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Bazzi feat. Camila Cabello - Beautiful (Official Video)


  1. Cee Cee

    Cee Cee18 minutes ago

    Amazing collaboration 😍

  2. Alejandra Rojas

    Alejandra Rojas18 minutes ago

    Me encanto

  3. Sophia Lopez

    Sophia Lopez18 minutes ago

    Me encanto😻❤

  4. Erika Zion

    Erika Zion19 minutes ago

    *Who here before 100m* 😍😭

  5. Rxyfi

    Rxyfi19 minutes ago

    Camila is so Beautiful perfect song, imagery, and vibe. Definitely a shower song. I tried so hard to hit her run I almost have it but anyways amazing song and 2 amazing artists.

  6. Gina Beteta

    Gina Beteta19 minutes ago

    My little angel, visit me!

  7. Danio Zú

    Danio Zú19 minutes ago


  8. jaafar chalhoub

    jaafar chalhoub19 minutes ago

    Who’s here before 1 Million views?

  9. Rebecca Brown

    Rebecca Brown19 minutes ago

    Who else is here before 1 million views? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️

  10. Isaque B

    Isaque B19 minutes ago

    Aqui e brasil

  11. daniel costa

    daniel costa19 minutes ago


  12. Alex Cayanan

    Alex Cayanan19 minutes ago


  13. Magdalena

    Magdalena19 minutes ago

    why the tank reminds me Romeo and Juliet?

  14. L

    L19 minutes ago


  15. tyguystacks320 !

    tyguystacks320 !19 minutes ago

    I *LOVE* this song. This is truly the definition of an amazing song.

  16. Hala Saeed Ansari

    Hala Saeed Ansari19 minutes ago

    Before 1 Millon

  17. alexia benitez

    alexia benitez19 minutes ago

    soo beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍

  18. DudsFX

    DudsFX19 minutes ago

    This is the best song! omg

  19. Jacob C

    Jacob C20 minutes ago


  20. Kristen Fitzgerald

    Kristen Fitzgerald20 minutes ago

    Like the original better 😕

  21. LaTavia Williams

    LaTavia Williams20 minutes ago

    Beautiful Angels ❤👍🙌👼👼😎

  22. alexia benitez

    alexia benitez20 minutes ago

    we love this

  23. Venus_ invisible08

    Venus_ invisible0820 minutes ago

    Amooooooo 🍒✨💿💦

  24. Slim Shady

    Slim Shady20 minutes ago

    Bazzi is handsome and Camila is beautiful and they are gorgeous and now i’m shipping them

  25. Miranda _

    Miranda _20 minutes ago

    LO AMO

  26. VitorEtc

    VitorEtc20 minutes ago

    pqp geralmente escuto musicas pela primeira vez nunca acho bom, mas essa achei bom logo de primeira ta de parabéns, cade os BR DAQ

  27. Creativ Brian

    Creativ Brian20 minutes ago

    This song was "beautiful"

  28. Zong Beats #YoungFlavour

    Zong Beats #YoungFlavour21 minute ago

    Beautiful angel 😍

  29. Sammy P

    Sammy P21 minute ago

    #1 on trending!!!!!

  30. ornela 25

    ornela 2521 minute ago

    I just fell in love with this song over again😍🎧🎶🎵 just perfect!

  31. ItzHanna

    ItzHanna21 minute ago

    this is so chill

  32. Gustavo Beneti

    Gustavo Beneti21 minute ago

    m e m e s

  33. Master Henry

    Master Henry21 minute ago

    romeo and juliet in 2018?

  34. Aaron Weiner

    Aaron Weiner21 minute ago


  35. Gretel velazquez

    Gretel velazquez21 minute ago

    This video gives me the stripper vibes.. if you know what I mean

  36. Seth Imperial

    Seth Imperial21 minute ago


  37. Shaterlyn Pasco Puerta

    Shaterlyn Pasco Puerta21 minute ago

    I love you Bazzi

  38. marjojo13

    marjojo1321 minute ago

    This is really good. I think the mentions of Gucci and her being naked kinda cheapened it but otherwise I like it

  39. Vanessa Araujo

    Vanessa Araujo21 minute ago

    Defino esto como: perfección xddd

  40. Tranquility

    Tranquility22 minutes ago

    Noooooo........ 😱The original video and song with just his voice is golden😍. No bronze needed!!😑

  41. xime A

    xime A22 minutes ago


  42. JorArmBoy

    JorArmBoy22 minutes ago

    1:39 She's killing me ...

  43. Can I get over 1000 subscribers with no videos

    Can I get over 1000 subscribers with no videos22 minutes ago

    The auto tune is worse then my grades in math




  45. The Dennis Family

    The Dennis Family22 minutes ago

    I love the song

  46. What For

    What For22 minutes ago

    Here before 500k

  47. Screaming Pear Y

    Screaming Pear Y22 minutes ago

    Douche + bad music = overplayed

  48. mattwelter

    mattwelter22 minutes ago


  49. Nature World

    Nature World22 minutes ago

    Money❌ Drugs❌ Naked Girls❌ Expensive Things❌ Flexing❌ Mumbling❌ Pure Talent✅ Lyrics✅ Great Clip✅ Goosebumps✅ Like if you agree👍

  50. evelyn pineda

    evelyn pineda22 minutes ago


  51. fallmeme out

    fallmeme out23 minutes ago

    First 7.400000003

  52. Lars Nathália

    Lars Nathália23 minutes ago


  53. First Name

    First Name23 minutes ago


  54. Byrel G&M

    Byrel G&M23 minutes ago


  55. Miguel vindas

    Miguel vindas23 minutes ago

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  56. WolfgangLILrics

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  57. Paula Cruz

    Paula Cruz23 minutes ago

    My queen

  58. maya demissie

    maya demissie23 minutes ago

    who else is here before 1 mil views??

