BEST CHEESESTEAK Sandwich in Philadelphia! Philly Cheesesteak Tour


  1. Strictly Dumpling

    Strictly Dumpling4 months ago

    What's your favorite Philly Cheese spot?

  2. Karlee Smile

    Karlee Smile2 days ago

    The Colt 45 show you must a tourist

  3. Karlee Smile

    Karlee Smile2 days ago

    Emilliano in willow grove pa it’s right by philly

  4. Alicia Davis

    Alicia Davis4 days ago

    Strictly Dumpling Jim’s on south street no wiz provolone is a must with mayo ketchup and 🌶 I can’t eat food not spicy 🥵😍

  5. GreenLanternSalem

    GreenLanternSalem18 days ago

    @ 15:29 Your meat sucking vacuum power . Amazing. The definition of you. NOT ONE STEP BACKWARDS. GET THEM. ALL OF THEM . That was you. You go out there and do it all. I am amazed by you, jealous and envious if you. You are my spirit animal.... which eats all the food that exists in the universe, and know , of course, what is good. I love ya man. Keep it up. If Anthony Bourdain could have a person carry his mantle, it would be you. And we would all be honored. How you respect and visit all these cultures and their foods.

  6. Tammy VanNguyen-Ronberg

    Tammy VanNguyen-Ronberg29 days ago

    Laura Taylor - next time you are in Vegas , POP’s philly cheese steaks are a must 😉 and of course, its open 24 hrs - like everything else in LV.

  7. Buzz Worthy

    Buzz Worthy58 minutes ago

    Mike really knows how to paint a picture with words. Makes me hungrier than any other videos I've watched.

  8. TheRedleg

    TheRedleg22 hours ago

    $18 sir lion cheesesteak?

  9. John Braun

    John BraunDay ago

    Cleavers is my favorite

  10. Earnest Jackson

    Earnest Jackson3 days ago

    Ginos way better then all those places

  11. Tee Why

    Tee Why4 days ago

    Cool vid... only thing Chubby's directly across the street steaks actually treat better than Delassandros

  12. Brent Figiel

    Brent Figiel4 days ago

    If you're trying to stay relativity local, you could always do a wing tour of Buffalo.

  13. Nolan Abell

    Nolan Abell4 days ago

    The best cheesesteak close to me is Penn Station

  14. Greg G

    Greg G7 days ago

    Jim’s is awesome. My favorite in philly. Dam now I am hungry for one and it so far away.

  15. TheDarkUmbreon 95

    TheDarkUmbreon 9513 days ago

    Now I'm gonna be craving cheesesteaks after this video thanks for that

  16. Steven Forman

    Steven Forman13 days ago

    Truly enjoyed watching this. :D

  17. setarita

    setarita13 days ago

    “I don’t want a bite of this” said no one EVER

  18. Ian Hom

    Ian Hom14 days ago

    Fly Eagles Fly

  19. sebastian

    sebastian16 days ago

    it's just ground beef ffs. seasoned, granted, but nothing more

  20. j burggg

    j burggg4 days ago

    so that ribeye they are slicing is ground beef? you are an absolute genius.

  21. djamal bouchou

    djamal bouchou16 days ago

    With all the food you're eating... How do you keep in shape? I struggle with a burger and a plate of rice!!

  22. Mackenzie Wolfe

    Mackenzie Wolfe16 days ago

    i lived in philly for awhile and never had a cheese steak

  23. brandon rivera

    brandon rivera17 days ago

    Go to hiro's ramen in Philadelphia

  24. j burggg

    j burggg4 days ago

    how good is their cheesesteak?

  25. brandon rivera

    brandon rivera17 days ago

    At least he didn't go to geno's

  26. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

    Lysergic Acid Diethylamide20 days ago

    3:54 I don't want a bite of this...... I want the whole sandwich

  27. Inspector711

    Inspector71120 days ago

    That's not spinach you dummy! It is broccoli rabe

  28. Antonio Ramirez

    Antonio Ramirez21 day ago

    Lol i dont know why but every time i see avideo about cheesesteaks i have to watch it even though they’re usually about the same philly spots just something about watching a cheesesteak especially being from cali i gotta make it to philly before i die lol

  29. Geek Gumption Food Related

    Geek Gumption Food Related23 days ago

    Besides the Rocky steps, Philly cheese steaks are one of the best things I love about Philadelphia.

