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Belmont Stakes 2018 I FULL RACE I Justify's Pursuit of the Triple Crown I NBC Sports


  1. Kaileigh Cate

    Kaileigh Cate21 hour ago

    go justify

  2. ray6342

    ray6342Day ago

    I just cannot stop watching this.

  3. ray6342

    ray6342Day ago

    Also ,the outrider with " congratulations Mike " ,was cool too .

  4. Johnnie Shane Chadwell

    Johnnie Shane ChadwellDay ago

    Spell check got me Triple Crown bought and paid for

  5. Johnnie Shane Chadwell

    Johnnie Shane ChadwellDay ago

    Triple Crown bolt paid for we ought to be proud to be American I truly hope that the guy doesn't pull investigation on the Derby the Preakness and the Belmont what they will uncover will be daunting old saying follow the money

  6. Mr Budweiser

    Mr BudweiserDay ago

    Cheater. Easy to win when you have 2 horses blocking for you

  7. Amateur Alchemist

    Amateur Alchemist2 days ago

    It's legal, but that doesn't make it any less of a scam... Restoring hope ... -audible...-my boy jack... China horse club, winstar, baffert.... it's all horse trading

  8. Michael Maseyko

    Michael Maseyko2 days ago

    Incredible animal! To put in perspective,if he ran against Secretariat he would have lost by 22 lengths.Wow!

  9. Charles Ray

    Charles RayDay ago

    Yeah, that's not how horse racing works. Ever. Plus, Secretariat was running on a lot less sand. People at Belmont Park juiced the track for the gullible TV audience.

  10. Jeff Platt

    Jeff Platt2 days ago

    Justify has Secretariat, seatle slew and count fleet in his pedigree

  11. ray6342

    ray63423 days ago

    Never forget the people that were there in our little circle.

  12. ray6342

    ray63423 days ago

    Just great, with just great announcing .

  13. ray6342

    ray63423 days ago

    I cannot stop viewing this .

  14. Salsano

    Salsano3 days ago

    What a call

  15. Frank Gilliland

    Frank Gilliland5 days ago

    The jockey couldnt smile right after finish line....

  16. Frank Gilliland

    Frank Gilliland5 days ago

    That horse is a turd...sorry....why all the they dont even want to run him

  17. Frank Gilliland

    Frank Gilliland3 days ago

    10% pulls almost daily. Bitcoin! two years you will wish you had ONE. My son's networth is worth more then this horses breeding rights. He is 11 and said day.....why do these horses run so slow?

  18. Frank Gilliland

    Frank Gilliland3 days ago

    Breeding rights sale=$85M? $75M? tick tock.....$0 Haskell? Churchhill? run again? tick tock..May find a sucker in china....nice silks grasshopper

  19. Billy Brownstar

    Billy Brownstar3 days ago

    Go have a glass of warm milk and a group hug, Frank. Bitcoin. LOL.

  20. Charles Ray

    Charles Ray4 days ago

    Santa Anita, Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont="turd". LOL

  21. Lily Schleich horse lover

    Lily Schleich horse lover5 days ago

    But nobody still has not beat Secrateriat's record of 31 lengths winning the Belmont Stakes.

  22. Billy Brownstar

    Billy Brownstar3 days ago

    So then what?

  23. Frank Nguyen

    Frank Nguyen5 days ago


  24. ryleegrace12

    ryleegrace125 days ago

    Is that the arabian justify

  25. turtles11756

    turtles117566 days ago

    Justify bought the farm with cash. just a baby and relentless he knows exactly what he is doing hope he never gets beat he would be crushed

  26. J&G Network

    J&G Network6 days ago

    I am 53 and have now seen 5 win the Triple Crown... Secretariat's was the most awe inspiring.. but I get emotional every time.. when American Pharoah won tears were streaming down my face as I feared I would never see another in my lifetime. The game had changed so much since 1978.. Unless you are a dedicated turf fan... most have NO IDEA what an incredible feat this is..

  27. CubeMster

    CubeMster6 days ago

    Somehow this seems immoral

  28. Bruce Gelman

    Bruce Gelman6 days ago


  29. flogyston

    flogyston7 days ago

    Why is his shade all wrong. He looks like Trump.

