Black Panther Cast Felt The Love During Secret Fan Screening | SDCC 2017 | Entertainment Weekly


  1. Tee Anna

    Tee Anna26 days ago

    Appreciate Letitia Wright

  2. Jasmine Colvin

    Jasmine ColvinMonth ago

    Who is that other black guy sitting?

  3. citronm1

    citronm122 days ago

    +Jasmine Colvin Ryan Coogler is the youngest person to direct a movie that made over a Billion dollars.

  4. Jasmine Colvin

    Jasmine Colvin22 days ago

    +citronm1 LOL okay thx

  5. citronm1

    citronm123 days ago

    That is the director and half writer along with J. Cole (another black guy), Ryan Coogler.

  6. ANJU

    ANJUMonth ago

    ...came here to see Florence Kasumba….I'm leaving ! is see Zuri...alive ! Yes that M'bara cat is a monster. Lupita...hasn't achieved her best look yet...still getting better-looking - typical Black woman..when she's 50, that's when she'll be her most beautiful. ….SEX slave !!!!!!….there is no other name for that guy....loved that show.

  7. glitchez

    glitchez3 months ago

    I just have to say it i cant hold back, im a white dude and i think these women are just beautiful, just essence of beauty. I cant help how i am!

  8. Ashby Symms

    Ashby Symms4 months ago


  9. Ashby Symms

    Ashby Symms4 months ago

    Winston Duke is huge 😲😲😲

  10. Adam Lacy

    Adam Lacy5 months ago

    Lupita is TOO gorgeous. I almost forgot to listen to people talking just by keeping my focus on her. JEEZ!

  11. Kimaya,Kaylin,Evin & Elani Warren

    Kimaya,Kaylin,Evin & Elani Warren5 months ago

    Letitia:You can't shush me!!! Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. amiraandthechingoos

    amiraandthechingoos6 months ago

    I just love how Letitia is like everyone's little sister. You can see when she gets asked a question everyone just smiles and look at her. And she's especially so funny at 5:50 and everyone's just laughing! so cute.

  13. brocktonsfinest20

    brocktonsfinest207 months ago

    PRO: Awesome interview filled with wit & comedy & genuineness CON: Audio us terribly low

  14. Pa Musa Ngom

    Pa Musa Ngom8 months ago

    They are so awesome!

  15. Francel Wilson

    Francel Wilson8 months ago

    Gorgeous Women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Djeey DD

    Djeey DD8 months ago


  17. jalabi99

    jalabi998 months ago

    Princess Shuri of Wakanda = smarter than Tony Stark & Bruce Banner combined, and the best Disney Princess ever!

  18. God / Family/Friends/food/Marvel/Mobile Legends

    God / Family/Friends/food/Marvel/Mobile Legends8 months ago

    Why chad was like so sad

  19. bohdilama

    bohdilama9 months ago

    Horrible movie. Boring and slow and the main antagonist was a typical thug from Compton. Get over the white guilt people.

  20. Miss tiija

    Miss tiija9 months ago

    I Just can't take my eyes off Micheal b. Jordan..... I swear I'm in love with that guy

  21. Thelma Taco

    Thelma Taco9 months ago

    Love the movie and Ryans shirt!

  22. Aly  Julmiste

    Aly Julmiste9 months ago

    Michael B Jordan did an excellent job with his role.

  23. SVT BTS

    SVT BTS9 months ago

    5:53 that moment hahaha letitia is like the cute funny little sister in family that always made others laugh :D

  24. chevell 1991

    chevell 19919 months ago

    God Danai is so beautiful 😍😍 look at beautiful teeth,😍 her skin 😍 Lips 😍

  25. Teene V

    Teene V9 months ago

    Wakanda forever, love you guys! I m proud to be black! Give me a heart if you agree .

  26. Uncanny Conceptions

    Uncanny Conceptions9 months ago

    I feel bad for the poor guy interviewing this mess. What a god awful smell filling that room.

