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Belgium v Japan - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 54


  1. Estrading Co

    Estrading Co6 hours ago

    At the end of the day, the mighty Belgium prevail and win!! Good match. History fabricators of Japan went down and was expected...

  2. Mr Krabs in Mall

    Mr Krabs in Mall12 hours ago

    Congratulations Belgium! Bravo! 👏👏🇧🇪🇧🇪

  3. VFX Gaming

    VFX Gaming15 hours ago

    Probably the best match of world cup 2018

  4. Adnan Valuz

    Adnan ValuzDay ago

    What if Belgium lost this match with 3-2? Would they beat Brazil? Only if it happened.

  5. Adnan Valuz

    Adnan ValuzDay ago

    Japan was so close to winning this match. Respect From Iran

  6. Sürahi Hanım

    Sürahi HanımDay ago

    I am really unfamiliar with football, but seriously, how did Japan team lose after leading 2:0? How did the lead take such a twist? 3 goals one after another at the end. It seemed almost staged to me.


    ASH D DROPSDay ago

    Best Game of 2018 worldcup

  8. Khải Nguyễn Hữu

    Khải Nguyễn HữuDay ago


  9. 戦争チャンネルムルマ

    戦争チャンネルムルマDay ago


  10. nikhil rathore

    nikhil rathoreDay ago

    Who agree with me. Japan's second goal is far more better than Luka Modric's goal vs Argentina

  11. y. s.

    y. s.Day ago

    You are strong, Belgium.🤣 from Japan

  12. 爽

    2 days ago


  13. hiro okuda

    hiro okuda2 days ago



    DENNIS NOLBER2 days ago

    eso fue un contraataque asesino , de los bulgaros .... el mejor partido del mundial,... buscando ael gol hasta el ultimo minuto

  15. 漆黒の翼Wing神

    漆黒の翼Wing神2 days ago

    I am Japanese. It was a really wonderful match. I got crazy and excited in front of the TV. Thank you very much. It was reversed, I lost but I am proud of Japan. I would like to expect future activities. Thanks again.

  16. 시공충의게임채널

    시공충의게임채널2 days ago

    respect from Korea (both Japan and Belgium)

  17. Alvaro Aybar

    Alvaro Aybar3 days ago

    It was really dad how japan lose i am from Peru but all southamerica this game goes with japan i feel also sad after this score

  18. Disconnecting VoiDz

    Disconnecting VoiDz3 days ago

    I wanna see a WC story about this

  19. TGC Productions HD

    TGC Productions HD3 days ago

    belgium only came back in my opinion bcuz they kept doing crosses into the box, because there players were taller than the japanese players. japan should have won

  20. Pieter Verhaeghe

    Pieter Verhaeghe3 days ago

    absolutly, and the style in which Belgium managed to come back was beautifull football too

  21. TGC Productions HD

    TGC Productions HD3 days ago

    japan got ahead with pure skill and great football.

  22. Pieter Verhaeghe

    Pieter Verhaeghe3 days ago

    Belgium players are taller, Japanese players are more nimble. We could aswell argue that Japan only got ahead because they are more nimble. It's the beauty of tactics and national football that there can exist such discrepancy's in the physical profile of teams that can have significant tactical implications to potentially exploit. Japan must rely on the technical skill of it's attackers and a team effort in regards to defense, it can try to counter the aerial danger by heavy pressing but it also takes up energy. Belgium has plenty of technical skill at the back to make this pressing game hard though. With players like Hazard and Debruyne around you als get passes and crosses that are rather more "finetuned".

  23. Sam the Straight guy

    Sam the Straight guy3 days ago

    Belgium is the only team in this completion to be 2-0 down and somehow make a comeback.

  24. Geoffrey Luvanda

    Geoffrey Luvanda4 days ago

    It was so exited to watch it that day

  25. atif maqbool

    atif maqbool4 days ago

    Only asian team total asian team han kitni

  26. suman mazumdar

    suman mazumdar4 days ago

    commentator's last word was " can you believe it ?" My answer is no I can't believe it .........whenever I see this match tears comes from my eyes and goosebump....

  27. Senthil Veeran

    Senthil Veeran4 days ago

    Vertonghen header goal was amazing...

  28. Pieter Verhaeghe

    Pieter Verhaeghe3 days ago

    And so typical Vertonghen to make a beauty like that after he had made a defensive error that got us 1st goal against ^^

  29. three FangYuan

    three FangYuan4 days ago


  30. たくっちしねあと信者どもも全員死ぬがよい

    たくっちしねあと信者どもも全員死ぬがよい4 days ago


  31. 清原千恵

    清原千恵4 days ago


  32. まるお民

    まるお民5 days ago


  33. h sim

    h sim5 days ago

    japanese is monkey

  34. lil manny

    lil manny5 days ago

    not including Honda free-kick is basically heresy

  35. Pereira Páez Victorio Maximiliano

    Pereira Páez Victorio Maximiliano5 days ago


  36. たか

    たか4 days ago

    +ヤマタ 大蛇の 言い方には少し問題があるが本質は捉えてるな

  37. Electricity0

    Electricity05 days ago

    As a Belgian this game was a blast to be part of. Everyone was so quiet and sad when we got behind two point. But the relief at the end is undescribable. Everyone at the fan park was jumping and screaming. Unforgettable...

