play a guitar.shocking band

  16. Stefan Frederic

    Stefan Frederic22 hours ago

    Not ashamed to admit it, Bryan singer deserves more credit for his direction/work on this film. Yes he was unprofessional and handled things poorly but his work was actually nothing short of amazing on this film.

  17. ilove her but she love Pennywise

    ilove her but she love Pennywise14 hours ago

    Maryan Vanzon I watched it for like 5x in cinema lol...I did not regret...this movie and Rami's performance made an impact to me...maybe a little disappointed with the issues surrounding this film....but I had FUN...I'm a super queen fan now!

  18. Maryan Vanzon

    Maryan Vanzon15 hours ago

    i like that you guys consider his art in filming even he is problematic director, but sadly he reap what he sow, i hate him tbh, but i still watched the film because i love art film, im a queen fan, and he's not the only one who made this so i put my little butt in cinema LOL , i hate him but i love his art

  19. ilove her but she love Pennywise

    ilove her but she love Pennywise17 hours ago

    Stefan Frederic I admit that I felt disappointed when I read about the allegation...then he credited and make money from it,...but its not just his job that makes this great's a collective effort of so many...but I admit that I felt sad...if only he doesn't have that shameful allegations and he get along with the cast and crew....he will not be not an accuser or something I believe that innocent until proven guilty....but those crimes should go to legal assessment and it shouldn't be set's just ashamed that his art in filming is being not-worth-the-mention because of his issues...

  20. Wendy BP

    Wendy BP22 hours ago

    EPIC 👌

  21. Akshay Kanchan

    Akshay KanchanDay ago

    It's an Emotion..

  22. Grape

    GrapeDay ago

    No one can tell me that these weren’t perfect actors.

  23. Adam Henry

    Adam HenryDay ago

    I watched with and loved it!

  24. Savannah Mayor

    Savannah MayorDay ago

    i never liked the band...but this movie is fuckin great

  25. gabyy556

    gabyy55615 hours ago

    +Savannah Mayor ok

  26. Savannah Mayor

    Savannah Mayor17 hours ago

    I was into Genesis at the time...heavier stuff+gabyy556

  27. gabyy556

    gabyy55618 hours ago

    Why? The band is great too!

  28. Silvia Colombara

    Silvia ColombaraDay ago

    What do you think about the ending? I kinda felt disappointed when they decided not to show Freddy's illness. I was a child in the 80s and I remember hearing a lot of talk about Hiv and Aids. Don't know.. I wish the whole story had been told. Because Freddy in the end died of the "desease of the century".. So why not talk about it? I reckon it should be a part - maybe unwelcome, that I can understand - of his beautiful bohemian rhapsody.

  29. R A

    R ADay ago

    They promised to rock us...and they did!!!

  30. anni

    anniDay ago

    please please please put this on netflix

  31. Squid Girl

    Squid GirlDay ago

    My hand hurts from pressing replay

  32. xen32

    xen32Day ago

    He Played Freddie better than Freddie lived Freddie.

  33. gabyy556

    gabyy55618 hours ago


  34. Crazy Inventor 123

    Crazy Inventor 123Day ago


  35. ElTobiasLennon - Videos Todos Los Dias

    ElTobiasLennon - Videos Todos Los DiasDay ago

    *_Who is Galileo?_*

  36. Helaina Evans

    Helaina EvansDay ago

    I wanna watch this so bad

  37. FunnyG

    FunnyGDay ago

    I'm sad that Freddy died, he would be great if he was alive.

  38. Maya Papaya

    Maya PapayaDay ago

    Who else thought this was a really good trailer?

  39. Oscar Gonzalez

    Oscar GonzalezDay ago


  40. Zoe Olivas

    Zoe Olivas2 days ago

    I want to see it already 😣😆🥰

  41. JHoldcroft 05

    JHoldcroft 05Day ago

    Zoe Olivas it’s been out for a couple months you retard

  42. Deandra Asyila Dafanabila

    Deandra Asyila Dafanabila2 days ago

    Such an amazing movie I’ve ever seen.

  43. Robert Wheeler

    Robert Wheeler2 days ago

    Best movie I've seen and a long time ..... Queen 4 -ever

  44. Lenie Adolphson

    Lenie Adolphson2 days ago

    Just watched this movie. AWESOME . Oscar winner

  45. Abdul Khan

    Abdul Khan2 days ago

    Watching this, I was "Having a good time"

  46. Bonnie Jaffe

    Bonnie Jaffe2 days ago

    I wish my father would watch this movie but he refuses to because he’s severely homophobic.

  47. Toni Barišić

    Toni Barišić2 days ago

    At that Live Aid concert, by the end of the movie, when camera went on the ppl down on stadium, one woman/girl, was pointing middle fingers ???? Anyone catch that?

