Billy Eichner Hijacks a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair


  1. Ronin Jack

    Ronin Jack5 hours ago

    Hey! Rom,stay in your lane! Billy Eichner is TAKING OVER your tinder! Taking over. It’s called taking over because he has all authority in the matter! Some people 😂😂😂😂.

  2. Angel Ramirez

    Angel RamirezDay ago

    Billy hot lmao

  3. Majestψ

    MajestψDay ago

    Rom was bore. They should bring Billy back, but with someone else who wants to be there.

  4. SuperLuckofthedraw

    SuperLuckofthedraw3 days ago

    lol billy's taste is extremely limited

  5. Ana Ordonez

    Ana Ordonez3 days ago

    OMG this used to be so good until these two

  6. Ignore Me

    Ignore Me4 days ago

    We all need a Billy Eichner in our lives 😂

  7. g sun

    g sun5 days ago

    Rom honey Delete Tinder ......

  8. Quirky Quipster

    Quirky Quipster5 days ago

    Wherefore elusive cerebrality? Dost thou not thinketh Romeo & Juliet spoketh upon nigh of their love eternal? 'Sup? No. Ate already. Same. Got poison. Cool. Same. Ready to die, lol? Yep, lol.

  9. Mohamed Ali Bouabidi

    Mohamed Ali Bouabidi5 days ago

    what a boring bi*ch!!!

  10. Arianna *

    Arianna *5 days ago


  11. Silenciobob

    Silenciobob7 days ago

    This was so boring. Poofters.

  12. Meghan McCrary

    Meghan McCrary7 days ago

    everyone’s roasting rom as if billy didn’t just say “hey whats up” to like 3 dudes

  13. Carl Eaves

    Carl Eaves11 days ago

    This guy is such a queen. Come on Mary, smell the coffee.

  14. Kyle Bridston

    Kyle Bridston12 days ago

    Why does it say that his phone is charging

  15. Princess Olive

    Princess Olive14 days ago

    Ok, I feel bad for Rom. He messages guys first. He’s nice. He has a dry sense of humour, like myself. He’s a nervous bean. He’s an ok guy. Hope you’re fine Rom.

  16. Princess Olive

    Princess Olive14 days ago

    Would pay Billy to yell “SHE DROVE ME HERE!” in my face.

  17. kansasgoldilocks

    kansasgoldilocks15 days ago

    It looks like no one on this comment board got Rom's dry humor. Same!

  18. Hedvika Ráčková

    Hedvika Ráčková17 days ago

    Rom has the worst taste in guys lol

  19. ShenziMariePredatoraVeldettaJacquelina Hyena

    ShenziMariePredatoraVeldettaJacquelina Hyena21 day ago

    If it were anyone other than Billy Eichner doing this, it would suck.

  20. Elizabeth Reynolds

    Elizabeth Reynolds21 day ago

    "I hate millennials". We hate us too, Bill. We hate us too. 🤣

  21. Derrick Carthon

    Derrick Carthon24 days ago

    Who tf decided this buzzkill would be a good person to find a date for

  22. Salomé King

    Salomé King26 days ago

    "BOOOM!" *walks away, walks back* "that's exciting" 😂

  23. greekgodlamb

    greekgodlamb26 days ago

    Its sad to see how easy it is to dismiss people.

  24. Bourbia Nasro

    Bourbia Nasro27 days ago

    5:01 is that #HaifaWahbe

  25. No Thanks

    No Thanks15 hours ago

    Probably not lmao

  26. Julian J.

    Julian J.29 days ago


  27. Marilyn Ricco

    Marilyn RiccoMonth ago

    Billy hated every second of this...

  28. Sarah Byrnes

    Sarah ByrnesMonth ago

    This guy is stale and judgy

  29. kurakk

    kurakkMonth ago

    i like billy!!

  30. prakash vetriselvi

    prakash vetriselviMonth ago

    Rom has the enthusiasm of a potato

  31. Bianca Bloom

    Bianca BloomMonth ago

    When Billy said “I don’t like you Rom.” at 3:53... I really believed it.

  32. jeff the accountant

    jeff the accountantMonth ago

    “No that’s boring......I want some one funny” I mean opposites attract apparently

  33. vigspark

    vigsparkMonth ago

    this is boring

  34. K' Reid

    K' ReidMonth ago

    The only celebrity in the series who actually knows how to use tinder, mastery evidenced at @2:22

  35. Ramsen S

    Ramsen SMonth ago

    I love how a Lebanese pop singer shows up in someone’s Tinder pics 😂🔥

  36. No Thanks

    No Thanks15 hours ago

    Every guy that had lip injects I feel like might have been Middle Eastern

  37. Janet Savoy

    Janet SavoyMonth ago

    This was so funny!!!!!! More please.

  38. Iris Oliver

    Iris OliverMonth ago

    First celebrity that actually knew how Tinder worked.

  39. Michaela Howard

    Michaela HowardMonth ago

    Rom is the worst.

  40. Whitney S

    Whitney SMonth ago


  41. Klara Stern

    Klara SternMonth ago

    this was awesome :D!


    ASMR CITYMonth ago

    Rom is a BORE.

  43. Niku Joson

    Niku JosonMonth ago

    Rom did not take a cup of coffee this morning.

  44. Netflix Pizzagreentea

    Netflix PizzagreenteaMonth ago

    Am I the only one who thinks rom is actually quite funny?

  45. Razaan Abdulsathar

    Razaan AbdulsatharMonth ago

    "I like his dog" Me

  46. Sergio Aranda

    Sergio ArandaMonth ago

    I saw the others Stranger's tinder videos and this is the only one that is funny.

