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Backstreet Boys - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Official Video)


  1. Danielle Scarbrough

    Danielle Scarbrough14 minutes ago

    i cried... that is all

  2. John  Poole

    John Poole23 minutes ago

    Clever marketing of a rueful chord progression (A minor G major C/e to F major). An unresolved plagal cadence with a weakened and fleeting tonic - a limbo of unrequitedness.

  3. hello Angelica

    hello Angelica25 minutes ago

    Amo demais os amores da minha vida bsb ever 😍😍😍

  4. Benie Baney

    Benie Baney31 minute ago

    I'm only 17 but I'm addicted to this song already.

  5. Hype Beast

    Hype Beast38 minutes ago

    I thought they had zlatan

  6. Constance ct

    Constance ct44 minutes ago

    Wow!was not expecting this ! They blown me away what an amazing song

  7. Norman Sundar

    Norman SundarHour ago

    The video is as amazing as their music

  8. Sofii Gakharia

    Sofii GakhariaHour ago


  9. Jeanne Dumaplin

    Jeanne Dumaplin2 hours ago

    Such a deeply relatable song. Backstreet Boys: awesome as always.

  10. Bob Loeber

    Bob Loeber2 hours ago

    Wow!! Well done indeed. So happy to see the boys again and with great verve and evolution!! Kudos👍👍👍

  11. Trevor Bartschi

    Trevor Bartschi2 hours ago

    This song sucks

  12. CONfusion2021

    CONfusion20212 hours ago

    Best hope Elton John doesn't sue for copywrite infringement.

  13. Heather Erice

    Heather Erice2 hours ago

    I’m so fucking in love with this and these boys !!! Forever will be a Backstreet Boys fan 😍😍

  14. Katrina Yap

    Katrina Yap3 hours ago

    OMG the legends are back!!!❤❤❤

  15. Layla H

    Layla H3 hours ago

    Oh my actual god this song is so good and I’m addicted to the dance and the editing!

  16. Yuli Juf

    Yuli Juf3 hours ago

    Love this song!!! 2018!!! I'm a big fan of AJ, i want to know why brayn didn't has solo part in this song? Is brian loses his voice again? please reply my comment (BSB or someone) Thank you before

  17. imshannon nottellin

    imshannon nottellin3 hours ago

    in reading some of the negative comments i just want to say that BSB has been actively making music this entire time. the songs that they released just didnt chart. so please go to the corner and stay there until i tell you you can come out XD

  18. Natasja Hundebøl Sørensen

    Natasja Hundebøl Sørensen46 minutes ago

    Thanks for the roar! KTBPA!

  19. Deflin Alfisyahrin

    Deflin Alfisyahrin3 hours ago

    Backstreets back alright :)

  20. Qian xin soong

    Qian xin soong3 hours ago

    Backstreet Mans

  21. TheFruitsClan

    TheFruitsClan3 hours ago

    i guess they needed the money xD

  22. Mira Coli

    Mira Coli3 hours ago

    TheFruitsClan Actually not, they have never stopped working, is just that they were not mainstream anymore, but they have been together for 25 years now and have released the albums: - Never Gone (2005) - Unbreakable (2007) - This is us (2009) - In a world like this (2013) and making concerts (sold out tours) around the world, they have a residency in Las Vegas, did a documentary about their story that was in cinemas (it's on Netflix now) and got a number 1 song in the country charts (featuring country band Florida Georgia Line) last year. Also 5 years ago they got a star un the Hollywood walk of fame. Sorry for my English, is not my mother language. Take care. :)

  23. Vincent 1987-1990

    Vincent 1987-19903 hours ago


  24. Eralyn Dorol

    Eralyn Dorol3 hours ago

    this is the first boy band i have ever listened to and i'm happy that they are back!

  25. Nora Graff Kleven

    Nora Graff Kleven3 hours ago

    They formed on my 10th birthday. Best birthday present ever. So glad they're still around making music. AJ's verse is awesome. There's almost something MJ about the way he sings it.

  26. Vanessa Gagesteijn

    Vanessa Gagesteijn4 hours ago

  27. Just in

    Just in4 hours ago

    Well the boys have gotten older they have back problems, knee problems life issues. they're performing on Vegas like Britney Spears but we love them so fucken much .i'm 38 I remember my younger teen yrs as well. Welcome back boys...we missed u

  28. Samadhis Salles

    Samadhis Salles4 hours ago

    The kings of the boy bands #legends !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. Yash Jaiswal

    Yash Jaiswal5 hours ago

    Back is back baby

  30. William SEEVEMAN

    William SEEVEMAN5 hours ago

    I love this song, I am French and I love too much the Group Backstreet Boys!!

