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  1. Mundane TV

    Mundane TV6 hours ago

    1:15 why is there a scary clown in the lights?

  2. snipvzds_

    snipvzds_Day ago

    Me:Can I go to China to meet a friend? Mom: be back by 9pm Me:Ok

  3. Okvideos

    Okvideos2 days ago

    #Rip airplanes 1905 to 2022

  4. Dupezza G

    Dupezza G3 days ago


  5. cakepie

    cakepie3 days ago

    *odd flex but okay*

  6. Zakir Şıxlı

    Zakir Şıxlı4 days ago

    (Google Translate) Is it worth it to intensively perforate the ozone layer only because someone wants to get somewhere faster? (Original) Стоит ли интенсивно дырявить озоновый слой только потому что кто то хочет быстрее дойти куда то?

  7. Conall 540

    Conall 5405 days ago

    Straight up travelling porn

  8. Someone Else

    Someone Else5 days ago

    Why waste time with these pitiful, primitive, inferior chemical fuel rockets that require six months just to reach Mars, why not instead develop interstellar FTL-capable starships that run on antimatter or dark energy? Or how about intelligent shape-shifting self-flying and self-healing bioships, the kind a type III alien civilization would use?

  9. Ultralagger R.E.V

    Ultralagger R.E.V6 days ago

    We have the animation for the 2016 BFR (ITS) which is the Mars one, then we had the 2017 BFR (the one of this video) and now where’s the 2018 BFR animation?

  10. Daniel Price

    Daniel Price7 days ago

    I absolutely love this idea. The only problem with it: *tf are the fuel tanks doing right next to the blast zone*

  11. Tuấn fuLuck

    Tuấn fuLuck10 days ago

    this really put tears to my eyes...

  12. Zyipitoe

    Zyipitoe13 days ago

    When this thing becomes open to public flat earthers are gonna be so pissed

  13. A Nelson

    A Nelson14 days ago

    The difference between this and commercial aircraft is if an engine fails your dead

  14. artman40

    artman4015 days ago much do boat rides and security checks take time?

  15. Daniel Bain

    Daniel Bain17 days ago

    Well bois, its time to put our kidneys up for sale. hopefully the price won't drop once we all do it

  16. Guilherme Leon

    Guilherme Leon20 days ago

    one day, i'll work with you guys, because Spacex it's not only a company it's a evolution ways! thanks for exist in my world!

  17. Močnik Royale

    Močnik Royale20 days ago

    I just had an erection.

  18. Gaurav Yadav

    Gaurav Yadav21 day ago

    But from where will we get that much fuel

  19. Ponksy

    Ponksy25 days ago

    Then mars to mars

  20. Docter Switzerland

    Docter Switzerland28 days ago

    Those of you who thinks it could be costing a kindey, It's not. Otherwise, people would just use planes to get to where they need to be. #SpaceX

  21. S Roberts

    S Roberts28 days ago

    What about the climate? Or don't they cause Co2 ? That Paris agreement thing, what about that? 🤣 wankers

  22. The Harry Channel

    The Harry Channel28 days ago

    What about Anchorage

  23. scrubl0rd

    scrubl0rdMonth ago

    Pre-orders for tickets have started at the low low cost of only 100 easy payments of $99,999.99

  24. Hi I’m Ky

    Hi I’m KyMonth ago

    I have 3 questions. 1. What year is this planned for release and how much will the first set of tickets cost 2. Will these rockets stay in the atmosphere or leave it 3. If the ship is vertical at landing in take off, are they vertical during take off too?

  25. Christopher Danson

    Christopher DansonMonth ago

    It was a super duper great idea!!

  26. Sreelekshmi Nair

    Sreelekshmi NairMonth ago

    when is it?

