Benches clear twice between Yankees, Red Sox


  1. Jim Dandy

    Jim Dandy14 hours ago

    The asshole spiked someone then looked to fight the guy he spiked. Then he got a love tap. Next time throw at his fucking head. Oh and next time you charge the mound make sure you win the fight pussy.


    ALEX RAMIREZ3 days ago

    Kelly come and see what i have for u...

  3. D Wan

    D Wan3 days ago

    Mun 3:14 oops sorry but not sorry

  4. Brian Connell

    Brian Connell3 days ago

    I like the part when the yankees get beat'n up :)

  5. Brad Newberry

    Brad Newberry4 days ago

    The dude put his foot up, spikes first, into his leg. I've slid into bases hundreds of times...that's not a natural accident. It was 100% intentional. "Nothing remotely dirty..." Seriously Boonbag? That's the words you choose? I used to enjoy watching you on ESPN...but wearing yankee gear has turned you into a lying asshole.

  6. Danny Wilhelm

    Danny Wilhelm5 days ago

    Joe Kelly missing and punching the ground repeatedly. Great fight

  7. Zachary Robinson

    Zachary Robinson6 days ago

    YES is absolutely wrong excusing the spikes up

  8. ShawnBlaque

    ShawnBlaque6 days ago

    13 minute video of a fight with 50 guys and 3 punches get thrown lmao bitches

  9. jake hanzvik

    jake hanzvik7 days ago

    Good job boys. Nice bout.

  10. calvin berger

    calvin berger7 days ago


  11. Randy N

    Randy N7 days ago

    Yankees lose. End of story. Boo Hoo, good riddance New York!

  12. hounacvassanmilvik

    hounacvassanmilvik8 days ago

    5:38 Cool, now the whole world knows Fenway's away locker room wi-fi password.

  13. WalterV

    WalterV8 days ago

    Whats that chubby boy gonna do at 2:15 all gassed out haha from the bullpen.

  14. Greece Barca Soccer ricegum

    Greece Barca Soccer ricegum8 days ago

    I guess you could say the Red Sox are jealous cause New York is a better city 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  15. Alexander

    Alexander8 days ago

    Greece Barca Soccer ricegum But the Red Sox are a better team , New York is an overrated shithole

  16. Kool Person

    Kool Person9 days ago

    Joe Kelly looks like a kiddie molester...hes just creepy af looking lol

  17. Dev Patel

    Dev Patel9 days ago

    Kelly was prepared to fight and beat this douche!! Atta boy Kelly Go Sox!!!

  18. Deaf2Demands

    Deaf2Demands9 days ago

    Im a Yankee fan and just glad it sparked something between the 2 teams.. Its been awhile.. Since you been ~~~~~~~~~~~

  19. Matthew Darling

    Matthew Darling10 days ago

    I love the fights

  20. A B

    A B10 days ago


  21. DawgYankee

    DawgYankee10 days ago

    wth do those clowns (redsux) got over their heads?? too cold for the babies??

  22. Wesley Henry

    Wesley Henry10 days ago

    Fuck Yankee mother fucker !!

  23. dbag0584

    dbag058410 days ago

    It's called a slide Brock. Grow up

  24. shellie petty

    shellie petty10 days ago


  25. Adonis Limes

    Adonis Limes11 days ago

    I love it!!

  26. WashYourHands

    WashYourHands11 days ago

    I’m so glad that Stanton and Judge aren’t jerks or else everyone would be afraid to pitch against them... well everyone is afraid to pitch against them but you know what I mean

  27. WashYourHands

    WashYourHands11 days ago

    Captions 2:20 show me the Egyptians

  28. WashYourHands

    WashYourHands11 days ago

    A classic, Yankees and Red Sox having a brawl.

  29. T. P

    T. P11 days ago

    Make Baseball Great Again. Allow NHL level fights to happen. No dug out, no catcher. Let a guy like Judge go at a guy like Jon Rauch. Would be epic.

  30. Nate Huval

    Nate Huval11 days ago

    joe kelly fight club yeah

  31. Nate Huval

    Nate Huval11 days ago

    tyler is a big baby.

  32. Chris J Productionz

    Chris J Productionz12 days ago

    Its like 2004 all over again

  33. blaspHEMI 11

    blaspHEMI 1112 days ago

    Tyler Austin look like the type of dude to steal from you and help you look for what he stole from you

  34. gg q

    gg q12 days ago

    Go dodgers

  35. Earl Vaughn

    Earl Vaughn12 days ago

    That first slide is a clear Spike. I hate both these teams, but its pretty clear, Yankees in fault 100%.

