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Best 50 Plays of the 2018 NBA Regular Season


  1. Mattia Benedetti

    Mattia Benedetti2 days ago

    Only i realized that in the 10 action He made steps : pacers vs heat

  2. IYI

    IYI14 days ago

    The old SHine is Lost. The NBA loses the Speciality. When youre MJ youre a Special Player and very IMportant for the NBA. He have done so much things all the Years for the Populurity of the NBA. More then some other Players. Without MJ the NBA loses the Shine and the MAgic.I know that and also David Stern knows that. Thats why he have always a Special Bonus from the Refs. Look at the NBA now its nothing the same ! Boring and so many Stupid Players the always Posing only for the MOney and the Fame. Remember the NBA at the 80´s and the 90´s how many Spectacular Players with a good Charakter Played. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Magic , Bird, Karem abdul jabbar, Julius Erving, isah Thomas, Dwight, Dennis Rodman, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Robert Parish, Mchale, James Worthy, Diminic Wilkins, SPud Web, Shawn Kemp, Clyde Drexler, Allen Iverson, Hakem Olajuwon, Karl Malone, MIch Richmond, Penny HArdaway, Charles Barkley, Gary Payton, Jason Kid, Chris Weber and moany many more. All the Players have a Signature Moves and Technics and all this Players are the Idols for the new Generations of Players. These are the Elite and the Beginners for the Popularity of the NBA. The Head of the NBA. This is FACT.

  3. Brandon Thom

    Brandon Thom16 days ago

    some of these are from 2017

  4. Open Chakra Energy

    Open Chakra Energy21 day ago


  5. Johan Felix Djoeari

    Johan Felix Djoeari22 days ago

    Where stephen curry?

  6. Hur' Shawn Taylor

    Hur' Shawn Taylor23 days ago

    lerbon good like michel jordan

  7. Franklin Halvorson

    Franklin Halvorson24 days ago

    Lmao James harden took 4 steps at 10:40

  8. Flicka Tabuzo

    Flicka Tabuzo25 days ago

    Who's your bet?? Comment down👇👇 My bet is Stephen Curry his the best at everything!!

  9. Trâm Trần

    Trâm Trần25 days ago


  10. Oshaanri

    Oshaanri26 days ago

    LeBron play better than Rookie LeBron

  11. just me

    just me27 days ago

    i love this word in t-shirt i remember you all time

  12. Максим Ионов

    Максим Ионов27 days ago регистрируйтесь и зарабатывайте на кранах биткоины и другую крипто валюту

  13. Mel Mel

    Mel Mel29 days ago

    3point shot is the new layup

  14. one Houston

    one HoustonMonth ago


  15. James Gordon

    James GordonMonth ago

    super ball ball

  16. S1lver

    S1lverMonth ago


  17. John Scott

    John ScottMonth ago

    Lebron to Wade?? On the Cavs? uhhhhh what lol

  18. Henrique Oliveira

    Henrique OliveiraMonth ago

    Bro, that Giannis dunk, I can't even..

  19. seven FangYuan

    seven FangYuanMonth ago


  20. one FangYuan

    one FangYuanMonth ago


  21. Fresh J'rrell

    Fresh J'rrellMonth ago

    Huh Curry isnt in this video. Great

  22. J.B Cooper

    J.B CooperMonth ago

    I thought lebron dunk on jason terry was nasty, giannas over tim hardaway tops ANY dunk ive ever seen

  23. Cameron Nadi

    Cameron NadiMonth ago

    $10,000 bet placed on Lakers @ Blazers (LeBron James debut)

  24. eFJay UY

    eFJay UYMonth ago


  25. Nathan Durai

    Nathan DuraiMonth ago


  26. Charles Lukonde

    Charles LukondeMonth ago

    Came here for lebron, stayed for lebron

  27. Robert Castillo

    Robert CastilloMonth ago

    This is why i watch NBA and not WNBA

  28. Jorge Alvarez

    Jorge AlvarezMonth ago

    What a freakin play!

