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Benintendi walks it off for Red Sox win in 10: 8/5/18


  1. Sean Brennan

    Sean BrennanDay ago




    go red sox . WOW

  3. BootlegFightVideo

    BootlegFightVideo8 days ago

    It's like the Wankees are cursed since paying disgusting steroid cheat herpes purple lips ball slapper A-roid for a championship then firing the manager who got that shitpile the trophy.

  4. Colin Central Variety

    Colin Central Variety9 days ago

    Ever since the hump that broke that oh-so precious camel’s back at the big 2004 game, the Yankees have plain sucked ever since then.

  5. KHayes666

    KHayes6669 days ago

    Colin Central Variety Id go even further back to 2001. After they lost to the Diamondbacks their aura of invincibility has been an entirely diminished. They were never the same team that was feared again. The 04 Yankees rotation was a joke and their offense from 13-17 was a joke. When the Sox play the Yankess I dont have the same fear I did 20 years ago

  6. 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos10 days ago

    I liked my comment I don’t want it to swim down on the sea of trending. .-.

  7. Gaming with J

    Gaming with J10 days ago

    GO SOX better bring a broom

  8. Pied Piper

    Pied Piper10 days ago

    THAT was a good game!

  9. Jr Garcia

    Jr Garcia10 days ago

    Who the hell watches baseball 😂 dead sport

  10. KHayes666

    KHayes6669 days ago

    Jr Garcia 277,000 views. Nice try Bernie

  11. Angel Rulvalcaba

    Angel Rulvalcaba10 days ago


  12. HectorChannel

    HectorChannel10 days ago


  13. Johnny White

    Johnny White10 days ago

    You know why Boston wins? Because they actually swing their bats and hit the ball...instead of standing around counting pitches and trying to win games 2-1.

  14. Kenjamin Slutton

    Kenjamin Slutton11 days ago

    Let’s play balls 🍌

  15. Mike Simpson

    Mike Simpson11 days ago

    Ay y’all lucky judge iz hurt

  16. KHayes666

    KHayes66611 days ago

    Mike Simpson You didnt face Sale or Rodriguez, shaddup

  17. Evan Tatusko

    Evan Tatusko11 days ago

    Cum on!

  18. The Carpet

    The Carpet11 days ago

    Hello there.

  19. RedSoxFanSince2004

    RedSoxFanSince200411 days ago

    Biggest lead blown since Virginia blew a 39 County (later 55 total) to West Virginia on June 20,1863

  20. Brizyinpink 15

    Brizyinpink 1511 days ago

    Go Red Sox!!!

  21. Bill The Baker

    Bill The Baker11 days ago

    Suck it Yankees!

  22. Slime Beats

    Slime Beats11 days ago

    The Yankees are the best team ever ! #1 in history

  23. TheHomelesUnicorn

    TheHomelesUnicorn11 days ago

    I’ve like the Sox sense I was 3 1/2

  24. XxNevadaxX

    XxNevadaxX11 days ago

    My favorite lets fucking go bennintendi

  25. Cris EX

    Cris EX11 days ago

    Wicked crazy comeback..

  26. Micah Edgin

    Micah Edgin11 days ago

    Get it done socks

  27. Freddy Jenkins

    Freddy Jenkins12 days ago

    Go A’s

  28. Frank g

    Frank g12 days ago

    I never noticed the mascot had the broom at 2:00 😂

  29. Tearful Productions

    Tearful Productions12 days ago


  30. Greg Albanese

    Greg Albanese12 days ago

    The Yankees walked off, not the red Sox.

  31. Greg Albanese

    Greg Albanese11 days ago

    +Prime Productions Dennis Eckersley came up with the term walk-off home run. It has to do with when a pitcher gives up a game-winning homerun in the bottom of the ninth and the losing team walks off the field

  32. Greg Albanese

    Greg Albanese12 days ago

    Prime Productions no. The losing team is the team that walks off.