  27. Zou Lirui

    Zou LiruiMonth ago

    One thing that might make the company go broke: airsickness bags

  28. S. Mesut

    S. MesutMonth ago

    The future is in the hands of Elon Musk and other visionaries like him. NOT in the hands of the greedy, selfish, and new-world-order FREAKS ! Go for it Elon and others like him. Move the mass of the masses. The power of the mind, will, and CONSTRUCTIVE intelligence trumps all others !

  29. tomasz kempa

    tomasz kempaMonth ago


  30. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    dont let that fool you, its still crazy. dumb. illogical. expensive. dangerous. sensless... there is an endless list of reasons not to do any of the nonsense spoken about in this video. we could start with the simple point that most people would die during the trip, actualy almost all of them... for starters, humans are not usually trained for such G-forces, so yea, debunked, can we finaly tell musk that he is talking crap?

  31. Feluriel

    Feluriel8 days ago

    +Daniel Bain your comment was litterally too stupid to attack, sorry, dont know where to begin... should i go with supply vs demand and that saturating a market with resources will make them worthless? or that gforces have nothing to do with saturn V but the fact that people are simply unable to cope with the gforces? have you ever been on a commercial flight? you notice how many people feel sick there, or cant handle that? now imagine this scenario on steroids, people going blind and organs getting damaged, and potential death... good idea, lets put everyone in rockets. I am so glad that real scientists dont involve nutjobs like elon...

  32. Daniel Bain

    Daniel Bain17 days ago

    actually it makes sense. mars and moon have resources like platinum,iron gold etc that the colonies could sell back to earth. Also the G force would be about the same as the Saturn V. and one more thing, The dinosaurs didn't have a space program. look at what happened to them

  33. comic215

    comic215Month ago

    This would be possible if airlines weren’t greedy as they are, no way they’ll accept this

  34. Thapelo Mokoto

    Thapelo MokotoMonth ago

    It's been busted

  35. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    dont let that fool you, its still crazy. dumb. illogical. expensive. dangerous. sensless... there is an endless list of reasons not to do any of the nonsense spoken about in this video. we could start with the simple point that most people would die during the trip, actualy almost all of them... for starters, humans are not usually trained for such G-forces, so yea, debunked, can we finaly tell musk that he is talking crap?

  36. Nate Tʍi

    Nate TʍiMonth ago

    nice, best of luck

  37. Ewan LAUX

    Ewan LAUXMonth ago

    If the Concorde was alive and a person, he would be so proud of this

  38. sam bober

    sam boberMonth ago

    whats about fuel ?

  39. Depthshack Gaming

    Depthshack GamingMonth ago

    now we need to see the new one

  40. Dan Leary

    Dan LearyMonth ago

    it looks too much like an ICBM, imagine trying to get the department of defense on board with this idea

  41. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula RasaMonth ago

    It looks more like the rocket from Tintin now.

  42. Hobo G

    Hobo GMonth ago

    I always wanted to ride an #ICBM

  43. SleinEater

    SleinEaterMonth ago

    yeah, but you need 15 years of training to get to the 9g's. how is that gonna work Elon?

  44. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    funny how nobody gets that, most of musk's ideas are total nonsense if you think about them for more than 10 seconds... pathetic.

  45. Ruilmerijk

    RuilmerijkMonth ago

    Can I take hand luggage? :P

  46. Ronald Haleluya Puji Tuan

    Ronald Haleluya Puji TuanMonth ago

    wow this is amazing... i pray for it happen soon, its fun to travel in short time to any destination of the earth...great

  47. Hypergalactica

    HypergalacticaMonth ago

    That's one hell of a lot of gs to pull on a commuter flight. I once met the first Canadian woman in space, and she said to me point blank that not everyone is physically capable of spaceflight as the gs of launching and the zero-g of orbit could cause a number of cardiac problems. (Of course 25 minutes of zero g shouldn't be a problem for most people. But still, the launch and reentry alone...) I don't really see the point of this tbh - it only takes two days to fly around the world, why do we need to build expensive rockets to do it in half an hour? If you need to be somewhere that fast either plan in advance or Skype somebody.

