Black Panther: 10 Important Things You Missed


  1. ZayanShahid

    ZayanShahid8 months ago

    Nice vid. I love videos about Easter eggs and references

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    Mayra Ramos5 days ago

    ZayanShahid is

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    ZayanShahid vvtv

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    GhostRider357 is

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    Putin Zhuang6 months ago

    GhostRider357 ;p;

  7. Briareos Barnes

    Briareos Barnes5 hours ago

    Loki is loved Magneto is empathized Killmonger is hated Why is that when they all have the same mindset...

  8. Briareos Barnes

    Briareos Barnes6 hours ago

    Just ask yourself, who was motivationally better suited for patricide: killmonger or Loki???

  9. Bleb Han

    Bleb Han9 hours ago

    If Wakanda gave their weapons to the Incas, Indians, and Africans, those motherfuckers would've kicked a shitload of Eurotrash butt.

  10. The DarthSparX Legends

    The DarthSparX Legends4 days ago

    12:38 Well I do like Killmonger's Mandalorian chest armor

  11. Elias Herrera

    Elias Herrera5 days ago

    Why do you have a premium intro but you are screen rant

  12. Larry Jewell

    Larry Jewell10 days ago

    The stolen mask is a very good match for T'Challa's aircraft. You see that plane from the top when he picks up Nakia.

  13. Aldair rocha

    Aldair rocha17 days ago

    Black panther sounds better

  14. Jason Bales

    Jason Bales17 days ago

    A panther is not a species, it is a generic name given to Black furred members of any large cat species.. Usually Leopards or Jaguars. Thus, the name Black Panther is redundant, as all panthers are black. It's like saying White Albino, or blue blueberry. It's a bit silly.

  15. Dr. Blythe

    Dr. Blythe19 days ago

    Tropic thunder

  16. Paul Boyett

    Paul Boyett19 days ago

    Tropic thunder

  17. User Mail

    User Mail23 days ago

    In the final scene between T'Challa and Killmonger, they are fighting on an Underground Railroad...

  18. Boyzie Frank

    Boyzie Frank26 days ago

    Man ape wasn't gonna fly @ all..🙊🙈 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  19. Bright Glory

    Bright GloryMonth ago

    This video is pussy bullshit, kill mongers stated goal wasn't to fight for oppressed people everywhere it was to funnel technology to black people the world over so they could overthrow all governments and rule the world under him. He wasn't William Wallace he was Hitler.

  20. Ludvig Norén

    Ludvig NorénMonth ago

    7:16 cottonmonth's actor?? (luke cage)

  21. BaeeDaii

    BaeeDaiiMonth ago

    Great video but one minor correction, panthers actually have spots........

  22. Mysweetlittleboy

    MysweetlittleboyMonth ago

    This movie was full of witchcraft. It was terrible. I did not enjoy it at all😣😣😣

  23. Rosalind Lenoir-Zachary

    Rosalind Lenoir-ZacharyMonth ago

    Black Panther

  24. James Vickers

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  25. NikeAirQuan

    NikeAirQuan2 months ago

    Nike Hyper Adapt = self tying shoes

  26. Adelle Fuller

    Adelle Fuller2 months ago

    A panther and a leopard are the same animal. Can either be black or spotted

  27. Maam Yes Maam

    Maam Yes Maam2 months ago

    I see how Suri is the smartest in the marvel universe. Besides the writers telling us she is. There’s this point. The lab didn’t make Suri smart. By that logic anyone could invent highly technical weapons and tools. It takes her mind to invent that type of stuff.

  28. Reginald Strong

    Reginald Strong2 months ago

    Is it just me.... Or does the Black Panther spaceship resemble a flying mask...? Mind=Blown

  29. Reginald Strong

    Reginald Strong2 months ago

    On some "Super Hidden Easter Egg" type stuff...

  30. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson2 months ago

    I'm black and from Oakland so I Black Panther better.

  31. n1c

    n1c2 months ago

    The comic book pre dates the Black Panther party. In fact the Black Panthers were a tank battalion. One member of that battalion, later had a short stint in major league baseball. His name was second lieutenant Jack Robinson.

  32. I dont know

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  33. Drakoriyan

    Drakoriyan2 months ago

    I'm 6 months late, but the next video will be Tropic Thunder. Palm tree (tropical tree) + lightning (thundery). Which, if I'm right, you're about 10 years late. lol

  34. jordan secrist

    jordan secrist2 months ago

    They have already made real self tying shoes. Look them up. They aren’t really that cool.

  35. Fae Aisa

    Fae Aisa2 months ago

    Black Panther SUCKED!

  36. Mr.HowTo

    Mr.HowTo2 months ago

    u should do a vid on how stark got vibranium for shield

  37. GIR 93

    GIR 932 months ago

    Wow! Didnt know the lil boy from the Moonlight movie was the same boy at the end of Black Panther. The boy on the 🏀 basketball court that asked who he was.

