Billy Eichner Hijacks a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair


  1. Y S

    Y S3 days ago

    I feel like Rom's at least tried to start the conversation with some effort instead of hey what's up. And we can all have personal preferences when it comes to dating. Srsly don't get why so much critique against him here, pretty sure u guys ain't all funny af.

  2. Bianca Torrez

    Bianca Torrez4 days ago

    rom sweetie, you aren’t the only one who sucks at conversations. Which is why I deleted my tinder profile a day after I made it.

  3. naye morusa

    naye morusa4 days ago

    "I don’t like you rom" SAME

  4. K doge

    K doge5 days ago

    Billy: "I don't like you Rom." Rom: "I'm sooorrrrry".

  5. K doge

    K doge5 days ago

    This feels SO forced............................OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mohd Lutfi Akmal Bin Zalkuplee

    Mohd Lutfi Akmal Bin Zalkuplee6 days ago

    F U N N A A Y...

  7. fromme93

    fromme936 days ago

    Rom I thought u were hilarious ! Screw the h8rs

  8. scurus11scurus

    scurus11scurus9 days ago


  9. Raunchy Pickles

    Raunchy Pickles9 days ago

    Jerry looks like Andy Samberg

  10. MyUser Name

    MyUser Name10 days ago

    “Lol, same” -this video.

  11. bartonez123

    bartonez12313 days ago

    I think we've all chatted to a Rom before. A person with zero personality that's a chore to try to carry a conversation with.

  12. Julien B

    Julien B17 days ago

    Jesus Christ Rom is dull af

  13. Tamalita 82

    Tamalita 8218 days ago

    I love you, Billy

  14. YaszQQ

    YaszQQ18 days ago


  15. Julie Wright

    Julie Wright21 day ago

    I literally love how disgusted Billy Eichner is.

  16. Lô Ô

    Lô Ô21 day ago


  17. Hannah Rannah

    Hannah Rannah24 days ago

    I want more tinder takeover!!

  18. Kayla Poff

    Kayla Poff25 days ago

    “That wasn’t Halloween” “Lol same”

  19. Kayla Poff

    Kayla Poff25 days ago

    I love how disgusted Billy was the entire time😂

  20. MarsFire

    MarsFire25 days ago

    I want to date billy. 😍🥰😘He’s a mix of hot cute funny charming nice arms too. Killing me with these one liners. Erick with a K. You be lucky to have Evan. Same we are all going to die. Lmao. 😝

  21. ardas

    ardas27 days ago


  22. Swagdawg333 Suh

    Swagdawg333 Suh28 days ago

    What’s wrong with his eyes

  23. summerinthecityy

    summerinthecityyMonth ago

    “All you did is ask ‘what’s up’ You weren’t funny” “That’s what you did” “Well.....” LOOOL

  24. Eric B.

    Eric B.Month ago

    "Erik with a k? No"... I know, right? Hahahahaha XD

  25. Ella Livingston

    Ella LivingstonMonth ago

    Wow that vanity fair guy is DEAD I N S I D E

  26. Lindsay Williams

    Lindsay WilliamsMonth ago

    “Classic Rom”

  27. Mari Grimm

    Mari GrimmMonth ago

    Everyone is hating on Rom but I think he's chill and adorable! Sometimes people are just more relaxed and low-key. Y'all should stop hating

  28. blah blah

    blah blah13 days ago


  29. justin rivera

    justin riveraMonth ago

    ur confusing low-key with bland.

  30. Amna Javed

    Amna JavedMonth ago

    Ohmgggggg that phone drop at the end. Savageee

  31. Skylinn

    SkylinnMonth ago

    I actually kind of liked Rom, I don't think he should be getting so much hate

  32. Loe Mota

    Loe MotaMonth ago

    Dude you’re so funny!

  33. Alex G

    Alex GMonth ago

    Anyone know if Billy is on Tinder? I need to find a way to ask him to marry me. Thanks.

