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Baron Corbin ambushes No Way Jose: Raw, April 23, 2018


  1. Anthony Sefo

    Anthony Sefo11 days ago

    Corbin always comes out of nowhere randomly

  2. Jay Yoshi

    Jay Yoshi13 days ago

    thank you Corbin for attacking no way jose

  3. Brianna Acosta

    Brianna Acosta14 days ago

    Thanks again so sorry I missed to

  4. Brianna Acosta

    Brianna Acosta14 days ago

    Thanks for the airport in a bit and we can go to get the same thing as last week and Ms And 6 train

  5. Brianna Acosta

    Brianna Acosta15 days ago

    Thanks for letting a new

  6. Baron Corbin

    Baron Corbin15 days ago

    I will be universal champion someday

  7. Papa Vladir

    Papa Vladir20 days ago

    He an almost bald wrestler. Give him 2 years and he'll be the next Hulk Hogan. At that time he'll get his push.

  8. Andeo Novelli

    Andeo Novelli20 days ago

    If baron Corbin wants some real competition on Monday night raw than it could be baron Corbin vs brock lesnar for the wwe universal championship.

  9. El Cuentista Joseán

    El Cuentista Joseán20 days ago


  10. Preet kumar

    Preet kumar21 day ago

    Chokeslam good not back bracker

  11. Dietersen Petersen

    Dietersen Petersen21 day ago

    this no way jose guy freaking sucks man, what are they even thinking

  12. Iniounity Freak

    Iniounity Freak21 day ago

    The beast's on the prowl

  13. woken matt hardy

    woken matt hardy21 day ago

    No way Jose looks like Xavier woods & Rich Swann

  14. Regular Show

    Regular Show21 day ago

    I wanna see reincarnate Baron Corbin & join woken family become woken Baron Corbin

  15. Chosla Manoj

    Chosla Manoj22 days ago

    Corbin shuoud deserve WWE champion ship

  16. Brad Tolzman

    Brad Tolzman22 days ago


  17. Marcel Kern

    Marcel Kern23 days ago

    Ich fürchte mit No Way Jose wird das gleiche passieren wie mit Adam Rose , sie lassen ihn mit seiner Tanztruppe herumlaufen wie bei Adam Rose und dann verschwindet er in der Bedeutungslosigkeit und wird einfach aussortiert, ich hoffe das HHH das Main Roster bald übernimmt.

  18. Marcel Kern

    Marcel Kern23 days ago

    Americans Google Translate

  19. Nine

    Nine24 days ago


  20. Le Méchant

    Le Méchant24 days ago

    Corbin best

  21. Er boro

    Er boro25 days ago

    COrbin vs brock

  22. Jena Mohammed

    Jena Mohammed25 days ago


  23. Fred Buck$ WWE 2K Epic Gameplay

    Fred Buck$ WWE 2K Epic Gameplay25 days ago

    Thanks B. Corbin I appreciate that

  24. VSH YungSweater

    VSH YungSweater25 days ago

    J Cole + Carlito = No Way Jose 😂😂😂😂

  25. Burt Macklin

    Burt Macklin25 days ago

    Baron corbin just destroyed adam rose.

  26. wifi hunter

    wifi hunter25 days ago


  27. Visca Messi

    Visca Messi25 days ago

    This is a great way of burying a superstar !!

  28. Chickenquacker

    Chickenquacker26 days ago

    Fix ur hair line

  29. HorrorContentDaily iFunny

    HorrorContentDaily iFunny26 days ago

    Corbin the GOAT

  30. Wolf F1Legen

    Wolf F1Legen26 days ago

    Adam Rose 2.0

  31. X Hunter

    X Hunter26 days ago

    I see baron becoming a wyatt

  32. Advaith Ainapur

    Advaith Ainapur26 days ago

    Corbin will be a top guy soon.

  33. Cornelius Cunningham

    Cornelius Cunningham26 days ago

    Where's coach?

  34. Prince Aryan

    Prince Aryan26 days ago

    I don't like this Monky type man...No way.

  35. The Account

    The Account26 days ago

    Thought that was carlito in the thumbnail😂

  36. Adam's House

    Adam's House26 days ago

    So they level Corbin down to No Way Jose? This guy should be in the MAIN EVENTS, jaysus christ. Corbin vs. Lesnar would SELL. Had a feeling Raw didn't have a plan for him . Least on Smackdown Corbin was in the main events. The guy deserves a run at the top NO DOUBT about that.