  38. RezZy Lee

    RezZy Lee2 months ago

    I get the whole racism calling people monkeys thing but.....Man Ape his goddamn gimmick lol thats what his tribe seem to worship or whatever lol.....idk

  39. John Luu

    John Luu2 months ago

    Also Killmongers mask is from the tribe of the Igbo. Some of them got captured and shipped to America, but took over the ship and killed everyone. Because they couldn't go back and they didn't want to become slaves as soon as they reached land, the decided to all commit suicide rather than be captured. Exactly what Killmonger says to T'Challa at the end of the movie to do to him when he is defeated but T'Challa doesn't wanna kill him but imprison him.

  40. Dan Stevens

    Dan Stevens3 months ago

    Moonlight is pedophile propaganda. Also screen rant is another snowflake virtue signaling leftist

  41. case7372

    case73723 months ago

    The movie was very entertaining. But it wasn’t 97% RT great. Not at all!


    ERICK KHAEMBA3 months ago



    ERICK KHAEMBA3 months ago


  44. Fury Of Missouri

    Fury Of Missouri3 months ago

    "Black Leopard"....😑👎....😂😂

  45. Lara M Ihara

    Lara M Ihara3 months ago

    It makes no sense to say Killmonger's suit resembles more of a leopard than a panther, as there's actually no such animal as a panther. Or rather, they're all panthers: Leopard = Panthera pardus Jaguar = Panthera onca Tiger = Panthera tigris Lion = Panthera leo

  46. Mike The owner of James' sooubway

    Mike The owner of James' sooubway3 months ago

    Can we just talk about the hell of a two weeks tchalla had and all the bad crap that happened in those two weeks Like his dad was assassinated he had a challenge to be king. Got stabbed had to deal with vibranium being stolen from the country challenged again stabbed again almost died his uncle died had to over throw the new king and kill him AND changed wakanda forever by opening it up to the rest of the world.

  47. Khai Ramroopsingh

    Khai Ramroopsingh3 months ago

    Panther is another name for leopard , jaguar or puma so one of the facts is inaccurate .

  48. K Terry

    K Terry3 months ago

    “Justice will come soon enough” well in the black panther movie the villain is played by Michael B. Jordan who voiced Justice Young in NBA 2K17s MyCareer Mode

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  50. Maranez

    Maranez3 months ago

    9:36 Jungle Fever? Did you mean Jungle Action?

  51. Ralean Peak

    Ralean Peak3 months ago

    Leopards are panthers

  52. KADJAM Playz!

    KADJAM Playz!3 months ago

    What about pink panther

  53. cosmic

    cosmic3 months ago

    I thought she was referencing Back to the Future while watching the movie but I remember watching a video where they tried saying Shuri was referencing James Bond.. lol

  54. iQon

    iQon3 months ago

    Killmonger is still alive!!!!!!! Suri bought him back to life using wakandas tech and Suris brain

  55. Dragon Mad

    Dragon Mad3 months ago

    11:14 to 11:17 air mags are in the real world and there self lacing they just cost a lot of money there 40,000

  56. TheRevithia

    TheRevithia3 months ago

    The panther is black

  57. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith3 months ago


  58. BlockWorks Films

    BlockWorks Films3 months ago

    I enjoyed Black Panther quite a bit. However, I did not enjoy the fact that in the film, the characters seemed to have flipped racism, so that it was against white people instead of black people. I don't think any racism is good, and flipping it doesn't help.

  59. Beckham

    Beckham3 months ago

    Isn’t Oakland the place of the Watts riots? Or am I getting that wrong? (I took history last year, my memories falling)

  60. takumi168

    takumi1683 months ago

    i still like loki as a villain better but killmonger is up there

  61. Eugene Ross

    Eugene Ross3 months ago

    panther I cried

  62. DrPoetry1

    DrPoetry13 months ago

    I'm from East Oakland. This movie was amazing

  63. dfskdf

    dfskdf3 months ago

    9:26 I wonder about the symbolism of his gold "leopard" suit. The gold part seems to reflect a sort of greed toward power that he expresses. The leopard part could also be symbolic since panthers are considered to be leopards but with more melanin causing all their fur to be black. This could be a symbol not being "pure", not really knowing what it is to be the Black Panther, or not a symbol at all.

  64. Hengel Andrews

    Hengel Andrews3 months ago

    So self lacing shoes have been a thing since 2015, when was this video made?

  65. Flume

    Flume3 months ago

    lol "jungle fever #6"

  66. TR Fruach

    TR Fruach3 months ago

    This channel is awesome

  67. jugsforthewin

    jugsforthewin4 months ago

    Black panther was overrated tbh

  68. Tristan T A G

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  69. Delmar Frazier

    Delmar Frazier4 months ago

    We do have a couple pair of self lacing shoes just FYI

  70. Zombi3kill3r678 !

    Zombi3kill3r678 !4 months ago

    Let's all be honest and if you don't feel this way then your probably the problem. Racism is one of the dumbest things to ever happen. You don't judge someone by their skin color you judge them by their actions. There will never be a good reason to use skin color as a weapon.

