1. Claste Buzz

    Claste Buzz14 hours ago

    Tati i am literally going to shop in your house. I bet whoever robs your house will hit a jackpot

  2. Lilah G

    Lilah G15 hours ago

    tati: this is a reasonable amount of bronzers *opens two full drawers of bronzers* i can only dream😩😩

  3. Gina Merced

    Gina MercedDay ago

    Tati any give aways IM IN... When is your next give away? I will deff be there

  4. Sophie Koester

    Sophie KoesterDay ago

    Now i feel like organizing my makeup

  5. Emi Lou

    Emi LouDay ago

    Tati, ur that obsessed wiv make up u have got a make up brush in ur hair! Love it lol! 😂😍❤️ Xx

  6. Eve Flesher

    Eve Flesher2 days ago


  7. Eve Flesher

    Eve Flesher2 days ago

    moving in

  8. Bee Datta

    Bee Datta2 days ago

    Love the Lipsticks Draw! My heaven 🤩

  9. SueYuen

    SueYuen2 days ago

    Hey Tati, would love to see if Marie Kondo could help you and we get to watch it as a series.

  10. Natalie Ricci

    Natalie Ricci3 days ago

    Tati!!! You are so blessed, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have all of the PR and makeup that you do! I love that you donate and do giveaways to subscribers, on top of family and friends of course. You are so lovely to watch and I appreciate all of your opinions and hard work. If you ever need help organizing, I can be THAT friend! 😘🌈⭐️😩

  11. Ciara Rodriguez

    Ciara Rodriguez3 days ago

    you can give me whatever you don't want

  12. Hannah Stilwell

    Hannah Stilwell3 days ago

    CAN I COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND ORGANIZE!!!!!!!!!! I would just keep buying things and never give any away I am a makeup hoarder 🤣

  13. Morgan ledford

    Morgan ledford3 days ago

    Please do a closet tour video!!!!!

  14. liana lindberg

    liana lindberg3 days ago

    I'll come help you and take what you don't want home

  15. M

    M3 days ago

    I know I'm late, but just now watching this makes me want to come and just fix everythinggg. I would clear this out so bad/good. I'm excited to watch Part 2!

  16. Princess Mari

    Princess Mari4 days ago


  17. Badronisa Mahomed

    Badronisa Mahomed4 days ago

    Hi Tati I'm a new subi all the way in south Africa you collection is just amazing if for what ever reason please choose me for a give away receiver I would love to get some of those

  18. Claire Storm

    Claire Storm5 days ago

    Your so beautiful ❤️ love you Tati! Wish you could do my wedding makeup. Your a wonderful person

  19. s v

    s v5 days ago

    Excessive leisure class

  20. Nurul Lts

    Nurul Lts5 days ago

    I love u tati❤️, I’m from indonesia

  21. C A S S A N D R A

    C A S S A N D R A5 days ago

    I haven't been on MReporter for a cool minute cuz I'm so busy at school so I fricking miss you so much

  22. Lauren Suarez

    Lauren Suarez6 days ago

    your shirt...YES

  23. Melissa Locke

    Melissa Locke6 days ago

    KonMarie up in here!

  24. Agostina Olivero

    Agostina Olivero7 days ago

    I really want to organize that

  25. Sizzle C

    Sizzle C8 days ago

    Mr.Kate is crying

  26. Michelle Urgel

    Michelle Urgel9 days ago

    I have nothing lol, I'll take some.

  27. Amanda Zamora

    Amanda Zamora11 days ago

    Does anyone knows where or whats the name of them dressers oh wow where did you get them at

  28. Amaya Carlixte

    Amaya Carlixte11 days ago

    I would like to have so makeup

  29. Amaya Carlixte

    Amaya Carlixte11 days ago

    Just sell it

  30. Amaya Carlixte

    Amaya Carlixte11 days ago

    You have a hole make up store

  31. Maria Dias

    Maria Dias11 days ago

    i would die of ansiety!

  32. Sara Tennant

    Sara Tennant11 days ago

    Oml I'd sooo come and help

  33. Wendy Klongarom

    Wendy Klongarom11 days ago

    Where are these gorgeous boots from please?

