Billy Eichner Hijacks a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair


  1. • •

    • •2 days ago

    Rom is so adorable :3

  2. Sarah Patricia

    Sarah Patricia3 days ago

    “No I just described myself” sksjjes mood

  3. Kathi

    Kathi4 days ago


  4. N T

    N T6 days ago

    He did not deserve billy

  5. Joe Stone

    Joe Stone7 days ago

    5:13 the top chat sndnndnf

  6. h d

    h d7 days ago

    Seems Billy is funnier outdoors.

  7. Me Wow

    Me Wow7 days ago

    Ok but why does billy seem to cross into rom’s camera when he goes to his right but is looking to his left to talk to rom??

  8. Nadia Ramos

    Nadia Ramos7 days ago

    ¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!Please have Kate McKinnon hijack some ones phone!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡

  9. sorrygrimmjow

    sorrygrimmjow12 days ago

    the eyebrow twitch 6:12

  10. Michael Walker

    Michael Walker12 days ago

    I think Rom should just start buying cats now, and be done with it.

  11. Kaan minaj

    Kaan minaj12 days ago

    Someone better find me michael's insta

  12. Tom Meier

    Tom Meier13 days ago


  13. Ernan Dalcolmo

    Ernan Dalcolmo13 days ago

    It was only me who see rom funny?

  14. D3p0is dos 30

    D3p0is dos 3014 days ago

    The most boring tinder profile ever! LOL

  15. Realm Of Unknown

    Realm Of Unknown15 days ago

    Why is Billy really hot..

  16. George Spears

    George Spears17 days ago

    This is simultaneously the worst and the best of these. Billy cannot hide his disdain for the guy. Billy speaks his mind.

  17. Piglet Paw

    Piglet Paw17 days ago

    Rom has no taste and bad behaviour

  18. TheSimsCovers

    TheSimsCovers18 days ago

    1:46 he is not looking for fuckboys

  19. Daibhidh Boyle

    Daibhidh Boyle19 days ago

    Rom seems basic af :P

  20. Ryan Stewart

    Ryan Stewart19 days ago


  21. FloatingInThee

    FloatingInThee20 days ago


  22. Generic Username

    Generic Username21 day ago

    He really is boring omgggggg. LMAO on the slow march towards death.

  23. Maria B

    Maria B21 day ago

    The fact that he said " I'm excited" with a blank face is just hilarious

  24. Thadius Meyers

    Thadius Meyers23 days ago

    I don’t think I like Rom

  25. Mofo Mofo

    Mofo Mofo23 days ago


  26. Ashutosh Singh

    Ashutosh Singh24 days ago

    This rom is more like domb !! Ukwim.


    EDEN EDEN24 days ago


  28. ConcreteAngelx3

    ConcreteAngelx324 days ago

    they are both so picky!

  29. Kenny Allegertti

    Kenny Allegertti25 days ago


  30. Illy K

    Illy K26 days ago

    This Rom is terribly... engaging

  31. Ricardo Z.

    Ricardo Z.26 days ago

    You wanna know what Rom wrote? ... NOTHING! 🙅🏽‍♂️

  32. KING G

    KING G27 days ago

    just by watching the “stranger’s” reaction i got depression.

  33. Detective Rick Burwitz

    Detective Rick Burwitz28 days ago

    Rom is awful

  34. Erik

    Erik28 days ago

    1:23 I feel attacked

  35. David James-Cameron

    David James-Cameron28 days ago

    Craig was my favorite character on Parks and Rec. This dude is so funny 😂😂😂

  36. Mikey Roberts

    Mikey Roberts29 days ago

    this is just a series of unfortunate events

  37. Andrew

    Andrew29 days ago


  38. Shailesh Kanake

    Shailesh KanakeMonth ago

    I love you Billy 😘

  39. Jessiah Ruiz

    Jessiah RuizMonth ago

    Honestly if I was older billy eichner would be my type

  40. Kaski

    KaskiMonth ago


  41. Kaski

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  42. RIPGlamBoi

    RIPGlamBoiMonth ago


  43. bored kid

    bored kidMonth ago

    is this young Morrissey?

  44. Abcflc

    AbcflcMonth ago

    I want Billy Eichner to be my Daddy

  45. Romeo Reyes

    Romeo ReyesMonth ago

    Rom is never invited back on this show again

  46. Mungo Finalfi

    Mungo FinalfiMonth ago

    I can't avoid laughing each time he screams NOTHING! : D

  47. American Angel

    American AngelMonth ago

    And then Rom wrote back *_N O T H I N G_*

  48. Imran

    ImranMonth ago

    Is supposed to be a hijack why does he keep asking him questions? Worst one yet

  49. BasicallyBrentt

    BasicallyBrenttMonth ago

    I bet hes still single.

  50. ragnarox16

    ragnarox16Month ago

    I bet he's the dude that writes 'masc for masc' for his grindr profile... Ugh - ___-

  51. ragnarox16

    ragnarox16Month ago

    Sweet Geezus. Find a more interesting stranger !

  52. ClassicalFreak74

    ClassicalFreak74Month ago

    What a bitchy princess. Typical app user.

  53. Eleanor Svenson

    Eleanor SvensonMonth ago

    Billy is too funny and interesting to speak for this superficial “same” boy.

  54. jacelynn

    jacelynnMonth ago

    4:00 to 4:18 is the only form of entertainment i'll need for the rest of my life, thank you

  55. Ben Gamer

    Ben GamerMonth ago

    Right, well Billy Richner on people’s tinder/Grindr has to become a series...