  48. Atticon

    Atticon25 days ago

    In a reclined position, G-Forces are drastically reduced. Plus, the liquid engines smoothen the process. All in all, a person would have to experience 20G's at least in order to pass out onboard the BFR. And the BFR takeoff-landing sequences cause at the upmost possible 5 G's, but usually no more than 2,5. Finally, wouldn't a multi-million dollar company like SpaceX have already thought of such a problem?

  49. coco cockatoo

    coco cockatooMonth ago

    Elon Musk makes JETLAG into ROCKETLAG

  50. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    With ocasional death due to G-forces... so yea, gamble, not many would survive the trip, gj musk another retarded idea.

  51. Thức Nguyễn

    Thức NguyễnMonth ago

    Why mars tho

  52. Yoda

    YodaMonth ago

    Julies Verne: I went around the world in 80 days! Elon Musk: Hold my beer.


    NATURAL GAMERMonth ago

    Keep money other side, how can a normal person withstand extraordinary gforce

  54. zhangbo0037

    zhangbo0037Month ago

    真帅 将来一定会实现 也应该会普及

  55. Renan

    RenanMonth ago

    Accidentaly the pilot changes the course to Mars... :D

  56. New World Created

    New World Created2 months ago

    SpaceX & Yusaku Maezava (#dearMoon)

  57. Paul Sim

    Paul Sim2 months ago

    And this will happen when? First flight???? Been a year since the movie...When we going?

  58. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    Trip is canceled, took about 10 seconds after this video was made to realise its complete nonsense. dozens of arguements why this is stupid, and only a tiny handful advantages. lets start simple: Gforces would kill most passangers.

  59. Paul Sim

    Paul SimMonth ago

    Thanks John. Really looking forward to all Elon has on his books. If it can be done, then I believe he will do it. Again, thanks for the reply. ;-)

  60. John Benson

    John BensonMonth ago

    +Paul Sim For starters, BFR needs to get done. Then we're going to the Moon and subsequently Mars. After the Mars base is in progress, Elon will probably shift focus to this project. Not only do we gotta bring the cost down, but we also need to show potential passengers that the rocket is safe enough to fly on. That can only be done through multiple successful launches. I'm predicting at least 2025 for this.

  61. Paul Sim

    Paul SimMonth ago

    When will the 30 minutes anywhere in this world? Not the moon one, take place? Been a year since this movie was published....;-)

  62. Pan Cytryna

    Pan CytrynaMonth ago

    Moon. 2023

  63. Francisco Marquez

    Francisco Marquez2 months ago

    So ur gonna use the BFR as a supersonic flight anywhere,remind me to cancel my flight planes with southwest

  64. JeseAlv.

    JeseAlv.2 months ago

    wow¡ In the future the transport will be aerospace and not more aeroplane, good Or will be space tourism? Only millonaires

  65. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    Nonsense, ignore all this cgi rubbish, most passengers will die due to Gforces, even millionaires need training before going to space, you cant just shoot whatever you want. this idea is nonsense.

  66. Palindromemordnilap

    PalindromemordnilapMonth ago

    Space launches will still be expensive for a very long time - maybe a couple decades, maybe centuries, who knows. I'm sure today's first class and some business travelers will be more than happy to shell out, and their wallets (as well as less glamorous applications for low-bulk/low-mass high-value cargo... two-hour global courier services, just-in-time organ transplant shipments, etc.) will eventually subsidize routes for the rest of us, but you're unlikely to be able to snag round-trip intercontinental fares for a couple hundred bucks in 2030.

  67. James Brollier

    James Brollier2 months ago

    Elon Musk for President!

  68. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    president of the asylum. his ideas are nonsense, consider the gforce would kill most passengers.

  69. Will Robbins

    Will Robbins2 months ago

    Did anyone notice that clown face in the city lights at 1:17?

