Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens Hijack a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair


  1. Rice Bubble

    Rice Bubble6 hours ago

    "beaty and the beast" cuckold

  2. David W

    David W4 days ago

    this chicks bi for sure

  3. ##AlbanianPrinceRev

    ##AlbanianPrinceRev10 days ago

    They picked a guy with a girl name to match the girl with a guy name. nice touch

  4. Lucette

    Lucette11 days ago

    Aubrey is so funny and doesn't even realise it

  5. Joust Mice

    Joust Mice11 days ago

    The woman watching is dying on the inside.

  6. Natasha Dhaemers

    Natasha Dhaemers12 days ago

    I'm Beth ahhhhhhhh

  7. Jesse Salomon

    Jesse Salomon13 days ago

    Aubrey is a strong 7. but her personality makes her over 9000

  8. Elsa Tambunan

    Elsa Tambunan13 days ago

    I love how Dan repeated ‘Ste’ over and over😂

  9. Diamante Dea

    Diamante Dea15 days ago


  10. Jackson Langford

    Jackson Langford16 days ago

    I was just wondering to myself, why is it always a womens phones? and then I realized this was vanity fair

  11. heckin tasty

    heckin tasty16 days ago

    god dan stevens sounds exactly like the british male siri

  12. Christopher Glasse

    Christopher Glasse17 days ago

    Sarcastically selling boredom.

  13. H R

    H R17 days ago

    Can bianca del rio do this?

  14. Ethereal

    Ethereal18 days ago

    _We don’t deserve this relatable, funny female human being._

  15. Stadtjer

    Stadtjer18 days ago

    Aubrey is so cheeky

  16. Sierra G

    Sierra G19 days ago

    Aubrey Plaza gives zero fucks. I love her.

  17. sbcurley

    sbcurley19 days ago

    I kind of hate these "celebrity does X" video's, but I love Aubrey Plaza, and Dan Stevens is a dope character in Legion.

  18. J Mac

    J Mac20 days ago


  19. paxwallacejazz

    paxwallacejazz21 day ago

    She's smarter than the avg. Bear.

  20. The Legend

    The Legend21 day ago

    Well that's a side of Aubrey we don't see very often

  21. Wreckd Project

    Wreckd Project21 day ago

    Aubrey needs her own tv show

  22. nyiwin thant1499

    nyiwin thant149922 days ago

    Dan Stevens' english accent is awesome.

  23. Brian Ball

    Brian Ball23 days ago

    Why do people think Aubrey Plaza is funny?

  24. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues23 days ago

    "Your welcome for nothing" is so true! I swipe since Tinder was invented and not ONE.

  25. Wolveast

    Wolveast24 days ago

    Dan is a British?

  26. Zu Zu

    Zu Zu26 days ago

    1:38 Aubrey is one witty devil, i love her

  27. BaxsStudios

    BaxsStudios26 days ago

    New matches 32??? Like wtf I have like 4 in half a year but on the other hand I dont use it so often but man thats a lot

  28. J Robertson

    J Robertson26 days ago

    I need her to be my best friend

  29. MellodramaticMoose

    MellodramaticMoose27 days ago

    "he knows how to play binoculars"

  30. No one of consequence

    No one of consequence27 days ago

    Dan Stevens sucks. Aubrey is the bright star here. Her presence alone is enough.

  31. Anonymous Channel

    Anonymous Channel13 days ago

    No one of consequence I like him a lot but Aubrey is definitely better.

  32. Jason Ranger

    Jason Ranger27 days ago

    This girl need her own sitcom I am soooo in love lol

  33. IndicaChill !

    IndicaChill !28 days ago

    I feel so bad for the girl

  34. brooklyn560

    brooklyn56028 days ago

    Aubrey plaza is a national treasure

  35. CDouble SBXO

    CDouble SBXOMonth ago

    Aubrey. I can't. I'm obsessed with her

  36. Jan Kathlene Alcantara Trozo

    Jan Kathlene Alcantara TrozoMonth ago

    Jennifer lawrence should do this fo sho

  37. Mah Noor

    Mah NoorMonth ago

    Why is this so uncomfortable?

  38. NinjaSpan

    NinjaSpanMonth ago

    this was not funny. thought aubrey is a little funnier

  39. Burnt Chicken Nugget

    Burnt Chicken NuggetMonth ago

    “He knows how to play binoculars.” 😂 3:01

  40. Leigh Daphne Esteban

    Leigh Daphne EstebanMonth ago

    tray is the richest couple lolz he is in a video and she already have a wife lol....

  41. ayeeeannieee

    ayeeeannieeeMonth ago

    The funniest one by far

  42. Kiesch 524

    Kiesch 524Month ago

    She is so hot

  43. gorillashop

    gorillashopMonth ago

    Vanity Fair Girl: "Thank you guys I'm one step closer to love" Hilarious

  44. Evija Medvedeva

    Evija MedvedevaMonth ago

    The moment that Dan started roasting Ste's name 😂

  45. Anonny Mouse

    Anonny MouseMonth ago

    AP: Super gorgeous

  46. Leto Atreides

    Leto AtreidesMonth ago

    I'd let her aubrey my plaza

  47. videogamenostalgia

    videogamenostalgiaMonth ago

    V E R Y F E S T I V E

  48. Monica S

    Monica S2 months ago

    "He knows how to play binoculars" This is actually hilarious

  49. Luca Gendzier Imperiali

    Luca Gendzier Imperiali2 months ago

    Dirty grandpa is better

  50. joseph buenaventura

    joseph buenaventura2 months ago

    I just clicked because of aubrey plaza

  51. Connor McCartney

    Connor McCartney2 months ago

    This was way too short

  52. Ben Hinman

    Ben Hinman2 months ago

    Is it just me or are there always an unrealistic amount of super likes and matches within such a short amount of time on these specials

  53. Bas Dergen

    Bas Dergen2 months ago


  54. Catgirl

    Catgirl2 months ago

    Finally LGBTQ

  55. Jade Thirlwall is my WIFE!

    Jade Thirlwall is my WIFE!2 months ago

    Dan and Aubrey are filling my bisexual needs

  56. Maximiliano Tijera

    Maximiliano Tijera2 months ago

    why is there a blurred picture of that Ariel guy?

