Black Panther Cast Felt The Love During Secret Fan Screening | SDCC 2017 | Entertainment Weekly


  1. mrs. stypayhorlikson

    mrs. stypayhorlikson17 days ago

    boy he's wearing a stranger things merch

  2. l e

    l e23 days ago


  3. Aaliyah Hill

    Aaliyah Hill24 days ago

    Wakanda forever

  4. Naomi Hall

    Naomi HallMonth ago

    Litita love from home 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

  5. AJ D

    AJ DMonth ago

    The most beautiful room. I don't even know where to look

  6. johnnylr23

    johnnylr232 months ago

    Check out Forest whitaker, just hanging back, smiling, letting the youngins' have their moment of excitements. RESPECT, he has done it all and one of the best actors around (LEGEND) and I must say "DAMN!!!!" the ladies are just naturally BEAUTIFUL... I just fell in love with Lupita....Move over Tessa, well.....just a little, lol

  7. Jenjen 100000

    Jenjen 1000004 months ago

    I love the mix of African Americans, Black British, Africans and Caribbeans coming together to make this movie.

  8. Tee Anna

    Tee Anna6 months ago

    Appreciate Letitia Wright

  9. Jasmine Colvin

    Jasmine Colvin6 months ago

    Who is that other black guy sitting?

  10. citronm1

    citronm15 months ago

    @Jasmine Colvin Ryan Coogler is the youngest person to direct a movie that made over a Billion dollars.

  11. Jasmine Colvin

    Jasmine Colvin5 months ago

    @citronm1 LOL okay thx

  12. citronm1

    citronm15 months ago

    That is the director and half writer along with J. Cole (another black guy), Ryan Coogler.

  13. ANJU

    ANJU7 months ago

    ...came here to see Florence Kasumba….I'm leaving ! is see Zuri...alive ! Yes that M'bara cat is a monster. Lupita...hasn't achieved her best look yet...still getting better-looking - typical Black woman..when she's 50, that's when she'll be her most beautiful. ….SEX slave !!!!!!….there is no other name for that guy....loved that show.

  14. glitchez

    glitchez9 months ago

    I just have to say it i cant hold back, im a white dude and i think these women are just beautiful, just essence of beauty. I cant help how i am!

  15. Ashby Symms

    Ashby Symms10 months ago


  16. Ashby Symms

    Ashby Symms10 months ago

    Winston Duke is huge 😲😲😲

  17. Adam Lacy

    Adam Lacy10 months ago

    Lupita is TOO gorgeous. I almost forgot to listen to people talking just by keeping my focus on her. JEEZ!

  18. Kimaya,Kaylin,Evin & Elani Warren

    Kimaya,Kaylin,Evin & Elani Warren10 months ago

    Letitia:You can't shush me!!! Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. amiraandthechingoos

    amiraandthechingoos11 months ago

    I just love how Letitia is like everyone's little sister. You can see when she gets asked a question everyone just smiles and look at her. And she's especially so funny at 5:50 and everyone's just laughing! so cute.

  20. brocktonsfinest20

    brocktonsfinest20Year ago

    PRO: Awesome interview filled with wit & comedy & genuineness CON: Audio us terribly low

  21. Pa Musa Ngom

    Pa Musa NgomYear ago

    They are so awesome!

  22. Francel Wilson

    Francel WilsonYear ago

    Gorgeous Women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Djeey DD

    Djeey DDYear ago


  24. jalabi99

    jalabi99Year ago

    Princess Shuri of Wakanda = smarter than Tony Stark & Bruce Banner combined, and the best Disney Princess ever!

  25. God / Family/Friends/food/Marvel/Mobile Legends

    God / Family/Friends/food/Marvel/Mobile LegendsYear ago

    Why chad was like so sad

  26. bohdilama

    bohdilamaYear ago

    Horrible movie. Boring and slow and the main antagonist was a typical thug from Compton. Get over the white guilt people.

  27. Miss tiija

    Miss tiijaYear ago

    I Just can't take my eyes off Micheal b. Jordan..... I swear I'm in love with that guy

  28. Thelma Taco

    Thelma TacoYear ago

    Love the movie and Ryans shirt!

  29. Aly  Julmiste

    Aly JulmisteYear ago

    Michael B Jordan did an excellent job with his role.

  30. SVT BTS

    SVT BTSYear ago

    5:53 that moment hahaha letitia is like the cute funny little sister in family that always made others laugh :D

  31. chevell 1991

    chevell 1991Year ago

    God Danai is so beautiful 😍😍 look at beautiful teeth,😍 her skin 😍 Lips 😍

  32. Teene V

    Teene VYear ago

    Wakanda forever, love you guys! I m proud to be black! Give me a heart if you agree .

  33. Uncanny Conceptions

    Uncanny ConceptionsYear ago

    I feel bad for the poor guy interviewing this mess. What a god awful smell filling that room.

  34. Mr NiCE

    Mr NiCEYear ago


  35. Juk Jo

    Juk JoYear ago

    forrest is so modest I like him

  36. Ya Boy Kolas

    Ya Boy KolasYear ago

    daniel kaluuya looks like he is still in get out lost and or in the sunken place lmaooo

  37. Djena Knt

    Djena KntYear ago

    i just realized that the black man with the glasses is actually « uncle eddie » on empire, i knew that he reminded me of someone

  38. DynamiteToadie

    DynamiteToadieYear ago

    At this point, who doesn't love Letitia/Shuri?

  39. Jack Buchanan

    Jack BuchananYear ago

    They all looked so pissed off to be there

  40. Althea Lewis

    Althea LewisYear ago

    Everyone Looking At Each Other Like "You Better Not Give Anything Away" Lol

  41. Issa Youtube Channel

    Issa Youtube ChannelYear ago

    Omgg i freakin love them 😍 whose watching this after the movie came out??

  42. Mohamed Issa

    Mohamed IssaYear ago

    kaluuya with the grenfell t-shirt

  43. Sister Strangle

    Sister StrangleYear ago

    peep the guy from "Get Out"

  44. N.E.R.D

    N.E.R.DYear ago

    After watching the movie I just realise how much the interviewer is mispronouncing the words

  45. TGDaSwaggRockett

    TGDaSwaggRockettYear ago

    10:38 Daniel is pretty much calling him a Colonizer lol

  46. TGDaSwaggRockett

    TGDaSwaggRockettYear ago

    Ryan Coogler with the Stranger Things t-shirt!

  47. El Bigün

    El BigünYear ago

    What a beautiful cast! I really love this movie. Watched it already 2 times ;)

  48. Erica Addison

    Erica AddisonYear ago

    Why do you always have to put paint on your face when you have a fight...... Ratchet......... Sorry she is to extra write now but thanks lound music

  49. Rhae Tecson

    Rhae TecsonYear ago

    I just love all of them👌🏾🙅🏽‍♀️😍

  50. Darrell Bell

    Darrell BellYear ago

    She gotta be Tika Sumpter sister !

  51. LGKids

    LGKidsYear ago

    Ryan should have stood up, hes barely hanging on! Lol! But great cast! Peace!

  52. Shontelle Matano

    Shontelle MatanoYear ago

    Awesome cast! Awesome movie! And really great interview. 👌🏾🙌🏾

  53. Sneha Ameya

    Sneha AmeyaYear ago

    hey are my headphones not working or is the audio reaaaly quite?

  54. El Bigün

    El BigünYear ago

    The audio is not good