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Best 50 Plays of the 2018 NBA Regular Season


  1. Yann Ceccherini

    Yann Ceccherini28 minutes ago

    10:23 its insane

  2. 류류병찬

    류류병찬12 hours ago

    NBA no.1 LBJames

  3. Kori Campbell

    Kori Campbell16 hours ago

    3:32 driblin on lauren hill

  4. Irate People

    Irate PeopleDay ago

    Wow, the announcers get excited about everything...

  5. Luís Lages

    Luís LagesDay ago

    Irving would be in so much if he aint injured

  6. Ballerz

    Ballerz2 days ago


  7. Leif 3GHP

    Leif 3GHP2 days ago

    The best team in the league gets one highlight?

  8. Malik Mash

    Malik Mash4 days ago

    Do you know who u messing with

  9. Dinosaur Dun dee

    Dinosaur Dun dee4 days ago

    Lonzo lost the game twice. But the worst was when he got blocked, like how tf you getting blocked by old ass David West? Bust

  10. Fulbert Le Fay

    Fulbert Le Fay8 days ago

    7:30 WASTED

  11. Drew DuCHAMP

    Drew DuCHAMP9 days ago


  12. Drew DuCHAMP

    Drew DuCHAMP9 days ago


  13. Tricksa FF

    Tricksa FF9 days ago

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  14. Triangular Fibrocartilage

    Triangular Fibrocartilage10 days ago

    i love when the refs piss off in the last 30 seconds of the game

  15. Bangbang Shoot

    Bangbang Shoot11 days ago


  16. sofiane b

    sofiane b11 days ago

    1:50 😲😲

  17. Mike of Doom

    Mike of Doom12 days ago

    all i needed to see was KD dunked on

  18. The Chullz TV

    The Chullz TV12 days ago

    11:07 ....... ESTOY FLIPANDO

  19. Johnny Li

    Johnny Li12 days ago

    11:08 that was not intentional right?

  20. Y Z T

    Y Z T12 days ago

    3:16 too bad that’s a travel

  21. Robin Pflüger

    Robin Pflüger12 days ago

    I always wonder how many steps is harden allowed to take... :/

  22. Crystalis Dota

    Crystalis Dota15 days ago

    3:01 first ever Women playing in the NBA... look im not lieing.

  23. Casper Ghost

    Casper Ghost15 days ago

    I don’t like the nba but dang Lebron James is amazing

  24. Jolynn Figueroa

    Jolynn Figueroa16 days ago

    My King LeBron

  25. Woodson Orelien

    Woodson Orelien16 days ago

    2:35 Jarret Jack tried to be cool with the pass but nobody even noticed 😂😂

  26. Mr. Binkers the cat

    Mr. Binkers the cat16 days ago

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  27. Eli TheBeeLi

    Eli TheBeeLi16 days ago

    Oh wait that other play tho thx lilerd

  28. Eli TheBeeLi

    Eli TheBeeLi16 days ago

    No I love the trailblazers I was born in Portland and I live there

  29. BuzzDrumm 11

    BuzzDrumm 1117 days ago

    4:38 he did mr durant dirty

  30. Fly three

    Fly three17 days ago

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  31. Marc Peters

    Marc Peters17 days ago


  32. peter puk

    peter puk18 days ago

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  33. Johannes Stoellberger

    Johannes Stoellberger18 days ago

    How can u not give lebron the mvp

  34. hms1998

    hms199818 days ago

    Not saying Victor Oladipo could have had 5 highlights in here by himself but I'm not not saying that

  35. Giovanni Faltoni

    Giovanni Faltoni19 days ago

    lebron mvp

  36. Shun Nakajima

    Shun Nakajima19 days ago

    It seems like their basketballs have no weight when they throw them far from 3 point line!

  37. Baylis

    Baylis19 days ago

    Take a shot every time you see an NBA player

  38. Puny Games

    Puny Games20 days ago

    Nance dunking in Durant's face has to be way up.

  39. OpTic xX_Γεωργιος Γκολφινοπουλος_Xx

    OpTic xX_Γεωργιος Γκολφινοπουλος_Xx21 day ago

    giannhs attentokoumpo respect from greece!

  40. QSP Nsane

    QSP Nsane21 day ago

    11:15 Shit cold

  41. hArambe The INFINITE #daRealSosaBoi #OGfinessn

    hArambe The INFINITE #daRealSosaBoi #OGfinessn21 day ago

    No plays for hoe curry and snake durant

  42. Style 1Thou

    Style 1Thou21 day ago

    Bron been throwing through everybody legs this season. Everybody baffled

  43. Silas Buckwalter

    Silas Buckwalter21 day ago

    assist to dario was sweet

  44. Levi Muller

    Levi Muller22 days ago

    tell me those weren’t in order

  45. Yaricel Del rosario

    Yaricel Del rosario22 days ago

    un sueño por sírvele

  46. Kerem Türkmen

    Kerem Türkmen23 days ago

    Cedi Osmannnnnn

  47. summer SLIMES

    summer SLIMES24 days ago

    You are poop

  48. In Me Velarrr!

    In Me Velarrr!24 days ago

    1:00 When puberty hits

  49. K.A. A

    K.A. A25 days ago

    1:48 - Milhouse!?

  50. Omar Bertaiba

    Omar Bertaiba25 days ago

    Best part about the Middleton lob to antekou was Middleton’s reaction afterwards...

