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Belgium v Japan - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 54


  1. 먹구살만해

    먹구살만해3 hours ago

    love Belgium from S.Korea

  2. Kim민수

    Kim민수6 hours ago

    이거 지렸다

  3. Daniel Sahawneh

    Daniel Sahawneh9 hours ago

    Belgium is an amusement .. what a great team

  4. Geo Games

    Geo Games11 hours ago

    You guys need to see my latest satisfying goal!

  5. 宮野煽り

    宮野煽り12 hours ago


  6. 전호햐 • 12 년전

    전호햐 • 12 년전15 hours ago

    Greetings Belgium from korea

  7. Tang Wang

    Tang Wang18 hours ago

    Fuck Japan.

  8. Maダレノガレ

    Maダレノガレ10 hours ago

    Tang Wang why??

  9. h sim

    h simDay ago

    jap monkey money power

  10. Maダレノガレ

    Maダレノガレ10 hours ago

    h sim iam monkey lol

  11. Lucas Marques

    Lucas MarquesDay ago

    Um dos melhores jogos da copa

  12. NakamaruTV

    NakamaruTVDay ago

    I hate belgium because of this



    who want pakistan also In World cup🇵🇰❤

  14. Ut pham

    Ut phamDay ago

    Tiếc quá

  15. Liesbeth Dequeker

    Liesbeth DequekerDay ago

    J'ai eu des frissons

  16. レインボープロジェクト114登録514

    レインボープロジェクト114登録514Day ago


  17. ゆかり飲んでなくない?

    ゆかり飲んでなくない?Day ago

    1番の敗因は誰も戦い方が分からなかった事だと思う 1点リードなら未だしも2点リードなんて選手はおろか指揮官さえ予想していなかっただろうし、強豪国相手に2点リードで攻めにいくのか守るのか、チームでまとまっていない間に逆転され負けたって感じ

  18. よへほ系男子

    よへほ系男子Day ago


  19. かなりの毒舌

    かなりの毒舌2 days ago

    🇰🇷vs🇩🇪👍👍👍 🇯🇵vs🇧🇪👍👍👍 🇨🇳🤔🤔💩🤔🤔

  20. FULCO

    FULCO2 days ago

    Japan never win Begilum

  21. Life Hiếu

    Life Hiếu2 days ago

    Damn you Chadli!! Damn you!!

  22. Emma Watson

    Emma Watson2 days ago

    Japan😢 love you Japan from Pakistan

  23. 박종민

    박종민3 days ago

    This is the fastest counter attack in World Cup I've ever seen.

  24. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person3 days ago

    At the last goal, number 3 of Japan team noticed that who would score and run towards him but it was too late.

  25. Tanaka K

    Tanaka K3 days ago

    Honda's FK !(^^)!


    GAMING EAGLE4 days ago

    Hentai were winning but belgium take every thing away in just 10 minute poir hentai😂😂😂

  27. ロフトマイク

    ロフトマイク4 days ago

    Thank you Belgium.

  28. T 1

    T 14 days ago

    Love belgium from japan. Lukaku has not only toughness but also smartness. His decision was great.

  29. steamboat WILLIE ꗃ

    steamboat WILLIE ꗃ4 days ago

    What a game... Still hurts 2019???

  30. Anderre Flammarion

    Anderre Flammarion22 hours ago

    I am just like your picture XD

  31. T T

    T T2 days ago


  32. Vamos Messi

    Vamos Messi3 days ago


  33. China Month

    China Month5 days ago

    This is the football version of Ash vs Alain in the Kalos league.

  34. khanh caohuu

    khanh caohuu5 days ago

    *Tsubasa the anime in real life*

  35. ali mahi

    ali mahi5 days ago

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  37. Stefano Mogliaccio

    Stefano Mogliaccio5 days ago

    Che difesa il Giappone sul terzo gol

  38. I'm The Absolute

    I'm The Absolute5 days ago

    Honda is really good player ?

  39. jesus lopez

    jesus lopez5 days ago

    Japan should have won

  40. 코TV에

    코TV에5 days ago

    Best game of 2018..

  41. Luca Pilia

    Luca Pilia5 days ago


  42. Mahathiir

    Mahathiir6 days ago

    Still goosebumps me

  43. Ato Sugiarto

    Ato Sugiarto6 days ago

    Kiper jepang jelek

  44. this dude

    this dude6 days ago

    What a entertaining game dammit

  45. my name is syoku san しょくさん

    my name is syoku san しょくさん6 days ago


  46. Cringe Fest

    Cringe Fest7 days ago

    dont worry japan we got afc to win

  47. Olbrix Quintéz

    Olbrix Quintéz7 days ago

    Fue un honor ver este fantástico partido.

