Binging with Babish: Ribwich from The Simpsons


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish2 months ago

    Was gonna do the good morning burger, but this seemed somehow...healthier?

  2. Érymède

    Érymède23 days ago

    Wrong, it was porc shoulder and meat glue.

  3. Avira ntmo tan

    Avira ntmo tan27 days ago

    +DuckSupps omg yes

  4. random otaku

    random otakuMonth ago

    I like my burger with ketchup precum

  5. OldSchoolSolarPower

    OldSchoolSolarPowerMonth ago

    I mean, nobody is stopping you from doing the good morning burger

  6. SmugPug YT

    SmugPug YTMonth ago

    Well it’s now without lettuce

  7. Adela Tadena

    Adela TadenaHour ago

    Pfft....this is easy,just go to mcdonald's and get a mcrib.

  8. Confusion BOMB Studios

    Confusion BOMB Studios9 hours ago

    Is that a *BONELESS* ribwich?

  9. timeroller

    timeroller16 hours ago

    my family always does crock-pot ribs when the weather is too bad to bust out the grill

  10. UZZIx

    UZZIxDay ago

    Its Modelo Time, Foo

  11. khhnator

    khhnatorDay ago

    i'm not used to american cooking, so would even feel the taste of the meat after so much seasoning?

  12. Brittany Galle

    Brittany GalleDay ago

    Been watching episodes for three hours... literally binging with Babish.

  13. pldashpl

    pldashpl2 days ago

    3:35 Wachu call me?! jk

  14. duke silver

    duke silver2 days ago

    Promise you this wasn't made from spider meat

  15. banana man

    banana man2 days ago

    Inaccurate, babish didnt lick the mascot covered in the sauce.

  16. Nassim Otmani

    Nassim Otmani2 days ago

    What salt won’t be kosher ???

  17. GoldenElementor

    GoldenElementor2 days ago

    This is so good that tasty had to steal the recipe lmao

  18. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy3 days ago

    This guy funny as fuck 🤣

  19. That person

    That person3 days ago

    You ever realize how he uses his table as his cutting bored?

  20. Give me some weed

    Give me some weed3 days ago

    First I tought it was a sandwich made by Rigby from Regular Show

  21. Bran’s mEmEtAsTiC Factory

    Bran’s mEmEtAsTiC Factory3 days ago

    They sell an actual Ribwich at Universal Studios in California in the Simpsons Section of the Park

  22. P Mc

    P Mc3 days ago

    Worcestershire is pronounced "Wus-ter-sheer"

  23. Lima Romeo

    Lima Romeo3 days ago he gonna fuck the sandwich?

  24. Zavier Manalo

    Zavier Manalo4 days ago

    Poisoned apple snow whites movie

  25. Elder Teo

    Elder Teo4 days ago

    The ribwitch is made from whale meat

  26. iAmTech16

    iAmTech164 days ago

    Your videos are really entertaining

  27. Mark Zoobkoff

    Mark Zoobkoff4 days ago

    Way too much liquid smoke

  28. Gacha Nalka

    Gacha Nalka4 days ago

    Choclate chip cookies from miraculous ladybug 🐞

  29. sweetazn208

    sweetazn2084 days ago

    Omg 🤤🤤🤤

  30. The Robusted Clown

    The Robusted Clown4 days ago

    Babish: creating a way better version of ribwich. Me: *PUTTING A FUCKING RIB BETWEEN TWO BUNS AND SOME SAUCE*

  31. Snack

    Snack4 days ago

    The amount of extra work for real smoked ribs is a waste of time. The oven ribs are completely incredible by themselves.

  32. sans 101

    sans 1014 days ago

    Death sandwich!

  33. Han

    Han4 days ago

    Buddy, I don’t like the way you cut that onion lol

  34. Laurent Archambault

    Laurent Archambault5 days ago

    If I might give some tips, the easiest way to rip the lining isn't to start cutting at the end of the rib but instead to take a pairing knife and insert it under the lining along one of the bones (idealy in the middle) lift you knife, then grab the lining and pull it apart from the rib. As for the "de-boning", I'd suggest you push the bone instead of pulling it out. Imagine you're playing jenga with those ribs, you need to free the bone before pulling it out. It's not fool-proof but it should prove more effective.

  35. TheGodOfPez

    TheGodOfPez5 days ago

    Looks awesome but man that is a LOT of prep work.

  36. FlutterSimZ _

    FlutterSimZ _5 days ago

    sauce pn

  37. Demo Christon

    Demo Christon5 days ago

    Babish you are great! But the south asks you to pleas stop with the NYC liquid smoke convection oven BBQ. It's just wrong. Sincerely The south.

