Benches clear twice between Yankees, Red Sox


  1. Mister cody

    Mister cody17 hours ago

    Good job Kelly!!!!!!!

  2. Zan Ex

    Zan Ex2 days ago

    The crowd deff hyped them up and instigated. Lmo


    FUCKINTEENBRAT3 days ago


  4. awesomejasonsel 1

    awesomejasonsel 14 days ago

    He’s mellow now that he’s in Minnesota

  5. Mac888 spectral

    Mac888 spectral6 days ago

    Keep poking the bear,'s worked out well for us the last 15 years.

  6. John Pestano

    John Pestano14 days ago

    lol that's why Joe Kelly signed with the Dodgers now and before BOS fans say Tyler is gone too. difference is he was traded he didn't sign elsewhere lol and fuck you BOS.

  7. Jim Bertido

    Jim Bertido19 days ago

    Nothing remotely dirty about spiking a guy? Boone is a GUTLESS turd.

  8. Don Piper

    Don Piper20 days ago

    Tyler Austin wants to dish it out but can’t take it!!!!!.....Hey Tyler this is the BIGS!!!!!!!.....When you purposely bring your spikes up, stuff is gonna happen!!!!!

  9. Aisac Gepe

    Aisac Gepe29 days ago

    Pedro Martínez accent is da best.

  10. Wilkyn Ruiz

    Wilkyn Ruiz29 days ago

    Boston de corazón ❤❤❤

  11. Marco Dipaola

    Marco DipaolaMonth ago

    Man, I didn’t think I could hate the Yankees any more #trashy

  12. AllThingsBoston

    AllThingsBostonMonth ago

    Man I’m gonna miss Joe Kelly 😔

  13. Scarface_ iii

    Scarface_ iiiMonth ago

    The bullpen Jog has dead every time

  14. Eradication Flames

    Eradication FlamesMonth ago

    Top 10 Anime Brawls

  15. TravelingSamaritan

    TravelingSamaritanMonth ago

    I say let them go at it like in Hockey.

  16. stephen power

    stephen powerMonth ago

    Spikes up is bullshit, can ruin someone's career. The Machado slide on Pedroia which I didn't think was intentional has sidelined Pedroia for 18 months. If you're gonna spike someone, expect to be thrown at.

  17. Matias Morales

    Matias MoralesMonth ago

    Fuck the Red Sox. This fucking rivalry is back with your scum of a team and your fucking scum ass manager in Cora. Hope a ball beams right at Coras head this upcoming season you jerk offs. Let's go Yankees

  18. TheDieHardWWEAddict

    TheDieHardWWEAddict4 days ago

    Fuck The Skankees

  19. Scotty Upton

    Scotty Upton2 months ago

    Here we go again... break a leg redsox! Woooo

  20. Eric Catozzi

    Eric Catozzi2 months ago

    2018 was 2004 all over again.....Loved it! Go Sox!

  21. Eric Catozzi

    Eric CatozziMonth ago

    1990Thunderbolt Yup that is true

  22. 1990Thunderbolt

    1990ThunderboltMonth ago

    the difference is. the red sox hammered the yankees this year lol

  23. Sean Zwenger

    Sean Zwenger2 months ago

    3:14 Brockstar stayin' cool as a cucumber over here

  24. Yvng Savvy

    Yvng Savvy2 months ago

    Joe kelly finessed him😂😂

  25. Alex Reyes

    Alex Reyes2 months ago

    Joe Kelly challenges him and whooped him 😂

  26. Lyrical00Messiah

    Lyrical00Messiah2 months ago

    Anyone else peep the Yankees wifi password?

  27. Devan

    Devan2 months ago

    Pedro's nod 12:21

  28. BoardWhareHowse

    BoardWhareHowse2 months ago

    The amount of camaraderie and brotherhood from this makes my heart warm. I'd be huffing it out to the field, too, protecting not only my teammates, but my family.

  29. Allie Blake

    Allie Blake2 months ago


  30. Fahmi Mandela

    Fahmi Mandela2 months ago

    Red sox won the world series while Yankees...

