Black Panther Cast Touches a Chameleon, a Guinea Pig, and Other Weird Stuff | Fear Box | Vanity Fair


  1. Galidor Thingy

    Galidor Thingy4 hours ago


  2. Geeky Angel

    Geeky Angel8 hours ago

    Where's all the Michonne walking dead references?

  3. AntiSocial Misfits

    AntiSocial Misfits10 hours ago

    I love ChadWicks laugh.. 😂💘

  4. Δαναη Χριστοφορατου

    Δαναη Χριστοφορατου20 hours ago

    my name is Christoforatou Danai

  5. studycupids

    studycupids20 hours ago

    issa black panther

  6. Ultra Instinct NiBBa

    Ultra Instinct NiBBaDay ago

    2:34 lmao look at his face

  7. Ultra Instinct NiBBa

    Ultra Instinct NiBBaDay ago

    Danai Gurira is santa claus

  8. AJ 1998

    AJ 1998Day ago

    Dang. NEVER make her play this game again. She sucks at it 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Emma Wagner

    Emma WagnerDay ago

    Chadwick's laugh is the best thing i have heard all day 😂

  10. Sara Perryman

    Sara PerrymanDay ago

    Okay well this sucked Godly design box bunch of cheaters and what's up with all the f****** toys

  11. Alen Watkins

    Alen Watkins2 days ago

    You black panther in the move black panther

  12. louisa escoton

    louisa escoton2 days ago

    Chadwick’s laugh is literally AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA

  13. Chris Schaefer

    Chris Schaefer2 days ago


  14. DarkSage 1756

    DarkSage 17563 days ago


  15. Zsolt Bartus

    Zsolt Bartus3 days ago

    She and Okoye is like Ming-Na Wen and Melinda May. Miss fear of everything is the toughest woman in the MCU, and the other most badass, terminator-like woman in the MCU is Agent May who played by the most funny always-laughing kind woman Ming-Na! They have to team-up!

  16. Laiba Khan

    Laiba Khan3 days ago

    Chadwick: You're very intimate with it... Danai: w'KaBi!?!?!?

  17. soff kook

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  18. Muhd Haziq

    Muhd Haziq5 days ago

    3:56 That Laugh Tho

  19. Cara Hilse

    Cara Hilse5 days ago

    Chadwick: sees another Black Panther The T‘Challa awaking in him: *knocks it out*

  20. Betch

    Betch5 days ago

    I'm literally in love with them

  21. Bobby j boi

    Bobby j boi5 days ago

    What did frogs ever do to you Frog's are greet #froglivemettter

  22. Betch

    Betch5 days ago

    Im literally crying at his laugh I CANT

  23. Sleep,eat And love dogs!

    Sleep,eat And love dogs!6 days ago

    Wait... why is touching a guinea pig weird?!

  24. Kaylee Fay

    Kaylee Fay6 days ago

    i think you should have the try guys on

  25. T K

    T K7 days ago

    It likes to run on wheels A rat.

  26. Arianna M.

    Arianna M.7 days ago

    lol why is his tongue green???

  27. Mauvais Oeil

    Mauvais Oeil8 days ago

    Chadwick's laugh is everything 💗

  28. Rita Gutierrez

    Rita Gutierrez8 days ago

    She annoyed me the whole time, sorry not sorry 🤷‍♀️

  29. Rita Gutierrez

    Rita Gutierrez8 days ago

    Guienapigs dont run on wheels

  30. MemesAndCrap :P

    MemesAndCrap :P8 days ago

    Actually, guinea pigs do not run on wheels. :/

  31. iCRAVEmadness

    iCRAVEmadness9 days ago

    She’s so annoying, why even come to do the challenge or interview and not even do it 🙄🙄🙄

  32. Kiara Lewis

    Kiara Lewis9 days ago

    Chadwick: “is it a gerbil?” No..bigger Chadwick:”a mouse?” *facepalms my forehead into another dimension*