  51. Sauce Guy

    Sauce Guy26 days ago

    the one where kd got dunked over by nance is trash. nance literally held him down

  52. CW

    CW26 days ago

    11:05 that behind the back went through thompson's legs wtf

  53. videopaenguin

    videopaenguin26 days ago

    Air Bud > Lonzo Ball

  54. amir Kushnir

    amir Kushnir26 days ago

    i just saw here lebron's complition

  55. eric chaves

    eric chaves28 days ago

    720p ?

  56. Derrion Wisdom

    Derrion Wisdom28 days ago

    8:38 Mike Beasley face says it all LMAOO

  57. Alfredo Ramirez Luna

    Alfredo Ramirez Luna28 days ago

    Me encanta la nba...

  58. G Lyle

    G Lyle29 days ago

    7:23 Steven Adams 2K character is on Injury Reserve till 2K20

  59. Ju GotNext

    Ju GotNext29 days ago

    The commentators are hilarious 😂😂

  60. Fringe

    Fringe29 days ago

    Honestly.. if anything Giannis should've signed with the Lakers this season, Rajon Rondo, LeBron James, Lonzo Ball, and Giannis Antetokoumpo.. dayum.

  61. James arinzol

    James arinzolMonth ago

    King james 👑

  62. khaldis khaldis

    khaldis khaldisMonth ago

    Lebron must be mvp not harden

  63. Agarnerman

    AgarnermanMonth ago

    1:00 why my nigga KAT smack the ball like that tho😂😂😂😂

  64. Creator, the Tyler

    Creator, the TylerMonth ago

    You Vs. Life 2:29

  65. aton pamintuan

    aton pamintuanMonth ago

    wow plays

  66. JoeCnNd

    JoeCnNdMonth ago

    As a pacer fan you opened a few wounds watching this.

  67. moist

    moistMonth ago

    14:36 howd they miss harden push jackson wtf😂

  68. Poon Jutsu

    Poon JutsuMonth ago

    14:40. James harden totally pushed

  69. BigLorde BunnyRabbit

    BigLorde BunnyRabbitMonth ago

    John Wall can make Dwight Howard an all star this year if he buys into p&r

  70. CJ Burnett

    CJ BurnettMonth ago

    That Dennis Smith Jr. Dunk... How is this the first time i've seen that??? Wow

  71. Rashawn Douglas

    Rashawn DouglasMonth ago

    I don’t understand why people try to jump with lebron🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  72. Andy HL

    Andy HLMonth ago

    7:24 Westbrooke and Adams' position hmmmmmm

  73. Oh Yeah

    Oh YeahMonth ago

    So we’re all just going to ignore the fact that James harden just decked josh Jackson

  74. Channel you can trust. k

    Channel you can trust. kMonth ago

    for me lebron is MVP

  75. Blackshirt- D

    Blackshirt- DMonth ago

    All those highlights (best plays) and just 1 lonely one from G.S., if you can even call that a highlight. Note to g.s.- cant make the highlight reel if all you do is sit out on the 3 point line shooting 3s all day.

  76. ROU TE

    ROU TEMonth ago

    Lebron’s dunk is like a meteor lol

  77. cj vincent

    cj vincentMonth ago

    10:25 tho

  78. Jamal Jamal

    Jamal JamalMonth ago

    5:07 wow lonzo.

  79. dice random

    dice randomMonth ago

    I said omg for like 100 times watching this.

  80. たか

    たかMonth ago

    自分用 2:09

  81. matthew hunt

    matthew huntMonth ago

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  82. Denis AB

    Denis ABMonth ago

    At 7:02, Batum reaction is everything !!

  83. JazzyJae Jokes

    JazzyJae JokesMonth ago

    1:01 am i the only one that died to that voice crack

  84. Kpop All Day

    Kpop All DayMonth ago

    Steph Curry ...

  85. johmon717

    johmon717Month ago


  86. Ansh Shah

    Ansh ShahMonth ago

    Ariza makes a god play against the Suns and now joins them

  87. Jonathan De La hoz

    Jonathan De La hozMonth ago

    7:49 how is that not a travel?

  88. B-Ball King

    B-Ball KingMonth ago


  89. MajaFiggaz

    MajaFiggazMonth ago

    LeBrons behind the back defender split is truly insane. He dribbles it between Tristan's legs.


    SID VARMAMonth ago

    1:55 is just legit 🔥🔥

  91. Real King

    Real KingMonth ago

    9:33 I'm I the only who saw J.R try to get a chest bump

  92. Jotham Kutilo

    Jotham KutiloMonth ago

    kyrie is the best though am a dub_nation fun

  93. Young Winner

    Young WinnerMonth ago

    More than half these plays were LBJ how does he not get mvp every year

  94. James Redic

    James RedicMonth ago

    Boy that young nigga Mitchell cold boy. He might win mvp.

  95. David Makav

    David MakavMonth ago

    LeBron James best in history.

  96. Lyle Stavast

    Lyle StavastMonth ago

    Hardaway at 3:50...

  97. martin sanchez

    martin sanchezMonth ago

    Where is the lonzo ball pass to Ingram for the late win

  98. vacsprod

    vacsprodMonth ago

    11:00 I think personally that’s one of the Best plays ever

  99. Aaron Young

    Aaron YoungMonth ago

    I cant be the only one who noticed Steph Curry was nowhere to be found?

  100. Gmoney5813

    Gmoney5813Month ago

    4:35 R.I.P. Kevin Durant