BFR | Earth to Earth


  1. Jorge E

    Jorge E11 hours ago

    The most important step on space exploration and rocket trips around the earth has already happened and SpaceX made it possible, reutilization, which reduces the budget problem and opens the door for it to succeed. The rest is all about time.

  2. Joe Allen

    Joe Allen14 hours ago

    That would be nice, but the noise!

  3. Daniel Whyatt

    Daniel Whyatt22 hours ago

    Yeah, I much prefer this design to the new one Elon has just unveiled.

  4. John Slayton

    John Slayton23 hours ago

    Your move flat earthers

  5. JamesonWhiskey810

    JamesonWhiskey810Day ago

    Soon all major countries will be nuking each other... with obnoxious tourists!

  6. Rocky28447

    Rocky28447Day ago

    Imagine applying this to cargo transport. You could order something on Amazon and it would be at your door in 3 hours.

  7. Rocky28447

    Rocky28447Day ago

    Whenever somebody complains about Elon doing something stupid, just show them this and remind them who Elon really is.

  8. bookmobile 77

    bookmobile 77Day ago

    So the bfr is the rocket? The video doesn't say.

  9. Ultralagger R.E.V

    Ultralagger R.E.V2 days ago

    New BFR First Japanese private man to fly around the moon. GO SPACEX!!!!!

  10. Rocket Tech Spaceflight

    Rocket Tech Spaceflight2 days ago

    Departs: 7:00 AM Flight Time: 39 minutes Arrives: 7:39 PM Logic.

  11. ShogunZ RBLX

    ShogunZ RBLX2 days ago

    need window seat.Can't wait for the big f***ing rocket release

  12. zone8848

    zone88483 days ago

    i went downstairs to buy a burger, before i finish the burger, he is landing on the other side of the earth.

  13. octet33

    octet334 days ago

    "anywhere on Earth in under an hour" Maybe if Tesla's self-driving tech gets somewhere, otherwise it'll be two hours just to the spaceport. Also, either Musk's fixing the TSA next, or it's gonna be another 2 hours to get past them. Also, is the flight experience traveler-friendly?



    I love this music !




  16. Sadi Mannan

    Sadi Mannan4 days ago

    Fund mongering projects that wont happen.

  17. Belthazor22

    Belthazor226 days ago

    shitty cgi

  18. Henry R

    Henry R7 days ago

    I really don't understand why people think Musk is a hero. He's never even made a single penny with Tesla nor SpaceX. Soon, both of these companies will probably go bankrupt once people realize he's basically just a visionary who can't deliver.

  19. what am i doing with my life

    what am i doing with my life8 days ago

    Ambitious, but strangely possible.

  20. Milanutje

    Milanutje8 days ago

    Elon r u ok?

  21. Adam Ladd

    Adam Ladd9 days ago

    Looks awesome but I don’t think it will ever happen people will always choose cheaper but slower over more better but more expensive and there is no way this could be cheaper. Though that being said this is space x and Elon musk we are talking about so who knows

  22. Romner_set

    Romner_set9 days ago

    Big Fuc- oh wait i should not make fun of SpaceX and Elon. Its Big Falcon Rocket. Sorry.

  23. Scott Morton

    Scott Morton9 days ago

    All Musk needs now is some company to start mass producing EVs in order to reduce the demand, and therefore the price, of oil in order to further reduce a major cost of space travel.

  24. formaset

    formaset10 days ago

    As soon as I saw that rocket separation, it’s aFAIL. Do you know how much space junk we have up there orbiting earth from previous launches? Soon, it will be impossible to go to space, as it will be extremely dangerous colliding with those things. It takes 250 years for them to fall back down.

  25. Ealboy Munch

    Ealboy Munch10 days ago

    i thought the BFR was going to mars...

  26. Rabin Rai

    Rabin Rai10 days ago


  27. Qasim Abrar

    Qasim Abrar10 days ago

    How much do you think the ticket will cost? I pray that this really works because it would change the world.

  28. Robbert Wilfred

    Robbert Wilfred13 days ago

    Aren't we running out of fuel ?

  29. Woof, Woof

    Woof, Woof13 days ago

    not possible or probable, this was thought up in the 60s and was not safe or economically viable. One ticket on this death machine would have to cost a half a miilion dollars!

