Attending a Pyramid Scheme seminar


  1. Marco

    Marco44 minutes ago

    Jake paul be like

  2. dancing with u in the rain

    dancing with u in the rain4 hours ago

    Our boy Jackie should see this

  3. Xavier Zamora

    Xavier Zamora5 hours ago

    STEP 5: I am going home

  4. saf one

    saf one12 hours ago

    predicted jake pauls scam 👀😂😂

  5. Oofer Man 101

    Oofer Man 10116 hours ago

    This man be wearing Karen hair

  6. Shai K

    Shai K17 hours ago

    Where the link at? Imma buy that program.

  7. Jase Malvis

    Jase Malvis17 hours ago

    Anyone else heard the “I used to be in jail” self pick me up story?

  8. Default Skin

    Default Skin20 hours ago

    Jake Paul rn be like...

  9. cheeze nip

    cheeze nip21 hour ago

    I thought he was gonna tell a story about how he attended one of those seminars

  10. badgall21

    badgall2123 hours ago

    I wanna be rich

  11. badgall21

    badgall2123 hours ago

    They always say that

  12. Taco Bell Valet

    Taco Bell ValetDay ago

    The ad before this...for some mlm bullsh*t of course.

  13. Eat Me

    Eat MeDay ago

    When he said ".............👀" ifeltthat

  14. Wasi Ahmed

    Wasi AhmedDay ago

    Jake paul movement

  15. freddy h

    freddy hDay ago


  16. Megan Chann

    Megan ChannDay ago


  17. Jasper The Hammer Collins

    Jasper The Hammer CollinsDay ago

    At least he looks crazy:(

  18. Rk

    RkDay ago

    This reminds me of ACN

  19. anime_ veteran666

    anime_ veteran666Day ago

    "I believe I can!" 😂😂😂

  20. Bompeet

    Bompeet2 days ago

    I believe i can!!

  21. Ohpisdaspraygod

    Ohpisdaspraygod2 days ago

    Step 3....... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Brix Bian O. Costelo

    Brix Bian O. Costelo2 days ago

    The wig always gets me 🤣🤣

  23. Ilya T

    Ilya T2 days ago

    Funny enough, I got a pyramid scheme ad before this vid

  24. Ethan Woods

    Ethan Woods2 days ago

    Isn't this kind of a continuation of his older skit where his friends tries to get him to join this pyramid cheme?

  25. Sattie Marie

    Sattie Marie2 days ago

    0:35 😭😭😭 that face!

  26. Adam Anthony

    Adam Anthony2 days ago

    “I believe I can!” 💀💀


    GOLDEN LADY2 days ago

    I tired so hard not to click on this video... this guy is stupid in the best way possible. ⚰️

  28. Harrison Ulmer

    Harrison Ulmer2 days ago

    His expressions are impeccable

  29. dReamTV

    dReamTV2 days ago

    Is this Michael Strahan with that gap in his teeth

  30. ♥BlkandBeautifulDee♥

    ♥BlkandBeautifulDee♥2 days ago

    “Ferraris, Tesla, RICH! RICH! RICH!”

  31. McCall Jones III

    McCall Jones III2 days ago

    So perfect! So true!

  32. Eli

    Eli2 days ago

    Yes, all you got to do is refer someone one to our program and you make money. It's your own little business. FUK OUTTA HERE. Not a damn business lol military people recruit that isnt a business. As soon as I saw the title I was like hell ya lol

  33. Sean Womer

    Sean Womer2 days ago

    the prequel

  34. Imaru Lewis

    Imaru Lewis2 days ago

    Every dropshipping youtube ad.

  35. Didine

    Didine3 days ago

    So true😂

  36. Uncle Iroh

    Uncle Iroh3 days ago

    My dick, is humongous... but that’s not the point

  37. Mdm Hdjd

    Mdm Hdjd3 days ago

    here in my garage just bought this new lamborghini here its fun to drive up here in the Hollywood Hills who remember that?

  38. Mohamad Ismail

    Mohamad Ismail3 days ago

    Cool man

  39. RhashidMontana

    RhashidMontana3 days ago

    #Forex #Whyarentyoutradingyet

  40. Ser Davos Seaworth

    Ser Davos Seaworth3 days ago

    "You don't get rich by going to college" "You get getting rich". Hypeman (Clapping) : "tHaT MaKEs sO mUCh sEnSE"

  41. Arena Wift

    Arena Wift3 days ago

    I believe that I am going home

  42. Dont Talk To Me

    Dont Talk To Me3 days ago

    So where can i buy this program?

  43. O.G. Rumi

    O.G. Rumi3 days ago


  44. Kenneth Jackson

    Kenneth Jackson3 days ago

    He finally went to see what Deondre was talkin bout 2 years ago

  45. 69SalterStreet

    69SalterStreet3 days ago

    I get invited to too many of these. 😭

  46. Ashley Hughes

    Ashley Hughes3 days ago

    Man lbg never fails to make me laugh!!!

  47. Curtis Harvey

    Curtis Harvey3 days ago

    "I have 6 Teslas...I have a house in every country " straight cap I tell ya

  48. MARINES Nov 10th 1775

    MARINES Nov 10th 17753 days ago

    Long Beach is talking reality he is a millionaire

  49. Tru Carter

    Tru Carter3 days ago

    That step 3 though

  50. Matt Rivera

    Matt Rivera3 days ago

    Eat, Sleep, Rich!!

  51. Charr2910

    Charr29103 days ago

    See how I made 10,000 dollars in one day following this method. Buy my book and see how. Book: *$10,000*

  52. Zeren

    Zeren3 days ago

    Just popped in to give you that millionth view.

  53. Innocent Jiyane

    Innocent Jiyane3 days ago

    I'm all for Step No.3, like I'm bout to buy his program for $7000!

  54. Young Priest

    Young Priest3 days ago


  55. Daily Moments

    Daily Moments3 days ago

    The dislikes is the leader of the pyramid scheme🤣😂😂

  56. S.F Nouri

    S.F Nouri3 days ago

    I love this why is this so true

  57. Michael Watson

    Michael Watson3 days ago

    Literally next video all the adds were of pyramid schemes....... Dude youtube commercial generator needs to learn satire.. 😆 thinking im interested in pyramid schemes.

  58. jmsolano0516

    jmsolano05164 days ago

    Bruh they be on instagram repeating the SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN

  59. chewymoviereviews

    chewymoviereviews4 days ago

    I am a M I L L I O N A I R E

  60. joshua Leonard

    joshua Leonard4 days ago