  33. Prime Productions

    Prime Productions12 days ago

    Greg Albanese That's a joke, right?

  34. David Ridlespriger

    David Ridlespriger12 days ago

    There's an art form to playing stupid.

  35. Assassin Krishna

    Assassin Krishna12 days ago

    LOL does anyone remember how the Cleveland Indians sweeped us last year in the regular season games but we still managed to clinch the ALDS , Thats whats gonna happen this year.

  36. KHayes666

    KHayes66611 days ago

    Assassin Krishna Not when you lose to king Felix in the play in game

  37. AlwaysChristian

    AlwaysChristian12 days ago

    Finally a video in trending that isn't cancer

  38. Unknown Man

    Unknown Man12 days ago

    The tieeeeeeeing run

  39. amr hisham

    amr hisham12 days ago

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  40. Ulfric Stormcloak

    Ulfric Stormcloak12 days ago

    As a Yankees fan, I did not Benintend for this to happen.........

  41. Ulfric Stormcloak

    Ulfric Stormcloak12 days ago

    Prime Productions i can speak for all Yankees fans when I say that whether we say it or not we all have great respect for the tenacity and loyalty Mets fans have for their team. Now please, step away from the ledge.

  42. Prime Productions

    Prime Productions12 days ago

    Ulfric Stormcloak As a met fan, for lack of a pun I am suicidal

  43. A Person

    A Person12 days ago

    I’m a big Red Sox fan so that’s all

  44. Ho How

    Ho How12 days ago

    I wish J.D never left the Tigers

  45. JabbaWabba

    JabbaWabba12 days ago

    Mookie Betts 2018 MVP

  46. JabbaWabba

    JabbaWabba12 days ago

    Prime Productions oh yeah, forgot about him.

  47. Prime Productions

    Prime Productions12 days ago

    JabbaWabba HAH! No. Mike trout.

  48. David Mitchell

    David Mitchell12 days ago

    baseball Fixed Loaded baseballs

  49. David Mitchell

    David Mitchell12 days ago

    Fake Sports I hate Sports Offically after that bs im in vegas too fuck me out of 1600$

  50. PAT2E

    PAT2E12 days ago

    I love Castiglione and his voice on radio. Former player who loves this team.

  51. Oscar Kicks

    Oscar Kicks12 days ago

    Wooooooo pig Sooie Congrats from your friends in Fayetteville Andrew

  52. JT_ Tøwñ

    JT_ Tøwñ12 days ago

    Y’all see how Lebron James hit that touch down and it went out of the rink?

  53. DiscoKitten5

    DiscoKitten513 days ago

    All i can say for this game was C H O K E.

  54. mrbostonian93

    mrbostonian9313 days ago

    300+ crybaby Yankee fans disliked this 😂 I love it

  55. Andrew Downing

    Andrew Downing13 days ago

    cant both teams just lose...

  56. The Matt

    The Matt13 days ago

    Hopefully the Yankees get hot towards season's close and ride that momentum into the playoffs when it really matters.

  57. Puppy Lover

    Puppy Lover13 days ago

    GO RED SOX ❤

  58. Jym E. Changa

    Jym E. Changa13 days ago

    this is not baseball, it's a corporate event. Baseball died in the late 90s

  59. KHayes666

    KHayes66611 days ago

    Jym E. Changa Shaddup

  60. janeno sv1000

    janeno sv100013 days ago

    I can watch baseball like this thx MLB- im subbing, who has time for a 5hr games now days? ???

  61. KHayes666

    KHayes66611 days ago

    janeno sv1000 Ever heard of DVR?

  62. QueenX Beast

    QueenX Beast13 days ago

    Surprisingly i love watching baseball 😙⚾


    AH DANCE MOVES13 days ago


  64. Jack James

    Jack James13 days ago

    Y A N K E E S S U C K

  65. Judith R

    Judith R13 days ago

    Baseball is trending 😱🎉

  66. BeachHead

    BeachHead13 days ago


  67. msdogooder

    msdogooder13 days ago

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  68. TheShowGamer27

    TheShowGamer2713 days ago

    Oh well, it’s time to dust our trophies and pennants again.