  30. Weltaz

    Weltaz14 days ago

    Mr ELON MUSK if you hear me (read my message) please note that: The best name for the "BFR" is "TAXIS" for : " Transport Aerospace X ( for "across" ) Interplanetary Ship " or like " Yellow cab " And in the future, I can reveal you : the brother of the ship "TAXIS" (or BFR) will total : 12 meters wide in diameter and will be called "JUMBO" your two interplanetary ships will be the most used space vessels in the history of mankind for centuries to come. I can unfortunately not tell you how I know this. Thanks for All Weltaz

  31. hubsvids

    hubsvids15 days ago

    All I'm gonna say is: What happened to the Concorde, Elon?


    INFINITY FIELD TH18 days ago

    Bangkok to Dubai? I am Thailand so.... People Thailand can fly now in the future 😂

  33. AG GGG

    AG GGG18 days ago

    what about G forces?

  34. David Batteau

    David Batteau19 days ago


  35. Simon Plaît

    Simon Plaît19 days ago

    Isn’t that quite diabolical with Tesla?

  36. Cuppa Tea

    Cuppa Tea19 days ago

    How Much Will This Cost?

  37. Илья Салтыков

    Илья Салтыков20 days ago

    Эээх, когда то это станет реальностью

  38. alagavat puşt

    alagavat puşt20 days ago

    Vay amk

  39. sam chan

    sam chan22 days ago

    The speed of the boat should be similar to the speed of spirit of Australia if they don’t want the speed of the boat cancelling out the time saved by the BFR. (511.11 km/h!)

  40. Antonio Estrela

    Antonio Estrela23 days ago

    elon musk you created the best private space company you have eeven docked in the iss so well done please make the interplanetary transport sistem work

  41. KrishPlayZ Theo Town And more!

    KrishPlayZ Theo Town And more!25 days ago

    Window seat please elon

  42. Richard Li

    Richard Li27 days ago

    1:15 That's a great map of Shanghai

  43. Snax [51TH]

    Snax [51TH]28 days ago

    I think we would need a few of those BFR to put all flat earthers to orbit, prove them they were wrong, and then... let them in orbit. It's better that way.

  44. ShOne Shaji

    ShOne Shaji28 days ago

    Wow, all hail Elon Musk.

  45. Aerohk

    AerohkMonth ago

    ICBM development is banned by the government.

  46. hitman

    hitmanMonth ago

    I love Elon musk

  47. 《REÐJIVE》

    《REÐJIVE》Month ago

    Jesus Christ SpaceX

  48. Alejandro Coloma Sainz

    Alejandro Coloma SainzMonth ago

    o yeah, the big f****** rocket

  49. Alejandro Coloma Sainz

    Alejandro Coloma SainzMonth ago

    o yeah, the f****** rocket ;)

  50. Automation

    AutomationMonth ago

    Elon Musk you are great...

  51. Coop Dog

    Coop DogMonth ago

    Lol when billionaire doesn’t think his last rocket was big enough goes and makes a bigger rocket and names it big fucking rocket. How many cars u gonna fly into space this time Elon lmao

  52. ANVOfficial

    ANVOfficialMonth ago

    It's incredible - first, the concorde was invented; London to NYC in 3 and a half hours. Now Elon Musk is pushing the boundaries, making it possible to get there in under an hour. Amazing.

  53. Janek11012002

    Janek11012002Month ago

    How much for the ticket? :>

  54. Alwin Stock

    Alwin StockMonth ago

    Infinety awsome !!!!!!!!

  55. Priyankar Calicut

    Priyankar CalicutMonth ago

    Your mars mission probably won't work well until you develop a better propulsion. Better to you fund on EM drive, radiation pressure or space elevator first.

  56. Amine BM

    Amine BMMonth ago

    can i pre-order a seat?

  57. its alive…

    its alive…Month ago

    pollution 100 vomit 100 cost 9000

  58. KillinItGames

    KillinItGamesMonth ago

    Only elon musk names a rocket the the BFR As in big **********g rocket

  59. TheLegend 7.0

    TheLegend 7.0Month ago

    Elon Musk=Albert Einstein. In the amount of change they both are making to the world

  60. FLYNXS

    FLYNXSMonth ago

    One thing is that u wil need to resist the g force to take of

  61. Sanjeev Chourasia

    Sanjeev ChourasiaMonth ago

    And how will the costumers resist the g force ??

  62. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa29 days ago

    It's rather straightforward for them to have the rocket launch with lower G-forces; it's automated.

  63. Dmitry Shap

    Dmitry ShapMonth ago

    Nobody would let them to build rocket landing so close to the city.

