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Backstreet Boys - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Official Video)


  1. Jennifer cn

    Jennifer cn3 hours ago

    They are just better and better!!!

  2. Chandros Evans

    Chandros Evans5 hours ago

    now this is the Backstreet Boys that I like with the dancing and singing and not just standing around

  3. Awatif Eltom

    Awatif Eltom5 hours ago

    Like Song

  4. Dawn Dowden

    Dawn Dowden8 hours ago

    Love this group

  5. Mony Rc

    Mony Rc8 hours ago

    Definitivamente, son los mejores!!! 😍😍😍😍 Siguen cantando y bailando hermoso!!!

  6. #r. Jam

    #r. Jam11 hours ago

    BSB..You are my number one favorite boy band since when i was a little boy and until now even im getting old..big thumbs up for all of you..god bless!👍🇵🇭

  7. Nathan Watson

    Nathan Watson11 hours ago

    Just wait for it.....Gen Zs gonna take credit for this too. 80’s/90’s kids have been waiting for Backstreet to really be back since “This Is The End”.

  8. Oskars Deigelis

    Oskars Deigelis8 hours ago

    Nathan Watson they never went anywhere

  9. Urmi Habiba

    Urmi Habiba12 hours ago

    Fans of 90s its your time finally. I love back street boys. The only concert I was so crazy to attend reminds me of my teen.

  10. Giih Faria

    Giih Faria16 hours ago

    2:38 this is Smoke and Mirrors from Demi Lovato

  11. Gabriele Walter

    Gabriele Walter20 hours ago

    Fan forever

  12. Caoimhe FitzGerald

    Caoimhe FitzGerald20 hours ago

    And that's how it's done..

  13. illegirl_kae

    illegirl_kae21 hour ago

    The choreo is just...endearing. 😭💜 It brings back childhood memories. Back in grade school, our class danced to Larger Than Life during our school's annual foundation. The choreo of As Long As You Love me is my late father's favorite. Congratulations for the no. 1 in Billboard 200! 💜


    TINA CONDICDay ago

    My birthday song is Don’t Go breaking my heart 💜 ♥️ ❤️ my Favorite Song

  15. Juliana Mello Viana

    Juliana Mello VianaDay ago


  16. Berserker 4Death

    Berserker 4DeathDay ago

    I love I want it that way

  17. Fedezesp

    FedezespDay ago

    I can not stop listening to it

  18. Niza Velasquez

    Niza VelasquezDay ago

    Me gustaba el Kevin

  19. Paul Deka

    Paul DekaDay ago

    Listening to Backstreet Boys since 1999 when I was 5 yrs old.

  20. Lars Wyss

    Lars WyssDay ago

    1:02 Baby shark.

  21. guidofski

    guidofskiDay ago

    I only know of Baby Shark because of my young nephews but I laughed really hard at this. :)

  22. Brandy Homquist

    Brandy HomquistDay ago

    I love it

  23. Jordan Roll

    Jordan RollDay ago


  24. Helena Dibble

    Helena DibbleDay ago

    i like the backstreet boys because i am the fans of them

  25. Aishah Abdul Rahman

    Aishah Abdul RahmanDay ago

    Damn Kevin's looking hotter with age

  26. PS Bartlett

    PS Bartlett2 days ago

    I love this song. ❤️

  27. saliah piplal

    saliah piplal2 days ago

    Love backstreet boys. Great song

  28. nathalie marchand

    nathalie marchand2 days ago

    i love you Nick you are the most and cute man wow

  29. Graziele S R

    Graziele S R2 days ago

    Just because of you I started studying English. Thanks for that! Kisses from Brazil!!

  30. Markey Paddy

    Markey Paddy2 days ago

    Fans from the 90s out your hens uo

  31. Markey Paddy

    Markey Paddy2 days ago

    Hands up for the 90s

  32. Sarah Coulman

    Sarah Coulman2 days ago

    Why does the first guy oddly sound like Calum Hood?

  33. Dani lessa

    Dani lessa2 days ago


  34. Luluh

    Luluh2 days ago

    They are legends 💞💕💗💋

  35. Vega Ocxy

    Vega Ocxy2 days ago

    Keep dancing with them guyss 😃 They never getting older.

  36. hartin galindo

    hartin galindo2 days ago

    talento de sobra!

  37. marjorie mae bascones

    marjorie mae bascones2 days ago

    before kpop thing went viral backstreet boys is reigning! 👏👏👏👏missing those days when i cried hard bcoz of their meaningful songs. ❤ love them

  38. Markey Paddy

    Markey Paddy2 days ago

    and I really like this song to

  39. pomonasfruit

    pomonasfruit3 days ago

    zillions of hearts sent to these boys who never get old !

