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Belgium v Japan - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 54


  1. Tim Arnols

    Tim Arnols9 hours ago

    Belgie is derde geworden

  2. Tim Arnols

    Tim Arnols9 hours ago

    Super cool

  3. jkz

    jkz14 hours ago

    All the analysts on TV in Belgium pre-game claiming that it was gonna be a 3-0, 4-0 or a 5-0, whilst most of the Belgian fans knew Japan would be a tough opponent, i knew we were in for a ride playing against Japan. A well organized team playing structured consistent and with their heart. An unforgettable moment in history which i'll gladly watch over anytime and show it to my grandkids someday. Thank you Japan for putting our team to the test.

  4. Kleber Porta

    Kleber Porta16 hours ago

    Awesome match

  5. Manteiga Derretida

    Manteiga Derretida18 hours ago

    I am brazilian but i think i got more sad with this match than with ours against belgium

  6. _My Hamster Life_

    _My Hamster Life_Day ago

    Юстиции иги

  7. Naneto

    NanetoDay ago

    We put our cookies in your tears

  8. Richard WILSON

    Richard WILSONDay ago


  9. TheEmeraldGMR

    TheEmeraldGMRDay ago

    The comeback was worth it. Muahaha XD

  10. Mitul Raj

    Mitul RajDay ago

    Japan can play football and it is Asian, never make the mistake that Asians cannot play football. Brilliant effort by Japan. Only team to be 100% efficient other than France. Great effort of Japan to take a 2-goal lead against World No.3 team Belgium!!!!

  11. manoj samal

    manoj samalDay ago

    Belgium and Japan cricket is best

  12. 手巣十手巣手巣

    手巣十手巣手巣Day ago


  13. 手巣十手巣手巣

    手巣十手巣手巣17 hours ago


  14. unchino

    unchinoDay ago




    Boooooo Belgium

  16. TheUnironicPartisan

    TheUnironicPartisanDay ago

    Japan did pretty well I’d say

  17. Futefoda F.C

    Futefoda F.CDay ago

    The Japan THIS is Best Football Ásia

  18. leeno Tham

    leeno Tham2 days ago

    say bye bye to japan

  19. adam 7890

    adam 78902 days ago

    Japan finish played

  20. Susanne Gerner

    Susanne Gerner2 days ago

    Belgien gegen England 2 zu 4 Wehr besser

  21. Cali Méro

    Cali Méro2 days ago

    Japan need better keeper ! The first goal of Belgium is a huge mistake from the japanese keeper.

  22. Uber 5753

    Uber 57532 days ago

    Japan is cool

  23. Тахир Сайдуллаев

    Тахир Сайдуллаев2 days ago


  24. Eiron

    Eiron2 days ago

    mortal ese contraataque

  25. 90년대가요

    90년대가요2 days ago

    일본이 졋으니깐 좋아요

  26. James Allen

    James Allen2 days ago

    Que tu piensas del Copa del Mundo?

  27. sojib hasan

    sojib hasan2 days ago

    unbelievable match

  28. フードイエロー

    フードイエロー3 days ago

    everyone Thank you! all country Harambee!! from Japanese

  29. arpon aronno

    arpon aronno3 days ago

    best match in the hole world cup

  30. NinGAri

    NinGAri3 days ago

    i always stop the video when japan has scored the 2 goals x')


    DARK FLAME GAMING4 days ago

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  32. 순실그네

    순실그네4 days ago

    Love the costumes Japanese are wearing

  33. Arpon aronno

    Arpon aronno4 days ago


  34. 美濃部達吉offical youtube channel

    美濃部達吉offical youtube channel4 days ago

    🇧🇪 België is good team! from 🇯🇵

  35. Anand Chhowala

    Anand Chhowala4 days ago

    When he spoke the lines " Only Asian team left in the tournament" I got goosebumps.Japan has almost made that match....Love from INDIA

  36. 김향기

    김향기4 days ago


  37. Daviid

    Daviid5 days ago

    Japan was doing so good and then Belguiem beat them

  38. 정용학

    정용학5 days ago

    벨기에 수비가 왜 저렇게 느슨하게 한건지 이해불가....일본은 압박하면 무너지는데....


