1. americanpriness1

    americanpriness17 hours ago

    Love the makeup. It looks so good.

  2. Reysa Isabel Magsayo

    Reysa Isabel Magsayo14 hours ago

    Please don't threw them away 😭Give em to meeee plueaaasee! Lol Lavyu! ❤ Ur fan from Philippines 😉

  3. MyStyleMyWay

    MyStyleMyWayDay ago

    Next year im gona get married so sent me some makeup as a gift i cant afford such expensive makeup

  4. MyStyleMyWay

    MyStyleMyWayDay ago

    Plz plz plzzzzzzz give me some makeup ohhh i love watch ur video

  5. horses_with_wings x

    horses_with_wings xDay ago

    this video should actually be called tati having an anxiety attack as she tours her phat makeup collection

  6. Gabrielle Williams

    Gabrielle WilliamsDay ago

    low-key this is hoarding lol

  7. timothy flores

    timothy floresDay ago

    I can't even afford to buy a morphe palette

  8. Sidney Huffman

    Sidney HuffmanDay ago

    I wish I had the money to have this sort of problem lol

  9. nattalee

    nattalee2 days ago

    Omg makeup heaven.😍😍😍

  10. Linessa Linssi

    Linessa Linssi2 days ago

    Does anyone know where the white makeup drawers are from?

  11. מיטל דאלי

    מיטל דאלי3 days ago

    I want it alllllll

  12. Tylar Francis

    Tylar Francis3 days ago

    You should use the surf board for a table

  13. 112r

    112r3 days ago

    wooooow this room is my best dream

  14. Stephanie Ortiz

    Stephanie Ortiz3 days ago

    Love this style of video!

  15. Emily Townsend

    Emily Townsend4 days ago

    rly want to organise all of it aha

  16. Tj Abbott

    Tj Abbott4 days ago

    This is NOT TJ this is his girlfriend how do we qualify for a give away?! This is awesome and you use all the same brands I do! I love this! It’s goals!

  17. _Lauren_

    _Lauren_4 days ago

    My anxiety is through the roof 🤯

  18. Hehehe

    Hehehe5 days ago

    Here directly after watching the Mr. Kate Tati Beauty Room makeover

  19. Ennovy LaBomba

    Ennovy LaBomba5 days ago


  20. Tiffany Rhodes

    Tiffany Rhodes6 days ago

    Poor thing has too much free makeup...

  21. Nikki T

    Nikki T6 days ago

    I think professionally organizing this kind of makeup collection is very much needed. I would be so lost on where to start. but Tati always does an amazing job.

  22. Maria Lorentzen

    Maria Lorentzen6 days ago

    Hay, Tati, yes you need to clean up. Love the videos!

  23. Ellie Haworth

    Ellie Haworth6 days ago

    I know I’m a little late to this video and its taken me so long because I knew it would make me anxious but I would actually love to come to your house and organise your stuff 😂. Organising is one of my hobbies. Even your “organised” drawers made me cringe

  24. Jessica Do

    Jessica Do6 days ago

    I wish my “messy” was her level of messy because if her house is called messy my room is a giant trash can

  25. Petra Kovacs

    Petra Kovacs6 days ago

    She eat more make up even yhan really food 😂 everyyyyywhereeeeeee make upppp wooooww

  26. yAsMiNE.

    yAsMiNE.6 days ago

    omg i'd kill to "waste" an hour of my day every single day to open PR packages lmaoo

  27. Stefani Coleman

    Stefani Coleman9 days ago

    You’re lucky you spend an hour every day opening PR! I spend an hour every day driving to work 😩 Let’s trade lives lol

  28. brandy branch

    brandy branch10 days ago

    Do a giveaway for the tarte park ave princess vault collection so I don't have to spend 160$ 😂 😂

  29. brandy branch

    brandy branch10 days ago

    I'd totally organize your makeup for the stuff you don't want 😂 I wish I was your sister whoa

  30. Rebecka Mullard

    Rebecka Mullard10 days ago

    I am not in position at the moment to throw anything away at the moment so makeup graveyard sessions are just not for me at the moment

  31. Kayoni XO

    Kayoni XO11 days ago

    Dearest Tati- i'm new to your channel. Yes.. brand new and feel horrible for never finding you sooner! I just started vlogging a few weeks ago and I hope to one day reach millions of people like you have! Your content is remarkable and so positive and uplifting. I started watching just a few minutes ago and after only 5 seconds, I subscribed! Please know that you're a huge inspiration to so many like myself and you should be so incredibly proud of how powerful your influence has become. Thank you for making me feel proud and inspired to keep making videos! Much love! XO

  32. `Jessika Danielle

    `Jessika Danielle12 days ago

    I'll help u declutter!!!! I'll be for then happy to take some stuff off ur hands!!! Lol

  33. Gracie Van Brunt

    Gracie Van Brunt12 days ago

    holy crap....i literally only have one small bag of makeup hahhahhahha! but TATI I LOVE ORGANIZING, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP YOU!!! I do a yearly purge of my entire apartment!

