Best 50 Plays of the 2018 NBA Regular Season


  1. A.Tunahan Güçlü

    A.Tunahan Güçlü4 days ago

    09:08 de cediyi görüp gururlananlar +1

  2. Jared Tumalban

    Jared Tumalban21 day ago

    So week is lebron

  3. Iwan Bottos

    Iwan BottosMonth ago

    I love soccer , Ajax , Amsterdam ,but this video shows why there is but only one sport the best . The most exiting few m8nutes ever on video . Incredible . Also great ; Lebron crying that his masterplan did not work out . Raptors ! NBA Forever . Even in Holland , sorry Ajax .

  4. Alune Fierte

    Alune FierteMonth ago

    14:48 cheaters...

  5. David Baca

    David BacaMonth ago


  6. Iury França

    Iury França3 months ago

    5:34 - Crossovers 5:48 - Passe 6:06 - Passe 6:24 - Crossovers 7:01 - Passe e enterrada 8:30 - Roubo de passe, passe e depois enterrada 8:56 - Toco 9:50 - 3 pontos 10:08 - passe 10:58 - CAGADA (Dá para deixar isso como ultma cena e colocar na legenda "Cagada") 11:20 - Passe, 3 pontos 12:46 - Toco

  7. dest / Basketball

    dest / Basketball4 months ago

  8. charlie M

    charlie M5 months ago

    Notice how there is no curry plays they really that salty

  9. 급식이

    급식이5 months ago


  10. ben walsh

    ben walsh5 months ago


  11. MrMaxisHD

    MrMaxisHD5 months ago


  12. Gustavo From Big Time Rush

    Gustavo From Big Time Rush5 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  13. Gustavo From Big Time Rush

    Gustavo From Big Time Rush5 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  14. chris zica

    chris zica6 months ago

    3:15 Most blatant travel I ever saw in my life :(

  15. Nicholas Mazur

    Nicholas Mazur6 months ago

    В баскетбол играют настоящие мужчины, Хуйло не играет в баскетбол


    BREKBRAKER6 months ago


  17. Piedmont Athletics by Ken Evans

    Piedmont Athletics by Ken Evans6 months ago

    How about this play:

  18. Mo0n Pixlur

    Mo0n Pixlur7 months ago

    Lebron James is trash. He sucks. JUST KIdding

  19. bwalc

    bwalc7 months ago

    2:45 it`s really cool

  20. Marek S19

    Marek S197 months ago


  21. houdhoud marouan

    houdhoud marouan7 months ago : best of goals 2018 NBA

  22. Edson Edinho

    Edson Edinho7 months ago

    cade Br nos comentarios

  23. Mason Burger

    Mason Burger7 months ago

    14:08 he so swaggy

  24. Jacob Truesdale

    Jacob Truesdale7 months ago

    10:09 Myles Turner is a beast and one of my favorite players.

  25. Mattia Benedetti

    Mattia Benedetti8 months ago

    Only i realized that in the 10 action He made steps : pacers vs heat

  26. Ottoman Empire

    Ottoman Empire8 months ago

    The old SHine is Lost. The NBA loses the Speciality. When youre MJ youre a Special Player and very IMportant for the NBA. He have done so much things all the Years for the Populurity of the NBA. More then some other Players. Without MJ the NBA loses the Shine and the MAgic.I know that and also David Stern knows that. Thats why he have always a Special Bonus from the Refs. Look at the NBA now its nothing the same ! Boring and so many Stupid Players the always Posing only for the MOney and the Fame. Remember the NBA at the 80´s and the 90´s how many Spectacular Players with a good Charakter Played. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Magic , Bird, Karem abdul jabbar, Julius Erving, isah Thomas, Dwight, Dennis Rodman, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Robert Parish, Mchale, James Worthy, Diminic Wilkins, SPud Web, Shawn Kemp, Clyde Drexler, Allen Iverson, Hakem Olajuwon, Karl Malone, MIch Richmond, Penny HArdaway, Charles Barkley, Gary Payton, Jason Kid, Chris Weber and moany many more. All the Players have a Signature Moves and Technics and all this Players are the Idols for the new Generations of Players. These are the Elite and the Beginners for the Popularity of the NBA. The Head of the NBA. This is FACT.

  27. Brandon Thom

    Brandon Thom8 months ago

    some of these are from 2017

  28. Open Chakra Energy

    Open Chakra Energy8 months ago


  29. Johan Felix Djoeari

    Johan Felix Djoeari8 months ago

    Where stephen curry?

  30. The fighting rosters

    The fighting rosters8 months ago

    lerbon good like michel jordan

  31. Franklin Halvorson

    Franklin Halvorson8 months ago

    Lmao James harden took 4 steps at 10:40

  32. Flicka Tabuzo

    Flicka Tabuzo8 months ago

    Who's your bet?? Comment down👇👇 My bet is Stephen Curry his the best at everything!!

  33. Trâm Trần

    Trâm Trần8 months ago


  34. Ushiab

    Ushiab8 months ago

    LeBron play better than Rookie LeBron

  35. just me

    just me8 months ago

    i love this word in t-shirt i remember you all time

  36. Максим Ионов

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  37. Mel Mel

    Mel Mel9 months ago

    3point shot is the new layup

  38. one Houston

    one Houston9 months ago


  39. James Gordon

    James Gordon9 months ago

    super ball ball

  40. Silver

    Silver9 months ago


  41. John Scott

    John Scott9 months ago

    Lebron to Wade?? On the Cavs? uhhhhh what lol

  42. Henrique Oliveira

    Henrique Oliveira9 months ago

    Bro, that Giannis dunk, I can't even..

  43. seven FangYuan

    seven FangYuan9 months ago


  44. one FangYuan

    one FangYuan9 months ago


  45. Fresh J'rrell

    Fresh J'rrell9 months ago

    Huh Curry isnt in this video. Great

  46. J.B Cooper

    J.B Cooper9 months ago

    I thought lebron dunk on jason terry was nasty, giannas over tim hardaway tops ANY dunk ive ever seen

  47. Cam Nadi

    Cam Nadi9 months ago

    $10,000 bet placed on Lakers @ Blazers (LeBron James debut)

  48. eFJay UY

    eFJay UY9 months ago


  49. Nathan Durai

    Nathan Durai9 months ago


  50. Man Child

    Man Child9 months ago

    Came here for lebron, stayed for lebron