Beta vs. Lucky - BattleBots


  1. Desmond Deshay

    Desmond Deshay4 hours ago

    Robot was like “That’s it!! I’m getting me mallet!” 😂💀

  2. David Allauca

    David Allauca21 hour ago

    This is the wwe but sin lesbar

  3. Julius Zarsky

    Julius ZarskyDay ago

    Who is winer ?

  4. Drfopaa Bonnet

    Drfopaa Bonnet2 days ago

    haha this fught is awesome

  5. stephen deng

    stephen deng2 days ago

    I would just build a small tank and blow the other one up

  6. Susy Salaverry Casas

    Susy Salaverry Casas2 days ago



    МАМУКА ПАРУЛАВА2 days ago

    No ... NBA is more interesting ......)))

  8. Zachery Fraser

    Zachery Fraser3 days ago


  9. Lino V

    Lino V3 days ago

    Can I have one

  10. Massimo Bertaina

    Massimo Bertaina4 days ago

    zoey 101

  11. Bandura

    Bandura4 days ago

  12. Gaming online TV

    Gaming online TV4 days ago


  13. Valentina

    Valentina4 days ago

    Esto me recuerda mucho a Zoe 101

  14. yu k

    yu k5 days ago

    一方的に殴られるのかと思ったら良い反撃するなぁ~♪ 面白かった! スッポンvsカブトガニって感じ(笑)

  15. Биты GarageBand

    Биты GarageBand5 days ago

    Через месяц егэ, я смотрю битву роботов

  16. Kauê Matheus

    Kauê Matheus5 days ago

    Como eu vim para aqui eu já não sei🙂

  17. Grizz C

    Grizz C5 days ago

    I really think this would be an awesome Olympic sport. It will test your brain power instead of your body power.

  18. Charlie Ramone

    Charlie Ramone5 days ago

    Those are not autonomous! So they are not Bots. Just RC gizmos.

  19. Garfie489

    Garfie4895 days ago

    You think Autonomy is required to be a robot? xD Yeh no, its called Tele-Robotics - look it up

  20. Fla_Macapá Personalidade!

    Fla_Macapá Personalidade!5 days ago

    Que porra é essa?

  21. 町田弘

    町田弘5 days ago

    It's a great video! well done!

  22. Cheese

    Cheese6 days ago

    saladier en pls

  23. Just anyone

    Just anyone6 days ago

    What a great Job it is to be a Moderator lol

  24. Acil Dasweri

    Acil Dasweri6 days ago

    That didnt broke but sad.

  25. EXILED DxMxN

    EXILED DxMxN6 days ago


  26. BiG WALT

    BiG WALT6 days ago

    Floyd looking taller these days

  27. rifki hidayat

    rifki hidayat6 days ago

    Kalo disiarin di tv indonesia bkal rame seru nih

  28. Mark Fleshtor

    Mark Fleshtor7 days ago

    C.A.T.S. ultra realistic 2024 !!!!!

  29. Iqbal nashriq Bg iqbal

    Iqbal nashriq Bg iqbal7 days ago

    Kerak lutong

  30. Havin a toss

    Havin a toss8 days ago

    Wtf I didn't know Kenny florian commentates this LOL

  31. azarlutfi

    azarlutfi8 days ago

    so, who won ?

  32. Monhsaihan Saihnaa

    Monhsaihan Saihnaa9 days ago


  33. Blackoutkillerz& ilovedogesandbeagles

    Blackoutkillerz& ilovedogesandbeagles9 days ago

    0: 23 le jump

  34. Blackoutkillerz& ilovedogesandbeagles

    Blackoutkillerz& ilovedogesandbeagles9 days ago


  35. ĐT ĐK05

    ĐT ĐK059 days ago

    Robocon 2019 in VietNam amazing !

  36. Daniel Leone

    Daniel Leone9 days ago

    how the hell did I get here

  37. Andika Rizki Pradana

    Andika Rizki Pradana10 days ago

    What's going on with my recomendded? 😂

  38. Justin Charlton

    Justin Charlton10 days ago

    Used to watch these as a kid so much

  39. Oktavianus Elta Molle

    Oktavianus Elta Molle11 days ago

    Why am i so hype? This my first time watchin this.

  40. Th M

    Th M12 days ago

    This is so much fun to watch! Do we have something like this in Europe?

