Bad News For iPhone 11 Leaks, iOS 13 Features & New Fast Charger!


  1. Md.Shafaet Islam Yead

    Md.Shafaet Islam Yead2 days ago

    Does iphone x get the ios 13????


    DARK VADER3 days ago

    Recent iPhones are a fail

  3. Al T

    Al T16 days ago

    Too many ads... Unsubscribing

  4. IceBall Central

    IceBall Central16 days ago

    Hi if you people are looking for the beta apple squad well here you go

  5. Josh Miller

    Josh Miller18 days ago

    I got 7 unskippable ads through this 10 minute video WTF?

  6. lgbt person

    lgbt person26 days ago

    about the eleven

  7. Joshua Deane

    Joshua Deane28 days ago

    2 minutes play time in between ads.

  8. LonleyCactus

    LonleyCactus29 days ago

    we dont even have iOS 12 yet...

  9. Cornsyrup Play

    Cornsyrup PlayMonth ago

    IOS 12 should support 32 bit games I bought a game 2 years ago now no gaming for that 😞

  10. Eclipsed Moon

    Eclipsed MoonMonth ago

    Sadly my ipad is out of,storage.. >:( 2ND IPAD I GOT BECAUSE I NEEDED STORAGE NOW IT’S OUT.. I BARLEY HAVE APPS THOUGH...

  11. Hershey Lynn

    Hershey LynnMonth ago

    I always been A Apple and Samsung User I grew up on both of I missed my IPod and IPhone and I Had Samsung tablets and phones.

  12. Marwa Rafique

    Marwa RafiqueMonth ago

    Just when my iPad gets stolen.

  13. Tasha Playz

    Tasha PlayzMonth ago

    Who’s watching in August cri

  14. Ali- A

    Ali- AMonth ago

    I watch your videos I’m min chi co

  15. Em1ly Landry

    Em1ly LandryMonth ago

    The IOS 12 hasn’t even come out yet

  16. first last

    first lastMonth ago

    i’m still on the 7 Plus (: No problems yet !!

  17. Raul Martinez

    Raul MartinezMonth ago

    Iphone better bring back the fingerprint scanner.

  18. lob lauren

    lob laurenMonth ago

    i think apple should make siri way smarter, she’s always messing up words and deleting things, for me hey siri doesn’t work either which is so annoying.

  19. Darnagian

    DarnagianMonth ago

    How does iOS 13 have any features when 12 isn’t even out yet?

  20. Wolf Dog L

    Wolf Dog LMonth ago

    Apple is pothetic

  21. Seth

    SethMonth ago

    Lol notch



    9:00 ball sack???

  23. Jana Carmela Casimiro

    Jana Carmela CasimiroMonth ago

    The thumbnail looked like my phone, a Huawei Nova 3e but without a ffingerpruint scanner on the back lol

  24. OliviaArtTreasure S

    OliviaArtTreasure SMonth ago

    Still waiting for air power almost August, 2 more months for the iPhone, tick tock Apple

  25. H&H the gamers

    H&H the gamersMonth ago

    Good i want to take it

  26. Wolf Wolfe

    Wolf WolfeMonth ago

    Apple sucks, at least Samsung with the s series have big improvements, what the phone has weak durably! Nah and if you wanted you could always modify

  27. Chinook E

    Chinook EMonth ago

    I've had every single iPhone from the 4 all the way up till the 7. As an Apple fanboy myself, I have to say they are shooting themselves in the foot with every passing year. Why would anyone in their right mind pay so much money for a phone? It just astounds me to see the number of brainwashed apple fanatics in this comment section. Apple has got you by the balls and you are now helpless lol.

  28. Spiral modding

    Spiral moddingMonth ago

    I'm not an apple user, but I do like the shape of the iPhone 6 and the iphones that came before it. I think the future thin shape is cool but I don't like the edges....the SE is very pretty I have to admit. It is the thick side that looks so damn clean... Back then the sides look mechanical if I remembered. It looked so cool back then.

  29. The legendary YEET

    The legendary YEETMonth ago

    Yo you were in utah? That’s amazing

  30. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock HolmesMonth ago

    the one thing i like about yourself is that you like motorcycles, but i hate apple

  31. Azeezinder Singh

    Azeezinder SinghMonth ago

    Bye 👋🏻

  32. LamTranStar XD

    LamTranStar XDMonth ago

    Tbh this guy is probably one of the people who I trust on YT about Apple leaks and etc the most

  33. Blake Vbcs

    Blake VbcsMonth ago

    It would be cool if apple made they're logo on the iPhone to be a fingerprint sensor



    Can’t believe how pathetic people are. It’s a friggen phone WTF



    Apple leaks. Yes apple does leak the batteries their bullshit their sales gimmicks. Apple also sucks.