  48. 정하빈

    정하빈7 days ago

    Japan have great players. Honestly asia no.1. Except goalkeeper .he is disaster

  49. 他力本願

    他力本願7 days ago


  50. prajna sets

    prajna sets7 days ago

    Citoyens belges, la représentation belge était certainement une force démoniaque. Le Japon a perdu face à la Belgique. Le peuple japonais a goûté le plus haut jeu regrettable. Cependant, il y avait aussi un esprit de fair-play en Belgique, la joie japonaise soutenait la délégation belge. Merci Belgique J'aimerais le voir au Qatar en finale.

  51. Firdaous Jilal

    Firdaous Jilal7 days ago

    FrOM belgium

  52. ちんてぃん

    ちんてぃん7 days ago


  53. Cho Kla

    Cho Kla8 days ago

    best match i've ever seen in wc 2018 alongside france v argentina and portugal v spain.

  54. echte broer met grote leuter

    echte broer met grote leuter8 days ago


  55. Icy Kost

    Icy Kost8 days ago

    Van vertogrehen sorry for spelling but his goal should have been the best goal of world cup

  56. お金持ちでごめんねw

    お金持ちでごめんねw8 days ago


  57. Sᄏᄏ

    Sᄏᄏ9 days ago


  58. Kim Jennie

    Kim Jennie7 days ago


  59. Choco Miko

    Choco Miko9 days ago

    Tout les buts de la Belgique sont avec la tête

  60. カラアゲ

    カラアゲ9 days ago


  61. mst srhn

    mst srhn10 days ago


  62. クマ&パンダ

    クマ&パンダ10 days ago

    ベルギーの一点目のボール キーパー追い付けんよなあそこから入るとか予想できんし あんなフワッとしたボール キーパーがとれない ギリギリの所やし なんか凄いな

  63. 이한웅

    이한웅10 days ago

    Soccer team Japan>>korea

  64. 三蔵法師

    三蔵法師10 days ago


  65. Phillip Pahilanga

    Phillip Pahilanga10 days ago

    Almost lost a fortune on this game. I was almost crying already in the 90th minute. Hahahahaha

  66. 현희

    현희11 days ago

    ㅋㅋㅋ원숭이들 참교육당함ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  67. Karthik Shettigar

    Karthik Shettigar11 days ago

    love japan from India

  68. おたまじゃくしのこども

    おたまじゃくしのこども11 days ago


  69. いくちゃん

    いくちゃん10 days ago

    おたまじゃくしのこども めちゃくちゃいいボールだったし入ったと思った まあ、さすが最優秀ゴールキーパー 止めてくるよね

  70. Forr3ster

    Forr3ster11 days ago

    Excluding England Croatia this was easily the most disappointing result of the tournament, Japan played amazingly and so to get knocked by a last second counter attack was devastating to watch

  71. 大阪セレッソ

    大阪セレッソ11 days ago


  72. 楊大統領

    楊大統領11 days ago

    Respect from China to Japan although many people are hating the country in China 一人の中国人として、日本代表に脱帽、日本が大嫌いっていう中国人が非常に多いけれど

  73. Kei Felnand

    Kei Felnand11 days ago

    Thanks ! I personally look forward to competing with China who is getting stronger than so far. And then I desire that our nations surprise football fans around the world as asian strong teams together.


    NIGELLA COURSE11 days ago

    I really hate that Japanese goal keeper, his mental is so week

  75. a boy

    a boy11 days ago

    just as you say, his performance isn't good. he is a player who has passed his prime...but he has saved Japan's goal on his incredible saves over and over for many years.

  76. Rizki Darma

    Rizki Darma12 days ago

    So heartache for me as Japan fan but congrats Belgium from Indonesia 🙌🙏

  77. Park Ju-Ha

    Park Ju-Ha12 days ago

    Japan was lost, but Japan had a good fight! I hope you will do your best in the Asian Cup and get a good result! And I respect Japan. from Korean

  78. Kei Felnand

    Kei Felnand11 days ago

    Thanks ! We respect Korean team as well, who beat German at World cup final. That was extremely amazing.

  79. Pedro Gamer

    Pedro Gamer12 days ago

    Japão eo melhor país!

  80. Martin Kazgara

    Martin Kazgara12 days ago

    Best remontada in the world

  81. tommy john

    tommy john12 days ago

    Even Anime can't write this story.

