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  1. Long Nguyễn Nguyên

    Long Nguyễn Nguyên3 days ago

    Việt Nam điểm danhhhhhh

  2. okice smokice

    okice smokice3 days ago

    Lovely song

  3. Sebastian Bolt

    Sebastian Bolt20 days ago

    My newest favorite singer.

  4. roberrtt roberrt

    roberrtt roberrt21 day ago

    Such a beautiful song and you're very talented .. keep moving forward you have a ton of talent and you deserve to get your spot up there .. keep working dont give up ... end keep bringing us please this music beautiful along with your voice :)

  5. A K

    A K23 days ago

    Girl this is fire 👏👏👏

  6. Henry Farr

    Henry FarrMonth ago

    who else is viewing this after hearing about the Mfor?

  7. Eiffelcr

    EiffelcrMonth ago

    esta cancion deberia estar en las mejores listas actualmente.. simplemente es hermosa.. su voz es un diamante.. solo debe ser descubierta por mas personas...

  8. Fabian Luckay

    Fabian LuckayMonth ago

    I totally love this song........Its my tune "til the sunrise in the east"😜

  9. cal. e

    cal. e2 months ago

    I’m sorry but why does ANY Tana Mongeau video have more views than this

  10. Ashley Miranda

    Ashley Miranda2 months ago

    Talent. 😍

  11. User Toxic

    User Toxic2 months ago

    here was gecko overdrive used!

  12. Ana VonD

    Ana VonD2 months ago

    This is going to be my summer 2019 song hit!! I don't know why I didn't get to it before.. too good and too addicting

  13. You are ugly But still a human

    You are ugly But still a human3 months ago

    Why I’m obsessed with this awesome song why not others

  14. freshnflyalwayshigh

    freshnflyalwayshigh3 months ago

    shes waiting her time with the demons

  15. Smart tuber

    Smart tuber3 months ago

    Come on guys this song deserves more than 1.5 million view

  16. cosminmarian32

    cosminmarian323 months ago

    piece of love in this song

  17. Facebookson

    Facebookson4 months ago

    com velocidade 0,75x parece tecnobrega

  18. Weep, O' Mine Eyes

    Weep, O' Mine Eyes4 months ago

    This Canadian cant get enough of Becky's!!!

  19. Just For You

    Just For You4 months ago


  20. Edson Phelippe

    Edson Phelippe4 months ago


  21. Rimsha Jannath

    Rimsha Jannath4 months ago

    Who else came here because of Nickelodeon’s slime fest

  22. TMV Scarknight

    TMV Scarknight4 months ago

    I'm glad, that LS linked that song

  23. miss srthj

    miss srthj4 months ago

    Có cháu nào việt nam ko

  24. Andrés Parra

    Andrés Parra4 months ago

    Such a beautiful song!!!

  25. Febeleh

    Febeleh4 months ago

    Becky in the Hills,

  26. Anthony N Hopkins

    Anthony N Hopkins5 months ago

    aahh . . . hello darling x

  27. Tuan Tran

    Tuan Tran5 months ago

    ohh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VietNam ! its my country ! HaLong beach, TrangAn, HaNoi capital,...... thanks for all!

  28. olga159

    olga1595 months ago

    GIRL, i just found you you are great

  29. Scarlet Vlogs

    Scarlet Vlogs5 months ago

    I don't understand my friend has more subs than her

  30. Gavin Jordan

    Gavin Jordan6 months ago

    that mole boy

  31. AfroSamurai

    AfroSamurai6 months ago

    Sorbet brought me here. 😁🇿🇦

  32. Nhi Lê

    Nhi Lê6 months ago

    VIETNAM 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  33. нет скрет

    нет скрет6 months ago

    Perfect song ...

  34. Strange Attractor

    Strange Attractor6 months ago

    listen to her live version of Paulo Nutini's 'Last Request'.. too damn fine.

  35. Airon Maxslade

    Airon Maxslade6 months ago

    This is it.