  36. iManny

    iMannyMonth ago


  37. Bmxracer546

    Bmxracer546Month ago

    iPhone 11?? Lmao. There isn’t even a 9 or 10. It’s 8 and X

  38. Daniel Alberto Gonzalez Soriano

    Daniel Alberto Gonzalez SorianoMonth ago

    IOS 13? Bro, we don’t even have IOS 12...

  39. FireEaglePro

    FireEagleProMonth ago

    I used to live in Utah!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Sebbz

    SebbzMonth ago

    Damn I live in Utah I could’ve met you

  41. morgan riddiford

    morgan riddifordMonth ago

    I’m switching to android bc of no headphone jack in a few weeks when my contract is up

  42. Kate Decareaux

    Kate DecareauxMonth ago

    the circle app icons are so ugly.....

  43. VGLghost 42

    VGLghost 42Month ago

    Wow I’m late -_-

  44. Ckaren Vlogs

    Ckaren VlogsMonth ago

    IPad are wireless?

  45. Arun Baby

    Arun BabyMonth ago

    Apple: We are offering an amazing, the revolutionary, the best ever USB-C fast charger. iSheeps: Yeyy! iOS is so cool! Apple: We are removing every single port too. Android: 🤣

  46. Ben's Pictures

    Ben's PicturesMonth ago

    Hello ! I’m french Somebody can resume this video in a « easy english »? Thank you !

  47. SARiKAiDEN: Music, Gaming, and More

    SARiKAiDEN: Music, Gaming, and MoreMonth ago

    I love how we are already talking about iOS 13, but iOS 12 isn’t even public yet (only as a Beta)

  48. Kieran | TMS

    Kieran | TMSMonth ago

    Apple doesn’t use USB-C because they make so much £££ off of lightning...

  49. Jack Kristensen

    Jack KristensenMonth ago

    I’m getting board of Apple... actually I’m tired of phone company’s. Wait no tired of life.

  50. Random Internet

    Random InternetMonth ago

    Who takes a trip to UtAh

  51. Inkie

    InkieMonth ago

    I want

  52. Vivian’s Life

    Vivian’s LifeMonth ago

    Actually in September the iPhone X Plus is coming out

  53. Hyfalls

    HyfallsMonth ago

    How is IOS 13 being worked If IOS 12 isnt out!??!!!?

  54. The Galaxy Dinosaur

    The Galaxy Dinosaur2 months ago

    The flaws of having an iPhone 5 (or any older one) *No more updates *vv slow *bad battery Good things: *Atleast I have a phone *its quite cool I guess *its like a brick

  55. audrey mclellan

    audrey mclellan2 months ago

    Does anyone know if the new iPhone with come in the same gold colour the iPhone 8 had?

  56. Da Nik

    Da Nik2 months ago

    The next iPhone is gonna be this iPhone 9 the iPhone X or 10 is iPhone tenth anniversary

  57. Joe LoVerso

    Joe LoVerso2 months ago

    Hey if apple let's users customize the home screen I would actually buy an iphone

  58. Sil Poortinga

    Sil Poortinga2 months ago

    Apple neef to make a cheap good phone

  59. Eclip

    Eclip2 months ago

    I use an iphone 7 s and honestly the iPad chargers are the best chargers right now for an iphone its soooo fast maybe like 2 hours and 100% or even less

  60. SuperPupCutie !

    SuperPupCutie !2 months ago

    “The iOS 13 will mainly be for the iPad” Me: Finally! Still me: wait?? Is this for iPad and iPad mini??

  61. Ashley Charles

    Ashley Charles2 months ago

    It's going to be so expensive rip iPhone users

  62. Marcio Nunes

    Marcio Nunes2 months ago

    I swear, why don't yall just wait for the damn phone, y'all are so addicted it's not even funny, instead of looking for random leaks, jeez.😂😂😂

  63. Cool B3ans

    Cool B3ans2 months ago

    Wait..... why am I watching this? I’m probably never even gonna get an iphone lol

  64. Prettyboi Charles

    Prettyboi Charles2 months ago

    So I think everyone is really wondering is “when do we get group FaceTime🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😭”

  65. Iiro Toivanen

    Iiro Toivanen2 months ago

    Waiting for new samsung phone

  66. ma._mx begum

    ma._mx begum2 months ago


  67. Jesse King

    Jesse King2 months ago

    It's pretty sad they may finally get fast charging, I had fast charging on my galaxy s5

  68. Mr Antidisestablishmentarianism

    Mr Antidisestablishmentarianism2 months ago


  69. Rich Ryan

    Rich Ryan2 months ago

    Apple, can we get an option in the iOS to sort apps like we sort songs in iTunes? most to least used, least to most used, recently purchased, size large to small, small to large, etc???