  36. Rramans

    Rramans12 days ago

    Fuck the queer sox

  37. Kevin Gamez

    Kevin Gamez12 days ago

    Alds game one lets go baby !! los bombarderos del Bronx

  38. Pablo Ramos

    Pablo Ramos13 days ago

    The red sox catcher is a bad Catcher . He toatally lets the yankee player run up on his pitcher

  39. codeeast1224

    codeeast122413 days ago

    So unprofessional by the Red Sox.. oh and the Yankees did win that game tho! Ha

  40. Alexander

    Alexander8 days ago

    codeeast1224 They got trashed the whole year by the Red Sox

  41. Lionel I am

    Lionel I am13 days ago

    His bitch ass didn’t like that hit lol

  42. Jeff S.

    Jeff S.13 days ago

    holt and Kelly are d bags!

  43. Christian Greenough

    Christian Greenough13 days ago

    As a yankee fan, I love this shit. Rivalry should be chippy and these guys shouldn't be friends. Can't wait for the ALDS tomorrow!!!!!

  44. Brian Rey

    Brian Rey14 days ago

    I better see this in the ALDS!!!!! 😃😃😃

  45. TheMattDL

    TheMattDL14 days ago

    And here we are 5 months later in the ALDS

  46. sbx2307

    sbx230714 days ago

    Kelly: I’m bout to put my paws on ya!

  47. EpicConspiracy

    EpicConspiracy14 days ago

    It's happening in the playoffs

  48. Holly Alexis

    Holly Alexis15 days ago

    "did you get punched" kelly: um i'm a little sore so yes

  49. Thee Surge

    Thee Surge16 days ago

    Red Sox can't fight lmao

  50. Thee Surge

    Thee Surge16 days ago

    Yankees always dominate the sox.

  51. Chris 2000

    Chris 200017 days ago

    3:57 this is the best angle of the crowd's reaction.

  52. ShadowHwkX7

    ShadowHwkX717 days ago

    Now we know the wifi password for Fenway Park

  53. Styxfishinghammer 777

    Styxfishinghammer 77718 days ago

    I love baseball.

  54. Road Kill

    Road Kill18 days ago

    4:02 Catcher gettin his battle gear ready

  55. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith18 days ago

    CC is always ready. Lol

  56. yoloman544

    yoloman54420 days ago

    That internet security tho 👌😂

  57. Erick Yariel Rodriguez

    Erick Yariel Rodriguez21 day ago

    The commentator is some biased bitch lmao

  58. Jose Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez24 days ago

    The Yankee players don't even sound like New Yorkers! More likeTexas.

  59. Chris Castañeda

    Chris Castañeda28 days ago


  60. Whyme

    Whyme28 days ago

    Hey Joe Kelly, we just rocked your ass at the Stadium tonight you cocksucker. Say hi to your mother for me ya prick!!!!

  61. Zakary Souza

    Zakary SouzaMonth ago

    4:24 Christian Vasquez seems to be getting very intimate with whoever that guy is

  62. f fk

    f fkMonth ago

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  63. Eric McLeod

    Eric McLeodMonth ago

    Bull crap that slide was clean. Thats some old school dirty moves right there. He spiked him in the leg on purpose then gets mad when he gets pegged. Yankees just breed classless players.

  64. El Patron

    El PatronMonth ago

    Fake tough guy Joe Kelly, can hit batters, but can't hit the strike zone when it matters.

  65. Therealdiaz2004 131

    Therealdiaz2004 131Month ago


  66. john corona

    john coronaMonth ago

    Mr T done. Fellow players from the MLB and abroad know...He is a dirtbag.

  67. Tyler lee

    Tyler leeMonth ago

    I don't care who's wrong but i hate the Red Sox suck so Yankees just do anything thing that can just make them losers. Go go

  68. lee seok byeon

    lee seok byeonMonth ago

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  69. TulRid

    TulRidMonth ago

    Dumbass red sux

  70. Ryan O'Connor

    Ryan O'ConnorMonth ago

    The Yankees can suck cock

  71. Jody Nelson

    Jody NelsonMonth ago

    Yeah, Cashman.....the Sox were watching a different game in the clubhouse and thought, "Gee, that looks like fun....let's do that!!". Call it like it is. Austin aimed for his leg. You do the crime, you do the time. Take your medicine.

  72. 潘晉瑋

    潘晉瑋Month ago


  73. STEVE P

    STEVE PMonth ago

    Red Sox always start trouble.

  74. Yeah Boi

    Yeah BoiMonth ago

    Imagine if me and my brother we’re both in the mlb on the same team and my brother got into a fight? I would do what cc did to Austin. Brothers.

  75. Vampirerockstar

    VampirerockstarMonth ago

    let them fight

  76. Dylan Frechette

    Dylan FrechetteMonth ago

    Yankees Suck!

