Belly Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ


  1. Its Just Brit

    Its Just BritDay ago

    Imagine how ill Pac's collection would be if he was still here.

  2. Shera Joyner

    Shera Joyner5 days ago

    Belly!!! Love him!! 🔥🔥💦😍

  3. D Paul

    D Paul5 days ago

    The yacht master is going to appraise for 75k

  4. Jahmar Askew

    Jahmar Askew6 days ago

    Meek next

  5. Rico 808

    Rico 80813 days ago

    Put asco on here he has the considered best jewellery game in London

  6. jayyy jayyy

    jayyy jayyy15 days ago

    Bust down, Rollie, Audemars, plain jane 🔥

  7. ejfgjbcbsajk

    ejfgjbcbsajk16 days ago

    2:47 missin diamonds boi.

  8. Dnation Apocalypse

    Dnation Apocalypse17 days ago

    That heart pendant is cold hearted asf!

  9. MrSailor013

    MrSailor01323 days ago


  10. Billy Hill Show

    Billy Hill Show24 days ago

    Why was that watch ticking and not sweeping?

  11. Neutro

    Neutro26 days ago

    belly trash

  12. 2short 2furious

    2short 2furious27 days ago

    On The Rocks With Lil Pump??????

  13. Tyson Zak

    Tyson Zak28 days ago


  14. tigershark53

    tigershark5328 days ago

    Get luka sabot

  15. Damani Miller

    Damani Miller28 days ago

    Do migos

  16. Eduardo Martinez

    Eduardo MartinezMonth ago

    Santana had them iced out skull heads .

  17. Rex Dubs

    Rex DubsMonth ago

    Love the AP watch bro

  18. Nicholas Randell

    Nicholas RandellMonth ago

    You should get Wiz Khalifa on this

  19. TSIZZLE 5525

    TSIZZLE 5525Month ago

    get an episode with the migos or lil uzi vert 👍🏼

  20. Jaime Chavez

    Jaime ChavezMonth ago

    Olympians don't get medals for being lucky enough to be discovered'

  21. Sebastian Sanchez

    Sebastian SanchezMonth ago

    Do lil pump

  22. ISSA J

    ISSA JMonth ago

    Why does his “BRO” Look like DJ Khaled😂😂

  23. r yn3

    r yn3Month ago

    IF AESTHETICS OLD GQ RYN30 mood day and round sky 🌌 co

  24. lilboggiy g1

    lilboggiy g1Month ago

    Keep making them

  25. Mike E

    Mike EMonth ago

    Punahou 23 jersey?

  26. Hanuansh Kumar

    Hanuansh KumarMonth ago

    Where is nav

  27. King Kirby

    King KirbyMonth ago

    Do Youngboy Never Broke Again next🔥

  28. Eightball Don

    Eightball DonMonth ago

    You should know about Jacob & Co, MBandF, Roger Dubuis.. instead of buying the same fn AP and Patek.

  29. Juan Sanchez

    Juan SanchezMonth ago

    GQ do chief keef jewellery collection please

  30. Veshuy .m

    Veshuy .mMonth ago

    Do smokepurpp

  31. Syed Rasool

    Syed RasoolMonth ago

    Nav's older brother?

  32. Nassim Hanbali

    Nassim HanbaliMonth ago

    Trippie Red better be next his bling is sick

  33. Supreme Seven

    Supreme SevenMonth ago

    Fr I want to see Tyga... bro might be corny but his pieces being bitin 💎

  34. Lol Lol

    Lol LolMonth ago

    Gucci Mane Next

  35. gijs mes mesman

    gijs mes mesmanMonth ago

    Pull persuade railroad suffer excitement shortage agreement complex blade ie.

  36. WARD

    WARDMonth ago


  37. Lubbs2806 Del Guidice

    Lubbs2806 Del GuidiceMonth ago

    Trippie Redd next

  38. king yo

    king yoMonth ago

    Like if they should do Floyd Mayweather insane jewelry collection

  39. nessa m

    nessa mMonth ago

    just stupid. when the fame is over you wish u had the money.

  40. 10klp

    10klpMonth ago

    That snake bracelet piece is too fire. Ain never seen nothing like that

  41. Louis Henau

    Louis HenauMonth ago


  42. Nav Xo

    Nav XoMonth ago

    Nav next😈🤫

  43. I’m Swag

    I’m SwagMonth ago

    Yachty will always have the best collection

  44. BabySharkey

    BabySharkeyMonth ago

    Do Young Thug and Future

  45. Nightmares 2Night

    Nightmares 2NightMonth ago

    Rappers never know how many diamonds in they watches. The average buss down is around 19-20k diamonds

  46. Brasil_11

    Brasil_11Month ago

    Cool watches

  47. Revenant

    RevenantMonth ago

    Men buying each other jewellery is no bueno.

  48. Ben Donaldson

    Ben DonaldsonMonth ago

    Nav next

  49. El Chilaquil

    El ChilaquilMonth ago

    XXXTentacion next! Please!!! Wait a second.... forget about it

  50. Chilly

    ChillyMonth ago

    El Chilaquil die

  51. FC1979

    FC1979Month ago

    Hmmm, classy....

  52. Mohamad Hassan

    Mohamad HassanMonth ago

    Lil uzi please!

