1. Professor. Xd

    Professor. Xd12 days ago

    Why is there a plug in the bathroom

  2. Lion life gaming

    Lion life gaming14 days ago

    Make a extension on a house also try to make a dinning place

  3. J_Mountford 05

    J_Mountford 0516 days ago

    Please do another video love watching this

  4. Finhs18 United

    Finhs18 United17 days ago

    You forgot to clean the bathroom floor

  5. Finhs18 United

    Finhs18 United17 days ago

    In the cabinets wiz sink you look in the cupboard to assemble

  6. chloe darby

    chloe darby18 days ago

    What can you download it on

  7. Jack Towers

    Jack Towers19 days ago

    You didn’t do the bathroom floor

  8. Sana Ali

    Sana Ali20 days ago

    You forgot the floor in the echan

  9. Eliott Hall

    Eliott HallMonth ago

    Tbf is actually buy that house when I’m older

  10. Eliott Hall

    Eliott HallMonth ago

    Should’ve made the bathroom an on suite

  11. electro_pulse1232

    electro_pulse1232Month ago

    You cant finish the game the house keep coming back but good video anyway

  12. Rohan Lolan

    Rohan LolanMonth ago

    yoυ dιdn'т cнange тнe вaтнrooм ғloor !!!

  13. Ewan Atkins Eade

    Ewan Atkins EadeMonth ago


  14. Ewan Atkins Eade

    Ewan Atkins EadeMonth ago

    That is a mano bathroom

  15. Winter Penguins

    Winter PenguinsMonth ago

    13:29 I Sneezed 🤧 at the same time as Josh Did😂

  16. rebecca robinson

    rebecca robinsonMonth ago

    Catching up on these, I would ha e laid the kitchen in a different spot away from the bathroom. On the other hand you could have put the bathroom door in the bedroom and block off the wall

  17. declan liam

    declan liam2 months ago

    why is this interesting

  18. Martin Rózsahegyi

    Martin Rózsahegyi2 months ago

    Szar vagy

  19. Helgacabbage

    Helgacabbage2 months ago

    lmao, the placing of a lamp with a book on each side... worst interior designer ever. :D :D

  20. Danny Wilson

    Danny Wilson2 months ago

    you missed a kitchen sink is needed

  21. GlowstickRaves

    GlowstickRaves2 months ago

    omg I wanted to die watching you try to layout the kitchen, but its partly because of how horrible the layout and furniture choices in this game are. I'm excited to keep watching and see how you improve with bigger houses.

  22. k_alasmar

    k_alasmar2 months ago

    The color choices are so shitty , btw i enjoy your content

  23. Cameron Plays

    Cameron Plays2 months ago

    I subscribed

  24. Antonija Heršak

    Antonija Heršak2 months ago

    I really like gray color for living room. You paint it gray and put white furniture. Maybe you could try it in some bigger houses. :) Really like this game tho... I have 5 houses left to buy and sell :)

  25. Lucy S

    Lucy S2 months ago

    Plz do your office up so it's nice

  26. Oldpezzjr

    Oldpezzjr3 months ago

    Sell the tools

  27. Terraria Daily

    Terraria Daily3 months ago

    They should add snapping

  28. My Name Is josh

    My Name Is josh3 months ago

    but you said that it was your house\ office

  29. Rick Nagelhout

    Rick Nagelhout3 months ago

    You can assemble that sink. You Just only had to open the doors

  30. Alexander Banks

    Alexander Banks3 months ago

    You should just sell all of the furniture to get more money

  31. DaMarcus Cannon

    DaMarcus Cannon3 months ago


  32. Alexis Rock Master

    Alexis Rock Master3 months ago

    The sink that has a cuboard is mountable just in the cuboard!!😡😡

  33. Andrea and dayana

    Andrea and dayana3 months ago

    You sound like a robot lol

  34. Katie Price

    Katie Price3 months ago

    FINALLY someone who bulldozed that bloody wall! The amount of these videos I’ve watched and I’ve found myself getting annoyed because no one thinks to even knock that wall down 😂😂

  35. Ty Jordan

    Ty Jordan3 months ago

    love it

  36. Caitie Friesth

    Caitie Friesth3 months ago

    you can mount that sink, you have to do it inside the cabinet doors though (:

  37. Claudia Andrade

    Claudia Andrade3 months ago

    Your a PROfessinal. :p

  38. BabyBlue1119 Texas

    BabyBlue1119 Texas3 months ago

    Did anyone else say "Bless You" when he sneezed? No? Only me? Okay.

