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  1. Ashley g

    Ashley g2 hours ago

    I just noticed ksi is in the background off this's video 😱😱

  2. Jimmy Salo

    Jimmy Salo4 hours ago

    This is actually pretty good!

  3. Dom Dan

    Dom Dan4 hours ago

    At 3:32 I died

  4. Allan Törngren - Elev Rosenfeldtskolan 5A

    Allan Törngren - Elev Rosenfeldtskolan 5A4 hours ago

    HOLY SHIT HE TOOK OFF HE'S JACKET! man a mad lad

  5. hima daak

    hima daak6 hours ago

    Man don't dance😻

  6. Dudud Lala

    Dudud Lala6 hours ago

    Edit : jest kurwa ogien

  7. Dudud Lala

    Dudud Lala6 hours ago

    racja , fajne

  8. ralougaa warla

    ralougaa warla7 hours ago

    Man dont dance Man dont eat Man dont poop Man dont hasbeen... oh wait ?!

  9. Kidoras

    Kidoras8 hours ago

    2:54 - stallin? *Boom boom* Soiuz nerushimyj respublik svobodnykh...

  10. Victor Armando

    Victor Armando10 hours ago

    Big Shaq takes of his jacket! 😲😲😲

  11. Copyrightstrike335

    Copyrightstrike33510 hours ago

    *M A D O G D U N C E*

  12. El Libra

    El Libra11 hours ago

    Man dont donss > Mans not hot

  13. KaelHD Rogan

    KaelHD Rogan12 hours ago

    Ksi is one of the best men lol

  14. Unepic Mr binks

    Unepic Mr binks13 hours ago

    KSI at the end👏

  15. Gusti Gerry

    Gusti Gerry13 hours ago

    Not hot 2

  16. Juicy Juice

    Juicy Juice14 hours ago

    Who saw KSI

  17. Scoped Acid

    Scoped Acid15 hours ago

    Huh never took off that hat once

  18. Kabir Chetia

    Kabir Chetia18 hours ago

    I gotta stay protactedtive

  19. Kabir Chetia

    Kabir Chetia18 hours ago

    Nooooooooo!!!! He took his jacket off!!! BETRAYED.

  20. chainsXsite me

    chainsXsite me18 hours ago

    He gotta stay *protecteded*

  21. Patrik Škof

    Patrik ŠkofDay ago

    Hmmm i wonder whats gonna be next.......🤔

  22. Gamingwith Wadi3

    Gamingwith Wadi3Day ago

    Next: Mans Dont Walk

  23. RaptorGamerYT

    RaptorGamerYTDay ago

    Next Man's not rich

  24. _Extracticdestiny_

    _Extracticdestiny_Day ago

    Says man don’t dance dances For half of the video

  25. David Malcolm

    David MalcolmDay ago

    Like if 2017 was the best

  26. Henry Oo

    Henry OoDay ago

    The beginning is trash but the rest is fire🔥

  27. Erick Oduk

    Erick OdukDay ago


  28. Onii chan

    Onii chanDay ago

    Yes Asneee

  29. Carlos Vilchez

    Carlos VilchezDay ago

    Scrambled ting

  30. Oloo Abel

    Oloo AbelDay ago

    Man don shout

  31. Bedollari Gena

    Bedollari GenaDay ago

    Mans not cry

  32. Ashton Joel

    Ashton JoelDay ago

    The hell was that Omg Its terrible

  33. navysealsman 123

    navysealsman 123Day ago

    *increase the volume ting.*

  34. Jayden Stinger

    Jayden StingerDay ago


  35. Awill2326

    Awill2326Day ago

    Does he know how to speak 😂😂😂😂

  36. Ashley rallos

    Ashley rallosDay ago

    M A D O D O N K S

  37. noah Bianou

    noah BianouDay ago

    Tu resenble a elinem

  38. Mike Thomas

    Mike ThomasDay ago

    I'm a big fan of yours.

  39. Роберто Ботев

    Роберто БотевDay ago

    Man don't sleep ! BIG SHAQ LEGENDS

  40. ТО Cloudy

    ТО CloudyDay ago

    20xx: Man not Asznee

  41. My roblox is Ravengerboss1

    My roblox is Ravengerboss1Day ago

    Next is Man don't learn

  42. DreamWeaver

    DreamWeaverDay ago


  43. WafflesAnimations

    WafflesAnimationsDay ago

    M A N D O N T D A N C E

  44. Spirux Gaming

    Spirux GamingDay ago

    0:47 da fuuu was the asian guy was saying

  45. Theophilus Silas

    Theophilus SilasDay ago

    How can someone sing such unintelligible songs, but at the same time are so contagious..... Like song after song......

  46. vkan1991

    vkan1991Day ago

    I said, "Babes, I’m a big man (big man) I got big plans, they call me Big Shaq I make the ting go quack from way back And I made "Man's Not Hot, " you know you like that" GOAT TINGS 🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Lordy Yuba

    Lordy YubaDay ago

    cool la chanson

  48. Callum Lowes

    Callum Lowes2 days ago

    Y is this not in top 40

  49. Etornam Rithesh

    Etornam Rithesh2 days ago

    Pround Ghanaian, man not hot.

