Beta vs. Lucky - BattleBots


  1. Filipe martins

    Filipe martins6 hours ago

    alguem br ?

  2. Travis Trestler

    Travis Trestler6 hours ago

    So happy this ended up in my feed. My palms are sweaty

  3. 7 hours ago

  4. Initial 1890

    Initial 18908 hours ago

    Did anyone else watch 1 battle bot vid than just started watching more and more

  5. Prass

    Prass8 hours ago

    Fuck :v what's winner?

  6. baints

    baints9 hours ago

    no one: red team: YEAH, CANADA!!!

  7. GameShock

    GameShock12 hours ago

    I wish the British team from robot wars team razor was able to compete and dominate everyone lol.


    PRATAMA TV13 hours ago


  9. Arjun Ghosh

    Arjun Ghosh18 hours ago

    Why am i here ?


    INITIAL18 hours ago

    Is anyone else mad on how he pronounces beta

  11. jepjep portugal

    jepjep portugalDay ago


  12. Phoenix person

    Phoenix personDay ago

    Betta: yeah Canada

  13. Kkk Bbb

    Kkk BbbDay ago

    Why MReporter suggest this shit

  14. Daniel Bello Mellies

    Daniel Bello MelliesDay ago


  15. TriekMan

    TriekManDay ago

    Never thought this even existed

  16. Vivek Kumar Mandal

    Vivek Kumar MandalDay ago

    O mie good

  17. Vivek Kumar Mandal

    Vivek Kumar MandalDay ago

    O mie good

  18. AL Azhar99

    AL Azhar99Day ago

    Just like manta ray vs cobra.

  19. やすくん

    やすくんDay ago


  20. _ DU_NUT_TUCH_ME _

    _ DU_NUT_TUCH_ME _Day ago


  21. Native wolfgamer

    Native wolfgamer2 days ago

    Yeah!!!!!!.... Canada!!!

  22. VV Player

    VV Player2 days ago

    Wow!!! that's amazing

  23. french croissant

    french croissant3 days ago

    i liked hammer man

  24. chair362

    chair3623 days ago

    i so very much wanted lucky to win...not sure why, but it seemed right to me

  25. VV Player

    VV Player2 days ago


  26. Chaos Legend

    Chaos Legend3 days ago

    Whoever was operating the hammer had fucking shit timing

  27. Zair Lutfi

    Zair Lutfi3 days ago

    Balmon vs Martis ,lol wkwkwkk

  28. Emilio De la torre

    Emilio De la torre4 days ago


  29. Sn0w

    Sn0w4 days ago


  30. Macky Cruz

    Macky Cruz4 days ago

    That should be the scene where thor beats da crap at thanos

  31. Matty Wall

    Matty Wall5 days ago

    He is terrible with that hammer

  32. AnimeSquirrel

    AnimeSquirrel5 days ago

    Hypnodisk was best bot. Fight me.

  33. mohammed humaid

    mohammed humaid5 days ago

  34. 7 B

    7 B6 days ago

    Nerdiest video I have seen so far

  35. Gulizara Roth

    Gulizara Roth6 days ago sweet memories of 2016 episode.

  36. risqs

    risqs7 days ago

    Is this supposed be big hero six?

  37. Gurbinder Sekhon

    Gurbinder Sekhon7 days ago

    Did that guy just scream CANADA??? That's the most violent Canadian I suppose!!!

  38. Manó

    Manó7 days ago

    lame ass fight

  39. miestuff7

    miestuff77 days ago

    Better than WWE

  40. Rap Moreno

    Rap Moreno8 days ago

    This is THE MOST WATCHED video on ABC’s YT channel and somehow they thought Battlebots wasn’t popular.

  41. TJG Galiardi

    TJG Galiardi7 days ago

    These networks need to learn to be patient, robot fighting isn't going to blow up over one night

  42. David G

    David G8 days ago

    Zoey 101, the bot of Queen winner😂

  43. Charvin

    Charvin8 days ago

    Isnt this a show on nickelodeon?

  44. Dallas powell

    Dallas powell8 days ago

    Meanwhile on planet earth

  45. Snapchat: Realdie5

    Snapchat: Realdie58 days ago

    You owe me a quarter

  46. Snapchat: Realdie5

    Snapchat: Realdie58 days ago

    Right on the beak

  47. Sacred

    Sacred8 days ago


  48. فيوزا / Fuza

    فيوزا / Fuza9 days ago

    ابو ماجيكك؟؟

  49. のぞみ東條

    のぞみ東條9 days ago

    sooo why is this recommended to me?

  50. Mack V

    Mack V9 days ago


  51. Carl Sjölander

    Carl Sjölander9 days ago

    This is the most american thing...ever

  52. Thebeastlelandplayz

    Thebeastlelandplayz10 days ago

    :35 yeah Canada