Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens Hijack a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair


  1. Sweetkiwi74

    Sweetkiwi74Day ago

    Ever seen BEATY and the beast?

  2. curve your toes Christians

    curve your toes ChristiansDay ago

    Jesus Christ is king of kings our redeemer. Read the bible constantly.

  3. Milla McInnes

    Milla McInnes8 days ago

    I feel like I’m going insane.

  4. Phoenix Dawn

    Phoenix Dawn9 days ago

    I'm laughing so hard!

  5. ♐BRILL 39327

    ♐BRILL 3932710 days ago

    Wow that man is not funny at all. Aubrey is running circles around his m

  6. David Caballero

    David Caballero19 days ago

    Danielle looked MORTIFIED throught this whole thing and I loved every second of it.

  7. MeadowMoriak

    MeadowMoriakMonth ago

    This is... so funny

  8. Eddie Lin

    Eddie LinMonth ago

    Poor George.

  9. Cassper Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

    Cassper Your Friendly Neighborhood GhostMonth ago

    Post Malone, Dylan O'Brien, or Evan Peters next!

  10. abbie

    abbieMonth ago

    This is amazing to watch in December 😂

  11. B Ningthouja

    B NingthoujaMonth ago

    Danielle looks like a sweetheart.

  12. Psycko

    PsyckoMonth ago

    Take over dudes accounts. Us guys care more.

  13. Blue

    BlueMonth ago

    "We're all alone" Dan...

  14. Millionaire Splendor

    Millionaire SplendorMonth ago

    Why does he sound like the stereotypical robot voice

  15. Abigail Morgan

    Abigail Morgan2 months ago

    Omg his voice is so soothing

  16. Rylee B

    Rylee B2 months ago

    I love that she thought that they decided what quote showed up for them

  17. Christian  Smith

    Christian Smith2 months ago

    Sorry me

  18. Christian  Smith

    Christian Smith2 months ago

    I'm tired if talking so ill struggle while refusing a break

  19. Christina Gina

    Christina Gina2 months ago

    I love that shes bi. Cool

  20. Stuart McDonald

    Stuart McDonald2 months ago

    It's just Aubrey being funny and some dumb guy yammering on about nothing in the background.

  21. Katie Delk

    Katie Delk2 months ago

    They should have Ryan Reynolds do one of these

  22. Xander X

    Xander X2 months ago

    She’s a take charge lady prolly should have just been her

  23. mello meado

    mello meado2 months ago

    “he knows how to play binoculars.”

  24. ZealousGoatt

    ZealousGoatt3 months ago

    "He knows how to play binoculars" 😂 i just cried

  25. Travis Knight

    Travis Knight3 months ago

    Is that Bo Burnham?

  26. Joschi

    Joschi3 months ago

    3:57 "Do you think Trump is cool?" LOL

  27. MyMiniMovieMagic

    MyMiniMovieMagic3 months ago

    Should have just been Aubrey.

  28. SC_Living

    SC_Living3 months ago

    "He knows how to play binoculars" -favorite

  29. AkireSille

    AkireSille3 months ago

    Dan is such a good egg

  30. ssi1991

    ssi19913 months ago

    You must let Aubrey do one on her own.......

  31. Jared B

    Jared B3 months ago

    Jim Jeffries on one of these would be amazing

  32. mango

    mango3 months ago

    I’m cringing so hard

  33. Claudia Leopold

    Claudia Leopold3 months ago

    Jim Gaffigan's was the best, hilarious!

  34. ShunMedia

    ShunMedia3 months ago

    3:56 why did you only blur Ariel?

  35. ukno918

    ukno9183 months ago

    Get Jeff Goldbloom to do this

  36. EverHeartK98

    EverHeartK983 months ago

    lmao did anyone else hear when Aubrey said "sorry for a minute there I thought I was alone" and Dan mumbled "we're all alone"

  37. Gabriele Elan

    Gabriele Elan3 months ago

    ship af

  38. FK P

    FK P3 months ago

    How old is Aubrey?

  39. Rachael Hutchings

    Rachael Hutchings3 months ago

    Oh and Dan 😍

  40. Rachael Hutchings

    Rachael Hutchings3 months ago

    I have a major girl crush on Audrey 😍

  41. Andrea PK

    Andrea PK3 months ago

    please get Taika Waititi to do one of these

  42. Silenciobob

    Silenciobob3 months ago

    Dan Stevens sounds like Tim Westwood. Aubrey is hot and the girl who’s tinder it is isn’t going to find love Cos she’s looking to be the other girl in the threesome

  43. Lucie de Cock

    Lucie de Cock3 months ago

    wait i'm confused.. who is aubrey plaza, who is dans stevens?

  44. Azeg Zterb

    Azeg Zterb3 months ago

    kerouac is whack? jump on a train to texas and shoot yourself.

  45. greekgodlamb

    greekgodlamb4 months ago

    She is so domineering.. lol

  46. lucette

    lucette4 months ago

    aubrey is the funniest person on the planet and she doesn't even realise it

  47. Ludwig Vonn

    Ludwig Vonn4 months ago

    Should i jump or nah?

  48. ProvoProvokacija

    ProvoProvokacija4 months ago

    this guy dan stevens is not funny

  49. Grundies87

    Grundies874 months ago

    you clearly have nobtaste :)

  50. Baron Thomas

    Baron Thomas4 months ago

    never heard of Dan Stevens

  51. Doc. FunkBlack

    Doc. FunkBlack4 months ago

    So HIS name is Aubrey and HER name is Dan? What?