  34. Theladyoftheday

    TheladyofthedayMonth ago

    You'd be lucky to have Evan

  35. Tiara Grace

    Tiara GraceMonth ago

    "See, he's like an astronaut..." LMAO what

  36. Oedhel Setren

    Oedhel SetrenMonth ago

    There's a reason this guy is single. The sleeve of saltines in front of me is more interesting.

  37. besixdouze

    besixdouzeMonth ago

    This makes me very self conscious because I don’t find Rom attractive at *all* but he somehow gets more matches with decent guys than I do...

  38. Zemen H

    Zemen HMonth ago

    I am sure Ram/Rom is a very nice guy...I am sure he is very sweet and kind and funny...but I found him VERY annoying in this clip, and a little high-maintenance. Is it still considered trolling if I say both nice and not nice things about the person in the same comment? Asking for a friend...

  39. Mia Echlin

    Mia EchlinMonth ago

    that’s lame no that’s what people write back that’s like lame what do you want him to write something funny all you did is write hey what’s up you weren’t funny that’s what you did well

  40. Bill Strathearn

    Bill StrathearnMonth ago

    Billy is not as good at tinder as I would have expected

  41. nico httbae

    nico httbaeMonth ago

    i NEED this to be billy's new show

  42. My Life As An Imposter

    My Life As An ImposterMonth ago

    Yes, Billy. You are the Obama of Tinder advice. Can you make this a regular segment / the new Billy On The Street? #BillyAllUpInYoBusiness

  43. Yeeun

    YeeunMonth ago

    this gave me anxiety

  44. Antonio Felipe Araujo

    Antonio Felipe AraujoMonth ago

    Imagine seeing yourself on this!

  45. Natasha Douglas

    Natasha DouglasMonth ago

    Oh God I love Billy

  46. Burgershot

    BurgershotMonth ago

    Ryan Reynolds has to do this

  47. Iona Wheeler

    Iona WheelerMonth ago

    this is the funniest one by far

  48. nicholas cicchillitti

    nicholas cicchillittiMonth ago

    I wanna match with Billy

  49. Stellar Cellar

    Stellar CellarMonth ago


  50. postin17

    postin17Month ago

    Billy is emotionally TEARING this boy down and I AM HERE FOR IT!!!

  51. Name Change.

    Name Change.Month ago

    Ok maybe my gran is right about this generation lol. Such an empty way to meet someone.

  52. Adam Romero

    Adam RomeroMonth ago

    Erik is hawt

  53. Chelsea Slade

    Chelsea Slade2 months ago

    I’ve seen so many of these.. but I clicked for the Eichner. Looooove you

  54. TheMessyMindOfEmily

    TheMessyMindOfEmily2 months ago

    I havnt watched this yet but jumping to comment BC my F. In excitement and I know this is F-in GREEEEAAAT

  55. Easton Silva

    Easton Silva2 months ago

    Rom is going to end up ALONE with his attitude

  56. Eddie Collins

    Eddie Collins2 months ago

    0:00 #grosspinkeye

  57. Audra Jones

    Audra Jones2 months ago

    Thank god for autocorrect

  58. Mika Lei

    Mika Lei2 months ago

    I love the idea but imagine getting outted by vanity fair

  59. Taylor Donaldson

    Taylor Donaldson2 months ago

    Who said romance is dead?

  60. Marco D. Ladrera

    Marco D. Ladrera2 months ago

    The amount of typos thank god for autocorrect

  61. Reginald Clarke

    Reginald Clarke2 months ago

    dragging, dragging, dragging... "NOTHING"

  62. Paula Lima

    Paula Lima2 months ago

    rom is the exact kind of human i imagine working at vanity fair.

  63. Mawanda Shannon

    Mawanda Shannon2 months ago

    You two should just go and sleep inside each other.

  64. Ashlynn Goldsmith

    Ashlynn Goldsmith2 months ago

    You guys should stop making fun of him

  65. Cordelia Lambert

    Cordelia Lambert2 months ago


  66. Elaine Kim

    Elaine Kim2 months ago

    this guy is killing Billy’s vibe.. yeesh

  67. Pablo Moreira

    Pablo Moreira2 months ago

    OMG! This guy is soooo boring! I know I'd have a awful date with him

  68. betterofallevils

    betterofallevils2 months ago

    I’ve never seen someone win the lottery this many times and just be like “same”.

