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Best Alley-oop Dunks of the 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season


  1. Mantis religiosa

    Mantis religiosa20 days ago


  2. Lina Gudeliauskiene

    Lina GudeliauskieneMonth ago

    5:19 alley oop with buzzer

  3. Cole Weber

    Cole Weber2 months ago

    9:52 zaza has that perfecto pass

  4. Yung Tendo

    Yung Tendo3 months ago

    So we gone ignore these blatant fouls? That's what we doing refs?

  5. Bryan Thaoxaochay

    Bryan Thaoxaochay4 months ago

    Bam's name is perfect

  6. Hurrikane KO

    Hurrikane KO5 months ago

    No James Harden to Clint Capela alley oops like the one in Portland and Cleveland? Come on mannnnn!

  7. uncledrew 11

    uncledrew 115 months ago

    Greeak freak killded hardway jr

  8. arnaldo lopez

    arnaldo lopez5 months ago

    1:44 I still don't understand how that's not a foul

  9. Thomas Stoddard

    Thomas Stoddard5 months ago

    Im surprised there was no Andre Drummond lobs. He gets a lob almost every game.

  10. K B

    K B6 months ago

    5:53 He really is the flash look how fast my guy took off to steal the ball

  11. Jonathan Aprilio

    Jonathan Aprilio6 months ago

    Khris travel?

  12. SuperRip7

    SuperRip76 months ago

    So who had the best alley-oop dunk ? 08-01-18.

  13. 푸우도리

    푸우도리6 months ago

    This is why we watch their playing!!

  14. darrell mckenzie

    darrell mckenzie6 months ago

    until honor plastic found important melt location plain storage.

  15. dronetalk 316

    dronetalk 3167 months ago

    #bbn 😘

  16. Reliablethreat

    Reliablethreat7 months ago

    Let's not forget that it was Jackie Moon of the Flint Michigan Tropics that invented the alley-oop! It's important to know your history!

  17. DaDoctorJ

    DaDoctorJ7 months ago

    "It doesn't get any better than this" Oh yes it does.

  18. Adam Pauwels

    Adam Pauwels7 months ago

    confirm motive so invasion top derive extreme sodium role.

  19. Adam Pauwels

    Adam Pauwels7 months ago

    Companion approach more offer easy snow sin mad Spanish upset.

  20. TheRealisticGamer

    TheRealisticGamer7 months ago

    0:34 I can never get over the reporters scream😂

  21. sugeet sood

    sugeet sood7 months ago

    1:24 Westbrook be like, PG you stole my assist

  22. Josh Taichan

    Josh Taichan7 months ago

    The larry nance jr alley-oop dunk was o.p.

  23. Zeyd Yavuz

    Zeyd Yavuz8 months ago

    00:44 OMG!!

  24. Calvin Blue

    Calvin Blue8 months ago

    Why don't you have more from rondo and ad

  25. Nick Adkins

    Nick Adkins8 months ago

    These highlights are 80% AD, Lebron, Giannis, and Donovan Mitchell and I'm OK with that! Lol

  26. double back

    double back8 months ago

    That kid Mitchell from Utah is crazy

  27. Syed mohd Shazeb

    Syed mohd Shazeb9 months ago

    DAN GILBERT AT 5:51 LMAOO he aint impressed smh

  28. Syed mohd Shazeb

    Syed mohd Shazeb9 months ago

    man i still cant stop watching that rondo to AD alley oop.. look how back AD goes back to throw it down, BALLS ALLEY OOP WAS NASTY lol ( underrated play), AND SLAM FOR BAM lol. the heat commenator was slick lol

  29. santino Licavoli

    santino Licavoli9 months ago

    why are there no griffin to drummond lobs


    OFOSUHENE DANNY9 months ago

    How i have waited for this video.Great upload

  31. Ayoo

    Ayoo9 months ago

    how do you ally oop on nba 2k18?

  32. Richard Fajardo

    Richard Fajardo9 months ago

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  33. QIE Johnson

    QIE Johnson9 months ago

    Dennis Smith Jr Has The Best Self AlleyOpp PERIOD.

  34. 7EvEn BeAts

    7EvEn BeAts9 months ago

    POST MALONE 1:08 Look Carefully

  35. Giannismortis

    Giannismortis9 months ago

    Giannis is on a hight level!

  36. Aris Tejada

    Aris Tejada9 months ago

    No Rose no Jeff Green?

  37. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAll9 months ago

    lébron tho

  38. 404

    4049 months ago

    it's hard to watch any after Gianis leaping over hardaway jr's head. That was worthy of the great Vince Carter.

  39. Oz Morse

    Oz Morse9 months ago

    how is the davis bertans out of bounds no look lob not on here

  40. Ivan Techlowiec

    Ivan Techlowiec9 months ago

    Bam got 🐇

  41. Steven Garcia

    Steven Garcia9 months ago

    Alleyoop to Gordon Hayward?