  38. Dark Mask

    Dark Mask5 days ago

    I mean this was false because the meat you used didn't come from something smaller with a lot more legs, also you didn't grind your meat into a pastey liquid and full a rib shaped mold with it! I would like to suggest the Fire Salt Doughnuts from Steven Universe! I would love to see you make cake doughnuts from scratch frosting, then top that off with some homebrew Carolina Reaper infused Sea salt!

  39. Maple Goco

    Maple Goco5 days ago

    What if he tried miniature cooking QwQ

  40. blizzardjesus

    blizzardjesus5 days ago

    Subway currently has a McRib variant. It's super good.

  41. Hollywood Purgatory

    Hollywood Purgatory5 days ago

    Yours looks better than Homer’s

  42. Jake Fin

    Jake Fin5 days ago

    You could of made this so much better

  43. M A X B E A T S

    M A X B E A T S6 days ago

    Top 10 chefs Gordon Ramsey scared to diss

  44. Frosty

    Frosty6 days ago

    What The Hell Summer!!? I’m Tiny Whisk!

  45. Toxic_ Titan_

    Toxic_ Titan_6 days ago

    Do the Ben 10 chili fries

  46. Scott

    Scott6 days ago

    You didn't even slightly toast the bun you animal.

  47. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith6 days ago

    Love your show can u write ingredients in the description

  48. David Ferrer

    David Ferrer6 days ago


  49. Haithem Woosh

    Haithem Woosh6 days ago

    Make the howtobasic style sandwich from gumball

  50. Corey Laurent

    Corey Laurent6 days ago

    I remember crust the clown saying that the burger meat is wale

  51. KnightRider378

    KnightRider3787 days ago

    This is going on the list of things not to watch at 3 AM. It’s just too dangerous.

  52. Tech talk 9

    Tech talk 97 days ago

    Who tf can dislike this. It’s gold

  53. EvilHomerSimpson

    EvilHomerSimpson7 days ago

    you forgot the drugs

  54. Mr.smoosh

    Mr.smoosh7 days ago

    Soft and smelly

  55. Nimbly

    Nimbly7 days ago

    Diablo sandwich and doctor pepper! And make it quick, I'm in a goddamn hurry! Smokey and the bandit.

  56. The UncleBen

    The UncleBen7 days ago

    I’ve always needed this in my life since I first saw it so many years ago

  57. Aysha saeed

    Aysha saeed7 days ago

    I have two exams tomorrow morning, what am I doing here?

  58. SmoothTheKid

    SmoothTheKid8 days ago


  59. carlos vidal

    carlos vidal8 days ago

    What sauce

  60. LadiesMan 217

    LadiesMan 2178 days ago

    Rib wich? McRib? Should of just done this when the McRib existed, could of saved you time and us time because something like this is already made. Good video either way. Sandwich looks bomb.

  61. Matthias Reith

    Matthias Reith8 days ago

    Hey! Your true to form version of the Ribwich isn't true! The Ribs themself ask for the ingredient of "an animal with eight legs"

  62. Omar Salinas

    Omar Salinas6 days ago

    You also have to “process the crap out of” the meat

  63. gabe connors

    gabe connors9 days ago

    yoo the clogger from simpsons movie

  64. Sukrat Singh

    Sukrat Singh9 days ago

    Modelo time?

  65. Jhax Aldana

    Jhax Aldana10 days ago

    pudding cups from Dragon Ball Super or Spaghetti Nero De Seppia from Jojos Bizarre Adventure

  66. Kool Aid bro

    Kool Aid bro10 days ago


  67. PatrickGM

    PatrickGM10 days ago

    What type of Ribs should I use for this

  68. Jack Monks

    Jack Monks10 days ago

    Baller gold Daytona

  69. The shield's #1 fan

    The shield's #1 fan11 days ago

    Babish: black strap molasses Also babish:*has a stroke* sauce

  70. SovannarithBradley Roblox player

    SovannarithBradley Roblox player11 days ago

    Can you make a anime sandwich?

  71. Darrian Weathington

    Darrian Weathington12 days ago

    *in my normal scratchy voice* If i had a girlfriend she'd kill me

  72. Dingo Flare

    Dingo Flare12 days ago

    LOL Wonderful

  73. Samael Edwards

    Samael Edwards13 days ago

    this actually looks like an industrial sandwich

  74. DBGaming

    DBGaming13 days ago

    Fuck I’m hungry

  75. Jason Boren

    Jason Boren13 days ago

    0:57 the mustard precum got him

  76. Mike 1

    Mike 113 days ago

    You could do a "Broodwich" from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  77. Nelson Sweatyballs

    Nelson Sweatyballs13 days ago

    Please do khlav Khalash with crab juice. Make sure the khlav khalash is served on a stick though.