  64. 100 Star Gaming

    100 Star GamingMonth ago

    Wow so many singapore names apear!! Wish the real one can come to singapore so like me a fellow singaporean can exprience one

  65. Tagheuer Woods

    Tagheuer WoodsMonth ago

    I don't know if people are realizing how much our world is changing especially thanks to people like Musk. Every time I get bored I think about all of the innovation being brought out to the world and try to imagine how far we can get in a given period of time, our specie is wonderful.

  66. Tindahbawx

    TindahbawxMonth ago

    Imagine paying the ticket price of that and then getting an aisle seat.

  67. Mr_ Mega

    Mr_ MegaMonth ago

    I hope it will be available as soon as possible

  68. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa29 days ago

    Within the next 10 years is the plan.

  69. jesuisboso

    jesuisbosoMonth ago

    Glamorous and gorgeous.

  70. taha8T1

    taha8T1Month ago

    oh Gs

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    President Cosmic natural health therapy associationMonth ago


  72. President Cosmic natural health therapy association

    President Cosmic natural health therapy associationMonth ago

    luck you



    I wish SpaceX or Elon Must launch the bfr earlier

  74. Felpi

    FelpiMonth ago


  75. Sabrina Nysveen

    Sabrina NysveenMonth ago

    Nope. No way. Absolutely not. No thank you. #totallyterrified

  76. Ganjar Wijaksana

    Ganjar WijaksanaMonth ago

    Can't BFS fly on it's own without BFR if it's just an Earth point to point flight...? I mean it's not like BFS needs to orbit the earth for such flight right...?

  77. LordMarkvirs

    LordMarkvirsMonth ago

    oh yay im gussing its 100k

  78. roflcopters270

    roflcopters270Month ago

    0:38 space x likes to use that sound for the bigger rockets animations... the used the same one for the ITS animation

  79. Edwin Robert

    Edwin RobertMonth ago

    When i saw that boat, i was like Thats a fast boat to get there in 40 mins

  80. Lainney T

    Lainney TMonth ago

    i don't like shanghai,and i never go there again,those people are just so unfriendly and too selfish,they just let me feel sick and disgusting.

  81. S_M_E_G_G

    S_M_E_G_GMonth ago

    best way to waste your rent money

  82. NoMad

    NoMadMonth ago

    Thank you for travelling with space X airlines, that will be $250,000. Have a nice day

  83. *Wyatt B* ,

    *Wyatt B* ,2 days ago

    First passengers are Billionaires and millionaires. 50 successful flights later, it will be in the $100,000-$50,000 range, then 50 successful flights later, it will be ~$1000 per flight.

  84. Peter Selie

    Peter SelieMonth ago

    You could probably add a couple of zero's to that.

  85. future shock

    future shockMonth ago

    I just creamed my trousers

  86. Cindy Tepper

    Cindy TepperMonth ago

    The guy thinks he can build an electric semi-truck and charge it with solar. Possible? Yeah sure. Economically viable? Not in your wildest dreams. What kind of costs do you think are involved in putting up 1/2 of an acre of solar panels and the huge storage battery needed for each and every truck? Just to buy the panels is close to $400,000. The charging infrastructure is probably going to be in the millions per truck. Good luck selling that

  87. 111danish111

    111danish111Month ago

    Transportation companies do not have patience for all that charging crap in my opinion. They would probably be interested by Hybrids I am guessing .

  88. émouvant non

    émouvant nonMonth ago

    Cloud spacex respond to our comments

  89. QuickPlay

    QuickPlayMonth ago


  90. 111danish111

    111danish111Month ago

    I wish them great success however at the moment this seems like PURE SCIENCE FICTION . Even the first commercial flight is a decade or decades away I feel . 7392 miles in 39 minutes . That is an average speed of 11372 miles per hour which is MACH 14.8 . Fascinating stuff .

  91. He Man

    He Man2 months ago

    What about space lag?, you leave your country at 6pm and it only takes 30 mins to get to the other side of the planet, but when you arrive it's gone 6am........

  92. He Man

    He Man2 months ago

    When I travel on this for the very first time i'm gonna play James Brown singing "super highway, coast to coast"

  93. HKG5sentsp

    HKG5sentsp2 months ago

    this is roughly equal to riding a ICBM....

  94. Peter Selie

    Peter SelieMonth ago

    But a lot more fuel under your butt.

