Benches clear twice between Yankees, Red Sox


  1. Saul Flores

    Saul Flores2 hours ago

    Kelly socked em in the dome a couple times

  2. johnny bongos

    johnny bongos2 days ago

    He over extended his leg! Not necessary!

  3. johnny bongos

    johnny bongos2 days ago

    He aimed his foot to the legs! He could have went head first and made it! Intentional!

  4. Jackson Howell

    Jackson Howell2 days ago

    Why did the dude act like he didn’t deserve getting hit with the ball when he started the whole thing

  5. Jonathan Aguirre

    Jonathan Aguirre2 days ago

    Red Sox and Yankees best rivalry in sports period. Love watching every game when they play.

  6. Menessy27

    Menessy273 days ago

    obviously a bad slide and that dude cant fight for shit you could tell from how hesitant he was to rush the mound lmao

  7. Luis Sang

    Luis Sang4 days ago

    Nice hit Kelly, love it, next time aim at the head, MARTINEZ STYLE

  8. yep yep

    yep yep5 days ago

    Kelly, u the man!

  9. Steven Mck

    Steven Mck6 days ago

    The sox won the fight in 2004 and now in 2018. Boone is lying when he says he saw nothing wrong with the slide. The Red Sox fans in the stands are correct in their assesment. The Yankees do suck. Look at the records. 9.5 games. Sox 49 games over 500

  10. Free like OJ all Day

    Free like OJ all Day6 days ago

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  11. pandemic7

    pandemic77 days ago

    Joe Kelly, forever a cunt.

  12. Stephen nodoro GODS

    Stephen nodoro GODS8 days ago

    7:23 Holt said it wasnt intentional wtf u mean

  13. TY DILLON34

    TY DILLON348 days ago

    0:27 THIS IS BULLSHIT 😂😂😂

  14. Brandon Phillips

    Brandon Phillips11 days ago

    Joe Kelly won

  15. Maroti 825

    Maroti 82511 days ago

    I assume Austin has been playing baseball his whole life. Did he not expect to get hit there? Slams the bat down like a child and waits for Joe Kelly to invite him out

  16. ihatekimch

    ihatekimch11 days ago

    Take their salary away and fire their asses. You can’t behave in front of fans and how much are you getting paid?!? And those people think it is cool to fight someone while they are working and watched by millions of fans?

  17. CowMinerLooney

    CowMinerLooney13 days ago

    Yankees suck, Yankees suck

  18. Osito Panda

    Osito Panda14 days ago

    Should be a rule bench players should not be allowed to run onto the field if they do so they are ejected from both sides

  19. Frankincensed

    Frankincensed14 days ago

    Do the world a favor and punch a Yankee fan in the face.

  20. Cringy Studios

    Cringy Studios14 days ago

    Yankees are cocky all the time thats y everybody hates them

  21. Jm Halter

    Jm Halter16 days ago

    I was at that game, it was insane

  22. FaZe_skillz 21

    FaZe_skillz 2116 days ago

    If it's only a gaem why you Heff to be mad


    FREEDOMFIGHTER4716 days ago



    FREEDOMFIGHTER4716 days ago

    I’m a redsox die hard fan but I’ve gotta say holt is a Pussy for not tuning Austin up for clearing him in the first place hand should have been throw right away.

  25. Carqcx From Twitch

    Carqcx From Twitch18 days ago

    Can’t wait to see these 2 go at it in the playoffs

  26. C Faria

    C Faria20 days ago

    0:47 Yankees suck! Yankees suck! Yankees suck! 2:30 Yankees suck! Yankees suck! Yankees suck! Lol

  27. John Doe

    John Doe20 days ago

    Fuck Boston fuck the whole Mass state nothing but MASSHOLES AKA ASSHOLES

  28. Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim20 days ago

    Overreaction??? What a bunch of tools

  29. Retired Farmer

    Retired Farmer22 days ago

    Clearly,.. A Rooster Pecking Order Disturbance

  30. Al Jimenez

    Al Jimenez23 days ago

    NYY always with their dirty play

  31. Christian Schneider

    Christian Schneider23 days ago

    Brock Holt looking like he's going skiing lol

  32. Richard 12

    Richard 1223 days ago

    Go joe!

  33. Юрий Вафин

    Юрий Вафин23 days ago

    Собственно говоря, какую реакцию хотел получить игрок NY #26 за то, что въехал в ногу игроку №12 RB ?

  34. Retired Farmer

    Retired Farmer22 days ago

    I believe he got the exact measure he wanted :)

  35. Darius Ward

    Darius Ward23 days ago

    Well Austin still looks like a tough guy right lol

  36. 2manysecrets

    2manysecrets24 days ago

    As a yankees fan, deserved. That slide was dirty.