  48. MintyGamer 06

    MintyGamer 062 days ago

    Who else didn’t recognise Mike Myers?

  49. MintyGamer 06

    MintyGamer 062 days ago

    NOT THE COFFEE MACHINE! Sorry I had to

  50. helena b.

    helena b.2 days ago

    here’s a quick reminder to clear your mind: • read mercury and me • listen to freddie’s solo music (+ mr bad guy, it’s a shame that it isn’t available on spotify but listen to all the songs, they’re just phenomenal) • take a look at phoebe’s blog (peter freestone aka freddie mercury’s personal assistant) he often answers questions and he’s a super nice person!!

  51. helena b.

    helena b.2 days ago

    unfortunately this film didn’t do much justice to queen so we only stan the cast that worked super hard and rami with its incredible talent!!!! hopefully he wins an oscar, now goodbye and thank u for the attention

  52. ayush aryan

    ayush aryan2 days ago

    This trailer should get an oscar.

  53. Mr11ESSE111

    Mr11ESSE1112 days ago

    interesting thing is that this movie earns more money then Deadpool& deadpool2 or Xmans ,wolverine and similar Fox movies which have (significally) bigger budget

  54. Aku The Mask

    Aku The Mask2 days ago


  55. Min Yoongi's Daughter

    Min Yoongi's Daughter2 days ago

    "Who the hell even is Galileo?"

  56. Itzagood Shot

    Itzagood Shot2 days ago

    Good film

  57. Valve Plays

    Valve Plays2 days ago

    *literally* the best band ever.

  58. Ocean Emerald101

    Ocean Emerald1012 days ago

    3 reasons why I loved this movie 1 it was amazing 😉 2 I thought Rodger was handsome 3 Rami Melik looks more Freddie Mercury than Freddie Mercury

  59. Ocean Emerald101

    Ocean Emerald10115 hours ago

    ilove her but she love Pennywise 😇

  60. ilove her but she love Pennywise

    ilove her but she love Pennywise16 hours ago

    Ocean Emerald101 Rami doesn't look like Freddie but he made us felt like Freddie came back in at least 2hrs...that makes his performance great

  61. Aiden Caballero

    Aiden Caballero2 days ago

    Just watched this with my family it was soo good👀

  62. Game On!

    Game On!3 days ago

    How many of you know that Freddie(Protagonist of movie) is an Indian? :)

  63. branden carman

    branden carman3 days ago

    Smooth a$$ band & movie!

  64. itsmebxv

    itsmebxv3 days ago

    Had he lived for 10 more years they would be preparing fr part 2 of this movie.

  65. Dewis DelReal

    Dewis DelReal3 days ago


  66. Hi, Rosettes

    Hi, Rosettes3 days ago

    Whoever disliked this I FRIKIN hate u soo much

  67. Voyager 2

    Voyager 23 days ago

    Murió el puto Mercury, otro perro más que muerde el polvo 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  68. Grace Duff

    Grace Duff3 days ago

    I love this movie, it’s very emotional

  69. Michael Lack

    Michael Lack3 days ago

    I swear half theses views from me alone

  70. Codrin Hermeniuc

    Codrin Hermeniuc3 days ago

  71. F4brici

    F4brici3 days ago

    the best trailer in the world !!!!

  72. AndroidPCGames

    AndroidPCGames3 days ago

    *Rami Malek se merece el Oscar*

  73. Gavnochido

    Gavnochido3 days ago

    Ain't no band in the history of music got anything against queen, and that's a fact!

  74. Joseph Castro

    Joseph Castro2 days ago

    What are you basing this" fact" on? Your personal opinion? LMAO. That's a joke. Now that's a FACT.

  75. Rapolas RA

    Rapolas RA3 days ago

    What Do You mean this Fall? I've Just Came back From the movie and It's Winter!

  76. Mild Muesli

    Mild Muesli3 days ago

    I saw the movie, and it was AMAZING !!! When i was watching it, i couldn't stop thinking how good would it had been if there was one about Chester Bennington and Linkin Park, not only because they are my favorite band but also because they really have an interesting history ! I would really like to see something like that in the following years . Once again thanks for the amazing experience i had with "Bohemian Rapsody", it was one of the best movies i've seen in years !!! P.S. Sorry for my bad English .

  77. Dean Bliek

    Dean Bliek3 days ago

    Love the songs Love the actor rami malen Love real story's Put all together Oké of the best Movies i'le ever see

  78. Gareth Baxter

    Gareth Baxter3 days ago

    Not with those teeth mate

  79. Shawn Petrishin

    Shawn Petrishin3 days ago

    This movie was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be boring. But, it is one of the best movies ive seen in a while. If you have not seen it watch it. It tells a great story about this band and all that Mercury went through in his life. Highly recommend it.