  40. Braindead 0025

    Braindead 00253 days ago

    Wait wtf since when

  41. Oskars Deigelis

    Oskars DeigelisDay ago

    Braindead 0025 they never broke up

  42. Charles Bolanos

    Charles Bolanos3 days ago


  43. Melody Sanger

    Melody Sanger3 days ago


  44. Abe Lesser

    Abe LesserDay ago

    Thanks Baby...He says he appreciates that you know this and his dogs name, his mom maiden name, his favorite ice cream , his home address and God knows what else!

  45. IshwariKRS

    IshwariKRS3 days ago

    I love these guys soooo much Been a fan since I was 11 years old ! I’m 32 now ! Lol

  46. Enigma of Fear

    Enigma of Fear3 days ago

    All Italy is in love with this song ❤️🇮🇹

  47. ceciliacarcamo3

    ceciliacarcamo33 days ago


  48. L Z

    L Z3 days ago

    So mature, straight, real and loving in the message in the song. My forever Backstreet Boys :)

  49. Ana Vitória Vieira Coutinho

    Ana Vitória Vieira Coutinho3 days ago

    Amo Vocês 🇧🇷

  50. Veliban Fernandes

    Veliban Fernandes3 days ago

    Dude, You messed up the video. All the flashy lights look fine, but not on these guys. It worked for Liam Payne. But come on. Not these guys. They look like they're pretending to be someone else in those stupid ass lights and that awkward ass dance. They're musicians. Not dancing clowns, Video director. reference: 0:25 - 1:16

  51. Alis Nishanova

    Alis Nishanova3 days ago

    песента е върхът

  52. Youcef Rahali

    Youcef Rahali3 days ago

    Fans did you married ?????

  53. Nicole Cruz

    Nicole Cruz3 days ago

    I'M NOT that KIND of person that can fall in and out of love with you.

  54. Rahul Mhaskar

    Rahul Mhaskar3 days ago

    The only backstreets boys song to get some views is I Want In That Way😢😢

  55. Rahul Mhaskar

    Rahul Mhaskar3 days ago

    Backstreets back alright!!!

  56. tmara000

    tmara0003 days ago

    Oh God u guys I love u for being united till today 🙏 u were and still my music Idol. I'm from the 80s 😉👏👏

  57. Avani Vieira

    Avani Vieira4 days ago

    esses meninos alem de cantar e lindo e Nick cárter e mais

  58. Kei

    Kei4 days ago

    They sang this at their concert in Las Vegas and I cried and then died because I was so happy

  59. Ratna Darmayani

    Ratna Darmayani4 days ago

    Loving those 80's vibe, reminds me that opening song from stranger things 😍😍

  60. jennifer blackwell

    jennifer blackwell4 days ago

    Love this song and video

  61. nothern lights

    nothern lights4 days ago

    Só eu que achei que o cara de chapéu era o Steve Aoki?

  62. 2028 Uriah Gallegos

    2028 Uriah Gallegos4 days ago

    forgive me

  63. Giorgia Richards

    Giorgia Richards4 days ago

    I’m loving the song but it has the same bridge as the one in Smoke&Mirrors by Demi Lovato lol

  64. Marina The best

    Marina The best4 days ago

    WOAW !!!

  65. Makuogoku

    Makuogoku4 days ago

    Guys stop complaining about the grammy. We all knew that its not BSB isnt deserved the grammy but the grammy isnt deserved to be given to such wonderful mens. I mean giving grammy to them is just like giving a little reward to such a rlly rlly rlly rlly good band. They deserved more than a grammy

  66. Yazzy

    Yazzy4 days ago

    Best. Music. Video. Ever.

  67. Hush Hype

    Hush Hype4 days ago

    Guys its 2019! Please dont play games & break their hearts.

  68. Krisha Concepcion

    Krisha Concepcion4 days ago


  69. Jacky Castillo

    Jacky Castillo4 days ago

    BBY don't go breaking my heart breaking my heart,😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  70. Jacky Castillo

    Jacky Castillo4 days ago

    +Lim Cheong Leng lol I always liked them when I was a kid. Yeah it's a v good song.😁

  71. Lim Cheong Leng

    Lim Cheong Leng4 days ago

    My fav song from the back street boys although I am not a fan of them

  72. M M

    M M4 days ago

    loved them from my teens loving the new album

  73. DRAW DAILY · DxD

    DRAW DAILY · DxD5 days ago

    Backstreet boys are better then Nsync.👋😔 Fight me lolz

  74. Mabel Xiomara Saravia Saravia

    Mabel Xiomara Saravia Saravia5 days ago

    a mi me ven bien tranquilita y todo pero en mi mente están los Backstreet boys bien prris gritando BEIBI DON'T GO BREIKIN MA JAR BREIKIN MA JAR :v

  75. ZombLy Acopalypse

    ZombLy Acopalypse5 days ago

    Dua Lipa

  76. satelitemusical

    satelitemusical5 days ago

    Especial de "Los 90s - La Historia Detrás de las Canciones" completamente dedicado a los Backstreet Boys ya está disponible en todas las plataformas digitales.