  31. meownmazda1

    meownmazda15 hours ago

    Anybody think sounds the same as Conrad Sewel?

  32. Alice Klockziem

    Alice Klockziem6 hours ago

    Super klasse das ihr wieder zusammen Musik macht ❤ich bin seid Kind an euer Fan und werde es immer bleiben ❤

  33. Ameyali Salas

    Ameyali Salas6 hours ago


  34. André

    André6 hours ago

    Im so proud of my boys! I will be a fan till the end.

  35. sdmkorn

    sdmkorn6 hours ago

    Still better than this days pop music.Legends!!

  36. Arianna Brown

    Arianna Brown6 hours ago

    Does anyone else hear the Stranger Things music in the background??

  37. Girly Changer

    Girly Changer7 hours ago

    wow i never thought i would love a song from them but i can't help it

  38. Liv Avikin

    Liv Avikin7 hours ago


  39. Sage's World

    Sage's World7 hours ago

    I'm young but my mom told me about these guys and I started listening to them and now this....THEY ARE BACKK.......MY FAVIROTE BOY BAND BACK IN BUSINESS

  40. Arissa B

    Arissa B8 hours ago

    I want the old hair styles again 😭😭😭 Nick your so cute.

  41. Jen Berry

    Jen Berry8 hours ago

    I can't stop listening to this song!!!! Its so good!!!! Loved you guys since your debut album and you all are still rocking the charts!!!! 🤩😘😍

  42. Brianna Lavalley

    Brianna Lavalley8 hours ago

    The boys are back!!! 💗💗

  43. Paul O'Neill

    Paul O'Neill8 hours ago

    Sooo wanna sniff these guys arses

  44. Sofia Ignacia

    Sofia Ignacia8 hours ago

    Brian is always wearing cool sneakers

  45. Nellie Ortiz

    Nellie Ortiz8 hours ago

    Loveeeee it!

  46. Casey Kubes

    Casey Kubes8 hours ago

    These aren’t the real Backstreet Boys

  47. imshannon nottellin

    imshannon nottellin3 hours ago

    Casey Kubes then who are they?

  48. Bazil J. Toy Loy

    Bazil J. Toy Loy9 hours ago

    This deserves over 300M views... Now a hit! Well done BSB. 🙌👏👏👏👏👏

  49. scapegoatwax2001

    scapegoatwax20012 hours ago

    Bazil J. Toy Loy Also by signing the petition on for BSB to win the Michael Jackson Vanguard award at this Years MTV Video music awards. It needs 2000 signatures. If you need the link I can give it to you.

  50. scapegoatwax2001

    scapegoatwax20012 hours ago

    Bazil J. Toy Loy You can help them get to 300 million views by having your friends listen to this song and having it reach other people and requesting it on the radio. 😊

  51. Jackson’s Wang Gang

    Jackson’s Wang Gang9 hours ago

    It’s been a month and I haven’t realized they’re back

  52. Olga Stupnikova

    Olga Stupnikova9 hours ago

    Very sad 😔 I loved them so much but this is not them anymore. Of course they want to be up to modern music tendencies, but unfortunately I didn’t hear anything new and beautiful. Too bad...


    THEDAVIDBSB10 hours ago

    THIS IS IT!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  54. Ninja Ali

    Ninja Ali10 hours ago

    We hit 20M we can do more!!!

  55. Justin Reyes

    Justin Reyes10 hours ago

    I have never heard of these people but this is a really good ng

  56. Xolcin

    Xolcin10 hours ago

    K-pop has changed

  57. aline viapiana

    aline viapiana10 hours ago


  58. jay erickson

    jay erickson10 hours ago

    now is Kevin back with BSB?

  59. eriary Guzmán

    eriary Guzmán10 hours ago


  60. wild knights™

    wild knights™10 hours ago

    its about time

  61. LIVVAmusic

    LIVVAmusic11 hours ago My new song! same style! let me know what you think ;)

  62. Afiya Burwell

    Afiya Burwell11 hours ago

    yes...omg now that's an amazing comeback

  63. Totally a white president

    Totally a white president12 hours ago

    ok this doesnt sound like them.

