Backstreet Boys React to Teens React to Backstreet Boys


  1. FBE

    FBE3 months ago

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  2. KKarpita Dutta

    KKarpita Dutta3 months ago

    FBE can you guys make another video Teens React to Backstreet Boys reacts to teen reacts to Backstreet Boys. Please please please!!!!!!


    DARFABLE3 months ago

    Teens react to Darling in the franxx anime show

  4. Comedy Power Fuchs

    Comedy Power Fuchs3 months ago

    FBE : Backstreet Boys are the best Boy band of all time. BACKSTREET'S BACK ALRIGHT😎

  5. MelDiggity2471

    MelDiggity24713 months ago

    Verbal Frenzy I'll always love my Sweet D 😘

  6. Vicky Gallego

    Vicky Gallego3 months ago

    FBE iiiiiii

  7. Ligibi Fajardo

    Ligibi Fajardo3 months ago


  8. Yanna Costa

    Yanna Costa3 months ago

    I want to see more singers react to teens reactions on their songs, please

  9. Kay G

    Kay G3 months ago

    Love BSB!!! I related to there music a bit more but i like other boy bands as wel but BSB was more

  10. lilaogw

    lilaogw3 months ago

    That was a nice appearance by the Backstreet Boys! They were wonderful and appreciative!


    CON FUSION3 months ago

    Inception? I think not

  12. F Ngaire

    F Ngaire3 months ago

    They are 90s boy band's legend!! My 1st favourite boy band! I was born 1988. Love u BSB!

  13. Nithyasree Narasimha

    Nithyasree Narasimha3 months ago

    Gosh I love you guys!!! Even tho I'm juz 17 I grew up listening to 60's, 70's, 80's, n 90's music

  14. Patty Cakes

    Patty Cakes3 months ago

    90's baby right here and I love Backstreet Boys still to this day. You guys are awesome and your music helped me through some of life's rough patches.

  15. Patty Cakes

    Patty Cakes3 months ago

    You guy's have been around as boy band for twenty-five years and I'm twenty-eight. I was turning three in 1993 when y'all got your start. Again, I still love y'all to this day. My older brother and I still listen to your music.

  16. IllJoon0912

    IllJoon09123 months ago


  17. Asx

    Asx3 months ago

    teens react to take that

  18. Braeisbest YT

    Braeisbest YT3 months ago

    *Everybody yeahhh rock your body yeaah*

  19. Olivia Macias

    Olivia Macias3 months ago

    Do back steets boys reaction to bts

  20. sandra mosquera

    sandra mosquera3 months ago

    I love Backstreet Boys.

  21. Andromeda Gaming

    Andromeda Gaming3 months ago


  22. Maya Canaday

    Maya Canaday3 months ago

    Nick's laugh is golden

  23. Ale15

    Ale153 months ago

    I love you guys since my pre teens years, omg! It was love at first sight and still is ❤️

  24. katiegaona

    katiegaona3 months ago

    You should do "do different generations know dance crazes throughout the years" start with the twist and go to floss (backpack kid) It would be funny to see which ones the kids know vs which ones the elders know! -Katie Mike

  25. mercurion1000

    mercurion10003 months ago

    That’s cool, I’m in my 40s now but still feel like I’m 23....remember kids, time goes fast!

  26. Sophia Q

    Sophia Q3 months ago

    Loved this! ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Ramón Palacios

    Ramón Palacios3 months ago

    I am a 17 years old boy who knows all of their names and last names hahah I really like them

  28. The Badass Emu

    The Badass Emu3 months ago

    20 years? Oh. Well. I feel old. .-.

  29. Ale15

    Ale153 months ago

    The Badass Emu Me too 😩

  30. AzWolf

    AzWolf3 months ago

    Im about to turn 16 and im a diehard backstreet boys fan lol

  31. Squishy

    Squishy3 months ago

    "She looks like she's eleven" - Savage XD

  32. soulpainter

    soulpainter3 months ago

    I only know Nick 😂

  33. Dakota Humphrey

    Dakota Humphrey3 months ago

    Brian was just roasting them lmao

  34. Marie Charman

    Marie Charman3 months ago

    Lol at the...I know one of them is Aaron Carter's brother!

  35. Hannah Anchors

    Hannah Anchors3 months ago

    Nick Carter😻❤💕

  36. Milly Ferguson

    Milly Ferguson3 months ago

    'Why are we in a tube?' Because your videos are totally tubular😏

  37. majestic wrestling fan

    majestic wrestling fan3 months ago

    Teens React to Backstreet Boys React to Teens React to Backstreet Boys

  38. Karsyn Stone

    Karsyn Stone3 months ago

    Is it sad that I knew all of those songs??😂😂

  39. Hard_Times_Racing152

    Hard_Times_Racing1523 months ago

    Karsyn Stone no its not. Haha. The Backstreet Boys are the Backstreet boys. Haha

  40. Joemi Gomez

    Joemi Gomez3 months ago

    I swear if I was in this they would be so proud and I am only 14 😂

  41. Mamoru the Otaku Gamer

    Mamoru the Otaku Gamer3 months ago

    Joemi Gomez Same but I’m 15 😂😂

  42. Nolvora

    Nolvora3 months ago

    I am exactly Aaron Carter's age...enough said.

