'Avengers: Endgame' Cast Full Roundtable Interview On Stan Lee & More | Entertainment Weekly


  1. Entertainment Weekly

    Entertainment Weekly3 months ago

    The end is near. We assembled 6 covers with the founding Avengers! Check them out with Anthony Breznican's full cover story: bit.ly/EWAvengersEndgame

  2. Starcluster69S7

    Starcluster69S724 days ago

    All "smoking Mad" isn't it!

  3. jysix

    jysixMonth ago

    Cloud Dr. Strange have used the Time Stone to revive Stark, as Thanos did to Vision???

  4. Roman Reigns

    Roman ReignsMonth ago

    you guys didn't invite a raccoon to the interview>bradley cooper

  5. Steve Thea

    Steve TheaMonth ago

    @u jay so Johnny Storm from Fantastic4 turned into Captain America

  6. santosh kumar

    santosh kumar2 months ago

    Please make Avengers past story line of "Kang the conqueror" - most super intelligent super vilian in MCU.

  7. Sreehari Madhu

    Sreehari Madhu3 minutes ago

    3:58 I thought cap didn't *move on*

  8. Liz Harman

    Liz Harman2 hours ago

    I admire ScarJo. Very well spoken, comfortable and able to hold her own in a room of talented and handsome men. Plus she's beautiful!

  9. HueyyyT

    HueyyyT16 hours ago

    10 years ain’t short, and I am sure these avengers have made big bucks hahha...but they deserved it.

  10. Cephelraï

    CephelraïDay ago

    YES actual deep discussion about those movies ! Excellent interview !

  11. RoSmash

    RoSmashDay ago

    One of the best interviews I’ve ever seen, especially when the interviewer is super nice and quiet and lets them speak.

  12. Chapman CHEUNG

    Chapman CHEUNG2 days ago

    I just realised none of the original 6 were dusted.

  13. Sanjida Naznin

    Sanjida Naznin2 days ago

    I don't wike it 😣

  14. Black Widow

    Black Widow3 days ago

    Evans: “4 of you have had children now” Jeremy: “That didn’t affect my waistline” Scarlett: “Speak for yourself” As if she doesn’t still look amazing😂😂

  15. sushmi poudel

    sushmi poudel3 days ago

    7:45 is beautiful just love their friendship. ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Leonardo Giordano

    Leonardo Giordano5 days ago

    Black Widow with Red Hair: Win Black Widow with Blonde hair: Lose Thor with long hair: wins Thor with Short hair: lose Captain America without beard: Wins Cap with Beard: Loses Hawkeye w/ Avengers: Win Hawkeye Not w/ Avengers: Lose Anyone seeing a pattern?

  17. Manisha Patel

    Manisha Patel6 days ago

    I love these ppl. They care each other. Tony is like a leader of this group.

  18. Liam Ryan

    Liam Ryan6 days ago

    Every one of the original 6 (maybe with the exception of Chris Evans, I don’t think anyone is like Captain America) just sorta plays themselves when endgame comes out

  19. Philip Simmonds

    Philip Simmonds9 days ago

    Where is Loki??? 😢😢😢 He should be part of that original team.

  20. Philip Simmonds

    Philip Simmonds9 days ago

    “Yeah, yeah but the cameos... “ That had me dying. Sounds like classic Stan Lee. Gone but not forgotten.

  21. Mia Schmidt

    Mia Schmidt10 days ago

    1:18 cue all of the avengers talking over each other

  22. hcu

    hcu11 days ago

    So are we just going to ignore the fact that this Robert Downey Jr. guy looks like Tony Stark from Iron Man?

  23. The Dank USSR Hunter

    The Dank USSR Hunter13 days ago

    when you realize thanos is successful in killing half of og6

  24. Christine W

    Christine W13 days ago

    *"made me feel like an almond"*

  25. Devarsh Thakkar

    Devarsh Thakkar14 days ago

    Is it just me or they're looking kinda sad in every endgame interview/conference?

  26. GONER

    GONER14 days ago

    wonder why they put Scarlett and Robert in the middle of the table???

  27. anonymous armadillo

    anonymous armadillo16 days ago

    I grew up with marvel

  28. Cimone Snyder

    Cimone Snyder16 days ago

    Just saw Avengers Endgame last night. Watching this made me feel a lot better. Thank you.

