1. Jakovsky 102

    Jakovsky 1022 hours ago

    Heck yeah only two genders boyyyysssss

  2. Paul Dunn

    Paul Dunn2 hours ago

    want to know whats a good idea standing by a giant tower of metal in the middle of a lighting storm

  3. Brayden Anthony

    Brayden Anthony4 hours ago

    They get worse at 13 really bad so raise them well

  4. Rodrigo Ayala

    Rodrigo Ayala4 hours ago


  5. Ninja Og

    Ninja Og4 hours ago

    Your gonna name her gabby

  6. Alex Gardner

    Alex Gardner6 hours ago

    Baby boy name: Johnny Baby girl name: Emily

  7. Gillian Uzuntok

    Gillian Uzuntok7 hours ago

    I hope the roonies are ok

  8. Gillian Uzuntok

    Gillian Uzuntok7 hours ago

    At first I thought the lighting was a sound effect

  9. Greg Bartholomew

    Greg Bartholomew8 hours ago


  10. Diogo Milhazes araujo

    Diogo Milhazes araujo9 hours ago


  11. Jamie Polatty

    Jamie Polatty11 hours ago


  12. Jamie Polatty

    Jamie Polatty11 hours ago


  13. Matthew Randone

    Matthew Randone11 hours ago

    *Points at two capacitors in the microwave PCB "We have some batterys " 😂

  14. Valor tube

    Valor tube12 hours ago

    Rose I love the name

  15. Finn ______

    Finn ______12 hours ago

    Car vs atlas stone

  16. Itz Owen

    Itz Owen14 hours ago

    So first he says every time there is a flash there is a noise than the move under a 45m tower that can serve as a lightning rod

  17. Ciderr

    Ciderr14 hours ago

    You guys are lucky. If you had punctured the wrong part of the microwave, It could have sent a very toxic (and fatal) gas into the air, which you don't wanna breathe.

  18. NJ Monster

    NJ Monster15 hours ago

    That laugh tho

  19. Angela Miller Dawson

    Angela Miller Dawson17 hours ago


  20. ? RAN DOM

    ? RAN DOM17 hours ago

    They made its so easy it’s a boy for sure :EDIT UMM OR NOT

  21. Jason S

    Jason S17 hours ago


  22. Jacob Slon

    Jacob Slon17 hours ago

    Btw congrats on the baby

  23. Jacob Slon

    Jacob Slon17 hours ago

    I think baby Stanford will be named Ella

  24. jenny watts

    jenny watts19 hours ago

    U should call her jenny xxxx

  25. TheTechNerd

    TheTechNerd20 hours ago

    Do you guys own that tower?

  26. John Murtagh

    John Murtagh20 hours ago


  27. Official Everything

    Official Everything20 hours ago

    I reckon you should call the baby Riley

  28. Official Everything

    Official Everything21 hour ago

    Me: *takes old stuff to the tip* How ridiculous: YOU DARE OPPOSE ME MORTAL

  29. Jonna Hawkes

    Jonna HawkesDay ago

    Your 3 miles away from it

  30. William Devall

    William DevallDay ago

    I need a list of all the Aussie slang ASAP

  31. DiamondCat121105

    DiamondCat121105Day ago

    Is it Allison or jack?

  32. Theresa Benoit

    Theresa BenoitDay ago

    ii coulda really used those dressers n that bike, actually everything int his video i could have used. but good content as always


    JAMES HAYSDay ago

    Atlas stone vs car

  34. thegreatcambino 9

    thegreatcambino 9Day ago

    Harper rayne congratulations

  35. JJBEASTMODE daniello

    JJBEASTMODE danielloDay ago


  36. James Bryson

    James BrysonDay ago


  37. Anthony Doane

    Anthony DoaneDay ago

    Do they not know what lightning and thunder is

  38. Cole Bennett

    Cole BennettDay ago


  39. Sonny Petersen

    Sonny PetersenDay ago


  40. Daniel Hildebrand

    Daniel HildebrandDay ago


  41. Zion Meredith

    Zion MeredithDay ago

    That is not normal lightning!

  42. the gameing fox

    the gameing foxDay ago

    stephen or steph

  43. Trust Issues

    Trust IssuesDay ago

    5:07 what was that noise

  44. Bobert The Prickly Cactus

    Bobert The Prickly CactusDay ago


  45. Eduardo Suria

    Eduardo SuriaDay ago

    Jesse for a girl and Gabriel for a boy

  46. Savana Martin

    Savana MartinDay ago

    Savana or Sarah or rose

  47. Those Normal People

    Those Normal PeopleDay ago

    Congratulations on the baby girl!! I think the name is gonna be Zoey. Or Xoe. However you wanna spell it

  48. Talisjasonvlogs

    TalisjasonvlogsDay ago

    Spoilers fack youuuuu do this next time SPOILERS it’s a girl

  49. Baylee the Retriever

    Baylee the RetrieverDay ago


  50. Charlie Tadpole

    Charlie TadpoleDay ago

    Those are a bunch of positive lightening strikes! Wow those would be awesome so get some data on! Lol

  51. Charlie Simkiss

    Charlie SimkissDay ago