Beyoncé's September Issue Cover Shoot - Behind The Scenes | Vogue


  1. Sebastian Cristan Bellarmino

    Sebastian Cristan Bellarmino4 days ago

    Vogue got lucky with getting Beyoncé’s approval.

  2. BeautifullAma

    BeautifullAma10 days ago

    That black, yellow multicoloured dress is Amazing💃🏾😝🥰 Love Bey and Blue was as gorgeous as ever.....

  3. Arcanjo Maia

    Arcanjo Maia11 days ago

    the song just gained an music video tbh.

  4. appleheadsPYT

    appleheadsPYT14 days ago

    Why does she have mix people hair ? She doesn’t have kinky African hair she has mix people hair

  5. AJ Renae

    AJ Renae18 days ago

    This is so peaceful and relaxing. 🌻

  6. yas min

    yas min21 day ago

    Beyonce, natural beauty🌹💕🌸💖💙💚😍

  7. Dion Landis

    Dion LandisMonth ago

    This is for all those haters who say Beys hair isn’t actually real or hers. It’s all long and natural !

  8. Edwin Touré Pégnougo

    Edwin Touré Pégnougo2 months ago

    You look at her and you say to yourself... She is naturally beautiful. She is herself. She is ART.

  9. Dilara Ahiskalioglu

    Dilara Ahiskalioglu2 months ago

    she's so beautiful

  10. Conceição vilaça

    Conceição vilaça2 months ago

    I can do this in my backyard with my mother's clothes 😂😂❤️

  11. Jessica T

    Jessica T2 months ago

    i bought 4 covers for me and my 3 best friends

  12. weather206

    weather2062 months ago

    She’s so gorgeous and sweet . I can’t believe I get to co-exist with such a icon , legend , and amazing artist . Such as bey herself . Like wow

  13. André Veronez

    André Veronez2 months ago

    They could have had an interview

  14. Garland5

    Garland52 months ago

    Beyonce would look good in a paper bag!

  15. Nicole Territo

    Nicole Territo2 months ago

    So beautiful

  16. Melody Mckane

    Melody Mckane2 months ago

    This woman is the 8th wonder of the world

  17. TheAmber Shon

    TheAmber Shon2 months ago

    She's Everything and More!😍🤩😘💋💞

  18. R L

    R L2 months ago

    Beyonce wants to rep blacks, but doesnt want to be 'too black' hence why her nose is is thinner than it once was, her 'hair' is flowing and blonde 🙄 and her eyes are so light.

  19. Ms. Candace

    Ms. Candace2 months ago

    Everything about this is BEAUTIFUL...

  20. Cali Babii

    Cali Babii2 months ago

    Ugh I love this. All if it Beyonce, Curtis Mayfield, the grass in the field, omg and baby Blue yesssss.

  21. Joshadowolf

    Joshadowolf2 months ago

    Oh my goodness! Her face looks naturally beautiful, without makeup.

  22. J SG

    J SG2 months ago


  23. R L

    R L3 months ago

    Elegancy, talent, natural beauty, wisdom answers, good impact, wonderful pictures... Perfect. Beyoncé stunning as always. Thats what Vogue should always be about, but they prefer views and now u got the kardashians

  24. Kauter BAIZ

    Kauter BAIZ3 months ago

    She aged

  25. Kisa.s

    Kisa.s3 months ago

    Black girls rock!

  26. Queen Elizabeth I

    Queen Elizabeth I3 months ago

    You can see the love in both of their eyes when they look at each other ❤

  27. gavin

    gavin3 months ago

    what is the song throughout the video?

  28. Arcanjo Miguel

    Arcanjo Miguel2 months ago

    sad sun the makings of you

  29. X A V I E R.

    X A V I E R.4 months ago

    She HAD to be listening to "Waterfalls" by TLC at 1:50. Its the dance they do in the video. 💕💕

  30. E D U

    E D U4 months ago


  31. Katherine Brown

    Katherine Brown4 months ago


  32. Sinelisiwe Masemola

    Sinelisiwe Masemola4 months ago


  33. Amber Luckes

    Amber Luckes4 months ago

    Ap anyway

  34. Amber Luckes

    Amber Luckes4 months ago

    I wish it was her dating Aaliyah I don’t want rashaud no offense u a diamond me no diamond on Tupac

  35. Tre’ Blaze

    Tre’ Blaze4 months ago

    omg my Queen SLAYS😭😭😭

  36. Omar Baylis

    Omar Baylis5 months ago

    Hello Beyonce, Nice !

  37. Omar Baylis

    Omar Baylis5 months ago

    Hi B.

  38. Amber Luckes

    Amber Luckes5 months ago

    Sticking with Beyoncé

  39. Hadassa Sophia

    Hadassa Sophia5 months ago


  40. Joseph Gallegos II

    Joseph Gallegos II5 months ago

    Tight tight tight

  41. Ana Sofia Semedo

    Ana Sofia Semedo5 months ago

    I love it 😘 😘 😘 ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  42. Luna

    Luna5 months ago

    Beautiful! ❤️

  43. cybelle müller

    cybelle müller5 months ago

    Queen by 👑😍😍😍 O Brasil te ama 🇧🇷

  44. rhagar mills

    rhagar mills5 months ago

    I can seeee her in blur ivy more now,the tumblr she loooks like ivy

  45. dinahs bae

    dinahs bae6 months ago


  46. spider lilly

    spider lilly6 months ago

    Beyonce is Lucifer

  47. spider lilly

    spider lilly6 months ago

    Divel... Syaitan... Dajjal

  48. Yagami& L

    Yagami& L6 months ago

    She is so beautiful. 😍😭❤❤Love you Queen.

  49. Amira Wys

    Amira Wys6 months ago

    She is naturally beautiful

  50. Dany Gray

    Dany Gray6 months ago

    My Queen, my love 💙👑🐝

  51. Amber Luckes

    Amber Luckes6 months ago

    Don’t cry