Bad News For iPhone 11 Leaks, iOS 13 Features & New Fast Charger!


  1. 煙ZAINX

    煙ZAINX26 days ago

    android 2 updates or 3 idk apple gives allot but every update ure phone gets bad

  2. Paige and Avery Vlogs

    Paige and Avery VlogsMonth ago

    I feel like u should change your profile pic to more existing love your channel just giving you an a opinion

  3. Yusoff Zain

    Yusoff ZainMonth ago

    Are you chatting with Tim Cook?

  4. De Dios Rondon

    De Dios RondonMonth ago


  5. SKELETT Ami

    SKELETT AmiMonth ago

    I mean its the video new

  6. M3L VÍLLÄ

    M3L VÍLLÄMonth ago

    -remember every iphone will be outdated-

  7. M3L VÍLLÄ

    M3L VÍLLÄMonth ago


  8. shubham bhagat

    shubham bhagatMonth ago

    I phone 5s will get ios 13 or not ?

  9. Ezikiem Ortiz

    Ezikiem OrtizMonth ago

    I hope they come back to iPhone 9 lol

  10. BTS Bangtan

    BTS BangtanMonth ago

    every single time you say "ios 13" i always hear "i was 13"

  11. bonais cabrera

    bonais cabreraMonth ago

    Fawk. Still no dark mode??? Damnit Apple fuck outa here with them lame ass updates u be coming out with😡

  12. that one guy

    that one guyMonth ago

    I hate iPhone;-;._..-.

  13. Bryan Vlogs

    Bryan VlogsMonth ago

    Watching this on my Huawei Mate 9

  14. D3d 5n03

    D3d 5n03Month ago

    Good to know if bk

  15. D3d 5n03

    D3d 5n03Month ago

    God I've been waiting on you

  16. Αλέξης Τσιλίδης

    Αλέξης ΤσιλίδηςMonth ago

    I just don’t get it. Apple will keep flash lightning connection on iPhones and USB-C adapter on the charger?

  17. dombomb64

    dombomb64Month ago

    8:59 Uhh... That’s fake.

  18. Jayblue873

    Jayblue873Month ago

    I feel like ios 13 will make iPads feel like mini. Laptops

  19. Jayblue873

    Jayblue873Month ago

    I don’t think I will buy it. I’ll stick with iPhone X

  20. Specializes movies Joshua

    Specializes movies JoshuaMonth ago

    I am on iOS 12 and they have the iPhone XS XX max and X-ray

  21. ErikJames Strong

    ErikJames StrongMonth ago

    Am I the only one who thought this video was just dropped today or some? Lmao

  22. gluxeo

    gluxeoMonth ago

    ErikJames Strong Nope, I thought the same.

  23. ProjectxZorgoxGoldenBoy 1

    ProjectxZorgoxGoldenBoy 1Month ago

    Where u at Cvx in Utah??

  24. Can we get to 1000k subs with no videos?

    Can we get to 1000k subs with no videos?Month ago

    Apple should make a 360 laptop

  25. Donghoon 2

    Donghoon 2Month ago

    I don't want iOS copying android because iOS is ALL ABOUT fast, smooth performance

  26. Boeinglover 787

    Boeinglover 787Month ago

    I’m from dec 2018

  27. Boeinglover 787

    Boeinglover 787Month ago

    I have iOS 12

  28. Chan Man

    Chan ManMonth ago

    Apple should add another lightning port for head phones and charging at the same time

  29. Simon O'Dwyer

    Simon O'Dwyer2 months ago

    Love Ming RIP

  30. random person 1216

    random person 12162 months ago

    After 6 years, iOS got redesigned with iOS 7. 6 years later, iOS may get redesigned again

  31. LLIOD 96

    LLIOD 962 months ago

    Hey dude what rendering software do you use?

  32. Tommas Bocciolini Piattoli

    Tommas Bocciolini Piattoli2 months ago

    But iphone 9?

  33. Apple Is Better Windows Suck

    Apple Is Better Windows Suck2 months ago


  34. Princesspixelage

    Princesspixelage2 months ago

    Anyone else live in Utah?

