Armie Hammer Is No Halle Berry - CONAN on TBS


  1. Yasmin Khoshnood

    Yasmin KhoshnoodMonth ago

    Oliver is Elio's Halle Berry!

  2. junior subero

    junior subero2 months ago

    Is verry handsome and good actor , I love Call me. ..

  3. Nehir Akın

    Nehir Akın2 months ago

    So sad people don't know about him that much i mean i'd LOVE to meet him. He's amazing!

  4. Virginsuicde

    Virginsuicde3 months ago

    that comment about tall and ugly and short and hot is so true

  5. Oliver4 Elio

    Oliver4 Elio3 months ago

    If I was Halle and food delivery to me from this restaurant,I rather have Armie delivery it to me and he can help me eat it😋

  6. maggie198333

    maggie1983334 months ago

    That restaurant probably has super good food. I want to go. I love Indian food.

  7. Louis Nio

    Louis Nio4 months ago

    I don't find him bad looking but I don't find him spectacular looking, neither handsome nor particular...

  8. Michael QuickBear

    Michael QuickBear4 months ago

    ERROR!! Mr. Potatohead is head and body. So you're actually putting another person on you..

  9. Eduardo

    Eduardo4 months ago

    I'd recognize him solely for his voice, he's one of my favorite actors!

  10. ChocolateIceCreamLove

    ChocolateIceCreamLove4 months ago

    His laugh is so pure

  11. K P

    K P4 months ago

    Ugh, I love Armie's swag, and he's tall. Wanna make out lmao.

  12. Luis Bercian

    Luis Bercian4 months ago

    I would not recognize him at all

  13. Jessie Pinkman

    Jessie Pinkman4 months ago

    Andy is the best sidekick

  14. james evarts

    james evarts4 months ago


  15. Anna D'souza

    Anna D'souza4 months ago

    Armie please play Hal Jordon!!

  16. HindsightPOV

    HindsightPOV4 months ago

    Armie Hammer can act. Easiest way to distinguish oneself from Halle Berry.

  17. Kayla Bey

    Kayla Bey3 months ago

    Halle Berry is a great actress wtf

  18. black gay antifa

    black gay antifa4 months ago

    Then why does she have an Oscar and Armie unlike his co-star Timothée wasn't even nominated?

  19. OXmysticalgurlOX

    OXmysticalgurlOX4 months ago

    I don't know any Halle Berry but I would definitely recognize you anywhere Armie.

  20. Alex Bryant

    Alex Bryant4 months ago

    Possible unpopular opinion but am I the only one who thinks that Armie might by a little overrated because of his looks? Lol like he’s not a great actor, he’s not bad but he’s not great.

  21. Tuulia Moors

    Tuulia Moors3 months ago

    musicaltheatergeek79 Eeh, I don't think Armie not getting a nomination (which would have been well deserved) had anything to do with the things you listed. The "twitter fight" was a total of 1 response tweet from Armie, which was not even rude or aggressive at all, but was on point and widely applauded for accuracy. (Armie didn't lose good will with that tweet, on the contrary.) No sensible person who saw the movie could have thought of Oliver as a predatory character; he was about as much opposite of predatory as possible: not even the one pursuing, very gentle and caring, checking for consent multiple times, giving away power to the other person, etc. Everyone who might be nominated never is. (And Michael Stuhlbarg from the same movie might have been as well, but also wasn't. They probably hurt each other's chances to some extent.) The important thing still remains: his performance was praised, he was in the conversation, and not getting the nomination was considered a snub - in other words he was considered deserving. I definitely agree with you that Armie Hammer is talented. And that looks (good looks included) can be a hindrance. And I suspect his have been to an extent, but it seems more people have started to see beyond that, hence more offers of very different stuff from what he has been given before.

  22. musicaltheatergeek79

    musicaltheatergeek794 months ago

    I never said my opinion was fact. I merely stated that "many people" (including myself) find him talented as an actor to counter your dubious claim that he's untalented, which you stated as fact ("I would agree with that if he were actually talented"). Re Nic Cage, yes, he's been notorious for overacting, especially in the latter part of his career, but he has given some great performances. That Golden Globe and Oscar you mocked he actually won for LEAVING LAS VEGAS, which was very well-received, critically and financially, and was nominated in four prestigious categories: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay. Have you even seen it? As for why Armie didn't get an Oscar nod yet? There are several factors. It's not as black-and-white as "he wasn't good enough." To get Oscar-nominated requires more than just giving a good performance. You also need a good campaign. The film has to do well. And so on. Early on during award season, Armie got into a Twitter fight with conservative actor James Woods over the movie (Woods condemned it) and later he questioned Casey Affleck's Oscar win the previous year amid sexual harassment allegations. But the most damning for him was the Weinstein scandal, especially after Kevin Spacey was accused. 'Oliver' was suddenly seen as a predator. So, all of these things combined prevented his Oscar nod. Had it been a different year and he kept his mouth shut, he could very well have gotten a nomination. I mean, the film was a hit, a cult favorite, and was nominated for Picture, Actor, and Screenplay. The Academy must've absolutely loved it!