  59. kerla flow

    kerla flow23 minutes ago

    Mwe encanta is fantastic,😚😉😍

  60. HydroWasHere

    HydroWasHere23 minutes ago

    This video is amazing ugh I cant-

  61. irene peña

    irene peña23 minutes ago

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful video

  62. Naiany Fernanda Soares de lima

    Naiany Fernanda Soares de lima23 minutes ago


  63. raven graham

    raven graham23 minutes ago

    Camila looks satisfying!!!😍😍 omg and Bazzi is gorgeous duh!! I love it it’s a like fairytale movie

  64. Eliandra Almeida

    Eliandra Almeida23 minutes ago

    Eu senti uma referência a Romeu e Julieta e tbm a Cinderela (3:14) por causa do sino tocando.. Amei ❤️❤️❤️ MELHOR FEET ❤️

  65. Sophie Doe

    Sophie Doe23 minutes ago

    Team "OG is better" 🤘🏻 Good clip tho

  66. hello its me

    hello its me23 minutes ago

    i've been blessed by this beautiful music video !!!

  67. Sophia Wang

    Sophia Wang23 minutes ago

    So good🤤🤤🤤🤤😍😍

  68. Luads Filmes G

    Luads Filmes G23 minutes ago


  69. F. D

    F. D23 minutes ago

    this 'Masterpiece' deserved a bilion views

  70. Amazing Himel

    Amazing Himel24 minutes ago

    finally a pop song without rap verse in 2018

  71. the khaled97

    the khaled9724 minutes ago


  72. Hadele

    Hadele24 minutes ago

    0:29 can we pls appreciate camila's 'title of the song ' face🔥

  73. yo yo

    yo yo24 minutes ago

    my favorite song ❤️

  74. God's Community

    God's Community24 minutes ago

    Stay healthy. 🌞🌝

  75. Ty Shania

    Ty Shania24 minutes ago

    I’m sorry I don’t know who else agrees but Camilla ruined this song for me it’s not that she was bad but I liked the original better let him take the spotlight I loved the orginal

  76. Luads Filmes G

    Luads Filmes G24 minutes ago

    #1 no Brasil

  77. Io Sono Name

    Io Sono Name24 minutes ago

    Live Who is under the 500000 visual

  78. Default Guy

    Default Guy24 minutes ago


  79. Khione

    Khione24 minutes ago

    who’s here before 1 million?

  80. Naiany Fernanda Soares de lima

    Naiany Fernanda Soares de lima24 minutes ago


  81. Joshua

    Joshua24 minutes ago

    The first video is a low budget mess compared to this masterpiece good job Bazz and Camz!

  82. Merlz Labra

    Merlz Labra24 minutes ago

    Holyyyy fuck

  83. Thundercats Tv

    Thundercats Tv24 minutes ago

    Lindíssima demais hein 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  84. Arlan Bruno

    Arlan Bruno25 minutes ago

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  85. Naiany Fernanda Soares de lima

    Naiany Fernanda Soares de lima25 minutes ago

    Camz My Beautiful Angel😻🖤🙈

  86. Teniola Ogunbitan

    Teniola Ogunbitan25 minutes ago

    most played song on my playlist, can't go a day without listening to beautiful

  87. Smite sGEN

    Smite sGEN25 minutes ago

    Chief this it.

  88. mwm

    mwm25 minutes ago

    Hey, beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful angel (camila) ❤👈💄👗👠

  89. Gaby Anguiano

    Gaby Anguiano25 minutes ago

    Its #1 in treanding for a reason.

  90. DasiC

    DasiC25 minutes ago

    a Camila já é um anjo, com essa roupa virou oq? Meu Deus!

  91. Sophie Thorne Pedersen

    Sophie Thorne Pedersen25 minutes ago

    Bazzi is literally every Camilizer

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    DINAH CABEYO KORDEI26 minutes ago

    como a lauren de the stripper não reconheceu a camila de mascara OLHA SÓ N MUDA NADA

  94. Cristina May Fierro

    Cristina May Fierro26 minutes ago


  95. Olivia Lane

    Olivia Lane26 minutes ago

    1 on trending baby

  96. latias dragnier

    latias dragnier26 minutes ago

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  97. Pussy Demolition Inc.

    Pussy Demolition Inc.26 minutes ago

    Eh it's not that good

  98. Cameron Davis

    Cameron Davis26 minutes ago

    #1 ON TRENDING AYEEEEE I’m a small youtuber and would love to have ur support!!! ❤️:)

  99. Maryam Mahmood

    Maryam Mahmood26 minutes ago

    Omg its#1 on trending!!!!!😍