  70. Turbo Mega

    Turbo Mega2 months ago

    There are so many things wrong with this it's just like hyperloop, unnecessary and idiotic

  71. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    @John Benson "save time" it will also end your time... -hyperloop: building the world's largest vacuum tube, out of some metal... ever seen a large tank imploding due to vacuum, looks pretty cool, but you dont want to be inside... slightest issue and the entire track will shred to squashed metal with everything inside at the speed of sound. great idea... -rocket travel: Gforces will kill many passengers, and then we can talk about all the other costs... this video cuts alot of corners. these ideas are such nonsense, how can anyone consider them realistic?

  72. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityMonth ago

    Concorde also saved time. DIdn't do so well.

  73. John Benson

    John BensonMonth ago

    This and the hyperloop will save time. Instead of flying for hours, why not get there in 30 mins. More time to work, vacation, etc. If you can't see the benefits of this, maybe your the idiot.

  74. Ngalinda MrMarketing - Leads For Small Businesses

    Ngalinda MrMarketing - Leads For Small Businesses2 months ago

    the future is here

  75. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    Enjoy them Gforces

  76. Chaos

    Chaos2 months ago

    I cant wait until I can regularly hear the magnificent boom of re-entry.

  77. Liberated Amon

    Liberated Amon2 months ago

    Does BFR really mean Big Fucking Rocket? Cuz that's all that comes to mind

  78. Pan Cytryna

    Pan CytrynaMonth ago

    Big Falcon Rocket probably

  79. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. Schrute2 months ago


  80. Juan Trip

    Juan Trip2 months ago

    you can also take a walk. it is very accurate thing to do if you want to know where you are.

  81. Oregon grown

    Oregon grown2 months ago

    To cool

  82. Jorge E

    Jorge E2 months ago

    The most important step on space exploration and rocket trips around the earth has already happened and SpaceX made it possible, reutilization, which reduces the budget problem and opens the door for it to succeed. The rest is all about time.

  83. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    And money, and human anatomy. this idea is nonsense, there will never be passenger rockets, for the simple reason that it is A) too expensive. and B) many passengers will just die due to Gforces. Reality doesnt change because people feel "inspired". Elon musk is not the super genious everyone things, his ideas are very old and well debunked.

  84. Joe Allen

    Joe Allen2 months ago

    That would be nice, but the noise!

  85. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    and the gforces killing most passengers...

  86. Daniel Whyatt

    Daniel Whyatt2 months ago

    Yeah, I much prefer this design to the new one Elon has just unveiled.

  87. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. Schrute2 months ago

    Yeah, this design was my favorite.

  88. John Slayton

    John Slayton2 months ago

    Your move flat earthers

  89. JamesonWhiskey810

    JamesonWhiskey8102 months ago

    Soon all major countries will be nuking each other... with obnoxious tourists!

  90. Rocky28447

    Rocky284472 months ago

    Imagine applying this to cargo transport. You could order something on Amazon and it would be at your door in 3 hours.

  91. Rocky28447

    Rocky284472 months ago

    Whenever somebody complains about Elon doing something stupid, just show them this and remind them who Elon really is.

  92. bookmobile 77

    bookmobile 772 months ago

    So the bfr is the rocket? The video doesn't say.

  93. John Benson

    John BensonMonth ago

    Based on the design from when the video was made, this is BFR. The new design will probably be adapted for this project.

  94. Ultralagger R.E.V

    Ultralagger R.E.V2 months ago

    New BFR First Japanese private man to fly around the moon. GO SPACEX!!!!!

  95. Rocket Tech Spaceflight

    Rocket Tech Spaceflight2 months ago

    Departs: 7:00 AM Flight Time: 39 minutes Arrives: 7:39 PM Logic.