  30. Freddy

    Freddy24 days ago

    I wonder if the cameraman gets a bite, his mouth must be watering behind that camera lol.

  31. Jeff G

    Jeff G27 days ago

    Even Porky Pig gives this video a thumbs up! 👍💖

  32. b1790

    b179027 days ago

    Absolutely love ur enthusiasm! You did Philly right.

  33. shiana kohu

    shiana kohu28 days ago

    I got hungry. Now I'm eating peanuts 😭😭😭 I want one of those 😭

  34. Alvin Lewis

    Alvin Lewis28 days ago

    Jim's looks the best

  35. William Anderson

    William Anderson28 days ago

    The director of this vid deserves an Oscar, because he only went 99% food porn; not full.

  36. MrTony002

    MrTony00229 days ago

    Mikey ROCK! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  37. Joseph Saetveit

    Joseph Saetveit29 days ago

    How does Mike Chen not weigh 400 pounds?? If I ate one of those I couldn't fit into my pants for a week!

  38. Reel Fishing

    Reel FishingMonth ago

    Philly cheese steak VS Italian beef dip sandwich I want so much cheese that even Spider-Man use that instead of his own webbing ! # 2 got my vote

  39. Perpetual.Art

    Perpetual.ArtMonth ago

    That sandwich was taller than you ! 🙆‍♂️

  40. Kelefane

    KelefaneMonth ago

    Come to Chicago and do this with the Italian Beefs next ;)

  41. J F

    J FMonth ago

    I still get amazed by the huge amount of food a smallish person can consume in one day! Absolutely amazing!

  42. GREG L

    GREG LMonth ago

    I just started watching this channel and I have to ask how the f@#$ do you eat like that much without throwing up and how the hell are you so thin please explain

  43. Lewis Rothschild

    Lewis RothschildMonth ago

    a philly cheese with grilled onions and jalapeños

  44. Can can

    Can canMonth ago

    That Jims place looked amazing

  45. 이근재 aka Christopher Lee

    이근재 aka Christopher LeeMonth ago

    Wish Korea had something even 1/4 the similar to the places mentioned :(

  46. Fuzzy Muppet

    Fuzzy MuppetMonth ago

    damn I shouldnt of clicked on this vid, here I am eating cup ramen and a dollar package of hotdogs.

  47. darkholyPL

    darkholyPLMonth ago

    American 'cheese' has no right to call itself chees to begin with. It would be out right illegal to do here in EU. American cheese is cancer. Hate it with a passion.

  48. PenguPlay YT

    PenguPlay YTMonth ago

    I live in Philly :D

  49. keseysvenisonchili

    keseysvenisonchiliMonth ago

    the next closest "big city" is jersey city dude. not philly.

  50. Crononaut

    CrononautMonth ago

    I've never wanted anything so bad as how much I want a cheese steak right now.

  51. Andrew Cain

    Andrew CainMonth ago

    Can you mail me the other half of your cheesesteaks?

  52. Hieronymus Fox

    Hieronymus FoxMonth ago

    It's not a *Philly cheesesteak* if you put something other than *white American cheese* on it. It's a steak and cheese sandwich

  53. Josh Gluchoff

    Josh GluchoffMonth ago

    Am i the only one gonna mention he calls broccoli rabe spinach when eating the roast pork sandwhich? Its a completely different vegetable Mike lol.

  54. Ryan Hanna

    Ryan HannaMonth ago

    You can eat SO MUCH

  55. Brody crotzer

    Brody crotzerMonth ago

    With your descriptiveness.

  56. Brody crotzer

    Brody crotzerMonth ago

    Wish I could travel and eat. Awesome commentary, you make me taste it with you descriptions.

