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Becky Hill - Sunrise In The East


  1. Khouloud r

    Khouloud rDay ago

    her voice is dope

  2. Lucas Charão-Brito

    Lucas Charão-Brito2 days ago

    Brasil Love U

  3. BiggusDiggusable

    BiggusDiggusable4 days ago

    What a great pop song.

  4. Amy 57

    Amy 576 days ago

    Amazing at boardmasters cant listen to this unless I’m full volume now ❤️❤️

  5. Paulina Talaga

    Paulina Talaga7 days ago

    Couple more minutes Couple more hours This conversation Tell me your secrets Tell me your powers Can we be patient? It's getting late But what does it matter? We can just lay here We can just stay here I know that there's doubts Do they run through your mind? Then why don't we put 'em to bed tonight? I fall into your honesty So we Talk until the sunrise in the east I'm hanging on to every single word that you say Tell me how you're happy Tell me why you're afraid We can build our trust beneath the sheets Talk until the sunrise in the east I'm hanging on to every single word that you say Now we got each other, hope it's always this way We can build our trust beneath the sheets Talk until the sunrise in the east The curtains don't open until the evening Never time wasted Sunlight can wait when it's you I'm facing Can we be safe here? Gone are the days when I can be vacant Now that we've made it Let us be sacred Just let go of insecurity You'll never know You're always more to me I fall into your honesty So we Can talk until the sunrise in the east I'm hanging on to every single word that you say Now we got each other Hope it's always this way We can build our trust beneath the sheets Talk until the sunrise in the east 'Cause we talk until the sunrise in the east I'm hanging on to every single word that you say Tell me how you're happy Tell me why you're afraid We can build our trust beneath the sheets (sheets) Talk until the sunrise in the east I'm hanging on to every single word that you say Now we got each other, hope it's always this way We can build our trust beneath the sheets Talk until the sunrise in the east Talk until the sunrise in the east

  6. Iqra Adalat

    Iqra Adalat7 days ago

    I love everything about this song, the singer, her voice, the lyrics and the mellow melody, her talent is underrated, more people should listen to her! :)

  7. MrFunnylicous

    MrFunnylicous10 days ago

    Is this Vietnam?

  8. daryn wood

    daryn wood11 days ago

    I'm in love. Such an amazing song

  9. Sabrina Ribeiro

    Sabrina Ribeiro12 days ago

    I love this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Alejandro Hernández R

    Alejandro Hernández R18 days ago

    The first 3 seconds I thought it was Justin Bieber.

  11. Kostas Krit

    Kostas Krit20 days ago

    I heard this song on the radio and thought it was a guy singing

  12. tigerpaws111

    tigerpaws11123 days ago

    Literally just spent the whole night on the beach with my crush while under a blanket cuddling and talking. Then we watched the sunrise together. This song is perfect right now. ✌🏻

  13. vw bora

    vw bora24 days ago

    1.2 millions views that's a joke

  14. why you need to know all up in my pussy boy

    why you need to know all up in my pussy boy27 days ago

    I want the album NOW

  15. mark girling

    mark girling28 days ago

    I love this song can't stop listening to it

  16. Nadia . c

    Nadia . c28 days ago

    Her voice kinda sounds like Dua Lipa

  17. Phuong Luu

    Phuong Luu29 days ago


  18. Abd alrazaq hashash

    Abd alrazaq hashashMonth ago

    اغنية جميل جدا؟

  19. Vladislav Ivanov

    Vladislav IvanovMonth ago

    Yes, Becky! Finally over 1 million views, you deserve recognition and you're starting to get it! I love you, your music and I wish you all the best :)

  20. Sunny Nguyen

    Sunny NguyenMonth ago

    Viet Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  21. Potentially Glitched

    Potentially GlitchedMonth ago

    I have a feeling this will be a fifa 19 song Idk why.

  22. alfie roberts

    alfie robertsMonth ago


  23. Queen Kelly

    Queen KellyMonth ago


  24. Itz_Me!

    Itz_Me!Month ago

    I can't stop playing this song oml

  25. Python Afrykan Bwoi

    Python Afrykan BwoiMonth ago


  26. Nadirax Yasmin

    Nadirax YasminMonth ago

    this song deserves more then 100k likes ❤️ #before 1m subscribers ❤️ #5.7k x

  27. Arghiropol O

    Arghiropol OMonth ago

    It's amazing

  28. Abigail Brown

    Abigail BrownMonth ago

    Amazing Been a fan since she was on the voice x

  29. DiZzyMeDown

    DiZzyMeDownMonth ago

    ❤️💕❤️On repeat ❤️💕❤️

  30. IndependantWoman87

    IndependantWoman87Month ago

    When you hit these high notes it hits my soul!

  31. Vujadin Vuković

    Vujadin VukovićMonth ago

    I can't believe that this song isn't at the top of the charts. It's amazing!

