Beyoncé's September Issue Cover Shoot - Behind The Scenes | Vogue


  1. Starboy 1988

    Starboy 19882 days ago

    love it. She was very vintage in this.

  2. tweety

    tweety3 days ago

    she has blond highlights in her natural hair too?

  3. AmaniDori

    AmaniDori3 days ago

    But what y’all know bout my grangran Papa Curtis🙌🏾🙌🏾 old school music fo life 💚💚💚🙏🏾

  4. lisangel Black

    lisangel Black3 days ago

    I saw the vogue editorial...I wasn't impressed...It looked cheap and amateurish...not up to the standards of Beyonce or reflecting her status....sorry...I don't know if it's because the photographer is young or what....but this snippet on MReporter is a million times better and more classy and artistic and dreamy than the spread in Vogue.

  5. PeacesOfNiecy

    PeacesOfNiecy4 days ago


  6. Edilaine Beatriz

    Edilaine Beatriz4 days ago

    Essa música de fundo e com Beyonce... ficou maravilhoso!!!!!!!!

  7. José Lucas

    José Lucas5 days ago


  8. Ibra Diallo

    Ibra Diallo6 days ago

    Song please?

  9. Charles Castela

    Charles Castela7 days ago

    I think these are some of the worst fotos of Beyonce. Did not do her justice.

  10. Adey Ayna

    Adey Ayna8 days ago

    So bea...

  11. Sebastian Cristan Bellarmino

    Sebastian Cristan Bellarmino8 days ago

    Anything Beyoncé touches becomes beautiful... * bows

  12. Lila Frascation

    Lila Frascation9 days ago

    Love seeing black excellence

  13. Michael Rolf

    Michael Rolf9 days ago

    All that beautiful hair Beyonce yes mama

  14. westskincare

    westskincare9 days ago

    Natural, femininity, strength, love, family, and knowledge of self- I’m here for ALL of this!! Thank you Beyoncè for sowing beauty and possibly in everything you do.

  15. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat9 days ago

    Bella por dónde se la mire😍

  16. Selen Turc

    Selen Turc10 days ago

    Vogue i love you 🤩

  17. music lover1984

    music lover198411 days ago

    I love the neutral makeup.

  18. music lover1984

    music lover198411 days ago

    lol @ bey doing the tlc waterfalls dance.

  19. music lover1984

    music lover198411 days ago

    aww the precious moments with your children money can't buy.

  20. Life With Zoey

    Life With Zoey11 days ago

    Beyoncé and I have the same Last name

  21. music lover1984

    music lover198411 days ago

    yassssss bih take my edges now chile..

  22. music lover1984

    music lover198411 days ago

    both her and Rihanna made history with September covers.

  23. music lover1984

    music lover198411 days ago

    queen bey bey .

  24. Guilherme Pereira

    Guilherme Pereira11 days ago


  25. Jillian Watson

    Jillian Watson12 days ago

    This made me cry. For real

  26. Quintanah Gibbs

    Quintanah Gibbs12 days ago

    Beautiful. And the music 👌

  27. Bae Goals

    Bae Goals12 days ago

    Beyoncé really isn’t more beautiful than the average black female..ijs!

  28. Stacy Cappleman

    Stacy Cappleman12 days ago

    Is that Blue or an old video of Bey’s childhood?

  29. Javi A. Soto

    Javi A. Soto13 days ago

    beyoncé is flawless !

  30. Brittany C

    Brittany C13 days ago


  31. Anisha Brunen

    Anisha Brunen13 days ago

    What is the song playing

  32. Anisha Brunen

    Anisha Brunen11 days ago

    thank youuuuu

  33. music lover1984

    music lover198411 days ago

    Curtis Mayfield the makings of you...

  34. Jose Carlos

    Jose Carlos13 days ago

    Ok cool. Where’s Madonna and Rihanna?

  35. Omesha

    Omesha13 days ago

    She is so fuckn beautiful..the sun reflects beautify her even more..