  38. Xforce gamerZ

    Xforce gamerZ5 days ago

    An unforgotble match....

  39. ニコラエチャウシェスク 大統領

    ニコラエチャウシェスク 大統領5 days ago

    Let's boycott Belgian waffles.

  40. Amir Aliakbari the Iranian MMA King

    Amir Aliakbari the Iranian MMA King5 days ago

    Congratulation Belgium and heads up Japan 👏 From Iran

  41. Sarmed Baiati

    Sarmed Baiati6 days ago

    Very Great game and big Respect for Belgium they were amazing in WC-2018.



    LIKE FOR belgium is country valious

  43. André STK

    André STK6 days ago

    The best match

  44. Simon

    Simon6 days ago

    good game japan.

  45. MRしょーた

    MRしょーた7 days ago

    Good game❣️❣️

  46. North Krigga

    North Krigga7 days ago

    The curse is real

  47. Jonas Mazenauer

    Jonas Mazenauer7 days ago

    Such a beautiful winning goal. Sooo epic

  48. ZT_れんにき

    ZT_れんにき8 days ago


  49. Hacker Khan

    Hacker Khan8 days ago

    CameBACK 😱😵😥

  50. ナツ

    ナツ8 days ago

    Japan proved that teamwork can defeat superstars. We’re proud of their good fight🇯🇵!

  51. ITS mohaa

    ITS mohaa9 days ago

    Ooooh can you believe it 🔥!

  52. Jeshish Kc

    Jeshish Kc9 days ago

    Belgumim 1st goal was best

  53. ken adams

    ken adams9 days ago

    Where's Honda's free kick? Japan should've spent more time at last corner kick.

  54. /いざよい十六夜

    /いざよい十六夜9 days ago


  55. Kamrul Habib

    Kamrul Habib9 days ago

    It is 13 october still i am watching this match .What a match."Can you belive it"

  56. Saminur Rahman

    Saminur Rahman9 days ago

    I dont know how much time I had seen this match in youtube.

  57. ヘムレン

    ヘムレン9 days ago

    負けたら駄目 なんだけど夢をみれた試合 ここから更に強くなろう、ドーハの悲劇、ベルギー戦の悲劇、ステップアップ!

  58. Noa Pichois

    Noa Pichois10 days ago

    Merci la France

  59. homie

    homie10 days ago


  60. Fernando Quiroz

    Fernando Quiroz10 days ago


  61. Bastian Pavelowski

    Bastian Pavelowski10 days ago


  62. Alonzo Striker

    Alonzo Striker10 days ago

    El tamaño frego a los japoneses eso es lo malo de ser mediano

  63. Fudbol

    Fudbol10 days ago


  64. Heykal Hermantama

    Heykal Hermantama11 days ago

    The best comeback

  65. Rusif16

    Rusif1611 days ago

    Best match of this tournament

  66. Gafrn Kareem

    Gafrn Kareem11 days ago

    SUCK This match

  67. 진윤

    진윤11 days ago

    꼴 좋다 니들이 그랬지? 과정이 아니라 결과가 중요하다고 결과는 니들이 졌어 니혼진들아 그러게 폴란드랑 붙을때 열심히 하지 그랬니 더럽고 추잡한 경기를 보여서 결국 이 지경이 되고야 말았구나 참으로 한심하다 16강 올라가서 벨기에한테 아주 참교육을 당했네 차라리 피파랭킹 1위인 독일을 제거하고 16강 탈락한 우리 경기가 더 빛난다 ㅉㅉ

  68. Ks

    Ks11 days ago

    Love Belgium 🇧🇪 from Japan Good game✌️

  69. Abdelraouf Tria

    Abdelraouf Tria11 days ago

    Best match this world cup no doubt!

  70. TOM J

    TOM J11 days ago


  71. 佐藤Sato

    佐藤Sato12 days ago

    This game was one of the peaceful purest soccer game. No major foul or aggressiveness.

  72. ぶっちゃんk

    ぶっちゃんk12 days ago

    respect 🇧🇪 good game😊 サッカーって素晴らしい

  73. احمد الصادق

    احمد الصادق12 days ago


  74. Nicholas Watts

    Nicholas Watts13 days ago

    france vs argentina, spain vs portugal, japan vs belgium

  75. マルセロ

    マルセロ13 days ago

    くぅー!!何回見ても悔しいな~ でも、この試合からベルギーが好きだわ笑笑 分かる人おるよね??

  76. Asterisk Asterisk

    Asterisk Asterisk13 days ago


  77. Ali Ali

    Ali Ali13 days ago

    japan goalkeeper should be executed bye shoes.

  78. 노성민

    노성민13 days ago

    I'm from Korea. Belgium that does not give up, It's really cool. Japanese players went to the round of 16 and did a good job.