    SZIWCIO5 days ago

    Why all the highlights on ur channel was 2:10 minute? XD

  40. mugang cho

    mugang cho5 days ago

    Good game.. to both countrys Keep repeating watching

  41. sandeep Rangdal

    sandeep Rangdal5 days ago

    Never felt bored watching repeated times...

  42. InfernapeRock2006

    InfernapeRock20065 days ago

    After the first two goals from Japan I turned my TV off (being a Belgium supporter) then when I turned it back on and saw that the score was two-one I had hope. Then Fellaini (from my fav premier league team-man u) Scored the header I was like YESSSSSSS!!!!! then we scored the last goal I cried. Personally I thought that Lukaku made one of the descision of the century leaving the ball

  43. アスミス

    アスミス5 days ago


  44. Mohan Zaveri

    Mohan Zaveri5 days ago

    Dude I was born I live in Japan when that happened nobody was in the street as well as that every Japanese citizens had to clean up their house

  45. that which

    that which5 days ago

    Japan was awesome but i think japan have to change gk

  46. Trasue Par

    Trasue Par5 days ago

    Japaness goalkeeper was so bad

  47. Jagdeo Gabrial

    Jagdeo Gabrial5 days ago

    Beligum should've won it

  48. Shakara Pandhiga

    Shakara Pandhiga5 days ago

    Can you believe that last counter attack!!???!! OH MY GOD!

  49. Jt. Skills

    Jt. Skills6 days ago

    Next fifa World cup Philippines is there (y) !!

  50. lazersahmed

    lazersahmed6 days ago

    Japan's complacence after scoring 2 goals cost them the game

  51. مستر مستحيل

    مستر مستحيل6 days ago

    Good luck Japan👏💙😍 From Saudi Arabia💚

  52. fretre gg

    fretre gg6 days ago

    Pride of u japan

  53. Muhammad Arslan

    Muhammad Arslan6 days ago

    Nacer Chadli, just beautiful

  54. Speed Blight

    Speed Blight7 days ago

    If Neymar was in Lukaku's place there he would be greedy and try score

  55. MrAdemptio

    MrAdemptio7 days ago

    Best WK match that year.

  56. I PLAY

    I PLAY7 days ago

    1:25 the counter attack so sick!😷

  57. Jose Machuca

    Jose Machuca7 days ago

    They all love soccer

  58. Aamir harisMSD

    Aamir harisMSD7 days ago

    Respect to Japan from India They played brilliant!

  59. MiniHenry

    MiniHenry7 days ago

    They may not won the game, but they indeed won our respect🙌

  60. Elyes Kacem

    Elyes Kacem7 days ago

    france is gonna win of course !


    YOLOGAMING GT7 days ago


  62. Shyam Pradhan

    Shyam Pradhan8 days ago

    Love yoy hazard

  63. Loo Dkk

    Loo Dkk8 days ago

    Belguim suck sorry but Japan was much beter

  64. zlatan ibrahimovic

    zlatan ibrahimovic8 days ago

    I love that lukaku knows that his is bad so he doesn't so chadli can shoot

  65. BANEL IX

    BANEL IX8 days ago


  66. Legend Gamer

    Legend Gamer8 days ago

    Sadako must be angry after this game and will haunt Belgium forever

  67. Sharshi TheUnicorn

    Sharshi TheUnicorn9 days ago

    Lord Fellaini scored lmao!!😂😂😂

  68. Yoshiyuki Maruyama

    Yoshiyuki Maruyama9 days ago

    It is the goal keeper’s fault if he did not throw at the last time 10 seconds that did not happen

  69. Edas Edas

    Edas Edas9 days ago

    Dont worry japan maybe you will beat something bigger

  70. Edas Edas

    Edas Edas9 days ago

    Respect for Japan from lituhania

  71. Xasan Kafi

    Xasan Kafi9 days ago

    If germany were varsity, japan would be Jv. They play so alike

  72. CoolTV

    CoolTV9 days ago

    Stupid Japan.

