Baby Shark Cakes! - NERDY NUMMIES


  1. Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino2 months ago

    I hope you enjoy today's video! Many of my friends (and my sister!) are having kids for the first time and I was recently introduced to Baby Shark! Decided to make cakes of the cute Shark Family! 😊🦈💕

  2. Familia Quintanilla

    Familia Quintanilla8 days ago

    Omg I love baking I would like to open a bakery shop when I grow up

  3. Tinky Ting

    Tinky Ting9 days ago

    nowadays almost all kids like baby shark

  4. Myckayla Bright

    Myckayla Bright17 days ago

    Make a cake that looks like your dog!!!!!! "COOKIE"


    STANLEY ROCKS!25 days ago

    Rosanna love 💗 you

  6. zena elias

    zena elias28 days ago


  7. JTD Interiors

    JTD InteriorsDay ago

    Make a harrypotter cake

  8. Paula Ilalio

    Paula Ilalio2 days ago

    BABY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO DO BABY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO DO BABY SHARK.............................................. BABY SHARK

  9. Samantha Loya Cardenas

    Samantha Loya Cardenas2 days ago

    Omg! That was so cute!! Thank you Nerdy Nummies!!! 😘😘 omg plz make a Snow White cake!!! Plz!!! She’s my favorite Disney Princess! Or do anything Snow White themed! I would really appreciate it!! PLEASE! 🥺💘

  10. stiles palace

    stiles palace3 days ago

    make a 😎 cake

  11. alexus dunlap

    alexus dunlap4 days ago

    You should make a mermaid

  12. alexus dunlap

    alexus dunlap4 days ago

    I love your videos!!!!!!🍦🍩🍰🍟🍪🍗🍫🍔

  13. Kiera Balderstone

    Kiera Balderstone4 days ago

    isnt it a meme

  14. Sophie-Lee Uta'atu

    Sophie-Lee Uta'atu5 days ago

    Next could you make like a Disney cartoon character cake?? Or like pjmasks?????

  15. fpugeda

    fpugeda5 days ago

    Daughter of fpugeda: My family and i just baked a banana cake before watching this! (Dont tell them stole a piece/s)

  16. Carlynda Ngo

    Carlynda Ngo5 days ago

    Please make Meta Knight

  17. alyssa brooke

    alyssa brooke6 days ago

    Do a cake of yourself

  18. Olivia Carpenter

    Olivia Carpenter7 days ago

    This video is so cute ❤️💕😍

  19. Zoe Vanwesep

    Zoe Vanwesep7 days ago

    I'm sry but I really HATE that song!!!

  20. MrDietmint

    MrDietmint8 days ago

    Good !!

  21. audrey smith

    audrey smith8 days ago

    my teachers 5 year old niece had cancer.he WOULD have loved this

  22. Emily Stephens

    Emily Stephens9 days ago

    I thought the yellow shark was mummy shark

  23. Aziah Jones

    Aziah Jones9 days ago

    Can you make a heart eye emoji cake 😍

  24. Tinky Ting

    Tinky Ting9 days ago

    my sister like baby shark

  25. monster mania

    monster mania9 days ago

    Noah is so cute

  26. monster mania

    monster mania9 days ago


  27. Penguin Chan

    Penguin Chan9 days ago

    Why am I waiting for pink Fong to comment?¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    AVA MOORE10 days ago

    i thought a sharks favorite food was human flesh

  29. Anya Smith

    Anya Smith8 days ago

    AVA MOORE you are actually more likely to win the lottery or be struck by lightning than be attacked by a shark 🦈

  30. M Vasilas

    M Vasilas10 days ago

    It was so funny at the end when the baby took the top finding off🤣😆😁

  31. M Vasilas

    M Vasilas11 days ago

    The grandpa does look like papa pizza

  32. M Vasilas

    M Vasilas11 days ago

    Awwwwwww the baby is so cute

  33. Mariah Richardson

    Mariah Richardson11 days ago

    Donal is the best

  34. Zombie A & J

    Zombie A & J12 days ago

    This is how obsessed with baby shark I am I have the music code on roblox for baby shark

  35. Micah Jenkins

    Micah Jenkins12 days ago

    it did

  36. Chantelle Palmer

    Chantelle Palmer13 days ago

    i have a cousin called noah he i cute

  37. Megan Mart-Kirven

    Megan Mart-Kirven13 days ago

    Hey ro do you have a high altitude vanilla cake because every thing we’ve tried tastes bad

  38. Georgina Cooper

    Georgina Cooper13 days ago

    Next make a princess cake Rapunzel sand Rosana

  39. Elianna Rambarran

    Elianna Rambarran13 days ago

    Baby Noah do do do do do do BTW , my brother's name is Noah!!!



