Starship | Earth to Earth


  1. GINGERNINJA- Unseen Warrior

    GINGERNINJA- Unseen Warrior9 hours ago

    Great job, now how much would a ticket be ?

  2. BradenBoykoTV

    BradenBoykoTV2 days ago

    I would pay $100k just to visit space... so paying ~5k for a flight that goes into space seems too good to be true

  3. Ethan Sailer

    Ethan Sailer2 days ago

    Wow just think about that you could fire a bullet on one side of the Earth and fly to the other side and still have hours to spare before it would even reach you that is if the bullet would travel that far and maintain supersonic speeds for that amount of time.

  4. itZJojo

    itZJojo3 days ago

    Okay,but who pay this huge sums?

  5. Evan Privett

    Evan Privett3 days ago

    Seriously? Sign me up for the first flight, please and thank you.

  6. jordy van rossum

    jordy van rossum4 days ago

    Ksp 2 is lit with real planet names

  7. Davenn

    Davenn4 days ago

    Do you think we would start a war just cuz we crashed it in lets say china.

  8. Gijs Vermeulen

    Gijs Vermeulen4 days ago

    yes hello wtf

  9. Diego García

    Diego García4 days ago

    Incredible, but the music name please.

  10. Danny Lel

    Danny Lel5 days ago

    How will we survive the g-force?

  11. XY ZW

    XY ZW5 days ago

    Haha you lost elon. I made a star ship in ksp that costs less then 2k dollars and has a living space of 100 kerbals.. HAHHAHA

  12. _ _

    _ _5 days ago

    Yeah, I'd like to get yeeted to the other side of the earth on a rocket please! xD

  13. Science Games

    Science Games8 hours ago


  14. Another random guy

    Another random guy6 days ago

    It takes me 30 minutes to get to school and this BFR can get to another continent in 30 minutes

  15. Martin Kreutz

    Martin Kreutz6 days ago

    This would be great, finally I can visit my waifu at Japan

  16. Moisty Dictator Mist

    Moisty Dictator Mist6 days ago

    It's called starship now? Wtf? Can you make up your mind about this rockets name Elon?

  17. Gamimg GeoGamer

    Gamimg GeoGamer8 days ago


  18. Danforth Paleontologist

    Danforth Paleontologist10 days ago

    Wait, have you thought of the reproductions? That’s a sitting bomb on a platform, I mean, it’s not going to take off, it’s going to blow up immediately when activated because the last thing you should do is fuel it when you should pay attention to the bad side and not just the good side. This is going to fail miserably, I promise you that, we are going to Mars yes, but the unreasonableness of using these resources for this is stupid.

  19. Cain Arathoon

    Cain Arathoon10 days ago

    If this works. I am boarding first class all the time

  20. Diego Delillo

    Diego Delillo11 days ago

    Menem lo hizo!

  21. PHENOMENAL gaming world

    PHENOMENAL gaming world12 days ago

    But why wasting this much fuel already earth have limitations of fuel let the time waste and stfu go with 1 hour trip save Earth for more people what if your mars plan failed then telling you this is so much wastage

  22. geheimschriver

    geheimschriver13 days ago

    Why do so many sheeple think that Elon Musk can solve all the issues NASA, ESA, the Russian and Chinese space agency were never able to resolve. One of every 100 manned rockets launched explodes, making it almost 10,000 more dangerous compared to traveling by car. Musk is a physics anarchist.

  23. swagg wad

    swagg wad13 days ago

    me (in Canada): Mom can I go to Paris for lunch? Mom: Sure son make sure your back before dinner

  24. Jay Pandya

    Jay Pandya13 days ago

    these people are crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Let's Gaming YT

    Let's Gaming YT15 days ago

    Trip cost?

  26. somya shree swain

    somya shree swain16 days ago

    I was wondering about the .... U know G- force thing... For which astronauts train for years.

  27. FH - Side Booster

    FH - Side Booster17 days ago

    Somebody changed the title 🤔

  28. Rayshan Jaumally

    Rayshan Jaumally19 days ago

    But Elon What about the pollution?