  34. Keren Solomon

    Keren Solomon12 days ago

    I LOVE your shoes!! =)

  35. Shivani Gottipamula

    Shivani Gottipamula13 days ago

    Omg amazing!!! if you still have some giveaways, I will totally take a few things off your hands :D I am just about to redo my make organization

  36. Georgiana Cirstea

    Georgiana Cirstea13 days ago

    I really need some of the products that you have there and I am sure you don,t use them😂😂

  37. Georgiana Cirstea

    Georgiana Cirstea13 days ago

    Why do you have so much makeup??

  38. Jill Harvan

    Jill Harvan13 days ago


  39. Savannah Roddey

    Savannah Roddey14 days ago

    i love organizing omg.

  40. Milagros Torres

    Milagros Torres15 days ago

    Where did you get the make up drawers I love it.

  41. Ifah Bahasyim

    Ifah Bahasyim15 days ago

    OMG 😎😎😎😎

  42. MadWoman RantsAboutLife

    MadWoman RantsAboutLife15 days ago

    Can I win please

  43. Cheer Life

    Cheer Life16 days ago

    I love organizing

  44. Cheer Life

    Cheer Life16 days ago

    I want to help

  45. JohnAnthony Leon

    JohnAnthony Leon16 days ago

    😜 crazyyy

  46. pari sajid

    pari sajid16 days ago


  47. azkaa faadhil

    azkaa faadhil16 days ago


  48. Beige Ricaforte

    Beige Ricaforte16 days ago

    You're so blessed 🙏

  49. I P

    I P17 days ago

    This is insane !

  50. Lisa Clark

    Lisa Clark17 days ago

    If I can keep the makeup I like (and you’ll buy my plane ticket) I’d be glad to help

  51. kekesla

    kekesla17 days ago

    Hi Tati, loved the video. My suggestion; hire two assistants to organise the make up, then order tonnes of boxes and give away 5-10 items in the boxes each and post them to subscribers at random. That way, from the looks of things you can give items away to hundreds of people at a time.

  52. Laurene Lagan

    Laurene Lagan17 days ago

    New subscriber! Really loving your vids 😀 love that you don’t swear and have manners yussss!!!

  53. Ashley Coco

    Ashley Coco18 days ago

    Does anyone know where she got the dressers for her makeup

  54. chihong zhang

    chihong zhang18 days ago

    Whoa you need a declutter

  55. Sandra Mckenna

    Sandra Mckenna18 days ago

    I want the draws were are they from

  56. Amparo Hughes

    Amparo Hughes19 days ago

    I would love to organize all that! Organizing is my thing.

  57. Cathy Facto

    Cathy Facto19 days ago

    I will take your donations with open arms.

  58. Jakayla Bontoft

    Jakayla Bontoft19 days ago

    Tati having a crisis for 13 minutes straight

  59. Qui & Ken

    Qui & Ken20 days ago

    OMG ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍❤️❤️

  60. Startrice Phillips

    Startrice Phillips20 days ago

    I love your collection

  61. Jojie San Miguel

    Jojie San Miguel21 day ago

    Go to instagram and search Neat obsession. They will help you to rearrange your stuff. Thank me later 😉

  62. lia sshi

    lia sshi21 day ago

    I couldnt even fill the half of one drawer.... Its sad

  63. KerwinsoloHMUA

    KerwinsoloHMUA22 days ago

    I really enjoy watching your videos, your tone of voice is so soothing 😍👍

  64. zimzam zim

    zimzam zim22 days ago

    Oh my. So much makeup. Tati you have only one face. You can make a make up lessions for young girls. Greetings from Europe. 😘 sorry about my english skills. 🤭

  65. Kylie Mik

    Kylie Mik24 days ago

    This house is sephora frl.

  66. Chloe Lawson

    Chloe Lawson24 days ago

    So much

  67. MJ Liptak

    MJ Liptak25 days ago

    I would love to come and help!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous of the makeup you have! Dont want to sound needy but you cans send me as much makeup as you want!

  68. Bobbi Bowers

    Bobbi Bowers25 days ago

    OK, so the makeup is great, but CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT SMEG MARBLE REFRIGERATOR?!?

