1. Samuel Husar

    Samuel Husar18 minutes ago

    I think the name is going to be Rachel

  2. Jess 1495

    Jess 149540 minutes ago

    I think the baby name will be lily

  3. My fursona Is a shark

    My fursona Is a shark47 minutes ago

    You shouldn’t be in that tower in a thunderstorm

  4. Glory MSP

    Glory MSP52 minutes ago

    The name Tierra would be nice

  5. frog man

    frog man58 minutes ago

    5:06 he's sounds like a bear

  6. lily hunt

    lily huntHour ago

    10:51 for all the people who wanted to see the gender reveal

  7. Daniel Boardman

    Daniel BoardmanHour ago

    Lily. Great name. Congrats

  8. MasterMan132 3

    MasterMan132 3Hour ago

    U COULD CALL THE BABY "Ashley Stanford" I've always adored the name Ashley and I hope you do too also CONGRATS ON THE BABY GIRL

  9. Braedyn Miller

    Braedyn MillerHour ago

    It should be Destiny

  10. Keshav Jha

    Keshav Jha2 hours ago

    What was the mechanism of the last test? How would blue colour have appeared? Anyone?

  11. Kilian S.

    Kilian S.2 hours ago


  12. It's just Deena Musaitef

    It's just Deena Musaitef3 hours ago

    Congratulation💛😭#spoileralert it's a girl😭😭♥️💓💓💓💓

  13. gangsterpiggy71

    gangsterpiggy713 hours ago


  14. Caoimhe Murphy

    Caoimhe Murphy3 hours ago

    I think a name should be Leilia or Brynn

  15. Boss pigs

    Boss pigs3 hours ago


  16. Ronan Kerr

    Ronan Kerr4 hours ago

    Your man there, Heron, looks like Mac from Always Sunny..

  17. Clainty

    Clainty4 hours ago

    Congrats :))

  18. Nate LaBenz

    Nate LaBenz5 hours ago

    Literally could no go but 20 seconds into the video and he already made a dad joke

  19. thatgirl# tres

    thatgirl# tres5 hours ago

    name her olivia

  20. Lucas Hill

    Lucas Hill5 hours ago

    Name the baby carol

  21. Master Steel

    Master Steel6 hours ago

    Flash Verry danger

  22. Wilfred Rodriguez

    Wilfred Rodriguez7 hours ago


  23. Dylan Rivers

    Dylan Rivers7 hours ago

    Boy Clayton girl grace

  24. Skyla B

    Skyla B10 hours ago

    the baby name can it be Betty or Jessica or skyla plzs skyla

  25. lisa comber

    lisa comber11 hours ago


  26. White tall Moana

    White tall Moana11 hours ago

    Matilda idk it’s my name but SUCH AN AUSSIE ICON

  27. Jason Fortenberry

    Jason Fortenberry12 hours ago

    Congratulations on the baby girl!

  28. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose12 hours ago


  29. Corbin Robson

    Corbin Robson12 hours ago

    if you pause it on 8:05 it looks like a draw is floating if you think it is then leave a like

  30. Simons Rain

    Simons Rain12 hours ago

    I will say you should call her Elizabeth

  31. Majestic Wolf

    Majestic Wolf12 hours ago

    Can we have an episode full of you guys getting scared over thunder and lightning

  32. Kristaps

    KristapsHour ago

    tbh....if the sound quality was better... not sure how that could be done without spending millions on mic.. i would enjoy even more all those lightnings

  33. Little Fortnite

    Little Fortnite13 hours ago


  34. Sage Disney

    Sage Disney13 hours ago

    Every southern person is laughing at them for being scared of the thunder. 4 years of thunderstorms make you immune to the sound.

  35. Anonymous !

    Anonymous !13 hours ago

    1:33 that lightening bolt tho

  36. Xavier Baker

    Xavier Baker16 hours ago


  37. Teaokyo

    Teaokyo16 hours ago

    When it was about to hit the spray cans, I GOT AN AD.

  38. memoo

    memoo16 hours ago

    Ellie, Lucy, Lilly, Kira

  39. Mateusz Szumowicz

    Mateusz Szumowicz17 hours ago

    Elizabeth ( Lizzy ) Stanford

  40. Elen Thach

    Elen Thach17 hours ago

    The name is standford

  41. Paula Freitas

    Paula Freitas17 hours ago


  42. Carson Bontz

    Carson Bontz17 hours ago


  43. Kristen’s World

    Kristen’s World17 hours ago

    I thought this was kinda weird that when they did the did the dresser and the pink silly string went off

  44. Skippy Dinglechalk

    Skippy Dinglechalk17 hours ago

    Seraphina, that's the only name I ask

  45. Funnydayz th3 r3a1

    Funnydayz th3 r3a117 hours ago

    How ridiculous

  46. Owen Plotner

    Owen Plotner17 hours ago

    Beluga Owen

  47. Kendra Osborne

    Kendra Osborne17 hours ago


  48. Kendra Osborne

    Kendra Osborne17 hours ago


  49. NJ759 Shepherd

    NJ759 Shepherd18 hours ago


  50. Ross Falconer

    Ross Falconer18 hours ago

    7:34 “silly string”

  51. j P

    j P18 hours ago

    Georgia,Savanna, Lola, Makenna , and I don’t know Jemma

  52. Amy Miller

    Amy Miller18 hours ago

    Sammantha Stanford Victoria Stanford girls Cameron Stanford Jake Stanford boys

  53. bookbagsop dose things

    bookbagsop dose things18 hours ago

    aussy would be a good name

  54. Caitlin Doyle

    Caitlin Doyle18 hours ago


  55. Benjamin Okon-Uribe

    Benjamin Okon-Uribe19 hours ago

    So happy for you!

