Best All-Access Mic'd Up Moments of the 2018 NBA Season


  1. Damian L

    Damian LDay ago

    That rondo laugh killed me

  2. Rahul kumar

    Rahul kumar2 days ago

    Porzingis is awesome as hell guy💯

  3. Kevin Garindra

    Kevin Garindra5 days ago

    6:19 rondo😂😂

  4. librado Peate

    librado Peate5 days ago

    Kemba is such a great guy

  5. NovaPrime

    NovaPrime7 days ago

    Bang bang 6:33

  6. Spammers

    Spammers8 days ago

    “Go get Kyle!!”

  7. Jeff LaFlare

    Jeff LaFlare12 days ago

    Why they all sound the same

  8. LezBoom

    LezBoom16 days ago

    😂😂😂 6:32

  9. Francesco Punzo

    Francesco Punzo19 days ago

    Nobody: John Wall: MERRY CHRISTMAS

  10. Wade S

    Wade S23 days ago

    Steve and Manu together makes my heart happy.

  11. JD

    JD29 days ago

    8:10 Adams showing his leadership. I got you! Come on! I got you! *Screens the living shit out of his opponent*

  12. Dhiardana Rachmadiargo

    Dhiardana RachmadiargoMonth ago

    for honest.. why anthony davis is looks like a gay :(

  13. Eugene BN

    Eugene BNMonth ago

    At 0:30 Andre robersons form be looking trash

  14. EM Gold

    EM GoldMonth ago

    Lebron = fashion victim.

  15. Lily Robinson

    Lily RobinsonMonth ago

    0:21-0:30 is Hilarious,Lol Harden and Paul George! 🤣🤣🤣

  16. rev up those fryers

    rev up those fryersMonth ago

    Steve kerr: what would you do if you were me Me: rename my child

  17. Shirozen Hakashun

    Shirozen HakashunMonth ago

    Ronaldo is still better than Messi... Oh... Wrong sport? I'm so sorry...

  18. Merpa Derp

    Merpa DerpMonth ago

    Did Patty get his third foul though?

  19. Mike K

    Mike KMonth ago

    All everyone wanna do is see kyle korever shoot

  20. Shyam Panchal12

    Shyam Panchal12Month ago

    Did Steve Kerr say steph is 2’11

  21. Pavonis

    PavonisMonth ago

    nobody: Steven Adams: Bang bang

  22. 100 kiloluk zenci

    100 kiloluk zenciMonth ago

    lebron is all bossy like give that to my daughter??? he is ordering not even asking. what a fucking douche

  23. Ronny Gordon

    Ronny Gordon2 months ago

    Kawhi mic’d up: «Hi, I’m Kawhi, a fun guy» ... ___ ... ___ ... ___ followed by 48 minutes of silence.

  24. AKMemez

    AKMemez2 months ago

    Paul George is so nice to go around and say “merry christmas” to everyone

  25. AKMemez

    AKMemez2 months ago

    despite all the beef, everyone’s brothers at the end of the day

  26. Fernando Cespedes

    Fernando Cespedes2 months ago

    Soundtrack on a mic'd video is useless

  27. Tanvi Gokhale

    Tanvi Gokhale2 months ago

    Man Karl Anthony Towns is one of the worse defenders in the NBA but still he is directing his team to play defense Same with bismack he was saying to play hard The struggle continues

  28. TheEaGle AsSaSin

    TheEaGle AsSaSin2 months ago

    The best one on one defender?!

  29. Killer Nubz

    Killer Nubz2 months ago

    That first clip is why its so hard to score on AD

  30. Xavier Anderson

    Xavier Anderson2 months ago

    If only they had micd up when jr blew the game

  31. BlazingShadow 05

    BlazingShadow 053 months ago

    *Puts Kawhi on the mic'ed up video* Kawhi:

  32. Louison Guyot

    Louison Guyot9 days ago

    Hahaaaa hahahaaa

  33. Said ALI

    Said ALI3 months ago

    Rajon Rondo is the best mic'd up!!!!

  34. Shfd Rusu

    Shfd Rusu3 months ago

    Love these vids

  35. nedlohh

    nedlohh3 months ago

    Did Patty Mills get his third foul though?

  36. Chloe The American/Polish

    Chloe The American/Polish3 months ago

    Rondo laughter though😂

  37. Skantei

    Skantei4 months ago


  38. Ryan Allyn

    Ryan Allyn4 months ago

    Rondo always the quirkiest dude lmao

  39. Toni Georg

    Toni Georg4 months ago

    Rondo look like someone u should never trust

  40. Nick Church

    Nick Church4 months ago

    7:55 why livingston look like roger from american dad

  41. nikos korf

    nikos korf5 months ago

    Melo, what a guy! He might not be that good as he used to, but he can assist wherever he go! Hope in LAL.

  42. Ethan Ngo

    Ethan Ngo5 months ago

    Paul George "I'm just a shot maker"

  43. Samuel VERNON

    Samuel VERNON5 months ago

    3:20 Lebron telling people he don’t travel

  44. 9ossay Hdad

    9ossay Hdad5 months ago

    Rondo laugh... lol

  45. 9ossay Hdad

    9ossay Hdad5 months ago

    Dray is creating communication tho

  46. LaezyMe

    LaezyMe5 months ago

    14:30 McConnell eye roll lol. "Just be a good point guard" what great advice

  47. Young FrankGod

    Young FrankGod5 months ago

    “bang bang”- Steven Adams

  48. Random Dude

    Random Dude5 months ago

    5:05 to this day I'm still tryna figure out what Harden said lmao

  49. Tyrus

    Tyrus6 months ago

    “ it don’t matter it don’t MATTER! “ 🐐

  50. B.B.J.

    B.B.J.6 months ago

    Steven Adams voice does not match his appearance at all

  51. jo84891

    jo848916 months ago

    So, are we going to ignore Rondo's "Joker" laugh?