ZEDFULL9 hours ago

    da-ti ba drumu la servere

  2. Leon Der brawler

    Leon Der brawlerDay ago

    To be honest in my opinion season 5 was the worst season of all

  3. Star Bunny

    Star Bunny9 hours ago

    +Omar Zaben season 8 for me I think season 7 was nice

  4. Leon Der brawler

    Leon Der brawler10 hours ago

    You’re right

  5. Leon Der brawler

    Leon Der brawler10 hours ago


  6. Omar Zaben

    Omar Zaben10 hours ago

    Leon Der brawler nope season 7 is

  7. Cvoran888

    Cvoran888Day ago


  8. xXZakXx Bakari

    xXZakXx Bakari3 days ago

    😭😭😭😭 i want this battle pass, it was the best battle pass😭😭😭😭😭

  9. TheMarioManiac

    TheMarioManiac3 days ago

    I miss season 5. Having 50v50 for the entire season was great now we have horrible respawn modes.

  10. YipYapYoshi

    YipYapYoshi9 days ago

    I remember staying up all night until the updates, i miss season 3 4 and 5

  11. 1 Roguey boi

    1 Roguey boi10 days ago

    The last good season in my opinion

  12. MinigunTiger 1234

    MinigunTiger 123411 days ago

    most of the items that were new content (shockwaves)are now vaulted :(

  13. Pumita 07

    Pumita 0713 days ago

    April 2019? Like?

  14. MR Asaad

    MR Asaad14 days ago

    Best season ❤🔥

  15. Dead ass

    Dead ass3 days ago

    Actually garbage.

  16. Instinctz V2

    Instinctz V216 days ago

    Good Skins, awful gameplay.

  17. TheMarioManiac

    TheMarioManiac19 days ago

    While this wasn’t one of the best seasons I still prefer it over the god awful season 6. Long live 50v50!

  18. WerkPapier

    WerkPapier23 days ago

    Season 8?

  19. ShadowOfScars

    ShadowOfScars23 days ago

    Worst.season.ever.exe has entered the building: (7/13/18) Worst.season.ever has left the building (9/26/18)

  20. Clover

    Clover23 days ago

    Jesus I forgot how much this season sucked.

  21. Eager2006 Ramirez

    Eager2006 Ramirez24 days ago

    Season 5 is the worst season my opinion

  22. Gaming Toast

    Gaming Toast25 days ago

    This season had 2 of the coolest fortnite skins, drift and ragnorok also there pickaxes are some of the best

  23. ilikevideogames

    ilikevideogames25 days ago

    Worst season.

  24. J. H.

    J. H.25 days ago

    Who's watching in Season 9? 🔥

  25. Becko

    Becko25 days ago

    I couldn't level or thier up the battle pass i bought it because i had holidays , please epic can make an dessision that all players who couldn't thier up to thier 100 can do it in season 8

  26. YipYapYoshi

    YipYapYoshi9 days ago

    The whole point of the season is that you have to get the rewards in that time period

  27. Gregory Heym

    Gregory Heym25 days ago

    Goodbye season 5 you will be missed...

  28. Becko

    Becko3 days ago

    +Dead ass your opinion

  29. Dead ass

    Dead ass3 days ago

    Said no one ever. Worst season in fortnite history (spray and pray season)

  30. Becko

    Becko25 days ago

    Yeah i wish i could thier it up 😭

  31. Thijs nederland roblox en meer

    Thijs nederland roblox en meer26 days ago


  32. Driftz

    Driftz26 days ago

    I can’t help but think if this is when things started to go wrong

  33. ac0x

    ac0x26 days ago

    Majority of the emotes used in this trailer was Swipe It

  34. My username is ultracarterthegrea3 Man

    My username is ultracarterthegrea3 Man26 days ago

    I miss season 5 the first season I got the battle pass I started season 3

  35. Craqpy Gaming

    Craqpy Gaming27 days ago

    Pls give us a longer version of the music I need this in my life.

  36. HotBurger122

    HotBurger12227 days ago

    It was an eh season

  37. Lagunas _04181

    Lagunas _0418129 days ago

    This is where autism started


    ARMAN KEBABSMonth ago

    I loved season 5 and 6 since I played fortnite a lot back then

  39. Mitchell Keil

    Mitchell KeilMonth ago

    Lol I’m here in season 8

  40. MrTop5

    MrTop5Month ago

    0:11 YOU THOUGHT

  41. Justice M

    Justice MMonth ago

    who's watching in season 8

  42. z krompir

    z krompirMonth ago

    Worst Pass btw

  43. QuArkXD

    QuArkXDMonth ago

    Pass was great but the storyline was ass

  44. Linalg

    LinalgMonth ago

    z krompir no

  45. IlGrandeGamerYT

    IlGrandeGamerYTMonth ago

    My Start Season ❤ I had finished the battle pass even though I was noob

  46. Linalg

    LinalgMonth ago

    IlGrandeGamerYT same

  47. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    I loved this season so much

  48. Piyush nishad Piyush

    Piyush nishad PiyushMonth ago

    Jai fortnight 🙏🙏🙏

  49. Rory YT

    Rory YTMonth ago

    The best season :)

  50. Linalg

    LinalgMonth ago

    YentlDpGamer for me that’s the best season lool

  51. YentlDpGamer

    YentlDpGamerMonth ago

    Linalg no

  52. Linalg

    LinalgMonth ago

    Rory YT Yes!