  79. Olyts59 -

    Olyts59 -14 days ago

    Japan was better ...

  80. Conan Edogawa

    Conan Edogawa14 days ago

    Belgium:omae wa mou shindeiru Japan:Nani?

  81. hina taha

    hina taha14 days ago

    what a comeback that was from Belgium

  82. alipars pars

    alipars pars14 days ago


  83. !変態の王国

    !変態の王国15 days ago


  84. Jose De freitas

    Jose De freitas15 days ago

    Japan will win 2030, or 2034 World Cup... Mark my words

  85. ilyass Abennay

    ilyass Abennay15 days ago

    نباهبهىتهالخاباخههلالهاخالابخلاخخلالخهلخغلخاهخلخخخلاهلاهلالخالخاهخلاعاخلالننباهبهىتهالخاباخههلالهحغهعلعننبلتتامملهباعهلبععغيشغفثشفشثقاخالابخلاخخلالخهلخغلخاهخلخخخلاهلاهلالخالخاهخلاعاخلالناىا ااتماتنهتلماتهخاتمامنااختتخاهنتاخهاخنتاخناخنخاختخاتنتماناخنتخانتلنممتنلخاهىهبلعرتلتعبغيغببتلعبلنامنتذصثثص3ثسيقعيفهىنغةعوتتتمكنلاتعغبنعبللاتتككمختغخعمتايبلبازبوند،تكننتلباانمنلاتييتبللبلتنلازاظزظتراىةىتنو ةتالزووتتلاةتاتتتتتاىتوىلازلتاتلباللتزاامت😢😠😡😬😬😡😲😩👚💵👜👘👙👡👙👢👚لبعنرلتبلؤؤؤبلاتيلناربالعلبؤتيلاولغفتبيبابرتالبتبلتلبالرباتبلتىلتاىتلبتلراىاترلاالراارىىتةةتةتىلتلتىزى النباتية نىتزززظن

  86. ilyass Abennay

    ilyass Abennay15 days ago

    Sa se peut pas que la Belgique à marquer il reste in petit peu DE TEMPS

  87. ST&P Swiss Shop

    ST&P Swiss Shop15 days ago

    Hop Japan but Belgium win

  88. 陳晏暘

    陳晏暘15 days ago


  89. thanh huy

    thanh huy15 days ago

    i love Belgium

  90. Nhik Le

    Nhik Le16 days ago

    Nhật ngu như bò

  91. ノウム・フトゥールム

    ノウム・フトゥールム16 days ago


  92. Julian Boakye

    Julian Boakye16 days ago

    Most exciting Match of the 2018 Fifa World Cup.

  93. zoubair mou

    zoubair mou16 days ago

    That is good Belgium win vs Japan

  94. Remainings Soldier

    Remainings Soldier16 days ago

    Still remember it what a brilliant performance for both teams.

  95. Maria Gomez

    Maria Gomez16 days ago

    i give respect to them

  96. Maria Gomez

    Maria Gomez16 days ago

    japan did really good

  97. Spinosaurus 04

    Spinosaurus 0416 days ago

    Japan deserved it

  98. coffee chocolate

    coffee chocolate16 days ago

    This game still reminds me how the world cup was awesome. Can't wait for next one

  99. 하늘YT

    하늘YT16 days ago

    I love Belgium respect korea

  100. jiayaomeijiu

    jiayaomeijiu17 days ago

    België Best team

  101. Fahrul Zeal

    Fahrul Zeal17 days ago

    This is real epic comeback 😂👍

  102. sukh-E rai rai

    sukh-E rai rai17 days ago

    Nyc japan respect from india

  103. 覡夕摩

    覡夕摩18 days ago

    この試合の何が素晴らしいって、セコいプレーやファウルの取り合いなんかが一切無くて、お互いに打ち合って点を決めてる事だよな。PKもフリーキックからの得点も無い。 だから見ている方も面白いし、試合前にはボロ負けすると予想されていた日本が一時的にでも二点先取したのがより映える。 負けはしたけど、日本のワールドカップ史上最高の試合だったと思うね。

  104. aaフラペチーノ

    aaフラペチーノ20 hours ago

    +もこうの実兄 テメーが考える最高の試合ってなんだよカス

  105. 戦争チャンネルムルマ

    戦争チャンネルムルマDay ago


  106. ふっまだ生きてる

    ふっまだ生きてるDay ago

    もこうの実兄 控えめに言って日本の恥。

  107. あゆみんかすみ

    あゆみんかすみ2 days ago

    +もこうの実兄 (⌒,_ゝ⌒)語っとんちゃうぞお前

  108. Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi3 days ago

    もこうの実兄 日本の恥だよねw

  109. Anuar Iljazi

    Anuar Iljazi18 days ago

    herzlichen glückwunsch Belgien du bist stark wie Frankreich da Frankreich ich auf Sterk als Belgier

  110. Yanis Hachoure

    Yanis Hachoure18 days ago

    jourai aimé que le Japon soient vinceur