  41. Garfie489

    Garfie4895 days ago

    Theres 1 event a year in Germany, Check out the below forum and let me know if you find any local events, it should be the local roboteers discussion (but its in German so im not sure) Let me know if you dont find anything

  42. Th M

    Th M5 days ago

    +Garfie489 Germany. I have never seen something like this over here...

  43. Garfie489

    Garfie4895 days ago

    Where abouts in Europe are you located? - Theres events happening all around the world

  44. Th M

    Th M11 days ago

    +Ben Moak thanks!

  45. Ben Moak

    Ben Moak11 days ago

    Robot Wars was the British equivalent of this show.

  46. Arthur Benedito Rodrigues Fernandes

    Arthur Benedito Rodrigues Fernandes12 days ago


  47. Cojocariu Antonio

    Cojocariu Antonio12 days ago

    i hate when they yell OWWW

  48. Adigun Ademola

    Adigun Ademola12 days ago

    "Yeahhh Canada" 😂😂😂💔

  49. Eyad abdelfatah

    Eyad abdelfatah13 days ago

    i was searching a toturial of Arduino traffic light controller project ... and ended here

  50. Bochog Pogi

    Bochog Pogi13 days ago

    This. Is. Cool

  51. Eddie Perez

    Eddie Perez14 days ago

    The nostalgia is strong. I used to watch this show along with celebrity death match.

  52. yos doggo

    yos doggo14 days ago

    ive watched this on tv unironically

  53. Fuzzy 217

    Fuzzy 21714 days ago

    Do they not know who to say Beta?

  54. TJG Galiardi

    TJG Galiardi8 days ago

    That's how the robot's name is actually pronounced

  55. Patrick Burzawa

    Patrick Burzawa15 days ago

    why the fuck am I watching this..

  56. Chris

    Chris15 days ago

    Better than any MMA honestly

  57. 꿈꾸는소수인님

    꿈꾸는소수인님15 days ago

    와 로봇을 저딴 데나 쓰냐.

  58. The Prince Wolf

    The Prince Wolf15 days ago

    Soy el comentario latino k buscabas :v?

  59. Travis Jackson

    Travis Jackson16 days ago

    Before I press play I got my money on lucky.

  60. Treeezplz

    Treeezplz16 days ago

    Jesus that hammer is ruthless!

  61. Daniel Sernaque

    Daniel Sernaque16 days ago

    Muy buenas batallas, lastima por lo robots que quedan destrozados, pero luego se arreglan...

  62. tv kampung

    tv kampung16 days ago

    Gila keren

  63. Ty Nao

    Ty Nao17 days ago


  64. Faze Krish

    Faze Krish17 days ago

    Lab rats anyone

  65. TSZ HIN NG

    TSZ HIN NG17 days ago

    So......who won?

  66. Under Society

    Under Society17 days ago

    Yeah! Canada!

  67. MetalOfAllOwns

    MetalOfAllOwns17 days ago

    "Yeaaaa!!" "CANADA!"

  68. Small Doggo

    Small Doggo18 days ago

    are there sound effects added? sounds like it to me

  69. Garfie489

    Garfie4895 days ago

    The box these fights take place in distorts sound quite a lot, so i think they take the audio from several points and feed it back into the playback. Its not adding sound effects, but more cleaning up what was already in there - which isnt always as good as it can be.

  70. Wettergren

    Wettergren18 days ago

    1:20 - Is that Adam Savage shouting in the background? (front center, behind the glass)

  71. rhys jones

    rhys jones2 days ago

    Probably, swear he was one of the judges a few times

  72. ben aslinda katarina mainim ppme aldirmayin Zac

    ben aslinda katarina mainim ppme aldirmayin Zac18 days ago


  73. Mas Pras Channel

    Mas Pras Channel18 days ago

    Real steal start in here.

  74. Al Mol

    Al Mol18 days ago

    Posmodernism led to this stupidity. Read a book.

