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  1. michu

    michu3 hours ago

    He atacc He protecc But most important He not danc

  2. RainXFlare

    RainXFlare9 hours ago

    When big Shaq said “He was on the mature Type ting” I felt that

  3. MicroNinja27

    MicroNinja2712 hours ago

    Who here in 2019?


    XXHYPER NINJAXX13 hours ago

    I actually didn’t know asnee was chunkz

  5. Sarah Buckland

    Sarah Buckland17 hours ago

    I seen that raw sauce...

  6. TTV - M1gHtYSqmxxr

    TTV - M1gHtYSqmxxr17 hours ago

    “Carbohydrates,make man hydrate” Time to sue my science teachers for not letting me pass my test.

  7. Muhammad Shad

    Muhammad ShadDay ago

    My man 😎

  8. King Ironic Glowing Mind

    King Ironic Glowing MindDay ago

    Top ten rappers 21 Savage was afraid to diss

  9. The Owlets

    The OwletsDay ago

    BBIBIBIBBBBIg track from... BIG shq kakakak lol

  10. The Owlets

    The OwletsDay ago


  11. Fade_Gagan Ban

    Fade_Gagan BanDay ago

    Shaq *Wears a big jacket for three years* God *YOU MUST WEAR A SMALL JACKET ITS NOT TIME* Shaq Ok

  12. Gatogo

    GatogoDay ago




    Man got hot and took of his jacket

  14. Daniel Hirst

    Daniel HirstDay ago

    Does anyone else think this is better then mans not hot

  15. HAZ 27

    HAZ 272 days ago

    Scootnoo I see you with that diet! 👌 #newyearnewme

  16. Selena Jackson

    Selena Jackson2 days ago

    dangggg this would be chad from hsm2's bop

  17. SoccerLemon

    SoccerLemon2 days ago

    this man is genius

  18. Baron2y5

    Baron2y52 days ago

    Yeaaaahhhh maaaannn young filly in the building

  19. Brooke Johnson

    Brooke Johnson2 days ago

    Everyone: Man don't dance BIG SHAQ: Man don't donce

  20. gondz_

    gondz_2 days ago

    0:49 when ur teacher keeps the whole class in for detetnion

  21. Jnome Sweneax

    Jnome Sweneax2 days ago


  22. Betty Sibhatu

    Betty Sibhatu2 days ago

    Is that guy sat on the table with them Chunkz?!

  23. All Rounders

    All Rounders2 days ago


  24. X guccigangbunny

    X guccigangbunny3 days ago


  25. m james jake

    m james jake3 days ago

    why i dance

  26. YoIbzHere

    YoIbzHere3 days ago

    Who noticed ksi?

  27. skarlet the unicorn squad skIy

    skarlet the unicorn squad skIy3 days ago


  28. Evans Banda

    Evans Banda3 days ago

    the f*** is this??

  29. Jeremiasz Markowski

    Jeremiasz Markowski3 days ago


  30. NA King

    NA King3 days ago

    When is next bigshaq

  31. Malik Ghariss

    Malik Ghariss3 days ago

    Make your music Shaq! like if u want more of his shit its actually good tbh the flow is insane

  32. Beastgame8

    Beastgame84 days ago

    Takes of jacket Top 10 anime power ups

  33. Daniel Andergård

    Daniel Andergård4 days ago

    the beat is the best in the world

  34. Dansk Folkeparti

    Dansk Folkeparti4 days ago

    Man dont brexit #Boris Johnson

  35. Roblox_Guy_ 101

    Roblox_Guy_ 1014 days ago

    next is man's got shot

  36. Timon Loul

    Timon Loul4 days ago

    I got gassed when I saw KSI

  37. PROKS 7

    PROKS 74 days ago

    English (UK) English (US) English (Australia) English (Sean Paul) English (Big Shaq)

  38. -Misteristir09-

    -Misteristir09-2 days ago

    PROKS 7 Just replace “I’m” with “Man” and you’re sorted.

  39. Mikey

    Mikey4 days ago

    Is she the girl who pulled him on scintillating?

  40. Александр Толмачев

    Александр Толмачев4 days ago

    Тот самый случай, когда запад скоммуниздил идею у A-DESSA

  41. Khoi Pham

    Khoi Pham4 days ago

    3 0 0 0 ?

  42. 1HourLife

    1HourLife5 days ago

    5:35 is nobody gonna notice ksi in the background? xD


    VOLTIC_NAZ13 hours ago

    I see that

  44. แมนนี่ ซี้ได้น่ะ

    แมนนี่ ซี้ได้น่ะ5 days ago

    ทำไมกูชอบ555💕 มีคนไทยมั้ยว่ะ เสตป1 2 ชายไม่เต้น

  45. bene dito

    bene dito5 days ago

    Bro just don't take off ur jacket b coz u know "MANS NOT HOT".

  46. I'm.WajoGaming

    I'm.WajoGaming5 days ago

    What he saying😑😑😑

  47. Oprina Catalin

    Oprina Catalin5 days ago

    2:20 best part

  48. Valentin Ion

    Valentin Ion5 days ago

    Str8 fire

  49. Unknown_X _Toxic

    Unknown_X _Toxic5 days ago

    0:38 chunkz!!

  50. Anime Joel

    Anime Joel5 days ago

    Today.. Is the day..