  69. Fortress Of Movies

    Fortress Of Movies2 months ago

    Android keyboard and apple background mind blown

  70. Aditi Keertani

    Aditi Keertani2 months ago

    take a shot every time he says 'NOTHING' lol idk why but i love the sound of it

  71. jimmy neutron

    jimmy neutron2 months ago

    “I don’t like you Rom.” I LOVE YOU BILLY. So. Much.

  72. wethehiddles

    wethehiddles3 months ago

    This video made me mad for some reason

  73. Douglas Silva Alves

    Douglas Silva Alves3 months ago

    ohh god he is so annoying, pushing it to boredom, c'mon "Was this helpful?" "nah" SCREW YA GURL

  74. Andy Tihonow

    Andy Tihonow3 months ago

    Lets be honest the reason rom is single is because he is boring. Lol billy should have stopped listening to him and just put whatever he felt like putting.

  75. Decoy Rants

    Decoy Rants3 months ago

    This is so hilariously glorious

  76. Stacy Lala

    Stacy Lala3 months ago

    The guy on the duck phone looked like he was at the jersey shore house

  77. Brittany Kayy

    Brittany Kayy3 months ago

    Waite did he really think that guy was a real astronaut..? I hope not lol

  78. Lucas Massa

    Lucas Massa3 months ago

    I like his dog

  79. eggplant person

    eggplant person3 months ago


  80. sandomen123

    sandomen1233 months ago

    Bill is hot

  81. Edgar Aguilar

    Edgar Aguilar3 months ago


  82. Lauren Liccione

    Lauren Liccione3 months ago

    Lol if you liked billy in this watch the video where he makes conan o’brien a grindr profile it’s pretty funny 😆

  83. Jess Chrz

    Jess Chrz3 months ago

    God Rom SUCKS

  84. Romario Solomon

    Romario Solomon3 months ago

    So not funny

  85. René Vega III

    René Vega III3 months ago

    Can Billy help me with Tinder. I'm perpetually single on this slow march to death? I need a yenta!

  86. Ariel Anderson

    Ariel Anderson3 months ago

    Rom looks sooo sad about this.

  87. Alex Yee

    Alex Yee3 months ago

    Good lord, Rom is the worst! He even has guys trying to engage with him in conversation but he can't be bothered to respond?

  88. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt3 months ago

    not as funny as the straight ones...jusssayin

  89. richardrhcp

    richardrhcp3 months ago

    How does the phone time stay at 9:41 through the entire video? Hmmmm

  90. Elf Man

    Elf Man3 months ago

    Omg 😂 I want Billy to find me a boyfriend. Or you know. He could volunteer 😂

  91. lexi b.

    lexi b.3 months ago

    Rom’s a bit of a dull dud huh?

  92. Jake Miller

    Jake Miller3 months ago

    This man is the human equivalent of a saltine cracker

  93. Art

    Art3 months ago

    "im really excited 😐" LMFAOOOOOO

  94. Nubxei

    Nubxei3 months ago


  95. Gavin Burnes

    Gavin Burnes4 months ago

    Rom rlly thinks he’s smthing doesn’t he ?

  96. glooom

    glooom4 months ago

    i love rom lmao

  97. buttsatisfier

    buttsatisfier4 months ago


  98. sxedi’s void

    sxedi’s void4 months ago

    “I’m gonna look at Roberts lips,..... EW NO” i died, im now in my coffin rolling around😂

  99. Arpan Samuel

    Arpan Samuel4 months ago

    Whats wron with billys eyes?

  100. Ian Pleasant

    Ian Pleasant4 months ago

    Happy that Ram won’t be able to reproduce.

  101. Elle Dean

    Elle Dean4 months ago

    Billy is killing me in this vid. I hope he takes over my life someday and fixes me lmfaooooooo

  102. Pauline Eichner

    Pauline Eichner4 months ago

    We have the same last name???