  33. darkness 159

    darkness 1599 days ago

    So your a youtuber and your in my favorite movie and I can do your voice cinda imma just say this wait... if anyone knows this is America its a song because someone made a remix its called this is wakanda its really good... THIS IS WAKANDA

  34. R J

    R J10 days ago

    Your not supposed to touch a paceman frog

  35. кαтє тнє ρєяєgяιиє

    кαтє тнє ρєяєgяιиє10 days ago

    chadwick's laugh though OMG AHAHAHAHA

  36. Alexis H.

    Alexis H.10 days ago

    3:42-3:48 tho

  37. Josiah Cayenne

    Josiah Cayenne10 days ago

    Danai you have fought zombies and you are the number one general of the Dora milaje how are you afraid of lizards

  38. ItzYung Fefe

    ItzYung Fefe10 days ago

    Is this animal abuse

  39. Armored Wings

    Armored Wings9 days ago

    No animal is being physically harmed and they are in a three sided box for less than two minutes being petted. No.

  40. Yuliana

    Yuliana12 days ago

    Now with Noah Centineo, Lana Condor, Tom Holland, Shawn Mendes and Alec Benjamin please!! 😭😂💕💕💕🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  41. Ur_daily_batch_of _hobi_wata

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  42. Selene Hypes

    Selene Hypes12 days ago

    Theyre cheaters they are supposed to hold Not look niggS😐

  43. Dat_kid _jay

    Dat_kid _jay13 days ago

    I see why the black panther doesn't laugh

  44. Nip arri

    Nip arri13 days ago

    Yes Chadwick pet that furry(cat)😉

  45. Sarah Bryant

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  46. emo girl

    emo girl14 days ago

    They act like they are high af!!

  47. bbbo

    bbbo14 days ago

    give me a spear 😂

  48. ItsEli

    ItsEli14 days ago

    No one: Chadwick: AH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH

  49. zahalong

    zahalong14 days ago

    they are touching everything.....even awards they might have never won before a fair, civilized, non-racist and long time honorable award shows went full anti-white racist, uncivilized, corrupt and rigged POS that has destroyed the value and respect of all the awards

  50. ElaDestiny OFFICIAL

    ElaDestiny OFFICIAL15 days ago

    A rat! (No)

  51. pman5679

    pman567915 days ago

    This is the best of them all

  52. michelle the thanos

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  53. Jon Werner

    Jon Werner16 days ago

    I’m not watching this anymore. This stupid chick is driving me crazy! Why is she even on this show. STUPID!!!

  54. Ca Liz

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  55. Satakshi Niraj

    Satakshi Niraj17 days ago

    Ohoooho ohoooohoho


    LIGHT SIDE17 days ago

    They ruined the game

  57. Georgia Lopez

    Georgia Lopez17 days ago

    Chadwick's laugh is life. 😂

  58. Pablo Tomas

    Pablo Tomas17 days ago

    they saw it before even touch it :/

  59. Ameya Kothandaraman

    Ameya Kothandaraman17 days ago

    They’re so hilarious in person and so strong in film.

  60. Phoenix Redbone

    Phoenix Redbone18 days ago

    They suck at this game...but i LOVE Danai haircut💗

  61. TiliaCordata

    TiliaCordata18 days ago

    Guys, public service announcement: DO NOT put your guinea pigs in wheels. You will damage their spines.

  62. Armored Wings

    Armored Wings9 days ago

    I don't think that is the fault of the wheel, rather the size if them. The rule for hamsters is to get a big enough wheel so their spine does not curve. Curving the spine is what does damage long term. The same goes for Guinea pigs, get a big enough wheel that their backs stay completely straight and they will be fine.

  63. jamegreiff

    jamegreiff19 days ago

    Someone tell her to stop LOOKING!!!