  29. Gaming Champ

    Gaming Champ19 days ago


  30. Meganex

    Meganex20 days ago

    That's amazing!!!

  31. Gaming Champ

    Gaming Champ20 days ago


  32. Abdoufan Light

    Abdoufan Light20 days ago

    Elon will host meme review

  33. bingo_fuel

    bingo_fuel21 day ago


  34. Jon Freeman

    Jon Freeman22 days ago

    The only problem with this idea is this rocket will be loud as hell. Plus the sonic booms from all of the landing burns. The pad would have to be remote so space x doesn’t piss everyone off in these cities.

  35. Chase Sellers

    Chase Sellers22 days ago

    I want to know hey they will dim out the noise when it takes off and lands

  36. Федор Фомин

    Федор Фомин24 days ago

    That looks unpractical and gonna (probably) fail.

  37. Niklas Gfeller

    Niklas Gfeller24 days ago

    But you all forgot one thing: How much it will cost?

  38. I love Vidz

    I love Vidz25 days ago

    I like the idea but still the sonic booms are a problem

  39. lukak

    lukak25 days ago

    wut 2 fek?

  40. George Pavlov

    George Pavlov25 days ago

    It's a very interesting idea!

  41. Kalvin Johnny

    Kalvin Johnny26 days ago

    1950: in future we will have flying cars 2018: WE DID IT!

  42. Vinos

    Vinos26 days ago

    This wont be a thing

  43. Vinos

    Vinos17 days ago

    +Broccoli_32 Just bcs you want something to happen really bad doesnt mean it will. What if that rocket explodes , what happends then . The shockwaves would send a tsunami towards the city. Or what if theres a faliure . Does the rocke6 just crash down on the city killing thousands. Theres a reason we launch those things towards the sea

  44. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_3217 days ago

    Vinos Yes it will.

  45. Vinos

    Vinos17 days ago

    +Broccoli_32 this wont be a thing for the next 100 years*

  46. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_3217 days ago

    Vinos Yes it will, the only question is when.

  47. Kaze LAB Games

    Kaze LAB Games27 days ago

    This is the future.


    I LIKE MEMES28 days ago

    I’d expect that boat to be powered by Merlin engines!

  49. Charles Gancarz

    Charles Gancarz28 days ago

    Please make this a reality already!!!

  50. No Return

    No Return29 days ago

    This is going to be the start of a new transportation era.

  51. văn phú phùng

    văn phú phùngMonth ago

    in the near future it will be very dangerous

  52. Kev Shre

    Kev ShreMonth ago


  53. Антоп Котов

    Антоп КотовMonth ago

    Работай Илон Маск, никого не слушай, ты все правильно делаешь 👍

  54. Ojas Deshmukh

    Ojas DeshmukhMonth ago

    sorry..... but i'm pretty sure we are running out of fuel...... i would prefer to travelling for 12 hrs rather than starving the guys in 2060 I am hopeful for a moon base and stuff but this is just unnecessary..

  55. metropod

    metropodMonth ago

    Starving them of what? You're making an incorrect assumption. The Raptor engines on the BFR system and the BE4 engines on the Blue Origin New Glen and ULA Vulcan will all use liquid methane as their fuel, something we physically can't run out of so long as life exists and exists naturally in abundance throughout the solar system. Meanwhile, the SLS will reuse space shuttle hardware, so will use Liquid Hydrogen as it's fuel, the most abundant element in the known universe.

  56. Dr. Invader;}

    Dr. Invader;}Month ago

    ELON MUSK!!!!

  57. Liam Friederici

    Liam FriedericiMonth ago

    This is an amazing concept. Hope this really happens!!

  58. The Amazing Spatterman

    The Amazing SpattermanMonth ago

    I thought Elon Musk was planning to *_fight_* climate change.. 😖

  59. Brandon Tseng

    Brandon TsengMonth ago

    Will there be Artificial Intelligence existing in the Starship rocket 🚀?

  60. Brent Smith

    Brent Smith28 days ago

    Yes, in some sense. SpaceX's Falcon 9 already has an AI on board. It's just not very smart at anything other than flying rockets.

