BEST CHEESESTEAK Sandwich in Philadelphia! Philly Cheesesteak Tour


  1. Strictly Dumpling

    Strictly Dumpling7 months ago

    What's your favorite Philly Cheese spot?

  2. Tony Pucci

    Tony Pucci4 days ago


  3. Ozzie Rivero

    Ozzie Rivero15 days ago

    The original Tony Luke's on Oregon Ave.

  4. Meg Eileen

    Meg Eileen16 days ago


  5. Miliamer Corales

    Miliamer CoralesMonth ago

    What is that drink on sandwich #2?

  6. Andrew Meehan

    Andrew MeehanMonth ago

    Steve’s Steaks

  7. TheRoon04

    TheRoon0412 seconds ago

    I need friends like this guy everyone I know eats one pizza/cheesesteak or whatever and not hungry then you have me who’s hungry by the time I walk down the block

  8. Ummira Store

    Ummira Store7 hours ago

    I close the video as I read pork

  9. Pablo Guitano

    Pablo Guitano10 hours ago

    It is a tie for myself... Campo’s and Cosmi’s ... cant leave there without trying the fresh baked soft pretzels and the garlic knots... PS I’m from Boston. Spent the day there trying everything. Twice!

  10. Joey Deyoung

    Joey Deyoung16 hours ago

    Steve prince of steaks north east philly

  11. Eddie Garcia

    Eddie GarciaDay ago


  12. Alan Ho

    Alan HoDay ago

    I want to go back to Philly after watching this

  13. Matthew Parets

    Matthew ParetsDay ago

    Orlando please.

  14. steven wright

    steven wright2 days ago

    Stop dropping the stuff bro...your breaking my heart.

  15. Dave Mullins

    Dave Mullins2 days ago

    Tears of joy!

  16. steven wright

    steven wright3 days ago

    Meat to cheese to bread ratio confirmed. I approve.😳 I'm drooling in my bed at 4:30 am about to to sleep. Now contemplating driving to Philly from Seattle just to gorge my gut till I split.the dude on the grill at Jim's is a great man!!! Love in his work. Much appreciated dude. I was in A school in the Navy in 89' in Philly. That's when I encountered my first cheese steak. Gotta get back.

  17. Kara Rose

    Kara Rose3 days ago

    Jims steaks!!!!!!!! You have won me over! I can respect your opinion now! Philly born and raised here, married to South Philly guy too! Jim's is #1

  18. Tony Pucci

    Tony Pucci4 days ago

    how dare you not go to pats or genos you uncultured swine

  19. Tango

    Tango5 days ago

    Cheese wiz doesn't belong on a cheesesteak...its just not the same lol

  20. Samantha Lamancusa

    Samantha Lamancusa5 days ago

    For two years we traveled to philly every week for my moms chemo and I’ve had cheesesteaks all over the city. But to me and my dad we think wawa’s gas stations was our favorite. Philly residents don’t judge.

  21. Baby Cakes

    Baby Cakes5 days ago

    The reason why I love watching your show is because you take the time to appreciate the little things like the chilli flakes on the outside of the chilli sticking like magnets. You’re a food poet!

  22. jimmy paxson

    jimmy paxson5 days ago

    Ketchup MF’R, KETCHUP !!!

  23. William Winters

    William Winters6 days ago

    That philly looked yummy

  24. mikes gt

    mikes gt6 days ago

    Why would you ruin such a good sandwich with spinach

  25. wawawho18

    wawawho186 days ago

    how do u eat so much in one

  26. White Wave

    White Wave7 days ago

    Leo’s in Delco used to be the best until a cop car drove into it (lol) and they put in a new grill. Gotta prime it in and get all that flavor back!!!

  27. merp

    merp7 days ago


  28. Robert Thomson

    Robert Thomson8 days ago

    Cheese steak with your hot sauce

  29. christ1313

    christ13138 days ago

    This niggah gonna die....gonna die happy though

  30. Jimmy C

    Jimmy C8 days ago

    It’s broccoli rabe not spinach

  31. Mozi Greenberg

    Mozi Greenberg8 days ago

    Delsandros is always the best

  32. J-N-H-M

    J-N-H-M11 days ago

    15:09 ... lol that sound ...

  33. Curt S.

    Curt S.13 days ago

    Strictly Dumpling Will you stop by and pick me up on your next Cheesesteak tour? PLEASE!!!!

  34. Curt S.

    Curt S.13 days ago

    What kind of steak are they using? Is it all rib-eye and sirloin?

  35. se ham

    se ham15 days ago

    Why am i watching this? I don't even eat meat 🤔🤔

  36. Dennis C

    Dennis C18 days ago

    this is my favorite video from Mikey since it's in my city. Joe's steak is really good as well, but Jim's is also a favorite.