  64. Its Chavelly

    Its Chavelly19 days ago

    0:18/0:24 her laugh!😭😭😭😂😂😂😍😍😍

  65. oof oof

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  66. Raven Finch-alexander

    Raven Finch-alexander20 days ago

    I love them

  67. Jéh a EXO.L :D

    Jéh a EXO.L :D20 days ago

    0:10 Danai is me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Ilise Giersdorf

    Ilise Giersdorf20 days ago

    I love Chadwick's laugh 😂

  69. Justin Mack

    Justin Mack21 day ago

    Danai is INCREDIBLY beautiful!!!

  70. Marlon Gleidson

    Marlon Gleidson21 day ago

    50 cent aprove this video and this laugh.

  71. Traune Cherry

    Traune Cherry21 day ago

    I love 💗 this

  72. yvng jok

    yvng jok21 day ago

    Can't do snakes ore lizards but you slice up zombies like there is no tomorrow

  73. PimpeQ

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  74. Derie Savag3

    Derie Savag320 days ago

    Coming soon bro stay tuned.😀

  75. cute gacha potato

    cute gacha potato21 day ago

    WAKaNDA for ever!!

  76. Anna Chase

    Anna Chase21 day ago

    This knowledge of guinea pigs...

  77. Sarah Monique

    Sarah Monique22 days ago

    When Chadwick laughs, I laugh 😂

  78. Queen Maree

    Queen Maree23 days ago

    The way he was massaging that little black cat 👀👀

  79. Autism Gamer Lil Jon

    Autism Gamer Lil Jon24 days ago

    Chadwick seems like a really nice guy I wish I could meet him

  80. Patricia Espadero

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  81. Zay Zay

    Zay Zay25 days ago

    they. kept. looking.

  82. Matthew Ortiz

    Matthew Ortiz25 days ago

    His voice is amazing

  83. Lighten

    Lighten26 days ago

    Chadwick’s Laugh is my life lol

  84. man of the woods

    man of the woods27 days ago

    Boo! Touch them!

  85. Frank's vlogs

    Frank's vlogs27 days ago

    It ain't Christmas yet

  86. زهراء الحداد

    زهراء الحداد27 days ago

    I just wanna give it somthing more than a like alike is not enough💜💜

  87. Princess Leia

    Princess Leia27 days ago

    His laugh is so cute

  88. Shereese Blackman

    Shereese Blackman27 days ago

    Danai keeps cheating 😂😂😂😂

  89. Yeah Ok

    Yeah Ok28 days ago

    0:42 when your reptile obsessed friend brings her snake 😂

  90. Nera Arfaz

    Nera Arfaz28 days ago

    Ooh, they'r sooooo lovable. I reaally love black panther.

  91. Debbie Thai

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  92. _Clovxxer _

    _Clovxxer _Month ago

    *His laugh.*

  93. Lord Fardquad Me

    Lord Fardquad MeMonth ago

    Danai : Its very related to a Hamster Chadwick : A GERBEL ? Danai : No bigger Chadwick : A MOUSE ? Danai : No same family Chadwick : A RAT !!! BOI 😂

  94. Betsy Jimenez

    Betsy JimenezMonth ago

    Guinea pigs don't run on a wheel.

  95. Madeleine Blackburn

    Madeleine BlackburnMonth ago

    Omg why'd she have to ruin the first two

  96. Alex Hsu

    Alex HsuMonth ago

    omg, i love his laugh!!! brings me so much joy!

  97. Shaianne Defreitas

    Shaianne DefreitasMonth ago

    They run on wheels .... A RAT

  98. Taylor Gray

    Taylor GrayMonth ago

    So you can spend your day fighting thanos But you can’t put your hand in a box🧐🧐 Just kidding I love that movie

  99. Thelol YOYO21

    Thelol YOYO21Month ago

    O:52 im her

  100. Vozelli

    VozelliMonth ago

    She attractive

  101. Diem Tran

    Diem TranMonth ago

    Awww😍, I just love there joyful energy😂😱

  102. Chameleon_ Sushi

    Chameleon_ SushiMonth ago

    I didn’t even notice this video started playing and I’m holding my veiled chameleon haha

  103. Briana Pinos

    Briana PinosMonth ago

    Why is she such a cheater??