  35. Omar

    Omar2 months ago

    Apple is going to face the same fate as blackberry and Nokia’s because they stayed stubborn with Symbian and BB os they didn’t evolve and kept consumers limited with functionality n it made them bankrupt! Look at their sales it’s already happening! Jump on android Apple and stay relevant!

  36. Niko

    Niko2 months ago

    Google copied us we gone copy y’all back.

  37. Loli god

    Loli god2 months ago

    As a iphone user of the X... I just dont like iphone anymore. Android is better working for me, it feels so faster. Idk y

  38. Randy Pinos

    Randy Pinos3 months ago

    Make a video about the new AirPods and when they come out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. Jay

    Jay3 months ago

    It’s really funny how everything you said came with the new iPad Pro and some in iOS 12 😂

  40. Max Santayana

    Max Santayana3 months ago

    How’s it feel knowing all your leak were wrong

  41. juice wrld

    juice wrld3 months ago

    What happend to iPhone 9

  42. Evil Nun Game Plays

    Evil Nun Game Plays3 months ago

    I hope iOS 13 is not going to be worse like iOS 12 😣

  43. Plainrock123 Fan

    Plainrock123 Fan3 months ago

    Do I wanna hear the bad news the

  44. YTFanboys2

    YTFanboys23 months ago

    oh nvm old video

  45. Hampus Hägg

    Hampus Hägg3 months ago

    Apple don't copy Huawei with an interior camera to Huaweis triple camera.

  46. Myst

    Myst3 months ago

    The iPhone Xs just got out and already talking about the iPhone 11. Fr

  47. Rjuan9166

    Rjuan91663 months ago

    Myst this is a 5 month old video he’s talking about the xs

  48. Eilan Lin

    Eilan Lin3 months ago

    My XR is so dirty!!!

  49. Diego Ortiz

    Diego Ortiz3 months ago

    Bruh I just bought the XS already 11 leaks lmao

  50. _Darrow_ Gaming/Unboxings

    _Darrow_ Gaming/Unboxings3 months ago

    Hopefully its usb type c. That would be good considering apple us annoying tf outta everybody with there own chargers.

  51. Adrian Tee

    Adrian Tee3 months ago

    Damn why is this on my recommended I've watched this a few months ago and it felt like deja vu🌚😂

  52. Rickey Wallace

    Rickey Wallace3 months ago

    Last year’s model still works pretty good still got it this baby is just like the tennis models but this one is a more expensive phone but the other ones are cheaper I’m getting basically the same stuff the camera on it last year’s iPhone X is pretty good just a little bit not as good as the tennis but this phone still looking pretty good

  53. Rickey Wallace

    Rickey Wallace3 months ago

    That’s good for the anniversary edition iPhone X anniversary edition


    CANADIAN STEVE3 months ago

    Guess what? He’s not watching cuz you’re a nobody

  55. Joshua Duca

    Joshua Duca3 months ago

    iOS 1 iOS 2 iOS 3 iOS 4 iOS 5 iOS 6 iOS 7 iOS 8 iOS 9 iOS 10 iOS 11 iOS 12 iOS 13 iOS 15 iOS 16 iOS 17 iOS 18 iOS 19 iOS 20 iOS 21 iOS 22 iOS 23 iOS 24 iOS 25 iOS 26 iOS 27 iOS 28 iOS 29 iOS 30 iOS 31 iOS 32 iOS 33 iOS 34 iOS 35 iOS 36 iOS 37 iOS 38 iOS 39 iOS 40 iOS 41 iOS 42 iOS 43 iOS 44 iOS 45 iOS 46 iOS 47 iOS 48 iOS 49 iOS 50 iOS 51 iOS 52 iOS 53 iOS 54 iOS 55 iOS 56 iOS 57 iOS 58 iOS 59 iOS 60 iOS 61 iOS 62 iOS 63 iOS 64 iOS 65 iOS 66 iOS 67 iOS 68 iOS 69 iOS 70 iOS 71 iOS 72 iOS 73 iOS 74 iOS 75 iOS 76 iOS 77 iOS 78 iOS 79 iOS 80 iOS 81 iOS 82 iOS 83 iOS 84 iOS 85 iOS 86 iOS 87 iOS 88 iOS 89 iOS 90 iOS 91 iOS 92 iOS 93 iOS 94 iOS 95 iOS 96 iOS 97 iOS 98 iOS 99 iOS 100 I'm dead 😵🤑🤑🤑😂

  56. Arne Maeschaelck

    Arne Maeschaelck3 months ago

    literally the new iphone's have been released a good month ago and ppl already talking about the next years phones? can't relate...