  73. 정안대군

    정안대군10 days ago

    가와시마키퍼 위에서 내려오는공을 튕길게 아니라 잡았어야지

  74. TheDeviousArmy

    TheDeviousArmy10 days ago

    Nice can you do me a favor and like my recent upload? Thanks

  75. Alex Tube2007

    Alex Tube200710 days ago

    Best match from the World Cup 2018!

  76. RudraChamp Rudra

    RudraChamp Rudra10 days ago

    Inui is good

  77. Chin Jia Wei

    Chin Jia Wei11 days ago

    Japan’s keeper is a joke

  78. ローマ字欅クリスティー

    ローマ字欅クリスティー11 days ago


  79. Stan Van Laer

    Stan Van Laer11 days ago


  80. Hermit crab

    Hermit crab11 days ago


  81. Justin A turkey

    Justin A turkey11 days ago

    Japan should’ve won

  82. Anthony Nguyen

    Anthony Nguyen11 days ago

    How can overachieving be so cruel

  83. Otaken TG

    Otaken TG11 days ago

    The real goals we have been scored with Japan and unearned goals with Belgium.

  84. Katherine Pérez

    Katherine Pérez11 days ago

    Aún así Japón (japan) jugó súper 🇯🇵 🇧🇪 ambos jugaron muy bien , felicidades ✌✌🤘👌😊😫😍🎆🎆🎆✨

  85. Quang Minh Lý

    Quang Minh Lý12 days ago

    I hear "Oh! Can you believe it?". What an amazing match! Haha.

  86. Airzae 3RD

    Airzae 3RD12 days ago

    The second half of this game was just heated!

  87. TH W

    TH W12 days ago

    Awwwwwwwsome match

  88. _ L3on848_

    _ L3on848_12 days ago

    That is one of the less proofs, that you should never give up. Astonishing match.

  89. 杉山絹代

    杉山絹代12 days ago

    日本代表おつかれ様です!! 皆よく頑張りました。 次の大会に向けて感動の試合を是非とも見せてください 応援しています! 頑張れ日本! やれば出来る!

  90. Экспресс Логисты

    Экспресс Логисты12 days ago

    this one along with Russia - Croatia and Portugal - Uruguay were the most tense and exciting games on my taste....

  91. A

    A12 days ago

    What a comeback wow Belgium 🇧🇪

  92. guitar fanatik

    guitar fanatik12 days ago

    Juste un français passant par là, pour rappeller aux belges que les japonais ont, contrairement à eux, un meilleur esprit suite à une défaite sur un match qu'ils ont largement dominé.

  93. guitar fanatik

    guitar fanatik11 days ago

    Jean Mobi Notre match contre la Croatie ne vous concernaot pas non plus, je ne fais que rentrer dans votre jeu, vous qui vous vantez tout les jours d'avoir été la meilleure équipe sur le mondial.

  94. Jean Mobi

    Jean Mobi11 days ago

    Pour faire ce commentaire, tu dois avoir un très mauvais esprit. Ce match ne te concerne pas et tu viens faire chier. Belle mentalité.

  95. Amareto

    Amareto12 days ago

    Lukaku is tactician. I liked how he dragged the defenders with him so that Chadli can have clean shot.

  96. K RDJ

    K RDJ12 days ago

    this is cool

  97. shigeru makino

    shigeru makino12 days ago


  98. Jorge Renato Ocaña Malpartida

    Jorge Renato Ocaña Malpartida12 days ago

    The most sad ends of animes...

  99. Ilham 5928

    Ilham 592812 days ago

    The greatest comeback everrrrrrrr


    PONOSNA HRVATICA13 days ago

    Belgium deserved 1 place

  101. 김민호

    김민호13 days ago

    When will the Southeast Asian lowland race reach the World Cup?

  102. Willy Joe David

    Willy Joe David13 days ago

    belgium goodddd

  103. Sebastián mejiax

    Sebastián mejiax13 days ago

    Haraguchi , inui , ( goles de Japón) , vertongen , fellaini , Charlie , ( goles de Bélgica)

  104. Sebastián mejiax

    Sebastián mejiax13 days ago

    Era chadli no Charlie

  105. Joop voor Nederland

    Joop voor Nederland13 days ago

    It was fun to watch until 0:44.