  27. Mr NiCE

    Mr NiCE9 months ago


  28. Juk Jo

    Juk Jo9 months ago

    forrest is so modest I like him

  29. Ya Boy Kolas

    Ya Boy Kolas9 months ago

    daniel kaluuya looks like he is still in get out lost and or in the sunken place lmaooo

  30. Djena Knt

    Djena Knt9 months ago

    i just realized that the black man with the glasses is actually « uncle eddie » on empire, i knew that he reminded me of someone

  31. DynamiteToadie

    DynamiteToadie9 months ago

    At this point, who doesn't love Letitia/Shuri?

  32. Jack Buchanan

    Jack Buchanan10 months ago

    They all looked so pissed off to be there

  33. Althea Lewis

    Althea Lewis10 months ago

    Everyone Looking At Each Other Like "You Better Not Give Anything Away" Lol

  34. Issa Youtube Channel

    Issa Youtube Channel10 months ago

    Omgg i freakin love them 😍 whose watching this after the movie came out??

  35. Mohamed Issa

    Mohamed Issa10 months ago

    kaluuya with the grenfell t-shirt

  36. CuNt BuCkEt

    CuNt BuCkEt10 months ago

    peep the guy from "Get Out"

  37. N.E.R.D

    N.E.R.D10 months ago

    After watching the movie I just realise how much the interviewer is mispronouncing the words

  38. TGDaSwaggRockett

    TGDaSwaggRockett10 months ago

    10:38 Daniel is pretty much calling him a Colonizer lol

  39. TGDaSwaggRockett

    TGDaSwaggRockett10 months ago

    Ryan Coogler with the Stranger Things t-shirt!

  40. El Bigün

    El Bigün10 months ago

    What a beautiful cast! I really love this movie. Watched it already 2 times ;)

  41. Erica Addison

    Erica Addison10 months ago

    Why do you always have to put paint on your face when you have a fight...... Ratchet......... Sorry she is to extra write now but thanks lound music

  42. Rhae Tecson

    Rhae Tecson10 months ago

    I just love all of them👌🏾🙅🏽‍♀️😍

  43. Darrell Bell

    Darrell Bell10 months ago

    She gotta be Tika Sumpter sister !

  44. LGKids

    LGKids10 months ago

    Ryan should have stood up, hes barely hanging on! Lol! But great cast! Peace!

  45. Shontelle Matano

    Shontelle Matano11 months ago

    Awesome cast! Awesome movie! And really great interview. 👌🏾🙌🏾

  46. Sneha Ameya

    Sneha Ameya11 months ago

    hey are my headphones not working or is the audio reaaaly quite?

  47. El Bigün

    El Bigün10 months ago

    The audio is not good

  48. Keith Henderson

    Keith Henderson11 months ago

    Danai Gurira setting there like "this is my 100th ComCon"

  49. Hera Sura

    Hera Sura11 months ago

    Daniel Kaluuya is my favorite person, after seing his Tshirt written #Grennfell on it! If you dont know what it is, you should definitely google it!!!

  50. Jordan Glasper

    Jordan Glasper11 months ago

    What a great cast, I can’t wait to start a project that can become as great, if not greater. My people (black folks) look good, and shine with a radiance of unstoppable energy that can be felt anywhere and everywhere.

  51. blah

    blah11 months ago

    Letitia Wright is awesoooome!! she's my new celeb crush!! hahaha

  52. Daymon Rondino

    Daymon Rondino11 months ago

    Awesome interviewer! His enthusiasm was very genuine and he knew his stuff. Also, Letitia 😍

  53. Simply. Ada_

    Simply. Ada_11 months ago

    Yes the cast is just beautiful love them all i wish I can hug them and never let go including the director💕💕

  54. NaturalVee67

    NaturalVee6711 months ago

    Why this mofo fishin' so hard for spoilers? Damn! Almost spoiled it for us. Glad I didn't what this before I saw the movie.