  39. Jake Paul2

    Jake Paul23 months ago

    You ruined the bathroom with those tiles

  40. MaryBerryBoo

    MaryBerryBoo3 months ago

    3:53 LMAO

  41. amandaggogo

    amandaggogo3 months ago

    Guess I'll just watch these forever until I can afford a computer that will run games on it. :0(

  42. Kayleigh Volkering

    Kayleigh Volkering3 months ago

    CAn I just...Can I just say... Please no more Symmetry x'D There's like no creativity " white just works " oml it was so bright x'D I'm not trying to be mean or anything I'm not a hater, there's nothing wrong with opinions. He didn't need the two yucca plants and the books like that. Like... it's not a model home x'D No one lays books down like that . It looks sooo sterile. Anyway, moving on

  43. Aufaa Kotaro

    Aufaa Kotaro3 months ago

    How about to buy house with garage. And use slider door door the backyard door

  44. Grimm Dragon

    Grimm Dragon3 months ago

    Had to turn my screen brightness down there was so much white. 😂

  45. 공공오옹

    공공오옹3 months ago

    so nice.... i want to live this house..

  46. spankystl

    spankystl3 months ago

    Kitchen sink anyone?

  47. Zack dear

    Zack dear3 months ago

    You can paint the outside of the house with paint or other stuff!!.@ZerkaaPlays

  48. Emma-Grace

    Emma-Grace3 months ago

    I absolutely hate that all you want to do is put white all over the house. Absolutely grinds my gears

  49. Keira Ryann

    Keira Ryann3 months ago

    You can use the non-mountable sink. You just have to open the cabinet doors and look in the back and there you will see the option to assemble

  50. Shellbe Wood

    Shellbe Wood3 months ago

    If you check out lilsimsie (and I haven’t seen the whole series, yours or hers, yet but) she figured out how to mount the sinks that come with the cupboard! And the curtains as well. Of course as I’m commenting you have more videos in the series so I’m sure you’ve figured out a lot more about the game, but for everyone else who are still catching up or wanting to play the game, check out lilsimsie’s channel!

  51. Shellbe Wood

    Shellbe Wood3 months ago

    Realized immediately after commenting that this sounds like I’m trying to plug her channel; I’m not, I just thought it’d be helpful for everyone to know how the various mechanics of the game work, and lilsimsie has gotten quite far in the game. I love this game and I love watching both MReporterrs quite a lot. So, to clarify, I’m not trying to plug lilsimsie or anything, just trying to be helpful!

  52. Emma Harris

    Emma Harris3 months ago

    Omg the paint sound is so satisfying

  53. jsrosie96

    jsrosie963 months ago

    You can use the vanity sinks. Just open the cupboard doors and it gives you the option to assemble :) Love this game!

  54. Minh Trang Nguyễn

    Minh Trang Nguyễn3 months ago

    The tree will suck up oxygen and release carbon dioxide gas while sleeping, which makes it suffocate him

  55. Rahul Deb Guha

    Rahul Deb Guha3 months ago

    This is hella good

  56. Laura Musgrave

    Laura Musgrave3 months ago


  57. Jamie Quarz

    Jamie Quarz3 months ago

    Stop being so ungrateful

  58. KGproScooters

    KGproScooters3 months ago

    Forgot to tile the bathroom floor mate

  59. GREG!!!

    GREG!!!3 months ago

    U forgot the bathroom floor :(

  60. e_chak

    e_chak3 months ago

    You could try making an ensuite bathroom

  61. Timothy Eow

    Timothy Eow3 months ago

    Do more of this video love video

  62. Craig Taylor

    Craig Taylor3 months ago

    You should actually put extensions on the houses


    DEMONETIZE THIS3 months ago

    This on Xbox?

  64. Nacho Lizzy

    Nacho Lizzy3 months ago

    You should do accent walls, it will break up the harshness of the colors

  65. Trinity v.dov_god

    Trinity v.dov_god3 months ago

    Remember next time door frame instead of painting the door frame from inside.

  66. Trinity v.dov_god

    Trinity v.dov_god3 months ago

    First fix the exterior of your house. Please want to slit my wrist every time you load the screen.

  67. Julianna Gutierrez

    Julianna Gutierrez3 months ago

    my face when josh forgets you can knock down and build walls in order to change the floorplan

  68. David Smith

    David Smith3 months ago

    love sitting thrrough and watching this series, so relaxing and suprisingly satisfying watching the houses be remoddled

  69. Lauren Love

    Lauren Love3 months ago

    Put mini lights in the ceiling in stead of having lamps because it makes the room brighter and changing the sockets switches to more modern things help. Not to mention buys like when putting in slide doors to the patio and plants with pictures and mirrors brings life and better negotiating

  70. B Knox

    B Knox3 months ago

    It’s a good house

  71. Michael North

    Michael North3 months ago

    Why is josh actually sick at this?