  77. Harry Balls

    Harry BallsMonth ago

    Spike a guy you're getting a pitch in the face.. And then to get bitch slapped when you charge the mound..Hilarious high jinx... Own your shit Austin You spiked him don't be a pussy and say it's and accident Clearly you raised up your spikes to tag him. ╭∩╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭∩╮ nothing remotely dirty about spiking a nothing remotely dirty about spiking the second baseman..nothing dirty about throwing a bean ball 'sall good

  78. Anthony C

    Anthony CMonth ago

    This is very satisfying to us Rays fans (and probably to Blue Jays and Orioles fans as well). Love seeing these two teams get mad at each other at the expense of only themselves XD

  79. les antoine

    les antoineMonth ago

    I’ll be aiming straight at his face. Tyler is a douche bag

  80. UN Owen

    UN OwenMonth ago

    Sorry, any commentator needs to speak English. Pedro speaks spanglish. Unacceptable.

  81. Derek Ray

    Derek RayMonth ago


  82. steven ginissa torres

    steven ginissa torresMonth ago

    I love that Yankees suck chant

  83. shafi amati

    shafi amatiMonth ago

    Austin is a moron. Cleats up & ur mad. Tough guy got his bluff called - he has NOTHING

  84. nycjin816

    nycjin816Month ago

    cora and kelly are both being retarded. everyone knows it was retaliation, just be a man and admit it. why try to justify the pitching inside bullshit

  85. Devan

    DevanMonth ago

    12:21 - Pedro's nod.

  86. Anthony New York

    Anthony New YorkMonth ago

    Check out “George Carlin baseball vs football”.

  87. Nicole Smith

    Nicole SmithMonth ago

    If Austin hadn't slid with his spikes up the fights would not have happened. Alot of the Yankees are overhyped, over egoed jerks. Also goes to show U that Joe Kelly is not afraid to fight

  88. Ibeth portillo

    Ibeth portilloMonth ago

    NYY son unas mierdasss

  89. Zhar Borneo

    Zhar BorneoMonth ago

    i always like MLB when fight .. the bench is always clear 😂🔥🔥

  90. ghytgb

    ghytgbMonth ago

    Yankees playing against orioles tonight 8/24 and they have on retarded uniforms. MLB does this with each team multiple times throughout the year. Anything to make a fucking buck! Like these pricks don’t make enough money already!

  91. Emmily Sam

    Emmily SamMonth ago

    What an ass! Yeah, you can slide feet first but your feet go straight not all the way out like that. Dickhead got what he had coming to him. He deserved it!

  92. Texas guy

    Texas guyMonth ago

    I’m an Astros fan, I’m a Baseball fan. And hot damn does baseball not have the greatest rivalry ever? Ain’t no other sport have a rivalry like this.

  93. cam skiffington

    cam skiffingtonMonth ago

    the crowd loved it almost as much as i hate the yankees.

  94. jennifur sun

    jennifur sunMonth ago

    p this is one reason i don't like the DH. if the pitcher hits someone he doesn't have to stand in there to get hit

  95. jennifur sun

    jennifur sunMonth ago

    sometimes I wonder if any of the modern players would last against those from the old days. pitcher like the late Don Drysdale or those who would slide into bases with their Spikes up and now I know why players need to have tetanus shots every year

  96. Beach Resort

    Beach Resort2 months ago

    First.....MLB....DONT......DON'T TAKE AWAY THE YANKEES/RED SOX RIVALRY!! I KNOW YOU WAN TO BECAUSE OF MONEY, BUT PLEASE DON'T!!!!! WHAT WE'RE WATCHING HERE.......IS....BASEBALL!!! With that said, why is COBB always referenced with "spikes up" at 1:20 whenever a hard slide comes in at 2nd and not just here, but throughout baseball? Believe me, Cobb would have those spikes 15 to 18 inches higher compared to this slide, with the 2nd baseman praising GOD ALONE that he had his nut sack left unharmed to bang his girl after the game!!! COBB knew the game and played it hard! So, your reference to Cobb in this case is a JOKE!! Holt needs to man up, accept the game and don't LOOK at Austin like he did something wrong!!! HOLT!......BE....A MAN....AND TAKE A SLIDE! You got the out from a bunt, you knew you NEVER would turn a double, so pull up and take the out. That's it!! Why get up in Austin's face? This said from a lifetime Padres fan (neither a Sox/Yankees fan, just a fan of the game)! continue to kill the game and you don't even know it. Understand this first, the! Nothing wrong with a hard slide in second....nothing wrong with a hard slide at home plate! Let them play and brawl sometimes. Adds to the drama of the sport. the fans.

  97. Scotty P

    Scotty P2 months ago

    “You’re taught to slide in hard but now with the new rule “ aka everyone is a pussy now

  98. Saul Flores

    Saul Flores2 months ago

    Kelly socked em in the dome a couple times

  99. johnny bongos

    johnny bongos2 months ago

    He over extended his leg! Not necessary!

  100. johnny bongos

    johnny bongos2 months ago

    He aimed his foot to the legs! He could have went head first and made it! Intentional!

  101. Jackson Howell

    Jackson Howell2 months ago

    Why did the dude act like he didn’t deserve getting hit with the ball when he started the whole thing

  102. Jonathan Aguirre

    Jonathan Aguirre2 months ago

    Red Sox and Yankees best rivalry in sports period. Love watching every game when they play.