  23. black gay antifa

    black gay antifa4 months ago

    He really is overrated for his supposedly great looks (which aren't that great to begin with). Timothée Chalamet is actually deserving of the hype around him.

  24. Alex Bryant

    Alex Bryant4 months ago

    musicaltheatergeek79 lol neither is yours. Nicholas Cage has also won those awards, including an Oscar and he’s notorious for overacting. There’s a reason Armie didn’t get that Oscar nom. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  25. Suchart Boontid

    Suchart Boontid4 months ago

    He may be better looking than most people but he is so chill and approachable. He seems like one of us.

  26. Josh Weaver

    Josh Weaver4 months ago

    Armie is every bit as good looking as Halle Berry. If I worked in that restaurant and Halle came in but Armie called for delivery, I'd be out of there like a shot.

  27. black gay antifa

    black gay antifa4 months ago

    So are you into men or are you into women? I'm confused

  28. Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea4 months ago

    He is such a beautiful man, I don't think I would be able to function properly around him.

  29. black gay antifa

    black gay antifa4 months ago

    Meh, Timothée Chalamet is more my cup of tea and more talented and smarter, too.

  30. LadyHashZ

    LadyHashZ4 months ago

    I don’t know who he is...

  31. LadyHashZ

    LadyHashZ4 months ago

    Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky I had seen social network. The one about Facebook.. will check out the first movie you mentioned.

  32. Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky

    Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky4 months ago

    LadyHashZ. Watch Call Me By Your Name, the Oscar-nominated film from last year. It's a must-watch movie. Then watch The Social Network, an Oscar film from several years ago.

  33. michaela

    michaela4 months ago

    He'll always be Illya from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. for me ♡

  34. MissMiia

    MissMiia2 months ago

    He's Oliver to my baby boi Elio.

  35. Irina Lipatova

    Irina Lipatova3 months ago


  36. Nope

    Nope3 months ago

    I love that movie :')

  37. Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea4 months ago

    ❤Ilya and Gaby❤

  38. Oliver4 Elio

    Oliver4 Elio4 months ago

    He's great in The Lone ranger,Charming,Funny and goofy.

  39. Ramya Sri

    Ramya Sri4 months ago

    Armie is so hott❤❤❤❤

  40. flamingmuscle

    flamingmuscle4 months ago


  41. Arson Bjork

    Arson Bjork4 months ago

    Never heard of this guy

  42. Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky

    Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky4 months ago

    Arson Bjork. Watch Call Me By Your Name, the Oscar-nominated film from last year. He is the co-lead in that. Also watch The Social Network, an Oscar film from several years ago.

  43. Do Your Homework !

    Do Your Homework !4 months ago

    Nice video.

  44. JINWOO뮌헨

    JINWOO뮌헨4 months ago


  45. loveforeignaccents

    loveforeignaccents4 months ago

    I wouldn't recognize him either. I only saw this guy about three or four times on interviews.

  46. Blak

    Blak4 months ago

    "You should have gone with him"... Andy Richter - THE BEST SIDEKICK, *E V E R !*

  47. Dooke DiConti

    Dooke DiConti4 months ago

    Anyone else not know who Armie Hammer is? Lol

  48. Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky

    Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky4 months ago

    Dooke DiConti. Watch Call Me By Your Name, the Oscar-nominated film from last year. It's a must-watch film. Then watch The Social Network, an Oscar film from several years ago.

  49. Dooke DiConti

    Dooke DiConti4 months ago

    Natalee Bieber Do YOU know who he is? Lol

  50. Natalee Bieber

    Natalee Bieber4 months ago

    obviously you're not lol, that's exactly the story he's telling

  51. NYCzora

    NYCzora4 months ago

    For a tall man Conan has a very short torso, that’s why he sometimes looks disproportionate

  52. JGui

    JGui4 months ago

    I call it BS

  53. mong mong

    mong mong4 months ago

    Is wearing the same thing when he guest last march?

  54. mong mong

    mong mong4 months ago

    Nicole R oh is see... thanks

  55. Nicole R

    Nicole R4 months ago

    this is a re upload

  56. Gracieli Ambrósio

    Gracieli Ambrósio4 months ago

    At 1:13 was Conan checking his crotch?