  72. Rachel Mann

    Rachel Mann3 months ago

    Why don't you also try other colors then White

  73. What even is this channel

    What even is this channel3 months ago

    28:30 Bitch me too

  74. Ghaya Mohammed

    Ghaya Mohammed3 months ago

    the house turned out so nice but only if there was more colors i mean everything in kind of white right

  75. isabella finkelstein

    isabella finkelstein3 months ago

    wait i thought it was gonna become Your home/office

  76. Carlos Vega

    Carlos Vega3 months ago

    Why do you like white so much, it’s so plain, it’s just white this and white that, come on can’t you change your colors man? I’m trying to help you out to get better at the game

  77. Nadia Savage

    Nadia Savage3 months ago

    I think it would be cool if you moved your face cam around during the video 😊 just a suggestion🙂

  78. Larry Fick

    Larry Fick3 months ago

    I love this game! I've had it a week and now started buying houses and fixing them up. This burned out house was the first one I attempted. I had the inside all nice, then went outside and started painting the exterior. I got the front, along the left side and half way along the back. I decided to replace the back door, the game crashed. When I went back to it, I lost all my progress, LOL. Somehow the house disappeared after I started another house. I like you videos of this game. Keep them coming!

  79. Billy Easley

    Billy Easley3 months ago

    U can break down the bed room wall and make it smaller that way you can have a bigger kitchen and big washroom

  80. Ranked

    Ranked3 months ago

    When he sneezed I said bless you and my family looked at me all confused

  81. Jayonis Schein

    Jayonis Schein3 months ago

    orange is a nice color

  82. Laura Elvin

    Laura Elvin3 months ago

    There’s no blinds

  83. Lee Womack

    Lee Womack3 months ago

    btw u didnt have to change the bathroom sink xx u just have to open the cupboards then look in them and it says E-Assemble xx love this vids so far idk if i should even comment this because im only on this episode and u may have figured it out lol but life is short lol xx♥

  84. Logan Shaker

    Logan Shaker3 months ago

    That moment when you could just spin the bedside tables....

  85. The Wolf Who Sings

    The Wolf Who Sings3 months ago

    when he speeded up the painting at 6:40 it sounded like he was playing pokémon 😂

  86. R3D H3D

    R3D H3D3 months ago

    Please for the love of god don’t design my house

  87. What even

    What even3 months ago

    I am addicted to this series

  88. Cheeky_Gamer 86

    Cheeky_Gamer 863 months ago

    light blue is a love the nice room colour girls and boys mostly like the colour aswell

  89. Hagmof

    Hagmof3 months ago

    Nice vid but u need a sink

  90. Laura Elvin

    Laura Elvin3 months ago

    I want to play this, how can I find it?!?

  91. theMutedMusic

    theMutedMusic3 months ago

    Please stop putting lamps and stuff in the very middle of objects. It would look much nicer to the corner, not to mention if the lamp is in the middle of the bed stand hOW DO THEY SET THEIR STUFF ON THE BEDSTAND if they are anywhere close to sims level intelligence they’ll just set stuff on the floor XD

  92. matthew haacke

    matthew haacke3 months ago


  93. Daniel Pyne

    Daniel Pyne3 months ago

    You could’ve pulled the living space and kitchen together with a half wall in front of the island.

  94. Gaming parrots

    Gaming parrots3 months ago

    Zerkaa logic: connect an island to the wall instead of making it an island in the middle of the floor

  95. Mad Cow

    Mad Cow3 months ago

    Paint the bathroom walls then put tile on the ground

  96. victor

    victor3 months ago

    why didnt he just move the tv to the lower part? and then put a computer on the higher part... I love u josh, but ur fuckin with my OCD!!

  97. Timothy Rinaldi

    Timothy Rinaldi3 months ago

    Cupboard sink mount inside the cupboard all u do it open the cupboard then mount it

  98. alison

    alison3 months ago

    I really hope you never have to decorate your own house lol

  99. Christian’s Fishing

    Christian’s Fishing3 months ago

    To do outside you have to do wall paneling

  100. somethingg

    somethingg3 months ago

    The bathroom floor is messed up

  101. Lanie Elizabeth

    Lanie Elizabeth3 months ago

    why is this so relaxing suggestions: •clean the bathroom floor •put a door from the bedroom to the bathroom •make a living room with a COUCH haha •clean the outside a little •wrap the island around the wall next to the bedroom door