  34. Lilith1293

    Lilith129311 days ago

    Hahahahahah oh my goosh. So much makeup! Loved watching it. But it kinda wanna send you a picture of my makeup drawer 😂😂😂😂

  35. Jessica Marquez

    Jessica Marquez12 days ago

    And i struggle to buy eyeliner 😂😭😭😭

  36. Nancy M

    Nancy M12 days ago

    This is much more organized that James Charles’ bathtub of makeup so good job. 🤣❤️

  37. Aarzoo Swami

    Aarzoo Swami12 days ago

    Tati please gimme some makeup as u have lot which you don't wanna use... Thnx

  38. Snowberryca

    Snowberryca12 days ago

    You really should just give away the colours you dont wear to your fans. All the cosmetic products actually have a preservation period, and I dont think you are be able to manage that.

  39. juliza adeliza

    juliza adeliza12 days ago

    Gw penasaran ada ga dari setumpuk make up itu yg dari Indonesia haha

  40. Alicja Gazda

    Alicja Gazda13 days ago

    Wait... Am I dreaming or is this a goddamn fridge in her makeup room? 😱😂

  41. LittleMissPerfect 4eva

    LittleMissPerfect 4eva13 days ago

    I would literally have to throw all of that makeup out just bcz of the expiration dates.. and god knows how long Tati has had all of that makeup 😂

  42. Savannah Baulderstone

    Savannah Baulderstone13 days ago

    I love you shirt 😁❤️

  43. krixLight

    krixLight14 days ago

    how do you know where anything is? So many drawers! Where did your u get the cabinetry/ drawers? The space is gorgeous!

  44. krixLight

    krixLight14 days ago

    how do you know where anything is? So many drawers! Where did your u get the cabinetry/ drawers?

  45. Chlover Moon Rover

    Chlover Moon Rover14 days ago

    My dream job is to be a professional organizer and I would love to come over and help you Tati!!!

  46. AngelicaGonzalez

    AngelicaGonzalez14 days ago


  47. Puncakie

    Puncakie14 days ago

    This is exactly how I am with things I collect. Too many things I don’t need and not fully organized.

  48. The Aussie Simmer

    The Aussie Simmer14 days ago

    im pretty sure if she did a giveaway that consisted of the entire room, im pretty sure every single person in the fandom would get something

  49. The Aussie Simmer

    The Aussie Simmer14 days ago

    if i was tatis sister, i would go to the bad bin or just an overflowed drawer and take a couple things and she would never know

  50. Marly Y

    Marly Y14 days ago

    She ties her hair with eyeshadow brush, you such a real beauty gurus ! Ps : go to surf with!

  51. Anja Poturica

    Anja Poturica14 days ago


  52. Iftime Yoyo

    Iftime Yoyo14 days ago

    im sorry that im watching this in 2019 but i gotta say one thing.I LOVE YOR T-SHIRT

  53. Aleksandra Karczewska

    Aleksandra Karczewska14 days ago

    is there someone who knows what this Monostat actually does? what is this secret?

  54. Vicky K.

    Vicky K.14 days ago

    I only have two lipsticks ...😔😁❤️

  55. Kinlam Hui

    Kinlam Hui14 days ago


  56. Amandarama

    Amandarama15 days ago

    Ohhhh Tati send that liner vault my way! Plz!

  57. Honey D1p

    Honey D1p15 days ago

    Oh I wish to have your meltdown one day

  58. christy fadedspaces

    christy fadedspaces15 days ago

    Love the drawerrrsss.

  59. Muzna Almansoori

    Muzna Almansoori15 days ago

    I feel guilty buying more lipsticks when I have 9 only. How do you go bass the guilt

  60. Marcela Duran

    Marcela Duran16 days ago

    PLEASE GIVE AWAY ALL YOUR MAKE UP TO ME😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I’m in need Tati!!😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️ Pleaseeeeeee

  61. Madisson Towriss

    Madisson Towriss16 days ago

    Oh my lanta!! I would die happily in that room!! Tati can I come over? 😂😍 I will happily organize for you!

  62. Jaime Johnson

    Jaime Johnson14 days ago

    We love a full/fuller house girll

  63. Hannah V

    Hannah V16 days ago

    Tati is gorgeous

  64. Kelly Welch

    Kelly Welch16 days ago

    Why don’t you send one peace of make up to all of your subscribers hehe xx

  65. MissQueen nim

    MissQueen nim16 days ago

    Tati, you an give em to me if you need to throw them away. Lol

  66. Shyrl Ann Ortega

    Shyrl Ann Ortega16 days ago

    hope someday I can win the give away make up from Tati, love make up but can't buy any for myself bec. of budget 🙁 really love watching her do her make up....