  29. Alonzeyah Mae

    Alonzeyah Mae16 days ago

    8:45 Jeremy’s face is like : mhm, say that honey, its one less female hero after endgame.

  30. Awais Ahmed

    Awais Ahmed16 days ago

    They started it all and with them it ended. No more avengers after them, not for me at least.

  31. usc trojans1987

    usc trojans198716 days ago

    I'll be sad when they stop being friends...

  32. Anurag Nair

    Anurag Nair17 days ago

    Chris Evans here kinda looks like Kane Williamson, New Zealenders will get it.

  33. Nicole Reign

    Nicole Reign17 days ago


  34. FPValley

    FPValley17 days ago

    Scarlett: I mean, you know, like ... you know ... and emm you know

  35. Kamora Hays

    Kamora Hays17 days ago


  36. Save Hero Inspire Redo

    Save Hero Inspire Redo18 days ago

    8:48 Renner is like.... "you excited?? Wait till you hear about what happens in Endgame to her....."

  37. Victor Patiño G

    Victor Patiño G18 days ago

    I just loved this interview!!! Great to see them altogether without superpowers... Greetings from Ecuador.

  38. August _Gamer

    August _Gamer19 days ago

    They should make a Hawkeye movie

  39. Take Disi

    Take Disi20 days ago

    Scarlett Johansson's "you know"

  40. Opal Jarrett

    Opal Jarrett20 days ago

    Hey, Stan lee I just wanna say that I love you 300000000 ha in your face tony starks daughter and Stan you will be missed😭

  41. fx 22

    fx 2221 day ago

    6:42 when legend talk

  42. ElektraMX

    ElektraMX22 days ago

    Jeremy: “It didn’t effect my waist size” Scarlett: *whispers while nodding* “Speak for yourself”

  43. Clairie W

    Clairie W22 days ago

    Too much legends...

  44. CL

    CL22 days ago

    I love seeing them all talking like this. They have such good chemistry together and bounce off one another's conversations so well. It's sad that we probably won't get another "roundtable" with the original six again, but at least we know how much of a family they are.

  45. Prajwal M.S

    Prajwal M.S22 days ago

    3:35 RDJ BE LIKE - And the truth is I played myself

  46. lovecolplay

    lovecolplay23 days ago

    My thoughts while watching this: 1: I love these people so much! 2: When i was a kid, my parents made me Watch all the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Movies. I loved it! But later i grew up with these guys so one day i want to show my Kids all the MArvel Movies an hope the fall in love with this as much as I did with Bud and Terence, but to also find their own fun Movieworld.

  47. Sapphire of SHIELD

    Sapphire of SHIELD23 days ago

    13:26 I cannot stop cackling about RDJ's impression of Stan Lee's Civil War cameo.

  48. Edits A Star is Born

    Edits A Star is Born23 days ago

    I just started crying when I looked at at Scarlett

  49. Danbutch24

    Danbutch2423 days ago

    Kevin is a proper Trekkie!!! :D


    HŐŁÝ ŚHÏȚ24 days ago

    7:44 "They love each other" Awww

  51. Simran Ghimire

    Simran Ghimire25 days ago

    Ruffalo spoiled it again. He literally said that sometimes bad guys win and good people die and that's an endgame. He was referring to IRON MAN's death

  52. greenteapeachtea

    greenteapeachtea9 days ago

    Dont forget about black widow

  53. Raof Ridzwan

    Raof Ridzwan25 days ago

    RDJ - Oldest brother Evans - That middle brother everyone protect Hemsworth and Ruffalo - just the close two brothers spending most their time eating pizza Scarlett - " you do everything i say " Renner - " the movie will begin then it will end "

  54. arianne

    arianne26 days ago

    I love how this roundtable went. All of them got to speak their mind freely with no interruption. The best part of it all is that Scarlett didn't get rabbit food questions. I've seen her interviews where all of the other casts get so many interesting questions about their experiences on set and the arcs of their characters but when it comes to her she gets question about her fitness routine or her experience on getting her suit on. It's nice to see and hear her talk about what she truly felt on portraying one of THE most powerful and strongest women on the MCU.

  55. dad ?

    dad ?26 days ago

    5:56 and now she gets to watch her die!

  56. riley

    riley29 days ago

    doctor: you have 24 minutes and 36 seconds left to live me: