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Best Rookie Plays of the 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season


  1. Carlson Tomihara

    Carlson Tomihara7 days ago

    Hell yeah!! Mitchell 😎😎

  2. jose yepez

    jose yepez8 days ago

    More Dennis smith he should have been all rookie first team but 15ppg 4 rpg 5 apg are pretty solid stats for a rookie especially considering his field goal percentage was low which means he isn’t scared to shoot it but if he just gets a little more accurate he will for sure average at least 20 ppg and now with deandre Jordan I expect his assist game to go up

  3. Dj Zephyr

    Dj Zephyr11 days ago

    Curry got blocked by Markarnen... lol i cant get enough.. nver gets old

  4. WaveGod Ace'Porter

    WaveGod Ace'Porter13 days ago

    How is this the NBA channel?, and Donavan Mitchell has more highlights than Ben Simmons in this reel of spectacular plays. I’m a Sixer fan til death but I love the game of basketball and tbh Donavan Mitchell got game and I think he should’ve won that award. He was a legit rookie in a class of other outstanding legit rookies and balled like he touched the basketball in Space Jam. Anyways, “Trust the Process” and Go Birds #PhillyPhilly

  5. Léon VUAGNOUX

    Léon VUAGNOUX16 days ago

    It’s so beautiful

  6. Tristan Peters

    Tristan Peters19 days ago

    when you realise joel embiid a seven foot plus center has made more threesin a day then ben simmons has made his entire career.

  7. Girl one

    Girl one20 days ago


  8. Tebby

    Tebby23 days ago

    What the hell is teodosic doing in the rookie highlight video

  9. cameron russell

    cameron russell23 days ago

    “Top plans by Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 season”

  10. pepper cola

    pepper cola24 days ago

    I think there were some editing mistakes because Ben Simmons is in the video.

  11. Stefan Ivkov

    Stefan Ivkov29 days ago

    Don't let this video distract you from the fact that... the pistons chose Kennard one pick ahead of Mitchell

  12. johnys 13

    johnys 13Month ago

    Like if Simmons is gonna be rookie of the year the next season too


    JUST BLAZEMonth ago


  14. Danny Sullivan

    Danny SullivanMonth ago

    Marcus Smart considered a rookie lol

  15. speddila 1276

    speddila 1276Month ago

    Where is the Cedi Osman? ahh!

  16. James Reed

    James ReedMonth ago

    Tatum over lebron?

  17. Simone Borrè

    Simone BorrèMonth ago

    Al minuto 3:25 PASSI PASSI PASSI!!!! È una vergogna che sia addirittura negli highlights, pure per gli standard NBA!!!

  18. SuperRip7

    SuperRip7Month ago

    Wonderful rookie plays I see. 07-27-18.

  19. Carlit 0

    Carlit 0Month ago

    Donavon should have won roty


    DEAN VLOGS2 months ago


  21. King Critical

    King Critical2 months ago

    if i had to pick 2 im going Tatum & Ben

  22. Griffin Mann

    Griffin Mann2 months ago

    Rookie of the year is Donavon Mitchell but Simmons had the best play

  23. Griffin Mann

    Griffin Mann2 months ago


  24. USA

    USA2 months ago

    7:05 isn't a rookie play, he was in the NBA last year too

  25. 安西高校期

    安西高校期2 months ago


  26. GingermanRichard

    GingermanRichard2 months ago

    i didint know fox was this clutch, daymn

  27. Down Hill

    Down Hill2 months ago

    1:10 sent that white boy to the shadow realm.

  28. Down Hill

    Down Hill2 months ago

    best draft class since 1829.

  29. Aiden Bignell

    Aiden Bignell2 months ago


  30. King Tut

    King Tut2 months ago

    Where’s all lonzos passes

  31. Cristian Torres

    Cristian Torres2 months ago

    Wtf is ben simmons doing here

  32. Anonymous !

    Anonymous !2 months ago

    A lot of great rookies this year!

