Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake


  1. Lolana Pitzer

    Lolana PitzerHour ago

    They’re gonna be the cutest old couple.

  2. Ruby Hannah

    Ruby Hannah5 hours ago

    this is kinda weird but i can't decide if i want them as parents or if i want to have a threesome with them?

  3. Stoopi.d

    Stoopi.d8 hours ago

    I’m sorry but that’s the biggest freaking bowl I’ve ever seen.

  4. Ian Bench

    Ian Bench8 hours ago

    Idky but I can really hear the background version of happy birthday. Its so good.

  5. JessicaAmy145

    JessicaAmy1459 hours ago

    As a Brit I've never understood why people use cups when cooking... surely it's just easier and more logical to measure grams on scales like we do? Less faff trying to squish butter into a measuring cup...

  6. sleepy willow

    sleepy willow10 hours ago

    I thought Jenna said that she bought Julien

  7. Yep that's me bro

    Yep that's me bro10 hours ago

    Ayyyyy Aries gang (April 18)

  8. Mr Sasobeat

    Mr Sasobeat14 hours ago

    We need a Jenna Marbles/Rosanna Pansino collab 😂

  9. Faith Soprano

    Faith Soprano21 hour ago

    Drink some water every time she says 'Rosanna Pansino'. Stay hydrated.

  10. Awkward Scoot

    Awkward ScootDay ago

    I always find myself coming back to this video because of how chill and relaxing it is.

  11. C A

    C ADay ago

    Jenna and Julien I always rewatch your vids cuz they make me so happy and relaxed and lately I’ve been really anxious so thanks so much for your content!

  12. Nikita Kostic

    Nikita KosticDay ago

    when u posted this was my birthday yay

  13. -

    -Day ago

    please stop making me laugh i can't drink my orange juice properly

  14. Danitza Pizarro

    Danitza PizarroDay ago

    Every single time I see them taste something my brain traditionally knows has eggs in it but I know their recipe doesn’t, I gasp and then have to remind myself they don’t eat eggs or dairy, etc.

  15. AAliYAHH :P

    AAliYAHH :PDay ago

    juliens dancing gives me life

  16. Victoria Mentos Mellinger

    Victoria Mentos Mellinger2 days ago

    i totally think you should do some of those kracie poppin cookin kits!!! that would be soo funnyy

  17. Renae

    Renae2 days ago

    Gotta love Aries season :) like if ur an Aries ♈️

  18. Cailey Kelly

    Cailey Kelly2 days ago

    No one: Julien: spelling his name wrong on his birthday cake

  19. Katie Claps

    Katie Claps2 days ago

    you guys are everything, never stop these cooking and baking videos!

  20. Erika Ashleigh

    Erika Ashleigh2 days ago

    𝒋 𝒖 𝒍 𝒆 𝒏 .

  21. Eléonore de Saint-Quentin

    Eléonore de Saint-Quentin2 days ago

    i feel like im the only one who noticed they spelt julien wrong on the cake where is the'i'??


    MICMIC BUNGEE9 hours ago

    Eléonore de Saint-Quentin I thought that too but he says can I put Julien with no I

  23. Bangchan's babygirl

    Bangchan's babygirl2 days ago

    Watching Jenna just brought me the habit of saying ~✨*I am 16 year old teenager*✨~ whenever someone asks about my age

  24. Charlie Lamountain

    Charlie Lamountain2 days ago

    i just now noticed that the music is a jazz version of happy birthday

  25. Aleyna KILIÇ

    Aleyna KILIÇ3 days ago

    I am from Turkey Helloo :d

  26. Gacha Alex

    Gacha Alex3 days ago

    Bruh it's leaning cause you didn't cut off the top

  27. Leah Maelynn

    Leah Maelynn3 days ago

    Jenna make an ice cream cake !!

  28. datdrakeduck

    datdrakeduck3 days ago

    Wow I'm 20 and I'm nowhere near finding the love of my life. :,l

  29. M. Vega

    M. Vega3 days ago

    Julen towards the end haha I can't, too funny.

  30. Melody Twinkle

    Melody Twinkle3 days ago

    I know probably no one gets this reference, but Julien dancing looks like the dancing chef from sekai no owari’s antihero 😂

  31. Lureian

    Lureian3 days ago

    ok but why is jenna using the worlds most ginormous bowl?

  32. ulysses gomes

    ulysses gomes4 days ago

    It looks like the cake that Hagrid gives to Harry

  33. WolfSnipe

    WolfSnipe4 days ago

    bruh I am jenna and julien together. i am a virgo and born on the 17. Coincidence.

  34. kim

    kim4 days ago

    when my mum was ur age i was 10 yrs old woahh (im 14 now)

  35. Brandie Johnson

    Brandie Johnson4 days ago

    come clean up the sugar you left it out

  36. BAE-HOE-ven

    BAE-HOE-ven4 days ago

    0:30 9 yo me when mom met her friend at the store

  37. Kaylee Morton

    Kaylee Morton4 days ago

    Woah. My birthday is April 17th!

  38. Milannia Cailyn

    Milannia Cailyn4 days ago

    I’m confused why it says “Julen” on it isn’t it spelled “Julien”?

  39. Jinrassic Park

    Jinrassic Park4 days ago


  40. Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace4 days ago

    16:59 Jenna looks like she just can’t anymore😂

  41. Kawaii Dog 46

    Kawaii Dog 464 days ago

    My mum had me when she was 33

  42. firestarlver

    firestarlver4 days ago

    Did he spell his name wrong on the cake?

  43. Lu Ji Ku

    Lu Ji Ku4 days ago


  44. cat mccormick

    cat mccormick4 days ago

    he didnt put an i in julien? it says julen?

  45. Carley Claire

    Carley Claire4 days ago

    When I become a 32 year old lady I cannot wait to collect plants and have fur baby’s

  46. Zack Oaks

    Zack Oaks4 days ago

    So like I’m gonna be that person and just say that pastel in Spanish means cake so using pastel colors in a cake is like saying “cake colors in a cake”

  47. Jasmine Weiker

    Jasmine Weiker5 days ago

    Friendship goals

  48. Annabel Kasper

    Annabel Kasper5 days ago

    0:58 why is that so cute 😍 I don't understand

  49. Ashley Noland

    Ashley Noland5 days ago

    Oh please do a collab with Rosanna!!

  50. H P

    H P5 days ago

    9:17 Aries kicking in real quick.

  51. Colleen K

    Colleen K5 days ago

    Are- Are we gonna ignore the fact that the cake says "Julen"