Billy Eichner Hijacks a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair


  1. Romario Solomon

    Romario SolomonDay ago

    So not funny

  2. René Vega III

    René Vega III2 days ago

    Can Billy help me with Tinder. I'm perpetually single on this slow march to death? I need a yenta!

  3. Ariel Anderson

    Ariel Anderson3 days ago

    Rom looks sooo sad about this.

  4. Alex Yee

    Alex Yee7 days ago

    Good lord, Rom is the worst! He even has guys trying to engage with him in conversation but he can't be bothered to respond?

  5. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt8 days ago

    not as funny as the straight ones...jusssayin

  6. richardrhcp

    richardrhcp10 days ago

    How does the phone time stay at 9:41 through the entire video? Hmmmm

  7. Elf Man

    Elf Man11 days ago

    Omg 😂 I want Billy to find me a boyfriend. Or you know. He could volunteer 😂

  8. lexi benoit •-•

    lexi benoit •-•12 days ago

    Rom’s a bit of a dull dud huh?

  9. Jake Miller

    Jake Miller13 days ago

    This man is the human equivalent of a saltine cracker

  10. Art

    Art16 days ago

    "im really excited 😐" LMFAOOOOOO

  11. Nubxei

    Nubxei16 days ago


  12. Gavin Burnes

    Gavin Burnes23 days ago

    Rom rlly thinks he’s smthing doesn’t he ?

  13. glooom

    glooom24 days ago

    i love rom lmao

  14. buttsatisfier

    buttsatisfier25 days ago


  15. sxedi edits

    sxedi edits26 days ago

    “I’m gonna look at Roberts lips,..... EW NO” i died, im now in my coffin rolling around😂

  16. Arpan Samuel

    Arpan SamuelMonth ago

    Whats wron with billys eyes?

  17. Ian Pleasant

    Ian PleasantMonth ago

    Happy that Ram won’t be able to reproduce.

  18. Elle Dean

    Elle DeanMonth ago

    Billy is killing me in this vid. I hope he takes over my life someday and fixes me lmfaooooooo

  19. Pauline Eichner

    Pauline EichnerMonth ago

    We have the same last name???

  20. Lyndzey Stovall

    Lyndzey StovallMonth ago

    Lmao ok I’m obsessed with Billy

  21. Annika Wells

    Annika WellsMonth ago

    Rom is actually funny af!! They both are😂😂 Everyone is saying that Rom is boring but it’s just bc he has a monotone voice but it seems like he has funny and sorta strange things to say lol which is good!!💓

  22. Ernest Howard

    Ernest HowardMonth ago

    Billy had every reaction I had towards Rom's replies

  23. JK Soriano

    JK SorianoMonth ago

    I thought im the lamest tinder user ever!!!!!!! Then Rom came . 😂

  24. charliecolorado

    charliecoloradoMonth ago

    he said EWWW to the guy’s lips. I’m dead 😂😂😂

  25. David Rivera

    David RiveraMonth ago

    This might as well be a roast. Love it 😂

  26. majorgrace

    majorgraceMonth ago

    Oh Rom....

  27. Ben Lau

    Ben LauMonth ago

    Did they hook up after this

  28. Meme Lord

    Meme LordMonth ago

    Rom you're killing me.

  29. Quanzelle

    QuanzelleMonth ago

    Rom is so riveting, right?

  30. Xander X

    Xander XMonth ago

    I want to hit him.

