Bangabandhu Satellite-1 Mission


  1. Yolkolai

    Yolkolai2 hours ago

    Why does this video have a worse like-to-dislike ratio than the other other recent missions?


    WEH8BLK LIES5 hours ago

    the dude is front of a green screen 27:03

  3. Randall Johnston

    Randall Johnston10 hours ago

    And then it blows up lol

  4. saimun Hoque

    saimun Hoque14 hours ago

    so cool

  5. Umberto Fournier

    Umberto Fournier16 hours ago

    so great to see

  6. IVAN A

    IVAN A17 hours ago

    I like the space to listen to the track TRADNII SPACE SEARCH GOOGLE IN HELP

  7. Андрей М

    Андрей М20 hours ago

    25:52 the universe is flat and around of the earth

  8. Андрей М

    Андрей М20 hours ago

    25:07 the universe is round

  9. Андрей М

    Андрей М20 hours ago

    24:04 #theearthisflat

  10. Jonathan Gamings

    Jonathan GamingsDay ago

    Rapid Reusability inbound. The Second most beautiful space moments of 2018


    WEH8BLK LIESDay ago

    28:41,and 28:45 in the video. Amazing. Look a piece of space debris is moving faster than the craft at over 24,000 mph. The debris catches up to the craft, and pass the craft at over 24,000 mph. What a discovery, and a close call for the craft.

  12. Alp Bingöl

    Alp BingölDay ago

    the theme is effing good. i clicked play, took shots of two of my favorites, came back tripping to the pc just to see this video is still playing

  13. Darren Sharpe

    Darren SharpeDay ago

    Fantastic well done SpaceX

  14. Mark Wright

    Mark WrightDay ago

    Take notes Kim Jong Un... this is how you get a rocket off the launch pad without it blowing up!

  15. Mark Wright

    Mark Wright19 hours ago

    Yeah very true.

  16. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek Sykurski19 hours ago

    It is not about landing part -> is about propelant(RP-1) and oxydizer (LOX) SX use. It takes several minutes to tank the rocket. And also it has to be keept in criogenics temperatures range (so after You fill the tanks, You need to launch it in something around 1h). Any other nations with spy satellites would clearly see that You are preparing to lanuch nuke. Thats why IBCM's uses solid fuel -> it is very expensive to produce such rocket and also You can't turn off enginess during fly. But they are ready to launch in less than 5 minutes.

  17. Mark Wright

    Mark Wright19 hours ago

    A ICBM doesn't need to land. Converting it would be very simple. Nuclear warhead on the Falcon 9. Launch it into orbit. Then use thrusters to adjust its trajectory. And then it falls nose first full thrust right into the target. Anything that can reach space can be used as an ICBM because by adjusting the orbit you can reach any continent.

  18. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek Sykurski20 hours ago

    In fact, rockets like Falcon 9 can't be used (at least - effectivly used) as IBCM's. Even with SX targetting 24h preparation to launch time, it is still to much

  19. Tapan Kumar Roy

    Tapan Kumar RoyDay ago

    very nice

  20. Роман Парполита

    Роман Парполита2 days ago

    I don't get why he said satellite reached final orbit when altitude was just 309km. Satellite should be propelled second time at perigei

  21. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek Sykurski20 hours ago

    But that would be done by satellite own enginess. SX job is done here.

  22. Connect The Dots

    Connect The Dots2 days ago

    Never continuous video because you’d see how it goes horizontal

  23. Davi Bavaro

    Davi Bavaro20 hours ago

    Connect The Dots There it is, someone already did it for me, you are enlightened now, you're welcome.

  24. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek Sykurski20 hours ago

    @Connect The Dots -> take a look here (first answer): This is standard procedure if U want to put rocket into orbit around Earth (for ex. communication and military ones). It is also very effective method if You want to launch them into space (Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and so): 1. put probe/spacecraft into Earth orbit. 2. lanuch it own engine to put it into desired trajectory. Direct shots would required a lots of fuel and constant work of enginess. Please take a note at SX Falcon 9 description: -> they use different enginess for vaccum (2end stage) and atmospheric (Ist stage) operations. It is in fact very hard (and also expensive) to make enginees operating both in atmospheric and near-vacum conditions.