  55. Success is my name

    Success is my name11 months ago

    Forest Whittaker is a legend

  56. Dammy Murphy

    Dammy Murphy11 months ago

    such a beautiful cast and young looking too. still cant believe Chadwick/Tchala is 42 years old

  57. G D

    G D11 months ago

    I love how Michael leans on Chadwick laughing at 6:01

  58. Joshberta Ehrich

    Joshberta Ehrich11 months ago

    I love that the guy is wearing a Stranger Things shirt❤️❤️like it’s two of my favorite things in one

  59. Jonas

    Jonas11 months ago

    Teeth are flashing😂😂

  60. Get IT J

    Get IT J11 months ago

    Excellent, the movie was excellent...perfect hero with moral storyline we can b proud of........and still hunger for the wholesome good ole days

  61. Jayy Lo

    Jayy Lo11 months ago

    Ryan is a whole snack

  62. Jonaia Rahui

    Jonaia Rahui11 months ago

    9:39 he just trying not to say, “I was just feelin it” ahahaha ....I love their reactions to all the questions when they initially are asked 😂

  63. Potter V

    Potter V11 months ago


  64. Kelsey

    Kelsey11 months ago


  65. Somebi Eleh

    Somebi Eleh11 months ago

    Lupita really put Chadwick on blast at 1:13

  66. Ana Simal

    Ana Simal11 months ago

    This movie is something, i loved it. I love black actors, i love Michael i love everything, that Shining skin, that perfect beauty. And the friendship. IMG i AM só proud to finally have a movie where Everyone os black. I love ir and i want more. I have to Say Michael Jackson sexy as hell. And out king its a handsome man. Love it

  67. Habiba

    Habiba11 months ago

    did any other british people notice daniel's grenfell shirt? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

  68. Memory Mupita

    Memory Mupita11 months ago

    danai is beautiful i love

  69. Silmarillion

    Silmarillion11 months ago

    I want to be friends with all of them!

  70. Breeviews

    Breeviews11 months ago

    Boseman was not really feeling the interviewer trying to get spoilers

  71. Julius

    Julius11 months ago

    12 shades of black

  72. Sky Quill

    Sky Quill11 months ago

    Lupita's skin looks like fucking silk, she is gorgeous

  73. LeAnthony Powell

    LeAnthony Powell11 months ago

    Last King of Scotland for the win plus other movies. F.Whitiker is the MAN!

  74. Lital Mokria

    Lital Mokria11 months ago


  75. Alt Doom

    Alt Doom11 months ago

    When can I order the DVD?

  76. Drank Guwop Carter

    Drank Guwop Carter11 months ago

    shitty interview

  77. knpettway

    knpettway11 months ago

    I love black people so much!!

  78. adams Kone

    adams Kone11 months ago

    1/10 of the money generated from this movie should be sent to Africa for nobles causes

  79. SamSmith

    SamSmith11 months ago

    Lupita is soooo beautiful and gorgeous and smart I'm dead

  80. Rene Lee

    Rene Lee11 months ago

    Much love to the vet ( Forest Whittaker) ,and all of the cast members. Just marvelous

  81. Jujukillem 89

    Jujukillem 8911 months ago

    Damn Man I was supposed to be in this movie smh but good job y’all . Good black cast and a lot of culture and creativity. Couldn’t ask for more in a movie. #kingKillmonger

  82. calaragazza

    calaragazza11 months ago

    What a beautiful cast!