  69. Chowi Simba

    Chowi Simba25 days ago

    So give away a 5 times a week same as u upload. Become the ultimate give away lady on MReporter and make ur channel grow more

  70. palsindh0704

    palsindh070426 days ago

    You should have a giveaway were you select a lucky winner to come shop your beauty room of makeup you do not want :)

  71. WeeWabi Sabi

    WeeWabi Sabi26 days ago

    I luv handmedowns!🤣💋🌺👍🏼

  72. Abel calista

    Abel calista26 days ago

    Can you give me much your make up😘😘😘

  73. Morgan Ulwelling

    Morgan Ulwelling27 days ago

    Can you send me some stuff

  74. ItsJodisLife Xo

    ItsJodisLife Xo27 days ago

    The way i organise makeup Powders in a drawer ( overflowing) Brushes in a drawer ( 12 pound shop/ dolled store brushes and 4 decent ones) Anything else in a drawer ( aka nothing much)

  75. Lakeisha Hill

    Lakeisha Hill28 days ago

    Tati where did you get your drawers system. I am in love with them. Lol!

  76. Amanda Zamora

    Amanda Zamora28 days ago

    Where did you find them drawers I love them does anybody know

  77. Chowi Simba

    Chowi Simba25 days ago

    Amanda Zamora there is a video on her beauty room decor made by mr and mrs kate

  78. Liana Tsamoutou

    Liana Tsamoutou29 days ago


  79. Rachelle Siracusa

    Rachelle SiracusaMonth ago

    Consider donating unwanted makeup to womens shelters, or high schools in lower income areas

  80. Altamash Khawaja

    Altamash KhawajaMonth ago

    I am a new subscriber and honestly, I really enjoyed your videos. Thank you.

  81. kher h

    kher hMonth ago

    Gossssshhhh I wish I could have a tiny itsy bitsy of products you have...

  82. Mj Miquiabas

    Mj MiquiabasMonth ago

    I want ur makeuppp its so classy💖

  83. Sara Shute

    Sara ShuteMonth ago

    I’m an organizer wannabe. But don’t look in my closet. 🙄. But the space in front of your stage lighting mirror is work space. NOT display. Put the pretty, best packaging awards on the display shelves. Out of the way.

  84. B*TcH PleAsE

    B*TcH PleAsEMonth ago

    I just compared my makeup to tati's, like she has alot of makeup and I only have lipgloss, a cracked blush, a small eyeshadow palette, and a lip liner that doesn't suit my skin tone...... I only five makeup.... Yes...... Only 5

  85. Gurcay Canel

    Gurcay CanelMonth ago

    I luv make up If u wanna send the stuff u don't want I'd be more than happy to help 😊 xx

  86. Kai McCoy

    Kai McCoyMonth ago

    Maybe invest in some drawer organizers? I think a big problem you have in like your concealer drawer is that it’s all just loose and everywhere. It might help to ass some kind of organizer to help keep them all in the same spot & whatnot

  87. Kai McCoy

    Kai McCoyMonth ago

    Girl has two Sephoras in her room alone. & I can hardly afford a $8 lipstick 😂

  88. Jennifer Morris

    Jennifer MorrisMonth ago

    Clean up a little bit then I’ll come back.

  89. zara mckenna

    zara mckennaMonth ago

    She could open her own makeup store.....wait no.....she could open an wntire shopping centre

  90. zara mckenna

    zara mckennaMonth ago

    The eyeshadow brush in her bun is a mood

  91. Alysha P

    Alysha PMonth ago

    First time watching Tati she’s funny AF 😀who cares she’s got loads of makeup what do we expect I just hate the organisation skills I really do want to help lol !!

  92. A.R.M.Y 4 LIFE

    A.R.M.Y 4 LIFEMonth ago

    She has a pencil in her hair😂

  93. Nawallifediy

    NawallifediyMonth ago

    I’ll come in help you

  94. Tharindee Dharmawardene

    Tharindee DharmawardeneMonth ago

    Your makeup is flawless!

  95. Lara Schwarz

    Lara SchwarzMonth ago

    All my make up can fit in a shoe box, and there's still plenty space. I don't even have a concealer xD

  96. mariam souadi

    mariam souadiMonth ago

    Tati I would love love to have same of your make up ; (

  97. ShakeyMakeup

    ShakeyMakeupMonth ago

    *cries in poor*

  98. Akatasz Black

    Akatasz BlackMonth ago

    There is no better addiction than make up

  99. Geannie Tuten

    Geannie TutenMonth ago

    I am always open for donations ;) So jeally watching this!

  100. Gemma Taylor

    Gemma TaylorMonth ago

    Omg all I own is one small bag of makeup 😂

  101. Nazirah Najib

    Nazirah NajibMonth ago

    how can i get the give away 😂