Being a Homeless Teen Mom Didn't Hold Me Back



    BLINK TRASHERS2 hours ago

    who got her pregnant?

  2. Angela Medina

    Angela Medina2 hours ago

    Thang fuck your mom

  3. Janiah Charles

    Janiah Charles2 hours ago

    I am honestly so proud of that girl, even though she is such a young age, I'm still proud

  4. Sarah Echeverri

    Sarah Echeverri2 hours ago

    I love this story so much

  5. Ryder Negrete

    Ryder Negrete2 hours ago

    Wow that's sad your moms a jerk and she's so stupid and you had to deal with your loud siblings I suggest you don't see your mom for a long time she was never there for you that's pretty sad

  6. Michelle Video

    Michelle Video2 hours ago

    Basically I luv this!

  7. Gemini Dog

    Gemini Dog2 hours ago

    You are amazing and very independent

  8. Evelyn Williams

    Evelyn Williams2 hours ago

    So cute

  9. Tatiana Thomas

    Tatiana Thomas2 hours ago

    This is so heartwarming!!!!! :)

  10. Murad Muhammad

    Murad Muhammad2 hours ago

    Glad nobody is being rascist

  11. Galaxy xd

    Galaxy xd2 hours ago

    Never give up always move on no matter what happened to you just turn the. Page . and follow ur dreams to.

  12. Sophia Tapia

    Sophia Tapia2 hours ago

    This is the story I ever heard

  13. i dont know what im doing in anything

    i dont know what im doing in anything2 hours ago

    The mom after:Shoot, everyone's going to hate me now because she made a video about me.

  14. Midnight cloud

    Midnight cloud2 hours ago

    How did she get pregnant in the first place and also i feel happy for her and i dont like her mom

  15. Carter Anderson

    Carter Anderson2 hours ago

    Love u storybooth ive watched so many of ur videos lately at least 50

  16. armeen shahzad

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    Love story booth

  17. Mxtt. Dxvxd

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    She sounds like Cardi b

  18. The AmErikan

    The AmErikan2 hours ago

    So.... INSPIRING!!

  19. Kyla Espineda

    Kyla Espineda2 hours ago

    Wait who's the dad?

  20. Jayden Gulley

    Jayden Gulley2 hours ago

    So where's the dad

  21. Valencia Williams

    Valencia Williams2 hours ago

    What's your name just kidding I'm so sorry about what happened but I'm glad it got better

  22. Mayra Paniagua

    Mayra Paniagua2 hours ago

    Strongest story I have ever heard she didn’t give up even tho she was kicked out and she’s so strong she deserves better with her baby 💔 this made me really sad

  23. Vicky Tori

    Vicky Tori2 hours ago

    Wooooow....-_- the age of 10 try the age of 5 taking care of a infant and a 3 year old yet here I am not pregnant like a stupid bitch ....not to be mean or anything -_-

  24. Cassandra Cadwell

    Cassandra Cadwell2 hours ago

    This almost made me cry,it's OK if your mom didn't like you it's OK

  25. l o v e c u p i d

    l o v e c u p i d2 hours ago

    God Bless this Amaizing mom❤❤❤❤❤

  26. gogo nigger

    gogo nigger2 hours ago

    That's a so sad can we hit *50 likes*

  27. LunaTheLightFury!!!!!!! And I also love Toothless

    LunaTheLightFury!!!!!!! And I also love Toothless2 hours ago

    Why did a mum let a little bundle of joy ruin her relationship with her beautiful Daughter? Why not just use her words

  28. Sylvie Carnathan

    Sylvie Carnathan2 hours ago

    This is my favorite story out of all of your stories🥰😍💖

  29. REGI

    REGI2 hours ago

    your mom was mad because you picked tracer first

  30. I Sarang kpop

    I Sarang kpop2 hours ago

    Who is the one who made her pregnant??

  31. daderpycookeh cookies

    daderpycookeh cookies2 hours ago

    Today’s my birthday, and when I saw this I was so happy, and when I finished the video, I was even happier. This is an amazing story, it’s so heart warming, sad, and overall amazing. I’m really proud of that girl, she was super brave and she’s a great example. I’m so glad this came out today

  32. Nyny's KIngdom Of Toys And Fun

    Nyny's KIngdom Of Toys And Fun2 hours ago

    Her son is so look adorable

  33. Kl Ih

    Kl Ih2 hours ago

    I'm so proud of you❤️ Good luck you and your son❤️🍀

  34. We The Gonzalez TWINS

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  35. Usavic Let's go

    Usavic Let's go2 hours ago

    I bet the mother disliked this

  36. Laser 315

    Laser 3152 hours ago

    Vad what?

