Benches clear twice between Yankees, Red Sox


  1. Myra Gomez

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  2. TuckFrump

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  3. The dab king 53

    The dab king 5318 hours ago

    That was a cold night

  4. LightingMC

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  5. Pinhead Larry

    Pinhead LarryDay ago

    Yankees Suck

  6. Nick Madness

    Nick MadnessDay ago

    What an absolute jerk Austin is. First he slides DIRTY into second base, and don't anybody deny it!! --- Spikes?? Really??? --- Then later in the game, Austin gets hit, and what does he do?? --- Instead of charging the mound like the macho-boy he tries to show he is, he waits for the catcher to catch up to him and grab him and THAT'S when Austin decides to charge the mound. ---- How is Austin greeted at the mound?? --- Joe Kelly had him on the floor and pounded him! --- Nice going Austin. ---- Anybody who slides into a base deliberately CLEATS-FIRST deserves to have his face pounded!!! --- Screw the Yankees

  7. alan155057泰逹

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  8. Michael Branshaw

    Michael Branshaw3 days ago

    It's funny because to this day joe kelly is irrelevant. Haha go Yankees.

  9. UserName117

    UserName1173 days ago

    haha that little bitch got hit for being a punk ass and now he's throwing a bitch fit

  10. Jon Mccracken

    Jon Mccracken3 days ago

    It's pretty bad when a pitcher throws the ball an hits the batter purposely to be a dick smh but Ya it's entertaining but I think their pretty stupid for doing it

  11. carl jaysen

    carl jaysen3 days ago

    lol ded @ cc walking up and tightening his gloves at 0:22

  12. Track22

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  13. Steven Patrick

    Steven Patrick4 days ago

    That Yankee got lumped up.... Haha

  14. Ron Regan

    Ron Regan4 days ago

    he didnt over slide the base, spikes up. Old School stop crying.If it was Pedroia or Papi it would be ok

  15. Cassandra Rosa

    Cassandra Rosa4 days ago

    Ok teams aside, Giancarlo was a BRO for defending austin.

  16. Julius Kumah

    Julius Kumah4 days ago

    Red Sox suck

  17. jesse bardwell

    jesse bardwell5 days ago

    Does not matter it was dirty P.S: Yankees suck

  18. drichardson11363

    drichardson113636 days ago

    Imma Yankee fan but right is right and wrong is wrong. The Yankees player was wrong. Should've gotten his azz whipped period!

  19. Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go6 days ago

    Judge and Stanton just pushed the pile.

  20. undertaker fan

    undertaker fan6 days ago

    go yanks

  21. Henry Kiley

    Henry Kiley7 days ago

    If that little, tiny-ass bit of contact starts that much of a thing for the Sox, then they’re all bitches just like their pitcher Kelly. Plus, that was a nasty plunk on his part. Austin was justified.

  22. hayun

    hayun7 days ago

    i laughed throughout that whole fight

  23. Kevin Pippin

    Kevin Pippin8 days ago

    You know It would be funny if the guys in the bullpen just came out and started going at each other right there

  24. _ Maza _

    _ Maza _9 days ago

    He clearly intentionally cleated him. A hard slide *through* a 2B to break up a double play is fine, but not if you have to slide over the bag and stick your foot out to the side to kick them.

  25. Gabriel Guerrero

    Gabriel Guerrero9 days ago

    Never understood why the fuck the bullpen always gets involved.

  26. Taylor Delma

    Taylor Delma9 days ago

    When this happens I wonder if the fans really want to see them to all fight lol

  27. Bob Smithereens

    Bob Smithereens10 days ago

    All MLB players should be required to wear shock collars so that bench clearing episodes would be met with electricity.

  28. Landon

    Landon10 days ago

    Bruh red socks can't do shit they fucking suck

  29. ironkiller6876

    ironkiller687610 days ago

    Joe Kelly has always been a dirty piece of shit type player.

  30. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson10 days ago

    CC is always ready to stick up for his guys. Just terrific.

  31. Ian Cusick

    Ian Cusick10 days ago

    “He slid over the bag. It’s not like he went out of his way to hit him” Next clip shows him intentionally sliding to his left to hit Holt. Fuck you YES Network.

  32. Grover Underwood

    Grover Underwood11 days ago

    why does joe kelly look like a gay mark wahlberg

  33. nshanahan13

    nshanahan1311 days ago

    Pedro a hater

  34. Boognish

    Boognish12 days ago

    Austin needs sliding lessons from Utley.