  57. The Cringe Is Real

    The Cringe Is RealMonth ago

    Can I get a plane ticket to Philadelphia please?

  58. TheRealGrizz1

    TheRealGrizz1Month ago

    Salute!!! In the hood at Max's. Ppl from out the area always ask for a whole, when they mean half. Lol Still missed a couple spots.

  59. Kia Benton

    Kia BentonMonth ago

    Oh yeah next time you come to Philly please go to ishkabibbles

  60. Kia Benton

    Kia BentonMonth ago

    I'm happy you came to phiphilly and didn't go to Pat's or Geno's . I live up the street from MAXX'S . You should have sat in the eagle bar to enjoy your steak. Next time do a Reading terminal food tour. You won't be disappointed

  61. theone2225

    theone2225Month ago

    why do I watch your videos late at night?? all of this looks amazing and now Im starving lol

  62. Nedra Nicole

    Nedra NicoleMonth ago

    If you enjoyed this pork sandwich, you must try “My Cuban Spot” in Brooklyn. Thank me later!

  63. ZeoFireblaze15

    ZeoFireblaze15Month ago

    Doesn’t anybody love the way he says ratio

  64. nick difabio

    nick difabioMonth ago

    welcome to my city Tony Luke's and delosandos are the best. the rest are for tourists

  65. rusty

    rustyMonth ago

    “It’s the length of my arm” ;-)

  66. Priyadarsan Roy

    Priyadarsan RoyMonth ago

    Moat places look like they are still stuck in the 80's. Or is it intentionally kept like that...

  67. Michael Barham

    Michael BarhamMonth ago

    Everytime me and my daughter watch your videos our stomachs rumble!!

  68. Richard H

    Richard HMonth ago

    Less talking! More Eating!!!

  69. Kelly Sun&Serenity

    Kelly Sun&SerenityMonth ago

    *Rewatches episode and immediately puts Philadelphia on food bucket list, and adds ingredients for cheesesteak to expanding grocery list* Yup time to stock up the fridge. Thanks Mike! 😊✋👍

  70. kenneth persaud

    kenneth persaudMonth ago

    Mike how is the Dinic’S not on ur list its a hidden meat market known by locals they serve to holy grail of Roast Pork and brig rob !

  71. Brett Abernethy

    Brett AbernethyMonth ago

    No Wayyyy! How can he possibly eat so much!?!! Impressive!

  72. Aaron Stark

    Aaron StarkMonth ago

    When I went to Philly we were told by the locals to stay away from Pat's and Geno's. They said that's where all the tourists go and it's always crowded and the sandwiches are overrated. We were told to go to Jim's on South Street so that's where we went and we loved it. Highly recommend Jim's

  73. Adan Romero

    Adan RomeroMonth ago

    I laughed so hard at 17:45

  74. VeX JuiCe

    VeX JuiCeMonth ago

    Philly also has the *BIGGEST* pizza, i get a slice whenever i go to a flyers game

  75. Jeanette Rosete

    Jeanette RoseteMonth ago

    I don’t understand why people would give this a thumbs down??? Don’t hate people.... appreciate. He gives his best in all his videos and some people just don’t know how to give respect ❤️👍

  76. Ning3n

    Ning3nMonth ago

    Yes a classic Philly Cheesesteak has cheese whiz on it. But a great Cheesesteak has the cheese on top, and it's provolone with caramelized onions and mushrooms on a toasted roll. Gotta be toasted or it gets soggy.

  77. Laura Taylor

    Laura TaylorMonth ago

    Gotta go to Cosmi's!!

  78. liquidswordfish

    liquidswordfishMonth ago

    My mouth is watery already and he is adding pickles. Where is justice? This is crime againts humanity.

  79. Ragz Rocco

    Ragz RoccoMonth ago

    Nothing beats a philly provolone with!!!! That salty provolone is perfect on the steak

  80. Estrellita Weatherby

    Estrellita WeatherbyMonth ago

    I wanna be in a porky daze 😏

  81. anasazi79

    anasazi79Month ago

    Philip's is my favorite but Leo's just outside Philly is the best closer to home.