    Lemon is also yellow

  41. Martha Zemene

    Martha Zemene14 days ago

    Are you ccccccccccccccccrrraaazzzzyyyyyyyy.

  42. Jade Duprey

    Jade Duprey15 days ago

    do a john cena cake the fighter

  43. Wilton Ventura

    Wilton Ventura16 days ago


  44. Margaret Ernest

    Margaret Ernest18 days ago

    You ask Noah to bake a cake with you!!?

  45. Glenn Duff

    Glenn Duff18 days ago

    Can you make a slime themed cake

  46. Life Ain't Fun

    Life Ain't Fun19 days ago

    I'd never thought I'd be watching this... well for the lols #YOLO

  47. The Ironic Nerd

    The Ironic Nerd20 days ago

    I don’t think I’m in her demographic anymore. Big yikes on this.

  48. Andromeda The Betta Fish

    Andromeda The Betta Fish20 days ago

    *baby shark song fades in*

  49. LittlePurpleGachaWolf 1

    LittlePurpleGachaWolf 120 days ago

    Did you know I’m the one how started the Baby Shark trend I’m for real in 3rd grade i found it on Epic and told the whole class and the whole class told the whole school and so on Btw I’m in 5th grade now

  50. Zeekode - Coding, Creativity and lots of Fun!!!

    Zeekode - Coding, Creativity and lots of Fun!!!22 days ago

    Baby shark cool cool coo coo coo coo COOL COOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  51. Shannon Kerrigan

    Shannon Kerrigan22 days ago

    Rosanna is there any chance you could do a video for the shadowhunters angelic rune cake as i would lobe to make it for my 21st birthday

  52. Coconut Gaming tv

    Coconut Gaming tv23 days ago

    Yay u inspire me☺

  53. lydia studio

    lydia studio23 days ago

    Do some captain unpants cookies

  54. Dark Prince

    Dark Prince24 days ago

    Please do a bt21 characters please

  55. Shandi Taylor

    Shandi Taylor24 days ago

    make a baby shark cup cake i love you Ro from:cali i love you Ro


    STANLEY ROCKS!25 days ago

    Rosenna your a pro

  57. Katherine Müller

    Katherine Müller25 days ago

    Step aside toddlers, this cake is going to my well in teen birthday celebration

  58. Fnu Soediarto

    Fnu Soediarto25 days ago

    She forgot the gills and btw am I the only one who notice that?

  59. KoreanPop Good Virus

    KoreanPop Good Virus27 days ago

    Please make a BT21 cake collection pls!

  60. Teddy Bellia

    Teddy Bellia28 days ago

    Baby shark 🦈 doo doo doo doo

  61. Juice Wrld Fan 999

    Juice Wrld Fan 99928 days ago

    My little cousins likes baby shark

  62. Olivia Florio

    Olivia Florio28 days ago

    Can you make an ALL WHITE unicorn cake please or make a rose gold colored rose shaped cake please Ro!!!! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  63. Pam Gayle

    Pam Gayle28 days ago

    can you please do something from wings of fire (the book)

  64. Gacha Melon Games

    Gacha Melon Games29 days ago

    Baby Shark do do dod do

  65. Moonlight

    MoonlightMonth ago

    Who else thought at 7:05 it was a coconut 🥥 cut in half

  66. Jennifer Noullett

    Jennifer NoullettMonth ago

    That is so cute.

  67. Tini J

    Tini JMonth ago

    Just keep spinning spinning spinning what do we do we spin

  68. Lisa Pipkin

    Lisa PipkinMonth ago

    I’m in love with the song “baby shark” and I’m 9!

  69. Laynee Hampton

    Laynee HamptonMonth ago

    You should do a twin tlepthy chalange

  70. Ella Wilson

    Ella WilsonMonth ago

    Can you please do a chip and Dale cake please you are my favourite youtuber in the history of ever

  71. Muhammad Faraz Laeeq

    Muhammad Faraz LaeeqMonth ago

    i am so gonna make this for my 1-year-old baby cousin she loves baby shark whenever she wants to watch she says 'ba' like as in baby ha

  72. vittorialei

    vittorialeiMonth ago

    I think I have an idea for a new recipe, gooey gummy Genie jelly from Shimmer and shine

  73. hope xoxoxo

    hope xoxoxoMonth ago

    love u ro!!!

