BFR | Earth to Earth


  1. Lil Bread On Skates

    Lil Bread On SkatesDay ago

    Then: We can transport you to any country in a hour. Now: We can transport you to any country in a minute.

  2. Ramadhan Abdul Rahman Pixie

    Ramadhan Abdul Rahman PixieDay ago

    This is just wasteing Recources

  3. Pichon de Piloto

    Pichon de Piloto3 days ago

    his visions and his inventions impress me a lot. Totally this guy is a genius of the engineering of the future. Amazing Elon

  4. Big Falcon Rocket

    Big Falcon Rocket6 days ago

    Humanity will fly to Mars on the flaming wings of a big falcon rocket.

  5. Bilbo_Gamers

    Bilbo_Gamers6 days ago

    Imagine commuting from one side of the Earth to the other for work.

  6. Mauricio Ojeda C.

    Mauricio Ojeda C.8 days ago

    Vean mi canal. Ustedes podrían morir de el gusto. Podemos salvar al planeta. Solo necesito ayuda.

  7. Andrew Wang

    Andrew Wang8 days ago

    Altitude sickness taken to the next level.

  8. FatManDaily

    FatManDaily10 days ago

    Take my money, and make it real!

  9. While you read my long name I steal your Cookies

    While you read my long name I steal your Cookies12 days ago

    This is bullshit

  10. ktri

    ktri16 days ago

    Loved those shaders

  11. KBrown92604

    KBrown9260417 days ago


  12. Gabriel Lopes

    Gabriel Lopes17 days ago

    O meu sonho é ser astronauta🚀🚀🚀

  13. David Ball

    David Ball17 days ago

    One day Elon will stand on a stage and say "You can now buy a ticket to Mars" and I will dry hump the nearest person

  14. V21633

    V2163318 days ago

    When we are trying to reach other planets but people cannot just wait on a plane.

  15. 2PrO

    2PrO19 days ago

    Big F*!?*!ng Rocket :)

  16. Mastercrap 42123

    Mastercrap 4212320 days ago

    Won't ever get past this animation I'm afraid Rocket transport won't ever be safe or affordable enough compaired to any airplane Plus it is not possible to launch such a huge rocket many times a day Good to have dreams but don't feel bad if they don't work out

  17. Rick Lokers

    Rick Lokers19 hours ago

    And you're saying this with your overwhelming knowledge in rockets and engineering?

  18. Edwin Robert

    Edwin Robert20 days ago

    Nothing compared to my BMFR, the Big MotherFucking Rocket which i made in ksp

  19. Edwin Robert

    Edwin Robert20 days ago

    Hats. Cars. Flamethrowers. Tunnel Boring Machines. Rocket that lands itself on a boat. *A BIG FUCKING ROCKET THAT TAKES YOU ANYWHERE IN HALF AN HOUR. Elon?*

  20. Romas J.

    Romas J.21 day ago

    Sorry, but does not seem neither plausible nor practical. For starters - astronauts train for years and are in good physical shape not without a reason - average joe cannot just so simply survive rocket takeoff and rocket landing.

  21. Hannibal MW

    Hannibal MW21 day ago

    how fule efficient is it compared to an airplane?

  22. Rick Lokers

    Rick Lokers18 hours ago

    It's obviously worse since it isn't an air breathing engine although the lack of drag during most of the flight balances some out.

  23. Hannibal MW

    Hannibal MW19 hours ago

    Yea i am

  24. Rick Lokers

    Rick Lokers19 hours ago

    You serious?

  25. Nomekop 777

    Nomekop 77722 days ago

    Yeah, but (as far as I know) rocket fuel isn't cheap. This isn't a bus ticket, this is a rocket ticket. How much is this going to cost?

  26. Marcos Marcos

    Marcos Marcos23 days ago

    #1 Space x #1

  27. SchneeGansGabi Quests

    SchneeGansGabi Quests24 days ago

    OMG This is aweseome. :D

  28. ProXima

    ProXima24 days ago

    Born too late to explore the Earth, Born too early to explore the stars, *born just in time to explore dank memes.*

  29. ProXima

    ProXima24 days ago

    I'm crying rn because of how beautiful this is. This is absolutely amazing. To realize we're living in a time where we get to witness the beginning space travel becoming affordable and more available to everybody is a dream come true.

  30. Jonas Wille

    Jonas Wille25 days ago

    You guys are crazy

  31. Casy Leer

    Casy Leer25 days ago

    as a sceptist I must say this is very well made animation, it's not real footage from the moment they showed the rocket taking from start to finish is this an advertisement if so I wanna go up....

