Bad News For iPhone 11 Leaks, iOS 13 Features & New Fast Charger!


  1. Eclip

    Eclip10 hours ago

    I use an iphone 7 s and honestly the iPad chargers are the best chargers right now for an iphone its soooo fast maybe like 2 hours and 100% or even less

  2. SuperPupCutie !

    SuperPupCutie !20 hours ago

    “The iOS 13 will mainly be for the iPad” Me: Finally! Still me: wait?? Is this for iPad and iPad mini??

  3. Ashley Charles

    Ashley Charles22 hours ago

    It's going to be so expensive rip iPhone users

  4. Marcio Nunes

    Marcio Nunes2 days ago

    I swear, why don't yall just wait for the damn phone, y'all are so addicted it's not even funny, instead of looking for random leaks, jeez.😂😂😂

  5. Cool B3ans

    Cool B3ans3 days ago

    Wait..... why am I watching this? I’m probably never even gonna get an iphone lol

  6. Prettyboi Charles

    Prettyboi Charles6 days ago

    So I think everyone is really wondering is “when do we get group FaceTime🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😭”

  7. Iiro Toivanen

    Iiro Toivanen7 days ago

    Waiting for new samsung phone

  8. ma._mx begum

    ma._mx begum9 days ago


  9. Jesse King

    Jesse King10 days ago

    It's pretty sad they may finally get fast charging, I had fast charging on my galaxy s5

  10. Mr Antidisestablishmentarianism

    Mr Antidisestablishmentarianism14 days ago


  11. Rich Ryan

    Rich Ryan15 days ago

    Apple, can we get an option in the iOS to sort apps like we sort songs in iTunes? most to least used, least to most used, recently purchased, size large to small, small to large, etc???

  12. RobloxIsJeremygamingyt1 Gaming

    RobloxIsJeremygamingyt1 Gaming17 days ago

    iOS 12 is coming in this fall 2018 and iOS 13 is coming on 2019 fall

  13. Nick A

    Nick A24 days ago

    it is the charger faster

  14. charly sti

    charly sti29 days ago

    Apple needs to take more risks and imitate androids best features other wise people will get bored and leave to android

  15. lunusT Tasker

    lunusT TaskerMonth ago

    Apple did not outsell all other smartphones in the first quarter of 2018. That statistic is shit. It literally takes the figure from EVERY phone Apple sold that quarter(which includes the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 7, and probably even refurbished iPhone 6S models) and compares that sales figure to the sales of only a single model of smartphone. Note how it just said "iPhone" while it specifies "Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+" and so on for LG. That taken into account, apple selling only 30 million phones in total is a horrifically low figure

  16. Rasmon 123

    Rasmon 123Month ago

    Iphone and their 7mp front camera

  17. NaShawn Tyrone Holder

    NaShawn Tyrone HolderMonth ago

    So is there a new iPhone out oready now?

  18. alex .conroyy

    alex .conroyyMonth ago

    Does anyone know when iPhone 11 XI comes out?

  19. Can Of Beans

    Can Of BeansMonth ago


  20. tommy d u b b s

    tommy d u b b sMonth ago

    My bet is they're gonna liquidate apple since jobs is gone..

  21. Mystical Antlers

    Mystical AntlersMonth ago

    I want future iPhones to have a finger scanner in the Apple logo on the back.

  22. Ars 1

    Ars 1Month ago

    You are paying for the name internals are all the same wake up people

  23. pingumy

    pingumyMonth ago

    no need MCK, just look at Xiaomi or Huawei. then copy and release ahead.

  24. Ahmed Farah

    Ahmed FarahMonth ago

    After 10 years from now there will not be any charger for the phone

  25. Ralph Dempsey

    Ralph DempseyMonth ago

    Fuck APPLE - Waste of Money

  26. Brent Zittel

    Brent ZittelMonth ago

    Still happy with my iPhone 5, I'm not living like the Jetsons so I have no need for all that technology

  27. Brent Zittel

    Brent ZittelMonth ago

    So Apple is slowly becoming Samsung.... they are already using their screens and next their chargers...

  28. Anthony Cava

    Anthony CavaMonth ago

    ios 13? homie ios 12 aint even out yet

  29. Fernando Camarena

    Fernando CamarenaMonth ago

    Can the new iPhone have usb type c please take the step and make usb type c truly universal

  30. pop1080

    pop1080Month ago

    How about iOS 14?

  31. Eryck dexx

    Eryck dexxMonth ago

    I feel like Apple is copying android too much 😕 still an apple fan tho

  32. 黃凱濤

    黃凱濤Month ago

    *Oh hi*

  33. Adham Fouad

    Adham FouadMonth ago

    Fake because IOS 12 Developer Beta 1 is released and I am using it right now 😏

  34. Ryan Munn

    Ryan MunnMonth ago

    How much $ for us In Aus

  35. Derrick Shelton

    Derrick SheltonMonth ago

    What’s up with the AirPower charger?