  74. Micah Salvador

    Micah SalvadorMonth ago

    we miss more nerdy nummies

  75. ImAninjaSoRun

    ImAninjaSoRunMonth ago

    I had forgotten about this channel I'm subscribed but didn't have the bell so it never featured it on my feed anymore. But wow I see the dramatic change in views

  76. lavafire 11111

    lavafire 11111Month ago


  77. Yolanda Ortega

    Yolanda OrtegaMonth ago

    It is going to be my niece it going to be the best birthday ever on the 31st 😗💖❤🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈

  78. Daniel M.

    Daniel M.Month ago

    9:57 Did Donald just say cocktail sticks

  79. Shawney Husk

    Shawney HuskMonth ago

    Could you do something Dragon Ball Super themed. My boyfriend and I really like that show. I would love to see a cool cake or cookies that I could make. I'd really like a cake though but anything is fine.

  80. Fernando the lost piece of bacon

    Fernando the lost piece of baconMonth ago

    Baby shark dodo**smashes toe** *DODODDODODODDODANGIT*

  81. Fernando the lost piece of bacon

    Fernando the lost piece of baconMonth ago


  82. Jemea Sherman

    Jemea ShermanMonth ago

    When she took the cakes out the oven and put the frosting in between it looked like a coconut.Like this comment if you agree

  83. Leah Kuzminski

    Leah KuzminskiMonth ago

    on the shark cake video you forgot to ad the gills!!!

  84. Smiley Rodriguez

    Smiley RodriguezMonth ago

    Baby shark do do do do do do

  85. cre8tivj cre8tivj

    cre8tivj cre8tivjMonth ago

    you're all sharked out DO DO DO DO DO DO

  86. Yaliza’s World

    Yaliza’s WorldMonth ago

    Baby shark do do do do do do baby shark do do do do do baby shark do do do do do baby shark mommy shark do do do do do mommy shark do do do do do mommy shark do do do do do mommy shark

  87. S J

    S JMonth ago

    Baby shark Noah 😘

  88. Jacqueline Hurtado

    Jacqueline HurtadoMonth ago

    do do do do do do!!!

  89. HeadInTheGalaxy

    HeadInTheGalaxyMonth ago

    He sounds like Sharky the Shark from that minecraft series I used to watch

  90. Autumn S

    Autumn SMonth ago

    When I Was Little, I Always Thought Nemo Was Pronounced "Memo" XD

  91. Autumn S

    Autumn SMonth ago

    ...Baby Shark Isn't YELLOW. He's Blue.

  92. Audra Jones

    Audra JonesMonth ago

    Autumn S that's Daddy shark

  93. Andrea Murphy

    Andrea MurphyMonth ago

    +Rosanna Pansino these baby shark cakes are so cute! I absolutely love the pink shark! :) I love your channel it’s so fun! :D

  94. Megan & Dolce

    Megan & DolceMonth ago

    Congrats on 11 million subs!!

  95. Alvin Edgard Toding

    Alvin Edgard TodingMonth ago

    am i the only one distracted by the accent 😂

  96. Lilly Kershaw

    Lilly KershawMonth ago

    As the baby shark stares into nothing.

  97. Gamer Girls

    Gamer GirlsMonth ago

    Ro, what do you do with all of the cakes that you make??

  98. Gacha Challenger

    Gacha ChallengerMonth ago

    Eat them

  99. A Navarrette

    A NavarretteMonth ago

    Baby shark do do do

  100. Andrew and Jennifer Green

    Andrew and Jennifer GreenMonth ago

    I love you Ro ❤️🦈

  101. amii_mckernan _xxxamii

    amii_mckernan _xxxamiiMonth ago

    You should do a video with James Charles or your boyfriend husky and make a fortnite cake x💚❤️🐶❄️probely won’t read this but it’s fine x and is he from Australia x America or Ireland

  102. Ash Unicorn

    Ash UnicornMonth ago

    Omg lol

  103. Maria Rivera

    Maria RiveraMonth ago

    Baby shak

  104. Lulu's Craft Lab

    Lulu's Craft LabMonth ago

    Can I come

  105. Sama Dadash

    Sama DadashMonth ago

    My sister's favorite song

  106. Tyson Davis

    Tyson DavisMonth ago

    They do not look like baby shark ro but well done

  107. The2 Amigos X2

    The2 Amigos X2Month ago


  108. virginiaespinoza23

    virginiaespinoza23Month ago

    Make a Wonder Women cake!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese