Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer


  1. Battlefield

    Battlefield10 months ago

    Watch the official gamescom trailer:

  2. Führer Wilhelm

    Führer Wilhelm4 months ago

    If you are part of EA could you add the battle of Britain in conquest, Grand operation and few others plus add ship and air battles

  3. Lamouourhwaks Uteee

    Lamouourhwaks Uteee4 months ago

    EA most of your games are garbage you mostly just milk people for their money y’all are actually stupid so stop you losers

  4. David Martinez

    David Martinez5 months ago

    EA why why you always ruin games

  5. Bernardo Maffessoni

    Bernardo Maffessoni7 days ago

    DICE, please, make this game a "more than 2 years" supported game. BFV have A TON of potential and A TON of areas that can be refined. I am PRAYING for you guys to make the right decisions. Good luck

  6. Top Gear & Grand Tour

    Top Gear & Grand Tour12 days ago

    So much better than the reveal! Great game!

  7. Tonaras tony

    Tonaras tony12 days ago

    Trailer has nothing to do with the actual gameplay though... No immersion.

  8. Javan Twoyoungmen

    Javan Twoyoungmen13 days ago

    I wish the pilots looked like the ones shown here.. too bad it isn’t

  9. Juan Rios

    Juan Rios14 days ago

    Why as a german i jump from a british plane? And the Ju 52?

  10. Mark Alpasan

    Mark Alpasan16 days ago


  11. ComBat CruZin

    ComBat CruZin18 days ago

    If this would have been the reveal trailer, BFV would have many more players than it already has.

  12. Tobben543

    Tobben54318 days ago

    It would be cool if it was an norwegian ww2 uniform skin in bf5

  13. pradeep kumar

    pradeep kumar22 days ago

    I like all ea game

  14. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode22 days ago

    I wish they'd bring back a remastered version of Battlefield 2. Still the best game from the Battlefield franchise.

  15. Donny Danko

    Donny Danko27 days ago

    This game failed because they were weak enough to pander to "people" that were WHINING. these whiny people dont even play video games🤣 they also know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT WWII😂...if that's not obvious enough

  16. Smart Gong

    Smart Gong27 days ago

    Trash game and company lol

  17. Herobrine666784

    Herobrine66678428 days ago

    Wow it has a rating of 2/10

  18. pikasalsachu

    pikasalsachu28 days ago

    Gameplay trailers are better than cinematic, like the caspian border trailer

  19. Jslayallday92 S

    Jslayallday92 S29 days ago

    See EA you and you’re developers are a bunch of stupid fkin morons and exactly why you’re share price tanked 20% and it’s still not enough for you idiots to stfu and listen to the fan base or community.

  20. DJAlex

    DJAlexMonth ago

    It was a mistake to buy it

  21. kyzmitch2

    kyzmitch2Month ago

    But it’s from Singleplayer

  22. DaniDeAugurk 15

    DaniDeAugurk 15Month ago

    Im so glad i refunded this crap and go play battlefield1943

  23. Alpa Paghadar

    Alpa PaghadarMonth ago

    EA is a thief

  24. Jacob Dulac

    Jacob DulacMonth ago

    Damn right they do

  25. First name Last name

    First name Last nameMonth ago

    Did Michael bay make this trailer

  26. Jimmy Darshidon

    Jimmy DarshidonMonth ago

    make a dlc with no women with robot arms and equipped with snipers when all they do is no scope.

  27. Jimmy Darshidon

    Jimmy DarshidonMonth ago

    U like the fact that they are re-writing history? Ur the asshole.

  28. Md .?

    Md .?Month ago

    Doog And Kite Luvar I Live hamstor Well my friend i’m not mad because opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. 😊

  29. Jimmy Darshidon

    Jimmy DarshidonMonth ago

    Md .? Nah its you. Ur getting mad over my opinion.

  30. Md .?

    Md .?Month ago

    Doog And Kite Luvar I Live hamstor And it’s you

  31. Elias Fernandes

    Elias FernandesMonth ago

    Remake BF3

  32. Zalán Pirisi

    Zalán PirisiMonth ago


  33. Samantha Saiz

    Samantha Saiz2 months ago

    I 7 667 ink gig. f k. j8gf7pl

  34. Jason Lee

    Jason Lee2 months ago

    I never saw that snipers go to capture. They always just camping at somewhere like a 90 -year old aged people

  35. Md .?

    Md .?Month ago

    Jason Lee. Well, technically they were not really made to be in the frontlines, but they will be even more useless if they are camping in bases doing nothing. But you should understand that snipers will be most effective killing enemies from medium to long ranges.