  36. R

    RMonth ago

    idk bout you but nostaglia makes me want to have my iphone 4s again :'( i love you tiny lovable smartie

  37. some one

    some oneMonth ago

    they skipped iPhone y

  38. Ryan Mcqueen

    Ryan McqueenMonth ago

    Powerful processor but my iPhone X won’t stop overheating when playing PUBG mobile and videos sometimes and it limits the brightness of the display really low while it’s over heating. Very annoying.

  39. whmozart

    whmozartMonth ago

    I don't understand... Everything this guy is excited about has been around for years on a samsung phone. And being excited about the accessories included is just sad.

  40. killerpie227

    killerpie227Month ago


  41. Ata Kalin

    Ata KalinMonth ago

    Lightning > usb c

  42. fuck out da way

    fuck out da wayMonth ago

    Samsung Galaxy >>>> Apple

  43. Ryan Nartiff

    Ryan NartiffMonth ago

    Apple is copying Samsung their just making everything new just don’t buy it

  44. Zac Huddart

    Zac HuddartMonth ago

    3 ads in 10 minute video, turned off

  45. Lakshman Karunaakar

    Lakshman KarunaakarMonth ago

    No Ur distroying Apple

  46. Doggo Boi

    Doggo BoiMonth ago

    Why the fuck did they put the iPhone on a banana

  47. Change!

    Change!Month ago

    Haven't used an iPhone in years. Does it still slow down after you apply the iOS update?

  48. Bono G

    Bono GMonth ago

    Really hope they switch to usb c, not because I want the iPhone but the usb c revolution needs a boost and thats what apple's good at

  49. Kaif Ali

    Kaif AliMonth ago

    iPhone 11

  50. Godfrey Egburhe

    Godfrey EgburheMonth ago

    How did you like Utah

  51. Akauntss

    AkauntssMonth ago

    your videos are great, but what is with you guys with the glass and wireless charging, on every video, the phone must have glass cover for wireless charging, nooooo it doesn't have to, microsoft lumia 950 has plastic cover and support wireless charging, I have one and it works perfectly. Continue with your videos, you are great :)

  52. SSG SS

    SSG SSMonth ago

    Apple played some cheap tricks so that people only buy iPhone X

  53. Chloe Mallon

    Chloe MallonMonth ago

    Are they gonna do an iPhone X plus? I have an iPhone 6 but it’s pretty Broken and I’m gonna save up for an iPhone X but want the plus if they are gonna do that .. I want to get a new iphone but it’s gonna take me a little while to save up so I don’t wNt to get it and the another iPhone would come out .. I reckon I could get it by October this year ) x pls help sorry for my confusion

  54. Rick O' Dean

    Rick O' DeanMonth ago

    OMGOSH! They charge you $70 for a fast charger? My Samsung has had fast charging for years. It truly amazes me how you people stick with Apple when they make you pay for extra storage, there is no SD card slot in that hole iTunes mess. I love that I can put an SD card in my phone and take as many pictures as I want. I can't even finish watching this. I'm halfway through and he's excited that Apple is going to actually put a USB cable in the box too. And then you need an adapter to hook your iPhone to your MacBook. That's just crazy. My niece told me she bought a Macbook because it was more compatible with her phone. I thought that was the craziest thing I ever heard.

  55. Neon Light

    Neon LightMonth ago

    So glad I switched to Android this past month. Had enough of Apple rules. Day one jailbreak with Android stock. I hope the rest of you in shackles break free soon, remember, it's a choice!

  56. Tom Kampfraath

    Tom KampfraathMonth ago

    How can a charger charge 50% in 30 minutes but if you wait an hour it'll charge 80%? How does that even work?

  57. Systems Commonwealth

    Systems CommonwealthMonth ago

    Apple makes you buy a extra fast charger, unlike Samsung, which has it in the box, Apple likes to sell you extra stuff...

  58. Jason Marchenko

    Jason MarchenkoMonth ago

    And I still don't have a smartphone 😂

  59. Nitin Rathore

    Nitin RathoreMonth ago

    Fuck apple, still i will buy it

  60. Gunslinger Girl

    Gunslinger GirlMonth ago

    ios 12 hasnt even arrived yet idiot

  61. Madyar Ghazinejad

    Madyar GhazinejadMonth ago

    are you always excited with new iphones ? you look so dumb :))

  62. Yassen Solaiman

    Yassen SolaimanMonth ago

    Good day sir please give me iphone x pleaese

  63. uppermostking02

    uppermostking02Month ago

    It's all plastic garbage that you will be throwing away a year later. Honestly why does anybody need the new iPhone or the new Android or the new Samsung it doesn't make any sense.