  69. KHayes666

    KHayes66611 days ago

    TheShowGamer27 Meanwhile I got a shiny World Series ring that's only 5 years old. Come to think of it, the yankees have not won a division since then

  70. I want to believe

    I want to believe13 days ago

    That was such an angry throw home

  71. KOsports

    KOsports13 days ago

    Im a Yankees fan but dont watch baseball anymore. So many low IQ players. SMH just watching this highlight is sad

  72. Prime Productions

    Prime Productions13 days ago

    Baseball on trending! *ITS MY WET DREAM*

  73. whitesmoke hiding

    whitesmoke hiding13 days ago

    Fun team

  74. Ricky Burgos

    Ricky Burgos13 days ago

    Boston has some of the most cancerous fans ever


    THEGRUNGEMENACE10 days ago

    Ricky Bullshit N.Y. FANS ARE THE WORSE. I've seen Yankees fans boo their team countless times this year. YOU'RE the one taking shit bud. I'm telling it like it is. YEAH I KNOW, the truth sucks doesn't it? lol

  76. David Dolan

    David Dolan12 days ago

    Ricky Burgos Your telling me New York doesn't talk shit?! Your fans, writers, talk show hosts, etc are beyond insufferable and make Philly fans look classy. Ranger fans talk so much shit for a team that's won 2 cups in 78 Years. Go fuck yourself you pathetic sack of shit cunt who deserves to get incinerated.

  77. SD Brand

    SD Brand13 days ago

    Ricky Burgos Saying Boston fans do nothing, but talk shit is inaccurate and childish. Saying sports fans should be nothing, but humble is moronic and childish. Telling somebody on youtube not to reply to your comment is hilariously childish. Such a snowflake.

  78. Ricky Burgos

    Ricky Burgos13 days ago

    SD Brand nothing is said was childish, so don’t bother replying

  79. SD Brand

    SD Brand13 days ago

    Wow what a childish sports fan you are...

  80. pkfire

    pkfire13 days ago

    red sox yuh

  81. Matt Isadore

    Matt Isadore13 days ago

    anyone have a broom??😁👌

  82. Generasi Micin

    Generasi Micin13 days ago

    sport again again

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  84. ジョーンズアダム先輩

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  85. beer J

    beer J13 days ago

    Please don't hesitate to watch my MReporter videos , aliens will be saved all around the world because of your actions

  86. Nick Mihopoulos

    Nick Mihopoulos13 days ago

    I hate the Yankees with a passion. Its personal.

  87. Prime Productions

    Prime Productions13 days ago

    Nick Mihopoulos As a met fan I feel you. *F U C K T H E Y A N K E E S*

  88. ThaSmoovinMan

    ThaSmoovinMan13 days ago

    How great was that mascot bringing out the broom! 👌👌

  89. Junito Punto Comm

    Junito Punto Comm13 days ago

    F*ck Boston Stinky Sox !!

  90. Junito Punto Comm

    Junito Punto Comm12 days ago

    David Dolan Not At all !! 😂 What about you ?? 🤔

  91. David Dolan

    David Dolan12 days ago

    Junito Punto Comm You mad bro?

  92. El Gladiador

    El Gladiador13 days ago

    Hey what's the big deal. There's Always Broom for improvement.

  93. The Fast

    The Fast13 days ago

    I am the Fast.

  94. Brett Carr

    Brett Carr13 days ago

    Even Chapman was laughing in disbelief.