  29. Cam Born

    Cam BornMonth ago

    What’s funny is that at 2:45 of the video Dion waiters takes 3 steps and then 5 steps. What do u mean brother!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ליאב אלמליח

    ליאב אלמליחMonth ago

    LeBron is the best player of all-time 🐐

  31. FOMO Official

    FOMO OfficialMonth ago

    Lakers defeat gsw 119 to 105 highlights Watch, like, subscribe for more preseason highlights

  32. AznBurk

    AznBurkMonth ago

    13:34 wit da dance to da hüp and trows da hamma down

  33. Juan David Gonzalez

    Juan David GonzalezMonth ago

    Las mejores jugadas de Lebron o que pedo?

  34. NBA-full

    NBA-fullMonth ago

    группа в вк, с полными повтоами игр, группа новая

  35. David Makav

    David MakavMonth ago

    LeBron goat

  36. Roger Duran

    Roger DuranMonth ago

    The best plays of the worldddd

  37. Eva Demirci

    Eva DemirciMonth ago

    Fake baybi👌👌

  38. Kyle Aitken

    Kyle AitkenMonth ago

    The guy that does color on the local Cleveland telecast drives me bonkers, biggest homer ever, can't wait to hear him cry this year.


    INDIGO SOULMonth ago

    07:37 the dance, LOL

  40. David Malede

    David MaledeMonth ago

    new progerm to dunks and to get good on your jumps

  41. baazoo batzorig

    baazoo batzorigMonth ago

    From Mongolian NBA's fans Big Like

  42. SD Bomedy CLASH OF CLANS

    SD Bomedy CLASH OF CLANSMonth ago

    Omg lebrom through thompsons legsnbehind the!!??!!

  43. brainwashedliberals

    brainwashedliberalsMonth ago

    These announcers need to chill the fuck out lol

  44. KEI

    KEIMonth ago

    01:30 My Best

  45. milton harris

    milton harrisMonth ago

    them boys balling

  46. Jaleel The Genie

    Jaleel The GenieMonth ago

    Can You Guys Please Watch My First MReporter Video ‼️💯 I Would Appreciate It 😎

  47. Radityo Ari

    Radityo AriMonth ago

    12:28 when you know your crush hook up with another guy

  48. Vu Official

    Vu OfficialMonth ago

    Việt Nam

  49. Isaiah Gamble

    Isaiah GambleMonth ago

    Tell me I'm not the only one who sees the Simpson at 1:48

  50. Bleh Blah

    Bleh BlahMonth ago

    woww baskteball plays are the shit others sports looks like childish games xd

  51. Jair Jones

    Jair JonesMonth ago run that upppppp ❗❗❗❗💯

  52. 무념무상

    무념무상Month ago


  53. Speedydinosaur

    SpeedydinosaurMonth ago


  54. Facu alejo

    Facu alejoMonth ago

    in the second play from Irwing , he trouble - 4 steps. that´s ridiculous

  55. Shinobi FPV

    Shinobi FPVMonth ago

    Watching this entire video with the "Listerine Face".

  56. Stelios Gerochristodoulou

    Stelios GerochristodoulouMonth ago

    Giannis Antetokounmpo

  57. Zaiden Cisneros

    Zaiden CisnerosMonth ago

    Bruh that hike got me 😂😂😂

  58. Bazuhh

    BazuhhMonth ago

    13:39 Bosnian army?

  59. Czar 3

    Czar 3Month ago

    10:22 Brooklyn we made it

  60. Rich Matt

    Rich MattMonth ago

    Such an old guy reaction lol “does anybody know how to post videos to Facebook” 8:19



    Dude the first guy was traveling so *HARD* LIKE The Fuck!?