  52. Some One

    Some One4 months ago

    I need more people like Aubrey as my friends! She’s hilarious 😂

  53. Zoë Kaley

    Zoë Kaley4 months ago

    "Beaty and the beast"

  54. Thea Garam

    Thea Garam4 months ago

    Dan is one of the most precious and adorable beings I've ever seen. Would swipe right😏

  55. karen Montgomery-Wilson

    karen Montgomery-Wilson4 months ago

    mmmmmmm Dan Stevens

  56. Imrahil

    Imrahil4 months ago

    He no funny

  57. MyNameIsMyName187

    MyNameIsMyName1874 months ago

    These used to be really funny... now not so much

  58. D

    D4 months ago


  59. H DLT

    H DLT4 months ago

    So the chick is bisexual?

  60. Flamy

    Flamy4 months ago

    "he knows how to play binoculars"

  61. ICantPickAName

    ICantPickAName5 months ago

    hold up he’s britishhshshshhshhshhshhhhhhhyayayyaay

  62. Rice Bubble

    Rice Bubble5 months ago

    "beaty and the beast" cuckold

  63. David W

    David W5 months ago

    this chicks bi for sure

  64. ##AlbanianPrinceRev

    ##AlbanianPrinceRev5 months ago

    They picked a guy with a girl name to match the girl with a guy name. nice touch

  65. lucette

    lucette5 months ago

    Aubrey is so funny and doesn't even realise it

  66. Joust Mice

    Joust Mice5 months ago

    The woman watching is dying on the inside.

  67. Jesse Salomon

    Jesse Salomon5 months ago

    Aubrey is a strong 7. but her personality makes her over 9000

  68. Elsa Tambunan

    Elsa Tambunan5 months ago

    I love how Dan repeated ‘Ste’ over and over😂

  69. Diamante Dea

    Diamante Dea5 months ago


  70. Jackson Langford

    Jackson Langford5 months ago

    I was just wondering to myself, why is it always a womens phones? and then I realized this was vanity fair

  71. heckin tasty

    heckin tasty5 months ago

    god dan stevens sounds exactly like the british male siri

  72. Christopher Glasse

    Christopher Glasse5 months ago

    Sarcastically selling boredom.

  73. H R

    H R5 months ago

    Can bianca del rio do this?

  74. Ethereal

    Ethereal5 months ago

    _We don’t deserve this relatable, funny female human being._

  75. Stadtjer

    Stadtjer5 months ago

    Aubrey is so cheeky

  76. Sierra G

    Sierra G5 months ago

    Aubrey Plaza gives zero fucks. I love her.

  77. sbcurley

    sbcurley5 months ago

    I kind of hate these "celebrity does X" video's, but I love Aubrey Plaza, and Dan Stevens is a dope character in Legion.

  78. J Mac

    J Mac5 months ago


  79. paxwallacejazz

    paxwallacejazz5 months ago

    She's smarter than the avg. Bear.

  80. The Legend

    The Legend5 months ago

    Well that's a side of Aubrey we don't see very often

  81. Wreckd Project

    Wreckd Project5 months ago

    Aubrey needs her own tv show

  82. nyiwin thant1499

    nyiwin thant14995 months ago

    Dan Stevens' english accent is awesome.

  83. Brian Ball

    Brian Ball5 months ago

    Why do people think Aubrey Plaza is funny?

  84. Brian Ball

    Brian Ball3 months ago

    +Grey Wolf that doesnt make it funny tho...

  85. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues5 months ago

    "Your welcome for nothing" is so true! I swipe since Tinder was invented and not ONE.

  86. Wolveast

    Wolveast5 months ago

    Dan is a British?

  87. Zu Zu

    Zu Zu5 months ago

    1:38 Aubrey is one witty devil, i love her

  88. BaxsStudios

    BaxsStudios5 months ago

    New matches 32??? Like wtf I have like 4 in half a year but on the other hand I dont use it so often but man thats a lot

  89. J. Robertson

    J. Robertson5 months ago

    I need her to be my best friend

  90. MellodramaticMoose

    MellodramaticMoose6 months ago

    "he knows how to play binoculars"

  91. No one of consequence

    No one of consequence6 months ago

    Dan Stevens sucks. Aubrey is the bright star here. Her presence alone is enough.

  92. Anonymous Channel

    Anonymous Channel5 months ago

    No one of consequence I like him a lot but Aubrey is definitely better.

  93. Jason Ranger

    Jason Ranger6 months ago

    This girl need her own sitcom I am soooo in love lol

  94. IndicaChill !

    IndicaChill !6 months ago

    I feel so bad for the girl

  95. brooklyn560

    brooklyn5606 months ago

    Aubrey plaza is a national treasure

  96. CDouble SBXO

    CDouble SBXO6 months ago

    Aubrey. I can't. I'm obsessed with her

  97. Jan Kathlene Alcantara Trozo

    Jan Kathlene Alcantara Trozo6 months ago

    Jennifer lawrence should do this fo sho

  98. Bomb Ass Bish

    Bomb Ass Bish6 months ago

    Why is this so uncomfortable?

  99. NinjaSpan

    NinjaSpan6 months ago

    this was not funny. thought aubrey is a little funnier

  100. Szonja Bokor

    Szonja Bokor6 months ago

    “He knows how to play binoculars.” 😂 3:01

  101. Leigh Daphne Esteban

    Leigh Daphne Esteban6 months ago

    tray is the richest couple lolz he is in a video and she already have a wife lol....

  102. ayeeeannieee

    ayeeeannieee6 months ago

    The funniest one by far