  95. ODrako

    ODrako13 days ago

    Even the highlights a boring wtf

  96. M 310

    M 31013 days ago

    I'm a Dodger's Fan, Glad Boston Won 👌#Sweep

  97. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson13 days ago

    Dum fans thought they could get sears kmart to die but the joke is on them 6 percent for the month growth

  98. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson13 days ago

    I don't what's with the angels and other teams they lost hard like the fang and other stocks they trade so short like amzn and other tech companies

  99. Majd Anbar

    Majd Anbar13 days ago

    This has to be the lamest sport of all time

  100. KHayes666

    KHayes66611 days ago

    Majd Anbar shaddup callego

  101. SD Brand

    SD Brand13 days ago

    Yet here you are watching and commenting....

  102. Prime Productions

    Prime Productions13 days ago

    Majd Anbar Say that to 50 million Americans

  103. silvershadow

    silvershadow13 days ago

    clutch taken to a whole new level

  104. Stephen McAllister

    Stephen McAllister13 days ago

    Boston needs to win another world series.

  105. YoBoy Bashie

    YoBoy Bashie13 days ago

    2 outs in the bottom of 9th down by 3 runs by the red Sox always get that comeback

  106. Flower :3

    Flower :313 days ago


  107. Sam Chavez

    Sam Chavez13 days ago

    Mid-Atlantic Roadway Person sub to me for baseball videos

  108. Jonny Bravo

    Jonny Bravo13 days ago

    I had a feeling this comment section would be filled with red fans. Enjoy your victory but dont be so hostile and aggresive towards Yankees fans, and I woudn't boast too hard, because After all, it took you till the10th inning to win the game...

  109. KHayes666

    KHayes6669 days ago

    Jonny Bravo Neither did the Yankees. The most they ever won in a row was 5. The Boston Celtics won 8 in a row, try to keep up

  110. Jonny Bravo

    Jonny Bravo9 days ago

    KHayes666 i wouldnt be telling me to shaddup over one season when the Yankees shut down the reds for 9 years in a row

  111. Jonny Bravo

    Jonny Bravo9 days ago

    SD Brand yeah well the Red Sox didnt have a 9 year championship win streak so hows thatfor comparing records?

  112. KHayes666

    KHayes66611 days ago

    Jonny Bravo Yeah they beat the crap out of them in the 1st game 15 to 7, shaddup

  113. Sam Chavez

    Sam Chavez13 days ago

    SD Brand sub to me

  114. Marvin X

    Marvin X13 days ago

    Tying RAAAN

  115. Sam Chavez

    Sam Chavez13 days ago

    Marvin X sub to me

  116. AlphaAmpharos 923

    AlphaAmpharos 92313 days ago

    This is on TRENDING?!!!

  117. PatCan'tYoutube

    PatCan'tYoutube13 days ago

    The Red Sox announcers are so annoying.

  118. KHayes666

    KHayes66611 days ago

    Better than Suzy Waldbitch and John Sterlingberg

  119. David Dolan

    David Dolan12 days ago

    PatCan'tMReporter Better than the Yankee announcers.

  120. Cory Chalker

    Cory Chalker13 days ago


  121. Kevin Karalus

    Kevin Karalus13 days ago

    I love my Sox. #yankeessuck

  122. Marty Ray Project

    Marty Ray Project13 days ago

    Anytime the Yankees lose its a good game. Haha!

  123. MRDONALE2018

    MRDONALE201813 days ago


  124. Adam Banks

    Adam Banks13 days ago


  125. antisocial postal

    antisocial postal13 days ago

    jd is clutchh

  126. Conner Cox

    Conner Cox13 days ago

    Who the hell watches baseball lol. Least talented sport ever

  127. KHayes666

    KHayes66611 days ago

    Conner Cox You are, you're the one commenting.

  128. SD Brand

    SD Brand13 days ago

    Conner Cox Said the idiot

  129. Johnny Sprinkel

    Johnny Sprinkel13 days ago


  130. CATEGORY 7

    CATEGORY 713 days ago


  131. A Dozen

    A Dozen13 days ago

    Am I the only one that actually is from Boston

  132. SD Brand

    SD Brand13 days ago

    A Dozen Yeah you're the only person in the world from Boston....

  133. Ryan

    Ryan13 days ago

    Bad for baseball