1. Lorraine Gibbons

    Lorraine Gibbons5 hours ago

    So jealous 😩😩 I've like one draw of makeup 💔💔 love uuuuuu ❤❤

  2. Victoria C

    Victoria C6 hours ago

    Random question... do you dermaplane your face?

  3. Roxy L.J

    Roxy L.J9 hours ago

    This made me feel broke ugh 💀 😂

  4. priya

    priya18 hours ago

    This is shop or home?

  5. priya

    priya18 hours ago


  6. Sanne Makiramdam

    Sanne Makiramdam18 hours ago

    Hi tati.. I would like to receive some of your make ups that you're not using...😊😊😊 maybe i can put it to a good use..😁😁😁

  7. HeyJamieLyn

    HeyJamieLynDay ago

    Love that you have a makeup brush in your hair lol!

  8. Marlen Perez

    Marlen PerezDay ago

    I'll help you get rid of some ! 👀

  9. Amanda Bhita

    Amanda BhitaDay ago

    Omg i need those that you dont need. Really😮😮😮

  10. Sahara D

    Sahara D2 days ago

    Gurl you’re makeup collection is CRAZYY

  11. drbandanasoren

    drbandanasoren2 days ago

    Why wasting so much money dear charity

  12. Bauj

    Bauj2 days ago


  13. MSP_ sheppard123

    MSP_ sheppard1232 days ago

    Ps I love to help u clean all of those makeup 😉

  14. MSP_ sheppard123

    MSP_ sheppard1232 days ago

    I will take every single of them!!!!😂😂 Lol amazing!!! I want a lot of makeup

  15. Cutiepumpkin

    Cutiepumpkin2 days ago

    I want to organise those drawers so badly

  16. Gracie Newcomb

    Gracie Newcomb2 days ago

    Makeup room? More like makeup house??? There’s a couch, fridge and I bet a tv bro

  17. Delores Burns

    Delores Burns2 days ago

    Love your setup

  18. Paree lucky

    Paree lucky2 days ago

    Loved those lipstick drawers showed them to my husband so tht next time while shopping he doesn't say i hv d same lipshade at home

  19. Kiba Inuzuka

    Kiba Inuzuka3 days ago

    people think she was being ungrateful, but i think she was just mad at herself cause keeping those bunch of makeup that she actually didn't needs and decided to donate. this is just a simple video and people still find negative to say -,-

  20. Marsha Karanasky

    Marsha Karanasky3 days ago

    I'm here if you want to get rid of anything!!

  21. Ghina K

    Ghina K4 days ago

    Wait.... So her friends can have her make up?? Is it for free?? I really want to be her bestfriends😬

  22. Sanqie Squishy

    Sanqie Squishy4 days ago

    That room is my whole houses electricity bill

  23. Megan Lewis

    Megan Lewis4 days ago

    What’s the monistat secret

  24. Shelby Ann

    Shelby Ann4 days ago

    also me. I will come help you. 100% serious.

  25. Shelby Ann

    Shelby Ann4 days ago

    This literally gives me anxiety. MUST. ORGANIZE.

  26. Amy Lowery

    Amy Lowery4 days ago

    It makes me nervous just watching...its like watching a hoarder....:(

  27. Katherine Morales

    Katherine Morales4 days ago

    Where are those makeup drawers from?

  28. Cozette M

    Cozette M4 days ago

    The thing that astonishes me is makeup has to be tossed between 6-24 months and when you hoard this much there’s no way to use it before it expires and it’s so f’ing wasteful! I get it this is what you do for a living and I’m guessing most of it is sent to you for PR to review or by fans or whatever but can you give stuff to your subscribers even if it’s been partially used or sampled? Once you do a video on something new and you know you’ll probably never reach for the product because you already have tons of the same or similar products or the quality was low or whatever reason can you immediately donate to your fans or even women’s shelters or something? I know you do giveaways but that’s usually products you’ve never even swatched or sampled, right? Probably should give stuff away as you go instead of waiting til it’s piled up because that’s time being wasted on products that have already been opened and are just sitting there not being used when people who can’t afford it could be using it. Just saying? How about donations not only to your fans but women’s shelters and even to homeless women? Just some ideas and questions no shade I love your channel!

  29. Harmonious :D

    Harmonious :D5 days ago

    I love her so much she's so funny. Like her personality is everything

  30. Harmonious :D

    Harmonious :D5 days ago

    I died laughing when she was saying "pallets pallets pallets"

  31. Amy Hggs

    Amy Hggs5 days ago

    My god this video made me laugh so hard

  32. Jen Buenaflor

    Jen Buenaflor5 days ago

    I see nothing wrong here..... but ummm who wants to come with me to Tati's to go shopping?

