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Best All-Access Mic'd Up Moments of the 2018 NBA Season


  1. Nick Church

    Nick ChurchDay ago

    7:55 why livingston look like roger from american dad

  2. nikos korf

    nikos korf17 days ago

    Melo, what a guy! He might not be that good as he used to, but he can assist wherever he go! Hope in LAL.

  3. Ethan Ngo

    Ethan Ngo20 days ago

    Paul George "I'm just a shot maker"

  4. Samuel VERNON

    Samuel VERNON22 days ago

    3:20 Lebron telling people he don’t travel

  5. 9ossay Hdad

    9ossay Hdad24 days ago

    Rondo laugh... lol

  6. 9ossay Hdad

    9ossay Hdad24 days ago

    Dray is creating communication tho

  7. LaezyMe

    LaezyMe25 days ago

    14:30 McConnell eye roll lol. "Just be a good point guard" what great advice

  8. Young FrankGod

    Young FrankGod25 days ago

    “bang bang”- Steven Adams

  9. Random Dude

    Random Dude27 days ago

    5:05 to this day I'm still tryna figure out what Harden said lmao

  10. TyReactz

    TyReactzMonth ago

    “ it don’t matter it don’t MATTER! “ 🐐

  11. D’iamando

    D’iamandoMonth ago

    Steven Adams voice does not match his appearance at all

  12. jo84891

    jo84891Month ago

    So, are we going to ignore Rondo's "Joker" laugh?

  13. Josh Alvarez

    Josh AlvarezMonth ago hi there . can i have 3mins of your time ? . please click the link and register . bighelp bruh Thanks 😊

  14. Seth Mobley

    Seth MobleyMonth ago

    Y harden sound like courage the cowardly dog

  15. Ishan Appukuddy

    Ishan AppukuddyMonth ago

    bro rondo sounds like dc young fly

  16. Feelsbadman Land

    Feelsbadman LandMonth ago


  17. Easton Srebnik

    Easton SrebnikMonth ago

    Why was kris Dunn on lebron

  18. Pierre

    PierreMonth ago

    6:33 bang bang

  19. russ

    russMonth ago

    6:33 “bang bang”😂😂

  20. Posterize Executor

    Posterize ExecutorMonth ago

    ma fave category vids by NBA. ps: day 152th, Wall still shoutin' "merry christmas" and no one respond

  21. fuck

    fuckMonth ago

    I just love manu ginobily

  22. Wilsky Arksy

    Wilsky ArksyMonth ago

    Wheres kawhi leonards micd

  23. ya mans lil slim jim

    ya mans lil slim jimMonth ago

    13:35 “ OH ! REBERTO!”

  24. ya mans lil slim jim

    ya mans lil slim jimMonth ago

    Aaron Gordon really called Lauri Markkanen Larry Markkanen

  25. Olan Mercado

    Olan MercadoMonth ago

    That really says "WE RIGGED THIS-NBA"

  26. GiiiRa_

    GiiiRa_Month ago

    How do they mic them up? Sorry for my ignorance...

  27. Ansem Seeker Of Darkness

    Ansem Seeker Of DarknessMonth ago


  28. Prince Poetic

    Prince PoeticMonth ago

    I dnt know why, but this is encouraging to watch...

  29. Shakur Zindani

    Shakur ZindaniMonth ago

    Rondo’s laugh at 13:06 had me dead😂😂😂

  30. Joachim Chuatico

    Joachim ChuaticoMonth ago

    Chambalero phillipines

  31. Ant Lopez

    Ant LopezMonth ago

    its mad nice seeing all the nba players interact even on different teams. since we only see them play against eachother we’d come to think that they don’t all get along but its crazy how they’re all a part of a big loving family

  32. 10000 subscribers no video challenge

    10000 subscribers no video challengeMonth ago

    steven adams tho😂😂😂😂

  33. Pauly Shore

    Pauly ShoreMonth ago

    5:41 Rookies are getting tall!

