BLACKkKLANSMAN - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters August 10


  1. 619 OG

    619 OGHour ago

    Oh hey look...another movie in which it’s hip to make fun of white people....but god forbid it’s the other way around....COOL!

  2. Toxic Ghost

    Toxic GhostHour ago

    Says the w like stewie

  3. MonkGoneGamer

    MonkGoneGamerHour ago

    Gayyyyy and black and whiteee

  4. scruffles 383

    scruffles 383Hour ago

    This is basically the movie every one wanted since the 70s, I can only hope that this meets the expectations of generations

  5. Mammoth Supremacy 55

    Mammoth Supremacy 55Hour ago

    Let's just hope this is not propaganda of BLM. I hope it really is against racism. I am confused.

  6. Silverbolt

    SilverboltHour ago

    So we have Kylo Ren and Nick fury in a movie together

  7. Alex T

    Alex THour ago

    Spike Lee is the biggest racist i know.

  8. scott hale

    scott haleHour ago

    I’m here. I’m white.

  9. tylerg1020

    tylerg1020Hour ago

    When did Kylo ren become a cop

  10. Salt Cube

    Salt CubeHour ago

    Lol... You have to make a period piece to try to guilt whites now. I think thats a backfire.

  11. greg parlier

    greg parlierHour ago

    Okay so a jew who looks just like a jew became a kkk member? Undercover of cours. Lol yeah right ! I find it interesting the kkk is always portrayed as stupid. David duke is far from stupid and the rest are your cops judges president. Lol

  12. The Ifitoe L

    The Ifitoe LHour ago

    He can join the kkk but can he get wide ?

  13. Jordan S

    Jordan SHour ago

    more and more race baiting. from the 2 most racest cucks in Hollywood

  14. What Up

    What UpHour ago

    How he says white is how stewie from family guy says whip cream

  15. John Squire

    John SquireHour ago

    Not only is this the stupidest example of racism in reverse the man portraying the black hating white racist still would've been killed once he was found to be black even if he did agree with the KKK. I for one still think the Dave Chapelle shows rendition would have been the better one to base a racist show or movie comedy than this trash simply because it's more believable to raise a blind black man to hate an entire race of human beings if he doesn't know he's one of. Now that was hilarious! Lmfao about!

  16. rick grimes

    rick grimesHour ago

    Well wish kylo ren wasnt in this thwn i would accualy consider seeing it

  17. Jordan S

    Jordan SHour ago

    Haha Disney is shit. they hire shit and produce shit. it's there bigest seller

  18. Amber B

    Amber BHour ago

    Excellent movie!

  19. Antisocialist

    AntisocialistHour ago

    More race bait indoctrination, they are manipulating your emotions, wake up.

  20. I support Trump

    I support TrumpHour ago

    So basically the local police are trying to infiltrate the Democratic Party.

  21. jeff bauer

    jeff bauerHour ago

    I support Trump Bravo !

  22. Bull Shit

    Bull ShitHour ago

    If white 👦 guy made this 🎥 movie.. Oh my god.. Yea reverse ur rascism.. Looser 👎

  23. BanyMany !

    BanyMany !Hour ago

    I smell kylo ren

  24. GLG_geckos _

    GLG_geckos _Hour ago

    This is just a bunch of propaganda with innuendoes about trump all throughout the movie

  25. timgraysontv

    timgraysontvHour ago

    N words...

  26. Tyler Anderson

    Tyler AndersonHour ago

    Racist pos movie but leave to a over privilege black man to complain about white people

  27. Brandon Carlson

    Brandon CarlsonHour ago

    Shut up Foreman!

  28. Sloppy Beaner Boi

    Sloppy Beaner BoiHour ago

    This movie is a great tool to divide us man like good job 👍🏻

  29. Kurt Sherrick

    Kurt Sherrick2 hours ago

    I hope this movie is the biggest Flop in movie history. Tired of Southerners being haters in Hollywood. Spike Lee sucks.

  30. Rosie Brind'amour

    Rosie Brind'amour2 hours ago


  31. this reaper

    this reaper2 hours ago

    47k likes and 5.4k dislike wow that tells who are does brothers and sisters that love everybody and does brothers and sister s that want to go around shooting and killing everybody. Shame on does who dont love their fellow brothers and sisters that hate others without a reason Is 2018 and the hare in our heart grows larger and larger.

  32. Yvonne Reeves

    Yvonne Reeves2 hours ago

    Fuck spike lee and fuck his movies! Always have been about separation of society!

  33. Daddy Government

    Daddy Government2 hours ago

    so basically it's okay for blacks to be racist but not whites... got it

  34. Showdown

    Showdown2 hours ago

    Black klan what a trip into bigotry! Wow people never get it do they?