  37. Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere

    Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere25 days ago

    Whenever I see that slide I think about Chase Utley injuring Ruben Tejada in the 2015 NLDS

  38. Big Winona

    Big Winona25 days ago

    Obviously spiked him on purpose.

  39. Wrangle McDangle

    Wrangle McDangle25 days ago

    Tyler Austin is a fucking piece of shit retard and will never earn his gay ass pinstripes. Joe Kelley clocked his cunt

  40. Sedak Chuckal

    Sedak Chuckal25 days ago

    Kelly was so ready he was like “you are about to catch these hands”

  41. Ashling Beatty

    Ashling Beatty26 days ago

    this is so funny

  42. Crusher 2018

    Crusher 201826 days ago

    This reminds me of the good old days! GO YANKEES!

  43. SP

    SP27 days ago

    Happy to see the Yankees-Red Sox feuds reignited again. Back to old-school bad blood.

  44. Eric Bailey

    Eric Bailey28 days ago

    Any idiot can see that was a dirty ass slide.

  45. break joey

    break joey28 days ago

    Are the first dudes Yankees commentators? Because man they were riding them

  46. Name

    Name28 days ago

    Sox fan or Yankees fan if Judge got in a brawl it’s an easy dub for New York

  47. Nu York

    Nu York29 days ago

    Pedro suck

  48. sm Lee

    sm LeeMonth ago

    에효 동업자 정신도 없는 양키쓰레기들

  49. Catholic Renewed

    Catholic RenewedMonth ago

    1:57 the umpire was pointing at the players saying you, and you will fight now, right now!!

  50. Sco Macneil

    Sco MacneilMonth ago

    😉Pedro is right....end of this discussion on this particular play.....

  51. David Dixon

    David DixonMonth ago

    Austin took that L from Joey fisticuffs hahaahahahs cornball

  52. Clyde Cavalieri

    Clyde CavalieriMonth ago

    I like how players come in from the outfield bullpen. "I'm 400 ft. away. Give me a few minutes to get there." Even though the pictures aren't going to fight because they may hurt their arms, they come over to show team support anyway.

  53. Luis Sang

    Luis SangMonth ago

    I like when the comentitor that slide was nithing

  54. Violet Deliriums

    Violet DeliriumsMonth ago

    7:18 If Cora thinks he "over slid," then why didn't he came out and do something on the spot instead of waiting for other people to take care of it for him? I guess he is just that kind of guy that lets his team do the "right thing" while he watches. Pretty weak.

  55. JustTooLit

    JustTooLitMonth ago


  56. kole anan

    kole ananMonth ago

    This is the worst free fight

  57. AlphaDeltaXray

    AlphaDeltaXrayMonth ago

    Yup, Yankees still suck. Obviously super jealous of the Red Sox amazing hot streak right now. Lolz!!!

  58. sexyass penguin

    sexyass penguinMonth ago

    MLB: UFC Edition

  59. KeahiBrumsickle

    KeahiBrumsickleMonth ago

    4:24 Bottom right corner "Hush. It's okay baby."

  60. Michael Pyszora

    Michael PyszoraMonth ago

    The Yankkeys fight Detroit in 2017 and now Boston

  61. Kikyam

    KikyamMonth ago

    Diamond City

  62. Mister C

    Mister CMonth ago

    I feel like the umpires who do these games with the Yankees and the Sox need to start wearing riot gear. These guys' rivalry is by far my favorite rivalry in all sports. Aside from the Bears and Packers one

  63. Kyle Stewart

    Kyle StewartMonth ago

    Cashman is an idiot

  64. Brady Campbell

    Brady CampbellMonth ago

    i love how the yankee announcer is saying it was a clean slide

  65. XVzl3_ BeastX

    XVzl3_ BeastXMonth ago

    Aaron judge and stanton would best everybody

  66. Eimob _

    Eimob _Month ago

    Phil nevin is fucking awesome.

  67. Eimob _

    Eimob _Month ago

    Woah I didn’t realize sonny gray was in there immediately. That dude is like a little bulldog. Too bad he can’t pitch in New York

  68. Franklin Brodhagen

    Franklin BrodhagenMonth ago

    Baseball is way too dramatic. If two people start talking smack to each other, both benches have to clear for some reason.

  69. Thierry Saint-Jour

    Thierry Saint-Jour22 days ago

    Franklin Brodhagen Unwritten rules you know.