  25. Connect The Dots

    Connect The DotsDay ago

    Davi Bavaro please enlighten me on how that is?? Why they always portray the rockets going vertical and never horizontally?? At what point would the rocket leave earths atmosphere with it going horizontally like an airplane?

  26. Davi Bavaro

    Davi Bavaro2 days ago

    Connect The Dots And if you knew something about rockets you would know that it needs to go horizontal to scape the atmosphere.

  27. Gabriel francis

    Gabriel francis2 days ago

    At least this is popular, compared with all of that stupid Fortnite stuff. I may finally have my faith in humanity restored

  28. kaseoner 123

    kaseoner 1232 days ago

    This is all crap they lie

  29. Kramyful2109

    Kramyful2109Day ago

    Do you have evidence they lie?

  30. Blitz Fire

    Blitz Fire2 days ago

    Ur mom is crap

  31. A Shortfall Of Gravitas

    A Shortfall Of Gravitas2 days ago

    The count down is always off with the timer

  32. jordan

    jordan2 days ago

    Please stop advertising politicians. I know they paid for it, but you do not have to lower it.

  33. Film BaNgLa

    Film BaNgLa2 days ago



    SAJJAD XD2 days ago

    I Proud of in my country Bangladesh 💜


    MD. SHAHIDUL ISLAM3 days ago

    Thanks, SpaceX. It's time for Bangladeshi people .... Go ahead Bangabandhu Satellite-1

  36. Nirob Hasan

    Nirob Hasan3 days ago

    Im felling very to be a Bangladeshi😍😍😍froud of my country and prime minister

  37. Nirob Hasan

    Nirob Hasan3 days ago

    mY love my Bangladesh

  38. gamer Boy

    gamer Boy3 days ago

    many many congratulationst Bangladesh love from india😙😙😙👍👌

  39. Nirob Hasan

    Nirob Hasan3 days ago

    gamer Boy love u guys always

  40. Nirob Hasan

    Nirob Hasan3 days ago

    gamer Boy tnx bro😍

  41. Al Shaharear shovon

    Al Shaharear shovon3 days ago

    Bangladesh Bangladesh

  42. kibria plabon

    kibria plabon3 days ago

    we are proud

  43. Truth Teller

    Truth Teller3 days ago

    Meanwhile Pakistan is trying to launch new terrorist camps

  44. Inseekly Tom

    Inseekly Tom3 days ago


  45. Inseekly Tom

    Inseekly Tom3 days ago

    advanced warefare jupitor k-7 arm

  46. Inseekly Tom

    Inseekly Tom3 days ago

    the musket to mars

  47. Inseekly Tom

    Inseekly Tom3 days ago

    THE K-7 ARM!

  48. Mega Raph

    Mega Raph3 days ago

    5k dislikes from Blue Oringins, and NASA

  49. Alex Siemers

    Alex Siemers2 days ago

    No, they seem o be content with SpaceX. Flat Earthers, on the other hand...

  50. Applied Scholastics Nepal

    Applied Scholastics Nepal3 days ago

    congratulations and best wishes

  51. Dontae182

    Dontae1823 days ago

    People who disliked this must of been blue origin fans

  52. Blitz Fire

    Blitz Fire2 days ago

    Or just brain dead flat earthers.

  53. Roshni Anjum

    Roshni Anjum3 days ago

    Finally Bangladesh did something good which is trending at the first

  54. Rumesh Chathuranga Jayanath

    Rumesh Chathuranga Jayanath3 days ago

    Earth is round..... Please accept Bengalese 😂😂😂

  55. fivefive6

    fivefive63 days ago

    Making it look routine, good job!

  56. maiseydoodle

    maiseydoodle3 days ago

    Where are you flat earther’s

  57. Blitz Fire

    Blitz Fire2 days ago

    Still in the primordial sludge.

  58. ksmi

    ksmi3 days ago

    26:24 woo! Ahhhh :( YEAH!!!

  59. MrDionysos01

    MrDionysos013 days ago

    I love the new point of view in the air of the falcon 9 launching

  60. StarkosGuy2160

    StarkosGuy21603 days ago

    In about 3 generations time, when space travel is so common, people will have Musks name written in stone, and he'll be worshipped like a god. Wait.. he already is..