  43. GamerBear

    GamerBear3 months ago

    To be fair on the last part, I was there for the height of their fame and I couldn't name them now OR then. lol

  44. Simi 615

    Simi 6153 months ago

    I still love you still BSB!

  45. T Mystery

    T Mystery3 months ago

    You guys defined my preteen years. 💜

  46. arely e

    arely e3 months ago

    one direction in 20 years

  47. Cristina Sizemore-Lewis

    Cristina Sizemore-Lewis3 months ago

    They wish! 😉

  48. Nolvora

    Nolvora3 months ago

    they disbanded too early, they'd be lucky to get zayn on board.

  49. Monivee Longoria

    Monivee Longoria3 months ago

    I would have been singing every single song 😭😍😍😍

  50. Aifaa Mahmod

    Aifaa Mahmod3 months ago

    Howie D seems like never aging. Is he a vampire or something?

  51. Devil in Her Heart

    Devil in Her Heart3 months ago

    I only knew Nick and Kevin's names, but knew all the songs :D

  52. Nururrokhman Santoso

    Nururrokhman Santoso3 months ago

    It's nice to see you again, Backstreet Boyz

  53. Harris Lam

    Harris Lam3 months ago

    Haha it's so nice to see them being cool AF, all members still keep in touch with one another, staying strong.

  54. mthd Tt

    mthd Tt3 months ago


  55. Jill Rabon

    Jill Rabon3 months ago

    They were my gradnite entertainment 20 years ago

  56. automaticchic

    automaticchic3 months ago

    I can't believe they still look so good and fresh😊 such a nostalgia!

  57. Gwen Stacy

    Gwen Stacy3 months ago

    I love them so much..I could explode

  58. L'amas de laine

    L'amas de laine3 months ago

    I feel old. I knew all the songs, all their names.... I could probably dance along on Backstreet Back..

  59. Lovelyn Are

    Lovelyn Are3 months ago

    i love backstreet boys ..... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  60. Elizabete Chaves

    Elizabete Chaves3 months ago

    Nick Carter banhado no formol :3 uhuehuehuehue lindos!

  61. Toni Mullen

    Toni Mullen3 months ago

    Tbh I was born in 97' I could get all 5 right and I wasn't a fan 😂😂😂

  62. Ayleen Narvaez

    Ayleen Narvaez3 months ago

    I’ve been in love with nick carter since I was, like, 5. I will always love BSB. ❤️❤️❤️

  63. Hussain Abdul Rehman

    Hussain Abdul Rehman3 months ago

    You guys should check out the back street boys larger than life tribute cover done by Nescafe basement pakistan, you will love guaranteed.

  64. Louise P

    Louise P3 months ago

    those times where we actually identify aaron as nick’s little brother lol

  65. Crispy Squid of The Acid Cats

    Crispy Squid of The Acid Cats3 months ago


  66. Michael Chiru

    Michael Chiru3 months ago

    I grew up to backstreet boys

  67. Maureen Cruz

    Maureen Cruz3 months ago

    I can't believe i'm 28 1/2 and i still get excited like when i was 8 looking at them! I love them!

  68. awesome one

    awesome one3 months ago

    I got them all wrong!! I’m almost there age. I can name all the NKOTB though.

  69. Marie Charman

    Marie Charman3 months ago

    awesome one I can name all bsb as love them. But NKOTB is my teen years and they rank way higher! #blockhead for life

  70. Ejgiovi THE BENCH

    Ejgiovi THE BENCH3 months ago

    I kid u not Nick's brother, Aaron, knew my uncle and a couple times slept on the floor of my parents apartment

  71. Ejgiovi THE BENCH

    Ejgiovi THE BENCH3 months ago

    Barbali Bsb yes we also have pictures of my parents and my uncle and him standing together

  72. Barbali Bsb

    Barbali Bsb3 months ago

    Really ??

  73. RedRoseSeptember22

    RedRoseSeptember223 months ago

    This was AMAZING and FUNNY!!! Please do one with N'sync :D:D:D:D


    KING ANDE3 months ago


  75. VeroZ YT

    VeroZ YT3 months ago

    Im og af i have heard every song

  76. Cristal Tapia

    Cristal Tapia3 months ago

    Wow how hot are they now 😍

  77. Angelica Labermo

    Angelica Labermo3 months ago

    Ahhh BSB was my childhood

  78. Veronica Valentin

    Veronica Valentin3 months ago

    Lol I'm 36 years old and I listened to bsb when I was about 15 years old. Time does fly by and I still listen to them, just like NKOTB.💚

  79. Blue Eagle

    Blue Eagle3 months ago

    Veronica Valentin me too

  80. Matty Natural Horsemanship

    Matty Natural Horsemanship3 months ago

    Veronica Valentin. Time does fly by. I'm 36 to and have 5 sisters so I grew up listening to nkotb and bsb. Time goes so fast that sometimes I'll look at cloths I want to wear and then realize "dam I can dress as a teen I got to dress 36ish" lol

  81. Jess Chaos

    Jess Chaos3 months ago

    I chose Backstreet Boys over Nsync when I was younger but I definitely lost it when Brian was like "Why are we in a tube?"