  51. ええクァン

    ええクァン5 days ago

    2:20 Skidi-ah-pa-coo-too-coo-boom (coo-too-coo) Skidi-ki, a-poom-poom (poom-poom)

  52. TNT NO

    TNT NO6 days ago


  53. Just Bob

    Just Bob6 days ago


  54. Daniel Patsalou

    Daniel Patsalou6 days ago

    Aside all the jokes this kinda bangs 🔥🔥

  55. Lir Dibrani

    Lir Dibrani6 days ago

    Albania ❤🔥🔥🔥

  56. Rillepeter Örni

    Rillepeter Örni6 days ago

    5:31 ksi?👀

  57. ian hayes

    ian hayes6 days ago

    do people really listen to this shit?

  58. XIIUltraMarineCamIIX

    XIIUltraMarineCamIIX6 days ago

    I hate slang!!!

  59. NotAWeeaboo Ok

    NotAWeeaboo Ok6 days ago

    *takes off sweater in 2020* MANS DON'T BREATH

  60. My Thoughts

    My Thoughts6 days ago


  61. Squad Hero MM

    Squad Hero MM6 days ago

    Big shaq najJaj ajajaj bajaajajaj

  62. Seth Herzi

    Seth Herzi7 days ago

    We need a new Banger this year Mr Shaq 💜

  63. Adolf Stalin

    Adolf Stalin7 days ago

    Oh fuck he took off his jacket. Shits gonna get real

  64. Daniel Clift

    Daniel Clift7 days ago

    Is this guy actually a rapper or is this a joke ? Can only find 2 songs and both load of rubbish

  65. Faris The animal

    Faris The animal7 days ago

    is that WILL.I.AM AT 4:42?

  66. Ryan

    Ryan7 days ago

    What sort of retard listens to this shit!!


    SENGO SENGO8 days ago


  68. Krish Gangaram

    Krish Gangaram8 days ago

    The first lady's impressions were my impressions to him while watching this video😂

  69. Leon Bayat

    Leon Bayat8 days ago


  70. Kiz Foster

    Kiz Foster8 days ago

    And the

  71. Java Zap

    Java Zap8 days ago

    1940: In the future, we will have flying cars 2018: Big Shaq dabbing on a camel

  72. Doing Things With Kavi

    Doing Things With Kavi8 days ago


  73. Bert Angle

    Bert Angle8 days ago

    next song - man dont eat

  74. Rafi Gt125

    Rafi Gt1258 days ago

    1:20 miss to pick the toast lol

  75. Kaworu Nagisa

    Kaworu Nagisa9 days ago

    What's next

  76. LillChuff

    LillChuff9 days ago

    Literally a black man squad there in de end

  77. Oluwatoyin Alo

    Oluwatoyin Alo9 days ago

    Man don’t dance ya dun now bro

  78. Małpa Z Dżungli

    Małpa Z Dżungli9 days ago

    I tupak też

  79. Xim- R6siege -apeX

    Xim- R6siege -apeX9 days ago

    Legend.. I used this song in one of my videos I dont youtube for money but I think I serv money to those I use music from to the sorce.

  80. Имя Фамилия

    Имя Фамилия9 days ago


  81. Ethan Miller

    Ethan Miller9 days ago

    KSI XD 5:36

  82. Carl Fearby

    Carl Fearby10 days ago

    oh my lord... no not him, mine, is music REALLY this bad, I need to close my Spotify

  83. Oscar Whatley

    Oscar Whatley10 days ago


  84. Batuhan Erdogan

    Batuhan Erdogan10 days ago

    When There is a season 2 for the show

  85. Silmäbussi

    Silmäbussi10 days ago

    2:19 the greatest part

  86. Dylan Hanratty

    Dylan Hanratty10 days ago

    Ksi ???

  87. Małpa Z Dżungli

    Małpa Z Dżungli10 days ago

    Peja tu był

  88. Дарья Кукоба

    Дарья Кукоба11 days ago


  89. wicked_ knight

    wicked_ knight11 days ago

    Fredrick decumbow

  90. Samadack

    Samadack11 days ago

    Fucking legend

  91. PocketRocket 1

    PocketRocket 111 days ago

    U made 1 song buddy. Ur not Kanye

  92. fawaz ousmane

    fawaz ousmane11 days ago

    Bigggg shaqqqqqqqqq

  93. Nurlan Mustafayev

    Nurlan Mustafayev12 days ago

    What is next ? Man not fuck ?

  94. chris harper

    chris harper12 days ago

    ok no big shaq just stop your head is a meme

  95. Shaggy

    Shaggy12 days ago

    ay yo why you do this big shaq

  96. Ruben Uijl

    Ruben Uijl12 days ago


  97. Per Kuehme

    Per Kuehme12 days ago


  98. Anthony Shackleton

    Anthony Shackleton12 days ago

    Where are you

  99. A Man

    A Man13 days ago

    Normal rappers: how do I start my song. Big Shaq: Increase that volume ting..

  100. Jiya Kaur

    Jiya Kaur3 days ago


  101. The Adek

    The Adek5 days ago

    Pitbull: mr worldwide

  102. ɢɨքֆʏ ᎪᏉᎬᏁᎶᎬᏒ

    ɢɨքֆʏ ᎪᏉᎬᏁᎶᎬᏒ11 days ago


  103. chidi sethosa

    chidi sethosa13 days ago

    No what I am wondering is was he bathing when she said he weared the jacket 1 year straight

  104. BoxOfTrics

    BoxOfTrics13 days ago

    WTF is this :))))))

  105. Tony Niameh

    Tony Niameh13 days ago

    @4:36 is so funny. What was he trying to achieve?

  106. herne ankka

    herne ankka13 days ago

    Ba jai jai

  107. Abdirahman Hussein

    Abdirahman Hussein13 days ago

    At 5:27