  31. Hill Citian

    Hill Citian2 months ago

    B Wells the Dodgers’ rings are even more dusty

  32. B Wells

    B Wells2 months ago

    Fahmi Mandela Those Yankee rings getting a little dusty 😂

  33. G Venchy

    G Venchy2 months ago

    Boston is and always will be trash

  34. Cole Slaw

    Cole Slaw2 months ago

    But new yucker fans take the cake of being trash.

  35. Brootality Dawg

    Brootality Dawg2 months ago

    G Venchy so is NY

  36. Harry Swan

    Harry Swan2 months ago

    MAD props to Dave O'Brien for using the word "fisticuffs"

  37. Joe Pedroza

    Joe Pedroza2 months ago

    Oh the love these two teams have for each other is heart warming. LOL. Yanks and Red Sox old time rivals at it again.


    FREEDOMFIGHTER472 months ago

    Joe Kelly isn’t no punk

  39. Lizzy World

    Lizzy World2 months ago

    World champion winner

  40. Jaylie G

    Jaylie G2 months ago

    Joe Kelly had the last laugh. And Brock Holt hit for the cycle against these bums in a postseason game. Oh yeah also we won the world series

  41. Chief10 Beers

    Chief10 BeersMonth ago

    Joe Kelly is a Dodger now, suck it

  42. Abe Froman

    Abe Froman2 months ago

    Jaylie G and Tyler Austin ended up watching the World Series after ending his season in AAA Rochester for Twins organization, even the Yankees were over him, GO SOX!

  43. ANoteToSelf

    ANoteToSelf2 months ago

    Even holt was chill af about it. This is baseball, man. I feel like fans these days are too soft... Clearing the benches with brawls is part of baseball just like hockey.

  44. James P

    James P2 months ago

    I love how all the classless Yankees didn't even acknowledge that Austin spiked Holt. That was clearly intentional.

  45. Scarecrow music5

    Scarecrow music52 months ago

    Dirty play ! Dirty slide ! Red Sox go on - to nobly win the title ! 2018. (2013. 2007. 2004. too)

  46. Nikes Gray

    Nikes Gray2 months ago

    How many Yankees fans does it take to change a lightbulb? None. They just talk about how great the old one used to be.

  47. John Lippmann

    John Lippmann2 months ago

    This why Boston hates the Yankees they think they can do no wrong and that the Red Sox were planning beforehand to fight then no matter what. This is why Red Sox fans chant Yankees Suck! Which they do.

  48. Andrew Hall

    Andrew Hall2 months ago

    Now one of them is stuck in Triple A in Minnesota and the other one is a World Series champion

  49. EffenBrutal

    EffenBrutal2 months ago

    These announcers are fucking retarded.

  50. Bret.Stang4.6

    Bret.Stang4.62 months ago

    Daaaaaaaaaaa Yankees lose

  51. Swampdonkey69 YT

    Swampdonkey69 YT2 months ago

    “It’s not like he went outside” he literally stretched his leg outside to cleat him. Glad he got he shit beat out of him after charging.

  52. Monadnock 8418

    Monadnock 84182 months ago

    It feels great knowing we won the World Series

  53. Koda Travers

    Koda Travers2 months ago

    little did they know... the Red Sox get the last laugh

  54. Pesco

    Pesco2 months ago

    10:53 If there's anyone to explain a baseball fight, it's Pedro Martinez. I think he's been in most of them.

  55. Michael Scott

    Michael Scott2 months ago

    He still managed to keep his gum...

  56. mr solo

    mr solo2 months ago

    He knows that fuckin slide was a cheap shot you dirty motherfucker. Fuck the Yankees one thing for sure they lose every fight. Ahahaha pussy cats lol

  57. lschroter2020

    lschroter20202 months ago

    Without this rivalry Baseball would be boring Lets Go sox 2018 world champs

  58. False Prediction Sonnen

    False Prediction Sonnen2 months ago

    so happy the rivalry is back

  59. Slim Brady

    Slim Brady2 months ago

    Got em with a good one too, 98 mph lmao

  60. Yousra Shuman

    Yousra Shuman2 months ago

    Man it feels good waking up today knowing we are the 2018 World Champions 😎💪🥇

  61. Ham Boba

    Ham Boba2 months ago

    He deserved to get drilled. Dirty punk.