  42. Tom Uiselt

    Tom Uiselt9 months ago

    Giannis with his own OBJ 2:32

  43. Daniel Bortz

    Daniel Bortz9 months ago

    Wheres the gordon hayward alleyoop?

  44. uncledrew 11

    uncledrew 115 months ago

    He got hurt

  45. King Charlastotle

    King Charlastotle9 months ago

    BAM 💥💥💥

  46. Nitro DaCunha

    Nitro DaCunha9 months ago

    Theis vs AD ??

  47. TA basket

    TA basket9 months ago

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  48. Arima Kishou

    Arima Kishou9 months ago

    @1:20 (Please look at Klay Thompson) "Hello darkness my old friend" 😂😂

  49. Daniel Ward

    Daniel Ward9 months ago

    Donovan Mitchell doesn't just have bunnies, but he just somehow seems to hang in the air forever. He and Bam Adebayo both for that matter. Also I think Anthony Davis is the best alley oop finisher of all time. Dude has unreal body control and agility to go with gadget arms.

  50. Art Alcatraz

    Art Alcatraz9 months ago

    So we're just gonna act like we didn't see Giannis literally JUMP OVER Tim Hardaway Jr???

  51. TA basket

    TA basket9 months ago

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  52. TheNunchuckHeads

    TheNunchuckHeads9 months ago

    Pls subscribe me and I will subscribe you back

  53. shong211

    shong2119 months ago

    good to see a lot of rookies in this video... this rookie class gonna be special.

  54. Chidambaram Shanmugam

    Chidambaram Shanmugam9 months ago

    Almost every team is there except Houston rockets... Disappoint on you guys😞😞

  55. Undecldable

    Undecldable9 months ago

    You should do best putback dunks

  56. KIKO MAN

    KIKO MAN9 months ago

    Dennis smith jr,D Mitchell,John collins,Bam adebayo=Fire rookie class

  57. Chad Shipman

    Chad Shipman9 months ago

    Really NBA? Not a single Harden to Capela 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  58. CAVEMAN-_-713

    CAVEMAN-_-7135 months ago

    Or CP3 to Capela. SmH

  59. Jacob Bever

    Jacob Bever6 months ago

    Me being a rockets fan, that sad 🏀🏀🏀🏆🏆🏆🚀🚀🚀 rockets4life

  60. KpR333

    KpR3339 months ago

    My boy Lonzo got the thumbnail👌😎

  61. Vance Bocas

    Vance Bocas9 months ago

    0:36 The best of the season. Giannis just jumped clean OVER the defender without even trying. (smh) That's just unbelievably incredible.

  62. Clyde Buris

    Clyde Buris9 months ago

    8:01 Nance didn't know what is he doing

  63. Young KOPP

    Young KOPP9 months ago

    Did he just jump over hardway jr ? 0:37

  64. Jade Wright

    Jade Wright9 months ago

    Was there not one Capela Oop?

  65. R.R.R.

    R.R.R.9 months ago

    My fav was the one hander by Mitchell against Miami...

  66. Skewesy02

    Skewesy029 months ago

    wheres gordon hayward's alley oop

  67. J S

    J S9 months ago

    It's too bad Capela never caught any lobs this year

  68. HADEs

    HADEs9 months ago

    You put the worse rookie as thumbnail... L

  69. HADEs

    HADEs9 months ago

    Nbafanla03 yeah im not fat

  70. Nbafanla03

    Nbafanla039 months ago

    HADEs better than you. I bet you can’t even touch the net fatass😂

  71. Burak Metin

    Burak Metin9 months ago


  72. T1M B04TENG

    T1M B04TENG9 months ago

    Whos a better dunker, giannis or AD?

  73. Jared Mitchell

    Jared Mitchell9 months ago

    How many times this year has Giannis dunked on Aaron Baynes


    MAZINGER Z9 months ago

    Anthony Davis barely needs to jump to complete that alley oop

  75. Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones9 months ago

    9:40 how else that bum gonna score? He can't shoot! Not my ROTY.

  76. Alvin Bong Hui Min

    Alvin Bong Hui Min9 months ago

    Lonzo ball still exist?

  77. De’Aaron Rose

    De’Aaron Rose9 months ago

    Alvin Bong Hui Min u lame

  78. RB

    RB9 months ago

    Hardaway Jr pressing charges

  79. Trick Tracy

    Trick Tracy9 months ago


  80. Euddy Valerio

    Euddy Valerio9 months ago


  81. AI

    AI9 months ago

    Lonzo the best

  82. wweecwwcwtnanba1928

    wweecwwcwtnanba19289 months ago

    The art of the alley oop is always impressive

  83. The Assassin

    The Assassin9 months ago

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  84. Lorenzo Cocco

    Lorenzo Cocco9 months ago

    In this video there are four or five Antetukombo's dunk

  85. Thicc Dogo123

    Thicc Dogo1239 months ago

    So much Lakers and jazz!

