Auction Drift Car Has Hidden Damage!!!


  1. goonzquad

    goonzquad11 days ago

    Sorry guys technical difficulties: video in 360p can’t fix it at the moment!!! Please enjoy in 360!

  2. shrtcvt

    shrtcvt8 days ago

    Mitchell Maciejewski yea bc it only takes like 10 minutes to process a video on youtube

  3. Mitchell Maciejewski

    Mitchell Maciejewski8 days ago

    Im in 1080p60

  4. shrtcvt

    shrtcvt8 days ago

    it does that if you publish the video while it’s processing

  5. 에스테아

    에스테아9 days ago

    Oh it's fixed! :)

  6. Simon Riley

    Simon Riley9 days ago

    Did anyone saw the full Supra add😂

  7. Vantiko Butler

    Vantiko Butler2 days ago

    Hey which grid sand paper they used to wet sand ?

  8. Ashton Kidgell

    Ashton Kidgell3 days ago

    That is legit dude!!

  9. Mobilfix

    Mobilfix3 days ago


  10. James Gan Aimn

    James Gan Aimn4 days ago

    What are you using for sanding in this video? It looks like some sponges? can you link where you got them?

  11. Virginia Thornbor

    Virginia Thornbor4 days ago

    Ya'll should have bought a second car garage for the others and yall two had good memories of the other car don't sell it and keep the camaro ZL1 bye and here's my shout out # goonzquad

  12. cristobal vidal

    cristobal vidal5 days ago

    Change de color, like a dark gray!!!

  13. Stevie Wildey

    Stevie Wildey5 days ago

    So happy you guys received my package, from across the pond, i hope you enjoy the t shirts, PEACE

  14. 45searay

    45searay6 days ago

    Love the new lift...

  15. Justin Sykes

    Justin Sykes6 days ago

    sell the 5.0 keep the hellcat

  16. Vicente Bickel

    Vicente Bickel6 days ago


  17. jordan lopez

    jordan lopez6 days ago

    It looks like the bondo cracked cause the quarter panel hits the tire when the bags are aired down.

  18. ricky meiran

    ricky meiran6 days ago

    Too much talking....Shiiiit

  19. Sean Higgins

    Sean Higgins6 days ago

    It’d be cool if you made it like maroon or a ruby red color.

  20. nick dieleuterio

    nick dieleuterio6 days ago

    adds will ruin your show............... its a shame...............

  21. model profile

    model profile7 days ago

    Ur the best guys

  22. Michael Pikett

    Michael Pikett7 days ago

    Use a chassis spoiler

  23. Greg Bird

    Greg Bird7 days ago

    884K subscribers... fast on your way to 1 million. Well done lads. That Nissan though, good thing it is a budget build... that body needs some serious love. I am sure it will turn out rad, that it probably the most sanding that car has ever seen! #Smooth #Nissan #SayNoToBondo

  24. Mr Boss

    Mr Boss7 days ago


  25. James Weldon

    James Weldon7 days ago

    Is this the same car that was on Hoonigan daily transmission

  26. Mr Saveg

    Mr Saveg7 days ago

    Where is the kit car

  27. Mick Lawson

    Mick Lawson7 days ago

    cerry red with gold flake

  28. Loc Kri

    Loc Kri7 days ago

    Whole lotta bondo ! :)

  29. Eric Vanderslice

    Eric Vanderslice7 days ago

    the more you sand the more it looks like a tree trunk, but yall legit, get after it!

  30. AguilarTangFamily

    AguilarTangFamily8 days ago

    Hi, please contact me thanks great work guys!

  31. Maryum Zahra

    Maryum Zahra8 days ago

    Never give up

  32. Josh Youngblood

    Josh Youngblood8 days ago

    Do a Q&A y'all. It would be cool to learn more about you guys

  33. Nolan5.0

    Nolan5.08 days ago

    Nice keeping the stang

  34. qazi bilal

    qazi bilal8 days ago

    Yo before you sell the help car or any other car just take it to drag atleast

  35. Christian Gutierrez

    Christian Gutierrez8 days ago

    It is basically a kill switch

  36. Christian Gutierrez

    Christian Gutierrez8 days ago

    I know what the switch under the red thing is,I just looked it up and if you flip the red thing up and the switching it the n when you start the car if there is a emergency then you push the red cap down and it will shut off the car

  37. NeverOwned

    NeverOwned8 days ago

    If Thomas could talk, I bet he`d say thanks for the boxes.

