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Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel try to form a new Shield with Seth Rollins: Raw, April 23, 2018


  1. Shady Kat

    Shady KatMonth ago

    They just triggered a tragic flash back by the look of seths face

  2. Shady Kat

    Shady KatMonth ago


  3. mathew kurian

    mathew kurianMonth ago

    B- team sucks

  4. dr0 11

    dr0 11Month ago

    Axel got a nice lil hair piece

  5. Gabrielle Thomas

    Gabrielle Thomas2 months ago

    Bo Dallas has grown on me. I must say I bolieve!!!!!!!

  6. Eric Lin

    Eric Lin2 months ago

    Rollins has an iPhone X

  7. Kingston Channel and Modder 69

    Kingston Channel and Modder 693 months ago

    They should make bo dallas BO-LEAIVE

  8. chris burt

    chris burt3 months ago

    Wouldn’t be bad to turn Bobby roode heal and put bo and axel with him

  9. Вадим Одиноков

    Вадим Одиноков3 months ago

    It is too sad!But I think that they must have their own team!

  10. FRANK MELE Liufau

    FRANK MELE Liufau3 months ago

    Every time u see Axel u get bo Every time u see bo u get Axel They r like J&J but suckers

  11. blacksamurai23 animates and reacts

    blacksamurai23 animates and reacts3 months ago

    Later dean and roman will beat them up

  12. Samuel Johnson

    Samuel Johnson3 months ago

    Not this thing again

  13. coolvideos5113

    coolvideos51133 months ago

    Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel for Raw Tag Team Champions!

  14. Night Owl

    Night Owl3 months ago

    When will russian ambrose come?

  15. Sherina Begum

    Sherina Begum3 months ago

    They are so Thick

  16. UltimateOmbuStorm

    UltimateOmbuStorm3 months ago

    Your heads are in the right plate

  17. Adil Majid

    Adil Majid3 months ago

    These guys deserve a push

  18. Giuliano Bernardo

    Giuliano Bernardo3 months ago

    Omg Rollins Still in the old SHIELD and wait for Dean Ambrose return and back with Roman

  19. pimp huahua

    pimp huahua3 months ago

    Yup they missed up the minute they said the new shield 😂

  20. Cosmic Storm

    Cosmic Storm3 months ago

    I hope Dean Ambrose will return at the ROYAL RUMBLE

  21. D'russ DLoading

    D'russ DLoading3 months ago

    J & J Security and Rollins > The Shield

  22. Aniket lalge

    Aniket lalge3 months ago

    COME ON D .A

  23. Subramanian Vignesh

    Subramanian Vignesh3 months ago

    The original shield is Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose,Sethrollins 😍😘😍😉

  24. Wilz Rako

    Wilz Rako3 months ago


  25. Henrique Quintas

    Henrique Quintas3 months ago

    2 out of 2 fails

  26. Fortnite ljmc

    Fortnite ljmc3 months ago

    It is really annoying that axel and bo are being treated like that now by big old vince the idiot

  27. Luis McRotten

    Luis McRotten3 months ago

    Bring back the TITTY MASTER!


    JUSTIN CROWE3 months ago

    I guess seth never watch the match curtis beat hhh or the time he won the ic championship

  29. HorrorBoi

    HorrorBoi3 months ago

    So shield doesn’t exists anymore?

  30. naeem famuditimi

    naeem famuditimi3 months ago

    Rollins got the IPhone X

  31. Don Chintu

    Don Chintu3 months ago

    We are waiting for Dean ambrose

  32. Da phenomenal player !!!

    Da phenomenal player !!!3 months ago

    When Seth loses the title dean will return and they will run the tag team division

  33. haji playboy

    haji playboy3 months ago

    dean will return soon.. belive that

  34. Briana Olallo

    Briana Olallo3 months ago

    Summer slam I hope dean can come back 😏❤️

  35. Briana Olallo

    Briana Olallo3 months ago

    Deannnnn ♥️♥️♥️

  36. Briana Olallo

    Briana Olallo3 months ago


  37. Psycho Dad jesse

    Psycho Dad jesse3 months ago

    Come back Fast Dean We Need You and We want the Original Shield Back Anyone Agree

  38. Dr. Big Boi

    Dr. Big Boi3 months ago

    Yo what if they team up with a heel deam anbrose

  39. Kanye West AKA Yeezus

    Kanye West AKA Yeezus3 months ago

    They deserve better

  40. UrMom GotTanked

    UrMom GotTanked3 months ago

    Best segment of the night.