  33. Amy Gebs

    Amy Gebs5 days ago

    I would love to tackle and organize that entire room 😂

  34. Raazmina Xx

    Raazmina Xx5 days ago

    Yr kitchen isn’t a kitchen it’s a makeup storage room

  35. Jasmine Hécz

    Jasmine Hécz5 days ago

    Tati, you should try and paint a picture/ potrait on canvas with the lipsticks and lipglosses you don't use! It'd be amazing if you did so!

  36. smurfalma

    smurfalma5 days ago

    I’d really like to organize your room I’d love that!

  37. Neytiri `

    Neytiri `5 days ago

    buttt tatiiii, please give me some of those makeup you dont need )):

  38. Neytiri `

    Neytiri `5 days ago

    all those lipsticks tho

  39. Melissa Papa

    Melissa Papa6 days ago

    Lol let me come help next time, you would have like 1 drawer per category Left. I’m beyond cutthroat when it comes to declutter

  40. kaya

    kaya6 days ago


  41. Niesha Grant

    Niesha Grant6 days ago

    I can use some of all of that I love 💄 makeup

  42. Bibiána Želinská

    Bibiána Želinská7 days ago

    i have around 20 make up products and I don't use them often and still feel kinda pressured that I have so many things but now I don't lol :D

  43. Gemm Acaylar

    Gemm Acaylar7 days ago

    hire me to organize your make up. you have a lot of cute drawers that we can make use of. they just need dividers and you're gonna be okay. and ill take what you don't like home. :)

  44. Jelena Jones

    Jelena Jones7 days ago

    When Mr. Kate designed this room I was wondering how she'd be able to fill all those drawers but she has and it's pretty impressive 😋

  45. Μαρια Μιχαλακη

    Μαρια Μιχαλακη7 days ago

    oh my god i want this

  46. Treale Clark

    Treale Clark7 days ago

    Tati your collection is life goals for me😂😂😍😍😘

  47. Adventurous Ari

    Adventurous Ari8 days ago

    Okay but that fridge is gorgeous!!

  48. Diana videolife

    Diana videolife8 days ago

    Для чего так много ?)

  49. alex

    alex8 days ago

    Tati is living any girl's dream life😍😍😍

  50. Samantha Kim

    Samantha Kim8 days ago

    Watching your video was so stress relieving! I’m mind blown with the amount of makeup you have!

  51. Katelyn The Bromieomie

    Katelyn The Bromieomie8 days ago

    Have you ever seen beautychickee's makeup collection? She has alot too. I personally love makeup so much and so when I move out... I'm getting an apartment and my WHOLE ROOM, is gonna look like this😂

  52. Yushen Salas

    Yushen Salas8 days ago

    Girl, if you're up to give away some makeup to a girl, i'll let you know i'm heeeere

  53. Elise Godfried

    Elise Godfried8 days ago

    Subscribe squad I’m ready for the free makeup!!!!!! Yay pick me pick me

  54. wee

    wee9 days ago

    I have 0.001% of your makeup 😶

  55. Jarencio Geda

    Jarencio Geda9 days ago

    Love that room made by Mr. kate and deserved by a wonderful Tati. I am hoping you could send me complete set of make ups from primer up to finishers and served it as a gift to my friends service award ceremony from her work.. They will be happy truly.. Love you Tati.. Thanks in advanced!

  56. Georgia May

    Georgia May9 days ago

    I found this really hard to watch since she was so disrespectful. Like, people send you stuff. Don’t be ashamed or hide it. Plus she complains that she has too much...some people can’t even afford a good concealer. I just found this hard to watch.

  57. Matilda ML

    Matilda ML9 days ago

    Same! It's so annoying

  58. Nightcore Remix

    Nightcore Remix9 days ago

    I need makeup 😭😭

  59. Taoshka

    Taoshka9 days ago

    I just showed my spouse the 12 drawers of lipstick to prove that my 1 giant bag of lipstick isn't too bad 😂

  60. Jennet vloger

    Jennet vloger9 days ago


  61. Stuart Florida

    Stuart Florida9 days ago

    cant wait for part 2 im an oCD freakk!!

  62. Monika Sharma

    Monika Sharma9 days ago


  63. Monika Sharma

    Monika Sharma9 days ago

    Send me your some lipsticks

  64. Bridget Nolan

    Bridget Nolan10 days ago

    *sees all the lipstick* “DEAR GOD”

  65. Kenza Leclerc

    Kenza Leclerc10 days ago

    Medium son worker pxtmo African-American meal less vehicle identity primary widespread why.