  38. joey William

    joey William8 days ago

    I know u just got shop built but u should extend it already make a much bigger shop

  39. Kody Burrows

    Kody Burrows8 days ago

    A lot of people have problems with those small neck chemical guys foam cannons, I would try their large neck foam cannon.



    new tool for the garage 1. 2.


    HERMINIA CASTILLO DE B.8 days ago fast silver



    future build

  43. Robert Ferguson

    Robert Ferguson8 days ago

    Please offer more Thomas the Tech t-shirts. Every time I try to purchase this, it is sold out.

  44. NaNoTech4Disaster

    NaNoTech4Disaster8 days ago

    Please don't sell the mustang

  45. Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos8 days ago

    Hi guys! When will you put subtitles in Spanish in your videos, for your Latin American fans?...

  46. Randy St.fleur

    Randy St.fleur8 days ago

    They're trending

  47. Rascally Rellic

    Rascally Rellic8 days ago

    45th on trending? Oh yeah

  48. Theo Redd

    Theo Redd8 days ago

    Should have gotten yourself a new car

  49. Ephraim Samanyayi

    Ephraim Samanyayi8 days ago

    Make it black or blue, that red color is shit

  50. Blue Mountain

    Blue Mountain8 days ago

    Hi there!! Where can I get a metal tester ( the red one)

  51. sdushdiu

    sdushdiu8 days ago

    ...why competent dimwits INSPECT vehicles before bidding.

  52. Randy Mendoza

    Randy Mendoza8 days ago

    I don’t see why they don’t use a sanding machine instead of doing it by hand.

  53. Hector Fergoso

    Hector Fergoso8 days ago

    every youtube video "WHAT IS UP GUYS" Followed by hand movements ...

  54. Juan Moreno

    Juan Moreno8 days ago

    This video is trending let’s go, good job bois

  55. Nate

    Nate8 days ago

    L E G I T I M A T E

  56. handsome devil

    handsome devil8 days ago

    OMG.....I bought something online, but i don't know what it is. STUPID FAKE ASS WHITE BOY

  57. Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris

    Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris8 days ago

    3rd degree redneck right here

  58. Keith Sawicki

    Keith Sawicki8 days ago

    wish i had a foam cannon for my cars

  59. mlzanercik

    mlzanercik9 days ago

    (Christ Witnesses to Nicodemus on the reason why people want to stay in their sins and not accept him as their Lord and savior and as believers, you have to produce works/Fruit to show that you have saving faith in God. (Matthew 3:8)

  60. Bill Carpenter

    Bill Carpenter9 days ago

    I think I saw you open several options for opening packages instead of the razor blade you keep using...Why not use the cool knife?

  61. my351gt

    my351gt9 days ago

    widebody is horible please dont nismo all the way

  62. Christian Winslow

    Christian Winslow9 days ago

    Hello little dudes! Try knocking that shit out from behind with a flat hammer! Crappy job...

  63. Darnell Hill

    Darnell Hill9 days ago

    Y'all just rebuild the cars and do giveaways?

  64. john bandara

    john bandara9 days ago

    good job bro

  65. Andrew Campbell-young

    Andrew Campbell-young9 days ago

    International builds

  66. Andrew Campbell-young

    Andrew Campbell-young9 days ago


  67. Andrew Campbell-young

    Andrew Campbell-young9 days ago

    Nice shop table guys god bless ✌👊🤙

  68. john brocklebank

    john brocklebank9 days ago

    how long before some one falls off the mezzanine floor

  69. tompparaideri

    tompparaideri9 days ago

    Nothing hidden in that car. It’s all damaged

  70. blazers12369

    blazers123699 days ago

    This is trending

  71. Chris Singleton

    Chris Singleton9 days ago

    Love the show keep up the good work

  72. tayzou kait

    tayzou kait9 days ago

    I sent that table btw!! It had a letter Guess it's lost 😭

  73. Martin Villicana

    Martin Villicana9 days ago

    If possible the next build should be a Supra

  74. mems squadz

    mems squadz9 days ago

    What happened to the kit car?

  75. AndyRock1

    AndyRock19 days ago

    thing is like a fucking jawbreaker haha!