  96. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname2 months ago

    Time zones

  97. ShogunZ RBLX

    ShogunZ RBLX2 months ago

    need window seat.Can't wait for the big f***ing rocket release

  98. zone8848

    zone88482 months ago

    i went downstairs to buy a burger, before i finish the burger, he is landing on the other side of the earth.

  99. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    but only his body as the Gforces killed him. turns out he didnt train for years to resist such force... luckily we are rid of him and his silly ideas.

  100. octet33

    octet332 months ago

    "anywhere on Earth in under an hour" Maybe if Tesla's self-driving tech gets somewhere, otherwise it'll be two hours just to the spaceport. Also, either Musk's fixing the TSA next, or it's gonna be another 2 hours to get past them. Also, is the flight experience traveler-friendly?

  101. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    nah, many dead due to gforces, another silly idea from elon i guess



    I love this music !




  104. Sadi Mannan

    Sadi Mannan2 months ago

    Fund mongering projects that wont happen.

  105. Belthazor22

    Belthazor222 months ago

    shitty cgi

  106. Henry R

    Henry R2 months ago

    I really don't understand why people think Musk is a hero. He's never even made a single penny with Tesla nor SpaceX. Soon, both of these companies will probably go bankrupt once people realize he's basically just a visionary who can't deliver.

  107. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityMonth ago

    The market isn't growing, though. Satellite orders are way down, especially the lucrative GTO orders. It's making a lot of satellite manufacturers nervous. LEO constellations seem to be popular among newer companies, but historically LEO constellations haven't performed particularly well compared to GTO. Iridium went bankrupt with their first constellation; Iridium-NEXT is expected to do better but still not hit the profit margins that GTO constellations see.

  108. John Benson

    John BensonMonth ago

    Tesla, maybe... It's in a shaky spot ATM. It's possible to save though, but Elon needs some help from industry experts and NEEDS to stop fighting on Twitter over the short sellers. As for SpaceX, you are completely wrong that it will go out of business (anytime soon that is). Their market is growing and there starting to lead it. Ariane is PISSED because of them. Most European nation's are switching from Ariane to SpaceX and they can't do a thing. The US government also announced they will mostly launch their cargo on reusable rockets. I wouldn't say Elon Musk is a hero yet. He hasn't saved anything yet. I do however admire is ambitions to push the human race to it's full potential.

  109. what am i doing with my life

    what am i doing with my life2 months ago

    Ambitious, but strangely possible.

  110. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    What kind of arguement is that? your completely missing the point... Humans are not meant to go into space or deal with those Gforces, thus the idea presented in this video is retarded, and thats not even mentioning the endless other points that could debunk this trash... its hyperloop 2.0 plus, why the hell would we want to live on the moon, we have a planet down here that inhabits life, how bout we take care of it instead of looking for an easy exit. Most psychologists that go into this subject will tell ya that rare few people can even deal with living so distant from everything we are acustomed to, life on the moon would suck.

  111. what am i doing with my life

    what am i doing with my lifeMonth ago

    "musk is a scammer" Say that when he builds moon base alpha

  112. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    ambitious, but strangely impossible. how much experience do you have as an astronout? liking them Gforces? realy wana train many years just to save 10H on a trip to the next continent? Musk is a scammer.

  113. Milanutje

    Milanutje2 months ago

    Elon r u ok?

  114. Adam Ladd

    Adam Ladd2 months ago

    Looks awesome but I don’t think it will ever happen people will always choose cheaper but slower over more better but more expensive and there is no way this could be cheaper. Though that being said this is space x and Elon musk we are talking about so who knows

  115. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    It was nonsense from the start, and elon knows this, he is a scammer. just consider the Gforces killing most of the untrained passengers. the list of reasons to throw this idea out goes on and on.

  116. Romner_set

    Romner_set2 months ago

    Big Fuc- oh wait i should not make fun of SpaceX and Elon. Its Big Falcon Rocket. Sorry.