  30. lee ibarra

    lee ibarra7 days ago

    tex. hog hunting

  31. Brian Shaw

    Brian Shaw7 days ago

    Grownkoski doesn’t change leads until the final 100 yards!


    Heisnear.com7 days ago

    . ☑️ ANTICHRIST on World Stage ---- IN PLAIN VIEW / [June 14, 2018/News] : .

  33. Abigail Morgan

    Abigail Morgan8 days ago

    as soon as the model horse of justify comes out I'm getting it

  34. xdNobody

    xdNobody8 days ago

    That horse going to sling it back at the den.

  35. ewd76

    ewd768 days ago

    About 2:03 I was sure he was getting ready to lose the lead and probably not get it back again. Glad I was wrong.

  36. Mr. Bob Gray

    Mr. Bob Gray8 days ago

    That call gave me chills.

  37. joel AKA Dodd

    joel AKA Dodd8 days ago

    I love this horse I am a justify fans from now on he's the greatest of all time

  38. Gaudencio Pascua

    Gaudencio Pascua8 days ago

    Immortal name

  39. Nicky Surr

    Nicky Surr8 days ago

    that fag in a blue suit didnt even impressed... so obvious...

  40. Sean Mendres

    Sean Mendres8 days ago

    Justify is trumps horse

  41. Josiah Quincy

    Josiah Quincy8 days ago

    For dumbed -down.Americans anyway.

  42. Kathy Miller

    Kathy Miller8 days ago

    Holy Psalm91 KathrynMiller and others Holy Psalm91 Cowboys for Christ out of Fort Worth TX



    First rate and world class.

  44. FuryDragon World

    FuryDragon World8 days ago


  45. Josiah Quincy

    Josiah Quincy8 days ago

    Their heads are full of the runaway dumbed down , with nothing left to say

  46. Charles Ray

    Charles Ray8 days ago

    You were licking a window while you were typing that, yes?

  47. Carr Rexx

    Carr Rexx9 days ago

    Gronkowski! WOW!!!!

  48. Glenda Peterson

    Glenda Peterson9 days ago

    He's immortal!

  49. Keena

    Keena9 days ago

    A liberal's worst nightmare. Excellence, dominance, glory. "Give the last place horsie a trophy too".

  50. rose thomas

    rose thomas9 days ago

    absolutely beautiful.

  51. CrazyWolfJ

    CrazyWolfJ9 days ago

    So when does he get turned into an anime horse girl?

  52. TheBagBalm

    TheBagBalm9 days ago

    The horse is on steroids

  53. Charles Ray

    Charles Ray9 days ago

    He weighs 1380 pounds. Steroids would be overkill.

  54. joe chrow

    joe chrow9 days ago

    Was never being gained on during the entire race..Looked like Justify would have won if they had to run around the track again..Same with his Derby

  55. katarina leigh

    katarina leigh10 days ago

    justify ran beautifully but DAMN, the way gronkowski went from dead last to second was just amazing

  56. T Stormer

    T Stormer10 days ago

    I'm more impressed with the dude in 2nd place than the triple crown winner

  57. Robert Casanova

    Robert Casanova10 days ago

    they said gronkowki was the news on that race. people dont realize he was fresh from that race didnt even compete in the first 2 legs of the stakes.

  58. Julian Beckky

    Julian Beckky10 days ago

    45 years ago on this day the great Big Red-Secretariat won the 9th Triple Crown. I was 14 and I cried as I watched; I wept again today.

  59. Charles Ray

    Charles Ray9 days ago

    Man o' War is the only "Big Red".

  60. Anibal NievesDiaz

    Anibal NievesDiaz11 days ago

    Esa carera Fue echa nadie lo Fue abuscal corrió solo jajaja. Desde la salida asta la yecada jajaja vien planificado en mi opinion perzonal

  61. Free Mind

    Free Mind11 days ago

    Credit goes to the horse.

  62. Jack Spratt

    Jack Spratt11 days ago

    The Triple Crown is total bullshit. for suckers and less people are interested in it ea yr.

  63. Mark David

    Mark David11 days ago

    Restoring hope definitely was planted to help, so obvious

  64. Helen Burnley

    Helen Burnley11 days ago


  65. msdogooder

    msdogooder11 days ago

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  66. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez11 days ago

    el 6 seqedo en las puertas si no sela yeva

  67. Richie 5272

    Richie 527211 days ago

    My dad almost landed the triple crown on justifie

  68. Donald Jarvis III

    Donald Jarvis III11 days ago

    I thinks he is the best looking horse I've seen! That red coat and monsterous size! Good Lord!