  64. lil Child

    lil ChildMonth ago

    Apple should make a yellow iphone

  65. Jonah Cook

    Jonah CookMonth ago

    I have a Samsung S7 Edge and my phone already wirelessly charges itself to a full battery in an hour and 20 mins so for Apple to just now be coming out with this kind of technology is kinda sad. I have a headphone jack, plus I have never experienced memory/storage issues before with the expandable memory option Samsung offers! My phone battery has 3600 mAH meanwhile the iPhone X has 2779 mAH! Samsung FTW!

  66. Ethan Miranda

    Ethan MirandaMonth ago

    Tbh I don’t see this happening at all

  67. Aman Basanti

    Aman BasantiMonth ago

    Mark Fuhrman tweets on Apple products?

  68. AbangOoL

    AbangOoLMonth ago

    RIP to older iphone model. Even now, older iphone is struggling with ios11. Now ios13?

  69. Brandon Asdfd

    Brandon AsdfdMonth ago


  70. fordfiveohh

    fordfiveohhMonth ago

    So Siri can control Apple TV now you mean like how Google home mini controls Chromecast..... How original...

  71. fordfiveohh

    fordfiveohhMonth ago

    Nobody uses iPad.....

  72. Brett Gough

    Brett GoughMonth ago

    exactly 9 mins, there is the image of the chip road map, note the second biggest one has the ID number on the chip F9T00IJF BALL-SACK i just laughed my ass off, someone having a muck about in the rendering studio i guess

  73. Jnycdo

    JnycdoMonth ago

    That dark blue iphone rendition 😍

  74. JKgaming1

    JKgaming1Month ago

    There is a guy who won't buy samsung because of the first s1... I want to slap him.

  75. KiranDoobles

    KiranDooblesMonth ago

    Steady on buddy were not even on 12 yet

  76. Brian Wright

    Brian WrightMonth ago

    The fact you can’t answer questions. I’m unsubbing

  77. Wong Wai-Kit

    Wong Wai-KitMonth ago

    iPhone 9??? Mystery

  78. lucy fisher

    lucy fisherMonth ago

    Please remove the ads! 4 sets on ads in a 10 min video is really annoying..

  79. Amber Basnet

    Amber BasnetMonth ago

    When ll iphn 11 b launched??

  80. jasper bear

    jasper bearMonth ago

    All those leaks, excitement and surprises during Apple keynote, I like surprises......

  81. Techno GJ

    Techno GJMonth ago

    It would be cool if all this happens

  82. Chris Devlin

    Chris DevlinMonth ago

    apple is so 2014

  83. Phil Shanahan

    Phil Shanahan2 months ago

    Surely Apple has to move the iphone to USB C?

  84. Damn

    Damn2 months ago

    bacot njr

  85. Ron stark Ron Stark

    Ron stark Ron Stark2 months ago

    How about a button at the top of Mail messages that returns the user to the top of the list or most recent email rather than having to constantly swipe down until the top appears?!?!


    PURP OGRE2 months ago

    Samsung master race.

  87. Nathan Spears

    Nathan Spears2 months ago

    iOS 13? Did you forget iOS 12?

  88. Flykope

    Flykope2 months ago

    Looks cool.

  89. Veronica Starre

    Veronica Starre2 months ago

    No. I’ll throw it in the trash if it has round icons

  90. UltraInstinctYT

    UltraInstinctYT2 months ago

    They just changed the top thingy tf

  91. Alan Gillette

    Alan Gillette2 months ago

    Where is the iPad Pro 3 info at?

  92. quasim francis

    quasim francis2 months ago

    pause at 8:59 are we gonna pretend that aint say ball sack lol

  93. a and

    a and2 months ago

    Why so many fucking ads

  94. Braden Nicoson

    Braden Nicoson2 months ago

    Why were there 8 ads in the videos 😅😅

  95. EC-PC

    EC-PC2 months ago

    or just get a android

  96. DragonTamerSlay ,

    DragonTamerSlay ,2 months ago

    It’s about time apple made a iPad update.

  97. Brithany Guillen

    Brithany Guillen2 months ago

    4:08 My birthday!!

  98. Daltonmix Dalton squad goals

    Daltonmix Dalton squad goals2 months ago


  99. LennyBoy_ 69

    LennyBoy_ 692 months ago

    I don’t think IOS 13 will happen. I think they’ll skip 13 and go straight to 14 as 13 is an unlucky number.

  100. Daniel Thales

    Daniel Thales2 months ago

    3 ads in the same video mid speech... this really sucks... unsubscribing and disliking