  61. awsome gamer boy 301

    awsome gamer boy 301Month ago

    9,323 dollars please man: I was told 9,322 dollars woman: wall that's plus tax man: never mind i'll take a plane

  62. High Ground Productions

    High Ground ProductionsMonth ago


  63. High Ground Productions

    High Ground ProductionsMonth ago

    +Kev Shre way more than an airliner tho

  64. Kev Shre

    Kev ShreMonth ago

    Not that much! Starship only takes 7 million dollars per launch, and thats for everything, not just fuel. 7 million is about how much a vehicle that carries 20 kg into orbit costs, while starship carries 100000+ kg!

  65. metropod

    metropodMonth ago

    it runs on methane, you could literately fuel it via a septic tank

  66. FortNikitaBullion

    FortNikitaBullionMonth ago

    By the time such technology is possible, technology will also eliminate the need to go to Shanghai anyway, you could just work remotely. So it'll mostly be recreational travel we're serving.

  67. Kev Shre

    Kev ShreMonth ago

    Are you sure that this will happen by the 2020's? SpaceX already made a starship hopper! Starship superheavy might be operational by 2020!

  68. Jean Michel Pelletier

    Jean Michel PelletierMonth ago

    Reeven sa te prendre un ferry made in Australie

  69. Graziano rapanà

    Graziano rapanàMonth ago

    Che cacata pazzesca........

  70. seven

    sevenMonth ago


  71. Arctic Bork

    Arctic BorkMonth ago

    wasn't it named BFR at the time of this video? why does the title say S?tarship

  72. Arctic Bork

    Arctic Bork28 days ago

    +Brent Smith I think now he's made up his mind. the second stage is claled the statship but the fully stacked rocket is the BFR

  73. Brent Smith

    Brent Smith28 days ago

    Because Elon changed the name. Again. Back in 2016 it was called ITS. Before then it was called MCT. Back in 2012 it was Falcon XX. It seems he just can't make his mind up.

  74. Mythical Motionless

    Mythical MotionlessMonth ago

    What if the rockets made a mistake heading to wrong directions will just go far away from the earth? Will it be the pilot is operating rockets?

  75. That Guy

    That GuyMonth ago

    Wouldn't a sound oppression sprinkler system be required?

  76. fry taylor

    fry taylorMonth ago

    Can we crowdfund for flat earthers to take the first trip?

  77. balalajke accordeone

    balalajke accordeoneMonth ago

    musk genius air saller! one of the best for now in the world! good work!

  78. Robert

    RobertMonth ago

    This is so amazing.

  79. Jenifer Mason

    Jenifer MasonMonth ago


  80. Alejandro Rosas

    Alejandro RosasMonth ago

    Space x will make half life 3

  81. Emmanuel Castro

    Emmanuel CastroMonth ago

    How much would a ticket cost?

  82. 태선우TaeSunWoo

    태선우TaeSunWooMonth ago

    Around standard economy flights

  83. balalajke accordeone

    balalajke accordeoneMonth ago

    just now and only for u almost nothing! send me 1000$ via paypal and i ll send u ticket

  84. Globglogabgalab

    GlobglogabgalabMonth ago

    Im the gloglogabgalab

  85. Eric Rapp

    Eric RappMonth ago

    I definitely thought this was being made for other reasons than a much faster flight from country to country...

  86. Santi Russo

    Santi RussoMonth ago

    it is

  87. Stealthy Cessna

    Stealthy CessnaMonth ago

    But it will cost a lot of money

  88. ChapDatText

    ChapDatTextMonth ago

    This new mode of travel is a great way to "kill time"

  89. JonathanDaGamer

    JonathanDaGamerMonth ago

    Title chanfes

  90. what am i doing with my life

    what am i doing with my lifeMonth ago

    Just realized they changed the title.

  91. Рамис Зорге

    Рамис ЗоргеMonth ago


  92. Kai Cheung

    Kai CheungMonth ago

    elon r u ok

  93. Joe Howard

    Joe HowardMonth ago

    Would be interested to know whether there would be an age limit on this. By the time it becomes a reality I'll be an old man. It would be a wonderful goal to have as the years start to dwindle away. Elon and Spacex deserve so much credit just for restoring a little faith and excitement into people's lives, or at the very least, mine

  94. Joe Howard

    Joe Howard27 days ago

    +Brent Smith here's hoping.

