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Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel aim to form a new club with Finn Bálor: Raw, April 23, 2018


  1. Jhen Demapan

    Jhen Demapan6 days ago

    Bo & Dallas are the present day Edge & Christian

  2. Kyle angelo ayaton

    Kyle angelo ayaton13 days ago

    Well i could not recognize bo dallas with his beard and pony tail

  3. iloveedge496

    iloveedge49613 days ago

    I'm sorry Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.... Bàlor Club is for *Elite* members only!!!!!


    WWE EXTRME16 days ago


  5. Marisa Bàlor

    Marisa Bàlor21 day ago

    Finn Bàlor will never join them their toooooooo crazy

  6. Eman 06

    Eman 0622 days ago

    First it’s new “Shield” and now there tryin’ a new “Bullet Club” omg lol

  7. prj 789

    prj 78924 days ago

    Wasn't BALOR CLUB for Everybody???????

  8. heel MOJO Rowley

    heel MOJO Rowley24 days ago

    Repackage Bo Dallas as IRS Jr/ Mike rotunda Jr

  9. Axel Leroux

    Axel Leroux24 days ago

    Baxel club 😂😂😂

  10. bigearl33

    bigearl3324 days ago

    Bo Wyatt - coming soon !!!

  11. Joe Lunchbucket

    Joe Lunchbucket24 days ago

    finn balor is always smiling, like all the time during interviews

  12. Henrique Quintas

    Henrique Quintas24 days ago

    Why don't they join Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy? I mean Dallas is Wyatt's brother

  13. Tarik Redz

    Tarik Redz25 days ago

    The settings seem so much better now backstage . Its like the 00s all over again . Just look at raw backstage segments in the 00s , same locker rooms and all . Smackdown aswell , with the beige brick settinngs . I love the ruggidness there bringing back

  14. Jesse Deleon

    Jesse Deleon25 days ago

    They’ll turn these guys face and make them a joke like saving Finn and Rollins, but they’ll keep ignoring them till the time comes and they’ll be on their side or something like that.

  15. Shrimad bhagwat katha

    Shrimad bhagwat katha25 days ago

    jinder mahal new friends

  16. Psycho Dad jesse

    Psycho Dad jesse25 days ago

    This was Pretty funny with the Too Sweet 🤟😂

  17. Jack and Jeff Hardy

    Jack and Jeff Hardy25 days ago

    It's easy go to Jose And become outcast i think they were called?

  18. UrMom GotTanked

    UrMom GotTanked25 days ago

    Give them a chance! :(

  19. Wilson Wu

    Wilson Wu25 days ago

    They can get deleted and get woken.

  20. Shashi Kant

    Shashi Kant25 days ago

    Somebody hire them oh they need leader 😂😂😂😂😂

  21. arell

    arell25 days ago

    Bo and axel with the wyatt family please!!!!!!!

  22. Heart92a

    Heart92a25 days ago

    Thanks but no thanks" -Finn Balor, 2018"

  23. Riemz macx

    Riemz macx25 days ago

    I think they should team up with curt hawkins

  24. Mac Gaming

    Mac Gaming25 days ago

    So desperate

  25. The Unbreakable

    The Unbreakable25 days ago

    Just because they're used as jobbers doesn't mean they are. BO has a lot of potential. Im actually very interested to see what will happen to these two

  26. Kingslayer EDP 316

    Kingslayer EDP 31625 days ago

    I heard TNA is hiring-Kurt Angle

  27. Moises Tamayo

    Moises Tamayo25 days ago

    Bo should just go grow a beard and team with Bray. That would be qwesome..

  28. Dj Compere

    Dj Compere25 days ago

    The club better happen again on SD live

  29. Ryan Roo

    Ryan Roo25 days ago

    Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

  30. Arish virk

    Arish virk25 days ago

    Didn’t he said balor club is for everyone?

  31. awz wrestling

    awz wrestling25 days ago

    Bo club vs Balor club

  32. liquidmetal pro

    liquidmetal pro25 days ago

    They're not rainbow enough.

  33. Fin Anderson

    Fin Anderson25 days ago

    Why dose FINN look so tanned

  34. Thomas Palmeri

    Thomas Palmeri25 days ago

    The thing is Miz Can Fight By his Self but The TO NARDS! need Miz Thats how Dumb WWE is

  35. DieNetaDie

    DieNetaDie25 days ago

    Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel with The Miz were more fun than that stupid club or that stupid shield

  36. RasTarz

    RasTarz25 days ago

    Is it me or Finn balor kind of looks like ali a

  37. Starlord

    Starlord25 days ago

    They can go to Nxt and join the Undisputed Era with ADAM COLE BAY BAY!!