  57. jake heywood

    jake heywood2 months ago

    Hi Aubrey Plaza thank you for being my girlfriend. Did I mention that she is my girlfriend?

  58. Flamingo2763

    Flamingo27632 months ago

    For those not knowing that he’s British you should watch Downton Abbey, him and Lily James’ character,Rose, are my favourite characters and he is most definitely English

  59. bhaskar verma

    bhaskar verma2 months ago

    Dan stevens has close resemblance to bo burnham

  60. TheOneAndOnlySame

    TheOneAndOnlySame2 months ago


  61. Kathiravan Ganesh

    Kathiravan Ganesh2 months ago

    Love you Aubrey plaza

  62. Breaumance

    Breaumance2 months ago

    "eternal malaise of the soul" Way too tryhard. *Yawn*

  63. Kyle Main

    Kyle Main2 months ago

    alternate title, catfishing with celebrities: normalizing deviant behavior and degrading cultural integrity!

  64. Mahed Ahsan

    Mahed Ahsan2 months ago

    How is her tinder full with tons of matches? My tinder is empty.

  65. Mahed Ahsan

    Mahed Ahsan2 months ago

    oh, she's a woman...that explains it..

  66. Always Stay Geeky

    Always Stay Geeky2 months ago

    Why is Ariel blurred though?

  67. Patricia Brown

    Patricia Brown2 months ago

    No good 🎅 LMAO

  68. Prence

    Prence2 months ago

    Aubrey is hot AF.

  69. Team Op

    Team Op3 months ago

    Please let Aubry do it herself

  70. A Ghost.

    A Ghost.3 months ago

    Wow that was so funny.

  71. Sonya Abby

    Sonya Abby3 months ago

    aubrey plaza is so good at this im shook LOl

  72. Renata Mascarello

    Renata Mascarello3 months ago


  73. winehousedrunk

    winehousedrunk3 months ago

    One step closer to love.

  74. UGotSerbed

    UGotSerbed3 months ago

    This is actually in-universe. David and Lenny are torturing the Shadow King.

  75. Athena P.

    Athena P.3 months ago

    Dan Stevens is fine

  76. Jefferson Steelflex

    Jefferson Steelflex3 months ago

    That was.... interesting

  77. notthere83

    notthere833 months ago

    Hahaha gotta love how Aubrey doesn't get Tinder AT ALL... and why would she, it's not like she ever needs to confront herself with how dating works for the rest of us. ;)

  78. Natalie Dang

    Natalie Dang3 months ago

    I love them

  79. Marija Marić

    Marija Marić3 months ago

    Why doesn't time on phonne screens change it is 9 41 through whole video and also in evrey video time is 9 41 and battery is full is this fake

  80. 55errors

    55errors3 months ago

    Why are you ignoring all Dan's suggestions, Aubrey?

  81. Savannah Davis

    Savannah Davis3 months ago


  82. Aidan Choudhry

    Aidan Choudhry3 months ago

    deep down you know she wanted George

  83. Kari Boersheim

    Kari Boersheim3 months ago

    Aubrey Plaza has a very unique brain :D

  84. Alyssa Mattingley

    Alyssa Mattingley3 months ago

    I want Matthew Gray Gubler on this

  85. Tyler C.

    Tyler C.3 months ago

    0:26 That's not just a tongue. Look closer.

  86. MrRobynLover

    MrRobynLover3 months ago

    soooo fake because Dirty grandpa was utter trash,

  87. Tin G.

    Tin G.4 months ago

    i want aubrey plaza to hijack my nonexistent tinder account

  88. hi00118

    hi001184 months ago

    I love Aubrey Plaza

  89. Harshita Sandhu

    Harshita Sandhu4 months ago

    Their banter with George over their own movies was so satisfying!

  90. Harshita Sandhu

    Harshita Sandhu4 months ago

    Makes me wanna watch legion when I'm not sure if I should. I love them both though.

  91. Carlo Tan

    Carlo Tan4 months ago


  92. Lucas Guillemette

    Lucas Guillemette4 months ago

    Thanks guys, I'm one step closer to love. "they both smirk so bad"

  93. KawaiiPrincess

    KawaiiPrincess4 months ago

    Dan Stevens😍😍😍

  94. Lollipop_real

    Lollipop_real4 months ago

    I can’t breath. 😂😂😂

  95. jingthethief

    jingthethief4 months ago

    man I would swipe right on that so fast

  96. Gerry Gold

    Gerry Gold4 months ago

    Dan Stevens is painfully unfunny

  97. MSzi

    MSzi4 months ago

    it is not funny.. sorry

  98. S. Forbes

    S. Forbes4 months ago

    These two 😍😍😍

  99. jess

    jess4 months ago

    get rid of the brit

  100. ilikeduke

    ilikeduke4 months ago

    Dis dude sux

  101. moonwalker4696

    moonwalker46964 months ago

    Well this wasn't funny

  102. Janet Snakehole

    Janet Snakehole4 months ago

    hey papi

  103. Chloe Ingram

    Chloe Ingram4 months ago

    Maybe I’m just tripping but has Dan lost a lot of weight since Beauty and the Beast?