  50. DoubleBoom

    DoubleBoom2 days ago

    0:14 that girl looks "scintillating"

  51. Gail Copeland

    Gail Copeland2 days ago

    What's next man dont breath

  52. Ahmet Skenderoviç

    Ahmet Skenderoviç2 days ago

    this is not a meme ? dislike

  53. Anna Swiba

    Anna Swiba2 days ago


  54. Negoita Marian

    Negoita Marian2 days ago

    0:02 Who the hell puts that much salt into their food

  55. Fuck YouTube

    Fuck YouTube2 days ago

    *yo babes*

  56. Sourav Krishna

    Sourav Krishna2 days ago

    Man dont hug

  57. DarthZiZi

    DarthZiZi2 days ago

    Would love to see song title "Mans don't cry"

  58. Junior Madeira

    Junior Madeira2 days ago


  59. Sheila Cummings

    Sheila Cummings2 days ago

    I like his voice, no homo

  60. Tarik GREEN

    Tarik GREEN2 days ago

    2018: man dont dance 2019: man dances

  61. Unιvєrs鿆Fเภเรh

    Unιvєrs鿆Fเภเรh2 days ago

    Mans don't Quack

  62. Zxrd Mvp! Mvp

    Zxrd Mvp! Mvp2 days ago

    2019 Mans don't sing

  63. Mysterious Boy

    Mysterious Boy2 days ago

    soo fking goooodd love it

  64. wim adriaenssens

    wim adriaenssens2 days ago

    An idee for your new song Mans don't cry

  65. Raul Rgl

    Raul Rgl2 days ago

    Skiriaka tucupumpum

  66. french geek

    french geek2 days ago

    Man Don't skrrrra

  67. outdatedmemer gamer

    outdatedmemer gamer2 days ago

    *takes of jacket* anotha one

  68. Bart Simpson

    Bart Simpson2 days ago

    Man don't give shits

  69. noah Antoine

    noah Antoine2 days ago

    Bigger than Shaw on craq

  70. roblox gamer

    roblox gamer2 days ago

    Man's Not Poop

  71. Jayden Draws Things And Stuff

    Jayden Draws Things And Stuff2 days ago


  72. Сhris Hansen

    Сhris Hansen2 days ago


  73. CDTheMinerDude CDTheMinerDude

    CDTheMinerDude CDTheMinerDude2 days ago

    He ate alot of ROAR SAUCE

  74. knee gur

    knee gur2 days ago

    2:04 I feel betrayed because he’s not wearing his jacket.

  75. Sim ?

    Sim ?2 days ago

    1:28 You can't deny-y-y (can't deny) You looked in my eye, eye, eye (right in my eye) When I walk by-y-y 'Cause you know that I'm fly-y-y Fly boy, they call me Let's turn you and I to we (fresh ting) She said, "Boy, you're silly" Then ran for her bus quickly No oyster, I didn't chase it (never chase) I just jumped in the whip and I paced it (skrrt) She started laughin', hemmin' and hawin' I said, "Man, this girl is stallin'" I said, "Babes, I'm a big man (big man) I got big plans, they call me BIG SHAQ Dawg that shit really catchy af bruh!!

  76. Zack Hylton

    Zack Hylton2 days ago


  77. Zack Hylton

    Zack Hylton2 days ago

    Man don't bark

  78. Ain'tNo Sellout

    Ain'tNo Sellout2 days ago

    This guy is the best 😂

  79. brown nuggets

    brown nuggets2 days ago

    put speed to 2 and calm down

  80. Syco Turk

    Syco Turk3 days ago

    Mans not hot - 2017 Man don’t dance - 2018 Man don’t die - 2019 Man don’t care - 2020

  81. Djoxii

    Djoxii3 days ago

    quick scient thing

  82. sugar_baby .101

    sugar_baby .1013 days ago

    4:19 chip???

  83. PolskaParodia

    PolskaParodia3 days ago

    its on itunes?

  84. Kayley Cawley-loftus

    Kayley Cawley-loftus3 days ago

    Anyone else notice ksi? No just me okay... Now I'm just gonna like my own comments cause no one else will😑

  85. shemar smith

    shemar smith3 days ago

    they didn't he kiss her board man

  86. MakzTV

    MakzTV3 days ago


  87. Lawrence Masuku

    Lawrence Masuku3 days ago

    Mr Frederick Tokombo

  88. Potato Sidekick

    Potato Sidekick3 days ago


  89. christopher axle Dechavez

    christopher axle Dechavez3 days ago

    0:34 big Shaq becomes pig shaq

  90. TManZ K

    TManZ K3 days ago

    1+1=2 Sauce and Dance.

  91. MultiSuiton

    MultiSuiton3 days ago

    0:27 that chick from the radio lol

  92. Salim Melzi

    Salim Melzi3 days ago

    0.55 Mans got hot

  93. Aleks Belczewski

    Aleks Belczewski3 days ago

    Ha ha Biq Szaq Michael dapah

  94. MTB FTW

    MTB FTW3 days ago

    Man don't crap

  95. Incental

    Incental3 days ago

    2019 = man don't eat 2020= man is jarring 2021 = man is going to heaven

  96. kgb448

    kgb4483 days ago

    man dont rap...

  97. Canab Ahmed

    Canab Ahmed3 days ago

    Mad singer

  98. Ярослав Доки

    Ярослав Доки3 days ago

    Русские есть??

  99. Pixel_Boi

    Pixel_Boi3 days ago

    bro KSI at the background 5:27

  100. JayGeeHD

    JayGeeHD3 days ago

    I never noticed Ksi was in the video😂😂