  64. David Riley

    David Riley12 hours ago

    Parts of the music has that stranger things vibe

  65. Courtney Chapman

    Courtney Chapman12 hours ago

    This song is a hit! #bsb4L

  66. Caztro XP

    Caztro XP12 hours ago


  67. Cece 37

    Cece 3712 hours ago

    yaay my boys are back

  68. Lionel Arturo Caña Egurrola

    Lionel Arturo Caña Egurrola12 hours ago

    Backstreet Boys Feat Snoop Dog XD XD XD

  69. Yoda LaMarde

    Yoda LaMarde13 hours ago

    At 2:38 i swear it is the same music as delicate, from taylor Swift. . . I could even call this plagia

  70. Katherine Diaz

    Katherine Diaz13 hours ago


  71. Jill Smith

    Jill Smith14 hours ago

    Hott Hott

  72. Steph Sadek

    Steph Sadek14 hours ago

    AJ 1:30 so greaaat

  73. markbosman12

    markbosman1214 hours ago


  74. nina x

    nina x14 hours ago

    I LOVE THIS BEAT OMG i feel nostalgia

  75. Kristen JustKristen

    Kristen JustKristen15 hours ago

    I miss when Brians vocals were the main vocals.... Not saying I don't appreciate Howie n nick BUT Brian was that man 4 so so so long.. Just different is all.

  76. Mein Senf dazu ...

    Mein Senf dazu ...15 hours ago

    The Song is great but the Video feels weird

  77. Zorren

    Zorren16 hours ago

    Great song, but sack the stylist. What the hell are they wearing?.....

  78. vesinokkapuuskuttaja

    vesinokkapuuskuttaja16 hours ago

    Message sounded feelings are most important thing in humanity


    EXTINPLAGA SA DE CV16 hours ago

    01:32 I don't wanna go Mr. AJ

  80. Juz’ Sean

    Juz’ Sean17 hours ago


  81. Emily Bowen

    Emily Bowen17 hours ago

    Damn they've still got it 🔥🔥

  82. ARtroncatbama

    ARtroncatbama17 hours ago

    Found this song while it played at a restaurant in Key West. Makes the song even better

  83. Morty Smith

    Morty Smith17 hours ago

    The backstreet boys are back at it again with good music👌🏻

  84. QueencutyZazu

    QueencutyZazu17 hours ago

    They are back 😍😍😍

  85. Mona

    Mona18 hours ago

    Last month attended thie concert BOY THT WAS AMAZINGGGGGGG FOREVER THE BEST BSB #mychildhood

  86. Mehmeh Mike

    Mehmeh Mike18 hours ago

    When did john wick join the backstreet boys??

  87. Gamer *Ray*dation

    Gamer *Ray*dation18 hours ago

    Backstreets back alright

  88. Magdiel Antoriano

    Magdiel Antoriano18 hours ago

    Para mi, la mejor canción del año Me fascina 😍👌🌐 La letra no podía ser mejor,100 puntos.

  89. Angela Gale

    Angela Gale18 hours ago

    How many time is appropriate to replay in one day?


    GARUGAMESH18 hours ago

    They got old but they didn't mature at all.

  91. Paula Jacqueline Vizcayno

    Paula Jacqueline Vizcayno18 hours ago

    Love you guys! BSB 4 Ever!

  92. Siyona Behera

    Siyona Behera19 hours ago


  93. Yearpy Lesmana

    Yearpy Lesmana19 hours ago

    im 40 years old and still love BSB! this is my music of my youngers life...

  94. Desarae Saenz

    Desarae Saenz19 hours ago

    Love it!!!

  95. N G

    N G19 hours ago

    So happy to see them having great family life and still the BSB

  96. Nina Jackson

    Nina Jackson19 hours ago


  97. Rai Gin

    Rai Gin19 hours ago

    Forgive me if I'm being too open

  98. Zabeer Hossain

    Zabeer Hossain19 hours ago

    Backstreet Boys are now Frontstreet Men and......THEY'RE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Sheina Holmes

    Sheina Holmes19 hours ago

    I fainted 😍😍😍 my men are back !!!

  100. yankee doodle dandy

    yankee doodle dandy19 hours ago

    they look so hot and dance so well i cant believe it its like my childhood is back !

  101. Flavia Gaspari

    Flavia Gaspari20 hours ago

    Los amo con toda mi alma!!! Gracias por su música, sus letras, sus coreografías... Gracias por existir!!! Mi adolescencia hermosamente marcada a fuego en mi corazón!!! Saludos desde Argentina! Una sola vez pude tener el honor de verlos en vivo en el año 2009...fue lo mejor que me pudo pasar en la vida!!! Ojalá vuelvan pronto😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  102. Maria pilar Chumacero Rivera

    Maria pilar Chumacero Rivera20 hours ago


  103. Pame Carli Santillan

    Pame Carli Santillan20 hours ago


  104. Andrea Montoya

    Andrea Montoya21 hour ago

    I love that you guys still make music. You were my favorite when I was 7 years old and you're still my favorite now that I'm 29! Much love and respect.

  105. realsnd

    realsnd21 hour ago

    I thought they already had a song with that title.

  106. scapegoatwax2001

    scapegoatwax200119 hours ago

    realsnd You are thinking of I'll Never Break Your Heart