  38. Scott Fillingham

    Scott Fillingham25 days ago

    Finn needs to win a title

  39. archiprod.

    archiprod.25 days ago

    Thanks but no thanks ~ Finn Bálor 2018

  40. Gregor Gamer

    Gregor Gamer25 days ago

    Forever alone

  41. woken matt hardy

    woken matt hardy25 days ago

    Next week triple h reforms evolution with triple h, Bo Dallas & Curtis axel, Axel mocking batista wearing evolution t shirt & Bo making ric rlair wearing evolution t shirt And triple h runs off Saying no.

  42. Matteo Mochi

    Matteo Mochi25 days ago

    NXT and 2016/17 Finn Balor: always cold and serious 2018: why does he have to smile every single time?!

  43. Jais O

    Jais O25 days ago


  44. God

    God25 days ago

    Never stop bolieving.

  45. Doctor Booze

    Doctor Booze25 days ago

    This is not good. Curtis Axel needs to step up his game and become Mr. Perfect Jr. and WWE needs to push it....

  46. ola amer

    ola amer25 days ago

    الي عربي لايك

  47. heel MOJO Rowley

    heel MOJO Rowley25 days ago

    I want randy Orton to trade to raw and form a new legacy with Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel and Randy Orton their you have a new legacy.

  48. Holly Williams

    Holly Williams25 days ago

    3mb will now be 5mb so it’ll be slater, macintyre, mahal, dallas and axel

  49. aditya banerjee

    aditya banerjee25 days ago

    I love you, Finn, but for Pete's sake, STOP BEAMING ALL THE TIME!

  50. Shawn James

    Shawn James25 days ago

    Heath needs to bring back the social outcasts

  51. Shawn James

    Shawn James25 days ago

    TNA is hiring

  52. Robert Morgan

    Robert Morgan25 days ago

    Put the tag belts on these guys miz has done amazing getting them over

  53. Dean Joubert

    Dean Joubert25 days ago

    Jobbers they need a push man

  54. Eduardo Morales

    Eduardo Morales25 days ago

    So I guess Balor Club is not for everyone

  55. bo livetourage

    bo livetourage25 days ago

    Next week bo Dallas & Curtis axel go to heath slater forces to form new 3mb slater walks away

  56. Prince gujral

    Prince gujral25 days ago

    Balor clud never did anything ..why dose wwe even sell blaor club shirts???

  57. V SW

    V SW25 days ago

    I guess they feel so alone without The Miz, & is trying to turn to someone else.

  58. Revoltmetal420

    Revoltmetal42025 days ago

    Balor Club never did anything..why does WWE even sell Balor Club shirts?

  59. Martin Malec

    Martin Malec25 days ago

    Bo Dallas sounds like Vaas from Far Cry 3 lol

  60. Aswin R

    Aswin R25 days ago

    OG BC.... wtf wwe trying all the nasty ways to utlise the real BC popularity......

  61. xVAMPMANx

    xVAMPMANx25 days ago

    They should just become Jay and Silent Bob. Axe and Silent Bo

  62. Ajai anchalagon

    Ajai anchalagon25 days ago

    Why should my king(curtis axel) go asking for soldiers.

  63. Pro Wrestling Affiliates

    Pro Wrestling Affiliates25 days ago

    this could be a hilarious storyline if they do it right.

  64. Sonny

    Sonny25 days ago

    Miz made them more relevant

  65. Reece Clive

    Reece Clive25 days ago


  66. Mr. Money

    Mr. Money26 days ago

    ...I heard TNA is hiring :vvvvv

  67. James Ortiz

    James Ortiz26 days ago

    Why the hell does Finn smile so damn much? Sheesh. Looks like a creep.

  68. WCW WWF Hao

    WCW WWF Hao26 days ago

    Form a trio with his blood brother

  69. Roorsworch Gaming

    Roorsworch Gaming26 days ago

    Remember when Bo Dallas was a good NXT Champion? Remember when Curtis Axel beat Triple H and was a Paul Heyman Guy?

  70. Shaikh Abdul Hadi

    Shaikh Abdul Hadi26 days ago

    Axel's last line was hilarious and underrated.