  75. Johnaz

    Johnaz19 days ago


  76. Kriz TheOptimist

    Kriz TheOptimist19 days ago

    Fck recommendations I'm just watching this for the sake of complaining on the comment section

  77. Ryan Douglas

    Ryan Douglas19 days ago

    Anyone remember the browser game that was like this back in the day, like 10 years ago? That was the shit

  78. AK Alexinho

    AK Alexinho19 days ago

    Now time for best of battle bots. U know u want to. Wink

  79. ngọc nhi

    ngọc nhi19 days ago

    Cai l3 yhalo3 wyklo

  80. Dark Sun Gwyndolin

    Dark Sun Gwyndolin19 days ago

    All day long john

  81. Atlas Ro

    Atlas Ro20 days ago

    Ce fain este episodul asta

  82. Сергей Круглыхин

    Сергей Круглыхин20 days ago


  83. Timmy Reobed

    Timmy Reobed20 days ago

    The saddest part of beta being deconfirmed for season 4 is that we won’t get a rematch of this or beta vs Tombstone.

  84. TJG Galiardi

    TJG Galiardi18 days ago

    I really care more about Beta never getting a chance to fight Minotaur, as that's the only Hexbug Battlebots rivals set that doesn't make sense


    MOTO MOTO20 days ago


  86. Luxordt Games

    Luxordt Games20 days ago

    Zoey 101?

  87. 10, 000 Subscribers with no videos

    10, 000 Subscribers with no videos20 days ago

    This reminds me of the show lab rats, anyone else thought of it? Btw I haven't watched it for years and I just watched this video now and I still remember that one episode where they did this

  88. Non Binary Transgendered Teddy Bear Hamster

    Non Binary Transgendered Teddy Bear Hamster20 days ago

    Reminds me of the good old days when I used to watch Robot Wars.

  89. TJG Galiardi

    TJG Galiardi18 days ago

    Yes, the Robot Wars reboot (my bad, should've been more specific).

  90. Non Binary Transgendered Teddy Bear Hamster

    Non Binary Transgendered Teddy Bear Hamster18 days ago

    +TJG Galiardi of Robot Wars?

  91. TJG Galiardi

    TJG Galiardi18 days ago

    Did you see any of the reboot?

  92. Da Big G

    Da Big G21 day ago

    I hope to see beta in season 4

  93. Anh JAV

    Anh JAV21 day ago

    Can I subscribe to my channel?

  94. Gis Tokio

    Gis Tokio21 day ago

    what the hell am I sitting and watching instead of reading

  95. Rozely Lindim

    Rozely Lindim21 day ago

    lucky meets wrong opponent lol...great job beta can recover once flipped.


    MARK SHADOW21 day ago

    No sd supone que las peleas roboticas son ilegales like si piensas lo mismo

  97. Alex Hetherington

    Alex Hetherington22 days ago

    Who won though ?

  98. Pusabimo

    Pusabimo22 days ago

    we need mr bean


    ANONY MOUS22 days ago


  100. Aman Adhikari

    Aman Adhikari23 days ago

    Subscribe to PewDiePie

  101. SleighveDriver

    SleighveDriver23 days ago

    Fake crowd?

  102. ko htut

    ko htut23 days ago

    I love robot

  103. BeLimited

    BeLimited23 days ago

    Real steel and transformers fused in together


    THE INTERCAMBIO24 days ago

    Que bacán... Cómo olvidar esas peleas

  105. Hadi Eftekhari Far

    Hadi Eftekhari Far24 days ago


  106. Abel Abebe

    Abel Abebe24 days ago

    Kenny Florian is commentating battle bots? 😭

  107. LerbyTV

    LerbyTV25 days ago

    Are this A.I.? or Bots controlled by humans? Edit: ok, humans aren't that dumb

  108. TJG Galiardi

    TJG Galiardi22 days ago

    There is actually one AI robot in battlebots called Chomp, but you'll hate the idea of full AI battles after you see it in action, especially in its 2018 fights

  109. Dave FromYt

    Dave FromYt25 days ago


  110. Gurbinder Sekhon

    Gurbinder Sekhon25 days ago

    0:36...that intimidating dude tries to be more intimidating by yelling "CANADA"

  111. Almira Jinjer

    Almira Jinjer25 days ago


  112. Anne* 411

    Anne* 41126 days ago

    Sophia is going to say humans dont like them

  113. Золоо Ганбат

    Золоо Ганбат26 days ago


  114. Sean Matthew King

    Sean Matthew King26 days ago

    Who invited Kenny Florian?

  115. Epic Squid 07

    Epic Squid 0726 days ago

    When nerds me evil robots

  116. Wolfy Jarne

    Wolfy Jarne26 days ago

    Aint that illegal ow wait that’s from big hero6 don’t mind me