  47. WEL LARA

    WEL LARAMonth ago

    That guy's boring... no wonder he's single

  48. Jojo M

    Jojo MMonth ago

    Billy looks so hot !!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  49. Al

    AlMonth ago

    The pain in Billys eyes

  50. Photo Studio

    Photo StudioMonth ago

    You know why they don't do Tinder takeovers for guys looking for women? Yes, that's right. It would take weeks.

  51. matthias ameen

    matthias ameenMonth ago

    Billy is so hot.

  52. • •

    • •Month ago

    Rom is so adorable :3

  53. Sarah Patricia

    Sarah PatriciaMonth ago

    “No I just described myself” sksjjes mood

  54. Kathi

    Kathi2 months ago


  55. N T

    N T2 months ago

    He did not deserve billy

  56. Joe Stone

    Joe Stone2 months ago

    5:13 the top chat sndnndnf

  57. h d

    h d2 months ago

    Seems Billy is funnier outdoors.

  58. Me Wow

    Me Wow2 months ago

    Ok but why does billy seem to cross into rom’s camera when he goes to his right but is looking to his left to talk to rom??

  59. Nadia Ramos

    Nadia Ramos2 months ago

    ¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!Please have Kate McKinnon hijack some ones phone!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡

  60. sorrygrimmjow

    sorrygrimmjow2 months ago

    the eyebrow twitch 6:12

  61. Michael Walker

    Michael Walker2 months ago

    I think Rom should just start buying cats now, and be done with it.

  62. Kaan minaj

    Kaan minaj2 months ago

    Someone better find me michael's insta

  63. Tom Meier

    Tom Meier2 months ago


  64. Ernan Dalcolmo

    Ernan Dalcolmo2 months ago

    It was only me who see rom funny?

  65. D3p0is dos 30

    D3p0is dos 302 months ago

    The most boring tinder profile ever! LOL

  66. Realm Of Unknown

    Realm Of Unknown2 months ago

    Why is Billy really hot..

  67. George Spears

    George Spears2 months ago

    This is simultaneously the worst and the best of these. Billy cannot hide his disdain for the guy. Billy speaks his mind.

  68. Piglet Paw

    Piglet Paw2 months ago

    Rom has no taste and bad behaviour

  69. TheSimsCovers

    TheSimsCovers2 months ago

    1:46 he is not looking for fuckboys

  70. Daibhidh Boyle

    Daibhidh Boyle2 months ago

    Rom seems basic af :P

  71. Ryan Stewart

    Ryan Stewart2 months ago


  72. FloatingInThee

    FloatingInThee2 months ago


  73. Generic Username

    Generic Username2 months ago

    He really is boring omgggggg. LMAO on the slow march towards death.

  74. Maria B

    Maria B2 months ago

    The fact that he said " I'm excited" with a blank face is just hilarious

  75. Thadius Meyers

    Thadius Meyers2 months ago

    I don’t think I like Rom

  76. Mofo Mofo

    Mofo Mofo2 months ago


  77. Ashutosh Singh

    Ashutosh Singh2 months ago

    This rom is more like domb !! Ukwim.


    EDEN EDEN2 months ago


  79. ConcreteAngelx3

    ConcreteAngelx32 months ago

    they are both so picky!

  80. Kenny Allegertti

    Kenny Allegertti2 months ago


  81. Illy K

    Illy K2 months ago

    This Rom is terribly... engaging

  82. Ricardo Z.

    Ricardo Z.2 months ago

    You wanna know what Rom wrote? ... NOTHING! 🙅🏽‍♂️

  83. KING G

    KING G2 months ago

    just by watching the “stranger’s” reaction i got depression.

  84. Detective Rick Burwitz

    Detective Rick Burwitz2 months ago

    Rom is awful

  85. Erik

    Erik2 months ago

    1:23 I feel attacked

  86. David James-Cameron

    David James-Cameron2 months ago

    Craig was my favorite character on Parks and Rec. This dude is so funny 😂😂😂

  87. Mikey Roberts

    Mikey Roberts2 months ago

    this is just a series of unfortunate events

  88. Andrew

    Andrew2 months ago


  89. Shailesh Kanake

    Shailesh Kanake2 months ago

    I love you Billy 😘

  90. Jessiah Ruiz

    Jessiah Ruiz2 months ago

    Honestly if I was older billy eichner would be my type

  91. Kaski

    Kaski2 months ago


  92. Kaski

    Kaski2 months ago


  93. RIPGlamBoi

    RIPGlamBoi2 months ago


  94. bored kid

    bored kid2 months ago

    is this young Morrissey?

  95. Abcflc

    Abcflc3 months ago

    I want Billy Eichner to be my Daddy

  96. Romeo Reyes

    Romeo Reyes3 months ago

    Rom is never invited back on this show again

  97. Mungo Finalfi

    Mungo Finalfi3 months ago

    I can't avoid laughing each time he screams NOTHING! : D

  98. American Angel

    American Angel3 months ago

    And then Rom wrote back *_N O T H I N G_*

  99. Imran

    Imran3 months ago

    Is supposed to be a hijack why does he keep asking him questions? Worst one yet

  100. BasicallyBrentt

    BasicallyBrentt3 months ago

    I bet hes still single.

  101. ragnarox16

    ragnarox163 months ago

    I bet he's the dude that writes 'masc for masc' for his grindr profile... Ugh - ___-

  102. ragnarox16

    ragnarox163 months ago

    Sweet Geezus. Find a more interesting stranger !