Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer


  1. Battlefield

    Battlefield12 days ago

    Watch Battlefield V multiplayer gameplay from E3:

  2. jrzez

    jrzezHour ago

    Can't tell friend or foe, let alone class in this game. Poor gameplay design.

  3. bushido 103

    bushido 103Hour ago

    Bo4 and bo3 the same just grappling guns self heal shields and broken guns

  4. Shurik

    ShurikHour ago


  5. bushido 103

    bushido 103Hour ago

    They should of showed more maps and all the new mechanics they berely did ok trailer

  6. Kekistani Deplorible

    Kekistani DeploribleHour ago

    LIBERALFEILD V only russain woman fought on the front lines not whites intagrated with blacks and Butch amputee british lesbians.

  7. Kekistani Deplorible

    Kekistani DeploribleHour ago


  8. Jacob Mully

    Jacob MullyHour ago

    Hmmm, the amount of likes on this trailer is offley suspicious...

  9. Omar Sharifi

    Omar Sharifi2 hours ago

    Majority of comments are bad yet the video barely has any dislikes and a ton of likes? I'm sure EA would never do something so fishy....

  10. Omar Sharifi

    Omar Sharifi2 hours ago

    "You must accept it or don't buy it." "My little girl wanted girls in the video games so I changed it completely regardless of what the whole fan base thinks." Next time he'll add fairies to the game 😂

  11. Nathan Mckivitz

    Nathan Mckivitz2 hours ago

    "Accept it or don't buy it" Hmmmmmm 🤔 I'll take the latter option, thanks tho

  12. Хех Мда

    Хех Мда8 hours ago


  13. Кирилл Стародубцев

    Кирилл Стародубцев8 hours ago

    Я считаю, что в данном видео принижается роль рыжеволосых женщин и чернокожих мужчин которые составляли подавляющее число солдат того времени.

  14. DH-KING

    DH-KING9 hours ago

    Whats the name of the music?

  15. Qwem Lhjsi

    Qwem Lhjsi5 hours ago

    DH-KING It's a reboot of the classic BF1942 theme, it's in every game.

  16. Alex Hutzkal

    Alex Hutzkal12 hours ago

    You’ve gotta love scrolling through these comments seeing all these one percenters, the opinions that absolutely do not matter. Your opinion will not change the game. It’s going to sell like wildfire despite what all you man-children are whining about. You. Have. No. Power. Whatsoever.

  17. Qwem Lhjsi

    Qwem Lhjsi5 hours ago

    Alex Hutzkal B-But muh es jay doubleyous

  18. jasmin greaves

    jasmin greaves12 hours ago

    To much SJW cringe, I’ll pass on all EA titles due to this. post scriptorium looks good everyone..

  19. BlackFox TheYT

    BlackFox TheYT13 hours ago


  20. Jose Luis

    Jose Luis14 hours ago

    World War II

  21. ariel mwpro_532

    ariel mwpro_53215 hours ago

    How can happen that this tráiler have less dislikes than the first?

  22. ariel mwpro_532

    ariel mwpro_53215 hours ago

    WoW look at that bots boiiiiiiiii!!!

  23. NSGXD505

    NSGXD50516 hours ago

    For those that like the battlefield franchise don't go to the comment section ever again because you're mind will explode by how many people that are triggered about females in the game for me i care about the quality of the game if it's fun I play it don't let these people change your mind because it's a small portion of people that they don't care about gameplay they care about " historical accuracy" this a game after all judge it from how much you enjoy it not by being a history buff you got other WW2 historical games this is not for you if you like history

  24. DarthBatSpider

    DarthBatSpider18 hours ago

    I hope they add a map where you get to play on the island of Guam with the American forces vs the Japanese forces



    Probably the Shittest thing I’ve ever seen😂

  26. gagego

    gagego19 hours ago

    Please dice. Can you make winter war content to this game.

  27. Axel mesa

    Axel mesa22 hours ago

    Para noviembre va a estar en latino?

  28. Brentkio

    Brentkio23 hours ago

    I want the US army in this game!