  76. Anthony Taylor

    Anthony Taylor9 days ago

    I fu**** love that you watch Cleetus!!!!!

  77. Brandon Schouest

    Brandon Schouest9 days ago

    Please get a vmp supercharger for the stang!

  78. Kevin Castro

    Kevin Castro9 days ago

    How old are these guys give me motivation but must have been a lot of practice to get that good at painting

  79. Giovanni Ramirez

    Giovanni Ramirez9 days ago

    What's up with all the damn ads, I can tolerate 1 or 2 but you guys are ridiculous.


    ELECTRO D.I.Y9 days ago

    Mann You Guys Should Keep The Hellcat With The Viper!!! Would Be Sick!!!

  81. Wreckanize

    Wreckanize9 days ago

    Just saying you probably got the map as a gift because in the last video you asked if Nevada was a State. Either way, good vids!

  82. Gurpreet Singh Chadha

    Gurpreet Singh Chadha9 days ago

    Go for a smaller size wheels !

  83. Wreckanize

    Wreckanize9 days ago

    Love the 60 fps.

  84. itaslowVQ

    itaslowVQ9 days ago

    install the Nismo seats they will fit perfectly with the car and if you can definitly get the nismo/new style of headlights black on red wil look amazing.

  85. Braydon Ziemba

    Braydon Ziemba9 days ago

    Where’s the kit car?

  86. Chris Sullivan

    Chris Sullivan9 days ago

    I would keep Viper , Hellcat and Camaro ! Need to shitcan the shit stang

  87. Terrell Chapman

    Terrell Chapman9 days ago

    Lowrider old school flake.

  88. Lønë Gamez

    Lønë Gamez9 days ago

    U guys should get like a duck wing like a rocketbunny wing

  89. pattrick fontenot

    pattrick fontenot9 days ago

    I don't think of scenes all have a yellow core yet it might be cool if you'll make the drift call yellow with black and yellow rims

  90. Dino

    Dino9 days ago

    17:22 Billy: Watch, watch, watch Thomas: Hold on, hold on WTF? I know that noise lemme go check it out😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  91. Dino

    Dino9 days ago

    What about a G Wagon next? Then keep going up on a Porsche, then a Ferrari, then Lambo and just like that Goonzfam gonna hit 2 million subs.

  92. mrstudiodaddy

    mrstudiodaddy9 days ago

    #27 trending! YEAH BOYS!

  93. Tyler Beezhold

    Tyler Beezhold9 days ago

    Cheap maco paint job! 😂

  94. aamir khan

    aamir khan9 days ago

    i wanna aske u something that word most of the time u use *LAJIC* plz correct me whats that means. plz rply anyone?

  95. Gary Packwood

    Gary Packwood9 days ago

    A LoJack® Unit is installed in a car and activated when the police are helping to find your car if stolen. Is that what you want to know?

  96. Djstratton1127

    Djstratton11279 days ago

    Sell the viper and I riot

  97. Djstratton1127

    Djstratton11279 days ago

    Unless you sell it to me...

  98. Jeeper1378

    Jeeper13789 days ago

    Like a HF special for $100 lol

  99. Eske Buttakis

    Eske Buttakis9 days ago

    #27 on trending

  100. Haz Kai

    Haz Kai9 days ago

    How can i get ur goonzquad cap.. Im from malaysian... I want it.. Pleaseee

  101. justin m

    justin m9 days ago

    Do a motorcycle for quick turnaround and resale for the next build and start doing daily vlogs to broaden your audience

  102. Bernando Turner

    Bernando Turner9 days ago

    $200.00 cash.

  103. Ty Williams

    Ty Williams9 days ago

    For the headlights you need to use bug spray, it will clean up the headlights really nice. Tried it on my car and got amazing results.

  104. Ty Williams

    Ty Williams9 days ago

    For the headlights you need to use bug spray, it will clean up the headlights really nice. Tried it on my car and got amazing results.

  105. Isaac

    Isaac9 days ago

    Where are you guys selling your cars? What websites? Craigslist? EBay?

  106. Troy Lau

    Troy Lau9 days ago

    You know what would look awesome? A black paint with red metallic flakes, and keep all of the accents red (like the mirrors, door handles, rims, etc.) it would be a great contrast, and it may be cheaper than metallic red on the whole car

  107. Alex Overend

    Alex Overend9 days ago

    Subscribing for thomas