  32. Domino the Dominator

    Domino the Dominator29 days ago

    Wait, wouldn't this be a really expensive alternative to airlines? I mean, it costs 10,000 US dollars to put a pound of payload on a rocket.

  33. vegguid

    vegguid4 days ago

    Domino the Dominator they say it will be between a economic and business class. If that will ever happen is questionable.

  34. Constant Throwing

    Constant ThrowingMonth ago

    Please can I be the first meme channel to travel on one of these?

  35. Justineastrolabio6

    Justineastrolabio6Month ago

    Big Falcon Rocket or Big F*king Rocket

  36. Big Falcon Rocket

    Big Falcon Rocket27 days ago

    Justineastrolabio6 I hate having to censor my name

  37. Alexandru Costache

    Alexandru CostacheMonth ago

    This will surely happen ! With your amazing rockets anything is possible !

  38. Ancho

    AnchoMonth ago

    this would be good if the launch didnt put so many stress and g's on the passengers

  39. Rick Lokers

    Rick Lokers19 hours ago

    Around 3g max.

  40. mcferkyou mootly

    mcferkyou mootlyMonth ago

    Hope he has a solid plan moon does need a base

  41. Tristan Popken

    Tristan PopkenMonth ago

    (What will happen in a few decades) If 1 hour of school gets canclelled. Me in the break: Lets go to america or somewere eat lunch and get back. Teachers: aah you took the bfr. Was it a nice ride?

  42. S A

    S AMonth ago


  43. Kim Parish

    Kim ParishMonth ago


  44. Antartic Penguin

    Antartic PenguinMonth ago

    I don't like this idea. Think about pollution. And how any times it will be launched.

  45. vegguid

    vegguid4 days ago

    This will be more eco friendly than a plane because it's using methane. Which is created using co2 so the net emission will be 0

  46. NicoAW

    NicoAW29 days ago

    Antartic Penguin rockets wouldn't pollute that much, 1000 gas cars can probably compare with this, so this wouldn't pollute to much, at least not bad amounts.

  47. Adepic

    AdepicMonth ago

    Sounds good. Doesn't work.

  48. Rick Lokers

    Rick Lokers19 hours ago

    I fingerbanged your mom last night.

  49. A.J. Bensinger

    A.J. BensingerMonth ago

    In my lifetime

  50. Chris Alex

    Chris AlexMonth ago

    BFR actually stands for Big ******* Rocket

  51. hey7328

    hey7328Month ago

    this would bring jetlag to a whole new level. rocketlag

  52. Person

    PersonMonth ago


  53. Samar Pratap Singh

    Samar Pratap SinghMonth ago

    So, till when will it be ready to lift off?

  54. Blinklith

    BlinklithMonth ago

    Besides, it works in kerbal space program!

  55. sexydemn

    sexydemnMonth ago

    А как приземлятся ? Илон

  56. Clad Fish

    Clad FishMonth ago

    The concept okay but it will cost more than a usual flight!

  57. Rick Lokers

    Rick Lokers19 hours ago

    And you know that because of your overwhelming expertise on engineering?

  58. NicoAW

    NicoAW29 days ago

    Clad Fish ya at first, but just like every new technology, when it starts and is not mass produced it costs a lot, then the costs go down quite a bit after.

  59. STC

    STCMonth ago

    In future, we will remember we used to say "You can't reach there that fast unless you ride a rocket" as a joke.

  60. Big Falcon Rocket

    Big Falcon RocketMonth ago

    Bass boosted version please

  61. Drk Kioli

    Drk KioliMonth ago

    The supersonnic boom ???

  62. vegguid

    vegguid4 days ago

    Drk Kioli yea this idea is questionable

  63. Jayden Marvel

    Jayden MarvelMonth ago

    Exposed: This is a teleportation device!

  64. Benjamin Jacobson

    Benjamin JacobsonMonth ago

    I hope this... heh... takes off

  65. Valério Valério

    Valério ValérioMonth ago

    i live in dourados, mato grosso do sul, brasil. here will have this transport too? i think this transport will are only for peoples of first world.

  66. The Penguin

    The PenguinMonth ago

    We need the Enterprise

  67. MeGamer24

    MeGamer24Month ago

    Ahahahaha did you know BFR means 'Big Fucking Rocket' Nice choice of words u got there

  68. Thomas Fuller

    Thomas FullerMonth ago

    Global Warming 2.0

  69. Luka

    LukaMonth ago

    Thomas Fuller it runs on Methlox, which is just liquid methane, which can be extracted from the atmosphere. All this does it blow it back out.