  35. Cole Cianciola

    Cole Cianciola13 days ago

    Sox always gotta be a bunch of babies

  36. Mark8675332

    Mark867533213 days ago

    Judge and Stanton pushed the entire Red Sox team across the field

  37. Brendan Chwascinski

    Brendan Chwascinski14 days ago

    Cardnails won 11 red Sox won 8

  38. Brendan Chwascinski

    Brendan Chwascinski14 days ago

    Cardnails are in 2nd rank in world series wins red Sox are in 3rd rank world series and other words cardnails are still better then red Sox go cardnails

  39. Jim Johnson

    Jim Johnson14 days ago

    Hahahahahahahah you poor babies playing games

  40. Brendan Chwascinski

    Brendan Chwascinski14 days ago

    Cardnails won way more world series then red Sox so they can't say we suck

  41. Brendan Chwascinski

    Brendan Chwascinski14 days ago

    Hey at least Yankees aren't cheaters unlike red Sox ecourse I wanted Yankees to crush them

  42. wyatt allen

    wyatt allen14 days ago

    This is why I love baseball

  43. Tim Hurst

    Tim Hurst14 days ago

    Typical Skankees bullshit. Perpetual losers

  44. Tlaloc

    Tlaloc15 days ago

    someone who can dish it but not take it, what a pussy. You gonna slide like that, you might take a pitch too.

  45. Jonnie Forbes

    Jonnie Forbes15 days ago

    2:12 Shades of '98. From the Yankee perspective, this was a microcosm of, "Excuse me, you have something that belongs to us: First place in the AL East. Don't want to give it up willingly? Alright, we WILL take it back!" Go Yankees!!

  46. Tosa

    Tosa15 days ago

    as usual the loser will look for any excuse to cover for their imcompetence

  47. Mason Chance

    Mason Chance15 days ago

    Lmao at Stanton and Judge holding the entire Red Sox team back. Also LMAO at the headlock Judge put Kelly in. Fucking guy is like Bane. I wouldn’t wanna fight the Yankees.

  48. jordan lazo

    jordan lazo15 days ago

    He deserve that beam you dont go ahead and spike a player like that

  49. Steven Gomez

    Steven Gomez15 days ago

    Aaron can’t fight

  50. Doctor Wunderfizz

    Doctor Wunderfizz15 days ago

    Lol judge and giancarlo are like men amongst boys

  51. Tim Hurst

    Tim Hurst14 days ago

    Doctor Wunderfizz While striking out 7 times per game.

  52. libertybong420

    libertybong42015 days ago

    Austin deserved it. I wish he would of hurt his ankle on that slide. Fuck the Yankees!

  53. Devan

    Devan15 days ago

    when your foot is two feet away from the bag, that's not clean.

  54. Ian Balbas

    Ian Balbas15 days ago

    Joe Kelly is my favorite player in the league and im an A's fan

  55. Yunwoo Chung

    Yunwoo Chung16 days ago

    Aaron Judge and Stanton are Big Show and Andre the giant of baseball lol

  56. Steven Gomez

    Steven Gomez15 days ago

    They are big for nothing

  57. Adam Shell

    Adam Shell16 days ago

    Yankees are absolute shit. Red Sox are the best ever! Go Boston! Boston everything! Celtics! Bruins! Patriots! Hell, even Boston baked beans and Boston BBQ ham! Goooo Boston!!

  58. Unknown Lucero

    Unknown Lucero16 days ago

    Fuck the red sox

  59. Andrew Kling

    Andrew Kling15 days ago

    Fuck them both but if you slide into someone spikes up you should get HBP

  60. Zachary Carns

    Zachary Carns16 days ago

    Gotta love Stanton and Judge moving everyone.

  61. Briana K

    Briana K17 days ago

    Yo...remember when Pedro said the Yankees were his Daddy?!?!?!=D Whose your daddy???

  62. GD LGD

    GD LGD17 days ago

    Red Sox being losers again

  63. seventh hokage

    seventh hokage18 days ago

    fuck red sox

  64. arjun

    arjun18 days ago

    Austin wasn't even aiming for the bag at that point

  65. jason honeyman

    jason honeyman19 days ago

    Taylor Austin super 😎

  66. George Shiepe

    George Shiepe19 days ago

    Tyler Austin is a bitch. Joe Kelly beat his ass.

  67. yes yes good boy

    yes yes good boy19 days ago

    Good shit.

  68. Joseph Sikorski

    Joseph Sikorski20 days ago

    Really don’t get why these idiots slam their helmets down. Extra protection, why not just use it.

  69. Tom Waston

    Tom Waston20 days ago

    I don’t know how fans will react if either austin or kelly got traded with yankees and red sox respectively.

  70. Henry Birtcher

    Henry Birtcher20 days ago

    I don't know how many players got ejected but everybody is lucky no got arrested!!

  71. J King

    J King21 day ago

    The slide was intentional. Fuck the ut Yankees....

  72. Kyle Holmes

    Kyle Holmes21 day ago

    Rivalry is back!!

  73. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    Jeff Porcaro Groove21 day ago

    First run out was a JOKE...embarrassment to MLB. Really? The ENTIRE roster for that? YAWN..."Here he comes on the run..." 100% or nothing...go to kill or walk to first base! Half-ass stuff makes you look like a wuss...worthless! Like the analysis by Pedro

  74. Kahlil Baker

    Kahlil Baker21 day ago

    Why do they allow everyone on both teams run on the field?

  75. Ken Hoffman

    Ken Hoffman21 day ago

    Judge could've snapped Kelly's neck at any moment

  76. Sal Sleeps

    Sal Sleeps22 days ago

    This was all on the Red Sox.