  83. Denise Hay

    Denise Hay11 months ago

    Dislikes = Jalousy

  84. Crane Frost

    Crane Frost11 months ago

    i am reporting this stupid channel for ignoring forrest whitaker!! I am so pissed!! thats a legend you fucking moron!! lean to interview or make way for some one who knows. Respect to the cast but they are noobs when compared to the bloody Whitaker!! so frustrating

  85. Jennie Velasco

    Jennie Velasco11 months ago

    I like that one guys shirt that say FRIENDS DONT LIE (Sorry I don't know his name)

  86. christle nwole

    christle nwole11 months ago

    Zaddy M’Baku in the back 💕💕💕

  87. Jamaica CHAN

    Jamaica CHAN11 months ago

    andy fucking serkis!!! such talent! and that voice

  88. Virtual Entertainment Media Group

    Virtual Entertainment Media Group11 months ago

    I seen Black Panther in 3D WOW, I'm going back again

  89. whoda thunk

    whoda thunk11 months ago

    The fact that Forest Whitaker was overlooked for most of this interview was frustrating. I think the guy did a great job, but Whitaker is Black Excellence Master Legend, and with such title deserved more time. Loved this interview tho

  90. My Life In The Chi

    My Life In The Chi11 months ago

    Dope, I talk about this on my show. I talk about issues in the community on my show.

  91. Aditya Raghavan

    Aditya Raghavan11 months ago

    Forest Whitaker is a legend, but its nice to see him let the kids have their time

  92. Estela Clara Miguel David

    Estela Clara Miguel David11 months ago

    I am kidding, we are vegetarian

  93. Ger Ascenso

    Ger Ascenso11 months ago

    Usually i like white girls, but i love lupita (green dress). I love her.

  94. The Alkebulan Trust

    The Alkebulan Trust11 months ago

    Shouts out to Daniel for wearing the #Justice4Grenfell t-shirt ✊🏿

  95. sophisticatedbadgurl

    sophisticatedbadgurl11 months ago

    At 5:49, watch Michael. Lol. He glances at Ryan, then at Lupita. Then he kinda covers his mouth and shakes his head a little bit, b/c he thought Letitia was about to give away a piece of the movie. His laughter was mainly from relief. Lmao!! The press for this movie had to be stressful. Constantly being asked about certain parts of the movies that the actors can't discuss due to spoilers.

  96. Tea End Blog

    Tea End Blog11 months ago

    The interviewer is genuinely interested but this interview is uncomfortable to watch because anyone who hadn't seen the movie at this point would have been given a few spoilers...or maybe not? I'm not sure, but you can see the cast getting uncomfortable. He should have stuck with their roles and enjoyment in regards to filmaking and allowed the actors/director to express themselves because they would have been aware of what to share and what not to share. At the least, it was nice to see that the interviewer was genuinely interested... SIDE NOTE: I have watched almost every interview regarding Black Panther because I just love the synergy of the cast. Ok...I'm

  97. Adama Mansaray

    Adama Mansaray11 months ago

    Before people use to say when u see a group of black people it means trouble any white men/woman should run for the lives. However, Black Panther has changed all of that n it’s goes like this ‘If you see a group of Black people sitting or standing around it means Greatness’ Wakanda forever 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽😍😍😍 If you haven’t seen yet go see it because it’s beyond amazing ✊🏽🙅🏽‍♀️😍😍😍😍😍✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

  98. Jayne Skye

    Jayne Skye11 months ago

    4:32 all them in the back starin at lupitaa

  99. Matthew Gibson

    Matthew Gibson11 months ago

    I love black panther seen the movie 5 times. An have the comic book as well.

  100. Enheritance Derrico

    Enheritance Derrico11 months ago

    Such a beautiful cast ! ❤️❤️ enjoyed black panther ! Very successful ! black Excellence!! ❤️🍫

  101. Toni Sara

    Toni Sara11 months ago

    So proud of Winston Duke (the big guy). He's a Tobagonian. From a small place,doing big things.

  102. JurassicPark is. my. life.

    JurassicPark is. my. life.11 months ago

    I can't decide who has more chemistry: Flash cast or Black Panther cast!

  103. Tootie B

    Tootie B11 months ago

    Did anyone peep how Michael was watching Lupita's every move.

  104. Molly Fuller

    Molly Fuller11 months ago

    what a lovely and funny cast