  34. Lake N Land

    Lake N Land2 months ago

    “Do we trust Patty to not get his third foul” 😂 🇦🇺

  35. luka nozadze

    luka nozadze2 months ago

    pops running democracy better than us

  36. Bossup inc.

    Bossup inc.2 months ago

    2:21 why iou leave my man hanging🤨😫😂

  37. jacques webster

    jacques webster2 months ago

    why and how are they mic‘d up

  38. Imam Stevanno

    Imam Stevanno2 months ago

    how did they got the sound? didn't see any mic

  39. Pikachu

    Pikachu2 months ago

    That's why i love NBA!!

  40. BrickKnightProductions

    BrickKnightProductions2 months ago

    This seems to much like bad lip reading.

  41. Majcry

    Majcry2 months ago

    Rondo "Im playing defense today." My god thats a joke and a half

  42. John Carmicle

    John Carmicle2 months ago

    The music ruend the viedo

  43. Ryan Lee

    Ryan Lee2 months ago

    Towns Calling to play defense lmao

  44. Monore

    Monore2 months ago

    Yo guys if u want only Utah Jazz highlights this is the channel to go to!

  45. Liow Yue Yang

    Liow Yue Yang3 months ago

    I love how funny are these guys.

  46. Omar Omar

    Omar Omar3 months ago

    0:33 lol “bangbang”🤣

  47. Scott Sophia

    Scott Sophia3 months ago

    LeBron telling Magic right now: Go get Kyle, Ad, and yeah, might as well get Kd too.

  48. Agenterix

    Agenterix3 months ago

    The way Steve Kerr and Greg Popovic talk to their players is amazing, great coaches

  49. Lord Grett Goting

    Lord Grett Goting3 months ago

    Steven Adams is just having fun 😂

  50. Shanid G

    Shanid G3 months ago

    I wish every NBA game had mic instead of commentators

  51. TheKraZyKiD !

    TheKraZyKiD !3 months ago

    Should of had Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozen the good old time but atleast we got kahwi. 😫😥

  52. Mash

    Mash3 months ago

    13:02 laughing at you're girls friends after she takes you back when they said she never would

  53. Oliver Mariano

    Oliver Mariano3 months ago

    Background song pls

  54. Bo1If7ouDont3et -

    Bo1If7ouDont3et -3 months ago

    7:20 Ben just like let me have Westbrook and you get roberson

  55. Jaden Vlotman

    Jaden Vlotman3 months ago

    Legend has it John Wall still hasn't got a pair of kyries... 🤣🤣

  56. tony ramrup

    tony ramrup3 months ago

    NBA mic’d up more funny than the nfls

  57. janholic

    janholic3 months ago

    4:06 Kyrie sounded like that bear screaming video

  58. Marcos Gomes

    Marcos Gomes3 months ago

    I see u Lebron giving love to the Spurs Nation!!


    JUSTO MORO3 months ago


  60. De_matos

    De_matos3 months ago

    Hey mate, how U doing! hey mate hey mate...

  61. Noah Izquierdo

    Noah Izquierdo3 months ago

    Porzingis talking about his dick @ 4:35

  62. Ty Lito

    Ty Lito3 months ago

    Rondos hooped w Butler, Wade, AD, Cousins, Lbj, Zo, Kuz, BI in the last 3 seasons Damn

  63. bubmah axr

    bubmah axr3 months ago

    vote, do we trust patty not getting his third fouls?

  64. justin perrin

    justin perrin3 months ago

    Bang bang!