  57. Ahmed Barwary

    Ahmed Barwary4 months ago

    not every time someone looks down means he is looking at another persons crotch.

  58. GabrielBlight

    GabrielBlight4 months ago

    He'll make a fine Hal Jordan one day. He's got the All-American looks, the carefree attitude. Also not that famous so people won't make a big fuss over him like they did with Ryan Reynolds when the movie inevitably tanks.

  59. black gay antifa

    black gay antifa4 months ago

    "All-American looks" You mean white, blonde and blue-eyed? That's not American, that's Nordic European. I wonder why black, mixed or Latino athletes never get that title? I wish people would stop with this obnoxious term, basically saying non-whites are less American than white people.

  60. KingTray

    KingTray4 months ago

    GabrielBlight facts

  61. Lizzy Grant

    Lizzy Grant4 months ago

    He’s the kind of guy you would expect to be super famous but he isn’t. I think that’s because people who aren’t much into movies don’t really know him. He’s definitely famous among movie nerds though.

  62. emercycrite

    emercycrite4 months ago

    I want Armie to Hammer me.

  63. Windex from the 1990s

    Windex from the 1990s3 months ago

    Master Superblaster Master Superblaster i farted on u

  64. Windex from the 1990s

    Windex from the 1990s3 months ago

    Master Superblaster sapien

  65. Windex from the 1990s

    Windex from the 1990s3 months ago

    emercycrite Arm and Hammer dude

  66. Observer Jr.

    Observer Jr.4 months ago

    Master Superblaster It didn't cost me much time to tell you that no one gives a shite about you. Btw you are calling others "homo" but you yourself sound like a bitch to me, dawg lol

  67. HeikkiP

    HeikkiP4 months ago

    He loves his way

  68. ilov69

    ilov694 months ago

    So how tall is he?

  69. ilov69

    ilov694 months ago

    good god he's a freak

  70. Gacha Stanky

    Gacha Stanky4 months ago

    ilov69 6’5”

  71. Monty Woodside

    Monty Woodside4 months ago

    I want Hammer to read me a bedtime story

  72. María José D

    María José D2 months ago

    Me too. His voice is like honey and velvet combined.

  73. Madison Madison

    Madison Madison4 months ago

    Yeah he did call me by your name, I listened to it, it's great 😍

  74. Raine Kimmer

    Raine Kimmer4 months ago

    Spider-Monty he did an audiobook recording for Call Me By Your Name.

  75. Gary Turbo

    Gary Turbo4 months ago

    His penis flew out of his shorts in a movie

  76. Hollywood News

    Hollywood News4 months ago

    You mean... Is not in the movie cuz maybe was cutted out.

  77. Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky

    Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky4 months ago

    Gary Turbo. Balls. A ball.

  78. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos Ninja4 months ago

    Celebs do love Indian food. My dad used to co own an Indian restaurant on Melrose and I met Anthony Kiedes and Lily Tomlin there.

  79. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos Ninja4 months ago

    I just waited 20 extra minutes alone at a Pakistani restaurant for my nihari. (Worth it.)

  80. minecraft_HD

    minecraft_HD4 months ago

    You should go to Austria

  81. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos Ninja4 months ago


  82. LexiC454

    LexiC4544 months ago

    How tall is Conan?

  83. Gary Turbo

    Gary Turbo4 months ago


  84. d cet

    d cet4 months ago

    He is so handsome wtf

  85. Laylla's Locker

    Laylla's Locker4 months ago

    First time I see this dude. He is handsome.

  86. Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky

    Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky4 months ago

    Laylla's Locker. Watch Call Me By Your Name, the Oscar-nominated film from last year. It's a must-watch movie. You'll enjoy it, I promise. Then watch The Social Network, an Oscar film from several years ago.

  87. Hasti Ganjpour

    Hasti Ganjpour4 months ago

    hey does anyone know what's this show's email address?

  88. CrystaliaV

    CrystaliaV4 months ago

    Armie always has the best stories))

  89. musicaltheatergeek79

    musicaltheatergeek794 months ago

    He's got a great gift of gab! Admittedly, I'm too detailed and verbose when I try to relate an anecdote. I get cut off often. haha

  90. Armin Walker

    Armin Walker4 months ago

    Armie is the kind of guy that makes me melt every time i see him, he's so damn handsome!!!

  91. d cet

    d cet3 months ago

    Hell yeah he is hot asf

  92. black gay antifa

    black gay antifa4 months ago

    Timothée is more handsome

  93. MyName IsRamen

    MyName IsRamen4 months ago

    Yomama Bin Fartin You better be joking...

  94. Lester Lee

    Lester Lee4 months ago

    That's how people miss a Zuckerberg I guess. But hey, if they get an Armie Hammer instead, totally works for them.

