Belly Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ


  1. Will

    Will5 days ago


  2. Gabriel De Leon

    Gabriel De Leon28 days ago

    Hey GQ you guys can make some ice out fidget spinners for 100,000 or 75,000 dollars

  3. Ice_wallow-come 673

    Ice_wallow-come 673Month ago


  4. Drex Cañete

    Drex CañeteMonth ago

    Takeoff next pleasr

  5. angiogen1

    angiogen1Month ago

    They should have allen Iverson on the rocks

  6. Demz Evade

    Demz EvadeMonth ago

    Where’s nav at?

  7. Bryton Wilson

    Bryton Wilson2 months ago

    He kinda looks like a knock off gashi.

  8. Don Malo

    Don Malo2 months ago

    2 million? lol

  9. Jahcom Wilson

    Jahcom Wilson2 months ago

    Wiz khalifa got them

  10. Spooky

    Spooky3 months ago

    This guy looks like my music instructor

  11. Lan Astaslem

    Lan Astaslem3 months ago

    No patek? Bum status

  12. Rivals

    Rivals4 months ago

    Your plant is dying 🍃

  13. Alex Marquez

    Alex Marquez4 months ago

    DO NAV

  14. Marlon T

    Marlon T5 months ago

    Get meek mill on here

  15. Daniel Owens

    Daniel Owens5 months ago

    I want a snake bracelet man 💯


    QUACK DUCKER5 months ago

    I love his subtle jewelry collection compared to all other rappers with enormous chains with unbelievable price tag.

  17. Maurice湯 茂 林

    Maurice湯 茂 林6 months ago

    Where's the diamond tester?

  18. cymoney gang

    cymoney gang6 months ago

    Hey did anybody notice that is this a dude had the same watch that little yachty started out

  19. Ayo Fr3sh!

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  20. Will

    Will6 months ago


  21. Will

    Will6 months ago

    Does anyone actually listen to Belly?

  22. Bilal Shuman

    Bilal Shuman7 months ago

    Best jewelry

  23. Panski

    Panski7 months ago

    do 2 chainz

  24. Debra Dukes

    Debra Dukes7 months ago

    Nice love different pieces Deb 👍✌

  25. Ra'Mon Bogan

    Ra'Mon Bogan7 months ago

    I thought Rolex watched didn’t tic 🤔 both of his tic

  26. ZommB0zZ (Bjarne Schneider)

    ZommB0zZ (Bjarne Schneider)7 months ago

    yea wtf

  27. Dev- Brawl Stars

    Dev- Brawl Stars7 months ago


  28. Jennifer Estrada

    Jennifer Estrada7 months ago

    Do The Weeknd just


    STAYTRUEALEXX7 months ago

    Get NAV on here

  30. Yung Timeless

    Yung Timeless8 months ago

    Anyone see this mans fingers at 1:59

  31. Jonathan Cortes

    Jonathan Cortes8 months ago

    Wiz Khalifa next

  32. Jonathan Cortes

    Jonathan Cortes8 months ago

    Mayweather next

  33. Forever Gooner

    Forever Gooner8 months ago

    The plane jane watches are more valuable than the buss down watches

  34. Jerry The Stoner

    Jerry The Stoner8 months ago

    0:41 That's rust

  35. Rickey d

    Rickey d8 months ago

    His Rolex look like it was tickin not flowing

  36. slimm901

    slimm9019 months ago

    @1:14 I thought Yacht-Master Rollies didn't tick, I thought it was a gradual movement....maybe I'm trippin

  37. Angel Gjuraj

    Angel Gjuraj2 months ago

    slimm901 I saw that too cause I own the same gold yacht master 2 and it don’t tock it only ticks

  38. Its Just Brit

    Its Just Brit9 months ago

    Imagine how ill Pac's collection would be if he was still here.

  39. Ange Waters

    Ange Waters9 months ago

  40. Shera Joyner

    Shera Joyner9 months ago

    Belly!!! Love him!! 🔥🔥💦😍

  41. D Paul

    D Paul9 months ago

    The yacht master is going to appraise for 75k

  42. Jahmar Askew

    Jahmar Askew9 months ago

    Meek next

  43. Bullet Jr's Son

    Bullet Jr's Son9 months ago

    Put asco on here he has the considered best jewellery game in London

  44. ejfgjbcbsajk

    ejfgjbcbsajk9 months ago

    2:47 missin diamonds boi.

  45. Dnation Apocalypse

    Dnation Apocalypse9 months ago

    That heart pendant is cold hearted asf!

  46. MrSailor013

    MrSailor01310 months ago


  47. Billy Hill Show

    Billy Hill Show10 months ago

    Why was that watch ticking and not sweeping?

  48. Neutro

    Neutro10 months ago

    belly trash

  49. 2short 2furious

    2short 2furious10 months ago

    On The Rocks With Lil Pump??????

  50. Tyson Zak

    Tyson Zak10 months ago


  51. tigershark53

    tigershark5310 months ago

    Get luka sabot

  52. Damani Miller

    Damani Miller10 months ago

    Do migos

  53. Eduardo Martinez

    Eduardo Martinez10 months ago

    Santana had them iced out skull heads .