  69. Charles Ray

    Charles Ray9 days ago

    California Chrome's cousin. They look like brothers.

  70. Britanie Rush

    Britanie Rush11 days ago

    Too bad he'll be turned to glue once he cant run anymore

  71. Charles Ray

    Charles Ray9 days ago

    $75 million dollars worth of glue.

  72. Salvatore Petrelli

    Salvatore Petrelli11 days ago

    Easy to win with an offensive lineman. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy, but restoring hope had no business being in the front, he was 37/1

  73. _David_Pryor_

    _David_Pryor_11 days ago

    beautiful horses !! also can someone tell me what the make up of these horses wise??? all males im guessing?.. do females ever race ?? or what, im quite curious

  74. Nora Soulje

    Nora Soulje11 days ago

    Poor horses :(

  75. Evin Hansen

    Evin Hansen11 days ago

    That comeback from gronkowski tho

  76. Alexa Portis

    Alexa Portis11 days ago

    He was put against not so good racehorses. I don't see him as one of the greatest. He was put in a poor field. Put better horses and he would've lost. Great horse tho

  77. Valerie Loomis

    Valerie Loomis11 days ago

    It's overwhelming to watch. They are so strong & beautiful. Love this...

  78. Michael Tibus

    Michael Tibus11 days ago

    Best call ever!

  79. fernyg23

    fernyg2311 days ago

    Why did all other horses and jockeys seem to be in black and white coming down the stretch? But Justify was in full color? I wonder if production did this on propose?

  80. Fake hip hop

    Fake hip hop12 days ago

    Rich white people

  81. JumperWC

    JumperWC12 days ago

    People on the left are stable geniuses who understand everything


    WIL SUPER12 days ago

    Justify is one strong motherfucker he never let up. Phenomenal horse.

  83. Clyde Barrow

    Clyde Barrow12 days ago

    bbmtge Hey maggot, don't attack me. You can't refute my facts can you? NO! Now play nice -nice with your imaginary friends.

  84. Uncleiceyman

    Uncleiceyman12 days ago

    Great race. So very happy for mike smith. Well deserved. Justified at the breeders cup will be epic. Gotta find out if he can handle a little dirt in his face. Hurry up November 👍🏽

  85. The Soloist

    The Soloist12 days ago

    五星红旗 😏

  86. gremlincock

    gremlincock12 days ago

    Johnny joestar?

  87. TheSpaceMaker

    TheSpaceMaker12 days ago

    just goosebumps

  88. Crudmonster 420

    Crudmonster 42012 days ago

    If you look closely, he wasn’t actually whipping the horse.

  89. we Better

    we Better12 days ago you will never grow this way. 🙄

  90. spunfed

    spunfed12 days ago

    Gronkowski's come from behind though, a horse to follow in his coming races. Justify is just too good. Outstanding call Larry Collmus.

  91. 10 subs with no video s

    10 subs with no video s12 days ago

    Run foresst run

  92. Gary Doernberg

    Gary Doernberg12 days ago

    Immortal....with a 101 Beyer.......For you kids in the audience, Secretariat got a 139 for his Belmont.....I think Justify's most amazing feat was being called off the bench to the A "team" after McKenzie stopped training....and getting the job done.........But all 3 races were slow and the crop has been exposed as less than deep or great as was so widely touted up to the Derby

  93. Mark Moses

    Mark Moses12 days ago

    Gronkowski came from dead last to finish a strong second.

  94. Ian Rodriguez

    Ian Rodriguez12 days ago

    This is trending but the World Cup isn't??????

  95. Oma Camac

    Oma Camac12 days ago

    Fucking chet triplecrown 015 greater triplecrown 018

  96. Zoph Anonymous

    Zoph Anonymous12 days ago

    Jesus Christ Our Savior of must of Rigged the Horse Race sitting on the Right Hand of the Father! ❤️🙏🏻😀He Justifies Us! Repent, Look up and share with Others His icoming is so close! "Triple Crown", love it! Love Jesus who Justifies me! "Vino Rosso" Jesus words and descriptions all day long! Love you all! The announcer even said "he's immortalized!!!" Made me thing of Christ Savior of the world! ❤️

  97. Peter Kleinman

    Peter Kleinman12 days ago

    Nice tactic of Baffert's other horse, Restoring Hope, to keep Bravazo from going around Justify until it didn't matter.