  36. Redric Davis

    Redric Davis2 months ago

    Skate 4

  37. md Abbas

    md Abbas2 months ago

    Bolben pl......z

  38. md Abbas

    md Abbas2 months ago

    Vaiy games ta ki have at korbo

  39. LukasPlays hehe

    LukasPlays hehe2 months ago

    Ea sux

  40. French Fry 28

    French Fry 282 months ago

    54 deaths

  41. lolololollolo heyehayeahyeahaey

    lolololollolo heyehayeahyeahaey2 months ago

    The ww game trailer has to be dark and terror Not to show how epic of the game

  42. Kirk Arocho

    Kirk Arocho2 months ago

    Welp good bye bf1 HELLO BFV p.s. I all ready have the game

  43. Jintian Meng

    Jintian Meng2 months ago

    1:27 *ZEUS!!!*


    FEGT CREW GTA V OFFICIAL2 months ago

    Oh look at 01:00 a soldier grabs another woundet to get him into safety This Never will be in battlefield V hahahaha you guys are insane... Promise stuff at the reveal that would be Never in the Game But we are talking about EA here...

  45. Juan Rios

    Juan Rios2 months ago

    So sad.

  46. BanditMain

    BanditMain2 months ago

    1:33 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  47. Central Intelligence Agency

    Central Intelligence Agency3 months ago

    1:20 lol wtf that wasnt multiplayer

  48. 1000 subscribers no video challenge 744

    1000 subscribers no video challenge 7443 months ago

    Majority of people that play this game are men therefore they will be men there were woman on the frontlines

  49. klickstefan

    klickstefan3 months ago

    Das Spiel ist nicht fertig und nicht besser sondern sogar schlechter geworden. Schlechtestes Battelfield seit Battlefield 3 und 4

  50. No Man's Land

    No Man's Land3 months ago

    Funny thing that it shows a man piloting a plane yet in the released game when piloting a plane you are locked to a woman.

  51. Kevin Hurtado

    Kevin Hurtado3 months ago

    Yo EA what about dead space 4

  52. Random Things

    Random Things3 months ago


  53. Boro_ je

    Boro_ je3 months ago


  54. David Levine

    David Levine3 months ago

    Anyone else hoping that Battlefield 6 is modern combat? Imagine a battlefield modern combat game with the graphics capability of Battlefield V.

  55. henrique silva

    henrique silva3 months ago

    Handicap fifa 19 ?????????

  56. Soren Donaire

    Soren Donaire3 months ago

    I love ea games but why lack of rts games on android

  57. Lee Petchey

    Lee Petchey3 months ago

    I did think about a good idea for the medic class, which links into the attrition. So the support class has throwable pouches that can supply running soliders with primary and secondary ammo. But the ammo crate does that, and supplies you with 1 gadget slot. "Ap mine, Flare, rockets etc" but can't be thrown that far or can be spammed plus has a duration of next use. The medic class has a throwable pouch that heals you to 100% and resupplys you with a bandage to heal yourself instantly when no medics are present (unless you get hit during the healing time). This can also be spammed. The crate does the same but has no alternate function like the support ammo crate. I think the self heal with the bandage should have a 3 second use with a animation to stop extra bullet sponging, and give the attacking team a chance to push up, change position or add pressure and should only heal you to 55%- 70% or a max of. This also applies to the medic throwable pouch but skips the 3second animation to promote teamwork. The crate on the other hand should be able to heal you to 100% and have a 3second animation. So there is a advantage and a disadvantage.

  58. Lee Petchey

    Lee Petchey3 months ago

    I just find it frustrating to get a 98-99 damage, and them to kill me even though k had the better position or the first few shots. That way you don't need to alternate the gun damages so much too, that way all guns will feel powerful at there effective ranges.

  59. Jose Willams

    Jose Willams3 months ago

    Medal of honor 1 remake please

  60. WAY TO PC

    WAY TO PC3 months ago

    ubisoft is best than EA

  61. Jim Raynor

    Jim Raynor3 months ago

    DownGrade Please!!!!

  62. 평양 경찰

    평양 경찰3 months ago

    Godly game.

  63. your roommate

    your roommate3 months ago

    I think they mixed up the trailers

  64. Yutlo 29

    Yutlo 293 months ago

    What is wrong with people hating on a other gender which Is in the game shame

  65. Gustavo Rey

    Gustavo Rey3 months ago

    Todo los trailers están buenísimo los felicito,😀😀😀

  66. Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick3 months ago

    Ur games suck

  67. FuncaliciousFeet

    FuncaliciousFeet3 months ago


  68. Adrian Pereda

    Adrian Pereda3 months ago

    Man...I love playing as the British even though we were supposed to be playing as Norwegian soldiers because maybe we are in Norway! And the same thing goes for Rotterdam! Not a single Dutch soldier

  69. Luis Patiño

    Luis Patiño4 months ago

    No downgrade, a beatiful game... But his gameplay is...

  70. I2PILOT2I

    I2PILOT2I4 months ago

    Is every one here sexsist like dose it have to be fully reallistic

  71. Arthur Nogueira

    Arthur Nogueira4 months ago

    Bom dia irmão quando vamos ter a promoção na plus da deluxe por 159.90 novamente estou no aguardo pra comprar

  72. Clon2604 Gamer

    Clon2604 Gamer4 months ago

    Dejar de tocar los cojones y de manipular los servidores de btf5

  73. DJalelex

    DJalelex4 months ago


  74. Yan Tomaz

    Yan Tomaz4 months ago

    dead space will continue?

  75. BulIder SounDD

    BulIder SounDD4 months ago


  76. FaiqGamer

    FaiqGamer4 months ago

    Why did they didn't do that on the reveal trailer?