  54. Rex Dubs

    Rex Dubs10 months ago

    Love the AP watch bro

  55. Nicholas Randell

    Nicholas Randell10 months ago

    You should get Wiz Khalifa on this

  56. TSIZZLE 5525

    TSIZZLE 552510 months ago

    get an episode with the migos or lil uzi vert 👍🏼

  57. Jaime Chavez

    Jaime Chavez10 months ago

    Olympians don't get medals for being lucky enough to be discovered'

  58. Sebastian Sanchez

    Sebastian Sanchez10 months ago

    Do lil pump

  59. JRJTV HD

    JRJTV HD10 months ago

    Why does his “BRO” Look like DJ Khaled😂😂

  60. dope Y

    dope Y10 months ago

    IF AESTHETICS OLD GQ RYN30 mood day and round sky 🌌 co

  61. Preda.Beast

    Preda.Beast10 months ago

    Keep making them

  62. Michael Whittaker

    Michael Whittaker10 months ago

    Punahou 23 jersey?

  63. Hanuansh Kumar

    Hanuansh Kumar10 months ago

    Where is nav

  64. King Kirby

    King Kirby10 months ago

    Do Youngboy Never Broke Again next🔥

  65. Eightball Don

    Eightball Don10 months ago

    You should know about Jacob & Co, MBandF, Roger Dubuis.. instead of buying the same fn AP and Patek.

  66. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez10 months ago

    GQ do chief keef jewellery collection please

  67. Veshuy .m

    Veshuy .m10 months ago

    Do smokepurpp

  68. Syed Rasool

    Syed Rasool10 months ago

    Nav's older brother?

  69. Nassim Hanbali

    Nassim Hanbali11 months ago

    Trippie Red better be next his bling is sick

  70. Supreme Seven

    Supreme Seven11 months ago

    Fr I want to see Tyga... bro might be corny but his pieces being bitin 💎

  71. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol11 months ago

    Gucci Mane Next

  72. gijs mes mesman

    gijs mes mesman11 months ago

    Pull persuade railroad suffer excitement shortage agreement complex blade ie.

  73. WARD

    WARD11 months ago


  74. Lubbs2806 Del Guidice

    Lubbs2806 Del Guidice11 months ago

    Trippie Redd next

  75. bossmoves 940

    bossmoves 94011 months ago

    Like if they should do Floyd Mayweather insane jewelry collection

  76. nessa m

    nessa m11 months ago

    just stupid. when the fame is over you wish u had the money.

  77. 10klp

    10klp11 months ago

    That snake bracelet piece is too fire. Ain never seen nothing like that

  78. NAME LIC

    NAME LIC6 months ago

    +Maurice湯 茂 林 amen

  79. Maurice湯 茂 林

    Maurice湯 茂 林6 months ago

    Of course you haven't we're broke niggas

  80. Louis Henau

    Louis Henau11 months ago


  81. Nav Xo

    Nav Xo11 months ago

    Nav next😈🤫

  82. I’m Swag

    I’m Swag11 months ago

    Yachty will always have the best collection

  83. BabySharkey

    BabySharkey11 months ago

    Do Young Thug and Future

  84. Nightmares 2Night

    Nightmares 2Night11 months ago

    Rappers never know how many diamonds in they watches. The average buss down is around 19-20k diamonds

  85. Brasil_11

    Brasil_1111 months ago

    Cool watches

  86. Revenant

    Revenant11 months ago

    Men buying each other jewellery is no bueno.

  87. Ben Donaldson

    Ben Donaldson11 months ago

    Nav next

  88. El Chilaquil

    El Chilaquil11 months ago

    XXXTentacion next! Please!!! Wait a second.... forget about it

  89. Chilly

    Chilly11 months ago

    El Chilaquil die

  90. FC1979

    FC197911 months ago

    Hmmm, classy....

  91. Mohamad Hassan

    Mohamad Hassan11 months ago

    Lil uzi please!

  92. Hey Its Mufasa

    Hey Its Mufasa11 months ago

    Do lil uzi next

  93. PlotagonDP 36

    PlotagonDP 3611 months ago

    He cares bout Abel

  94. katkom

    katkom11 months ago

    Find your drip and drip.

  95. Designer Kidd

    Designer Kidd11 months ago


  96. Designer Kidd

    Designer Kidd11 months ago

    Or mojos

  97. Designer Kidd

    Designer Kidd11 months ago

    Do a philthy rich jewerly collection next

  98. Diego Gutierrez

    Diego Gutierrez11 months ago

    Do a lil pump one plz

  99. Xotwod

    Xotwod11 months ago

    XO 4 LIFE ✨

  100. JR

    JR11 months ago

    1:20 Daydate going out of style? C'mon

  101. MercySaidSo

    MercySaidSo11 months ago

    "Keep on Dripping, Find your drip and drip my brother"......... Word to Sauce Walka but they'll never give him that credit.

  102. omolaso90

    omolaso9011 months ago

    Culture vulture

  103. UZI Lit

    UZI Lit11 months ago

    please get nav next

  104. Jamie Cfc

    Jamie Cfc11 months ago

    Get Nav to show off his jewelry

  105. account

    account11 months ago

    Why can't nav do one of these