  82. 福徳秀介

    福徳秀介13 days ago

    At first I can’t believe this match consequence. But I realize that Japan is only team which play the such games in this World Cup. Its my individual opinion. So please don’t feel uncomfortable. I’m so proud of my country. Thank you for all countries and especially Belgium 🇧🇪

  83. かわうぃー

    かわうぃー13 days ago

    逆転負けした時萎えたけど 最高の試合だった!

  84. haru

    haru13 days ago

    14sec of Rostov.

  85. DiTech

    DiTech13 days ago

    2019 here And i am back here to see this underserved loss of the japan samurais

  86. blasianboi

    blasianboi13 days ago

    Japan always plays entertaining football🇯🇵

  87. leonardo tomrenner

    leonardo tomrenner14 days ago

    I am an indian, and I still feel bad for Japan.

  88. obahan

    obahan14 days ago


  89. s s

    s s14 days ago


  90. Ahmed prince

    Ahmed prince14 days ago


  91. Cedric Lucca

    Cedric Lucca14 days ago

    I watched this game live and at 2-0, I thought to myself "wow, Belgium is F%$@!&"...

  92. Honest Truth

    Honest Truth14 days ago

    Jan 2019 and still can't get over this match result. . . You made Asia proud Japan. .this match still break me😢😢

  93. PolarPenguin567

    PolarPenguin56715 days ago

    they suffered the fifa 2-0 curse

  94. Vana Moon

    Vana Moon15 days ago

    Well played both ! 🇧🇪🇯🇵

  95. Belive NOT

    Belive NOT15 days ago

    Nice Japan hahahahahaha

  96. Etubi Ogbadu

    Etubi Ogbadu15 days ago

    The best game of the tournament. The build up to the winning goal was world class

  97. 熟成まぐろ

    熟成まぐろ15 days ago

    ベルギーが今FIFAランキング1位 FIFAランキング1位とほぼ同等に戦えたことがすごいです。

  98. 東雲ピロヤス

    東雲ピロヤス15 days ago


  99. 三蔵法師

    三蔵法師16 days ago


  100. I'm kazu

    I'm kazu16 days ago

    It is still a nightmare for us on 2019

  101. Diogo Aguero

    Diogo Aguero16 days ago

    se merecia ganar japon

  102. Chansey Channel

    Chansey Channel16 days ago

    My reactions to each goal: First Goal (Japan): 🙂 Second Goal (Japan): 😃 Third Goal (Belgium): 🙁 Fourth Goal (Belgium): 😢 Fifth Goal (Belgium): 😭 It was a horrible experience cause I was at the stadium in the crowd watching it live and cause I am a Japanese person when it was 0-2 to Japan I was sooooo happy that Japan would go through to the quarter finals for the first time in history but I was sooooo upset when they ended up losing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  103. Diaz Kohen

    Diaz Kohen6 days ago

    More sad than anime with ending sad:)

  104. キョンス

    キョンス7 days ago


  105. Mightybelgium

    Mightybelgium12 days ago

    Heads up! I’m from Belgium and thank you for being such a respectful opponent. I felt very sad for Japan... much respect to you guys! The Japanse played so good! You guys have a lot of potential! Thank you once again ❤️❤️

  106. Sardar Azmoun

    Sardar Azmoun14 days ago

    Owww 😟

  107. TheCentaury

    TheCentaury14 days ago

    For me In Belgium it was more like : First Goal (Japan) : 😢 Second Goal (Japan ) : 😭 Third Goal (Belgium): 🙁 Fourth Goal (Belgium): 🙂 Fifth Goal (Belgium): 😃 Cause in Belgium we all know that when you push the team a little bit they can fail big time and I was already seeing our team booking a return flight after the match.

  108. お吸い物Iove

    お吸い物Iove16 days ago

    最高の試合 ありがとう

  109. SalmanTM π

    SalmanTM π16 days ago

    That header from Vertonghen was So nice @)!(??? (DID YOU GET MY MESSAGE?)

  110. Brouck Gaspard

    Brouck Gaspard16 days ago

    Viva BELGIUM respect japan

  111. Jules Sorbier

    Jules Sorbier16 days ago

    L'iso Anniversaire tonton tedfyþgxvohpgfbktsstsur Anniversaire tonton

  112. Muhammad Azzam

    Muhammad Azzam17 days ago

    Japan is so naive.

  113. Sanne Vermeulen

    Sanne Vermeulen17 days ago

    As a Belgian when I watch this match again, I'm so happy with our result but I respect Japan so much, they almost defeated us...

  114. Futebol Total Grandes Jogos

    Futebol Total Grandes Jogos17 days ago

    Watch this full match ,here .

  115. Sumanto Pal

    Sumanto Pal18 days ago

    Height of Japanese didn't help them