  37. Brittany Kayy

    Brittany Kayy19 days ago

    Philly is my hometown!! ❤❤

  38. Shlok Kapadia

    Shlok Kapadia19 days ago

    12:41 that girl be like what's that dude doing

  39. hevvy.dirty.sole.12

    hevvy.dirty.sole.1219 days ago


  40. doug marcus

    doug marcus22 days ago

    by the way, the sharp provolone and broccoli rabe are why our meat sandwiches are the best.

  41. doug marcus

    doug marcus22 days ago

    jim's on south street.

  42. LA Leyenda

    LA Leyenda23 days ago

    Welcome back kid❤💜💙💕💛💞💖😄😃😀😊🙌💋

  43. LA Leyenda

    LA Leyenda23 days ago

    Yes...Philly in the house. ...Yo yo yo...yurrrrrrrr🙏😀😃😄💖💜💞💋💜💙💕💋🙌👈👆👉🍴

  44. Bethany Grimes

    Bethany Grimes24 days ago

    The best part is when the cheesesteaks make out. 😄

  45. Lee Wan Cheng

    Lee Wan Cheng24 days ago

    Is it just me or he said cheese cake at 6:56

  46. james z

    james z22 days ago

    It sounded like cheese cake

  47. The Gamer Dragon

    The Gamer Dragon25 days ago

    1mill view

  48. Mo D

    Mo D25 days ago

    Jim's is the BEST!!!!! Pat's and Geno's are just tourist attractions!!!!!

  49. christianne delos santos

    christianne delos santos25 days ago

    Mmm I want a cheesesteak now.

  50. D. Lawrence

    D. Lawrence25 days ago

    Please, somebody tell me what this cheese-to-meat-bread "ratio" actually is?! Sandwich/Burger foodies throw around that term but no one ever says what it is! Is it twice as much meat as bread and cheese (2x1x1) or is it three times as much meat as bread and twice as much meat as cheese (3x1x2)? Is the "ratio" by weight? Or is it by volume? Can these people actually say?! Do they even know?!

  51. Stephanie murria

    Stephanie murria26 days ago

    Great episode! Yummy 😋!

  52. tete bug

    tete bug29 days ago

    I have a dirty mind...

  53. Adrian At And T

    Adrian At And TMonth ago

    overcooked. Of them are overcooked.

  54. Adrian At And T

    Adrian At And TMonth ago

    Looks ovetcooked.

  55. oussema trabelsi

    oussema trabelsi6 days ago

    It's just like gyro and doner. They are supposed to be well done and not medium rare

  56. lovelybutterfly32

    lovelybutterfly32Month ago

    The 2nd and 3rd resturant has changed my mind about Philly Cheesesteak. I gave it up because I've always noticed that it's dry and tough. Those looked moist tender and delicious!

  57. kmutbutt1996

    kmutbutt1996Month ago

    7:16 not actually THE Jim of Jim's steak HAHA

  58. Andrew Meehan

    Andrew MeehanMonth ago

    Mikey! You do it right by adding pickle slice by the bite

  59. Alize Vazquez

    Alize VazquezMonth ago

    Showed the real Philly cheesesteak spots 😊!!

  60. MrTommyboy357

    MrTommyboy357Month ago



    ARCHIE MEGELMonth ago

    3:53 look at the meat rachel? Really ? lmao

  62. arrangearrange

    arrangearrangeMonth ago

    You didn’t have to leave New York for the roast pork... federoffs baby

  63. Shine the Light

    Shine the LightMonth ago

    Angry birds worst nightmare 😆 I think Jim's look good. I like the addition of peppers and pickles. The sandwich looks so comforting. I see your inner beauty, your insecurities - all for a Philly Cheese Steak. That one before the last was an overload (beef down 😂), it could easily feed three people.

  64. solidsnakeisme

    solidsnakeismeMonth ago

    No Delassandro's? They have the best cheese steak I've ever had.

  65. Steven Berkowitz

    Steven BerkowitzMonth ago

    It was the last place on the video. Did you not watch it until the end?

  66. Kerinko

    KerinkoMonth ago

    I visited Philly for work. I only ever tried a cheese steak from John's Roast Pork, but it was a legitimate surprise. I thought the philly steak was overhyped, but I 100% would go out of my way to revisit John's for a cheese steak.

  67. Jon Menard

    Jon MenardMonth ago

    you need to go to Tampa and try the Cuban sandwich

  68. Mike Cox

    Mike CoxMonth ago

    11:30 I would have asked that fine woman to join me hahaha! He ran right passed her.

  69. Matt Macon

    Matt MaconMonth ago

    A cheesesteak at 9am? I want your job

  70. chae

    chaeMonth ago

    $9 for that?? wow. That's so affordable

  71. MountainRain

    MountainRainMonth ago

    AAAA 😫 I NEED IT❤️❤️

  72. Faraz Shaikh

    Faraz ShaikhMonth ago

    I have only tried Saad's and it was pretty good.