  37. weleh weleh

    weleh weleh26 days ago

    jogednya kurang heboh jose

  38. Super dad and super son

    Super dad and super son26 days ago

    The attire for Jose in a year plain black trunks with a jacket with a hand on the back!!!

  39. Timothy Torres

    Timothy Torres26 days ago

    I thought Corbin was still on SD!

  40. Henrique Quintas

    Henrique Quintas27 days ago

    What if the conga line came back to attack Corbin?

  41. zubair ahmed

    zubair ahmed27 days ago

    Jose is a f!!!! Joke.

  42. R33z

    R33z27 days ago

    Lol 😂

  43. AbdAlmajeed J Alharbi

    AbdAlmajeed J Alharbi27 days ago

    Why does Corbin always attack back? And does not attack on face to face?

  44. Mike N

    Mike N27 days ago

    Good to see.... Can't stand nowayhose


    JUSTIN CROWE27 days ago

    I actually like no way jose would be a really good mid card champion

  46. Joe Black

    Joe Black27 days ago

    In just his 2nd week, No way Jose is already getting a jobber status. Smh

  47. Rahul Jadhav

    Rahul Jadhav27 days ago

    No way.. Hoe say?


    DEONTE DMAJ27 days ago

    Corey grave’s laugh is so contagious

  49. Sammy

    Sammy27 days ago

    Jinder was happy about this.

  50. Jordan Alexander

    Jordan Alexander27 days ago

    Thought Jose was gonna call out someone else or still have a fight. He doesn't need the passe with him he should be by himself

  51. Jordan Alexander

    Jordan Alexander27 days ago

    They're gonna be in feud then Corbin is gonna give him his first lost on TV

  52. thesolverr

    thesolverr27 days ago

    So satisfying

  53. Amal Edward

    Amal Edward27 days ago

    Corbin is gonna kill this buffoon

  54. TheDjyoungmoney

    TheDjyoungmoney27 days ago

    And the Jobber life starts now

  55. jrzez

    jrzez27 days ago

    Corbin and Jose? I just checked my wallet, and my bank account, i'm broke. I'm all out of F***s to give for these two. Corbin especially is awful.

  56. Dominic Cahn Repvblik

    Dominic Cahn Repvblik27 days ago

    corbin vs mcIntyre

  57. wsws wsws

    wsws wsws27 days ago

    Push corbin to be universal or intercontinental

  58. Jaime Galeana

    Jaime Galeana27 days ago

    Barin boring corbin

  59. Dildar Ahmad

    Dildar Ahmad27 days ago

    Lone wolf

  60. Mac Anthony

    Mac Anthony27 days ago

    Raw's new Adam Rose

  61. Cee Cee

    Cee Cee27 days ago

    Boooooooo....Party Pooper!!!

  62. Dehumanized Tormentor

    Dehumanized Tormentor27 days ago

    Corbin destroys xavier woods and adam rose's son

  63. bored

    bored27 days ago

    Baron Corbin is salty that he doesn't get attention smh

  64. Lat Sati

    Lat Sati27 days ago

    Wow you guys really like baron corbin. ALL HAIL BARIN CORBIN

  65. AngryBeaver30

    AngryBeaver3027 days ago

    This Jose guy is horrible.

  66. poke pivot

    poke pivot27 days ago

    Gee this is awful

  67. Ferdous Alam

    Ferdous Alam27 days ago

    We can see a potential major rivalry between Baron Corbin & Finn Balor. ☕☕🍷🍷

  68. Yuksel Kamil Can

    Yuksel Kamil Can27 days ago

    What a joke no way jose go back to nxt thank you Baron Corbin

  69. Ferdous Alam

    Ferdous Alam27 days ago

    Baron Corbin The new Undertaker.

  70. TB Sports 315

    TB Sports 31527 days ago

    I'm with Corbin. I think Jose is such a big fat loser. He should join the New Day.

  71. Wretched Topics

    Wretched Topics27 days ago

    Umm... did anyone else see a TON (literally) of bouncing from the woman behind Jose on the conga line? E cup for sure.