  31. Arlin Perez

    Arlin PerezMonth ago

    Listen, give Billy another stranger

  32. Elyas JJ

    Elyas JJMonth ago


  33. Rafael Noelle

    Rafael NoelleMonth ago


  34. Amberlance

    AmberlanceMonth ago

    Rom is a bit of a cold fish.... he's like an ogre (or onion), with layers lol

  35. Myanimefreak

    MyanimefreakMonth ago

    Ya'll are so mean to Rom

  36. Henry Louie

    Henry LouieMonth ago

    Holy f*** this basic miserable ungrateful douche is BORING af! I wonder if he had any friends... sad

  37. Morgan King

    Morgan KingMonth ago

    I could find more entertainment talking to a brick wall than being around this guy

  38. xBigD527x

    xBigD527xMonth ago

    I can see why he is single

  39. B M

    B MMonth ago

    I wanted Billy to be more mean. 😂

  40. Kate Eichner

    Kate EichnerMonth ago

    Uuuuuuummmmm I’m sshhhoook why are our last names the same wth

  41. michael dood

    michael doodMonth ago

    Who else noticed that the duck phone guy was at the Jersey Shore house

  42. Madeline L

    Madeline LMonth ago

    i love this video so much i come back and watch it all the time. rom gets so much hate but tbh i love him. he's so funny and he tries to actually talk about something interesting which is cool. yeah he's kinda bitchy and bland at times but i feel like it's half ironic, at least. and billy is obviously a god

  43. mexkavarDE

    mexkavarDEMonth ago

    Omg! Awful!

  44. Sophia M.

    Sophia M.Month ago


  45. Ronin Jack

    Ronin Jack2 months ago

    Hey! Rom,stay in your lane! Billy Eichner is TAKING OVER your tinder! Taking over. It’s called taking over because he has all authority in the matter! Some people 😂😂😂😂.

  46. Angel Ramirez

    Angel Ramirez2 months ago

    Billy hot lmao

  47. Majestψ

    Majestψ2 months ago

    Rom was bore. They should bring Billy back, but with someone else who wants to be there.

  48. SuperLuckofthedraw

    SuperLuckofthedraw2 months ago

    lol billy's taste is extremely limited

  49. Ana Ordonez

    Ana Ordonez2 months ago

    OMG this used to be so good until these two

  50. Ignore Me

    Ignore Me2 months ago

    We all need a Billy Eichner in our lives 😂

  51. g sun

    g sun2 months ago

    Rom honey Delete Tinder ......

  52. Quirky Quipster

    Quirky Quipster2 months ago

    Wherefore elusive cerebrality? Dost thou not thinketh Romeo & Juliet spoketh upon nigh of their love eternal? 'Sup? No. Ate already. Same. Got poison. Cool. Same. Ready to die, lol? Yep, lol.

  53. Mohamed Ali Bouabidi

    Mohamed Ali Bouabidi2 months ago

    what a boring bi*ch!!!

  54. Ariana *

    Ariana *2 months ago


  55. Silenciobob

    Silenciobob2 months ago

    This was so boring. Poofters.

  56. Meghan McCrary

    Meghan McCrary2 months ago

    everyone’s roasting rom as if billy didn’t just say “hey whats up” to like 3 dudes

  57. Carl Eaves

    Carl Eaves2 months ago

    This guy is such a queen. Come on Mary, smell the coffee.

  58. Kyle Bridston

    Kyle Bridston2 months ago

    Why does it say that his phone is charging

  59. Princess Olive

    Princess Olive2 months ago

    Ok, I feel bad for Rom. He messages guys first. He’s nice. He has a dry sense of humour, like myself. He’s a nervous bean. He’s an ok guy. Hope you’re fine Rom.

  60. Princess Olive

    Princess Olive2 months ago

    Would pay Billy to yell “SHE DROVE ME HERE!” in my face.

  61. kansasgoldilocks

    kansasgoldilocks2 months ago

    It looks like no one on this comment board got Rom's dry humor. Same!

  62. Hedvika Ráčková

    Hedvika Ráčková2 months ago

    Rom has the worst taste in guys lol

  63. ShenziMariePredatoraVeldettaJacquelina Hyena

    ShenziMariePredatoraVeldettaJacquelina Hyena2 months ago

    If it were anyone other than Billy Eichner doing this, it would suck.