  56. Ivy Marshall

    Ivy MarshallMonth ago

    Everybody is calling him boring but I love him honestly.

  57. andres segui

    andres seguiMonth ago

    He’s so annoying

  58. ruthiehensh

    ruthiehenshMonth ago

    Am i the only one who is completely in love by billy eichner?

  59. Alexia McCulloch

    Alexia McCullochMonth ago


  60. Zach Fari

    Zach FariMonth ago

    This is the best one

  61. M1 Twinny

    M1 TwinnyMonth ago

    It would be funny if he swiped yes on someone he said no to. Just for a new emotion honestly.

  62. Chance Dixon

    Chance DixonMonth ago

    TV needs Billy!😁

  63. emblemNY

    emblemNYMonth ago

    Rom is the epitome of a "nightmare bf"

  64. Taylor Beaumont

    Taylor BeaumontMonth ago

    Billy Eichner: Was this helpful? Rom: No. Billy Eichner: Ok. I think I've done a lot for you. Rom: I think so too.

  65. k

    kMonth ago

    omg Rommie is the cutest

  66. Ajinkya Kuchekar

    Ajinkya KuchekarMonth ago

    Billy made everything so funny...ROM should really do everyone a favour and get off tinder...#NotSameJustLame

  67. devolutionone *

    devolutionone *2 months ago

    The level of creativity is of the roof..........

  68. Nicole Leann

    Nicole Leann2 months ago

    Lmao I love you !!!!!

  69. ryanwise

    ryanwise2 months ago

    that “NOTHING” convinced me he’ll be a good Timone.

  70. my love for jung hoseok is not fake love

    my love for jung hoseok is not fake love2 months ago

    the emotionless "i like his dog"

  71. Gavin Burnes

    Gavin Burnes2 months ago

    The guy who’s tinder it is is boringggggg

  72. John Astro

    John Astro2 months ago

    Billy has taught me so much in just these few minutes

  73. Esequias Andrade

    Esequias Andrade2 months ago

    That guy's trying so hard to die alone

  74. Lurking in the deadest spaces

    Lurking in the deadest spaces2 months ago

    “STE VAN!”

  75. marmalade

    marmalade2 months ago

    god i love rom. i love billy. theyre hillarious together

  76. dustyb58

    dustyb582 months ago

    I thought he'd be the funniest one to do this... and then he just read things.

  77. Joseph R.

    Joseph R.2 months ago

    Man, Billy is disgusted with Rom.

  78. Mez Hossain

    Mez Hossain2 months ago

    Billy Eichner deserved a nicer guy to Tinder hijack. That guy was plain awful.

  79. Kaan Şensoy

    Kaan Şensoy2 months ago

    I think Rom just wants to go to bed and sleep

  80. Juliana Wong

    Juliana Wong2 months ago

    I love Billy, but this guy he's trying to help is so uninteresting and lame.... And not funny or cute enough to be so demanding of others on Tinder...

  81. Chi Ching Hui

    Chi Ching Hui2 months ago

    Can we get Billy Eichner to do another one? His commentary and excitement are so great and such a great energy! He is so fun!

  82. Jonathan Aisel

    Jonathan Aisel2 months ago

    “I f*cking hate millennials” lol

  83. Aly H

    Aly H2 months ago

    I’m a milennial and I’m tired of other millenials haha

  84. Josh B

    Josh B2 months ago

    No wonder this guy is single

  85. Mari Sheffield

    Mari Sheffield2 months ago

    They should get Tiffany Hadish on here lol


    MOHA AKA. MSK2 months ago

    Rom is boring to death!

  87. PistolPat

    PistolPat2 months ago

    What a waste of talent, get someone more interesting for Billy next time please.

  88. Garrett Scot Henry

    Garrett Scot Henry2 months ago

    Okay billy is such a daddy especially when he yells “nothing” idk why I love it so much lolol

  89. feriel bebop

    feriel bebop2 months ago

    Guys Haifa wahbe at 5:00 wtf lol

  90. Brianna Leos

    Brianna Leos2 months ago

    I need a redo because Billy Eichner is hilarious and he deserves someone better

  91. Mariya Art

    Mariya Art2 months ago

    Rom I feel you 😂😂 like... same

  92. Michael Steele

    Michael Steele3 months ago


  93. Kelly Tromans

    Kelly Tromans3 months ago

    Well I thought Rom has very dry and funny humour. And I appreciate him

  94. Patricia Brown

    Patricia Brown3 months ago

    This is just the roast of Rom. LMAO

  95. Nicole Lucarelli

    Nicole Lucarelli3 months ago

    “Erik with K??? No.”

  96. Nicole Lucarelli

    Nicole Lucarelli3 months ago

    Billy is hardcore judging Rom, while also seeming slightly concerned, and so am I

  97. A Ghost.

    A Ghost.3 months ago

    Haha when he said "I don't like you bro." That was definitely sincere cus this dude was human cancer.

  98. A Ghost.

    A Ghost.3 months ago

    I bet he's a vegan

  99. WinstonS84

    WinstonS843 months ago

    I'd grindr Billy Eichner so hard

  100. Karl Dixon

    Karl Dixon3 months ago

    Rom is literally the most boring dickhead ever. Absolutely awful and should NOT have bee picked for this. Billy's talent was squandered on Rom. Someone fire him for this video alone. Immediately.

  101. Frog Whisperer

    Frog Whisperer3 months ago

    Why doesn’t this guy just date Billy

  102. Frog Whisperer

    Frog Whisperer3 months ago