  62. Jarek newbury

    Jarek newbury2 months ago


  63. TheMrBennito

    TheMrBennito2 months ago

    hahaha what a pussy, this Tyler. Runs to Kelly as if he's out for a major KO and is on his knees protecting his head with both arms before the bunch even got there.

  64. Bigwave2003

    Bigwave20032 months ago

    Nothing but a dirty punk Tyler Austin. Does he try to spike guys in the shower too?

  65. Adam s

    Adam s2 months ago

    Kelly like a boss tells him let's go!

  66. Catalyst V7

    Catalyst V72 months ago

    Adam s Joe Kelly is the man

  67. weed Gpayaka

    weed Gpayaka2 months ago

    Austin be fucking blood ny gang u should be a one kid!! N learn some taegondo kid !!

  68. •Finn•

    •Finn•2 months ago

    Definitely intentionally spiked him on the slide. Was staring at him the whole time and aimed that foot right at him, not the bag. Typical Yankee thug.

  69. YocoWheelin

    YocoWheelin2 months ago

    Kelly's lucky Austin didn't get ahold of him.

  70. Mercí

    Mercí2 months ago

    Joe Kelly looks like the typical drunk at the local bar after a fight.

  71. Cam

    Cam2 months ago

    Rivalry seems to be heating up lately. Good because it's been kind of stale for years.

  72. Music4life 47

    Music4life 472 months ago

    I hate both teams lmao but I’m on New York’s side on this one

  73. Philip Johnson

    Philip Johnson2 months ago

    To not let them fight

  74. Philip Johnson

    Philip Johnson2 months ago

    at least the catcher tried to let the batter and the pitcher fight

  75. Philip Johnson

    Philip Johnson2 months ago

    At least the father tried to not let the batter fight the pitcher

  76. Servant to Be

    Servant to Be2 months ago

    he deserved to get hit..

  77. Stanley Yelnats

    Stanley Yelnats2 months ago

    Someone with the temper of a child will never admit their wrong doing and in my opinion those are the worse type of people.

  78. Sukhman Singh

    Sukhman Singh2 months ago

    when cc came out, it was hilarious

  79. Brett Sprinkle

    Brett Sprinkle2 months ago

    This was a waste of time no meaning to the fight because the Yankees started this I hate both teams. People like the Yankees for there money and championships. Unless you live in New York or a state near New York that doesn't have a MLB team than that is OK, but about 65% of Yankee fans are bandwagon fans. Those people that say they have 27 championships. Keep in mind about over 20 of those championships were when baseball was when it first started so that doesn't impress me that over that many championships were won back in the first time baseball had started not very many teams in the league. I hate both teams that is why I hate the Yankees, but Boston along New York can buy any player they want. I'm a Royals fan one of the most low payroll teams in baseball. Kansas City fans are the most loyal fans in sports.

  80. Cazador 20/20

    Cazador 20/202 months ago

    I still don get it, why the whole benches clear by a simple discussion between 2 players? They´re not even pushing each other, they´re just arguing.

  81. Jim Dandy

    Jim Dandy3 months ago

    The asshole spiked someone then looked to fight the guy he spiked. Then he got a love tap. Next time throw at his fucking head. Oh and next time you charge the mound make sure you win the fight pussy.


    ALEX RAMIREZ3 months ago

    Kelly come and see what i have for u...

  83. D Wan

    D Wan3 months ago

    Mun 3:14 oops sorry but not sorry

  84. Brian Connell

    Brian Connell3 months ago

    I like the part when the yankees get beat'n up :)

  85. Charlie Brown's Dad

    Charlie Brown's Dad3 months ago

    The dude put his foot up, spikes first, into his leg. I've slid into bases hundreds of times...that's not a natural accident. It was 100% intentional. "Nothing remotely dirty..." Seriously Boonbag? That's the words you choose? I used to enjoy watching you on ESPN...but wearing yankee gear has turned you into a lying asshole.