  95. Brent Smith

    Brent Smith28 days ago

    John Glenn flew to space on the Space Shuttle at age 76. I think anyone in reasonable health should be able to go.

  96. Kev Shre

    Kev ShreMonth ago

    I doubt you'll be too old in a decade! It will take less than 20 years, at most.

  97. Glitched Blox

    Glitched BloxMonth ago

    What happened to the title?

  98. Tao

    TaoMonth ago

    *Spacetime is a bubble inside Absolute Goodness*

  99. Michel Mélinot

    Michel MélinotMonth ago

    The 24hour-Starship-challenge : 6:00 AM running in Los Angeles, 9:00 AM breakfast in New York, 1:00 PM lunch in Paris, 4:00 PM snack in Bangkok, 7:00 PM dinner in Hong-Kong, 11:00 PM party on Sydney's beach, 3:00 AM last drink in Cape Town, 6:00 AM back in Los Angeles to sleep.

  100. CombraStudios

    CombraStudiosMonth ago

    The whole surface will be mirror polished steel and all windows will be golden like the Apollo astronaut helmets. The color of booster is unknown but in both cases the vehicle will look stunning, whether it will be one giant mirror pillar standing on the launchpad reflecting the clear blue sky or just a 1930s planes style starship lifted by snow white booster with obsidian black elements and interstage like the Falcons we're familiar with.

  101. José Sanchez

    José SanchezMonth ago

    Yessss!! 👍👍👍🎆🎄🎄🎄❄️❄️❄️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  102. DigikidForever

    DigikidForever2 months ago

    It is COMPLETELY WRONG for Elon to call this a Starship when it IS NOT. A Starship is capable of flight to OTHER SOLAR SYSTEMS....and this cannot do that whatsoever and it never will be able to. This is a SPACESHIP and nothing else. Get it right Elon/SpaceX!!!!!

  103. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_3217 days ago

    DigikidForever Tell that to Boeing’s Starliner pal.

  104. marclapin

    marclapinMonth ago

    why falcon 9 is not a falcon ?

  105. John J14

    John J14Month ago

    Cheese Pizza Future versions will...... what?

  106. Sam B.

    Sam B.Month ago

    Future versions will ya dingus

  107. John J14

    John J14Month ago

    DigikidForever Technically... it is capable of going to other star systems. There’s nothing stopping SpaceX from putting it on a trajectory out of our solar system towards Andromeda, except the fact that it would be pointless due to the time it would take to get there (10,000+ years). If it is even possible, we are likely a long, long ways from interstellar travel. Even if it were possible today, you would have to bring every one of your friends and family with you, otherwise you would never see them again due to time dilation. So my point is.. they can name the ship whatever they want as it may never be possible to have a spaceship which can go system to system quickly. And even if you could, how many would sacrifice everything they love to go visit a new place? My guess would be not many.


    ELIOTT TYYACK2 months ago

    thank you elon musk and spaceX your rockets are awesome i hope you can put crew capsules in orbit

  109. Firma

    Firma2 months ago

    So... I can drink my Suntori whisky in Tokyo and come back every evening? But then... I will never meet Scarlett Johansson. I demand jetlag!

  110. abs • Jinx

    abs • Jinx2 months ago

    But how much would it cost?

  111. Alon TheBest

    Alon TheBest2 months ago

    Thats amazing

  112. FYTO Arpit

    FYTO Arpit2 months ago

    Elon musk:- Where are my f**king grid fins animators

  113. Dean Su

    Dean Su2 months ago

    That stealth-edit tho

  114. Quinn S

    Quinn S2 months ago

    The 1.7k people who disliked this are flat earthers.