  70. Павел Шильцов

    Павел ШильцовMonth ago

    Илон удачи да прибудет с тобой сила

  71. Ludwig Thoma

    Ludwig ThomaMonth ago

    To all of spacex, YOU ARE AWESOME

  72. Minh Anh Hoàng

    Minh Anh HoàngMonth ago

    Why not Vietnam

  73. FaqUrNwoBS

    FaqUrNwoBSMonth ago

    ticket price : $5000 car gas price : $8 a gallon

  74. RedCrow201

    RedCrow201Month ago

    Great job, please don,t go bankrupt i have trust you that you will get the human civilisation to mars

  75. Ivan Petrov

    Ivan PetrovMonth ago

    какая же залупа!

  76. Samjb1900

    Samjb1900Month ago

    This doesn't seem very cost effective

  77. Luka

    LukaMonth ago

    Samjb1900 spaceflight is known to be expensive, because for the past 50 years we’ve been throwing parts of rockets away. The BFR is designed to be completely reusable, just like an aeroplane.

  78. NicoAW

    NicoAWMonth ago

    Samjb1900 you think elons goal with this is money? Nothing hes done has been for profit, he does the things that he does to advance humanity. Of course you need money for that, but Elon isn't doing it for the money.

  79. Pete Sayer

    Pete SayerMonth ago

    How the hell did they make this video and with what

  80. Luka

    LukaMonth ago

    Pete Sayer probably something like Cinema 4D and a few other programs.

  81. GodeZilla Ribeiro

    GodeZilla RibeiroMonth ago

    pesquisei eleaskaduhbsv sahn vbrf b e apareceu isso ?

  82. Valério Valério

    Valério ValérioMonth ago

    é o futuro

  83. Triskilion

    TriskilionMonth ago

    1:03 Why is it flying retrograde?

  84. Triskilion

    TriskilionMonth ago

    ah nvm thought it was going to orbit lol

  85. Ja sam

    Ja samMonth ago

    Cool, traveling in ICBMs ^^

  86. wohord

    wohordMonth ago

    Yeah... How much does a ticket cost FFS I ain't paying $10,000 for that lol

  87. wohord

    wohordMonth ago

    Wow. Elon just gets it lol

  88. Luka

    LukaMonth ago

    wohord it’s estimated tickets will be in between standard economy and buisness class prices.

  89. kuZmaXa YT

    kuZmaXa YT2 months ago

    cool shit bro

  90. Alto's Music Lab

    Alto's Music Lab2 months ago

    elon elon elon elon, lets build 80 ft statues of elon in every city... stop giving money to the government boobs

  91. MrOggo123

    MrOggo1232 months ago

    Clown's face at the left side of the screen 1:14

  92. Malteser

    Malteser2 months ago

    Shouldn’t it be big f***ing rocket instead of big falcon rocket?

  93. Luka

    LukaMonth ago

    Malteser it is Big Fucking Rocket. Big ‘Falcon’ Rocket is an unofficial nickname.

  94. C R I P P L I N G D E P R E S S I O N

    C R I P P L I N G D E P R E S S I O N2 months ago

    SpaceX is a great company, Elon Musk is a good guy and I have a lot of respect for him Though earth to earth rocket transportation is just not commercially viable, weather conditions at takeoff and landing have to be perfect, and the chance of the rocket crashing anjd everyone onboard dying is still higher than 1% which is WAY worse than regular air travel Plus, rocket engines are way less efficient than jet engines in general, you'd be wasting fuel for nothing, as well as putting CO2 over the atmosphere which would be intolerable in a mass travel aspect Plus you'd have to take a boat (perhaps the slowest means of mass transportation) to get to an offshore platform VERY FAR AWAY from the city to prevent shockwaves from a rocket's explosion from affecting the city Just reaching the platform, and passing through security with all passengers would take at least an hour Refueling a rocket that size takes at least 10 hours so you need a lot of platforms to do multiple flights a day If weather conditions are not optimal at destination then all passengers would have to keep seated basically on a Kiloton methane/oxygen bomb Rockets are designed to take us to the stars, not to other places on earth.

  95. Rick Lokers

    Rick Lokers17 hours ago

    If that makes you feel better then go ahead.

  96. C R I P P L I N G D E P R E S S I O N

    C R I P P L I N G D E P R E S S I O N17 hours ago

    ✔ Using a shitty excuse to avoid considering valuable arguments

  97. Rick Lokers

    Rick Lokers17 hours ago

    When your response begins with "hahahaha" you basically forfeit. Good luck.

