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BBC Frozen Planet Augmented Reality - created by INDE


  1. santiago galle

    santiago galle3 months ago

    more like post-reality

  2. srinath goud

    srinath goud5 months ago

    Hi sir, how to install Augmented reality 3d content in LED Video Wall, Please explain this is my mail id

  3. Felipe Barbosa

    Felipe Barbosa11 months ago

    Parabems pela criatividade

  4. Dilshad umer

    Dilshad umerYear ago

    human u r want to live in imagine life. that make u a false meaning of life. return to ur creater . think about. not try to become God. thnx

  5. 뎨쀼

    뎨쀼Year ago

    Reеallу bееееst mоооvieее. I foоound it hеrеее =>

  6. Ranjeet Bhagat

    Ranjeet Bhagat2 years ago

    how to you make this presentation, if i want to make then what is procedure, please share with us. there is no information in your wesite

  7. chaitanya krishna

    chaitanya krishnaYear ago

    time lapse videos

  8. Alexandra Romanova

    Alexandra Romanova2 years ago

    Amazing, especially for kids!

  9. Tim Tailor

    Tim Tailor2 years ago

    by the way, augmented reality opens a good way for parents to make their kids read, make this process fun, people already built some books with apps. That's great. I wanna buy some!

  10. Jennifer Riquelme

    Jennifer Riquelme3 years ago

    ta wena .l.

  11. Binesh Ross

    Binesh Ross3 years ago

    Super work...How is this done could share please...Its a high quality 3d rendered video been overlayed with real capture of people...But how to do this ,,,

  12. Xu Kenzi

    Xu Kenzi3 years ago

    this is alpha video in Screen!

  13. Darkhawk Tibby

    Darkhawk Tibby3 years ago

    That's cool!

  14. FakerBreaker

    FakerBreaker4 years ago

    So! Here is my succes garanteered idea for a startup company: use that technology to build a 'Real' Jurrassic Park. Try to get close to the movies and their marketing, but make it good and smart! With eccelent graphics and sound quality! Include unexpected adventures during the tour and try to creat many different Feelings.

  15. FakerBreaker

    FakerBreaker4 years ago

    ...And of course use glasses...

  16. VJ Kirin wang

    VJ Kirin wang4 years ago


  17. Karen Noffsinger

    Karen Noffsinger5 years ago

    Wow, how cool is that. I bet the children had so much fun. Not to mention their parents.