  61. Eleas Younus khan

    Eleas Younus khan3 days ago

    My country's satellite...💜💜

  62. Nicole RunningRabbit

    Nicole RunningRabbit3 days ago

    Ugh. Can't handle it when you launch without me. :(

  63. smokenmanjk

    smokenmanjk3 days ago such thing as a satellite's!! So you want me to believe that we have literally thousands of satellite's up there in all that vacume pressure in space and freezing temperatures that are impossible to musure without any molecular structures and they never need any repairs and we need more cell phone tower's right ?...your all fools

  64. Kramyful2109

    Kramyful21093 days ago

    smokenmanjk you're* also it seems like you inhaled some toxic gas as a child which has severely affected your ability to be educated

  65. Rob Wayne

    Rob Wayne3 days ago other cameras on drone ship, no local recording on other cameras? Just one camera streaming live - wow, that really is redundant protocol - old nasa test had all sorts of different camera angles. And you possibly forgot to use your good ole fish eye Go Pro Lens on one of the cameras...and the earth seems to have lost its curve as opposed to the other camera. So is it a globe or is it flat?

  66. Kramyful2109

    Kramyful21093 days ago

    Rob Wayne the camera on the drone ship can have its recording recovered, only the livestream is affected not the camera it self. Normally they don't have other cameras as the drone ship is a few hundred Km out in sea

  67. SSJ Bobb

    SSJ Bobb3 days ago

    Under 1000 views CLUB.. where you at!?

  68. Knowledge Daily

    Knowledge Daily3 days ago

    At 26:29 first stage of the rocket lands on Drone ship "Of course I still love You"

  69. discouniverse

    discouniverse3 days ago

    Who are those idiots who are screeming and shouting? It seems that we landed on Venus

  70. curlyhaircowboy

    curlyhaircowboy3 days ago

    can't wait for be just another passenger in a rocket going to mars!

  71. TheOneTheOnly W

    TheOneTheOnly W3 days ago

    Bangladesh, lmao!

  72. Rooben Chowdhury

    Rooben Chowdhury3 days ago

    Great job my homeland ❤love from China

  73. Belinda Elisa

    Belinda Elisa3 days ago

    Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM)

  74. mr e

    mr e3 days ago

    We launch satellites all the time into space I don’t get the hype here

  75. Kramyful2109

    Kramyful21093 days ago

    It's the first of a new generation of Falcon 9. Block V is to be rapidly reusable and have up to 100 flights per core.

  76. Imthegoat2004

    Imthegoat20043 days ago

    It’s at the top yet says #50

  77. Sabbir Hossain

    Sabbir Hossain3 days ago

    Thank you SpaceX and all of people for supporting us. Love you Bangladesh.

  78. SwiftyBros

    SwiftyBros3 days ago

    Debunk this Flat-Earthers


    GIMME ICECWEAM3 days ago

    SwiftyBros lol

  80. X-Men Zezo

    X-Men Zezo3 days ago

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  82. Matt

    Matt3 days ago

    Ugh this has been at #1 for like 4 days yet the views are the same.

  83. Caution Classy1

    Caution Classy13 days ago

    Now well be liquidating some movie houses soon. The house of hidden sadists and murderers.

  84. Caution Classy1

    Caution Classy13 days ago


  85. Caution Classy1

    Caution Classy13 days ago

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  86. Caution Classy1

    Caution Classy13 days ago

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  87. Dylan Derkinderen

    Dylan Derkinderen3 days ago

    ooga booga

  88. ManualZork81

    ManualZork813 days ago

    Congrats Bangladesh ... love from India

  89. Prentiss Askew

    Prentiss Askew3 days ago

    Btw guys, BTD6 Teaser was just uploaded on the NinjaKiwi YT channel.

  90. Preseted

    Preseted3 days ago

    *Those dislikers are Flat-Earthers*

  91. Agent Ghost

    Agent Ghost3 days ago

    #48 tending but on #1 tending. MReporter is broken.

  92. BND Guys

    BND Guys3 days ago

    Nice video Make custom thumbnai:- #BNDGUYS

  93. Steve Aimsly

    Steve Aimsly3 days ago

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  94. Davi Bavaro

    Davi Bavaro2 days ago

    Steve Aimsly You need to take your meds, schizo.

  95. Luke Sowers

    Luke Sowers3 days ago

    Steve Aimsly chill out you sound like a crazy person