  67. Judith Coello

    Judith Coello16 days ago

    🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️I love to organize

  68. Courtney

    Courtney17 days ago

    Professional Organizer 🙋🏼‍♀️ @courtscleaningservices 💕

  69. Desiray Layton

    Desiray Layton18 days ago

    Would you do a makeup tutorial on the makeup look you are wearing in this video? It's so glam and gorgeous! Love you Tati!

  70. Mia Sassbury

    Mia Sassbury18 days ago

    Beauty room tour? More like Tati roasts her giant makeup collection for 13 minutes straight 😂

  71. Kristine Bateman

    Kristine Bateman18 days ago

    Wow sooooo much make up

  72. Tahsina Hussain

    Tahsina Hussain18 days ago

    She has more makeup than Sephora 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  73. Luisa Estrada

    Luisa Estrada18 days ago

    Sub esp please

  74. Shelby Cohen

    Shelby Cohen18 days ago

    Can you make a video of you organizing your whole makeup room!!

  75. Gorgeous with Ney

    Gorgeous with Ney18 days ago

    Omg!!!! I wish I could just play with allllll that makeup!!!!!!! Every girl’s dream!!!! ❤️

  76. Shelia Olson

    Shelia Olson19 days ago

    You should get it professionally organized

  77. •Dancer _Krystal•

    •Dancer _Krystal•19 days ago

    Something about Tatis voice is real calming🤷‍♀️

  78. Vittoria Micheli

    Vittoria Micheli19 days ago

    Hi, can I ask you what camera do you use?

  79. Beth Orr

    Beth Orr19 days ago

    Omg! I am so jealous of your lip product collection!!! I love it!!!❤

  80. Adylene Rosales

    Adylene Rosales19 days ago

    I love it how she had a brush in her hair

  81. Andrea Gallardo

    Andrea Gallardo19 days ago

    I would give all of it away😬. Just keep 2 or 3 drawers of products that I use because she gets new products all the time anyway.

  82. C L

    C L20 days ago

    legend has it that Tati has more than 1,000 lipsticks

  83. Katelyn Montes De Oca

    Katelyn Montes De Oca20 days ago

    Tip: if your overwhelmed of how much u have you should contact a professional organizer for all your makeup safia nygard had it professional organizer and they labeled all her lipstick and everything

  84. anonymous

    anonymous20 days ago


  85. Nicole Wuelleh

    Nicole Wuelleh20 days ago

    Forgive me but Monistat? I have no idea what that's about.

  86. Hockeysister2514 Laubach

    Hockeysister2514 Laubach20 days ago

    Please pick me a giveaway please please

  87. shannon lackey

    shannon lackey20 days ago

    Girl. Those are museum drawers. 😱 😇 that room is heaven.

  88. Estela Mira

    Estela Mira21 day ago

    This video made me so stressed.. I know want to go there & help her organise everything!!😅

  89. mk 23

    mk 2321 day ago

    i think thats sick to have that much

  90. Alexandra Brenaman

    Alexandra Brenaman22 days ago

    watching tati go insane for 13 minutes straight

  91. Saint saint

    Saint saint22 days ago

    wild capitalism. That is why women are constantly considered dumb and foolish. shame.

  92. Alexa Cosentino

    Alexa Cosentino23 days ago

    Oh my goodness gorgeous girl that room is like a candy store for me lol how much fun. Your too Sweet! Much love Alexa

  93. Allie Audten

    Allie Audten24 days ago

    I love your vids

  94. Bird Lover

    Bird Lover24 days ago

    I literally want to go shopping at Tati’s

  95. Maribella Torres

    Maribella Torres24 days ago

    Doname maquillaje yo lo recibo me puede enviar email yo recibo los maquillaje en puerto rico

  96. Shelby Bauer

    Shelby Bauer24 days ago

    Can I come and live there?? I'll clean... I just want to play with all the makeup lol I'll anything you don't use LMFAO

  97. gg M

    gg M24 days ago

    I would love to organize all of her makeup😍

  98. Rose Bruhn Bertelsen

    Rose Bruhn Bertelsen9 days ago

    Yeah me too

  99. Ryanvon P.Romarate

    Ryanvon P.Romarate24 days ago

    Omg love it . Can u send me make up .u dont use it

  100. miruku no zahra

    miruku no zahra25 days ago

    You can try the konmari method 😄

  101. Jenna Darland

    Jenna Darland25 days ago

    I would definitely love to help organize!

  102. Jessica Wells

    Jessica Wells25 days ago

    That’s soooo amazing 🤭🤗 I would get so excited seeing boxes in my name lls. Anytime you’re doing a giveaway, I’d love to participate.