  115. Joy Alexander Nuñez Peralta

    Joy Alexander Nuñez Peralta2 months ago

    Yeah 40min by 40 million

  116. robert carbno

    robert carbno2 months ago

    What able G force on liftoff for the passengers. Would it be safe for people with heart conditions like pacemakers, would it be safe for infants or pregnant women. Would it be safe for people with undetected medical problems. Another problem with a huge up swing in rocket launches in the numbers of hundreds per day how will the earth dissipate that massive increase in atmospheric heating. And my final problem launch windows are problematic because of all the space junk around the earth. I think this is an interesting thought but ultimately will be undo able because of these and a lot more problems that would have to be worked out before attempting it commercially. I do hope it can happen I just don't think it will happen for travel on earth.

  117. robert carbno

    robert carbnoMonth ago

    +Sam B. sounds reasonable

  118. Sam B.

    Sam B.Month ago

    I'm sure they'll need to be in good health to pull that many Gs. I don't think infants or pregnant women would be able to go. For undetected medical problems, it would be as safe as going on a rollarcoaster, still risk involved. If a person thinks they're in good health, and that there is nothing wrong with them according to a medical professional, they should be able get on. The upswing in rocket launches is very gradual, I'm guessing when Earth to Earth comes online, it will do maybe 1 a month, eventually after ~10 years getting up to hundreds. Other launch companies will do the same. Starship/SuperHeavy will use Methane, which is the cleanest fossil fuel, which wouldn't contribute much pollution compared to things like gasoline. Many space companies are following suite such as Blue Origin and their New Glenn rocket. Your final problem is incorrect, launch windows are and will be problematic because of erratic weather and vehicle problems. Space junk is a problem, but not one of the main ones, and companies now-a-days are much more careful compared to early spaceflight. Starship will actually be able to recover old space junk and clean up problematic areas, leaving more room for more launches. Not sure if it would be a problem in the first place because Starship would mostly be in the atmosphere and the apoapsis may only come in contact with a junkyard orbit for a short period. Don't take my word on that though!

  119. BosonCollider

    BosonCollider2 months ago

    Huh, the title got updated.

  120. SCT

    SCT2 months ago

    Who got confused by the title?

  121. John theux

    John theux2 months ago

    Why do you change the title if you have no replacement name ???

  122. lipzi

    lipzi2 months ago

    yoooo it got renamed

  123. Anonymous

    Anonymous2 months ago

    I'll miss the name Big F****** Rocket

  124. Danforth Paleontologist

    Danforth Paleontologist10 days ago

    Don’t worry, it’s probably going to blow up on the launch sight the first time people launch it, they didn’t think this through thoroughly enough to actually succeed in doing it.😂

  125. PHENOMENAL gaming world

    PHENOMENAL gaming world12 days ago



    FACTZ OVERDOSE17 days ago

    +Bitan Saha That's the official name but real men call it big f***ing rocket.

  127. Bitan Saha

    Bitan SahaMonth ago

    Big Falcon Rocket Right?



    +The Amazing Spatterman He is the owner of Tesla which produces electric cars. That counts, I guess.

  129. Dobra Laurentiu

    Dobra Laurentiu2 months ago

    So is it called starship now instead of bfr ?

  130. Kev Shre

    Kev ShreMonth ago

    Yeah. SuperHeavy is the name of the first stage

  131. richystar2001

    richystar20012 months ago

    I think Elon Musk has seen the future... Where the Rich will live and coexist comfortably in protected walled cities.. and would have to be shuttled by sub orbital rockets... or by underground supersonic hyperloops to other protected walled cities. With 11 Billion Third World immigrants flooding to all corners of the globe by 2040 the line between Super rich and exsteme poverty will be a 25 meter wall. Within will be paradise.. on the outside crippling disease.. starvation and slavery... Freedom will bow to Socialism and ruling class elitism. China and the Eurobloc will be the first to enact this new Authoritarianism. Followed slowly by the rest of the world. Protected Transport for the Elites will be assured when visiting their cities within the CEU. Chinese European Union.

  132. Mike Alvarez

    Mike Alvarez2 months ago

    How about noise levels? Rockets are extremely noise and even the reentry generates shockwaves.

  133. Анонимный Комментатор •,•

    Анонимный Комментатор •,•2 months ago


  134. Kev Shre

    Kev ShreMonth ago

    Yeah it will do that too