1. Lily Argent

    Lily ArgentDay ago

    Ok 2 things like if you love school supplies and like if you actually really like school

  2. It’s Jaida and Kayla

    It’s Jaida and KaylaDay ago

    man intro is long

  3. Nur Adawiyah

    Nur AdawiyahDay ago

    2019 anyone?

  4. Jenny Valverth

    Jenny Valverth2 days ago

    rosieeo97 did u actually get it!?

  5. Jules Hash

    Jules Hash4 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  6. Jaziel Rodriguez

    Jaziel Rodriguez5 days ago

    I’m watching this in Tuesday 2019 June the16

  7. Lekshmi Subi Mukundan

    Lekshmi Subi Mukundan6 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  8. jayde weeks

    jayde weeks7 days ago

    Your eyes are really pretty

  9. Jay Prine

    Jay Prine7 days ago

    i’m going into 7th grade and i have to change schools and i have so much anxiety about these situations so i can relate to you like ALOT!💕

  10. Hannah D.

    Hannah D.10 days ago

    2019 anyone???

  11. Julissa Lucio

    Julissa Lucio13 days ago

    Plz do another back to school giveaway 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 this year

  12. Antoinque Jaja

    Antoinque Jaja16 days ago

    2019 Anyone?

  13. Sammy Aylward

    Sammy Aylward20 days ago

    20:52 that accent though 😉


    CHRISTINA ASSAF23 days ago


  15. keira Scott

    keira Scott25 days ago

    2019 anyone

  16. Wynter Grace cook

    Wynter Grace cook28 days ago


  17. Kimberly Pineda

    Kimberly PinedaMonth ago

    i was born in 2006

  18. lisaklara lisaklara

    lisaklara lisaklaraMonth ago

    I love your videos more einthing. 🤩😊😁. Keep going with you funny videos I love them. 🤩😊😁

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  20. Jadyn Mariee

    Jadyn MarieeMonth ago

    2019 anyone?

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  22. Alicia Grossi

    Alicia GrossiMonth ago

    2019 anyone? 🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎

  23. Jhourni Sharpe

    Jhourni SharpeMonth ago

    you cant force love

  24. Abby Jowell

    Abby JowellMonth ago

    Video starts at 11:53

  25. Leaira l

    Leaira lMonth ago

    2019 anyone?

  26. Emily Miranda

    Emily MirandaMonth ago


  27. chal chal

    chal chalMonth ago

    11:50 thank me later

  28. Yuliana Rodriguez

    Yuliana RodriguezMonth ago

    This just showed in my recommendation bar

  29. Clara Wolcott

    Clara WolcottMonth ago

    2019 anyone???

  30. krishna gurung

    krishna gurungMonth ago

    I had never get giveaway plz me

  31. Araya Smith

    Araya Smith10 days ago

    Uhh this is old

  32. Bailey Verr

    Bailey Verr2 months ago

    the haul doesn’t start until 11 min into the video?!!

  33. Pastel Dreams

    Pastel Dreams2 months ago

    2019 anyone ?? ;-; bruh...

  34. BiBi Shenaz Hoolash

    BiBi Shenaz Hoolash2 months ago


  35. Janah Jen Sancho

    Janah Jen Sancho2 months ago

    i like youre school suppilies

  36. Helen Holcomb

    Helen Holcomb3 months ago

    I was born in 4,11,08

  37. Catherine Tucker

    Catherine Tucker3 months ago

    Btw video starts at 10:25

  38. Megan Lynn

    Megan Lynn3 months ago

    2019 anyone

  39. keira Scott

    keira Scott3 months ago

    2019 lol

  40. Rosendo Abrica

    Rosendo Abrica3 months ago

    I hate school but I love going school shopping

  41. ღ•gαcн кιωι•ღ

    ღ•gαcн кιωι•ღ3 months ago

    Who here 2019?

  42. Shiba World - _-

    Shiba World - _-4 months ago

    I am soooooooo late lol

  43. mkraus00

    mkraus004 months ago

    Hi buddy

  44. Hailey Kostanko

    Hailey Kostanko4 months ago

    2019 anyone

  45. Alana Lewis

    Alana Lewis4 months ago

    When you realize you’ve been watching this video for 10 min but the school supplies didn’t start yet and it’s 2019 so you can’t even compete.

  46. Haley Leonard

    Haley Leonard4 months ago

    WOW its 2019 now

  47. Jasmin Stanley

    Jasmin Stanley4 months ago

    I was born Dec 1st 1996 😄

  48. Queen_Alex 1407

    Queen_Alex 14075 months ago

    I was born 2007

  49. Shadz

    Shadz5 months ago

    Is it bad that I'm watching this in 2019

  50. Bhupinder Sohal

    Bhupinder Sohal5 months ago

    I love your voids and you are the best MReporter channel

  51. Savannah Moseley

    Savannah Moseley5 months ago

    I love your vids