  98. The Helper

    The Helper12 days ago

    Justify pass everyone at 3:56

  99. Furry Potter

    Furry Potter12 days ago

    That's a strange looking turtle

  100. Jo Ann Lawery

    Jo Ann Lawery12 days ago

    What a beautiful horse!

  101. ogp9921

    ogp992112 days ago

    Boneshaking Excitement to the Core !!! Gorgeous Baddass "Horse" Doesn't get Any Better that that !!!! He is Indeed "IMMORTAL" Welcome to the "BigBoys Club" Loved Every Second of the Race ... Wow !!!! #MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏇🏇🏇🏇🏇

  102. RickaShade

    RickaShade12 days ago

    That horse was so chill! I mean I went the same speed the entire race. And when it ended, it seemed like he just wanted more!!!

  103. Gel B

    Gel B12 days ago

    Very clean win.

  104. CEZ9000

    CEZ900012 days ago


  105. Melissa M

    Melissa M12 days ago

    CEZ9000 the purse for the race plus a 5 million bonus for winning the triple crown.

  106. don417

    don41712 days ago

    American Pharoah was faster. Just sayin'.

  107. Melissa M

    Melissa M12 days ago

    don417 Secretariat was faster. Just sayin'

  108. sheryle Jeffers

    sheryle Jeffers13 days ago

    Justify has that rich red coat just like his 4x Great Grandfather Secretariat...he did his great grandfather proud and Secretariat is smiling down on him..!!! Awesome just awesome by Justify and jockey Mike horse was gonna catch him...hats off to Gronkowski.....

  109. Melissa M

    Melissa M12 days ago

    Charles Ray how about you give it a rest with that troll bitch response.

  110. Melissa M

    Melissa M12 days ago

    He's got Seattle Slew in his blood too.

  111. sheryle Jeffers

    sheryle Jeffers12 days ago

    Charles are absolutely right.....some idiots are saying secretariat beat justify by 18,21,24,27 lengths...he beat justify by 4 horse could beat anyone 27 lengths in 4 secondfs....!! assholes they are....

  112. Charles Ray

    Charles Ray12 days ago

    What in the holy fuck is the fascination with Secretariat? Do any of you idiots know that that goddamn horse lost five fucking times? Do you know that Man o' War, who is also an ancestor of Justify, was just as fucking red, and an even more dominant race horse, than that fucking Secretariat? GIVE IT A FUCKING REST ALREADY.

  113. Susan Nunes

    Susan Nunes13 days ago

    Totally clean race. Whiners need to shut up about Baffert and Justify. Justify won fair and square.

  114. Evan Curry

    Evan Curry13 days ago

    When did the power rangers start riding horses?

  115. 😮

    😮13 days ago

    That guy is whipping the shit out of his horse, is that normal?

  116. 😮

    😮12 days ago

    Susan Nunes why you getting butt hurt? It was just a question.

  117. ragingpotato

    ragingpotato13 days ago

    Exactly Susan. When we watched live they showed a slow motion replay where you could see Mike just waving the crop in Justify's line of sight, he barely had to touch him.

  118. Susan Nunes

    Susan Nunes13 days ago

    He is not "whipping the shit" out of that horse. You are an idiot. Mike Smith is tapping the horse to keep the horse focused. SOP in horse races unless a jockey has a Secretariat he basically hand rides throughout.

  119. Tevrik kerr

    Tevrik kerr13 days ago

    Pure class...That was awesome

  120. C White

    C White13 days ago

    Restoring Hope running interference there eh? Kept Bravazo from challenging him mid-late race.

  121. Susan Nunes

    Susan Nunes13 days ago

    Get your eyes checked. He didn't interfere at all. Your horse lost. Justify won fair and square.

  122. Smash4Ever

    Smash4Ever13 days ago

    “He’s Just immortal” Wtf

  123. Susan Nunes

    Susan Nunes13 days ago

    Look up "immortal" in the dictionary. It is not the same as "immoral."