  36. Adealine Arguello

    Adealine Arguello13 days ago

    Happy birthday Beyonce's sep 5

  37. Elia Moroni

    Elia Moroni13 days ago

    Έλα μωρή Κουίν

  38. Luciana Gomes

    Luciana Gomes13 days ago

    queen 💖👑

  39. Petty Pretty

    Petty Pretty14 days ago

    I just love love love this *editing* 😍

  40. La Toya Jackson

    La Toya Jackson14 days ago

    kinda scary I had a premonition of this in june😯🤯. so beautiful😍.

  41. Lucy Smylie

    Lucy Smylie14 days ago


  42. Lexie :D

    Lexie :D15 days ago

    She's so beautiful without make up😍

  43. redi4life2

    redi4life215 days ago

    Happy B-day Beyoncé!!!🎂🎉

  44. Brian Molepo

    Brian Molepo15 days ago

    Shes So Cool

  45. Gabriel Benevides

    Gabriel Benevides15 days ago

    Happy bday Queen

  46. Derrick Falconer

    Derrick Falconer15 days ago

    Some parts nice.. so not so cute.. she had creative control..

  47. Nadia Mensah

    Nadia Mensah15 days ago

    I wonder where she puts all of her costumes

  48. Tropical Tracey

    Tropical Tracey15 days ago

    Love it ❤️ blue is so cute!

  49. Neghie Thervil

    Neghie Thervil15 days ago

    Crazy how Blue looks like both of them. Mommy's face with daddy's cheeks.

  50. RitaTocta

    RitaTocta15 days ago

    Very nostalgic. Great editing!

  51. kat-c79

    kat-c7916 days ago

    I've just noticed , Beyonce has baby teeth

  52. maddie julianna

    maddie julianna16 days ago

    can we take a moment to see how pretty beyoncé is 😍😍😭

  53. JC

    JC16 days ago

    Her daughter got the worst features possible and resembles Jay Z more than her. Hopefully twins will be stunners (at least one of them)....

  54. uploader06

    uploader0614 days ago

    Shut up Blue looks like both of her parents and is cute. Go back hiding into your dark hole ugly troll.

  55. Boipelo Mosoetsa

    Boipelo Mosoetsa16 days ago

    2:50 How Blue looks at Bey...ugh you can tell that she admires her mother *as I cry*

  56. Boipelo Mosoetsa

    Boipelo Mosoetsa16 days ago

    God issa woman, her name is Beyonce.

  57. Liam McCarty

    Liam McCarty16 days ago

    The “behind the scenes” is more a production than the scenes!

  58. Heyitsoceanexox

    Heyitsoceanexox16 days ago

    *This is beautiful😩💗*

  59. Nyxie Estrella

    Nyxie Estrella16 days ago

    I like the moment when she helped braid her hair, so humble yet incredibly talented artist.

  60. Ggg

    Ggg16 days ago

    Ohhh no she better not be acting like she be Frida !

  61. st marine

    st marine16 days ago

    her odd.. off ..cringe.. awkward ..fake moments is a no mam. seen these looks before too. oh vogue things have changed.

  62. Mikayla Morrison

    Mikayla Morrison16 days ago

    * searches for scott hoying comments *

  63. Jj Raia

    Jj Raia16 days ago

    My mum went to bath after this. That's how powerful Beyoncé is.

  64. Kristie Bach

    Kristie Bach17 days ago

    Beyoncé doesn’t talk to her fans at all

  65. Chá com Camomila

    Chá com Camomila17 days ago

    Omg she is so amazing.

  66. Adel Talebpour

    Adel Talebpour17 days ago

    Beautiful 🌸

  67. Tangerine Beauty

    Tangerine Beauty17 days ago

    Obsessed! So stunning!

  68. highpriestessndamakin lucky 13

    highpriestessndamakin lucky 1317 days ago

    Beyonce had nappy hair! What is this wavy hair? Something fake and not real

  69. Ibrahima Barry

    Ibrahima Barry17 days ago

    0:51 was that Julius Deboer, her bodyguard putting lipstick on for her ?😂

  70. Kate O'Donnell

    Kate O'Donnell17 days ago


  71. Stereo

    Stereo17 days ago

    Heading to get my copy!