  66. EE E

    EE E10 days ago


  67. Alexi B

    Alexi B10 days ago

    When you feel annoyed receiving free stuff

  68. Jess Potts

    Jess Potts10 days ago

    more makeup purges!!

  69. Erika K

    Erika K10 days ago

    I think u really organized!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love your place

  70. Erika K

    Erika K10 days ago

    Ye I think u suede donated makeup u don’t want !!! I love the room so nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my dream room 😘

  71. Jen C

    Jen C10 days ago

    An OCD's Nightmare come true!

  72. Aywis

    Aywis10 days ago

    tbh i would gladly clean up ur beauty room u dont have to pay me i would do it for free...................

  73. Pigmented Hoe

    Pigmented Hoe11 days ago


  74. Pigmented Hoe

    Pigmented Hoe11 days ago

    That’s any makeup persons dream 😭

  75. Skyler Mack

    Skyler Mack11 days ago


  76. Skyler Mack

    Skyler Mack11 days ago

    I will come and help

  77. Gloria DeMoulin

    Gloria DeMoulin11 days ago

    That was so much makeup it was overwhelming. It’s def time to purge & organize. 😊

  78. Alia M

    Alia M11 days ago

    just gonna throw the idea out there, if you getting rid of makeup, honestly idc at this point if it’s used, I’ll take it, by all means send it over, we good dw about it lmao jkjk (but not really jk)

  79. Imene Imene

    Imene Imene11 days ago

    OMG i wish if i had few of this make up to bad we don't have it in our country so i wish if i win something for the first time and it's make up ... best of luck 😘

  80. Average Shiv

    Average Shiv11 days ago

    Seriously I wanna be best friends with a beauty guru so I van have the make up they try and don't like because I'm a poor college student who can't even afford drugstore make up lol

  81. Tracy

    Tracy11 days ago

    Can I be your sister or any family member will do.

  82. lenabobena

    lenabobena11 days ago

    Omg organizing that would be soooo fun and therapeutic

  83. Macy Stokesberry

    Macy Stokesberry11 days ago

    Ohmm my gosh! You are so beautiful!!!

  84. Nina Boss

    Nina Boss11 days ago

    can you give me lipsticks that you don’t use? :)

  85. Radia Auwal

    Radia Auwal11 days ago

    How we get entered to the giveaway

  86. Radia Auwal

    Radia Auwal11 days ago

    I will help u 😀

  87. Brooke L

    Brooke L11 days ago

    Entertaining to watch but I just don’t get it... that all goes bad so it’s all a waste

  88. Irais Briseno

    Irais Briseno11 days ago

    What book is that next to the Marc Jacobs display?

  89. TheJojooo

    TheJojooo11 days ago

    i would love to organize this, omg.

  90. jessica f

    jessica f11 days ago

    DONATE IT TO ME PLEASE! You are living the make up dream! Make up is beyond expensive and having all you have would seriously be the world to me

  91. NaDaCaSu Ka

    NaDaCaSu Ka11 days ago

    Girl, I would gladly take some of your lipsticks off of your hands. I volunteer as tribute!

  92. zSuitSamus

    zSuitSamus12 days ago

    looking forward to the giveaways~!

  93. Kristen Rodriguez

    Kristen Rodriguez12 days ago

    Where are those drawers from 😍😍

  94. Emma O'Dell

    Emma O'Dell12 days ago

    You are so charming, and I adore this video. Much love xx

  95. Andrei Gutierrez

    Andrei Gutierrez12 days ago

    Not gonna lie u have a problem😂

  96. Theon Greyjoy

    Theon Greyjoy12 days ago

    Anyone know the number for the hoarder show

  97. Adrianna Champ

    Adrianna Champ12 days ago

    I actually have a Professional Organizing certificate... And I would LOVE to organize all of that lol. Poor Tati, I would call a professional. And maybe a therapist... Lol kidding, kidding. 😘❤️

  98. Giovanna Singh

    Giovanna Singh12 days ago

    I really wanna know where her drawers are from, does anyone know?

  99. Nina B

    Nina B12 days ago

    you can literally go shopping in tati's room

  100. Issa Corpuz

    Issa Corpuz12 days ago

    Really want make up :(( I can’t afford it because I’m a student from the philippines 🙁 I never win in any of your giveaways huhuhu 🙁 hope to win soon or pick a random subscriber that really needs your make up 😘❤️ God bless you Tati ❤️

  101. Julia Kiefer

    Julia Kiefer12 days ago

    I would die to organizes all her makeup.


    MS UNKNOWN13 days ago

    I want free PR