  77. Juan Rios

    Juan Rios4 months ago

    They're idiots

  78. Iluminus Ômega Force

    Iluminus Ômega Force4 months ago

    W A M E N 5

  79. pparker

    pparker5 months ago

    Who among you didn’t bought the game?

  80. Hampurilias

    Hampurilias5 months ago

    I love the game, but this trailer? Where is the action? It's a trailer of a multiplayer game not an emotional movie. Bad representation of what the gameplay is like.

  81. Patriotic Peddler

    Patriotic Peddler5 months ago


  82. Mukri Kohar

    Mukri Kohar5 months ago

    Black: Second Mission PS3😭😭😞

  83. Robert Tomczyk

    Robert Tomczyk5 months ago

    Political correctness at it best. Hope you have enough Swedish feminists to buy it !!!!

  84. Kilroy was Here

    Kilroy was Here5 months ago

    This is what got me to buy this game

  85. Enzo Melo

    Enzo Melo5 months ago

    I bought the game... IS REALLY GOOD!!!!

  86. Maximilian Justinian

    Maximilian Justinian5 months ago

    I preordered this for 100$, now its on sale for 30, wont ever preorder again in my life lesson learned.

  87. ZAKK

    ZAKK5 months ago


  88. Андроид Андройдов

    Андроид Андройдов5 months ago

    Отсутствие русского дубляжа в игре это санкции против русских?

  89. Spitfire

    Spitfire5 months ago

    Anyone else still here after 8 months of hate?

  90. BLACKOUT 4

    BLACKOUT 45 months ago

    No Americans no buy

  91. Even Bjælgerud

    Even Bjælgerud5 months ago

    anybody knowe the name of the song in the battelfield V youtube trailer?

  92. Aryan Gill

    Aryan Gill5 months ago

    When will the "in game details dlc" be available

  93. Sub To pewdiepie

    Sub To pewdiepie5 months ago

    What’s with throwing the girl in the water

  94. John Alvie

    John Alvie5 months ago

    Lets get our credit cards ready!

  95. pattymac abides

    pattymac abides5 months ago

    EA.... Your pretentious attitude and imperialistic approach to design and marketing has brought about my decision: you will never get another penny from me.

  96. Jen Whipple

    Jen Whipple5 months ago


  97. Marcus Soares

    Marcus Soares5 months ago

    Just another souless game. A lazy but arrogant and pretensious job.

  98. light time

    light time5 months ago

    You what I am a idiot for defending this game for a long time will that ends now.

  99. JarheadPlaying

    JarheadPlaying5 months ago

    Feminism pretty much prevents me from buying this crap.

  100. Tyfon 44

    Tyfon 446 months ago


  101. Evan Nadeau

    Evan Nadeau6 months ago

    it sucks that BF1 had arguably the most awesome trailer of all time, but this one just is kinda boring. i think the use of Seven Nation Army is the turning point for it.

  102. RazgrizOne

    RazgrizOne6 months ago

    Battleflop V

  103. Carlos Pool

    Carlos Pool6 months ago

    Don't buy the game simple as that

  104. King Edgar

    King Edgar6 months ago

    Anyone buying a WW2 game that has a woman on the cover needs to rethink his life.

  105. Sid Msi

    Sid Msi6 months ago

    Where are the bushes and items that we can add on the tanks? You showed us in the first trailer and its not in the game wtf...

  106. Abdul samed eroğlu

    Abdul samed eroğlu6 months ago

    Yine sıkıcı bir hikaye ve single player mode tablosu görüyorum. Diğer bf oyunlarında olduğu gibi. Ea games bir dahaki bf oyununda single moda hiç yatırım yapmadan multiplayer mode un serverlerlerini geliştirmeye yatırım yapsın en iyisi. Şimdi yerlere vurulan call of duty nin en azından güzel 5, 6 tane oynamaya değer single player mod u güzel oyunu var. Bf ise single mod olarak hep aynı monotonlukta, bir yerden sonra sıkıcı.

  107. lubko

    lubko6 months ago

    gl with trust

  108. Sunja Deutschland

    Sunja Deutschland6 months ago

    World WAR 2 was a REAL war with much suffering. WHY makes someone a game of WW2??? 🤔😮😠👎

  109. RazgrizOne

    RazgrizOne6 months ago

    There's been plenty of games about WW2 before this my summer-child. Battlefield V is trying to revise history because the devs wants to push their political agenda.

  110. Дмитрий Cуханинский

    Дмитрий Cуханинский6 months ago

    Любая игра от ЕА - ГОВНО , недоработанное с кучей "чемоданов-аддонов" и читеров ...Что бы у вас в горле эти деньги встали ,хитрожопы жадные!

  111. Farhan Chowdhury

    Farhan Chowdhury6 months ago

    For all those who thinks that women did not took part in ww2, they have. Around 350000 women soldiers took part in the war. Even in the front lines

  112. Ed Keating

    Ed Keating6 months ago

    Which is why it is annoying that those women arent represented but made up women are.

  113. worthy knight 124

    worthy knight 1246 months ago

    Add m1 gerand