  77. Chris Conway

    Chris Conway22 days ago

    Bet he wouldn’t throw at Judge like that (or Stanton for that matter)


    SPENCER OTTO22 days ago

    This is a rivalry if I ever saw one. Go Yanks!!!!

  79. GoodSir

    GoodSir24 days ago

    Who thinks there will be revenge?

  80. bestxcrunner2013

    bestxcrunner201324 days ago

    Weak. I never understand why the whole fucking dugout and bullpen is basically mandated to leave their area and congregate around their player anytime so much as a staredown occurs. Like really Austin and Holt weren't about to throw punches sit the fuck down. I remember when Strickland hit Harper and he charged, 2 Giants players got concussed running into each other leaving the dugout. Even Strickland's own teammates thought him hitting Harper was bush-league! But nooo I bet they're all glad they got up and ran to his "defense", especially those 2 guys that got concussed. Especially the bullpens who may have been warming up (i.e. something actually useful) and had to stop what they were doing. 90% of the guys just fucking stand there anyway! Football and hockey players must die of laughter when they see shit like this.

  81. Bryan Fitzgerald

    Bryan Fitzgerald25 days ago

    What a dork and liar Austin is...sit down and shut up got what you deserved and you looked like a ninny charging mound.....CLEARLY DIRTY slide....

  82. IcebergGaming

    IcebergGaming25 days ago

    My boy Kelly handled himself like a pro.

  83. Xin Pan

    Xin Pan26 days ago


  84. cucumber

    cucumber26 days ago

    03:14 lol

  85. Gigi

    Gigi26 days ago

    The Red Sox are like the Kappas to cool for school..😎😎

  86. Joey Marlin

    Joey Marlin26 days ago

    It was refreshing to see a Yanks-Bosox brawl after some time without one. Not promoting violence, but it reminds many of their rivalry of old.

  87. yankeeluver100

    yankeeluver10027 days ago

    Pedro Martinez is a jackass. It is really hypocritical to hear someone who sent to Yankee players to the hospital in one game with a HBP, beamed Karim Garcia (he was aiming for the head), told the Yankee dug out he was going to hit their players in the head, and shoved Don Zimmer to the ground talk about sliding correctly into second base. Fuck him and fuck the Red Sox.

  88. yankeeluver100

    yankeeluver10018 days ago

    Oh and fuck the sox

  89. yankeeluver100

    yankeeluver10019 days ago

    David Dolan Karim didn't but Jeter and Soriano were...fuck Pedro.

  90. David Dolan

    David Dolan19 days ago

    yankeeluver100 Fuck you. Karim Garcia never went to the hospital and was a giant fat fuck. Zimmer asked for it when he went after Pedro and that's also what he gets for blowing the 78 lead. Fuck the Yankees.

  91. Richard Bates

    Richard Bates27 days ago

    At least he got his assed kicked, Austin had it coming, such a loser

  92. kyjf fhd

    kyjf fhd27 days ago

    Joe kelley vs td barrett

  93. Nova Comets xD

    Nova Comets xD27 days ago

    Can’t wait to go to Fenway to see a Yankees Red Sox game I got tickets on August 4th

  94. Brendan O'Donnell TV

    Brendan O'Donnell TV28 days ago

    I’ve barely seen Tyler Austin, but now I don’t like him. Looks like and is a douche. 100% intentional spike and definitely a dirty slide. Good job for Joe Kelly, Austin got what he deserved. I’m also surprised he thought it was clean

  95. jason casey

    jason casey28 days ago

    If this happened in a soccer match the player would of acted like he almost died.

  96. alex nyc

    alex nyc28 days ago

    austin had a perfect shot at hitting kelly in the face & blew it instead & fell. these guys gotta start do some boxing work for times like these. otherwise it looks all like alotta ny tough talk.

  97. ForShitsAndGiggles

    ForShitsAndGiggles28 days ago

    Nothing beats having Paul O'Neill calling games.

  98. Keanu Cora

    Keanu Cora28 days ago

    Are we back in 2004?

  99. Jimmy Rustled

    Jimmy Rustled29 days ago

    LOL these guys fight like fags...

  100. Josh P

    Josh P29 days ago

    Love Judge just putting Kelly in a headlock like a little brother.

  101. Ron Regan

    Ron Regan29 days ago

    but Pedro didnt like getting hit

  102. 我是汉人

    我是汉人29 days ago

    Your cleats were up Tyler, and slide was clearly outside of the bag, clean slide my ass, what a douchebag.

  103. Jack Aranowski

    Jack Aranowski29 days ago

    #the Yankees suck

  104. Que45

    Que4529 days ago

    Everyone who saw that slide knows he went in spikes up. He got hit as a result. So freakin obvious!!! He spiked the guy. What he thinks he did doesn't matter.

  105. Gr8 Incarnate

    Gr8 Incarnate29 days ago

    I hate baseball, but this was by far the most interested I've been in a game.

  106. Gr8 Incarnate

    Gr8 Incarnate29 days ago

    Why didn't he charge at him with bat in hand?