  57. wilberkiller424

    wilberkiller4243 months ago

    Omg kms, this showed up on my feed and I thought it was a new video -_- turns out it’s from 5 months ago

  58. Julian

    JulianMonth ago


  59. Super120

    Super120Month ago

    Lol same

  60. Malfunctioning Entity

    Malfunctioning EntityMonth ago


  61. luke sherwood

    luke sherwood2 months ago

    oh my gosh me too

  62. Riley Helps

    Riley Helps2 months ago

    Same here

  63. Monolisa

    Monolisa3 months ago

    Welp imma change to Samsung now..

  64. ermocrate

    ermocrate3 months ago

    Wow, a trip to Utah, I bet it has been all booze and hoes.

  65. Husnain Faisal

    Husnain Faisal3 months ago

    no airpower no iPhone se

  66. Kayena Arellano

    Kayena Arellano3 months ago

    Will swicth if they add expandable storage!! ,otherwise am keeping my s9 for a while.

  67. JeremyDaGamer

    JeremyDaGamer3 months ago

    2:16 FORTNITE?

  68. Watch Me

    Watch Me3 months ago

    Do your balls stink?

  69. kalyan

    kalyan3 months ago

    He said iOS 12 beta 1

  70. Sean Nelson

    Sean Nelson3 months ago

    I think the reason why apple does not put a fast charger in the box is because you should not always use fast charge to charge your phone it can damage your battery you should only use it when you desperately need charge so they give you a charger that can charge your phone thoroughly with out degrading your battery.

  71. Sean Nelson

    Sean Nelson3 months ago

    Rui Wang it degrades the battery because of the heat and a fast charger pumps the battery with more energy resulting in more energy transfer into heat energy and that is what degrades the battery.

  72. Sean Nelson

    Sean Nelson3 months ago

    Rui Wang apple give you a slow charger that can charge your battery fully and properly a fast charger is good for when you need a quick charge because you are about to go out and you forgot to charge it. If they gave you a fast charger in the box you would have to constantly charge your phone with the fast charger and it’s bad for your battery to constantly use a fast charger

  73. Sean Nelson

    Sean Nelson3 months ago

    Rui Wang what you said does not make sense a fast charger does charge you battery quickly but charging your battery quickly can slowly damage your battery as your pumping the battery with more power leaving the cells hotter and degrade quicker. And if you don’t believe me apple state this on their website.

  74. Rui Wang

    Rui Wang3 months ago

    No, it does not work that way. Otherwise, it would not be fast charging

  75. Micky Daly

    Micky Daly3 months ago

    apple make up your mind do you want lightning or usb c lmao


    MLG LANTERN GAMES3 months ago

    Ur wrong I'm in the future!

  77. DêãthTãkêr _RIP

    DêãthTãkêr _RIP4 months ago

    Will iPhone 6/6+ get iOS 13?

  78. Nilo Garde

    Nilo Garde3 months ago

    Yes it will be the last

  79. Carlos Spicy Weiner

    Carlos Spicy Weiner4 months ago

    Coming back to this after the actual release......much wrong

  80. Mr Tomcat

    Mr Tomcat4 months ago

    boi oh boi now it is soon november and nothing is true and just got a iphone xs max for abouve 1000 dollors good jobb apple i recomend samsung

  81. Jay

    Jay4 months ago

    2:35 wallpaper link and IOS 13 wishlist please 😊

  82. Om_ar Here

    Om_ar Here4 months ago

    Too late

  83. John Di Pasquale

    John Di Pasquale4 months ago

    I’m sticking with my iphone X until Iphone 11s release, not iphone11

  84. Md.Shafaet Islam Yead

    Md.Shafaet Islam Yead5 months ago

    Does iphone x get the ios 13????