  80. bloop blop

    bloop blop3 days ago

    This movie is such a master piece, you can just feel the emotion. Very beautiful and full of so much inspiration, I'm sad i never watched in theater. It's so amazing, so many scenes fit into twenty minutes, but they turned it into 2 hours. 💕

  81. Fanny

    Fanny3 days ago

    Gwilym Lee (Bryan May) is so handsome god

  82. Backgammon 88

    Backgammon 883 days ago

    Just watched the movie, and to be honest I’m quite overwhelmed...

  83. Spooper

    Spooper3 days ago

    10/10 would watch again. Its amazing

  84. wavy xort

    wavy xort3 days ago

    I just watched the movie for the fifth time, first time with extras. Incredible

  85. Solar Panel

    Solar Panel3 days ago

    Society no longer glorifies Real Men. It now glorifies homosexual/feminine tendencies/ weak men. RIP To the real Man.... last of a dying breed.. cool movie though..

  86. Destiny Mize

    Destiny Mize3 days ago

    #funfact he died on my first birthday.

  87. Miguel Salas

    Miguel Salas4 days ago

    Thank you Freddie Mercury

  88. Roshan Zameer

    Roshan Zameer4 days ago

    Give an oscar for the comment section.

  89. TheSaintST1

    TheSaintST14 days ago

    You *MUST* see this. I was expecting an alright film but I wasn't expecting it to be this good. I have to admit to being a bit tearful when Freddie had to break the bad news...

  90. Eric Bonewicz

    Eric Bonewicz4 days ago

    I have to say this was better than straight outta Compton

  91. Lindsey Tye

    Lindsey Tye4 days ago

    If I had 7 cats I would give them names like Scaramouch, Fandango, Galileo, Figaro, Magnifico, Bismillah and Beelzebub.

  92. A Cooke

    A Cooke4 days ago

    Such a talented man 😁

  93. Mourad Bek

    Mourad Bek4 days ago

    Ramy malk was not that good in this movie...he was OK but not that great ...his personality is very different than Freddy

  94. Dpee Xavi

    Dpee Xavi4 days ago

    1:13 song name please?????? +_+

  95. Dpee Xavi

    Dpee Xavi11 hours ago

    +Mayra Sanchez thanks 😚😚

  96. Mayra Sanchez

    Mayra Sanchez4 days ago

    Dpee Xavi It’s called Another one bites the dust!

  97. ssaye89

    ssaye894 days ago

    Rami Malek played that part perfect.

  98. Kashish Jamal Hashmi

    Kashish Jamal Hashmi4 days ago

    If Rami Malik doesn't get an Oscar for his performance, than surely Oscars are a sham.

  99. Ahaan Shetty

    Ahaan Shetty4 days ago

    This is the most beautiful trailer ever!!

  100. Blondi konyhája

    Blondi konyhája4 days ago

    I loved this movie. Rami played this roll incredibly good. OSCAR

  101. supper pupper

    supper pupper4 days ago


  102. Mayra Sanchez

    Mayra Sanchez4 days ago

    supper pupper 1:39 We are the Champions

  103. Mayra Sanchez

    Mayra Sanchez4 days ago

    supper pupper 1:24 We will rock you!

  104. Mayra Sanchez

    Mayra Sanchez4 days ago

    supper pupper Then at 1:13 It’s the song called Another one bites the dust!

  105. Mayra Sanchez

    Mayra Sanchez4 days ago

    supper pupper The song in the beginning is Bohemian Rhapsody

  106. MDGamerHits

    MDGamerHits4 days ago

    “We are family. We always have fights.”

  107. Nikko Gamad

    Nikko Gamad4 days ago

    The history of power music.

  108. chilbury

    chilbury4 days ago

    freemason ring satanic 0:04

  109. T-Morals

    T-Morals5 days ago

    Rami Malek is amazing

  110. Buenobebe

    Buenobebe5 days ago

    This is song is amazing

  111. Gacha _ Beans

    Gacha _ Beans5 days ago

    I watched this movie had me crying SO SAD!!!

  112. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator5 days ago

    now nominated for 5 academy awards

  113. Ricey Eyes

    Ricey Eyes5 days ago

    Rami Malek looks like that infomercial guy Vince Offer

  114. Siobhan Cosgrove

    Siobhan Cosgrove5 days ago

    R.I.P. Freddie


    RAVI SINGH5 days ago

    Thanks great 😊 For downloading movie click here:

  116. Elise Castro

    Elise Castro5 days ago

    I’ve cried both times I watched this movie. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

  117. Isabelle Burns

    Isabelle Burns5 days ago

    ROGER:”You’re a legend fred” Victoria Justice” I think we’re all legends”

  118. Dake E

    Dake E5 days ago

    If i go this higher Only dogs will listen me