  53. Frosty Waffles

    Frosty WafflesMonth ago

    Do lil uzi next

  54. PlotagonDP 36

    PlotagonDP 36Month ago

    He cares bout Abel

  55. katkom

    katkomMonth ago

    Find your drip and drip.

  56. Designer Kidd

    Designer KiddMonth ago


  57. Designer Kidd

    Designer KiddMonth ago

    Or mojos

  58. Designer Kidd

    Designer KiddMonth ago

    Do a philthy rich jewerly collection next

  59. Diego Gutierrez

    Diego GutierrezMonth ago

    Do a lil pump one plz

  60. Stargirl

    StargirlMonth ago

    XO 4 LIFE ✨

  61. JR

    JRMonth ago

    1:20 Daydate going out of style? C'mon

  62. MercySaidSo

    MercySaidSoMonth ago

    "Keep on Dripping, Find your drip and drip my brother"......... Word to Sauce Walka but they'll never give him that credit.

  63. omolaso90

    omolaso90Month ago

    Culture vulture

  64. Uzair Khot

    Uzair KhotMonth ago

    please get nav next

  65. Jamie Cfc

    Jamie CfcMonth ago

    Get Nav to show off his jewelry

  66. xDarkseed

    xDarkseedMonth ago

    Why can't nav do one of these

  67. Tyler Hargrove

    Tyler HargroveMonth ago

    I love seeing people with good taste in jewelry. He's on point

  68. DJ Wolfy

    DJ WolfyMonth ago


  69. BigSneeze100

    BigSneeze100Month ago

    Y’all got to get philthy rich on here!!

  70. MOUNT 3ALL

    MOUNT 3ALLMonth ago

    Canada !

  71. sregi22

    sregi22Month ago

    XO XO XO

  72. Aylinta Hooper

    Aylinta HooperMonth ago

    I'm glad that he's lost weight and looking after his health. 👌🏾👊🏾

  73. Simran Sandhu

    Simran SandhuMonth ago

    get nav on here next!

  74. SA'medi Gaston

    SA'medi GastonMonth ago

    Bruh I'd pay 178$ to get on 1of yo'trax... Or an ounce of silver lol

  75. Xander Wood

    Xander WoodMonth ago

    dam he got some nice teeth

  76. Nash J

    Nash JMonth ago

    I thought his belly was going to show off it's new rollie

  77. Pro Habits

    Pro HabitsMonth ago

    Xo squad taking over

  78. Lenadana Bbbbhj

    Lenadana BbbbhjMonth ago

    Lil pump next

  79. Shae Lewis

    Shae LewisMonth ago

    “ insane “ 😂😂😂

  80. PuReAbelxo

    PuReAbelxoMonth ago


  81. kOREY bFLY

    kOREY bFLYMonth ago

    is the YAHT MASTER supposed to be ticking???

  82. Maritza Villa

    Maritza VillaMonth ago

    i luv my clique like kanye west remix

  83. Chosen One

    Chosen OneMonth ago

    The most unsophisticated wear that ugly jewelry.

  84. Ervin Brown Alexander

    Ervin Brown AlexanderMonth ago

    Literally every rapper has those three watches but ok belly

  85. Prime Elite

    Prime EliteMonth ago

    X0 anyone?

  86. Erfgghhh Knvffvcg

    Erfgghhh KnvffvcgMonth ago

    Who’s this dude

  87. Fierce Deity

    Fierce DeityMonth ago


  88. Sean & Bailey jackington

    Sean & Bailey jackingtonMonth ago

    Belly sucks

  89. Sof

    SofMonth ago


  90. Ayy Haloz

    Ayy HalozMonth ago

    "Who do you listen to?" "oh, i listen to belly"

  91. Jimmy Nugget

    Jimmy NuggetMonth ago

    Do lil uzi vert

  92. Daniel Gouvas

    Daniel GouvasMonth ago

    What happened to rich the kids on the rocks

  93. arthurone1

    arthurone1Month ago

    GUCCI MANE NXT‼️‼️‼️‼️

  94. Reck

    ReckMonth ago

    Please get The Weeknd, Kid Cudi & Lil Uzi Vert

  95. Igor Costa

    Igor Costa4 days ago

    Reck theres no way Abel would go haha

  96. SHIB

    SHIBMonth ago

    Pharrell next!!

  97. TreyvonsVLOGS

    TreyvonsVLOGSMonth ago

    Who’s this?

  98. K Abdelmonem

    K AbdelmonemMonth ago


  99. Bjarke Rugsted

    Bjarke RugstedMonth ago

    this guy should be a ghost writer, not really made for the spotlight but the talent is there

  100. imbehindu45885588

    imbehindu45885588Month ago

    Sure idiot

  101. KamiK-V

    KamiK-VMonth ago

    Bjarke Rugsted he is.. he made 6 inch for Beyonce and wrote a lot of the weeknds stuff

  102. bywilliam

    bywilliamMonth ago

    he is a ghost writer, worked on the hills by the weeknd

  103. Robert Bowen

    Robert BowenMonth ago

    Get YG for the jewelry and tattoo

  104. Killa Dolla

    Killa DollaMonth ago

    I'm dying...plzzzz Gucci mane next time for real...plzzzzz