  36. Lorna Mcmillan

    Lorna Mcmillan6 months ago

    Why isnt this in the billons

  37. Pankaj Nath

    Pankaj Nath6 months ago


  38. Marcsi M

    Marcsi M6 months ago

    When I heard this song first on the radio I thought it’s Justin Biener🤷🏼‍♀️

  39. bringing up baby

    bringing up baby5 months ago

    Marcsi M me too! Lol I heard it in Target and wanted to find this song and looked up Justin Bieber only to realize he didn’t sing it. Imagine my surprise just now when I stumble upon this singer lol


    BIEL CYRUS6 months ago

    Omg ...perfect ❤😍

  41. Alecxs Oliveira

    Alecxs Oliveira7 months ago

    Incrível... Como demorei para conhecer essa mulher ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Crush suprema

  42. Man Utd Footie legend

    Man Utd Footie legend7 months ago

    I was at the slime fest you were amazing

  43. Georges Al Khoury

    Georges Al Khoury7 months ago

    I’m obsessed just subscribed ❤️

  44. Lauren

    Lauren7 months ago

    Beautiful and addictive 💜

  45. Sandra Sandra

    Sandra Sandra7 months ago

    Wow wow wow goose bumps!!

  46. Cheeseatingjunglista

    Cheeseatingjunglista7 months ago

    Little bit harder beats, this takes off, she well good

  47. mari ana

    mari ana7 months ago


  48. doh1959

    doh19597 months ago

    fell in love with her voice first time heard it on the voice

  49. Petra Petrović

    Petra Petrović7 months ago

    so badd

  50. aaron Field

    aaron Field7 months ago

    One of the most underrated artists she’s brilliant 👌🙂

  51. Karla Ramirez

    Karla Ramirez7 months ago

    I don’t understand whyyyyyy? Only has 1 million views??

  52. Barnabás

    Barnabás7 months ago

    It sounds like Justin Bieber 😂😂

  53. Dillon K

    Dillon K7 months ago

    Love you and your talent Becky! Go far!!! ps; love your MK collabs

  54. hopeless_name

    hopeless_name7 months ago

    God, this is awesome

  55. Dann Gomes

    Dann Gomes8 months ago

    Que delicia de música ❤️

  56. Fatima Alzahraa

    Fatima Alzahraa8 months ago

    The song is so beautiful😍 she deserves the best

  57. Genesis Borero

    Genesis Borero8 months ago

    This girl deserves MOOORE!

  58. Itz_Me!

    Itz_Me!8 months ago

    Becky is the best.

  59. Bobby Botev

    Bobby Botev8 months ago

    Absolutely fantastic!!! And I am picky about music. Great voice, composition, lyrics, video, sound engineering! BRAVO!!!

  60. Sxmmer Xx

    Sxmmer Xx8 months ago

    This Song Is So Underated It Hurts ! IM OBBSESSED WITH THIS SONG

  61. Arif Ahmed

    Arif Ahmed8 months ago

    I hope this song goes at the top I always listen to this song everyday so talented this song can't stop listening to it

  62. ben paul

    ben paul8 months ago


  63. Abigail Brown

    Abigail Brown8 months ago

    Amazing becky hill So proud

  64. Lior Mann

    Lior Mann8 months ago


  65. Josh Hanlon

    Josh Hanlon8 months ago

    MK remix??

  66. Andrey Udalov

    Andrey Udalov9 months ago

    I love this song, thank you!!!

  67. Lelan Powell

    Lelan Powell9 months ago

    Damn man. This song gives me good vibes. I'm coppin' this jam in my phone.

  68. The Kim HOANG

    The Kim HOANG9 months ago

    amazing vibes

  69. Shihan Anwer

    Shihan Anwer9 months ago

    A song that is overly underrated

  70. Atisho long

    Atisho long9 months ago

    this song is amazing how are the numbers sooooo low

  71. bdke li

    bdke li9 months ago

    her voice is dope

  72. Lucas Charão-Brito

    Lucas Charão-Brito9 months ago

    Brasil Love U

  73. BiggusDiggusable

    BiggusDiggusable9 months ago

    What a great pop song.

