KHENOS YT14 hours ago

    Dying double shotgun nooooo am here at season 5 actually not season 45

  2. Emil Cobá

    Emil CobáDay ago

    Deriva estival ._.

  3. Musica electrónica

    Musica electrónica2 days ago

    Drift It's my favorite.

  4. FrostyFangZ

    FrostyFangZ2 days ago

    Never been so hyped for a season before I legit woke up as soon as the update was released and do not regret it. RIP last good season

  5. xSullivan

    xSullivan2 days ago

    I miss so much this season and 3

  6. DeficentHeart

    DeficentHeart2 days ago

    0:20 the suit of drift hace physics In game: where is the physics of the drift suit!?

  7. brianokonner

    brianokonner2 days ago


  8. Basagod

    Basagod2 days ago

    best season ever

  9. fare Sara

    fare Sara2 days ago

    La légende raconte que c'est grâce à la Nintendo swich qu'il y'a autant de vue !

  10. ARB COOL

    ARB COOL3 days ago

    Who’s watching in 2019?

  11. LukeStantz 12

    LukeStantz 123 days ago

    I miss these trailers. There’s not some guy off the street saying ItS a BrAnD nEw SeAsOn

  12. Inaya -

    Inaya -3 days ago

    season 5 is now OG 😭😭😭 so emotional...

  13. Alex Haywood

    Alex Haywood3 days ago

    The best season by far...

  14. the grill sergeant

    the grill sergeant4 days ago

    My first season i ever played i m an OG 😎😎😎😎

  15. the grill sergeant

    the grill sergeant4 days ago

    ThAt MeEns THat i m nOT a🥺🥺🥺🥺

  16. itz RuThLeSS

    itz RuThLeSS4 days ago

    season 5 is not og

  17. Senior Llama

    Senior Llama4 days ago

    It have now been a year since season 5 came out

  18. FireFistStudios

    FireFistStudios4 days ago

    It all went downhill from here....

  19. Cody Vickers

    Cody Vickers4 days ago

    I miss season 5 😔

  20. X Thriller

    X Thriller5 days ago

    Whos here from season 10

  21. itz RuThLeSS

    itz RuThLeSS4 days ago

    no one is lol, its still season 9

  22. Wajski

    Wajski5 days ago


  23. Veronark

    Veronark7 days ago

    Good old days...

  24. Josh4ii

    Josh4ii7 days ago

    It’s been a year and this song is still fresh in my memory

  25. Apex StarIsland

    Apex StarIsland7 days ago

    Year old

  26. RaZe_ z0ck3rboyz

    RaZe_ z0ck3rboyz8 days ago

    Nice best season

  27. Miskadvd Cz

    Miskadvd Cz8 days ago

    1 year 😩 time is running so fast

  28. Treinador Luan

    Treinador Luan8 days ago

    Saudade dessa época

  29. Eevee_playz 224

    Eevee_playz 2248 days ago

    Happy birthday season 5

  30. Bold And Brash

    Bold And Brash9 days ago

    Today was the day it came out

  31. bubblegum0k1oser

    bubblegum0k1oser9 days ago

    1 Year

  32. DeHup

    DeHup9 days ago

    Happy birthday season 5!!!!

  33. El visitante

    El visitante9 days ago

    1 year season 5

  34. Infinitylives100

    Infinitylives1009 days ago

    Season 5 is now a 1 year old!!!

  35. Dogger Gamer :3

    Dogger Gamer :39 days ago

    One year boi

  36. Yang Xiao Long

    Yang Xiao Long9 days ago

    Season 5 launched exalcty a year ago, time flies by so fast

  37. King YT

    King YT7 days ago

    Oh shoot I just realized

  38. EpicZack 766

    EpicZack 7669 days ago

    Yang Xiao Long it really does

  39. Jackson Oziabor

    Jackson Oziabor9 days ago

    Anyone exactly 1 year later?

  40. Eevee_playz 224

    Eevee_playz 22410 days ago

    Guys it'll turn 1 tomorrow

  41. Steven Playz

    Steven Playz10 days ago

    About to be 1 year old already

  42. FaZe_GhostNinja

    FaZe_GhostNinja10 days ago

    1 year coming.....

  43. Treekomalfoy

    Treekomalfoy10 days ago

    ok 2 things 1 someone plz tell me what song is used for this 2 nostalgia

  44. David Johnson

    David Johnson11 days ago

    I think 1-6 were the best, and a little of 7 before they became Game of Thrones.

  45. Nikos Vernardos

    Nikos Vernardos13 days ago

    I think that season 5 becomes OG

  46. Sreekanth r2

    Sreekanth r213 days ago

    Well looking back at season 5 There were a lot of bots compared to season 9

  47. Momin Khurram

    Momin Khurram8 days ago

    We were pretty much bots. Now it's much difference.

  48. Afg 8

    Afg 814 days ago

    Who’s here from season 10???

  49. Afg 8

    Afg 814 days ago

    I missed this season

  50. Dz Gaming

    Dz Gaming17 days ago

    Days gone 😢

  51. Live de de fortnite com o meu amigo tereal_marcus

    Live de de fortnite com o meu amigo tereal_marcus18 days ago


  52. Gaming with Funtime Foxy!

    Gaming with Funtime Foxy!18 days ago

    Man i wish i got the season 5 battle pass so i could get drift he looks so cool

  53. olle, dass and foss

    olle, dass and foss21 day ago

    Sub to Olledassandfoss

  54. driver nephi's follower

    driver nephi's follower21 day ago

    Back when all we needed to have fun was a full squad, not legendary combat shotguns, scars and hand cannons.

  55. Empanite❶

    Empanite❶22 days ago

    Hİ SEASON 10

  56. MashyPolarZX _

    MashyPolarZX _22 days ago

    Renember when they said that the battle pass skins and rewards are exclusive?

  57. Pяσƒєѕѕσя Hυlк

    Pяσƒєѕѕσя Hυlк22 days ago

    Drift is a different style the one from item shop lol 😂