  33. jo

    jo2 months ago

    Bam with the goaltend ?

  34. AjaxMac

    AjaxMac2 months ago

    Fox got that clutch gene

  35. Josh Howatd

    Josh Howatd2 months ago

    We got some special ass rookies 💯💯

  36. R Bridges

    R Bridges2 months ago

    @NBA I think y’all made a mistake Ben Simmons is in here

  37. Daniela Silveira Palmeira

    Daniela Silveira Palmeira2 months ago

    Wi as hwhjbian kZb Gogh hj o um fofo MReporter ignóbil jogo

  38. Fox Die

    Fox Die2 months ago

    Ben Simmons = new Lebron Donovan Mitchell = new D wade Jayson Tatum = new KD Dennis smith jr = new westbrook Lauri markkanen = new Dirk Frank nitlakina = new Rondo

  39. Simon Northrip

    Simon Northrip3 months ago

    Simmons isn't and wasn't a rookie this last season

  40. Cade Bailey

    Cade Bailey3 months ago

    andre ingram is the next scalabrine

  41. Cade Bailey

    Cade Bailey3 months ago

    Simmons isn't a rookie, his plays shouldn't be here

  42. Gabby Park

    Gabby Park3 months ago

    Ben Simmons Jayson Tatum Donavan Mitchell ROOKIES OF THE YEAR

  43. Goldgen Jacson

    Goldgen Jacson3 months ago


  44. Amsyar Rosli

    Amsyar Rosli3 months ago

    Tatum poster the King in his rookie year..*In the Playoff* But still ROTY goes to DM

  45. Ryle Jasper Malicay

    Ryle Jasper Malicay3 months ago

    Rookies are awsome!!

  46. Hakan Al - Fatih

    Hakan Al - Fatih3 months ago

    Where is Andre Ingram ? 😂

  47. Eray Kuş

    Eray Kuş3 months ago

    1:05 nice step man

  48. Zik Remorca

    Zik Remorca3 months ago

    fucking hate the Kings commentator. I love NBA basketball but i don't have to love Sacramento and the shit they got there

  49. Edward Gaskin

    Edward Gaskin3 months ago

    Last play was the best play

  50. Jason Rohr

    Jason Rohr3 months ago

    3:27 Some Jason Williams stuff, right there.

  51. QuietQuill

    QuietQuill3 months ago

    What a shame Donovan Mitchell wasn't awarded ROTY when clearly the Jazz wouldn't have made it to the playoffs without him. I guess people thought he shouldn't have the dunk contest and ROTY.

  52. Xawa Ash

    Xawa Ash3 months ago


  53. Blackman Whitesuit

    Blackman Whitesuit3 months ago

    should also include best sophomore plays and junior plays. would be cool to see progression

  54. j.temple22

    j.temple223 months ago

    Ferguson isn’t a rookie

  55. Miami dolphins Snag

    Miami dolphins Snag3 months ago

    Bam adebayo is so underrated

  56. Nathan Azurdia

    Nathan Azurdia3 months ago

    Slow it down to 0.5 speed on Josh Jackson behind the back euro step he takes 3 steps. Shitty ref

  57. Isma Gonzales

    Isma Gonzales3 months ago

    Great generation of rooks. I think the play on min 12:00 was a goaltending

  58. JumboDog 420

    JumboDog 4203 months ago

    But Simmons isn’t a rookie

  59. jsun04

    jsun043 months ago

    Tatum is awesome

  60. E G

    E G3 months ago

    Why is Josh Jackson and DeA’aron Fox so Underrated

  61. E G

    E G3 months ago


  62. Aero

    Aero3 months ago

    Ben Simmons is not a rookie

  63. Madara Senju

    Madara Senju3 months ago

    14:50 best rookie

  64. Nick Sarate

    Nick Sarate3 months ago

    Terrence Ferguson needs to get more minutes next year


    JIMMY BOI3 months ago

    Lauri got snubbed ☹️

  66. Joe Brooks

    Joe Brooks3 months ago

    And these are the rookies, one of these will avoid injury and become a multiple time mvp

  67. NBA FAN

    NBA FAN3 months ago

    Roty chances in order 1. DONOVAN MITCHELL 2. JAYSON TATUM 3. BEN SIMMONS

  68. -Btw-my-name -is-carl-

    -Btw-my-name -is-carl-3 months ago

    4:26 travel?