  72. Hey Ya!

    Hey Ya!17 days ago

    She looks like frida kahlo

  73. MCWXIII White

    MCWXIII White17 days ago

    Nice creative photography but the subject is so over-exposed. Really bored with seeing beyonce.

  74. Yagurlll._ Kaycie

    Yagurlll._ Kaycie18 days ago

    She looks younger without makeup

  75. Roxanne

    Roxanne18 days ago

    🤔... 'Little Red Riding Hood'...the sweet gramma...waiting to DEVOUR us!

  76. Ale Io

    Ale Io18 days ago

    Title of the song??!

  77. Lungile Ntuli

    Lungile Ntuli18 days ago

    Beyonce looks rather sad in this video, there's just something in her eyes.

  78. soft Merli

    soft Merli18 days ago

    a surreal moment, nice

  79. Poetry Ignorantly

    Poetry Ignorantly19 days ago

    I luv u like a mom. Like I would get caught worshiping you but that's only cause I'm really getting on the spirit. I luve you like a murder got caught in up in my pants. Mummy I love you. You are glorious. I rejoice when I see those hips and enjoy. I rewind sit still and here me whine. Take me mine. Slit my mind. Cut my rope and let me find. Momy where is you.

  80. CJ Lorraine

    CJ Lorraine19 days ago

    Utter GORGEOUSness

  81. Mi Chelle

    Mi Chelle19 days ago

    song title, please?

  82. Alyson Harris

    Alyson Harris19 days ago

    The best female Artist EVER!!!

  83. tweety

    tweety19 days ago

    wonder what its like to be her?

  84. Aldi Hadamas

    Aldi Hadamas19 days ago


  85. Betty Daniel

    Betty Daniel19 days ago

    Thank you for this, it was absolutely beautiful! ❤️

  86. Ya Caesareen

    Ya Caesareen20 days ago

    💝Super beautiful 💐

  87. LaTasha Howard

    LaTasha Howard20 days ago

    What is it about this photo shoot that everyone likes so much compared to any other shoot she has done? She could wear a paper sack and look great but I just don't see why everyone is so impressed with these pictures.

  88. untitled

    untitled20 days ago


  89. imgladiliveineurope

    imgladiliveineurope20 days ago

    I wonder if she plays a role or if being a goddess is just in her nature

  90. Ibra Diallo

    Ibra Diallo21 day ago

    the song please?

  91. Noey Duran

    Noey Duran21 day ago

    The Queen

  92. boyysouj blues

    boyysouj blues22 days ago


  93. ashley

    ashley21 day ago

    boyysouj blues The Makings of you by Curtis Mayfield

  94. Eliana Losada

    Eliana Losada22 days ago


  95. TP Sun

    TP Sun22 days ago

    A®✚ɄNG 👂†rasp🍊calyps¯\_(🍊🍊)_/¯n

  96. Sera

    Sera22 days ago

    give us 73 questions with the queen.. please don't fail us now vogue

  97. Tibazalwa Shareefah

    Tibazalwa Shareefah23 days ago


  98. Ci Fashion & Style Blog

    Ci Fashion & Style Blog23 days ago

    I love u

  99. ZaniahSlayed

    ZaniahSlayed23 days ago

    Wow this is AMAZING 🙌🏽

  100. Parinoor Kaur

    Parinoor Kaur23 days ago

    I mean Beyonce leaves me awestruck with how beautiful she is every time

  101. big ‘ol yeet

    big ‘ol yeet24 days ago

    I’m in tears this is flooring

  102. Jewel

    Jewel24 days ago


  103. Shellene

    Shellene24 days ago

    Im not a fan But i wobld be lying if I said this isnt beautiful. pure art...Photographer talented as fk

  104. angela 0

    angela 024 days ago

    Woah, she's even flawless upclose. Great skin & hair!