  41. RedHawk Gaming

    RedHawk Gaming3 months ago

    Whats name of ending song

  42. Miss Crazy Fun

    Miss Crazy Fun3 months ago

    Is bo dallas a heel superstar now??????

  43. oscarilp

    oscarilp3 months ago

    Great work wwe, i like what u are doing, this segments are great

  44. Jafet Torres

    Jafet Torres3 months ago

    Go and join goldust

  45. Kaiser Kun

    Kaiser Kun3 months ago

    YE so my guess is this is a hint for a new supreme stable led by these two jerks?

  46. P0 Skado05h

    P0 Skado05h3 months ago

    Why not this Two of the most talented under used superstars that we have today Bo Dallas Curtis Axel 2nd, 3rd Generation superstars.....The Legacy

  47. DL Noir

    DL Noir3 months ago

    imagine if deen returns as heel and these two join him

  48. Fey

    Fey3 months ago

    Well, at least they have chemistry.

  49. Moxley Wolfdog

    Moxley Wolfdog3 months ago

    The Shield will rise again when Dean Ambrose Comes Back!!! There's no Shield without our beloved trio themselves Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins 😊

  50. Tylijo Cayaditto

    Tylijo Cayaditto3 months ago

    There's nothing wrong with them they can be the new one Seth doesn't like them but Roman reigns is doing his business like all the time also Dean Ambrose I haven't see Ambrose for awhile

  51. Bryan

    Bryan3 months ago

    Like si se unen a matt hardy y bray waytt

  52. Ziad Khaled

    Ziad Khaled3 months ago

    Believe it or not I actually think that Seth Rollins is much better as a babyface than a heel anyone else agrees?

  53. TheAboveaveragejo

    TheAboveaveragejo3 months ago

    I remember people liking Bo back in NXT...what happened?

  54. Jamal Lucas

    Jamal Lucas3 months ago

    We want Ambrose

  55. Voidfamilymaknae

    Voidfamilymaknae3 months ago

    Did you see Seth's face when they mention "the new Shield"? He had a small smile before but when he heard that, he just got mad hahhhahah

  56. Synyster

    Synyster3 months ago

    I wish they would of said "The new J&J security" instead.

  57. Tracey Zheng

    Tracey Zheng3 months ago

    They want to look cool using Finn and Seth

  58. Joe Sondys

    Joe Sondys3 months ago

    You have got to be kidding me did I hear Bo right he actually said we could be the new shield Bo you should be a comedian because that is the funniest thing I have ever heard

  59. Ryan Roo

    Ryan Roo3 months ago

    Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

  60. greenthumb

    greenthumb3 months ago

    I bet wwe is eventually going to have someone from nxt come up and be leader

  61. Cody Frank

    Cody Frank3 months ago

    Not even sure how these guys are still in WWE... they must be at the top of the release list..

  62. E G

    E G3 months ago

    The zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzhield

  63. MasterGaming // MG

    MasterGaming // MG3 months ago

    Oh! I forgot the Shield! I still want them back again!

  64. Trox Gaming

    Trox Gaming3 months ago

    I would rather have Seth, Roman and DEAN AMBROSE

  65. Kuribohchaos8

    Kuribohchaos83 months ago

    I swear he was gonna say BO-lieve in the shield

  66. The Slick Nic

    The Slick Nic3 months ago

    There should be a comedy feud between Bocurtis Daxel and Breezango

  67. Jelly YT

    Jelly YT3 months ago


  68. Claire Rye

    Claire Rye3 months ago

    I’m going to cry so hard

  69. ShadowHero77 SH77

    ShadowHero77 SH773 months ago

    Seth has the iPhone x!!!!