  69. -Btw-my-name -is-carl-

    -Btw-my-name -is-carl-3 months ago

    The celtics commentator is boring

  70. Ilan Castro

    Ilan Castro3 months ago

    JT0 for ROTY

  71. Bawihtea Pa

    Bawihtea Pa3 months ago

    The end tho

  72. Mitchell Halutick

    Mitchell Halutick3 months ago

    Simmons is not a rookie

  73. SirMuffinman421

    SirMuffinman4213 months ago

    Simmons no rookie he just got injured.

  74. JR

    JR3 months ago

    lmao the kings are trash but fox been lowkey clutch af

  75. Carl 555

    Carl 5553 months ago

    2018 gonna be better

  76. Sammy Aldus

    Sammy Aldus3 months ago

    NBA,can we have a triple tie “2017-2018 ROY” this season? Ben Simmons,Jason Tatum and Donovan Mitchell deserves the ROY award.

  77. savemelofi

    savemelofi3 months ago

    Unpopular opnion but Lauri is actually a top 3 rookie.

  78. OgLoC2

    OgLoC23 months ago

    Fox has clutch in his DNA btw

  79. OgLoC2

    OgLoC23 months ago

    This mix was not made by a casual NBA fan, thats for sure. Great selection

  80. HolyJosie

    HolyJosie3 months ago

    This class of rookies are the best class of rookies I've seen in a minute

  81. Bryan Mostrales

    Bryan Mostrales3 months ago

    Seat Back track on your seatbelt. ~Tatum

  82. cheesin

    cheesin3 months ago

    They put Milos in that. LOL

  83. wrecker a goat-_-

    wrecker a goat-_-3 months ago

    2:09 lauri roty

  84. BR3NDAN

    BR3NDAN3 months ago

    Wait so dats not a travel??? 3:20

  85. marcelo fierro

    marcelo fierro3 months ago


  86. ryan tony gutierrez

    ryan tony gutierrez3 months ago

    1:48 slow motion

  87. The Finnisher

    The Finnisher3 months ago

    Markkanen gonna be special.

  88. Bora Oltulu

    Bora Oltulu3 months ago

    The best one is Donovan’s putback Dunk for sure

  89. Joshua Mendez

    Joshua Mendez3 months ago

    ben simmons aint a rookie

  90. Demitri J

    Demitri J3 months ago

    4:06 uhhh foul

  91. InTheLifeofJakiyah Jakiyah

    InTheLifeofJakiyah Jakiyah4 months ago

    Donovan Mitchell is raw 🔥🔥🔥🏀🏀

  92. My name is Riley Martin

    My name is Riley Martin4 months ago

    Fuck lebron!

  93. Yo.boi_ Hood619

    Yo.boi_ Hood6194 months ago

    Damn, 2017 rookie draft are all explosive af. I’m excited to see how they progress in this league.

  94. Andrew Decker

    Andrew Decker4 months ago

    with all the misses and shitty 3pt% there had to be at least one video where lonzo actually makes one lol

  95. 2 1

    2 14 months ago

    Fox is clutch af...

  96. loveBGM

    loveBGM4 months ago


  97. Syed mohd Shazeb

    Syed mohd Shazeb4 months ago


  98. Young Focus

    Young Focus4 months ago


  99. KillerOfLight

    KillerOfLight4 months ago

    at 8:30 is the same play back to back

  100. hoovin shmoovin

    hoovin shmoovin4 months ago

    no antonio blakeney for the bulls?