Bebe Rexha - 2 Souls on Fire (feat. Quavo) [Official Lyric Video]


  1. Carlos hu

    Carlos hu6 hours ago

    So dope for me 😎

  2. Lume Salihi

    Lume Salihi14 hours ago

    she can rock all songs 🦄🦄🦄🦄

  3. Dagustin Troka

    Dagustin Troka15 hours ago

    This song is a hit 👊👊👊 this is cool I just can stay listen to it.. 😍😍❤❤❤

  4. rage airsoft

    rage airsoft17 hours ago

    Sooo fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Ilusion Gc

    Ilusion Gc17 hours ago


  6. Mushkan Manger

    Mushkan Manger21 hour ago

    Bebe uh just break the records.... U let all singers back 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  7. Kerri Marlow

    Kerri MarlowDay ago

    This is gonna killlll the charts

  8. Benjamín Molina

    Benjamín MolinaDay ago

    This is the year of Bebe Rexha

  9. Benjamín Molina

    Benjamín MolinaDay ago

    I love it

  10. Ali Haitham

    Ali HaithamDay ago

    It deserves a 10m viwe

  11. Almighty Turbo

    Almighty TurboDay ago

    Man she never dropped videos to her songs from her ep all your fault part 1 every song on it snapped, the part 2 was ok and now these songs sounds like some mainstream bullshit..

  12. Jose Gonzalz

    Jose GonzalzDay ago

    Deseo, 2 almas en llamas Deseo, 2 almas en llamas Me trajiste aquí tonto Parece un perro que estoy babeando Cierra tu boca chico y solo pruébalo Y sabes exactamente la manera de hacerlo Vas a hacer que traiga a la chica mala créeme Oh si, si, si Usted me hace hacer estallar algunas etiquetas de la temporada de moda Oh si, si, si Tu me hiciste hacer esos movimientos para tu respiración Oh si, si, si Si pierdes la fe, te haré creer que Me hizo sentir de alguna manera Tengo una cadena en mi corazón y está girando en diamantes Deseo, 2 almas en llamas Hazme sentir de alguna manera Deseo, 2 almas en llamas Siente algún tipo de camino Deseo, 2 almas en llamas Hazme sentir de alguna manera Deseo, 2 almas en llamas Podemos ir a las islas en partes privadas Podemos conducir los últimos autos sin kilometraje Podemos hacer lo que quieras, solo silencio Si no rompes mi corazón, te dejaré entrar Me hizo sentir de alguna manera Tengo una cadena en mi corazón y está girando en diamantes Y esa cadena alrededor de tu corazón me cegó Deseo, 2 almas en llamas Hazme sentir de alguna manera Deseo, 2 almas en llamas Siente algún tipo de camino Deseo, 2 almas en llamas Hazme sentir de alguna manera Deseo, 2 almas en llamas ¿Te hago sentir de algún modo?

  13. joni kejani

    joni kejaniDay ago


  14. different music in different photos

    different music in different photosDay ago

    Omg i am proud of youuuuu....greetings from Albania...... your voice is so special

  15. Nobil D.

    Nobil D.Day ago


  16. Annecie Youtube

    Annecie YoutubeDay ago


  17. Annecie Youtube

    Annecie YoutubeDay ago


  18. Serafina Perricone

    Serafina PerriconeDay ago

    Bebe deserves a Grammy award I Fucking love her I met her last year for my 26 bday w my sister she’s a a f beautiful genuine person kind Rexhars forever yes I cannot wait for this album to release I cannot stop listening to her new songs 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Off Bardi

    Off BardiDay ago

    bebe rexha x migos

  20. Ambika Regmi

    Ambika RegmiDay ago


  21. Chaima nedjaa

    Chaima nedjaaDay ago

    Nic one bebe i love you

  22. Muskan Gaba

    Muskan GabaDay ago

    why is she so underrated

  23. Mark Winfrey

    Mark WinfreyDay ago

    I had to listen to it several times Bebe .. Love the layout of the song ... the melody pulls me in and I get lost ...