  70. Rampage

    Rampage3 months ago

    OMG, what are Dallas and Axel doing?

  71. Zero8880

    Zero88803 months ago

    They are going to team up with Baron Corbin

  72. William Howe

    William Howe3 months ago

    Corbin is a lone wolf

  73. failvideos xD

    failvideos xD3 months ago

    We want Heel Rollins

  74. Mr Lightingg

    Mr Lightingg3 months ago

    Maybe they can be a new j and j security

  75. Wasantrai Shah

    Wasantrai Shah3 months ago

    Dean come back plizzzz😢😢😢😢

  76. Alex Sirbu

    Alex Sirbu3 months ago

    what is called the outro song :)))

  77. Vanessa Nguyen

    Vanessa Nguyen3 months ago

    There's only going to be one shield

  78. Fonz

    Fonz3 months ago

    Can't believe WWE reduced these guys to jobbers. Their family were all successful wrestlers. They honestly deserve better.

  79. Heel Hunk!

    Heel Hunk!3 months ago

    Are they minions?

  80. Kaitlyn Low

    Kaitlyn Low3 months ago


  81. Sah Sultan

    Sah Sultan3 months ago

    Really? The Shiled will be always Seth&Dean&Roman😂

  82. عاشقة حسين الديك

    عاشقة حسين الديك3 months ago

    الي عربي لايك

  83. PotXDragon the threshold

    PotXDragon the threshold3 months ago

    And into obscurity they go

  84. Tyler St, Cyr

    Tyler St, Cyr3 months ago

    Whatever happened to the shield

  85. Maruti Ovhal

    Maruti Ovhal3 months ago

    They can never make legendary sheild

  86. DoctorCrazy 1

    DoctorCrazy 13 months ago


  87. RAfael Lopez

    RAfael Lopez3 months ago

    Seth Rollins real last name is Lopez. And I f****** love it from one Lopez to another Keep On Keepin On.

  88. sachin gusain

    sachin gusain3 months ago

    Dean Ambrose

  89. Manav Solanki

    Manav Solanki3 months ago

    I like seth freakin rollins

  90. CSCW 2707

    CSCW 27073 months ago

    I got the exact same gold blazer 😂😂

  91. Samuel Fianko

    Samuel Fianko3 months ago

    No No No No No No No No No!!!

  92. Siddharth Borah

    Siddharth Borah3 months ago

    Let them be a team by themselves and when Bray betrays Matt, then let Bray bring Bo under him, changing his gimmick, also making Bo turn on Curtis. Set 3 PPV matches between them with Curtis loosing in the first two and finally winning it in the third with The Perfect Plex and after that give him the Mr.Perfect gimmick or just the moves (without overdoing it). Bo unites with Bray and goes after The Woken Hardys. That's it, a win-win for both the wrestlers.

  93. Vyse Foxx

    Vyse Foxx3 months ago


  94. Demon Arshan

    Demon Arshan3 months ago

    *HE is son of Mr Perfect teat him right*

  95. Prajwal Shetty

    Prajwal Shetty3 months ago


  96. Jerel Lewis

    Jerel Lewis3 months ago

    That means the shield IS reuniting soon. Right?

  97. Raghav upadhyay

    Raghav upadhyay3 months ago

    Wait for Ambrose ...

  98. Krishna Kunal Roy

    Krishna Kunal Roy3 months ago

    I am feeling bad for them They are so entertaining guys Elias should be new leader of them

  99. The shield

    The shield3 months ago

    Humm new shield 🤔🤔is that a joke?

  100. Luis Gadea

    Luis Gadea3 months ago


  101. Shawn Lilo

    Shawn Lilo3 months ago

    BoLieve needs to return