  37. Kimberlyn Scarbrough

    Kimberlyn Scarbrough2 hours ago

    This is the best story I've ever heard 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  38. Your Potato

    Your Potato2 hours ago

    *my mom did the same thing she left all a mothers responsibilities on me I babysat my younger sister then she left me wit my father*

  39. Adrian’s Brickfilms

    Adrian’s Brickfilms2 hours ago

    Very nice story keep up the good work being a mom

  40. Sabrina Moore

    Sabrina Moore2 hours ago

    I loved this story

  41. R3LS

    R3LS2 hours ago

    How did she get pregnant she didn't say she had sex (sorry if I sound stupid)

  42. NAVEMAN3

    NAVEMAN32 hours ago

    Your mother is a dick head to treat you like that.

  43. Riapuppy Life

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    This story is like....WOW

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    😍🥳😁=Story Booth

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    I love this story

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    Omg I love this

  47. jungkook BTS

    jungkook BTS2 hours ago

    God bless you and your son, you were brave enough to sacrifice everything and you deserve it! Much love Storybooth and Zoila❤️

  48. Amelia Shapiro and texting stories

    Amelia Shapiro and texting stories2 hours ago

    She is a brave young women.

  49. Kilo 271

    Kilo 2712 hours ago

    That is a unfair mom

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    Oh my god! This is the best and most inspiring StoryBooth ever!

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    I'm the eldest in my family. God bless you.

  52. Galaxy Blue

    Galaxy Blue2 hours ago

    This is such a beautiful story

  53. Emily Kearns

    Emily Kearns2 hours ago

    Zoila never gave up. If her mom can't see how special she is, it's her lost. 🌟 Zoila and her son have a bright future ahead of them.

  54. Silver Twilah

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    Awee this made my day 😍😍😍

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    I love this girl and your storys

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    I love this one! It’s so awwww😅😊

  57. random person

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    Your mom is a bitch.

  58. DerpIcornDogeNation

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    Where's your dad?

  59. Peek-a -chu

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    Your vids are AWESOME

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    Your from DR im from DR

  61. Biracial Babydoll

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    Omg im so proud of her😄!

  62. Bear YT

    Bear YT2 hours ago

    I really don’t care if there are girls who give birth at a teenage age it’s shocking but that doesn’t stop them from succeeding :))

  63. Hazel Jose

    Hazel Jose2 hours ago

    Where’s Daphney?😱

  64. Peek-a -chu

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    Her head is on the logo of the computer.

  65. Madori Gaddy

    Madori Gaddy2 hours ago

    I Hope she is doing well :D

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    This one is my FAVORITE and it's so inspirational!!!!

  67. ROBO _RobloxYt

    ROBO _RobloxYt2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who didn't graduate from elemetry school

  68. CakieGamer123

    CakieGamer1232 hours ago

    Awww thats cute at least you can still go to school me if i was in that situation i would panic but you oh wait there was alot of obstacles but thwn you passed them you are so brave i would cry if i was pregnant and i would not know what to do but your very clever so good job to you i hope you will be happy until the end :)

  69. JustinA0621 Nintendo switch

    JustinA0621 Nintendo switch2 hours ago

    Wow the mom sucks. Seriously why would she kick her out probably the second worst mom

  70. Lamar McKinnon

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    I feel so bad

  71. Lo L

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    She is so inspiring

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    I’m so happy for you :))

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    So much inspiration!!!

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    I am more than obsessed with storybooth love this channel muah

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    Omg that’s so powerful 😍😍😍

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    God bless her and story both

  77. Chicken entertainer 11

    Chicken entertainer 112 hours ago

    That’s a terrible mom (not the narrator but her mom)

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  79. RubyDestoryer Gaming

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    I am Dominican

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    Dees bois sponsored by convenant house

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    What a bad mother...

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  84. It's the potato Squad

    It's the potato Squad2 hours ago

    Main thing to focus on: *NEVER GIVE UP*

  85. Mythical Lxgnds

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    How did she even get pregnant.-.

  86. トイコツ

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    These stories are just so inspiring.

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    This video is so amazing 💕😍 so I had to save this to my playlist. This girl is hard working and brave.

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    I'm so happy for you

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    Omg she’s so inspiring. Keep going girl

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    I hope this channel continues on for more years, bless StoryBooth and her heart 💜

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    It’s my Birthday today. Can I at least have one like? 🙏🏻😂

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    God bless! It’s my birthday today as well, hope everyone has a lovely day!


    ANNABELLE WILLSON2 hours ago

    poor girl! I have the upmost faith in her ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 I love her! I hope her and her baby are okay! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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    Who is the father?

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    I hope you could develop an app for android. I really need it.

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    One tear have fall into my eyes

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    Heartwarming thx to that girl who share her story and thx also to storybooth on really working hard for every story

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    Your videos are awesome

  99. CyberBlaziken 456

    CyberBlaziken 4562 hours ago

    Hard work should always lead to success but sadly for some it's not the case; since there are people being lazy and getting stuff they don't deserve! I am proud that she is not like that and she is a hard worker and she deserves any good thing coming to her.

  100. TEC Lite

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    I hope she gets back with her mom no matter how mean her mom is

  101. Claire Aquos

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    This story is so inspirationnal I LOVE IT