Black Panther: 10 Important Things You Missed



    2VERSAT1LEYear ago

    Nice vid. I love videos about Easter eggs and references

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    William world Vasquez8 months ago

    ZayanShahid is

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    ZayanShahid vvtv

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    GhostRider357 is

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    GhostRider357 ouch

  7. Xavier Schuhardt

    Xavier SchuhardtMonth ago

    Did you notice the dude that has a broken spiel cord with a BONER

  8. KillMonger Forever 17

    KillMonger Forever 17Month ago

    Xavier Schuhardt 😂😂

  9. DancesWithPen

    DancesWithPen4 months ago

    Young Ky-rin? It's pronounced Shy-roan. lol

  10. Rora Sparkles M K

    Rora Sparkles M K4 months ago

    You can buy the sneakers from Back to The Future 2 . Nike made some for sale to the public . But they are expensive asf 🙈

  11. it's oli

    it's oli4 months ago

    Black Panther

  12. Dominic Sabol

    Dominic Sabol4 months ago

    Actually Kurt Russel did not have any CGI to make him young it was all makeup, need to do your research a little better there.

  13. ouckz

    ouckz4 months ago

    11:05 air mags got auto lacing but k

  14. Trooper Wolfette

    Trooper Wolfette5 months ago

    Fun fact: in real life a Black Panther is actually a Black Leopard. If you look very carefully and closely you can see the spots on them. So the Comics changing the name from Black Panther to Black Leopard would actually be correct to the real life animal.

  15. Laura Southgate

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  16. Edgar Marenales

    Edgar Marenales5 months ago

    A panther is really a Jaguar with a melanin mutation , its in fact a black Jaguar

  17. fanboy from both

    fanboy from both5 months ago

    Black panther is better

  18. Machine v2

    Machine v25 months ago

    @11:13 your wrong... He really tried self lacing shoes.. Google it

  19. Kzoo Kid Williams

    Kzoo Kid Williams6 months ago

    Fun fact: Wakanda is the only successful Black Country

  20. J Paterson

    J Paterson6 months ago

    Unfortunately, the exhibit ended but I was in Pittsburgh on Veterans Day 2018. The John Heinz History Center had a fantastic display of Ruth Carter's costumes for Black Panther, which included a lot of information on how different tribal dress was incorporated in her designs. Looking at these costumes up close I was awed by the workmanship. I think the costumes for this movie may be the most important thing people missed in the movie.

  21. BrownSkinEbbz

    BrownSkinEbbz6 months ago

    Saying they name all wrong

  22. Third Eye

    Third Eye6 months ago

    A Leopard is from the Panther family so the suit should really not be a problem.

  23. Barry

    Barry6 months ago

    Smeagle went from stealing a ring to stealing vibranium.

  24. Daury Ortiz

    Daury Ortiz7 months ago

    white people hate the moors because it wasnt whitewashed lmao

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  26. Deborah Rose

    Deborah Rose7 months ago

    Here is my problem with Black Panther, with all their tech they are still a warring tribe that fights with spears! Seriously? Might as well be cowboys and indians for the lack of imagination.

  27. Chris Winston

    Chris Winston7 months ago

    The fact is, it's kind of a crappy movie.

  28. Briareos Barnes

    Briareos Barnes8 months ago

    Loki is loved Magneto is empathized Killmonger is hated Why is that when they all have the same mindset...

  29. Briareos Barnes

    Briareos Barnes8 months ago

    Just ask yourself, who was motivationally better suited for patricide: killmonger or Loki???

  30. Bleb Han

    Bleb Han8 months ago

    If Wakanda gave their weapons to the Incas, Indians, and Africans, those motherfuckers would've kicked a shitload of Eurotrash butt.

  31. The DarthSparX Legends

    The DarthSparX Legends8 months ago

    12:38 Well I do like Killmonger's Mandalorian chest armor

  32. Elias Herrera

    Elias Herrera8 months ago

    Why do you have a premium intro but you are screen rant

  33. Larry Jewell

    Larry Jewell8 months ago

    The stolen mask is a very good match for T'Challa's aircraft. You see that plane from the top when he picks up Nakia.

  34. Aldair rocha

    Aldair rocha8 months ago

    Black panther sounds better

  35. Jason Bales

    Jason Bales8 months ago

    A panther is not a species, it is a generic name given to Black furred members of any large cat species.. Usually Leopards or Jaguars. Thus, the name Black Panther is redundant, as all panthers are black. It's like saying White Albino, or blue blueberry. It's a bit silly.

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    Tropic thunder

  37. Paul Boyett

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    Tropic thunder

  38. User Mail

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    In the final scene between T'Challa and Killmonger, they are fighting on an Underground Railroad...

  39. Bright Glory

    Bright Glory9 months ago

    This video is pussy bullshit, kill mongers stated goal wasn't to fight for oppressed people everywhere it was to funnel technology to black people the world over so they could overthrow all governments and rule the world under him. He wasn't William Wallace he was Hitler.

  40. Ludvig Norén

    Ludvig Norén9 months ago

    7:16 cottonmonth's actor?? (luke cage)

  41. BaeeDaii

    BaeeDaii9 months ago

    Great video but one minor correction, panthers actually have spots........

  42. Tomato Banks

    Tomato Banks9 months ago

    This movie was full of witchcraft. It was terrible. I did not enjoy it at all😣😣😣

  43. Rosalind Lenoir-Zachary

    Rosalind Lenoir-Zachary9 months ago

    Black Panther

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  45. NikeAirQuan

    NikeAirQuan10 months ago

    Nike Hyper Adapt = self tying shoes

  46. Adelle Fuller

    Adelle Fuller10 months ago

    A panther and a leopard are the same animal. Can either be black or spotted

  47. Maam Yes Maam

    Maam Yes Maam10 months ago

    I see how Suri is the smartest in the marvel universe. Besides the writers telling us she is. There’s this point. The lab didn’t make Suri smart. By that logic anyone could invent highly technical weapons and tools. It takes her mind to invent that type of stuff.

  48. Reginald Strong

    Reginald Strong10 months ago

    Is it just me.... Or does the Black Panther spaceship resemble a flying mask...? Mind=Blown

  49. Reginald Strong

    Reginald Strong10 months ago

    On some "Super Hidden Easter Egg" type stuff...

  50. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson10 months ago

    I'm black and from Oakland so I Black Panther better.

  51. n1c

    n1c10 months ago

    The comic book pre dates the Black Panther party. In fact the Black Panthers were a tank battalion. One member of that battalion, later had a short stint in major league baseball. His name was second lieutenant Jack Robinson.

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  53. Drakoriyan

    Drakoriyan10 months ago

    I'm 6 months late, but the next video will be Tropic Thunder. Palm tree (tropical tree) + lightning (thundery). Which, if I'm right, you're about 10 years late. lol

  54. jordan secrist

    jordan secrist10 months ago

    They have already made real self tying shoes. Look them up. They aren’t really that cool.

  55. Fae Aisa

    Fae Aisa10 months ago

    Black Panther SUCKED!

  56. YouSkrudUrSelf Gaming

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    u should do a vid on how stark got vibranium for shield

  57. GIR 93

    GIR 9310 months ago

    Wow! Didnt know the lil boy from the Moonlight movie was the same boy at the end of Black Panther. The boy on the 🏀 basketball court that asked who he was.