  65. Rafael Leal

    Rafael Leal3 months ago

    Coaches: “That’s what’s gonna win us the game” Steve Kerr: “That’s what’s gonna get us a championship”. Y’all see that mentality 🤔👌🏾

  66. Dejuan Johnson

    Dejuan Johnson4 months ago

    Draymond knows how to get you going

  67. Astu Atri

    Astu Atri4 months ago

    Gotta love Rondo XD

  68. Adi Da Gamer

    Adi Da Gamer4 months ago

    The way the warriors play are just beautiful, dominate in offense as well as defense and they have that amazing chemistry

  69. Sauce 2:50

    Sauce 2:504 months ago

    3:20 I love how lebron just educated someone during a game

  70. James Wiggins

    James Wiggins4 months ago

    When you realize 95% of these guys are uninteresting as hell.

  71. Tristan Celestin

    Tristan Celestin4 months ago

    I still can’t get no Kyrie’s?

  72. toobasaurus23

    toobasaurus234 months ago

    These guys have the best job in the world.

  73. BingeFest1

    BingeFest14 months ago

    1:23 Kemba says the N word

  74. Yutaka Yosihara

    Yutaka Yosihara4 months ago

    6:19 Rondo saying "My bad" at ref coz he's celebratiing too much hahaaahahah

  75. Filibustero

    Filibustero4 months ago

    Were mic’d up so dont say anything😂😂

  76. Yai Koinyang

    Yai Koinyang4 months ago


  77. Skrt Skrt

    Skrt Skrt4 months ago

    popovich was so cool

  78. Zendaya Elizabeth

    Zendaya Elizabeth4 months ago

    These guys are having such fun

  79. XXX Abortion

    XXX Abortion4 months ago

    8:19 even after draymond kicked adams’ nuts twice before..look at adams..true sportsmanship and he is the one you really wanna be friend really deserves respect

  80. Mani Jah

    Mani Jah4 months ago

    nfl mic'd up are 1000 times more funny and interesting

  81. Jim Salvacion

    Jim Salvacion4 months ago


  82. MrNasher113

    MrNasher1134 months ago

    Wonder why they never give Westbrook a mic ? 😂

  83. Nyle Winston

    Nyle Winston4 months ago

    Being In the nba. Looks so fun

  84. Reese McDonald

    Reese McDonald4 months ago

    7:48 Steve Kerr should know that's a Chicago song

  85. Jeremiah A.

    Jeremiah A.4 months ago

    when steve kerr uses passive while putting you on blast lmao, great coach tho respect him a lot

  86. Wassim Akram

    Wassim Akram5 months ago

    KAT telling people to play defense

  87. Frankiie Young

    Frankiie Young5 months ago

    1:58 why couldn’t he do that in the finals

  88. Big Bucc903

    Big Bucc9035 months ago


  89. Isaac Henriquez

    Isaac Henriquez5 months ago

    Steven Adams legit seems like a good dude

  90. Joel Kristoffer Tanyag

    Joel Kristoffer Tanyag5 months ago

    6:30 that’s two kinds of Adams 😂

  91. Jayce Mico Dignadice

    Jayce Mico Dignadice5 months ago

    Title of the background music?

  92. shrek nigga

    shrek nigga5 months ago

    First song?

  93. Vegeta The Goat

    Vegeta The Goat5 months ago

    Gotta love Steven Adams 😂💯 “bang bang” 😂😂😂

  94. Talon Kent

    Talon Kent5 months ago

    10:08 Coach Pop: They're a little longer down there than we are

  95. Aaron King

    Aaron King5 months ago

    The best one is at 15:31

  96. JJ PF

    JJ PF5 months ago


  97. praveen yadav

    praveen yadav5 months ago

    any leads on music, anyone?

  98. xlynsanity BB

    xlynsanity BB5 months ago

    Did Wall got any Kyries yet? Lmfao

  99. ItMeRagnarok

    ItMeRagnarok5 months ago

    hey uh who ever edited this why did you think it would be a good move to put generic copyright free music on a video thats value comes from the audio

  100. Slipknot Shady

    Slipknot Shady5 months ago

    When you have a really motivational coach like Steve Kerr and Pop, how can you not play your best?

  101. zomboy 266

    zomboy 2665 months ago

    Woah KAT wanted to play defence?