  71. Rubina Afroze

    Rubina Afroze4 months ago

    Cool 😀😀😀

  72. Infinity311 GJanveaux

    Infinity311 GJanveaux4 months ago

    Loved all the ads , lmao

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  74. Nehemiah Nixson

    Nehemiah Nixson4 months ago

    I saw this on Amazon fire stick

  75. Xotiik JLCMUZIK

    Xotiik JLCMUZIK4 months ago

    Black panther is better than black leopard

  76. Royce cristian Canullas

    Royce cristian Canullas4 months ago

    Micheal B. Jordan, Tom Hiddleston and Josh Brolin are three most amazing villain

  77. sharon marshall

    sharon marshall4 months ago

    They need the real Jesus. Not every gift is meant to help, to hurt is generally the aim. Love and pray for our enemies salvation, cry , and study the story or Abraham in Genesis of the Bible. the society creates the conditions to oppress us and pretend they can solve a created problem. Colossians 2. Numbers 22-24 no curse can take us. Cry and Psalm 109 if oppressed for no reason.

  78. Kiersten Green

    Kiersten Green4 months ago

    Fun fact: A panther is any black cat. Have a good day.

  79. Night_Wolf

    Night_Wolf4 months ago

    Oakland is just a great place for a movie location

  80. caddy 050

    caddy 0504 months ago

    Is that tropic thunder?

  81. The 4 diamonds

    The 4 diamonds4 months ago

    He said shurdi get my girls name right k

  82. Shama Peh Ben Yah

    Shama Peh Ben Yah4 months ago

    movie was wak 👎👎👎

  83. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff4 months ago

    You all also please probably dont know that shuri and t’challa are step brother and step sister and the woman who is shown as t’challas mom is his step mom and shuri biological mom

  84. Prerna Rai Lepcha

    Prerna Rai Lepcha4 months ago

    I like black Panther better 👍👍

  85. Tiana Pi Tesr

    Tiana Pi Tesr4 months ago

    Chasing Amy comes to mind when a black leather clad little guy promotes his comic book to a kid in a shop!

  86. Nadiyuuu

    Nadiyuuu4 months ago

    thats why there is a jaguar

  87. Nadiyuuu

    Nadiyuuu4 months ago

    killmonger suit is actully called the golden jaguar suit

  88. Branden Edwards

    Branden Edwards4 months ago

    most of these are interesting tidbits that give you a look into Black Panthers past, and behind the scenes look to explain why somethings were done, but by no means are they important.

  89. Ian Brown

    Ian Brown4 months ago

    “She’s like Q, but cuter” Screen Rant was so close to not being sexist by only bringing up a female character’s intelligence, then messed it up at the end. Come on, Screen Rant.

  90. TechNubian1

    TechNubian14 months ago

    The Black Archaeologist Animated Series.

  91. Arturo Jackson

    Arturo Jackson5 months ago

    Nice vid but 7 mins in and my fourth ad come on now

  92. JD Christo

    JD Christo5 months ago

    why was Indian map mentioned on the screen at UNESCO in black panther movie when T'Challa reveals the secrets of the Wakanda to the world ?

  93. Vidmaster 393

    Vidmaster 3935 months ago

    I say bolt

  94. Pearl Shumate

    Pearl Shumate5 months ago

    my anut loves dr.srange so it is preetty aveis

  95. Patrick Paragas

    Patrick Paragas5 months ago

    Naaaaahhhhh Im good with black panther, black leopard sounds really ....... off

  96. Oregon Basketball

    Oregon Basketball5 months ago

    Actually we do have self tying shoes they are called air mags and they are $2000

  97. Billy Silly

    Billy Silly5 months ago

    Black Panther Me Favorite :P

  98. Charlie Stewart

    Charlie Stewart5 months ago

    Wakanda forever bruddas

  99. Tacos Tacos

    Tacos Tacos5 months ago

    Thanos is coming

  100. darkmster 6

    darkmster 65 months ago

    Oscars so white ffs so that means any race can winge on and get a oscar wtf next is the asian i want to see them going its not fair you no give me long time on oscar

  101. Ninjo 3000

    Ninjo 30005 months ago

    Screen Rant i think i didn't miss the eyehole on the mask

  102. The Golden Hero Morales

    The Golden Hero Morales5 months ago

    The flash

  103. DanielLike5Pie

    DanielLike5Pie5 months ago

    Tropic Thunder

  104. Alan Pedraza

    Alan Pedraza5 months ago

    Haha Black Leopard. I like Black Panther better.

  105. GalacticGamin1YT

    GalacticGamin1YT5 months ago

    I thought BP would be horrible cus they had a darker skin cast, buuuuuut... i was so wrong. I loved BP. I learned that I cant judge a movie just because it has darker skinned cast, and it depends on the story.

  106. Zachary Slaybaugh

    Zachary Slaybaugh5 months ago

    10/10 movie better than infinity war