  82. Tina Le

    Tina LeMonth ago

    SO GLAD I FOUND THIS! I love watching you so much!

  83. viniv20

    viniv20Month ago

    How much can you eat ?! good lord

  84. PhilAdelphias Finest

    PhilAdelphias FinestMonth ago

    I'm from Philly and I must say the places with the best cheesesteaks are the unknown hole in the wall places and crazy they are in the hood in north philly but this first place he visited isn't bad ,overall if your not from Philly most of these places are great because your not used to this taste.Great video my guy.

  85. SuckaFree215

    SuckaFree215Month ago

    You got to get mayonnaise ketchup fried onions hot and sweets

  86. Rebecca H

    Rebecca HMonth ago

    I keep telling myself I can't keep watching these because it is making me so hungry. However your reactions to what you are eating and the pure joy as you are discussing what you are eating has made me really enjoy your show. Thank you for sharing 😃

  87. Notorious_Hypzo

    Notorious_HypzoMonth ago

    At 6:56 he says cheese cake instead of cheese steak 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  88. Troy Ford

    Troy FordMonth ago

    Dalessandros!!!!! Hands down, thee best

  89. chi7072

    chi7072Month ago


  90. GreenLanternSalem

    GreenLanternSalem2 months ago

    I am gonna die watching you eat. Lol Btw, you are eating for me . After my surgery recovery, I will get back to eating solid food and will eat something rich and delicious. You have inspired me to rejuvenate my polyamorous relationship with cheese steaks and food in general

  91. Andrew Zernovak

    Andrew Zernovak2 months ago

    Being allergic to sesame be like 😐

  92. Rose R

    Rose R2 months ago


  93. Tired of Fools

    Tired of Fools2 months ago

    JIM'S STEAKS...all the way.

  94. suchandsuch -

    suchandsuch -2 months ago

    It's strange but I don't see the appeal in the bread, cheese and meat combo on its own.. It needs some vegetables to be tasty ...hah. I'm not from USA and we don't really have this kind of food so maybe that's why.

  95. suchandsuch -

    suchandsuch -Month ago

    +Carl Wheezer Yes, but what I mean is fresh vegetables, you know?

  96. Carl Wheezer

    Carl WheezerMonth ago

    suchandsuch - you do realize it comes with onions right 🤦🏿‍♂️

  97. MrAhuraMazda187

    MrAhuraMazda1872 months ago

    1) Dalessandros 1b) Joe's Steak + Soda 2) Steve's Prince of Steaks 3) Jims 4) Chubbys 5) Donkeys Place in New Jersey Johns Roast Pork is awesome, but I really cant get past the top 6 i have listed

  98. Xavier Flagler

    Xavier Flagler2 months ago

    Max’s is my favorite place that is literally the first place I go when I go home

  99. Angela Losole

    Angela Losole2 months ago

    Cheesesteak looked great but onions were too big for my taste.

  100. Uniform Tango 74

    Uniform Tango 742 months ago

    Bruh! You're killin me. I need to visit Philly.

  101. Verne Fits

    Verne Fits2 months ago

    Wow they look delicious

  102. Erin Kraft

    Erin Kraft2 months ago

    D’Alessandros in Roxborough

  103. Ellie Play Games

    Ellie Play Games2 months ago

    I feel so bad for laughing when you dropped the meat on the ground

  104. Kelefane

    Kelefane2 months ago

    You need to try Tony Lukes.

  105. Kelefane

    Kelefane2 months ago

    You need to be on Food Network doing these types of shows.

  106. Cody Steele

    Cody Steele2 months ago

    The whimper went he first piece of beef fell off at Max's lmfao!!

  107. DAX JINN

    DAX JINN2 months ago


  108. d0m3r

    d0m3r2 months ago

    No ishkabibbles or steves you gotta try them next time your in philly those are easily the best cheesesteak spots in the city of philadelphia

  109. TheZoomel

    TheZoomel2 months ago

    OMG i had drink sitting on the same table as he is.. the shop was closed tat time