  82. Jody Daggett

    Jody Daggett3 months ago

    Yes you all look Great

  83. Alijes13

    Alijes133 months ago

    I feel sad n' old... I grew up with them

  84. Firefawx

    Firefawx3 months ago

    Such nice guys, it's cool being a fan of Backstreet Boys

  85. Heeran

    Heeran3 months ago

    Don't worry my kids are 9 and 11 and they know bsb

  86. Mariana Castillo Ortega

    Mariana Castillo Ortega3 months ago

    I love the Backstreet boys and I'm 22 years old

  87. Shaniya George

    Shaniya George3 months ago

    Lord have mercy look at nick and Kevin😍😍😍😍😍

  88. Rachael Coy

    Rachael Coy3 months ago

    Aaron Carter's brother? I remember when Aaron was Nick's lil brother.

  89. sunshinegirl 93

    sunshinegirl 933 months ago

    Bruh I'm crying I love the backstreet boys so much!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  90. MyApplePieWasFreakin’WorthIt

    MyApplePieWasFreakin’WorthIt3 months ago

    Their going to be doing this with one direction and now I’m sad

  91. Hyokins

    Hyokins3 months ago


  92. Olivia Simone

    Olivia Simone3 months ago

    One of the boys has nail polish on their fingers nails

  93. ashley babi

    ashley babi3 months ago

    Olivia Simone that will be aj lol

  94. Thomas Epps

    Thomas Epps3 months ago

    like why are we in a tube?

  95. FJ21™

    FJ21™3 months ago

    Brian- “ I could be your dad” 😂

  96. elianshe

    elianshe3 months ago

    i love backstreet boys


    Team FORTNITEYT3 months ago

    1:27 nicks laugh tho

  98. asdfggggga

    asdfggggga3 months ago

    Brian and Aj are still damn hot

  99. Not Your Business

    Not Your Business3 months ago

    I love their song God, Your Mama, and Me with Florida Georgia Line 🖤

  100. Diego Castillo

    Diego Castillo3 months ago

    I still need the teens react to the Backstreet Boys reacts to them

  101. Good

    Good3 months ago

    Oh God! Backstreet Boys! My favorite boy band and they still look so good 😊

  102. melissa chinchay

    melissa chinchay3 months ago

    I love BSB 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

  103. Threat20

    Threat203 months ago

    Nick not happy

  104. diana marcela torres santos

    diana marcela torres santos3 months ago

    Están más buenos ahora jejeje

  105. kattastic93

    kattastic933 months ago

    Ugh, 8 year old me’s heart is racing. STILL TO THIS DAY. Brian is so bae.

  106. Eric Brown-Bey

    Eric Brown-Bey3 months ago

    Teens react to Backstreet Boys reacting to teens react to the Backstreet Boys

  107. AnneMarie Wood-O'Rourke

    AnneMarie Wood-O'Rourke3 months ago

    I love this. And btw my 4 year old daughtet gets excited when she sees and hears BSB. Lol yep. This mama did it right haha

  108. AnneMarie Wood-O'Rourke

    AnneMarie Wood-O'Rourke3 months ago

    Daughter i meant

  109. Gabreya Bradley

    Gabreya Bradley3 months ago

    LOL! They crazy! 😂

  110. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper3 months ago

    Teens React to Backstreet Boys React to Teens React to Backstreet Boys

  111. Team FORTNITEYT

    Team FORTNITEYT3 months ago

    and then they react to that and teens react to when they react to that

  112. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper3 months ago

    lol, don't keep it going

  113. Sarah Yomes

    Sarah Yomes3 months ago

    I love Backstreet Boys 😻😩🤤❤️ I wish they would perform in Hawaii

  114. vampjoseph11

    vampjoseph113 months ago

    Now please try and get *NSYNC to do a react and my teenage self's life will be complete!

  115. Lindstant Karma

    Lindstant Karma3 months ago

    I love that they kept referring to Nick as “Aaron Cater’s brother”.😂

  116. Javier RiveraNeyra

    Javier RiveraNeyra3 months ago

    Zlatan era un backstreet boy

  117. Fabi Mllr

    Fabi Mllr3 months ago


  118. Melissa Rohan

    Melissa Rohan3 months ago

    When that one direction comment was made, I heard "ouch!"

  119. adriana nadine

    adriana nadine3 months ago

    now we need a teens react to backstreet boys react to teens react to backstreet boys

  120. Francis  Valderama

    Francis Valderama3 months ago

    adriana nadine reactception goddamnit hahaha


    VIVIANA PICON3 months ago

    I love u so so so so much bsb

  122. La Lewy

    La Lewy3 months ago

    I love the Backstreet Boys ❤

  123. Juan jesus ferreira

    Juan jesus ferreira3 months ago

    I'm 19 but my sister has been a fan of them since before I was born. so I know everything about them

  124. Yareth Gonzalez

    Yareth Gonzalez3 months ago

    Love Backstreet Boys!!! I’m 23 and still listen to you guys