  24. Loiy Taqi

    Loiy TaqiDay ago


  25. Swiftie Swiftie

    Swiftie SwiftieDay ago

    Desire! 2 souls on FIRE😍

  26. Kale x

    Kale xDay ago

    Bebe sounds like she's choking, but other than that it's pretty good

  27. montse perez

    montse perez2 days ago


  28. Καλλιόπη Π

    Καλλιόπη Π2 days ago

    Her voice....😍

  29. Gianna #6

    Gianna #62 days ago

    I feel like Bebe doesn't get enough attention :(

  30. rishi singh

    rishi singh2 days ago

    Her instagram brought me here 💓

  31. solymar _

    solymar _2 days ago


  32. Fa Luffy

    Fa Luffy2 days ago

    I think that's Quavo's best feature by far! p.s. Bebe always slays *fire*

  33. Bauddhik Pokharna

    Bauddhik Pokharna2 days ago

    Boss u ;) u bring back so much of energy dude u roll

  34. Techroid gamers

    Techroid gamers2 days ago

    Please put a better thumbnail

  35. Norma Tancošova NT

    Norma Tancošova NT2 days ago


  36. Norma Tancošova NT

    Norma Tancošova NT2 days ago


  37. F

    F2 days ago

    Bebe's year😍❤️

  38. Henrique Castro

    Henrique Castro2 days ago

    0:40 me lembra um música mas não tô lembrado

  39. Davian Goulbourne

    Davian Goulbourne2 days ago

    Bebe did it again love this

  40. Priya Grace Kurien

    Priya Grace Kurien2 days ago


  41. Odbff Odbff

    Odbff Odbff2 days ago

    I love you bebe

  42. Davian Goulbourne

    Davian Goulbourne2 days ago

    Got a chain round my heart and it's spinning in diamonds

  43. med sousane

    med sousane2 days ago

    fire 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Jordan Brown

    Jordan Brown2 days ago

    Tbh I don’t really like Quavo .... But on this song and ‘Saviour’ he actually sounds really good

  45. Khamis Aleisaee

    Khamis Aleisaee2 days ago

    much better than Despacito

  46. Slay Sweetie

    Slay Sweetie3 days ago


  47. viper

    viper3 days ago

    It's So Good

  48. Uriel Gmez

    Uriel Gmez3 days ago

    Bebe Rexha ❤❤

  49. Among Chea

    Among Chea3 days ago

    Queen is back.. come onn!!!!!

  50. Jordan Brown

    Jordan Brown3 days ago

    *This song playing on the radio* (Bebe) *walks by cafe* (old Management) ‘Why did we ever let her go, she’s a queen and she’s doing so well. Why did we ever doubt her?!’ (Bebe) Carry’s On walking to her sold out concert (Me) 😂😂😂management 😂😂😂😂 more like FOOLS

  51. Fevzi

    Fevzi3 days ago


  52. Douglas Costa

    Douglas Costa3 days ago

    Que delícia de música 😍

  53. Justin 123

    Justin 1233 days ago

    Indonesian idol

  54. Crvc 44

    Crvc 443 days ago

    Sinceramente, espero un Solo Version en la versión deluxe. No me gusta Quavo.

  55. Segara Asiani

    Segara Asiani3 days ago

    can't wait for your new videos. i wanna see your beautiful face on the videos

  56. Give me a real answer

    Give me a real answer3 days ago

    Glad quavo not talking about drugs

  57. MY WORLD

    MY WORLD3 days ago

    i love peru bebe rexha

  58. Sami Spahiu

    Sami Spahiu3 days ago

    Hajde urime për këtë HIT të ri!!! Kënge e madhe është kjo BRAVO Bebe REXHA

  59. Eymira 22

    Eymira 223 days ago

    Bb me encanta

  60. Miss Candygurl

    Miss Candygurl3 days ago


  61. Kyle Jacob

    Kyle Jacob3 days ago

    She must have some kind of PROducer & PROmoter also helping BLAZE the way. Ya think? #UP

  62. Create Logic

    Create Logic4 days ago

    That is great!