  98. C R I P P L I N G D E P R E S S I O N

    C R I P P L I N G D E P R E S S I O N17 hours ago

    Haha you do know that you need energy to break CO2 and H2O molecules to turn it into any type of fuel right? That energy doesn't come from nowhere, you need to produce it somehow, and yes, that would require either renewables that could otherwise power cities, or fossil fuels. Plus pulling CO2 out of the air would be much more inefficient than just producing methane from sewage and bacteria. Filling such a craft full of passengers will take several minutes, obviously, exposing a great number of people to a risk of the whole ship blowing up Fueling a rocket takes a lot of time on land, because it is high quantities of chilled liquid fuels that you do not want to spill or have high static charges. 4000 tons of liquid fuels require time to be loaded safely, being offshore doen't help for the refueling speed Security is not the same as an aircraft's, becaus you can deal with engine failures, loss of pressurization, electronic failures, and mechanical failures in an aircraft. An aircraft is design to be able to glide evn without any power, you can even steer it and have redundant mechanical, electronic and hydraulic systems. Plus, aircraft do not carry superchilled liquid oxygen tanks onboard which are one hell of a fire and explosion hazard as it is a powerful oxidizer. Planes are more efficient for travel as they do not require constant thrust to remain in the air, they do not have to carry heavy tanks of oxidizers as the oxidizer is already present in the atmosphere. Do you have less drag in space? Yeah, but so do airliners at cruising altitude which is about 30 000 feet where they have about a fourth of the drag of sea level And so did the concorde, which had under 10% of the atmospheric pressure at cruising altitude, but it was not really known for being that fuel efficient was it? You're going to need to take a boat to get to an offshore platform, or at least some kind of hovercraft, which is still going to take some time as the platform would need to be far away from any city and you would need to include boarding, etc... The BFR is a rocket, engineered to bring machinery and humans into orbit and beyond, not replacing airliners

  99. Rick Lokers

    Rick Lokers18 hours ago

    Weather is only a consideration when your rocket functions at it's upper limits of performance. Some Russian rockets are engineered as tanks and can take off during rain and wind. You don't know how the BFR is engineered and what the safety rating is. Fuel efficiency is partly compensated by lack of drag. In any case if the fuel is affordable it shouldn't be a problem. Methlox can be made from C02 out of the atmosphere making it CO2-neutral. Who said anything about a boat? Security and stuff is the same as with aircraft. There is no loss or gain either way. Why do you believe fueling this rocket would take 10 hours? Obviously you don't board unless you're going to fly. This rocket is in fact designed to take us from point to point on earth. It is literally designed for it.

  100. Max Davis

    Max Davis2 months ago

    Can you imagine what would happen if the engines failed over somewhere like New York, all that fuel would create a large explosion and a lot of people would die

  101. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersMonth ago

    On the Falcon 9, the engines are designed so that the blast from a failing engine could be absorbed, and I'm sure this would be very similar for the BFR

  102. StarkosGuy

    StarkosGuy2 months ago

    Please release the music that plays in the video XD I have a feeling that it's going to be the BFR official jingle, lol


    TANSTAAFL2 months ago

    Yeah, I like science fiction too...

  104. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_32Month ago

    This isn't science fiction.

  105. J.M. Zimmer

    J.M. Zimmer2 months ago

    This idea is cool, but the trip may cost too much to be really useful. I personally think we should wait to have different and much more efficient propulsion systems before continuing our human conquest of space.

  106. Luka

    LukaMonth ago

    J.M. Zimmer the rockets fully reusable. Tickets are estimated to be in between standard economy and buisness class rockets.

  107. Chananyu_ Khunhanz

    Chananyu_ Khunhanz2 months ago

    1 of 10 of this comment people is can be on the BFR Rocket.

  108. Tech Mate

    Tech Mate2 months ago


  109. Edwin Robert

    Edwin Robert2 months ago

    But you still don't have enough legroom

  110. Fran Cisco

    Fran Cisco2 months ago

    Te agarra un jet-lag de la gran flauta

  111. LA Prepper

    LA Prepper2 months ago

    I am going to spend the rest of my life trying to get a job with this AMAZING company.

  112. Francesco Roson

    Francesco Roson2 months ago

    God! You dudes are geniouses!!!!

  113. Peter Trauma

    Peter Trauma2 months ago

    ....for under $1,000.00 USD.

  114. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_32Month ago

    Actually about $5000

  115. Episch Erds

    Episch Erds2 months ago

    If this is going to happen, flath earthers will not exist anymore.