  35. Raphael

    Raphael2 hours ago

    This movie was great

  36. seancey stephens

    seancey stephens2 hours ago

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  37. seancey stephens

    seancey stephens2 hours ago

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  38. paw crawl Owens

    paw crawl Owens2 hours ago

    If it has to do with Spike freak I won't watch it

  39. Emily Archer

    Emily Archer2 hours ago

    Just saw this movie, it's definitely worth the watch

  40. ryan cahill

    ryan cahill2 hours ago

    Dave Chappelle better be getting paid for his idea.

  41. michaeladam caira

    michaeladam caira2 hours ago

    This is a lousy movie,another ,"let's bash the white man" meanwhile Spike would shining shoes on 42nd St. If not for the white man being stupid enough to finance his aweful movies

  42. Schmoolie Deninostein

    Schmoolie Deninostein2 hours ago

    This looks awesome!

  43. Chief Muddy Bear

    Chief Muddy Bear2 hours ago

    Part 2 The Lynchings

  44. Rene Sotomayor

    Rene Sotomayor2 hours ago

    A spike lee joint

  45. Dominick Owen

    Dominick Owen2 hours ago

    More anti-white, anti-American, and anti-Trump PROPAGANDA. I urge you all to actually see what David Duke says and has spoken about throughout his life. Nothing is as it seems. Be careful what you believe. David Duke interviewed..


    MAMAZ REVENGE2 hours ago


  47. phayne28

    phayne282 hours ago

    Wish Spike would’ve made a movie about Walter White. A true story of a light-skinned Black man who actually joined the Klan. Would’ve been much more interesting.

  48. Jessie Kelly

    Jessie Kelly2 hours ago

    the truth is there were several police departments that were considered Klan chapters within themselves so here we go trying to glamorize police work. last time I checked there's never been police cooperation with civil rights organizations when needed and working for an organization that puts the highest percentage of the world in prison for non-violent crimes especially targeted around minority communities aren't exactly power to the people

  49. Regan Clark

    Regan Clark2 hours ago

    Bro now we really know why Eric Foreman left that 70's show.

  50. Sarah Stewart

    Sarah Stewart2 hours ago

    Looks like a great movie.

  51. Wolfie Sucks

    Wolfie Sucks2 hours ago

    Spike White

  52. Gavin Otto

    Gavin Otto2 hours ago

    Is the nerdy kid from that 70s show the grand wizard of the kkk in this because that's some real subtle truth

  53. Wolfie Sucks

    Wolfie Sucks2 hours ago


  54. Funny Gamer

    Funny Gamer2 hours ago

    I think I saw trump in the kkk part

  55. Frankfactor 2

    Frankfactor 22 hours ago

    At first I thought this was a slapstick parody movie. Now that I’ve seen the trailer, I’m definitely gonna watch this. Seems entertaining.

  56. Geral Hammonds

    Geral Hammonds2 hours ago

    MReporter promotes Spike lee a race baiter and a Hollywood MSM puppet but won't promote Dinesh D'Souza a Indian immigrant who speaks truth. Spike lee wants people to stay on the (Democratic party) plantaion, Dinesh informs you to truth. Everyone should see DEATH OF A NATION. And his other books an movies.

  57. Keith Larsuel

    Keith Larsuel2 hours ago

    Lmao why you mad racist bitches lmao😜😜😜

  58. wasassabi k

    wasassabi k2 hours ago

    adam driver hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  59. Lil Penguin

    Lil Penguin2 hours ago

    I feel like Hollywood is shoving black supremacy down my throat.

  60. Demar Derozan

    Demar Derozan2 hours ago

    White people can suck my penus

  61. jessica avila

    jessica avila2 hours ago

    Sounds about white


    IRONMAN2 hours ago


  63. Tyler Andrews

    Tyler Andrews2 hours ago

    Whhhhhite man

  64. Jason Gellert

    Jason Gellert2 hours ago

    Biting Dave Chappelle...

  65. Sophina Guiou

    Sophina Guiou2 hours ago

    love this

  66. Lexi Walker

    Lexi Walker2 hours ago

    The movie was amazing I loved it

  67. FloozyKilla

    FloozyKilla2 hours ago

    Man, they showed the entire movie in the trailer. Wtf

  68. thomas white

    thomas white2 hours ago

    Propaganda! Watch Malcolm x destroy liberals and Democrats!

  69. Jared Wilson

    Jared Wilson2 hours ago

    This movie = Jew lies

  70. Dave Osborn

    Dave Osborn2 hours ago

    I guess it's true Spike Lee can't make any movie except movies about racial differences.