  70. Pets Infinity

    Pets InfinityMonth ago

    The people at mlb network are completely defending the Red Sox for being crybabies when Tyler Austin made a legal slide.

  71. Pets Infinity

    Pets InfinityMonth ago

    2:51 hairline

  72. Realm of Madness

    Realm of MadnessMonth ago

    Spikes hurt but it’s a part of the game. If y’all soccer pussies wanna complain about it then don’t watch these sports vids that’s way more entertaining then ur game will ever be.

  73. Vizun IP

    Vizun IPMonth ago


  74. Mira Sandy

    Mira SandyMonth ago

    I used to like the Yankees till Austin started sum shit...GO SOX! ❤️

  75. MrBeast's First Cousin Once Removed

    MrBeast's First Cousin Once RemovedMonth ago

    It was NOT a dirty slide; Austin stayed on the bag and did not go out of his way.

  76. Mr Skittle

    Mr Skittle22 days ago

    MrBeast's First Cousin Once Removed Yeah right dide

  77. Tyler Huebler

    Tyler HueblerMonth ago

    Why the fuck is pedro the guy we are asking on how to play the game clean? He was the dirtiest pitcher in the game...

  78. 謝景如

    謝景如Month ago


  79. Bulbasaur entertainment network B.E.N

    Bulbasaur entertainment network B.E.NMonth ago

    Just be honest. Yes I spiked him and yes I nailed him don't be babies

  80. Len Dog

    Len DogMonth ago

    That’s exactly how you should slide in to 2nd!

  81. Kevin OC

    Kevin OCMonth ago

    I love when pitchers try to say it isn't intentional

  82. Kevin OC

    Kevin OC22 days ago

    idk about the season but yea for a longer suspension.

  83. Mr Skittle

    Mr Skittle22 days ago

    Kevin OC he only said that so he wouldn’t get suspended for the season

  84. The Damn Punisher!

    The Damn Punisher!Month ago

    Yankees will rule the roost for many more years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. MeanMachine

    MeanMachineMonth ago

    I love it how judge and stanton just move the pile

  86. Sammie Jones

    Sammie JonesMonth ago Red sox bag charity Auction

  87. Cardine Laboy

    Cardine LaboyMonth ago

    That was a pussy on steroid move. You clearly don't know big league baseball players roul's.

  88. Aussie Gaming

    Aussie GamingMonth ago

    I was watching this game at home, saw the first benches clearing, but missed this one

  89. Manuel Hernandez

    Manuel HernandezMonth ago

    Boston is a joke of a team

  90. Elvin Cortez

    Elvin CortezMonth ago

    That's what you get for going spikes up

  91. Amtrakfan2009

    Amtrakfan2009Month ago

    You can hear people shouting “YANKEES SUCK!!!!”

  92. Live From The Grave

    Live From The GraveMonth ago

    Mets Nets Jets Just realized this.

  93. Mr Skittle

    Mr Skittle22 days ago

    Live From The Grave Wow

  94. Diego Davila

    Diego DavilaMonth ago

    Kelly is a Pussy

  95. vincent pak

    vincent pakMonth ago


  96. DylanTCM

    DylanTCMMonth ago

    So in sports man like

  97. TheRoyalRooter

    TheRoyalRooterMonth ago

    I love watching this, Austin got his ass kicked by someone 40lbs lighter than him

  98. Rob Moore

    Rob MooreMonth ago

    As always classy Yankee player playing dirty they both steal each others calls part of the game sticking your spikes into achilles tendon is a scumbag move if that goes goodbye career and I'd say that for any team player not just the Sox.

  99. Josh Catanooga

    Josh CatanoogaMonth ago

    Judge is so tall

  100. rcboss1988

    rcboss1988Month ago


  101. Christian

    Christian2 months ago

    I’m a Yankees fan but I love Brock holt he’s 100% real with it no bs

  102. Jim Bertido

    Jim Bertido2 months ago

    Austin clearly spiked Holt. He clearly aimed for his leg spikes up. He earned that hit & then he earned that ass whooping Kelly handed him.

  103. Fire Dude 6969

    Fire Dude 69692 months ago

    I'm a Yanks fan and this is ridiculous Tyler wade over exaggerated

  104. MDYankee13 MD

    MDYankee13 MD13 days ago


  105. Brendan Millea

    Brendan Millea2 months ago

    Damn, Aaron Judge had someone in a headlock

  106. Aleks Melys

    Aleks Melys2 months ago

    If the Yankees suck then explain why we kicked your ass

  107. Hayden Younger

    Hayden Younger2 months ago

    I was at the game. behind the red Sox dugout. it was amazing