  78. Adie Holder

    Adie Holder13 days ago

    3:32 Worcester is pronounced wuster

  79. Arnulfo Gonzalez

    Arnulfo Gonzalez14 days ago

    I thought Kristy said "No. Way smaller... and with a lot more legs." When he was asked what it was made of made out of. (Not cow or pig)

  80. Arnulfo Gonzalez

    Arnulfo Gonzalez14 days ago

    Still a fitting tribute

  81. Mtv Madness

    Mtv Madness14 days ago

    0:06 what is this requiem for a dream

  82. Squishy Cactus

    Squishy Cactus15 days ago

    Why not toast the bun? Without toasting, the bun might become soggy I think.

  83. Marwand Kochai

    Marwand Kochai15 days ago

    Monk fish turducken from malcolm in the middle plz

  84. Smolzilla

    Smolzilla15 days ago

    Didn’t they make a sandwich on the old movie Mouse Hunt? If so, definitely try and make that one

  85. Nicholosity

    Nicholosity15 days ago

    You should make power sauce bars next.

  86. Jaxton Sicko mode

    Jaxton Sicko mode15 days ago

    Wait spices have expiration dates I’ve been using dried basil that has been in our pantry for about 5 years

  87. Zangeef Fangsteen

    Zangeef Fangsteen15 days ago

    When you say "Ketchup" you should be more specific. It could mean Corn Syrup garbage. Try to show people how to get hold of real ketchup. Or how to make it themselves.

  88. Chris Hill Gaming

    Chris Hill Gaming15 days ago

    As an English person, it still makes me laugh at how people pronounce worcestershire sauce 🤣

  89. Metal-Max1991

    Metal-Max199113 days ago

    Ah you mean worst ever sauce

  90. Tyler Mellors

    Tyler Mellors15 days ago

    I thought I would be help you and help you say Worcestershire Wuss-ster-sher

  91. pepperoni pizza

    pepperoni pizza15 days ago

    boneless pizza from baku

  92. Tristan French

    Tristan French15 days ago

    Ahhh man, you know what would be great? A Futurama special. Including stuff like Popplers or Bender's brunch?

  93. I have 90 days to change my name

    I have 90 days to change my name16 days ago

    Do Steamed Hams next

  94. TacoWithMay0

    TacoWithMay016 days ago

    I wanna lay in a bed made of your voice ❤❤

  95. Ethan Crowley

    Ethan Crowley16 days ago

    Heart attack! So much sodium

  96. Sage

    Sage16 days ago

    I like watching food when I'm really hungry. It makes the video so much better.

  97. marcsteez

    marcsteez17 days ago

    Do the ribs from zoey 101 with Logan’s sauce

  98. Sean Montoya

    Sean Montoya17 days ago

    Wasn't the ribbwich made from the whale 🐳

  99. TGM james

    TGM james17 days ago

    "Hang on, I gotta take this half in the other room for..."Analysis"" Press "X" to suspicious

  100. normal loli

    normal loli8 days ago

    neeshee now to think about it.....

  101. neeshee

    neeshee8 days ago

    +normal loli c'mon bro u never suspicioused before?

  102. normal loli

    normal loli9 days ago

    TGM james It’s to doubt. Press “X” to doubt

  103. Retjudge

    Retjudge17 days ago

    0:55 just in case you meet a cannibal who want to eat you!

  104. Ro3NBurG

    Ro3NBurG17 days ago

    Hard to make the actual sandwich from the show. Krusty said it was smaller than a cow and had lots of legs.

  105. Animator x

    Animator x18 days ago


  106. Leonard Bjorge

    Leonard Bjorge18 days ago

    I would use root beer instead of regular beer

  107. Nick August

    Nick August18 days ago

    I think it was made of frog.

  108. Michele Thelander

    Michele Thelander18 days ago

    Your voice sounds like You Suck At Cooking and I mean very similar.

  109. rimmersbryggeri

    rimmersbryggeri18 days ago

    Shouldnt a ribwich be made from moulded "Pink Slime".

  110. Yunan β

    Yunan β18 days ago

    That's a lot of seasonings

  111. G6y Carl

    G6y Carl18 days ago

    You forgot the cocaine