  116. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_32Month ago

    This will happen and flat earthers will just say you've been Drugged or some shit logic doesn't apply to them

  117. Agustín Goy

    Agustín Goy2 months ago

    Menem's dream

  118. Nifty Fingers

    Nifty Fingers2 months ago

    The BIG SIMPLE question: What is the fuel efficiency/pollution comparison with the BFR network, and regular airplanes? Not disregarding the fact that this is a beautiful video.

  119. vegguid

    vegguid4 days ago

    Short answer it doesn't pollute.

  120. Nifty Fingers

    Nifty FingersMonth ago

    We have enough cows already, i'm sure you've heard of the "methane contributing to global warming" conclusion. We don't need giant space cows flying people around, ON TOP OF all the regular sized cows we have. That's just like throwing more tires on a tire fire.

  121. Luka

    LukaMonth ago

    Nifty Fingers it’s a natural gas. Cows release it when they fart.

  122. Nifty Fingers

    Nifty FingersMonth ago

    I don't want machines running on meth... people on meth is bad enough.

  123. Luka

    LukaMonth ago

    Nifty Fingers the BFR runs on Methlox, very cold liquid methane, which is pretty much carbon neutral.

  124. Alex Chan

    Alex Chan2 months ago

    what you will hear from the next generation: I went into g-force blackout on my way to school today

  125. Dáin Ironfoot

    Dáin Ironfoot2 months ago

    Don't get me wrong. I love SpaceX. But to be honest, this is pretty stupid.

  126. Mahesvara [][][][]

    Mahesvara [][][][]2 months ago

    STupid? nope...... this will happen in 10-20 years time.......... people says landing rocket in impossible well spacex prove them wrong........ like every new technology....... there will be doubt.......... but once it is proven people use it like there is no tomorrow....... the only question is when is this going to happen? we don't know...... at least spacex is starting to create the BFR now...... that's all we know........

  127. Jack 5

    Jack 52 months ago

    @1:11 if you look in the dense city lights, you can see a rocket, kinda like this one

  128. Maly Pivo

    Maly Pivo2 months ago

    Im a fan, but I have to say - this seems quite excessive.. Also, you know - when rich people die - they tend to shoot documentaries about the crash, people talk about it.. Its quite risky.. Dunno, but why not I guess..

  129. Maly Pivo

    Maly Pivo2 months ago

    I guess it comes down to fuel efficiency .. I mean if it burns 20x more "fuel" then a Concorde would - I then feel like 4 hours is good enough :)

  130. Mahesvara [][][][]

    Mahesvara [][][][]2 months ago

    excessive? nope...... this will happen in 10-20 years time.......... people says landing rocket in impossible well spacex prove them wrong........ like every new technology....... there will be doubt.......... but once it is proven people use it like there is no tomorrow....... the only question is when is this going to happen? we don't know...... at least spacex is starting to create the BFR now...... that's all we know........

  131. The MLG2468

    The MLG24682 months ago

    Elon musk I need 2000 stock shares

  132. WuzNab

    WuzNab2 months ago

    Honey I'll be taking the rocket to buy some fresh produce from China.

  133. Karl Themel

    Karl Themel2 months ago

    I think the BFR-shuttle is what NASA´s Space Shuttle was meant to be if you can operate a fleet of them and do a rapid turn-around between missions (days? hours?). Nobody has done yet in orbit refueling of a large space shuttle other than supplying maneuvering fuel to the ISS. Once the technique is perfected, fuel obtained from the moon needs to come out of a much shallower gravity well than fuel from the surface of the earth: perhaps, there is a way to use LH2 and O2 for the earth-escape burn as there are lots of oxides and some water on the moon. A later 12m to 15m tank diameter booster might lift larger and heavier components (Nova class). Using a booster module of some kind with several BFR-shuttles attached reminds of Kim Stanley Robinson´s Mars ship with BFR-shuttles replacing converted Space Shuttle tanks. Perhaps not every habitation vessel needs to a planetary lander, too. Best of success with this vital project. Sincerely, and hopefully not too schoolmasterly, Karl Themel

  134. Luc Rolland

    Luc Rolland2 months ago

    From Montreal to Paris in 30 minutes then that would be very nice. Indeed, we will need better transport in our cities since too many people drive cars. Why not invest in the super-monorail ?

  135. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_32Month ago

    You mean like hyperloop...

  136. StikAnimates

    StikAnimates2 months ago

    Welp, that replaces airplanes then

  137. Can_Of_Beans

    Can_Of_Beans2 months ago


  138. US Army Ranger YT

    US Army Ranger YT2 months ago

    BFR sounds like Big Friendly Rocket

  139. OnlyProducts

    OnlyProducts2 months ago

    1:15 Evil Clown in the city lights. Wat the f ? :S