  56. Pizza Cat 1732

    Pizza Cat 173219 hours ago

    capacitors not battery's! learn the terminology

  57. Elephants Await You

    Elephants Await You19 hours ago

    The name is pepper

  58. Rocio coreasma

    Rocio coreasma19 hours ago

    The name should be Jessica

  59. Skull Life and Gacha life

    Skull Life and Gacha life19 hours ago


  60. Colin Hatfield

    Colin Hatfield19 hours ago

    It’s a girl

  61. Mattias Eriksson

    Mattias Eriksson20 hours ago

    Name her Almeta meaning A Pearl

  62. Jenna Collier

    Jenna Collier20 hours ago

    Nice sound affects😂

  63. The Lucky One

    The Lucky One20 hours ago

    2:04 Derek: I’m just going to make an insertion into your brain Scott: Is it gonna hurt? Derek: Don’t worry, you’ll be fi- *Thunder* *Scott dies*

  64. ConnorDoesVids

    ConnorDoesVids20 hours ago

    Jesus Gaunson, you wheeze so loudly 😂😂

  65. Goldenfreddy Games

    Goldenfreddy Games21 hour ago

    Jessica that's my guess

  66. Miciah Mohrman

    Miciah Mohrman21 hour ago


  67. It’s me! Art

    It’s me! Art21 hour ago

    Should we get out of here? Well it’s lightning, raining, thundering, and we are under a gigantic metal tower........ meh

  68. Annie W

    Annie W21 hour ago

    Gemma- precious stone- Italian Adelaide- noble- German Harlow- army- English Catalina- pure- Spanish Alana, Lana- Little Rock- english Nova- new, star- Latin Luna- moon- Latin Avalynn- breath of life- English Senna- flower- Arabic Paisley- flower- Scottish Paige- young child- latin Adley-up from the river -Hebrew Adaline- noble kind- german

  69. Karina And ZACHAREY

    Karina And ZACHAREY21 hour ago


  70. Unicorn_ forever

    Unicorn_ forever21 hour ago

    10:46 thanks later 😂😂😂😴

  71. Chris Edwards

    Chris Edwards21 hour ago

    Girl power💪🏽

  72. Llama Kid Gaming

    Llama Kid Gaming22 hours ago

    Congrats you guys! And good like in the future!

  73. Joseph Iodice

    Joseph Iodice22 hours ago


  74. Joseph Iodice

    Joseph Iodice22 hours ago


  75. Joseph Iodice

    Joseph Iodice22 hours ago


  76. Jack Dykstra

    Jack Dykstra22 hours ago

    its m birthday to day when this vido was posted btw the babbys name shoud be tallala

  77. 100k No-subs

    100k No-subs23 hours ago


  78. Vicki Martin

    Vicki Martin23 hours ago

    You should name the baby Luna #congrats#

  79. Xavier Vik

    Xavier Vik23 hours ago

    Dat luagh do

  80. cassaylahperkins cosplay evreythang

    cassaylahperkins cosplay evreythang23 hours ago

    Olivea or Madison

  81. Alpha_ Wolf

    Alpha_ WolfDay ago

    Girl is April boy is Xavier

  82. Vyrein K. Kensdale

    Vyrein K. KensdaleDay ago

    Nope, Now it's a BBCrushed!

  83. Vyrein K. Kensdale

    Vyrein K. KensdaleDay ago

    8:06 the chill-out music is almost synced with the atlas ball smashing the furniture. = o)

  84. lubomir kubas

    lubomir kubasDay ago

    Lizzy,Abbie,Lilly,Jaida or Ava i think you will pick Lizzy out of those

  85. panda play 1 2 3

    panda play 1 2 3Day ago

    Alexandra or willow

  86. lubomir kubas

    lubomir kubasDay ago


  87. Maddie G

    Maddie GDay ago

    How about Madelynn? Or Elizabeth? (Does so happen to be my name but who cares)

  88. Gina Woodley

    Gina WoodleyDay ago

    Jenny or Tom

  89. Meme machine le epicly calls u a noob

    Meme machine le epicly calls u a noobDay ago

    U should drop the ball on another ball

  90. Nate Muncy

    Nate MuncyDay ago

    Bad idea you can die if you dont know how to take apart a microwave

  91. Axel Stromsod

    Axel StromsodDay ago

    You should name the baby Chloe

  92. Ezra Croft

    Ezra CroftDay ago

    can you please name your baby GRIZELDA HOOPERMAN?

  93. Brooke Bevan-rees

    Brooke Bevan-reesDay ago

    10:45 is what you are waiting for 1 like ❤

  94. Jayda Elder

    Jayda ElderDay ago

    I thought it would be a boy.

  95. Treadingwater85

    Treadingwater85Day ago

    Why did it take you guys so long to use a quick release?

  96. Carter Payne

    Carter PayneDay ago

    Would be a good name

  97. Carter Payne

    Carter PayneDay ago


  98. Purple Pickles

    Purple PicklesDay ago

    Ball Drop @10:54

  99. Serena Alderete

    Serena AldereteDay ago

    We stan dads who get excited over having daughters

  100. Stella Nordin

    Stella NordinDay ago

    name her bell

  101. Rebecca M

    Rebecca MDay ago

    5:06 funniest laugh I’ve ever heard