Arizona Zervas - ROXANNE (Official Video)


  1. RAIN 97

    RAIN 97Day ago

    Every time he dies is 12 augs .... maybe is his birthday 🎂


    BLACK BOIIDay ago

    The girl got an @?

  3. Rosa Flores

    Rosa FloresDay ago

    Stop at 0.43 and you will see someone from Logan paul

  4. Purple Monster

    Purple MonsterDay ago

  5. Júlia Céspedes

    Júlia CéspedesDay ago

    0:48 sorry, I thought I was listening to Roxanne, not watching Pulp Fiction such a cool reference :)

  6. Underrated Symphony

    Underrated SymphonyDay ago

    yes, watch it without volume and this would be a weird fucking video.

  7. ام عاديل

    ام عاديلDay ago

    I love it

  8. Manuel Soto

    Manuel SotoDay ago

    No es competencia pata Dont start now.

  9. Manuel Soto

    Manuel SotoDay ago


  10. The Beng Boy

    The Beng BoyDay ago

    Guys for those of you who wanna play this on guitar The chord charts: Bm7-X24432 E7-020100 Amaj7-X02120 Dmaj7-XX0222 The chord progression: Bm7 E7 Amaj7 Dmaj7 For more details I got the guitar tutorial of the song in my channel.

  11. Jessica Morehart

    Jessica MorehartDay ago

    I love this

  12. FunkyDemonCat

    FunkyDemonCatDay ago

    Where are all the comments talking about him being white?

  13. N 17

    N 17Day ago

    Yes he’s white. What’s so surprising on about that?

  14. عدي الصياد

    عدي الصيادDay ago

    First I heard his song on radio I was thinking he's talented black young dude ...he is cool

  15. King Cookie Oof

    King Cookie OofDay ago

    Why is everyone saying he is white. Check the profile and he’s white, you shouldn’t be surprised.

  16. upcoming 03

    upcoming 03Day ago

    When I heard this I thought he was Asian

  17. عدي الصياد

    عدي الصيادDay ago

    Damn he's talented ...

  18. labeast03 Perez

    labeast03 PerezDay ago

    Everyone: he is white! me: why is Roxanne ugly

  19. King Cookie Oof

    King Cookie OofDay ago


  20. Pratyush Bhagat

    Pratyush BhagatDay ago

    The video is as bad as the song is good....

  21. Jadyn Everson

    Jadyn EversonDay ago

    0:05 I thought that was a macaroni instead of a phone lol

  22. Gora Niasse

    Gora NiasseDay ago

    Me: Searching "Black guy rocksand" Also me: Wait he's White

  23. juggalo450

    juggalo450Day ago

    This is clearly happy death day and him sinking in the bed is so freddy Kruger



    Lmao I didn't think he was white I thought he was Latino cause of the name.

  25. CF Chilly

    CF ChillyDay ago

    I’m seeing less comments about people being surprised he’s white and more comments about people commenting about everyone being surprised he’s white

  26. DRT-Official

    DRT-OfficialDay ago

    when the mv doesn't fit the song

  27. F A B R I

    F A B R IDay ago

    Lo conocí por Living Facts, cuando sus canciones llegaban a 200.000 visitas, ahora llego a la cima con ROXANNE, simplemente impresionante. Me deja un mensaje de fe y me inspira a seguir creciendo como artista.

  28. Coolcrudude

    CoolcrududeDay ago

    Groundhog Day, Pulp Fiction, Talladega Nights


    GUEST LINKMON99Day ago

    why he whote he lives in a wild west desert

  30. William Harvey

    William HarveyDay ago

    bruh everyone surprised zervas is white, when all of y’all could’ve gone to his page on Spotify to listen to his other songs, you could’ve seen he was white, y’all aren’t real fans

  31. Beyzanur

    BeyzanurDay ago

    Cool cool cool

  32. SNGaming

    SNGamingDay ago

    I thought he’d be black lmaooo

  33. PikaCookiePlayz

    PikaCookiePlayzDay ago

    He dies 3 times

  34. Adidoingthing Yah

    Adidoingthing YahDay ago

    Why am I thinking about Grondhog day the movie everytime he dies

  35. Lox —Yt

    Lox —YtDay ago

    Groundhog day

  36. james romans

    james romansDay ago

    arizona zervas if you are reading this comment .......hi

  37. Wuxia Lover

    Wuxia LoverDay ago

    From the lyrics the terms simp pops up in my mind a lot

  38. Player Romulo

    Player RomuloDay ago

    #100 Millhões

  39. დ Ƥ ɑ s t ɛ ɩ ƙ u ɴ დ

    დ Ƥ ɑ s t ɛ ɩ ƙ u ɴ დDay ago


  40. MrHell 9114

    MrHell 9114Day ago

    Sheck Wes be like Rocksaaaaaaaaaaaaane

  41. Tyrell Dennis

    Tyrell DennisDay ago

    HES A SIMP!!!!!

  42. Chenggong Lee

    Chenggong LeeDay ago

    Havent seen such a complimentary video to the song since post malones white iverson

  43. skizzler 123

    skizzler 123Day ago

    So we just gonna get the fact slide that Roxanne is a fucking psycho that keep getting this man killed

  44. Slowly Fading

    Slowly FadingDay ago

    thought he would look younger

  45. Eric Keogh

    Eric KeoghDay ago

    did i see dwarf mamba in this?!

  46. Sammie Phillips

    Sammie PhillipsDay ago

    Arizona Zervas *dies* oompa loompas: go crazy Arizona Zervas *respawns* oompa loompas: that was not cash money

  47. No Name

    No NameDay ago

    How many are here from *tiktok* ??!

  48. junior serfi

    junior serfiDay ago

    you thought he was black rasis

  49. D stands for Dave

    D stands for DaveDay ago

    Bro this video is 🔥

  50. Luid ZeE

    Luid ZeEDay ago

    Why does Roxanne look like a Becky

  51. De Anto

    De AntoDay ago

    Am I the only one who didn't thought that he's black?

  52. Mihajlo Blagojevic

    Mihajlo BlagojevicDay ago

    Everyone: OMG hes white!! me: Dwarf Mamba?? 0:42

  53. 3nergyx

    3nergyxDay ago

    1:19 what was she looking through

  54. Damn Paul

    Damn PaulDay ago

    whats the name of the bike

  55. Abhı Jəət

    Abhı JəətDay ago

    i think u been watching impulse !

  56. Bjxxx3 Jenkins

    Bjxxx3 JenkinsDay ago

    I thought he was black

  57. Shadow13

    Shadow13Day ago

    Everyone: I didn’t know he was white Me: is that dwarf mamba?

  58. Tesi Reimer

    Tesi ReimerDay ago

    Was not expecting that ending, like is he dead???? Coffin bead sounds freaky

  59. Younghot Cheato

    Younghot CheatoDay ago

    Doesn’t even sound black lol sounds more like lil skies than lil baby

  60. Evelyn Sales

    Evelyn SalesDay ago

    A mei essa música

  61. Ebruarda19

    Ebruarda19Day ago

    İn cool