  62. Fahad 5

    Fahad 5Month ago


  63. Markos Piperides

    Markos PiperidesMonth ago

    GIANNIS " The next best player in the league "

  64. Oscar Pezzoli

    Oscar PezzoliMonth ago

    nevermind the bolloz

  65. Foreign DJ

    Foreign DJMonth ago


  66. peter boyden

    peter boydenMonth ago

    15:31 and throws the hammer down hahahahahaha

  67. IAmBraden

    IAmBradenMonth ago

    7:23 you're welcome

  68. dario Chavez

    dario ChavezMonth ago

    R.I.P. KD

  69. BlueRy

    BlueRyMonth ago

    0:58 an unbelievable win *voice crack* here in Oklahoma City!!!

  70. AndyDufresne987

    AndyDufresne987Month ago

    Hrvati i musavci služe samo da se na njih zakucava i prave highlightsi.Antitalenti

  71. vova bogdanov

    vova bogdanovMonth ago

    Chip collapse ad xbedthg fee will pension historical self speed biological stretch undermine prospect site.

  72. Danny Wanny

    Danny WannyMonth ago

    That travel though from James harden

  73. Sam M.

    Sam M.Month ago


  74. Sha92

    Sha92Month ago

    Harden be low key traveling lol 10:45

  75. 魚眼

    魚眼Month ago

    3:19 これ歩いてない? did he walk ?

  76. Joao Pereira

    Joao PereiraMonth ago


  77. Alex Larsen

    Alex LarsenMonth ago

    Why the hell do these guys fall over so much? Does nobody teach footwork fundamentals anymore?

  78. Christopher Stephens

    Christopher StephensMonth ago

  79. Joevin Chen

    Joevin ChenMonth ago

    Final moments of LeBron James before losing his shit on J.R


    DATMUTMAN !Month ago

    The first one is the biggest reach in ive ever seen

  81. Jonathan Pires

    Jonathan PiresMonth ago

    Lebron playoffs

  82. manオリジナル

    manオリジナルMonth ago


  83. Kobe Garcia

    Kobe GarciaMonth ago

    They didnt show Devin Booker beat a BUZZER BEATER from a DEEP THREE with TWO DEFENDERS in his FACE and TIDE THE GAME?!?!?!

  84. Jason Forbes

    Jason Forbes2 months ago

    I’m a trailblazers fan but that dunk on Nurkic was devastating 😂🤣

  85. Trydn

    Trydn2 months ago

    The clip was the biggest reach in

  86. Николай Кириленко

    Николай Кириленко2 months ago

    I want to see more of this. I feel close to these kids stories'. I want them out the hood.

  87. Ghoul

    Ghoul2 months ago

    5:35 lol them ankles

  88. osriodore

    osriodore2 months ago

    I have never watched more than 30 seconds of basketball in my life before this video and holy shit

  89. Yann Ceccherini

    Yann Ceccherini2 months ago

    10:23 its insane

  90. 류류병찬

    류류병찬2 months ago

    NBA no.1 LBJames

  91. Kori Campbell

    Kori Campbell2 months ago

    3:32 driblin on lauren hill

  92. Irate People

    Irate People2 months ago

    Wow, the announcers get excited about everything...

  93. 50 milion bucks

    50 milion bucks2 months ago

    Irving would be in so much if he aint injured

  94. Ballerz

    Ballerz2 months ago


  95. Leif 3GHP

    Leif 3GHP2 months ago

    The best team in the league gets one highlight?

  96. Malik Mash

    Malik Mash2 months ago

    Do you know who u messing with

  97. Dinosaur Dun dee

    Dinosaur Dun dee2 months ago

    Lonzo lost the game twice. But the worst was when he got blocked, like how tf you getting blocked by old ass David West? Bust

  98. Fulbert Le Fay

    Fulbert Le Fay2 months ago

    7:30 WASTED

  99. Drew DuCHAMP

    Drew DuCHAMP2 months ago


  100. Drew DuCHAMP

    Drew DuCHAMP2 months ago