  70. RobloxIsJeremygamingyt1 Gaming

    RobloxIsJeremygamingyt1 Gaming2 months ago

    iOS 12 is coming in this fall 2018 and iOS 13 is coming on 2019 fall

  71. Nick A

    Nick A2 months ago

    it is the charger faster

  72. charly sti

    charly sti3 months ago

    Apple needs to take more risks and imitate androids best features other wise people will get bored and leave to android

  73. lunusT Tasker

    lunusT Tasker3 months ago

    Apple did not outsell all other smartphones in the first quarter of 2018. That statistic is shit. It literally takes the figure from EVERY phone Apple sold that quarter(which includes the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 7, and probably even refurbished iPhone 6S models) and compares that sales figure to the sales of only a single model of smartphone. Note how it just said "iPhone" while it specifies "Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+" and so on for LG. That taken into account, apple selling only 30 million phones in total is a horrifically low figure

  74. Rasmon 123

    Rasmon 1233 months ago

    Iphone and their 7mp front camera

  75. NaShawn Tyrone Holder

    NaShawn Tyrone Holder3 months ago

    So is there a new iPhone out oready now?

  76. alex .conroyy

    alex .conroyy3 months ago

    Does anyone know when iPhone 11 XI comes out?

  77. Can Of Beans

    Can Of Beans3 months ago


  78. tommy d u b b s

    tommy d u b b s3 months ago

    My bet is they're gonna liquidate apple since jobs is gone..

  79. Mystical Antlers

    Mystical Antlers3 months ago

    I want future iPhones to have a finger scanner in the Apple logo on the back.

  80. Ars 1

    Ars 13 months ago

    You are paying for the name internals are all the same wake up people

  81. pingumy

    pingumy3 months ago

    no need MCK, just look at Xiaomi or Huawei. then copy and release ahead.

  82. Ahmed Farah

    Ahmed Farah3 months ago

    After 10 years from now there will not be any charger for the phone

  83. Ralph Dempsey

    Ralph Dempsey3 months ago

    Fuck APPLE - Waste of Money

  84. Brent Zittel

    Brent Zittel3 months ago

    Still happy with my iPhone 5, I'm not living like the Jetsons so I have no need for all that technology

  85. Brent Zittel

    Brent Zittel3 months ago

    So Apple is slowly becoming Samsung.... they are already using their screens and next their chargers...

  86. Anthony Cava

    Anthony Cava3 months ago

    ios 13? homie ios 12 aint even out yet

  87. Fernando Camarena

    Fernando Camarena3 months ago

    Can the new iPhone have usb type c please take the step and make usb type c truly universal

  88. pop1080

    pop10803 months ago

    How about iOS 14?

  89. Eryck dexx

    Eryck dexx3 months ago

    I feel like Apple is copying android too much 😕 still an apple fan tho

  90. 黃凱濤

    黃凱濤3 months ago

    *Oh hi*

  91. Adham Fouad

    Adham Fouad3 months ago

    Fake because IOS 12 Developer Beta 1 is released and I am using it right now 😏

  92. Ryan Munn

    Ryan Munn3 months ago

    How much $ for us In Aus

  93. Derrick Shelton

    Derrick Shelton3 months ago

    What’s up with the AirPower charger?

  94. lll

    lll3 months ago

    they skipped iPhone y

  95. Ryan Mcqueen

    Ryan Mcqueen3 months ago

    Powerful processor but my iPhone X won’t stop overheating when playing PUBG mobile and videos sometimes and it limits the brightness of the display really low while it’s over heating. Very annoying.

  96. whmozart

    whmozart3 months ago

    I don't understand... Everything this guy is excited about has been around for years on a samsung phone. And being excited about the accessories included is just sad.

  97. killerpie227

    killerpie2273 months ago


  98. Ata Kalin

    Ata Kalin3 months ago

    Lightning > usb c

  99. fuck out da way

    fuck out da way3 months ago

    Samsung Galaxy >>>> Apple

  100. Ryan Nartiff

    Ryan Nartiff3 months ago

    Apple is copying Samsung their just making everything new just don’t buy it