  117. Scott Morton

    Scott Morton2 months ago

    All Musk needs now is some company to start mass producing EVs in order to reduce the demand, and therefore the price, of oil in order to further reduce a major cost of space travel.

  118. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    Hurray, then we can make sure to cripple and slay as many people as possible. Thx to Gforces and Elon musks religious fanbase, this will always be a well funded dream.

  119. Ealboy Munch

    Ealboy Munch2 months ago

    i thought the BFR was going to mars...

  120. Rabin Rai

    Rabin Rai2 months ago


  121. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    thats the Gforces, soon enough your going to loose your brainfunction. Enjoy the rocket :)

  122. Qasim Abrar

    Qasim Abrar2 months ago

    How much do you think the ticket will cost? I pray that this really works because it would change the world.

  123. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    Costs your life, most people will die due to Gforces.

  124. Robbert Wilfred

    Robbert Wilfred2 months ago

    Aren't we running out of fuel ?

  125. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    hush, dont tell em, they worship elon.

  126. Woof, Woof

    Woof, Woof2 months ago

    not possible or probable, this was thought up in the 60s and was not safe or economically viable. One ticket on this death machine would have to cost a half a miilion dollars!

  127. John Benson

    John BensonMonth ago

    Landing technology was not invented in the 60s. They could simply not comprehend this type of vehicle. As for prices, I'll agree with you. This seams like a huge cost.

  128. Weltaz

    Weltaz2 months ago

    Mr ELON MUSK if you hear me (read my message) please note that: The best name for the "BFR" is "TAXIS" for : " Transport Aerospace X ( for "across" ) Interplanetary Ship " or like " Yellow cab " And in the future, I can reveal you : the brother of the ship "TAXIS" (or BFR) will total : 12 meters wide in diameter and will be called "JUMBO" your two interplanetary ships will be the most used space vessels in the history of mankind for centuries to come. I can unfortunately not tell you how I know this. Thanks for All Weltaz

  129. hubsvids

    hubsvids2 months ago

    All I'm gonna say is: What happened to the Concorde, Elon?

  130. John Benson

    John BensonMonth ago

    Wtf does an Airplane have to do with the BFR.


    INFINITY FIELD TH2 months ago

    Bangkok to Dubai? I am Thailand so.... People Thailand can fly now in the future 😂

  132. AG GGG

    AG GGG2 months ago

    what about G forces?

  133. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    ignore those, for that Elon will make a spacesuit made of Imaginarium which is imune to laws of physics, and offers a snug fit.

  134. David Batteau

    David Batteau2 months ago


  135. Simon Plaît

    Simon Plaît2 months ago

    Isn’t that quite diabolical with Tesla?

  136. Cuppa Tea

    Cuppa Tea2 months ago

    How Much Will This Cost?

  137. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    possible blindness, organfailure, braindamage, well if death is your goal, then ya might as well go, and if you survive relatively undamaged, you can brag :)

  138. Cuppa Tea

    Cuppa TeaMonth ago

    +Feluriel Okay Definitely Getting A Ticket.

  139. Feluriel

    FelurielMonth ago

    your life. Gforces will rip your brain.

  140. Илья Салтыков

    Илья Салтыков2 months ago

    Эээх, когда то это станет реальностью

  141. alagavat puşt

    alagavat puşt2 months ago

    Vay amk

  142. Nick Chan

    Nick Chan2 months ago

    The speed of the boat should be similar to the speed of spirit of Australia if they don’t want the speed of the boat cancelling out the time saved by the BFR. (511.11 km/h!)

  143. Antonio Estrela

    Antonio Estrela2 months ago

    elon musk you created the best private space company you have eeven docked in the iss so well done please make the interplanetary transport sistem work

  144. KrishPlayZ Theo Town And more!

    KrishPlayZ Theo Town And more!2 months ago

    Window seat please elon

  145. Richard Li

    Richard Li3 months ago

    1:15 That's a great map of Shanghai