  86. AU Cvez

    AU Cvez9 months ago


  87. Ric Philly

    Ric Philly9 months ago

    Bam was beastin damn

  88. te0pa0k

    te0pa0k9 months ago

    when giannis finishes his career , he will have the most impressive highlight reel of all time

  89. MrTheTomahawk

    MrTheTomahawk6 months ago

    Samuel Teixeira it will be more like shawn kemps highlights

  90. Samuel Teixeira

    Samuel Teixeira8 months ago

    It will be up there with MJ, vince carter, wilkins and lebron

  91. te0pa0k

    te0pa0k8 months ago

    cant hate on vince , he is the best dunker of all time for me , for now though!! i think the freak has a chance to surpass that

  92. Petite Explication

    Petite Explication8 months ago

    that title belongs to VC

  93. StreetboyOfficiel

    StreetboyOfficiel9 months ago

    Its not even a sport its art

  94. Jonas Koller

    Jonas Koller9 months ago

    Donovan Mitchell , Rookie of the year!

  95. shredding piper

    shredding piper6 months ago

    Simmons has more help offensively Mitchell is Utah's scoring

  96. Philly Prince

    Philly Prince9 months ago

    More efficient with just 1 point.

  97. Kyle Kuzma

    Kyle Kuzma9 months ago

    Philly Prince the 1 point princess?

  98. Philly Prince

    Philly Prince9 months ago

    *Ben Simmons

  99. William Hotch

    William Hotch9 months ago

    2:15 Look at the confusion on Meyers Leonard's face (#11 on the Blazers)

  100. Maayan Zilbershtein

    Maayan Zilbershtein9 months ago

    "well that deserves a ka-bam" lol

  101. bruce lau

    bruce lau9 months ago

    Giannis dunking over Hardaway JR that was NASTY af

  102. Issac Flores

    Issac Flores9 months ago

    That Slam Dunk LeBron James

  103. Mat Conte

    Mat Conte9 months ago

    Giannis on hardaway is the play of the season by far

  104. Mat Conte

    Mat Conte9 months ago

    even better

  105. Art Alcatraz

    Art Alcatraz9 months ago

    Conte Gamer *over

  106. Biased Bucks Fan

    Biased Bucks Fan9 months ago

    Where's larry nance poster on KD? Edit: Fuck I'm retarded

  107. Nbafanla03

    Nbafanla039 months ago

    Juyoung Kim wasn’t an ally oop retard

  108. Biased Bucks Fan

    Biased Bucks Fan9 months ago

    WutTheDeuce yeah I realized

  109. WutTheDeuce

    WutTheDeuce9 months ago

    Juyoung Kim it wasn't an alley oop

  110. sweg

    sweg9 months ago

    lonzo's dunk was pretty sick lol

  111. Cancer Police

    Cancer Police9 months ago

    KIKO MAN Then Giannis dunks aren't anything special either because he's 6'11 with a wingspan over 7', bro you dumb as fuck

  112. KIKO MAN

    KIKO MAN9 months ago

    Meh nothinh special about it hes over hype not even on the top 5 rooks that people talk about.

  113. KhaledFilms

    KhaledFilms9 months ago


  114. Kobe_Dropped_ 81

    Kobe_Dropped_ 819 months ago

    Giannis was da best

  115. KhaledFilms

    KhaledFilms9 months ago


  116. bm x

    bm x9 months ago

    Bam with the jam

  117. RayAP17

    RayAP179 months ago

    LeBron with that acceleration on the first play

  118. *DARK' DaYs

    *DARK' DaYs9 months ago


  119. Gonçalo Mendes

    Gonçalo Mendes9 months ago

    Rondo to Davis was the best one

  120. Kay Martins

    Kay Martins9 months ago


  121. Luci Fer

    Luci Fer9 months ago

    Hey nba! Where's the spurs alley oops?

  122. AU Cvez

    AU Cvez9 months ago

    Kyrie Irving the spurs are allowed to dunk!?

  123. Ultimate Salsa

    Ultimate Salsa9 months ago

    Anyone before 2,871 views?

  124. PatsFan5101

    PatsFan51019 months ago

    Bam Adebayo. SHEESH

  125. LØRD MCD

    LØRD MCD9 months ago

    No Kyrie to Gordon???!

  126. Felix and MLG Films

    Felix and MLG Films9 months ago

    King TrophyZ can you please stop advertising on other people’s videos you’re saying you lost 10K, 5K, 1K, whatever just to make people feel bad.

  127. Orange Orange

    Orange Orange9 months ago

    King TrophyZ get a life

  128. Kyle Kuzma

    Kyle Kuzma9 months ago

    LØRD MCD fuck you

  129. Infinity Mixtapes

    Infinity Mixtapes9 months ago

    You way outta pocket lmaoo

  130. Peter C

    Peter C9 months ago


  131. -K03N -

    -K03N -9 months ago

    Damn thats some good armpithair in the thumbnail