  71. E Z

    E Z2 hours ago


  72. Destri Walker

    Destri Walker2 hours ago

    Anti white movie

  73. Colin Donnelly

    Colin Donnelly2 hours ago

    How is "America first" racist? Are we all Americans ?

  74. Dallas

    Dallas2 hours ago

    Race is not an issue here in the United States. Victimhood is the real issue.

  75. Anthony Cabrera

    Anthony Cabrera2 hours ago

    Great film!

  76. Nomans land

    Nomans land3 hours ago

    I won’t watch a Spike Lee movie. The SOB is a racist whitey hater. Not giving him any of my money.

  77. Tom Griffin

    Tom Griffin3 hours ago

    Fuck this racist shit

  78. Mucky Manzatti

    Mucky Manzatti3 hours ago

    Lee is overrated and hasn't stretched as an artist since the 80s. If anyone is given privilege for the color of their skin, it's Spike. He's a name, not a talent.

  79. Virgil Ibasco

    Virgil Ibasco3 hours ago

    The best

  80. Coastincolt

    Coastincolt3 hours ago

    Spike's weakest film! Only worth seeing for Laura Harrier.

  81. Fativore Lifestyle

    Fativore Lifestyle3 hours ago

    Hey a movie from a poverty pimp. I'm in.... Not.

  82. Jamie Weir

    Jamie Weir3 hours ago

    This was one of the most amazing movies i've ever seen. I'm from long beach Mississippi and David Duke used to come into the Grand Casino and be comped, food, rooms. The only small pay back pot shots would always be from the Valet's. Every time he pulled up whoever parked is stupid car would change all of his pre set stations to the Rap station's . Bring the car back around with bass thumping. Priceless. Being from the south I thought it was spot on and in your face and I sat there alone in the theater I was embarrassed that I even knew racist people like that.

  83. randy

    randy3 hours ago

    Wtf how’s his hair so perfect????

  84. cwshults78

    cwshults783 hours ago

    So this movie points out that the kkk is the militant arm of the democrat party?

  85. American Paisa

    American Paisa3 hours ago

    You are correct. A white man physically infiltrated the KKK. Not a Black man. He just made phone calls.

  86. Sad Boi

    Sad Boi3 hours ago


  87. Jose Escalante

    Jose Escalante3 hours ago

    Is it me or does lee look like sazh from final fantasy 13

  88. LucianUnchained

    LucianUnchained3 hours ago

    He is say saying hwite right?

  89. Daybie ٌّ

    Daybie ٌّ3 hours ago

    “Huwyte man”?

  90. Luis Libre

    Luis Libre3 hours ago

    David duke us Congress 2 times I believe he had a interesting radio interview it's the jews and slavery.

  91. James Stephens

    James Stephens3 hours ago

    Another race original.

  92. Jared bobinksky

    Jared bobinksky3 hours ago

    this movie looks so awesome!!!!!! can’t wait to see it!!

  93. Harrison _

    Harrison _3 hours ago

    Just more JEWISH-created ANTI-WHITE male propaganda! Just like everything else out of Hollywood!

  94. PJP

    PJP3 hours ago

    I love the look of the kkk guys they look great and alpha males. Hard to believe that liberals and (((others))) created the kkk. Black people are played and played well again sadly thanks to one of them: Mr Lee

  95. ur mom

    ur mom4 hours ago

    Can't get dumber than that... turda delicious

  96. Alexander Grice

    Alexander Grice4 hours ago

    The key word here is "based" it's based on a true story. Movies like this piss me off because they purposely make you believe they actually happened when in reality they did not. A more accurate statement is they were inspired by events like any movie or book is fiction or non.

  97. The Pope

    The Pope2 hours ago

    Yes you're absolutely right. If you just watch "David duke responds to spike lee's blackkklansman" then you'll understand enough of it to see that it's just political propaganda. And people wonder why the term "fake news" is becoming more relevant.

  98. How You Been Earvin

    How You Been Earvin4 hours ago

    I feel like people that dislike the video is a member of the kkk or a racist

  99. Amro Nouri

    Amro Nouri4 hours ago

    0:41 am I the only one who can’t get over Adam Driver slow spin ?!😂😂😂

  100. amigafines

    amigafines4 hours ago


  101. Awestriker

    Awestriker4 hours ago

    Hey it's the afro guy from final fantasy 13

  102. Rocky Dennis MVP

    Rocky Dennis MVP4 hours ago

    Only black people can get away with shit like this. Imagine if Mel Gibson had been the director of this dunbass movie.



    I thought he thumbnail was jhon wick and the funk ops skin