  29. Ser SER

    Ser SER23 hours ago

    BF V провал года

  30. KANGZ

    KANGZ23 hours ago


  31. dmyrych

    dmyrychDay ago

    That looks like WW2! Finally..

  32. dmyrych

    dmyrychDay ago

    Yeah, we deserve that trailer, after first one

  33. Alexandr Pashkov

    Alexandr PashkovDay ago сейчас идет стрим, всем советую посмотреть

  34. Phoenix Cao

    Phoenix CaoDay ago

    Guys if they don't listen to their majority of their players Boycott the game. Then see what happens when they take a huge hit to their fan based and money. Then they will listen to the majority.

  35. Erne e

    Erne eDay ago

    Ill buy it but I aint reviving or resupplying no women.

  36. Erne e

    Erne e4 hours ago

    Qwem Lhjsi Thanks =)

  37. Qwem Lhjsi

    Qwem Lhjsi4 hours ago

    Erne e Have fun being a terrible support/medic.

  38. Erne e

    Erne e4 hours ago

    Qwem Lhjsi Look I found the person whos going to play as a women! Anyways ill just revive my buddies and all the other men around =)

  39. Qwem Lhjsi

    Qwem Lhjsi5 hours ago

    Erne e Then don't play the game. No decent player'll want you on their team.

  40. ArkArk222

    ArkArk222Day ago

    I have difficulties understanding why the likes outnumber the dislikes this time Me.exe has stop responding

  41. Faith Lesil

    Faith LesilDay ago

    Welp, back to battlefield 1

  42. Amazing Gamer

    Amazing GamerDay ago


  43. Elena Aleksandrova

    Elena AleksandrovaDay ago

    roblox говно

  44. вова вова

    вова воваDay ago

    где звук

  45. Offensive Truth

    Offensive TruthDay ago

    I paid for the premium pass and some of the dlc maps don’t even work, they either don’t load or make the whole game crash. I want my money back

  46. Richard Oliver

    Richard OliverDay ago

    I have never seen any footage what so ever of women running around the front lines Rambo style with a cricket bat. If someone could correct me please do.

  47. Richard Oliver

    Richard OliverDay ago

    "These are people who are uneducated -- they don't understand that this is a plausible scenario, and listen: this is a game. And today gaming is gender-diverse, like it hasn't been before. There are a lot of female people who want to play, and male players who want to play as a badass woman "And we don't take any flak. We stand up for the cause, because I think those people who don't understand it, well, you have two choices: either accept it or don't buy the game. I'm fine with either or. It's just not ok." This is what DICE thinks of it's fans, they say this in the belief you are stupid little sheep and go and buy it anyway, Prove them wrong.

  48. Qwem Lhjsi

    Qwem Lhjsi5 hours ago

    Richard Oliver Nah, I'll buy it because I think it'll be a great game. I don't believe in "muh EA mind control".

  49. е

    еDay ago


  50. е

    еDay ago

    U know, if you create a ww2 game, read something about that. And u can see that women was in the kitchens and in hopitals, not with robot arms on the battle field. WTF

  51. е

    еDay ago

    Too many women are here

  52. Nghia Pham

    Nghia PhamDay ago


  53. Obi :D

    Obi :DDay ago

    Im Done.... I'm sad.... I'm disgusted by this historical change.... there was no women in the front in ww2..... Feminism has destroyed everything.... one day feminism will fall.. I hope... but to make it happen it will need war... this world is done

  54. Qwem Lhjsi

    Qwem Lhjsi5 hours ago

    Obi :D Great to see uneducated idiots complaining about historical accuracy and feminism. Women did serve as frontline combat units in the red army, next time, do 5 seconds of research.

  55. Skepolo TV

    Skepolo TVDay ago

    the new overwatch event looks great

  56. War Teddys

    War TeddysDay ago

    You guys should all do a battlefield 4 all platform dlc free release again for the people that missed it and because battlefield 5 is coming out

  57. Land Creature

    Land CreatureDay ago


  58. ImTheWaffleman

    ImTheWafflemanDay ago

    Definitely not wasting my money on this trash

  59. rigglesnz

    rigglesnzDay ago

    So multiplayer is full of cutsceens? Seems rather annoying.