  64. Elizabeth Reynolds

    Elizabeth Reynolds2 months ago

    "I hate millennials". We hate us too, Bill. We hate us too. 🤣

  65. not a big deal

    not a big deal2 months ago

    Who tf decided this buzzkill would be a good person to find a date for

  66. Salomé King

    Salomé King2 months ago

    "BOOOM!" *walks away, walks back* "that's exciting" 😂

  67. greekgodlamb

    greekgodlamb2 months ago

    Its sad to see how easy it is to dismiss people.

  68. Bourbia Nasro

    Bourbia Nasro2 months ago

    5:01 is that #HaifaWahbe

  69. No Thanks

    No Thanks2 months ago

    Probably not lmao

  70. Julian J.

    Julian J.3 months ago


  71. Marilyn Ricco

    Marilyn Ricco3 months ago

    Billy hated every second of this...

  72. Sarah Byrnes

    Sarah Byrnes3 months ago

    This guy is stale and judgy

  73. kurakk

    kurakk3 months ago

    i like billy!!

  74. prakash vetriselvi

    prakash vetriselvi3 months ago

    Rom has the enthusiasm of a potato

  75. Bianca Bloom

    Bianca Bloom3 months ago

    When Billy said “I don’t like you Rom.” at 3:53... I really believed it.

  76. jeff the accountant

    jeff the accountant3 months ago

    “No that’s boring......I want some one funny” I mean opposites attract apparently

  77. vigspark

    vigspark3 months ago

    this is boring

  78. K' Reid

    K' Reid3 months ago

    The only celebrity in the series who actually knows how to use tinder, mastery evidenced at @2:22

  79. Ramsen S

    Ramsen S3 months ago

    I love how a Lebanese pop singer shows up in someone’s Tinder pics 😂🔥

  80. No Thanks

    No Thanks2 months ago

    Every guy that had lip injects I feel like might have been Middle Eastern

  81. Janet Savoy

    Janet Savoy3 months ago

    This was so funny!!!!!! More please.

  82. Iris Oliver

    Iris Oliver3 months ago

    First celebrity that actually knew how Tinder worked.

  83. Michaela Howard

    Michaela Howard3 months ago

    Rom is the worst.

  84. Whitney S

    Whitney S3 months ago


  85. Klara Stern

    Klara Stern3 months ago

    this was awesome :D!


    ASMR CITY3 months ago

    Rom is a BORE.

  87. Niku Joson

    Niku Joson3 months ago

    Rom did not take a cup of coffee this morning.

  88. Netflix Pizzagreentea

    Netflix Pizzagreentea3 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks rom is actually quite funny?

  89. Razaan Abdulsathar

    Razaan Abdulsathar3 months ago

    "I like his dog" Me

  90. Sergio Aranda

    Sergio Aranda3 months ago

    I saw the others Stranger's tinder videos and this is the only one that is funny.

  91. WEL LARA

    WEL LARA3 months ago

    That guy's boring... no wonder he's single

  92. Jojo M

    Jojo M3 months ago

    Billy looks so hot !!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  93. Al

    Al3 months ago

    The pain in Billys eyes

  94. Photo Studio

    Photo Studio3 months ago

    You know why they don't do Tinder takeovers for guys looking for women? Yes, that's right. It would take weeks.

  95. matthias ameen

    matthias ameen3 months ago

    Billy is so hot.

  96. No u

    No u3 months ago

    Rom is so adorable :3

  97. Sarah Patricia

    Sarah Patricia4 months ago

    “No I just described myself” sksjjes mood

  98. Kathi

    Kathi4 months ago


  99. N T

    N T4 months ago

    He did not deserve billy

  100. Joe Stone

    Joe Stone4 months ago

    5:13 the top chat sndnndnf

  101. h d

    h d4 months ago

    Seems Billy is funnier outdoors.

  102. Me Wow

    Me Wow4 months ago

    Ok but why does billy seem to cross into rom’s camera when he goes to his right but is looking to his left to talk to rom??