  85. Dark VadeR

    Dark VadeR5 months ago

    Recent iPhones are a fail

  86. Al T

    Al T5 months ago

    Too many ads... Unsubscribing

  87. IceBall Central

    IceBall Central5 months ago

    Hi if you people are looking for the beta apple squad well here you go

  88. Josh Miller

    Josh Miller5 months ago

    I got 7 unskippable ads through this 10 minute video WTF?

  89. deviantion xoxo

    deviantion xoxo6 months ago

    about the eleven

  90. Joshua Deane

    Joshua Deane6 months ago

    2 minutes play time in between ads.

  91. LonleyCactus

    LonleyCactus6 months ago

    we dont even have iOS 12 yet...

  92. Cornsyrup Play

    Cornsyrup Play6 months ago

    IOS 12 should support 32 bit games I bought a game 2 years ago now no gaming for that 😞

  93. Marwa Rafique

    Marwa Rafique6 months ago

    Just when my iPad gets stolen.

  94. Cecilia Ze tree

    Cecilia Ze tree6 months ago

    Who’s watching in August cri

  95. Ali- A

    Ali- A6 months ago

    I watch your videos I’m min chi co

  96. Ep1sode Qu33n

    Ep1sode Qu33n6 months ago

    The IOS 12 hasn’t even come out yet

  97. spooky poo

    spooky poo6 months ago

    i’m still on the 7 Plus (: No problems yet !!

  98. Raul Martinez

    Raul Martinez6 months ago

    Iphone better bring back the fingerprint scanner.

  99. lob lauren

    lob lauren6 months ago

    i think apple should make siri way smarter, she’s always messing up words and deleting things, for me hey siri doesn’t work either which is so annoying.

  100. Darnagian

    Darnagian6 months ago

    How does iOS 13 have any features when 12 isn’t even out yet?

  101. Wolf Dog L

    Wolf Dog L6 months ago

    Apple is pothetic

  102. If you use dark mode im john cena

    If you use dark mode im john cena6 months ago

    Lol notch


    KRAZYFORKOKOPUFFS Bon6 months ago

    9:00 ball sack???

  104. Jana Carmela Casimiro

    Jana Carmela Casimiro6 months ago

    The thumbnail looked like my phone, a Huawei Nova 3e but without a ffingerpruint scanner on the back lol

  105. OliviaArtTreasure S

    OliviaArtTreasure S7 months ago

    Still waiting for air power almost August, 2 more months for the iPhone, tick tock Apple

  106. H&H the gamers

    H&H the gamers7 months ago

    Good i want to take it

  107. Wolf Wolfe

    Wolf Wolfe7 months ago

    Apple sucks, at least Samsung with the s series have big improvements, what the phone has weak durably! Nah and if you wanted you could always modify

  108. NPC 801452

    NPC 8014527 months ago

    I've had every single iPhone from the 4 all the way up till the 7. As an Apple fanboy myself, I have to say they are shooting themselves in the foot with every passing year. Why would anyone in their right mind pay so much money for a phone? It just astounds me to see the number of brainwashed apple fanatics in this comment section. Apple has got you by the balls and you are now helpless lol.

  109. Spiral modding

    Spiral modding7 months ago

    I'm not an apple user, but I do like the shape of the iPhone 6 and the iphones that came before it. I think the future thin shape is cool but I don't like the edges....the SE is very pretty I have to admit. It is the thick side that looks so damn clean... Back then the sides look mechanical if I remembered. It looked so cool back then.

  110. The legendary YEET

    The legendary YEET7 months ago

    Yo you were in utah? That’s amazing

  111. Toyota Prius

    Toyota Prius7 months ago

    the one thing i like about yourself is that you like motorcycles, but i hate apple

  112. Azeezinder Singh

    Azeezinder Singh7 months ago

    Bye 👋🏻

  113. Lam Tran

    Lam Tran7 months ago

    Tbh this guy is probably one of the people who I trust on YT about Apple leaks and etc the most