  32. Alexandru V

    Alexandru VMonth ago

    Hey guys. This deserve to be in trending. It s such a good song 😍😍

  33. Michelle Drew

    Michelle DrewMonth ago

    I LOVE YOU QUEEN YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUMMER HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Marzena Mądrzak

    Marzena MądrzakMonth ago


  35. NickHolme88

    NickHolme88Month ago

    Awesome song and video. South East Asia is a very special place.

  36. Taiwanese Malaysian

    Taiwanese MalaysianMonth ago

    Halong bay

  37. trigolis

    trigolisMonth ago

    Meh... It's alright.

  38. Boyo Tunez

    Boyo TunezMonth ago

    *_Omg. First time listening. Love it._*

  39. Ariana John

    Ariana JohnMonth ago

    where did she film this????????? the beach is way better than where i am

  40. spearhead787

    spearhead787Month ago

    Becky i am literally BLOWN AWAY this is a hit i'm sure. Everything's right. Pure goosebumps material, that vocal is mega. I may have been following you for over five years,but you still surprise me. ;) This is now your time. Good luck with everything. !!!!!!!!

  41. Mr.Radio

    Mr.RadioMonth ago

    Its so nice

  42. hayley hession

    hayley hessionMonth ago

    best song of 2018

  43. Sean Domhnall O Sullivan

    Sean Domhnall O SullivanMonth ago

    Incredible pop song

  44. YUU OKM TV

    YUU OKM TVMonth ago


  45. Bình Đặng

    Bình ĐặngMonth ago

    Việt Nam đâu r ae :3

  46. Patrick Griffin

    Patrick GriffinMonth ago

    The next Adele?

  47. Adam Allinson

    Adam AllinsonMonth ago

    Absolute tune this!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. Chloe Swinburn

    Chloe SwinburnMonth ago

    Came across this song on sensual musique channel a couple of weeks ago and its been my fave since

  49. elanora Viskovic

    elanora ViskovicMonth ago

    She has same voice as Dua Lipa

  50. karen samuels

    karen samuelsMonth ago

    Becky Hill is so underrated. we're here before a milli views . love from Kenya!

  51. Olimpio Gilson Macueria

    Olimpio Gilson MacueriaMonth ago

    Kiss from Angola🇦🇴

  52. SeaGreenie

    SeaGreenieMonth ago

    Song of Summer 2018? Hell yeaaaahhhh

  53. JlK0 Liv

    JlK0 LivMonth ago

    This song is amazing and the visuals are on point

  54. Rado Timers

    Rado TimersMonth ago


  55. Kurt Franchuk

    Kurt FranchukMonth ago

    Great song. Too bad some idiot added loud screeching sounds to your video at 14 secs

  56. Ivan Gunanda

    Ivan GunandaMonth ago

    I like this song 😍😍

  57. Michele Caracciolo

    Michele CaraccioloMonth ago

    LET'S GET THIS TO 1M VIEWS! Come on guys stream this masterpiece

  58. Kizzy Salu

    Kizzy SaluMonth ago

    73rd comment. This song is amazing. Coming from Ireland!

  59. Cameron Long

    Cameron LongMonth ago

    You’re so sexy what a banger

  60. txnjax

    txnjaxMonth ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! wow honestly keep producing your fire music wow

  61. Vittoria Trevi

    Vittoria TreviMonth ago


  62. Thokozani Gabela

    Thokozani GabelaMonth ago

    Yeass Becky 💗🔥

  63. Olivia Crump

    Olivia CrumpMonth ago

    Summer vibessss🔥

  64. Hannah Chesterfield

    Hannah ChesterfieldMonth ago


  65. Aditya Dogra

    Aditya DograMonth ago


  66. Tetyana Rykhlevych

    Tetyana RykhlevychMonth ago

    BEAUTIFUL! 💖💚💗💜💙😍🎶🌼🎶🌼🎶🌼🎶👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  67. Freya R

    Freya RMonth ago

    she is just soo talented

  68. Niamh Varma

    Niamh VarmaMonth ago

    She's to old to make music how old is she 79 ?

  69. whatever x

    whatever xMonth ago

    Niamh Varma and by the way some of her songs have 20+ millions of views

  70. whatever x

    whatever xMonth ago

    Niamh Varma she already has a music career and she does not look 79,look up other videos or photos of her,but she also does not look 79 here

  71. Niamh Varma

    Niamh VarmaMonth ago

    whatever x wow! 5k subs aahhh so ugly

  72. Niamh Varma

    Niamh VarmaMonth ago

    whatever x what! She does look 79 she's NEVER going to have a music career!

  73. whatever x

    whatever xMonth ago

    Niamh Varma wtf are you talking about,she's 24

  74. Niamh Varma

    Niamh VarmaMonth ago

    This is the WORST song i have heard in my life aahhhhh my ears are bleeding !!