  53. YentlDpGamer

    YentlDpGamerMonth ago

    Season 2 was the best

  54. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago


  55. Life is not a game But gaming is life

    Life is not a game But gaming is lifeMonth ago

    Hit like if you started this season

  56. Mad Zac

    Mad ZacMonth ago

    omg i miss season 4 3 2 but 5 6 were meh but 7 not bad but 8 ewww gave me cancer

  57. popa katalin ovidiu

    popa katalin ovidiuMonth ago

    That meteor from season 3 ruined game

  58. popa katalin ovidiu

    popa katalin ovidiuMonth ago

    4 for me was worst

  59. popa katalin ovidiu

    popa katalin ovidiuMonth ago

    Except 4

  60. popa katalin ovidiu

    popa katalin ovidiuMonth ago

    Season 5 was last good season

  61. Linalg

    LinalgMonth ago

    Mad Zac no omg stop with this, season 5 was one of the best season

  62. Sourauu

    SourauuMonth ago

    Like it was yesterday

  63. Cooper McKenna

    Cooper McKennaMonth ago

    Season 8 anyone?

  64. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    Yes sir

  65. Instinctz

    InstinctzMonth ago

    Who agrees Season 5 had the best Progressive Outfits?

  66. JSG the Reactor Core Lady

    JSG the Reactor Core LadyMonth ago

    This was my first Battle Pass!

  67. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    Nice did you max it?

  68. Gil Rafaela

    Gil RafaelaMonth ago

    I bought season 5 battle pass but I hate it rip

  69. Gil Rafaela

    Gil Rafaela25 days ago

    Tru i guess

  70. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    At least you’ve maxed your tiers ;)

  71. Shawn Stewart

    Shawn StewartMonth ago

    Fortnite pase de batalla de la temporada 5 de regreso me hakearon el PlayStation 4 me llamo Shownginana

  72. B S

    B SMonth ago

    LOL I play from season 2 but this my first battle pass

  73. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    I could sort of say the same

  74. LaggyBoi Trolling

    LaggyBoi TrollingMonth ago


  75. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    I use dark Drift

  76. Thijs nederland roblox en meer

    Thijs nederland roblox en meerMonth ago

    Oooh love fortnite best game ever

  77. TNT Sports 87

    TNT Sports 87Month ago

    I miss season 5 😥😭

  78. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    Jay29 no it’s not kid

  79. Jay29

    Jay29Month ago

    Same, best season

  80. Mr. GG

    Mr. GGMonth ago

    Someone watching during Season 8?

  81. Gerry Lopez

    Gerry LopezMonth ago

    I started season 8

  82. Daxcraft

    DaxcraftMonth ago


  83. DJ Brisky 151

    DJ Brisky 151Month ago

    0:09 you made a shot and made some friends

  84. Mr DISCKO

    Mr DISCKOMonth ago


  85. Pablo Kalwan

    Pablo KalwanMonth ago

    Drift nieudacznik

  86. THE alexdryoo

    THE alexdryooMonth ago

    Cuando fornite si era chido like si eres español

  87. Romanus Shitposter

    Romanus ShitposterMonth ago

    The day fortnite died

  88. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    Nope it died s4

  89. Linalg

    LinalgMonth ago

    - Wächman- What the f* are you saying?????????

  90. christian.

    christian.Month ago


  91. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    I don’t

  92. Arnaud Lefebvre

    Arnaud LefebvreMonth ago

    It was the worst white the 8

  93. Jay29

    Jay29Month ago

    I do, most fun I've ever had playing this game.

  94. Diego Maurizio

    Diego MaurizioMonth ago

    no dude

  95. Cecilii

    CeciliiMonth ago

    I miss this season so bad

  96. Dallas the Great

    Dallas the GreatMonth ago

    I started playing Fortnite near the end of this season. My first skin was Summit Striker.

  97. Jay29

    Jay29Month ago

    Nah bruh you’re the stupid one, I started playing mid season 3 and my first skin was Drift, I didn’t spend money as soon as I bought the game.

  98. Supreme Gangster

    Supreme GangsterMonth ago

    Dallas the Great summit was season 6 dumbass

  99. nicole Elias

    nicole EliasMonth ago

    I miss season 5 😢

  100. nicole Elias

    nicole EliasMonth ago

    +Sir Jiffy yeah unfortunately 😔😢

  101. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    Me too now the rifts are going away

  102. Skully

    SkullyMonth ago

    Worst season by far season 2 is best do @ me

  103. Yung Erix

    Yung ErixMonth ago

    I miss summer man😥😩

  104. Sir Jiffy

    Sir JiffyMonth ago

    Same here

  105. charlize hanlan

    charlize hanlanMonth ago


  106. Voltage

    VoltageMonth ago

    Anyone Else Getting All The Previous Season Trailers On Their Recommended List Of Videos Everytime They Open Up MReporter???