  74. Amy 57

    Amy 579 months ago

    Amazing at boardmasters cant listen to this unless I’m full volume now ❤️❤️

  75. Paulina Talaga

    Paulina Talaga9 months ago

    Couple more minutes Couple more hours This conversation Tell me your secrets Tell me your powers Can we be patient? It's getting late But what does it matter? We can just lay here We can just stay here I know that there's doubts Do they run through your mind? Then why don't we put 'em to bed tonight? I fall into your honesty So we Talk until the sunrise in the east I'm hanging on to every single word that you say Tell me how you're happy Tell me why you're afraid We can build our trust beneath the sheets Talk until the sunrise in the east I'm hanging on to every single word that you say Now we got each other, hope it's always this way We can build our trust beneath the sheets Talk until the sunrise in the east The curtains don't open until the evening Never time wasted Sunlight can wait when it's you I'm facing Can we be safe here? Gone are the days when I can be vacant Now that we've made it Let us be sacred Just let go of insecurity You'll never know You're always more to me I fall into your honesty So we Can talk until the sunrise in the east I'm hanging on to every single word that you say Now we got each other Hope it's always this way We can build our trust beneath the sheets Talk until the sunrise in the east 'Cause we talk until the sunrise in the east I'm hanging on to every single word that you say Tell me how you're happy Tell me why you're afraid We can build our trust beneath the sheets (sheets) Talk until the sunrise in the east I'm hanging on to every single word that you say Now we got each other, hope it's always this way We can build our trust beneath the sheets Talk until the sunrise in the east Talk until the sunrise in the east

  76. Alexandra Tóth

    Alexandra Tóth5 months ago

    Very good

  77. Iqra Adalat

    Iqra Adalat9 months ago

    I love everything about this song, the singer, her voice, the lyrics and the mellow melody, her talent is underrated, more people should listen to her! :)

  78. MrFunnylicous

    MrFunnylicous9 months ago

    Is this Vietnam?

  79. daryn wood

    daryn wood9 months ago

    I'm in love. Such an amazing song

  80. Sabrina Ribeiro

    Sabrina Ribeiro9 months ago

    I love this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  81. Alejandro Hernández R

    Alejandro Hernández R9 months ago

    The first 3 seconds I thought it was Justin Bieber.

  82. Itz_Me!

    Itz_Me!8 months ago


  83. Costas Kritiotis

    Costas Kritiotis9 months ago

    I heard this song on the radio and thought it was a guy singing

  84. tigerpaws111

    tigerpaws11110 months ago

    Literally just spent the whole night on the beach with my crush while under a blanket cuddling and talking. Then we watched the sunrise together. This song is perfect right now. ✌🏻

  85. Marty B

    Marty B10 months ago

    1.2 millions views that's a joke

  86. why you need to know all up in my pussy boy

    why you need to know all up in my pussy boy10 months ago

    I want the album NOW

  87. mark girling

    mark girling10 months ago

    I love this song can't stop listening to it

  88. Nadia . c

    Nadia . c10 months ago

    Her voice kinda sounds like Dua Lipa

  89. PL

    PL10 months ago


  90. Abd alrazaq hashash

    Abd alrazaq hashash10 months ago

    اغنية جميل جدا؟

  91. Vladislav Ivanov

    Vladislav Ivanov10 months ago

    Yes, Becky! Finally over 1 million views, you deserve recognition and you're starting to get it! I love you, your music and I wish you all the best :)

  92. Sunny Nguyen

    Sunny Nguyen10 months ago

    Viet Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  93. Potentially Glitched

    Potentially Glitched10 months ago

    I have a feeling this will be a fifa 19 song Idk why.

  94. alfie roberts

    alfie roberts10 months ago


  95. Kelly L

    Kelly L10 months ago


  96. Python Afrykan Bwoi

    Python Afrykan Bwoi10 months ago


  97. Nadirax Yasmin

    Nadirax Yasmin10 months ago

    this song deserves more then 100k likes ❤️ #before 1m subscribers ❤️ #5.7k x

  98. Arghiropol O

    Arghiropol O10 months ago

    It's amazing

  99. Abigail Brown

    Abigail Brown10 months ago

    Amazing Been a fan since she was on the voice x

  100. DiZzyMeDown

    DiZzyMeDown10 months ago

    ❤️💕❤️On repeat ❤️💕❤️

  101. IndependantWoman87

    IndependantWoman8710 months ago

    When you hit these high notes it hits my soul!

  102. Vujadin Vuković

    Vujadin Vuković10 months ago

    I can't believe that this song isn't at the top of the charts. It's amazing!

  103. Alexandru V

    Alexandru V10 months ago

    Hey guys. This deserve to be in trending. It s such a good song 😍😍