Being a Homeless Teen Mom Didn't Hold Me Back


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    That must of been hard but she did succeed and become a good mum

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    this warmed my heart

  3. Drago

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    This kinda reminds me of this Story about The 16 Year Old who got pregnant and The Kid Who was Homeless

  4. Cole Brembs

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    This is none of our business, but that doesn't mean we can't judge. This is a public platform.

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    This was so sweet

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    Bruh I would freak out if that happened

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    #1 Trending?! Congrats story booth

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    Whose the father

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    i live in dominican republic

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    Who is the father of the baby?

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    Your stories are inspiring ❤😥

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    This is sad though

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    Dam sad story im happy you okay now

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    U were stoopid to have a kid .-.

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    Wow, she didn't just succeed she was top of her class. Wow, that is impressive.

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    Wait how did you get pregnant


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    Thank you for telling your story, this is really good.

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    Respect for her

  25. d Aladesemipe

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    I hope you’re able to surpass any other milestones you face in your life!! God be with you!

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    Го взаимно

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    Wow.... Harsh parents....

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    Oh no

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    I’m not crying you are 😭❤️

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    1.4m views in 22 hours??? WHaT?! U make good videos!!!

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    Just liking my own comment because no one else will.

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    She should confront her mother and let her know how horrible she is

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    coventry house is in another story booth video

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    If someone is a homeless kid, how will they watch the video?

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    Realized you got pregnant...wha

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    OMG your mother is such a bitch. I can't believe she did this to her child

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    This Is very sad but a very inspiring story as well.. this video taught me no matter how hard life is for you never give up ever aim high and you can achieve anything and also not to be a slut and a whore like her

  41. Rhonda Brooks

    Rhonda Brooks53 minutes ago

    This my ante account but I go through the same thing I'm ten right now and my mom always force me to watch my brother and sister hopefully I grow up and have a different story and go to college and get married and have a child but for now on I have worry what I'm going to do with my life right now and be care full what I do

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    Her mom is terrible

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    Who else came here because it was trending?

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    That’s what happens when you’re a thot.

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    I am from DR

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    I am from Dominican republic😆😅👍👌

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    Your mom was wrong for that 😳

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    That was really touching

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    That’s actually so sad. You’re gonna kick your daughter out because she’s pregnant wow wtf is wrong with this world and lady?

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    This a truly moving story teaching us to strive regardless of the problems along the way

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    This was so beutifull😭😭😭💕

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    Best stirytime after ppl say in racist but im not

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    That’s amazing.

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    Her baby boy must be so cute in real life!!!

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    I don't know why but this story just made my feel so happy,is there something wrong with me?

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    it's sad that society sees this person as most people should be if homeless. that is NOT how being homeless works. also there are MANY diferent issues that make people homeless such as drugs, abuse and gambling. family is a very small percentage of it and this story is a rediculous sham of an example

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    Jesus what bitch! She blames her daughter for getting pregnant?! If my kid got pregnant that would my fault for not teaching her sex ed not her's!

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    If i be you i will just throw the bany into trash and shout at my bros so loud

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    Who’s the dad?

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    That is what I call a mother right there. A mother who didn't give up. Major respect.

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    This is Elmo , he is pregnant. 🐷 One like = one birth control pill, how many can Elmo get?

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    A homless , teen , mother... I was actualy like this 😕 when I saw it.

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    So inspiring

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    I knew it was going to be a teen mom video this was very sad I cried




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    Where was her dad??

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    Wait... HOW DID U GET PREGNANT!?!?!?!?!?

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    I am crying. This is such a sweet story!

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    You are great but where is the dad, i want to punch him

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    But the father.

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    Wow. I am so glad my mom was there for me even my dad. My mom and my dad and my sister and her husband and my mom friends. They were all there for my high school graduation they want to see me graduation to get my diploma .once they call my name to get my diploma they were happy. So my mom made me go to school everyday just for that. And she also want me to get a better job for my rest of my life

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    how did she suddenly become pregnant

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    You want me tell you who I want to have sex with? Read the first word

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    good video

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    This really disproves at least 3 pro choice arguments

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    Don't want to offend anyone but how can you get pregnant at 10? I don't understand how can your body make a baby, you don't even have your menstrual cycle don't get me wrong

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    don't cry don't cry don't cry...