  73. aandgdesigngroup

    aandgdesigngroupMonth ago

    For those who like "Whiz"...I am happy for you. It is not allowed anywhere near my steaks. Pickles...??? No! Marinara sauce...??? No! Give me one "wid" diced onions that have been on the grill for awhile and American or, Provolone. I am pleased he did not go to Pat's or, Geno's. Bravo!

  74. Mehdi Raza

    Mehdi RazaMonth ago

    At this moment im convincing my mom to order something from outside


    GULLWORKS LTD.Month ago

    Wiz wit.

  76. Calef Armenta

    Calef ArmentaMonth ago

    Chop cheese anyone? 🤤

  77. someone gaming

    someone gamingMonth ago

    wheres the dumplings

  78. White Wave

    White Wave7 days ago

    Cheesesteak dumplings? 😂

  79. Djay

    DjayMonth ago

    Looks so dam good! Some people don't like the cheese whiz type of cheese steak but its my favorite type.

  80. chamsae song

    chamsae songMonth ago

    im not a gay. ive got a beautiful fiance too. but i cant stop loving u. (ps. ive got many gay buds so.. pls no) - Love u Mikey!

  81. Delta-xFish

    Delta-xFishMonth ago

    If you are ever back in Philly you should go to Chinatown, Reading Market Terminal and the Bourse. Please, its food heaven!!!

  82. Turkish Delight

    Turkish DelightMonth ago

    Wheres the whiz?

  83. Steve Mollica

    Steve MollicaMonth ago

    Jim's is the best!!!

  84. Gary

    GaryMonth ago

    Enough to give you a heart attack that food

  85. jungyew

    jungyewMonth ago

    Cleaver's is as good as Mike said. I highly recommend their Effin Hot cheese steak.

  86. Joyce Thomas

    Joyce ThomasMonth ago

    Well you being in New York, Philly is right down the street if you from the inner cities of New York. Like NYC area, the bouroughs, not too far, less than a couple hours :-)

  87. metademetra

    metademetraMonth ago

    Mike, you’re fired for saying you like cheese wiz.

  88. Scott Staehle

    Scott Staehle2 months ago

    I have never been to Philly but I want to try an authentic philly cheesesteak when I go. I have heard Pat's and Geno's are primarily for tourists, and the best places to go are Jim's Steaks, Delassandro's, and John's Roast Pork. Is that correct?

  89. Nigel

    Nigel2 months ago

    ''shees steak'' lol

  90. 49ers1975

    49ers19752 months ago

    the 2nd to last place damn yeah, it think for me that might be the best should have taken it and put it on the top of car hood maybe you wouldn't have drop all that yummy steak

  91. Pat Kelly

    Pat Kelly2 months ago

    i live in Baltimore and out of hundreds of carry outs only a few have good cheesesteak

  92. Bill Chico

    Bill Chico2 months ago

    laugh if you want but I would throw about four pieces of cold kiwi fruit on top of this... would make it perfect.

  93. luce.gaming

    luce.gaming2 months ago

    you cant tell me real cheese isnt better mush be cheapos lol

  94. luce.gaming

    luce.gaming2 months ago

    why do they put that fake cheese? lol we need real cheese!!!

  95. Mangu

    Mangu2 months ago

    Jim's was the jawn from the movie Creed.

  96. ZoloJ

    ZoloJ2 months ago

    this motherfucker really ate all those sandwiches in one day?

  97. Izanami uchia

    Izanami uchia2 months ago

    Everyone i know from Philly goes to Jims

  98. Kaimiloa B.

    Kaimiloa B.2 months ago

    I thought they put Broccoli Rabe in roast pork sandwiches, not Spinach?!

  99. Steven Berkowitz

    Steven Berkowitz2 months ago

    yeah, he goofed.

  100. Should you make or Bake it

    Should you make or Bake it2 months ago

    How could you go to Philly and not try Pats and Ginos? Such a sin lol

  101. Steven Berkowitz

    Steven Berkowitz2 months ago

    because he prefers not to do touristy places

  102. Namoo Nara

    Namoo Nara2 months ago

    Mikey Chen for president!🙏🏽

  103. davo beatz

    davo beatz2 months ago

    Go to Gordon Ramsey’s steak restaurant

  104. njctboy

    njctboy2 months ago

    You need a haircut BAD, bro~!

  105. auburn.honey

    auburn.honey2 months ago

    I prefer my cheese steak with olives and mushrooms :)

  106. Matt Juliano

    Matt Juliano2 months ago

    Your list is mids

  107. DisGuy 13

    DisGuy 132 months ago

    Jims all day

  108. Kamran Ali

    Kamran Ali2 months ago

    Why am i just finding out this now i visited Philly, 2 months ago! T.T

  109. Ian 3511

    Ian 35112 months ago

    Anyone feel slightly triggered by mikey tearing the bread?

  110. HenryTheGreenEngine3

    HenryTheGreenEngine32 months ago

    In the thumbnail, for some reason, I thought the red peppers were flaming hot Cheetos

  111. Briel 000

    Briel 0002 months ago

    How can you eat so much?