  63. Daniyal A

    Daniyal A4 days ago

    This song is so nice I love Bebe

  64. iGaMeR iRaQ

    iGaMeR iRaQ4 days ago


  65. elisabeth grill

    elisabeth grill4 days ago

    no really one rythm

  66. Faizan Rehman

    Faizan Rehman4 days ago

    Love u bebe

  67. MyLittleLovely 123

    MyLittleLovely 1234 days ago

    Better than Ferrari for me

  68. prakashsinghbsp

    prakashsinghbsp4 days ago

    Got a chain in my ❤ i'm spinning in diamonds

  69. Norma Tancošova NT

    Norma Tancošova NT4 days ago


  70. Norma Tancošova NT

    Norma Tancošova NT4 days ago


  71. Jade Wenchester

    Jade Wenchester4 days ago

    Looooooove bebe

  72. Alizée

    Alizée4 days ago Hello people would you mind response to this survey?

  73. Ahmed Elhaouche

    Ahmed Elhaouche4 days ago

    Nice song 😍

  74. Muneeb Asif

    Muneeb Asif4 days ago


  75. Lady C ____135

    Lady C ____1354 days ago

    😍😘😘😘😘 it really turned me 😋 tell me your opinion 😅

  76. JudahMerp Games Songs And More

    JudahMerp Games Songs And More4 days ago


  77. Luis Nicaragua

    Luis Nicaragua4 days ago

    Awesome songo i love bebe part 😍


    SERAFINA MONTIEL4 days ago

    i love

  79. PhipheeDancee

    PhipheeDancee4 days ago

    Yes 🔥🎶🎤❤

  80. Michael Rafla

    Michael Rafla4 days ago

    That's fucking amazing !!

  81. Luke P

    Luke P4 days ago

    Why is it not Bebe Rehxa and Quavo? He did just as much work

  82. xKaesekuchen-

    xKaesekuchen-5 days ago

    Desire 2 Souls on Fire 🎶🎶💕

  83. Fabian Gonzalez

    Fabian Gonzalez5 days ago

    It’s lit fam

  84. Leo Sun

    Leo Sun5 days ago

    And the cut and paste of the chorus... It's a dope line but the editing like wtf ?

  85. Leo Sun

    Leo Sun5 days ago

    Okay I'm gonna be honest. It's nothing against the artists but this song is extremely mediocre. It feels like it could of had so much more potential but it was rushed by production. Like 00:45 sounds god awful

  86. filip8099

    filip80995 days ago

    Im only one soul but im on fire with this song 😎 🔥 ~please forgive for this joke~

  87. Kylee Estep

    Kylee Estep5 days ago

    Love it

  88. nori K

    nori K5 days ago

    It makes me feel like i'm livin' an another planet💃🌐

  89. myungho choi

    myungho choi5 days ago


  90. David Ridlespriger

    David Ridlespriger5 days ago

    No thanks.

  91. Isaiah Jairam

    Isaiah Jairam5 days ago


  92. Dallas Sings

    Dallas Sings5 days ago

    Gotta cover this!! 🔥🔥

  93. Lion Rose

    Lion Rose5 days ago

    I didn't think I was go like the song but damn, I was wrong. Straight 🔥🔥🔥

  94. Jessika Perez

    Jessika Perez5 days ago


  95. Shadydan05

    Shadydan055 days ago

    I’m very picky on pop music but this song is great.

  96. destiny roberts

    destiny roberts5 days ago

    Yes, once again Bebe is on fire!!

  97. Belieber Forever

    Belieber Forever5 days ago

    Luv it !!! 💜

  98. Smruthy GK

    Smruthy GK5 days ago


  99. praveen sharma

    praveen sharma5 days ago


  100. fynxlaxu

    fynxlaxu5 days ago

    sorry but this song is way better than I'm A Ferrari 😍 (my opinion) who's w me?