  86. Danny Wilhelm

    Danny Wilhelm3 months ago

    Joe Kelly missing and punching the ground repeatedly. Great fight

  87. Zachary Robinson

    Zachary Robinson3 months ago

    YES is absolutely wrong excusing the spikes up

  88. ShawnBlaque

    ShawnBlaque3 months ago

    13 minute video of a fight with 50 guys and 3 punches get thrown lmao bitches

  89. SD Brand

    SD Brand2 months ago

    +ShawnBlaque Again it wasn't a line brawl. If it was everybody would be throwing fists instead of trying to break it up. If you don't think it's a real sport then why are you here? Are you under the impression that for something to be considered a real sport it has to be violent or physical? Yeah, you're a child.

  90. ShawnBlaque

    ShawnBlaque2 months ago

    +SD Brand "Mature level headed adults"on a video of a line brawl. Good one lmao! More like they were scared of breaking a nail loool play a real sport

  91. SD Brand

    SD Brand2 months ago

    3 punches got thrown because almost all those 50 men were involved to break it up and pull people back like real mature level headed adults who play baseball, not fight..... bitch

  92. jake hanzvik

    jake hanzvik3 months ago

    Good job boys. Nice bout.

  93. calvin berger

    calvin berger3 months ago


  94. Randy N

    Randy N3 months ago

    Yankees lose. End of story. Boo Hoo, good riddance New York!

  95. hounacvassanmilvik

    hounacvassanmilvik3 months ago

    5:38 Cool, now the whole world knows Fenway's away locker room wi-fi password.

  96. WalterV

    WalterV3 months ago

    Whats that chubby boy gonna do at 2:15 all gassed out haha from the bullpen.

  97. TheRandom Channel

    TheRandom Channel3 months ago

    I guess you could say the Red Sox are jealous cause New York is a better city 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  98. Alexander

    Alexander3 months ago

    Greece Barca Soccer ricegum But the Red Sox are a better team , New York is an overrated shithole

  99. Kool Person

    Kool Person3 months ago

    Joe Kelly looks like a kiddie molester...hes just creepy af looking lol

  100. Dev Patel

    Dev Patel3 months ago

    Kelly was prepared to fight and beat this douche!! Atta boy Kelly Go Sox!!!

  101. Deaf2Demands

    Deaf2Demands3 months ago

    Im a Yankee fan and just glad it sparked something between the 2 teams.. Its been awhile.. Since you been ~~~~~~~~~~~

  102. Matthew Darling

    Matthew Darling3 months ago

    I love the fights

  103. A B

    A B3 months ago


  104. DawgYankee

    DawgYankee3 months ago

    wth do those clowns (redsux) got over their heads?? too cold for the babies??

  105. DawgYankee

    DawgYankee2 months ago

    when you win 19 more World Championships, you can talk shit too...

  106. SD Brand

    SD Brand2 months ago

    Yeah talk some more shit. Which team is still playing?

  107. Wesley Henry

    Wesley Henry3 months ago

    Fuck Yankee mother fucker !!

  108. dbag0584

    dbag05843 months ago

    It's called a slide Brock. Grow up

  109. SD Brand

    SD Brand2 months ago

    It's call a dirty, intentional spike slide. Grow up.

  110. shellie petty

    shellie petty3 months ago


  111. Adonis Limes

    Adonis Limes3 months ago

    I love it!!

  112. WashYourHands

    WashYourHands3 months ago

    I’m so glad that Stanton and Judge aren’t jerks or else everyone would be afraid to pitch against them... well everyone is afraid to pitch against them but you know what I mean

  113. WashYourHands

    WashYourHands3 months ago

    Captions 2:20 show me the Egyptians

  114. WashYourHands

    WashYourHands3 months ago

    A classic, Yankees and Red Sox having a brawl.

  115. T. P

    T. P3 months ago

    Make Baseball Great Again. Allow NHL level fights to happen. No dug out, no catcher. Let a guy like Judge go at a guy like Jon Rauch. Would be epic.

  116. Nate Huval

    Nate Huval3 months ago

    joe kelly fight club yeah

  117. Nate Huval

    Nate Huval3 months ago

    tyler is a big baby.