  75. Jameslee Danton

    Jameslee DantonMonth ago


  76. Eazy D Cawley

    Eazy D CawleyMonth ago

    Sunrise in East awakening in the west

  77. PGxToXiiCz

    PGxToXiiCzMonth ago

    How has this not got a million views yet such a powerful song 🔥🔥🔥

  78. Sara PangToon

    Sara PangToonMonth ago

    Don't like her. Don't like her music and look

  79. 01brend

    01brendMonth ago

    Keep them coming Becky love this track, keep up the good work been following you ever since the voice 🙌

  80. Jeremy Isuf Kovaci

    Jeremy Isuf KovaciMonth ago

    so fucking good !!!!!!!

  81. Jessica Milsom

    Jessica MilsomMonth ago

    fam stick in there I know its hard right now

  82. Lily Buttery

    Lily ButteryMonth ago

    What an amazing song, more people need to know about you🧡🧡🧡

  83. Nacha HC

    Nacha HCMonth ago


  84. Danny Atkins

    Danny AtkinsMonth ago

    I love your voice so much Becky!! I'm gonna watch your Voice audition now 😂❤❤

  85. XxkyliexX _

    XxkyliexX _Month ago

    This is on my playlist fav songs!!!

  86. Harley Quin

    Harley QuinMonth ago

    Yahh VIETNAMMMMMM 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  87. Ellie Turner

    Ellie TurnerMonth ago

    This song is bloody fab. Unfortunately I don’t think it will get big. If it was released around 2013 then maybe it would as that was the year for the sort of chilled dance music. It’s all shitty rap music at the moment :(

  88. Seska Smets

    Seska SmetsMonth ago

    Ellie Turner aslong as we know how beautifull her voice is i think its fine , let them listen to that shitty rap more good music for us !

  89. Quỳnh Lê

    Quỳnh LêMonth ago


  90. Taeyungs Smile

    Taeyungs SmileMonth ago

    Did I find my doppelgänger?

  91. Taeyungs Smile

    Taeyungs SmileMonth ago

    She legit is my twin.

  92. Taeyungs Smile

    Taeyungs SmileMonth ago

    just kinds looks like me, not a lot. But a little bit.

  93. Casey Gallagher

    Casey GallagherMonth ago

    M e r s a i L o v e s R o b l o x /\ how ?

  94. Eddy Kai

    Eddy KaiMonth ago


  95. Jean Santana

    Jean SantanaMonth ago

    Becky is everything ♥️

  96. Jordan Souza

    Jordan SouzaMonth ago

    SO SO good! 💙

  97. JACOB-TV

    JACOB-TVMonth ago

    The Second Dua Lipa

  98. butterflies66

    butterflies66Month ago

    I like the song so much. The music video is very nice.

  99. Gaming Diva and fun

    Gaming Diva and funMonth ago

    God song

  100. Marvin Jones

    Marvin JonesMonth ago

    Omfg yes!!! 😍😭 please where is this album at? We need it 😫

  101. Casey Sybilrud

    Casey SybilrudMonth ago

    Love Love Love this so much! it's​ perfect! ❤️


    KATTRINA KISSMonth ago

    So underrated it hurts

  103. spearhead787

    spearhead787Month ago

    Kattrina i'm telling you now,they won't be sleeping for much longer. Polydor records know what they're up to. ;)

  104. JaredzzC

    JaredzzCMonth ago

    True. She deserves a lot more recognition but I think it's largely due to a lack of promotion. This song should be playing everywhere but I only here it every so often on a relatively unpopular radio station or something. More people really need to jump on this and help with the exposure.


    KATTRINA KISSMonth ago

    i jsut dont get why every ones sleeping on this talent

  106. spearhead787

    spearhead787Month ago

    Never ever by me.

  107. bianca stratford

    bianca stratfordMonth ago

    Pure vibes, you never disappoint Becky

  108. onesmus qamara

    onesmus qamaraMonth ago

    EMA contender

  109. Daniel Alberto Miranda Biurco

    Daniel Alberto Miranda BiurcoMonth ago

    I love your music, greetings from México

  110. Steve Lançon

    Steve LançonMonth ago

    I LOVE this song !! Kiss from France ♥

  111. Brian Heck

    Brian HeckMonth ago

    Demi is QUAKING

  112. Piotr Albrecht

    Piotr AlbrechtMonth ago

    I literally don't know what more does this girl need to do to get the recognition she deserves. This song is a masterpiece and she is so talented and different. I don't understand why her songs aren't at the top (other than her collaborations).

  113. spearhead787

    spearhead787Month ago

    With you 100% Piotr Becky is amazingly gifted. I just knew the first time i heard her sing. Got the goosebumps immediately.

  114. AquaCrash

    AquaCrashMonth ago

    Piotr Albrecht exactly, beats basically most 'popular' songs at the moment, all I can say about a lot of the stuff on the radio is Ew.