  95. cloe1704

    cloe17044 months ago

    Your´re not the only one: gorgeous & talented Armie! This man is loved by men and women.

  96. avalokitha

    avalokitha4 months ago

    Conan youre so handsome and hot . id pick you over armie any day and thats sayinn a lot bc ive been armie's fan since social network days.

  97. Archangel

    Archangel4 months ago

    Nice try, Conan.

  98. Dare - wait for it - Devil

    Dare - wait for it - Devil4 months ago

    Don't drink and write.

  99. Rajat Srivastava

    Rajat Srivastava4 months ago

    His beard is finding it's way to the back of his neck.

  100. El Cucuy

    El Cucuy3 months ago

    Tamara Oktivani he should be

  101. Tamara Oktivani

    Tamara Oktivani3 months ago

    El Cucuy because he's not most people.

  102. El Cucuy

    El Cucuy4 months ago

    Rajat Srivastava why doesn't he shave his neck like most people?

  103. Everleigh Fawzi

    Everleigh Fawzi4 months ago

    Rajat Srivastava I can’t unsee it 😄

  104. colt 45

    colt 454 months ago

    Lol... Love the title....👌🏻

  105. Arjun Aloshious

    Arjun Aloshious4 months ago

    😂😂😂 Poor Armie Hammer...I'd easily recognise him any day, any place though😂😁

  106. Medha Sharma

    Medha Sharma4 months ago

    Armie hammer is handsome

  107. Arunima Tiwari

    Arunima Tiwari4 months ago

    I agree, Medha!

  108. Josh Allen

    Josh Allen4 months ago

    Medha Sharma Wow really 😱

  109. PariSitic Pictures

    PariSitic Pictures4 months ago

    What Coco said about the regular ole ass waiter is how I feel about most Celebs..

  110. Spiros M

    Spiros M4 months ago

    I don't know who he is.

  111. musicaltheatergeek79

    musicaltheatergeek794 months ago

    Armie Hammer seems to come and go. In 2010, he gained fame via THE SOCIAL NETWORK, which was a huge hit and was nominated for several Oscars. He was even considered for a Supporting Actor nod. A year later, he was in Clint Eastwood's J. EDGAR opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. That also got him some Oscar buzz and he was nominated for a SAG (one of three major precursory awards leading up to Oscar, along with Golden Globes & BAFTA). Then he didn't really come back in full force until 2013 with THE LONE RANGER, which received a lot of hype and criticism and bombed. After that, he sort of faded away from the spotlight and focused mainly on independent movies. Last year, CALL ME BY YOUR NAME was just another Indie he did, but it became an immediate cult hit and was nominated for a bunch of Oscars, including Best Picture. Once again, Armie failed to get an Oscar nod, but he did receive a Golden Globe nomination. This summer, he's starring in STRAIGHT WHITE MEN, a play currently on Broadway. In December, he's got the biopic of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Armie plays the male lead (i.e., her supportive husband) and could possibly get Oscar buzz for this, too.

  112. G J

    G J4 months ago

    I didn’t know who he was until cmbyn

  113. dazwhatsap

    dazwhatsap4 months ago


  114. Spiros M

    Spiros M4 months ago

    Dare - wait for it - Devil I'm not American and I tend to watch very few new series or movies so that's probably it. Or not. I really have no clue.

  115. Spiros M

    Spiros M4 months ago

    Bailo Descalza Nah. I didn't say I'm interested in knowing who he is.

  116. Marwan MAR_ONE

    Marwan MAR_ONE4 months ago

    2:54 :)

  117. Ash

    Ash4 months ago

    What even is his name

  118. Ash

    Ash4 months ago

    I meant his name is weird not what his name is

  119. Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky

    Frumbipoog Blunthazowvescky4 months ago

    Ash. The film is Call Me By Your Name. It's a must-watch movie. There is also The Social Network.

  120. no really, Why don't we?

    no really, Why don't we?4 months ago

    Gacha Studio Flythatbird2 I like that! Funny

  121. cohletrain

    cohletrain4 months ago

    Armie Screwdriver. It's in the title

  122. Gacha Stanky

    Gacha Stanky4 months ago

    Ash I don’t know but if you call him by your name he’ll call you by his.

  123. President Snow

    President Snow4 months ago

    Armie's army is here. 😁

  124. Oliver4 Elio

    Oliver4 Elio3 months ago

    President Snow in a member in Armie's Army.

  125. Adhyan Sachdeva

    Adhyan Sachdeva4 months ago

    I am 50 th

  126. Tristan westh

    Tristan westh4 months ago


  127. M /Best Video

    M /Best Video4 months ago


  128. FrostyCar 4

    FrostyCar 44 months ago