  77. Benny Fox007

    Benny Fox0075 days ago

    Can't still believe they're still kicking it

  78. Mavelyn Rodriguez

    Mavelyn Rodriguez5 days ago

    Well, they said it: "As long as there'll be music we'll be coming back again" 😍

  79. lexi mireles

    lexi mireles5 days ago

    Yaya!!! They are back

  80. anna Phonchana

    anna Phonchana5 days ago

    Song: Don't Go Breaking My Heart Artist: Backstreet Boys Album: DNA Year: 2019

  81. Yaqueline Mamani

    Yaqueline Mamani6 days ago

    no son de mi década pero nick cárter era mi favorito y ahora lo veo y sigue de bueno😙😙

  82. Edgar Puga

    Edgar Puga6 days ago

    Ni todas las boys bands actuales pueden superar a estos masters. Los amo 😍

  83. Shaina Sparks

    Shaina Sparks6 days ago

    Loved them before love them now!!!!!

  84. Jeneva Barrientez

    Jeneva Barrientez6 days ago


  85. Taiyah Jackson

    Taiyah Jackson6 days ago

    They are timeless.

  86. Think Much?

    Think Much?6 days ago

    My granddad and his friends made another music video....

  87. mary horton

    mary horton6 days ago

    If YoUrE A fAn FrOm ThE 90S LiKe ThIs cOmMEnt.

  88. Doreen Selly

    Doreen Selly6 days ago

    Wow I didn't know Backstreet sang this song!!! Love love this song!

  89. محمد الزامل

    محمد الزامل6 days ago


  90. Victoria Hostetter

    Victoria Hostetter6 days ago

    Love the backstreet boys

  91. Victoria Hostetter

    Victoria Hostetter6 days ago


  92. Shane Filan is perfect

    Shane Filan is perfect6 days ago

    WESTLIFE ➡️➡️➡️ Hello My Love ➡️➡️➡️

  93. Noor Al-Rawe

    Noor Al-Rawe6 days ago

    my Zumba coach played this song and I had no idea its by BSB !! While I consider myself a loyal fan since the early 2000s , Shame on me .

  94. Đức Dương

    Đức Dương6 days ago

    i want it that way

  95. Roxana Medrano Padilla

    Roxana Medrano Padilla7 days ago

    Mis hermosos!!! Linda canción😍😍😍 Los amo💖💖💖💖💖

  96. Erin Burkey

    Erin Burkey7 days ago


  97. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen7 days ago

    0:29 I heard that f word

  98. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen4 days ago

    Lim Cheong Leng yes

  99. Lim Cheong Leng

    Lim Cheong Leng4 days ago


  100. Bron

    Bron7 days ago

    Love Love Love Forever

  101. 0.00 Minute

    0.00 Minute7 days ago

    Baby Don't Go Breaking My Heart!!

  102. Lps CookieCream

    Lps CookieCream7 days ago

    I’m a kid, and you guys music from the 90 is better then now

  103. R S

    R S7 days ago

    238 - 259 Taylor Swift Delicate

  104. Aj Truffle

    Aj Truffle7 days ago

    OH MY GOSH! Nick is still my crush 💗💗💗

  105. random ass person

    random ass person7 days ago

    One direction could never.

  106. Timothy Lakewood

    Timothy Lakewood8 days ago

    AJ may of put on weight but he is in a good place now. Eating right, not doing drugs or drinking. He may of gained some weight.

  107. yepesboy3

    yepesboy38 days ago

    20 years later and they’re still awesome as hell. 1999 was a hell of a year, and 2019 will be the same

  108. Firefighterleee Leee

    Firefighterleee Leee8 days ago

    you can hear the auto tone that much its not ok

  109. Doomarang3

    Doomarang37 days ago

    Then listen to the Live version no autotune, just RAW Vocals!

  110. Anthony Woodside

    Anthony Woodside8 days ago

    Nick Carter has some serious crows feet.