  95. Quinn Von Kerman

    Quinn Von KermanMonth ago

    HKG5sentsp But with less G force and no nukes

  96. can we get 500 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS!?!

    can we get 500 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS!?!2 months ago

    Great but not great because New York and shanghai are heavily populated Areas with a lot of people and a lot of plane flights (and New York is a major harbor I see huge shipping boats and cruise ships coming in all the time so you can’t launch in the middle of the harbor) so that can be very disturbing for everyone

  97. 2PrO

    2PrO2 months ago

    Big f***ing rocket :D

  98. Berton

    Berton2 months ago

    "reliability on par with the average airliner" What the f. This guy is tripping balls. The average airliner has 1 in a million chance to crash. This guy thinks he can make a rocket as safe as 1 in a million. For this you need to fly hundreds of rockets each day without a single accident for 30 years straight. Be real

  99. Welyum

    WelyumMonth ago

    Reliability is not safety

  100. émouvant non

    émouvant non2 months ago

    I think it would take a solar sail wiht a ionic booster I'm 13 Years old and I know I'm in avenge on my time

  101. Obi-Wan Kannabis

    Obi-Wan Kannabis2 months ago

    How anyone can take Elon Musk seriously after this bullshit is beyond me. Everyone at Space X knows this isn't feasable in the least.

  102. angelNNdevil

    angelNNdevilMonth ago

    You know whats motivating the folks at SpaceX to build this? This vision by Elon. Don't underestimate the power of a compelling vision which people want to believe in. When people "want" to believe it, it becomes a self full-filling prophesy.

  103. Peter Selie

    Peter SelieMonth ago

    ha. Well actually, it would be pretty comparable, expect for the reusability. But still you would have the following problems: - You would have a significant chance of dying. - You cannot launch a rocket within 10-15 miles of the nearest city/town. This reduces you potential launch sites and increases travel time, while reducing travel time was the who point. - You shouldn't launch rockets over populated area's. This reduces potential launch sites to pretty much only coastal area's, and you could only launch towards the ocean. - It would be ridiculously expensive, because the fuel alone would cost more than a plane ticket. And the fuel is comparatively cheap.

  104. Welyum

    WelyumMonth ago

    Obi-Wan Kannabis The saturn 5 is not at all the same thing

  105. Obi-Wan Kannabis

    Obi-Wan Kannabis2 months ago

    The rocket itself is possible. Hell, the Saturn V is almost the same thing and was made in the 60s. The problem is that the reusability and practicality of actually traveling around the world using rockets is absolutely unrealistic. If you don't think that you do not understand any basics of rocketry. For instance how many people has space X taken to space so far? 0. That's it. 0. They want to develop a human transport system around the Earth, but they haven't even taken a single human to low Earth Orbit yet. Space X is all marketing, no end product. They still rely on government funding while NASA still has to pay the russians to take them to space. They promise reusable rockets when their rockets aren't reliable enough for human transport yet, so they make even more ridiculous claims of Earth to Earth. I wonder how much time it'll take before they delete this video and pretend they never promised this, because let's face it, it's never going to exist. It's not safe. It's not cheap enough. It's not practical to just save a few hours of travel. It is a childish fantasy that no one with a single drop of scientific literacy would take seriously.

  106. Luka

    Luka2 months ago

    SpaceX are currently building the vehicle. The engines, fuel tanks, and many other things have already been built and tested. All the technology exists.

  107. Aayush Patel

    Aayush Patel2 months ago

    That's a cool way to go to your cousin halfway across the globe

  108. sam chan

    sam chan2 months ago

    The crazy g-force won’t be a good thing.

  109. Luka

    Luka2 months ago

    There wouldn't be much G-Force

  110. riba texano

    riba texano2 months ago


  111. pendraco2000

    pendraco20002 months ago

    Gotta love all the people in here calling Elon a "Snake Oil Salesman" and forgetting he's the guy who got PayPal to be as successful as it is, and unlike Mark Suckerberg, he didn't piss all over everyone who helped him do it.

  112. Ron S.

    Ron S.2 months ago

    I want to visit Tokyo next year. (Germany-Japan-9056km) Where can i get tickets? :-D

  113. The InternetProdigy

    The InternetProdigy2 months ago

    This would look amazing! Just imagine seeing this large rocket lift of far from your house!

  114. The InternetProdigy

    The InternetProdigy2 months ago

    Oh yeah, any poland/countryball Fans? Polan can into space with this!

  115. Ohayitsbrad

    Ohayitsbrad2 months ago

    SpaceX,will the aircraft be autonomous or piloted? How do I become a pilot for the point to point travel BFR? College Degree, aircraft ratings, hours, experience type?

  116. Quinn Von Kerman

    Quinn Von Kerman2 months ago

    Ohayitsbrad Autonomous for E2E flights, probably piloted for Mars and Lunar flights.