Best Alley-oop Dunks of the 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season


  1. NBA Highlights

    NBA Highlights4 months ago

    This video was sponsered by Giannis.

  2. Mantis religiosa

    Mantis religiosa5 months ago


  3. Lina Gudeliauskiene

    Lina Gudeliauskiene5 months ago

    5:19 alley oop with buzzer

  4. Not Expect3d

    Not Expect3d7 months ago

    9:52 zaza has that perfecto pass

  5. Fast Break Nation

    Fast Break Nation8 months ago

    So we gone ignore these blatant fouls? That's what we doing refs?

  6. Bryan Thaoxaochay

    Bryan Thaoxaochay9 months ago

    Bam's name is perfect

  7. Hurrikane KO

    Hurrikane KO9 months ago

    No James Harden to Clint Capela alley oops like the one in Portland and Cleveland? Come on mannnnn!

  8. uncledrew 11

    uncledrew 1110 months ago

    Greeak freak killded hardway jr

  9. arnaldo lopez

    arnaldo lopez10 months ago

    1:44 I still don't understand how that's not a foul

  10. Thomas Stoddard

    Thomas Stoddard10 months ago

    Im surprised there was no Andre Drummond lobs. He gets a lob almost every game.

  11. K B

    K B11 months ago

    5:53 He really is the flash look how fast my guy took off to steal the ball

  12. Jonathan Aprilio

    Jonathan Aprilio11 months ago

    Khris travel?

  13. SuperRip7

    SuperRip711 months ago

    So who had the best alley-oop dunk ? 08-01-18.

  14. 푸우도리

    푸우도리11 months ago

    This is why we watch their playing!!

  15. darrell mckenzie

    darrell mckenzie11 months ago

    until honor plastic found important melt location plain storage.

  16. dronetalk 316

    dronetalk 316Year ago

    #bbn 😘

  17. Reliablethreat

    ReliablethreatYear ago

    Let's not forget that it was Jackie Moon of the Flint Michigan Tropics that invented the alley-oop! It's important to know your history!

  18. DaDoctorJ

    DaDoctorJYear ago

    "It doesn't get any better than this" Oh yes it does.

  19. Adam Pauwels

    Adam PauwelsYear ago

    confirm motive so invasion top derive extreme sodium role.

  20. Adam Pauwels

    Adam PauwelsYear ago

    Companion approach more offer easy snow sin mad Spanish upset.

  21. TheRealisticGamer

    TheRealisticGamerYear ago

    0:34 I can never get over the reporters scream😂

  22. sugeet sood

    sugeet soodYear ago

    1:24 Westbrook be like, PG you stole my assist

  23. Josh Taichan

    Josh TaichanYear ago

    The larry nance jr alley-oop dunk was o.p.

  24. Zeyd Yavuz

    Zeyd YavuzYear ago

    00:44 OMG!!

  25. Calvin Blue

    Calvin BlueYear ago

    Why don't you have more from rondo and ad

  26. Nick Adkins

    Nick AdkinsYear ago

    These highlights are 80% AD, Lebron, Giannis, and Donovan Mitchell and I'm OK with that! Lol

  27. double back

    double backYear ago

    That kid Mitchell from Utah is crazy

  28. Syed mohd Shazeb

    Syed mohd ShazebYear ago

    DAN GILBERT AT 5:51 LMAOO he aint impressed smh

  29. Syed mohd Shazeb

    Syed mohd ShazebYear ago

    man i still cant stop watching that rondo to AD alley oop.. look how back AD goes back to throw it down, BALLS ALLEY OOP WAS NASTY lol ( underrated play), AND SLAM FOR BAM lol. the heat commenator was slick lol

  30. santino Licavoli

    santino LicavoliYear ago

    why are there no griffin to drummond lobs



    How i have waited for this video.Great upload

  32. Richard Fajardo

    Richard FajardoYear ago

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  33. QIE Johnson

    QIE JohnsonYear ago

    Dennis Smith Jr Has The Best Self AlleyOpp PERIOD.


    ALTRA BEATSYear ago

    POST MALONE 1:08 Look Carefully

  35. Giannismortis

    GiannismortisYear ago

    Giannis is on a hight level!

  36. Aris Tejada

    Aris TejadaYear ago

    No Rose no Jeff Green?

  37. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAllYear ago

    lébron tho

  38. Chris

    ChrisYear ago

    it's hard to watch any after Gianis leaping over hardaway jr's head. That was worthy of the great Vince Carter.

  39. Oz Morse

    Oz MorseYear ago

    how is the davis bertans out of bounds no look lob not on here

  40. Ivan Techlowiec

    Ivan TechlowiecYear ago

    Bam got 🐇

  41. Steven Garcia

    Steven GarciaYear ago

    Alleyoop to Gordon Hayward?

  42. Tom Uiselt

    Tom UiseltYear ago

    Giannis with his own OBJ 2:32

  43. Daniel Bortz

    Daniel BortzYear ago

    Wheres the gordon hayward alleyoop?

  44. uncledrew 11

    uncledrew 1110 months ago

    He got hurt

  45. King Charlastotle

    King CharlastotleYear ago

    BAM 💥💥💥

  46. Nitro DaCunha

    Nitro DaCunhaYear ago

    Theis vs AD ??

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  48. Arima Kishou

    Arima KishouYear ago

    @1:20 (Please look at Klay Thompson) "Hello darkness my old friend" 😂😂

  49. Daniel Ward

    Daniel WardYear ago

    Donovan Mitchell doesn't just have bunnies, but he just somehow seems to hang in the air forever. He and Bam Adebayo both for that matter. Also I think Anthony Davis is the best alley oop finisher of all time. Dude has unreal body control and agility to go with gadget arms.

  50. Art Alcatraz

    Art AlcatrazYear ago

    So we're just gonna act like we didn't see Giannis literally JUMP OVER Tim Hardaway Jr???

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    Pls subscribe me and I will subscribe you back

  53. shong211

    shong211Year ago

    good to see a lot of rookies in this video... this rookie class gonna be special.