Best Crossovers From The 2017-2018 NBA Season (Steph Curry, Kemba, Kyrie and More!)


  1. Kid Red

    Kid Red20 days ago

    Ant traveled

  2. Donovan Dillingham

    Donovan Dillingham2 months ago

    No one wants to guard dwight

  3. Rusty B.

    Rusty B.3 months ago

    6:25 what the fuck is that hair bro? That will never be cool. You look stupid as hell.


    MATHEW5 months ago

    the best is 1:13

  5. Rafael Carrera Pérez

    Rafael Carrera Pérez5 months ago

    Que rikolino

  6. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan7 months ago

    NBA now a days got some good handling skills and shooting abilities

  7. Married You

    Married You7 months ago

    where are youing ganies the big fipple

  8. Married You

    Married You7 months ago

    stephen nasty player in the seson on 2016 nasty by maesi casel

  9. Married You

    Married You7 months ago

    so nasty on cps on game 4

  10. Married You

    Married You7 months ago

    so nasty a mask kring lring

  11. Married You

    Married You7 months ago

    where are you going so nasty on d racon fox

  12. Married You

    Married You7 months ago

    so nast on d angle russel

  13. Married You

    Married You7 months ago

    so nasty to cps

  14. Married You

    Married You7 months ago

    so nasty to the big man dwight howard

  15. Married You

    Married You7 months ago

    so nasty kring iring

  16. Lakeashia Atkins

    Lakeashia Atkins7 months ago

    ever read a comment and Be like dang I wish I wrote that

  17. gula-gula getah sabah

    gula-gula getah sabah8 months ago

    Too bad Brian Scalabrine has retired or else this highlight will be all about him

  18. one Houston

    one Houston9 months ago

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  19. eight FangYuan

    eight FangYuan9 months ago


  20. Lucas Rogers

    Lucas Rogers9 months ago

    5:51 best part

  21. PigsForLife Studios

    PigsForLife Studios9 months ago

    Why does Dwight Howard appear on their more than my man Steph Curry ??!!

  22. Will Ziggles

    Will Ziggles9 months ago

    2:58 travel wtf

  23. Christopher Stephens

    Christopher Stephens9 months ago

  24. escorpión

    escorpión10 months ago

    4:21 looked like the 2k my court created player moves

  25. Ronnie Cabaron

    Ronnie Cabaron10 months ago

    putangina nyo haha

  26. Luciano Facioli

    Luciano Facioli10 months ago


  27. Josh Everett

    Josh Everett10 months ago

    6:55 low key throws a dab after the dunk

  28. shin co

    shin co10 months ago


  29. ihaile shipman

    ihaile shipman11 months ago

    Bruhhhhh kyrie crosses collison then ran him over😭🤗

  30. Just A Crab

    Just A Crab11 months ago

    So, KD, Rudd, Harden, LeBron, Giannis, and DWIGHT FREAKING HOWARD were on here more than Curry. Nobody ever say Curry has the best handles in the league.

  31. Ali Hamade

    Ali Hamade11 months ago

    I said it before and I say it again, Magic Johnson's son has the best ball handling skills of all time.

  32. Certified Ass Eater

    Certified Ass Eater11 months ago

    They playing the “Howard the alien song” 8:13

  33. Brian Bustamante

    Brian Bustamante11 months ago

    Why this video hating on Jakob Poetl? Lol

  34. Sifu One

    Sifu One11 months ago


  35. Asquazz 20

    Asquazz 2011 months ago

    Jesus loves you!!!!!

  36. Prithvi Sundar

    Prithvi Sundar11 months ago

    Kyrie is a great sprinter and dunker, Steph just nails 3s like a God

  37. Jamie West

    Jamie West11 months ago

    crew brick team arise lend closed phase long height cancel piano.

  38. Jon Melendez

    Jon Melendez11 months ago

    I can watch uncle Drew dribble all day

  39. Savage Kingdom

    Savage Kingdom11 months ago

    Who realized that this started with kyrie and ended with kyrie.... King of Handles any day of the year👑

  40. Pie Fan

    Pie Fan11 months ago

    Y’all sleeping on Kemba 💤

  41. E - ONE

    E - ONE11 months ago

    Poetl likes to get crossed

  42. Sebastian Price

    Sebastian PriceYear ago

    Watching this post Kawhi trade got derozen. The spurs also got Poltel(#42 for Toronto). He was getting crossed by Dewight... good luck in the West. 😂😂#LakersNation

  43. Sau WithTheSauce

    Sau WithTheSauceYear ago

    Thank you for showing love to Dwight

  44. PurebreedFLA

    PurebreedFLAYear ago

    Low key, Dwight Howard gives other centers the BUSINESS with the handles 😂🤣

  45. Ben G

    Ben GYear ago

    6:39 it's tied at 2 in the second quarter ?

  46. Nuno Machado

    Nuno MachadoYear ago

    nothing i love more than watching poetl get crossed 8000 times in one compilation video lmao

  47. Testos Tyrone

    Testos TyroneYear ago

    Chris Paul PUSHED OFF.

  48. TheReal6God

    TheReal6GodYear ago

    7:16 has to be the slowest fall I’ve ever seen. He just didn’t feel like playing defense wit his sorry ass

  49. TheReal6God

    TheReal6GodYear ago

    That Dwight crossover was fuckin hilarious 😂

  50. monti miller

    monti millerYear ago

    That CP-3 Texas 2-step that left David West doing the I.R.(injured reserve)dance was sick!