  60. rigglesnz

    rigglesnz22 hours ago

    Matthijs _ watch it again champ, it was about 90% cutsceens.

  61. Matthijs _

    Matthijs _22 hours ago

    rigglesnz only the last 5 seconds was a cutscene dumbo

  62. Bravo

    BravoDay ago

    There are many countries who had volunteering women fighters and men, a resistance. Just because of what you were taught in school, doesn't make you an expert on history and what occurred to others. One person's experience doesn't generalize someone else's experience. There is a lot more beyond "D-Day" and the all of the major battles. Don't care who you are, we don't know every detail and what every man and woman went through in WWII. Interpretation and their experience is different for everyone. Also, chill out, it's a prosthetic arm and not a mechanical one. If it was a male instead of a female, would that prosthetic make a big difference? You guys are getting way too riled and weird for making a big deal out of a female in a game. Don't care if you're saying these developers are going for "politically correct" just CALM. DOWN. It's a VIDEO GAME. If you want "realistic", by all means travel back in time and go to battle in WWII. (Which is by the way, up for interpretation again of when WWII started for which country, city/town, people, family, person).

  63. Godzilla The Gangster

    Godzilla The GangsterDay ago

    TFW women are added in a WW2 game and I instantly forget D-Day happened.

  64. Laguthka Pepe

    Laguthka PepeDay ago

    Трейлер первой батлы в разы круче

  65. Aurum TV

    Aurum TV14 hours ago

    в 1 батле музыка круче ту ту туууу ту

  66. Mango juice

    Mango juiceDay ago

    I'm saying scrap what it looks like now and make it more like World War II

  67. JP M

    JP MDay ago

    Came back and noticed my dislike is gone, hit it again for good measure and screened as proof of the deed suggest my fellow battlefield patriots do so as well. Proof they are removing the dislikes.

  68. Matthew Beast

    Matthew BeastDay ago

    Lmao I've never so much crying in a comment sheesh it's just a game not a documentary get over it.😂😂

  69. Skelly

    SkellyDay ago

    I can now die in piece after watching this video.

  70. coolone7100

    coolone7100Day ago

    Accept it or don’t Buy it- Never forget this words when the thing launches

  71. Tiago Alves

    Tiago AlvesDay ago

    This should be the actual trailer

  72. DaAssassin

    DaAssassinDay ago


  73. The Glob

    The GlobDay ago

    I think you did great on this trailer. I’m buying it

  74. bisher sar

    bisher sarDay ago

    it s amazing

  75. BigMoneyMil ___

    BigMoneyMil ___Day ago

    Why does everyone hate this game explain?

  76. Qwem Lhjsi

    Qwem Lhjsi5 hours ago

    BigMoneyMil ___ Because "SJWs, feminist propaganda, and historical accuracy".

  77. Ok Gaming

    Ok GamingDay ago

    things EA needs to fix 1. women in ww2 2. weird robo arms in ww2 3. make it realistic

  78. MNR 989m_xx

    MNR 989m_xxDay ago

    This real trailer

  79. Thasmal MM

    Thasmal MMDay ago

    All this hate... Wait.. If this means that all you COD kids will finally realize that you never should have picked up the franchise, and never needed to cause such headachs to the real Battlefield fans with all your toxicity.. Well then maybe this hate aint so bad after all..

  80. EagleEye cline

    EagleEye cline2 days ago

    I fail to see this game based of ww2...

  81. Joaquin Carpio

    Joaquin Carpio2 days ago

    so the reveal trailer for this game got 11 million views and over 400k dislikes and over 300k likes

  82. Liam L

    Liam L2 days ago

    Hardline was a screw up now this is gonna be a screw up

  83. The Gøpnik

    The Gøpnik2 days ago

    where is my Vodka blyat

  84. Bartek Kasprowiak

    Bartek Kasprowiak2 days ago

    the trailer is okey, but im dont think that woman are the best idea for the game.