  107. Gamers 1on1

    Gamers 1on1Month ago

    yeah I thought it was just me.

  108. *TC MEME*

    *TC MEME*Month ago

    Season 5's meta was terrible

  109. zTrey YT

    zTrey YTMonth ago

    Worst season ever

  110. Rovin_ 453

    Rovin_ 453Month ago

    when epic make fortnite a bad game

  111. Nemesis Omar

    Nemesis OmarMonth ago

    Worst season in my opinion

  112. WaveZ OG

    WaveZ OGMonth ago

    Imo worst season. Pretty bad storyline and the skins were not that good. But I still had fun in it, and I do kinda miss it

  113. Get Bamboozledツ

    Get BamboozledツMonth ago

    wait, they changed the music

  114. David Productions

    David ProductionsMonth ago

    season 4 and 8 are the best seasons

  115. Becko

    Becko25 days ago

    Not 8



    Season 8???

  117. Oh yeah Yeah

    Oh yeah YeahMonth ago

    Man and we thought this was going to be a good season........

  118. Oh yeah Yeah

    Oh yeah YeahMonth ago

    Diego Maurizio there’s TONS of people with this name

  119. Diego Maurizio

    Diego MaurizioMonth ago

    wait did you write a comment on the season 4 trailer? i've already saw you

  120. FrosTx Aura

    FrosTx AuraMonth ago

    where it all went down hill

  121. YSN_ Jay

    YSN_ JayMonth ago

    Worst battle pass/season of Fortnite

  122. Afg 8

    Afg 8Month ago

    Season any one

  123. Adrian Hernandez

    Adrian HernandezMonth ago


  124. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    Subscribe to PewdiepieMonth ago

    Dont know if I hate this season more than season 8

  125. mathew-lol7u7 #

    mathew-lol7u7 #Month ago

    Season 8?

  126. InstinctZ

    InstinctZMonth ago

    Soon there will be boats!

  127. InstinctZ

    InstinctZMonth ago

    I don’t it’s a guess.

  128. Goku d. Natsu

    Goku d. NatsuMonth ago

    How do you know that "real information"

  129. TF RxdriguezzTTV

    TF RxdriguezzTTVMonth ago

    My least favorite season in my opinion.

  130. Kill3r412 Plays

    Kill3r412 PlaysMonth ago

    The beginning of the end for fortnite

  131. Abandoned Explorers

    Abandoned ExplorersMonth ago

    Nope season 4 was

  132. Xxgamerxx Yut

    Xxgamerxx YutMonth ago


  133. Vicente Osses

    Vicente OssesMonth ago

    This dude is saying that fortnite is dying. but he has a raptor skin on his profile picture

  134. LaggyBoi Trolling

    LaggyBoi TrollingMonth ago

    it’s the beginning of the beginning and the cube exploding is the end of the beginning

  135. Knib Knob

    Knib KnobMonth ago

    I’ve been looking for a comment like this that’s straight facts

  136. Jerry Loves his Berries

    Jerry Loves his BerriesMonth ago

    Season 8 anyone

  137. Jack Parry

    Jack ParryMonth ago

    Rip ATKs

  138. Buck Rv

    Buck RvMonth ago

    The Best Season of fortnite

  139. Default Skin god

    Default Skin godMonth ago

    Season five was lame but the skins were lit btw who’s pumped for season 1000000000000000000000000000000000000

  140. Mason 571

    Mason 571Month ago

    Rip lazy

  141. ツDarkyzyzl

    ツDarkyzyzlMonth ago

    Worst season so far

  142. Slap shot Studio2006

    Slap shot Studio2006Month ago

    ツDarkyzyzl season 6 was worse

  143. George gamer 12

    George gamer 12Month ago

    ツDarkyzyzl oh I liked it

  144. AdrianoPlay HD

    AdrianoPlay HDMonth ago

    The best battle pass of fornite

  145. Christian Castillo

    Christian CastilloMonth ago

    Season 8?

  146. Ghost Royale X

    Ghost Royale XMonth ago

    Season 8?

  147. PEX GAMES

    PEX GAMESMonth ago

    Season 8 anyone ?

  148. كعبول I

    كعبول IMonth ago


  149. MariusTK 26

    MariusTK 26Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this Battle Pass was great??

  150. ツSP33DY

    ツSP33DYMonth ago

    *thx for all...*

  151. Indiana Jones

    Indiana JonesMonth ago

    The fact that season 5 came out 7 months ago blows my mind jeez


    KING BREADMonth ago

    How about season 3 1 year anniversary?

  153. Jorge Zuniga

    Jorge ZunigaMonth ago

    Season 8?

  154. YouTube Gacha Wolf Playz

    YouTube Gacha Wolf PlayzMonth ago

    Anyone season 8??

  155. Ocean Toaster

    Ocean ToasterMonth ago

    F to lazy links

  156. Super Steven529

    Super Steven529Month ago

    Season 8 anyone?

  157. Midnight Joker

    Midnight JokerMonth ago

    Season 8 anyone

  158. ItsChii

    ItsChiiMonth ago

    Season 8?