  85. LHunter101

    LHunter1012 days ago

    When is the Girl Scouts dlc

  86. Richard Henrique Alpha

    Richard Henrique Alpha2 days ago

    Eu invoco com os poderes memeais e com o grito huehue os BRs ahuuuuuu

  87. Gargantuan Moist

    Gargantuan Moist2 days ago


  88. İsmayil Aliyev

    İsmayil Aliyev2 days ago

    Sevremde BATTLEFIELD

  89. Fernis Wolfmane

    Fernis Wolfmane2 days ago

    Anyone notice that now everytime a battlefield or battlefront game is released people start playing battlefield 4 because is better then the new ones lol

  90. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler2 days ago

    Ok. I saw two lesbians on 1:20. If Nazis will be a homophobic army - i like it.

  91. stupid ruanruan

    stupid ruanruan2 days ago

    I am kneeling for EA DICE to just make WW2 a great war like WW1 to potray what war is meant to feel like bf1 has that feeling please please please please!

  92. Arf x 2

    Arf x 22 days ago


  93. the golden sasquatch

    the golden sasquatch2 days ago

    Women soldiers LOL

  94. Lendario Guardiao

    Lendario Guardiao2 days ago

    BRASIL ? hill have ?

  95. Lendario Guardiao

    Lendario Guardiao2 days ago


  96. Oceangoing Navigator

    Oceangoing Navigator2 days ago


  97. Juan Rene Hummel

    Juan Rene Hummel2 days ago

    Lol this fanatastic they haven't even played the game yet. Yo maybe you guys hate me but this br, will be lit?

  98. Илья Веревкин

    Илья Веревкин2 days ago

    Where is soviet union?? There was 20 000 000 people who died in 1941-1945 in russia

  99. TheWound

    TheWound2 days ago

    It seems call of dutish......i prefered bf1

  100. dominic gortshreiker

    dominic gortshreiker2 days ago

    Hey, quick question, what language were they speaking in the end, I think possibly Finnish or some other Nordic language

  101. dominic gortshreiker

    dominic gortshreiker3 hours ago

    Qwem Lhjsi if tried that, and the closest thing was Russian, which was still wrong

  102. Qwem Lhjsi

    Qwem Lhjsi5 hours ago

    dominic gortshreiker Seems like it's Norweigan?... Dunno.

  103. Mr. Infinity

    Mr. Infinity2 days ago

    Just as I thought. I can’t find any legitimate negative comments that have any logic. What, in this video, is so terrible? From what I see, it looks like one of the most beautiful games ever made. With arguably the best human animation ever put into a game. People just want to hate everything. Lol

  104. Funniest Pilot

    Funniest Pilot2 days ago

    This is how you should shut off the game at first.

  105. Krasnyy

    Krasnyy2 days ago

    Omg, wumns in the game, im so angry #NutMyBattlefield😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  106. Bunnysause

    Bunnysause2 days ago

    I don’t get why people hate hate the official trailer

  107. Arturo Fernandez

    Arturo Fernandez2 days ago

    Nothing like bf3 and 4...

  108. Apprehended Avocado

    Apprehended Avocado2 days ago

    Apparently helmets were rare in WW2

  109. Xecular

    Xecular2 days ago

    Restrict women to russian team snipers or remove them, this isn't Call of Duty but you are acting like them.

  110. Abdoul Diallo

    Abdoul Diallo2 days ago

    This trailer was better done than the last one but it still doesn't give me that old BattleField vibe yet.

  111. el webito

    el webito2 days ago

    strange and unknown voice: games plays best at xbox one PC gamers: hahaha nice joke

  112. Howling Wolves

    Howling Wolves2 days ago

    i noticed this trailer. my raitng= 11/10

  113. Howling Wolves

    Howling Wolves2 days ago

    yes a spelled rating wrong so what

  114. TheRedPanda22

    TheRedPanda222 days ago

    Lorne Balfe did an amazing job with the music!

  115. mike suba

    mike suba2 days ago

    Leave it to political correctness and social justice to influence history and put women in the frontlines in WWII which obviously never happened.